Beloved Husband


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Yan Jing Ze encountered an accident while escaping with his lover, was accidentally parasitized, and was involved in reincarnations.

He was lost in reincarnation and almost couldn’t wake up, but if he doesn’t wake up again, his dear will be doomed!

So at certain critical moments, the phoenix man who squeezed the bamboo horse, the scumbag who framed the learning God… they all became sober, no, they were “pierced”.

Various scum gong began to spoil their beloved shou crazily.

Story of the amnesiac gong, Yan Jing Ze, transmigrating into multiple worlds as the scum gong of his beloved wife.

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Lllll rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: c1
It’s really good, each life so far has been pretty intriguing. But the fact that it’s a QT makes it hard to develop fleshed out side characters. Sometimes, even the main couples relationship is pretty rushed because of this.
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Pandablackeyes rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Haha. I always wonder why he (mc) never felt jelouse about ML love's for the orig. owner of the body.. Instead he always feel relief...... now I know why....

A very fun novel.. the ML and MC are really likeble..

I don't like "love at first sight" scenario but this novel or rather MC loves for the ML at first sight never felt wrong...

... more>> I also like his character, he knows what he likes and never bother about little petty things.

The ML is a martyr he never question his love for the MC even though he was treated like sh*t (when MC has not yet transmigrate/awaken). He also knows that at first the MC didn't like him but he still support the MC. He just love the MC and thats it.

In every world when the MC didn't transmigrate I notice that the death of the ML (how he die:suicide, car crash, beaten etc) will also be the reason on how the scum MC (o.o) will die.. If the ML didnt have a good ending never will he.. the scum MC body will always follow the ML... (you know the feeling of they are meant to be but they met in a wrong time and in a wrong space) even though the scum MC ia a scum till the end..

Anyways I do have fun reading this novel.. <<less
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teagsho rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: Completed

Doting, love brain, genius, good-looking Gong (MC) x Loyal, cute, obedient Shou (ML)

The MC is really good to ML, he's not domineering at all, always give the best for his little lover.

... more>> the mtl is really easy to read, each arc is really good! Oh my god, I really am reluctant to finish this huhu I want to keep reading it: (sadly, it's only 257 chapters...

The MC is gong, ML is shou. The MC is really doting lol so sweet. In every Arc MC lost his memories from his real life and previous arc, he even didn't receive original owner memories!

But no worries, MC will receive orginial owner's memories after seeing ML lol, and MC always fall in love in the first sight with ML, where ML too, always fall in love with MC. It's actually has something to do with real life so it's not illogical at all.

The original owner is actually a scumbag, and in each arc ML supposed to be miserable because of original owner doing...... that's why when MC transmigrate in he always distressed lol.

The story is light and full of dog food. If you feel tired and distressed after reading some angst and dog blood danmei, you absolutely have to reading this to soothes your soul!

I will not write much about the story, this is one of my holy favorite. Really easy to MTL ?

My thought is the same as other 5 star reviewer, you can just read their review, really! Thank you so much for reviewing lol because of them I start reading this and I'm not regretting it! This story is...... sweet, ah.

Honestly, I am not really good at angst, tragic, sad past, kind of story so this light, full of fluff, is really my type. The plot may be simpler and all but it's really logical, no matter how genius and powerful MC is (yes buddy the MC is a freaking genius), you can't just be in control or rich in one night, the MC has to work from the starch and fix original problem, step by step until he become powerful, well there's a lot of timeskip in case of the success thing but it's still coherent.

Okay now, read another review to know about the dynamic of the plot, THEN READ THIS!

Absolutely recommended,

10/10 <<less
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Geroker rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c15
You get a world with a horrible original storyline and then an MC smashing the storyline to smithereens, where a lot of the enjoyment is just watching a mistreated person flower, someone getting genuine support and encouragement to improve themselves.

That said, as more chapters come out I feel its kind of one note dog food. It's still a little too early to tell, but at least for the first arc I feel like after maybe 6 chapters the tension fell flat, there was no suspense anymore, just the character... more>> accomplishing everything easily to dote on his lover.

I think, as a QT novel, it deserves an arc or two more to show its chops... <<less
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Fairlady1996 rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
It is readable mtl novel. It kinda cute although the MC is gong but still it is a very good and fluffy novel.
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bingpupschewtoy rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c117
Definitely one of my favourite webnovels to date. So fluffy with no angst, no abuse or weird consent issues, just a really pure lovers taking care of each other story. If you want a lot of plot then this probably isn’t for you, but if you’re just looking for some healthy dog food, this is the one.
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Lushia rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: --
im in love, non repetitive, each arc is refreshing and some parts are funny as heck. The dog food is not boring but I hate it cuz its addicting. Now I want moree ಥ‿ಥ author and translator doin a good job (˘ ³˘) ♥
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January 21, 2021
Status: Completed
They two main characters are a really loving couple. The MC is constantly trying to give his hubby the best life possible. Cute right till the end!
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Souschef rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: --
My very first review, I definitely have to give it to my #1 most favourite novel. Out of the several novels I've read so far, this is by far my ultimate favourite. It has fulfills all the conditions that I like:


-Seme Protaganist

-Quick Transmigration

-Devoted MC/ML

-Sweet and fluffy

-Minimal drama/dogblood

All this formulates to my ultimate #1 favourite, hence this novel.

There's implied sex, but it's mainly the MC demanding for kisses and hugs in a very cute way.

... more>>

Most of the time, even though the MC is gong, he still acts like how a shou protag of other novels do, he whines, he asks for affection, and acts coquettish.


The little things that I'm dissatisfied about, is that the MC Halo is ridiculously strong, and that the antagonists are really simple-minded.

It's a little ridiculous as to how the MC easily explains himself away.

Even still, I enjoyed this light read immensely.


I must say, out of all the gay/straight QT I've read so far, this has the most reasonable ending.

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