Holding Onto My Man


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After an accidental death, in order to continue to live, Gu Bai had to choose to go through various wonderful books to complete tasks.

Every time he became a variety of small cannon fodder inside the story, Gu Bai’s code of conduct when completing task is – by all means, don’t be inferior, don’t be shameless, don’t be upright… hold on to a golden thigh.

… N times after transmigrating

Cannon fodder: (angry contempt) … You’re already so powerful, why are you still shamelessly holding on to a golden thigh to deal with us!?

Gu Bai: (deadpan) That… holding and holding… got used to it…

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New DelinquentAngel
July 23, 2020
Status: c87
Rate: 3.5/5


One of the good quick transmigrations out there.

... more>> Should You Read It?

This novel is worth reading, though it won't reach my Stories Worth Rereading List.


This story has a great initial premise, good characters, nice overall plot, and interesting mysteries. For instance, I love how the MC started as an unfeeling person whose heart was as cold as ice. He was so cool. I truly love the first arc. The ML is also fine— a typical possessive, caring lover.

Now, as the story goes on, the characters and some strong factors of the story reminds me of Quickly Wear The Face of the Devil. Some examples are: the feeling of soul vibrating when kissing, MC's shameless attitude in the tyrannical & apocalypse arcs reminds me too much of Zhou YunSheng when he was chasing the ML, & the dog arc (which was written and executed so ridiculously) was somehow comparable to QWTFOTD's 3rd extra (fox arc).

Overall, there are arcs that are good and bad. It's up to you if you give it a try.

I decided not to give stars for I am not sure if I should rate it 3 or 4. <<less
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New ike_00000 rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c92
HAHAHA! Honestly, I hate stories where all MC can do is hold ML's thighs, but that's not really the case in this story. That said, I can't really say he's a schemer either, because except for the first arc, it pretty much feels like the other arcs handle themselves without too much talent necessary from MC lol.

Anyway, it's very bingeable. Plus I like that although this ML is possessive and yandere, he actually loves MC. He wouldn't do anything if MC didn't want it, including being pushed to bed. There's... more>> still an element of mystery in the story, so I'm excited to see it unravel.

Also, I really like that each arc has MC winning over the ML again. In some stories, after a few arcs it's utterly unnecessary. In this one, although it becomes much easier (I wish it didn't, but oh well), ML really doesn't have memories of MC. <<less
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SageMeister rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: c3
I bow down to the translator for allowing me the pleasure of reading another great BL novel. Thank you! As a BL addict and only able to enjoy them in English (I don't know Chinese T.T) I am VERY GRATEFUL!
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Arisana rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this one! The ending was really good~ 5 stars~ (*u*)

I didn't like it at first because I thought that the MC was too stiff but I trust people's rating in Danmeila and so I gave it a try. After reading more arcs and reaching the ending, I finally understood why the MC was like that. ML and MC's story was bittersweet. Their love for each other was so strong and enviable.

About the title, it wasn't really about MC finding a golden thigh to hug. MC was capable... more>> enough to finish his tasks without ML's help. And sometimes ML disrupts the events and MC was like "Why is it happening now when it's supposed to happen later?" LOL I like strong MC. XD <<less
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Pavetta rated it
November 12, 2019
Status: c40
Old review, when I rated this four stars, with an edit underneath explaining why I changed my mind:

While this story is good, I have seen better. For example, Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*sh Bin has a pretty similar premise, but a better plot.

And yet, Holding On To My Man is entertaining enough for me to want to read more. It's not perfect, but I like it. Peony did a marvellous job translating the start, with Chrysanthemum Garden and NovelBear taking up the mantle afterwards.

The reason I didn't give... more>> this five stars is that the translations of NovelBear are a little off. It's not the grammar that's the problem, it's mostly the word choice. It gives the impression that NovelBear is a Chinese person who speaks English as a foreign language.

I don't have a perfect example in mind, but if you go to see the latest chapter that has been translated, here's what you'll find at the start:

Hidden tasks, as the name suggests, it wasn't so good to find the task, it was all by luck.

However, according to the information advantages provided in the plot, Gu Bai recalled.

In the plot, Song Qianxun was a girl from an ordinary family, no money, no game technology f, the reason why she could become a goddess in the game world was the pursuit of several mythical players, and her fortune, inadvertently got a hidden mission.

And here is how I would correct that:

Hidden tasks, as the name suggested, weren't easy to find. It was all down to luck.

However, thanks to the information advantages provided in the plot, Gu Bai knew where some of those tasks were.

In the plot, Song Qianxun was a girl from an ordinary family, with no money and no game technology. The reason why she could become a goddess in the game world was because several mythical players pursued her and because she was fortunate to inadvertently get a hidden mission.

I'm not sure if NovelBear just doesn't speak English as his/her first language, or if (s) he used MTL and just corrected the grammar without bothering to change the weird wording. This example wasn't the best to showcase the weird phrasing, but I was too lazy to look for anything better.

Basically, for me to give this 5-stars, NovelBear would need an English-speaking beta-reader to clean up their chapters a little.

EDIT: The links to the NovelBear translations have been deleted, and Chrysanthemum Garden has taken over with a higher-quality translation, re-translating the chapters NovelBear has translated. As a result, I retract my previous complaints of quality. I have modified my rating and taken it up to five stars. <<less
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May 5, 2018
Status: Completed
I say, if you like Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, you'll surely like this one as well.

Same theme, awesome world story creation.

I usually don't finish a novel, only those interesting ones but this one I completed. -♡-
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Narutolvr rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a really good story! I always like fast wears with a decent back story- which this certainly has. The missions themselves are pretty much what you expect (think QWFOD) with the whole looking for your lover while completing the mission thing but the backstory makes the actual situation just a bit different. Either way, it's quite the enjoyable read. The MC is reminds me a lot of Yun Sheng from QWFOD: a good balance of shameless and prideful. He'll certainly work hard to complete his mission and is often... more>> strong enough to do so alone, but doesn't mind relying on his man to do it for him. Why waste energy, right? And he will tease and/or "train" his lover at times which makes for a very fun read. Aside: for y'all who like this type of MC, I recommend "Scattering IQ to the Male Protagonist" because the MC is basically this but a level higher- purposely teasing his lover to the point where he snaps just because he thinks his blackened look will be "cute" XD.

Long story short, I strongly recommend it for anyone who loves the transmigration system genre (even though there are SO many lol) or as a good starting point if you want to try reading some of these novels. <<less
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Linley babe
Linley babe
May 4, 2018
Status: --
Bl novel are one of the reason I addicted to read online

This novel are cute and very interesting, MC are shamelessly hold a gold thighs even thought he had a golden finger

I recommended this novel to read
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
elvira12 rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: Completed
This a great story. It started like any other system transmigration story. Only it wasnt a system but a master-host relationship. The "system" being the master and the MC as host.

... more>>

The master is actually the ML. Each of his avatars in the worlds where the host was sent, fell in love with the host.

The master could not believe that he will fall in love with another because he only loves one person who has already died. But it turns out, that the MC is the reincarnation of that beloved person. The ML only realized before going to the third arc.


The phasing is pretty good, with only 10 to 15 chapters per arc.


This is happy ending. The ending is very satisfying.


I definitely recommend this. Hopefully the translator would persevere in completing the translation because it is worth it! <<less
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chekanalia rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: c3
I just found this one and I like it. A true white lotus here, completely shameless and unafraid to sell meng! To live a good life, ... more>>

In order to complete the task, in the future he must resolutely listen to golden thigh's decision, follow gold thigh's policy, comply with golden thigh's instructions, and hold on to this gold thigh!

I find the character to be interesting in that we can see that he is a very logical thinker and knows how to use what he has wisely. Gonna wait for more so as to give a better review. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: Completed
There are some interesting worlds in this one and the MC/ML backstory isn't too boring, but ultimately it's not that different from many other QT (quick transmigration) novels. I highly recommend [Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*shbin] as it has much better writing and more original storylines.

That said, the entertainment value of this one isn't bad. I did find the original meeting love story done pretty well (it wasn't summarized) and the ending was pretty dramatic/intense. Maybe because I skimmed some parts, but the overall rebirth/system/tasks wasn't really explained... more>> very well...


especially why the ML took over the system space and did those things when it wasn't part of his job description or his skills in the first place. Additionally, the author would sometimes mention the original owner of the body and where their spirit would go, but it's pretty glossed over at the ending.



I enjoyed the ancient world storyline with the two lovers who died for each other (though some of that storyline was a bit contrived/tragic because of the reborn guy who didn't trust his lover enough...)

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
periperi rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Ahhh this is like the first multiple world story that I actually completed IN CHINESE (my parents would be so proud that I'm even reading Chinese...)

Usually I get bored of the multiple world story after a while but I really enjoyed this. There's no annoying system, there's a general direction MC has to go but no specific way he has to handle it. I enjoyed the way he solved each problem. The worlds were also rather unique, the one I found most surprising (in a good way) is the... more>> arc of the abused protagonist in the historical setting. Especially loved the way the MC wrapped that up.

There's an actual overarching plot that I wasn't really expecting but I liked how it was all explained in the final arc. And that ending was so sweet, I wanted more tbh.

Overall, really like how the ML could be someone related to MC's job or totally unrelated yet every single time he's someone really powerful. Also, it's not a one-sided sort of relationship since after the 2nd arc, MC starts to chase ML.

Overall, worth reading this in Chinese (and that's saying a lot). <<less
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Jwel rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I love it!!

The first thing I love about this was the ML only love one person.

... more>>

The master is the ML, he always send a piece of him in every arc and they always fell inlove with MC


The MC is cold and unfeeling but after few arc he started to feel so he started to chase the ML which is cute. At the near end you will find out why the MC is heartless and why the master choose him.

This is definitely worth reading. Im still following the translation even though I finished it by mtling. <<less
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Rinth rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c5
Just found the story. The story is excellent and the translation is good! It is indeed entertaining to see MC try to hug his golden thigh and avoid traps haha~

Waiting excitedly for new chapters!
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hy-d-ra rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: Completed
It's pleasant. It may not be ground-breaking, but it's pleasant for reading, it doesn't overcomplicates things, it fully covers the questions it poses: why MC was like that but changes, how are they connected with ML, why ML acted the way he did at first, why are they travelling worlds. And it does that along the way of the story, sometimes their world being connected with the plot that is happening within the arc itself (several final arcs).

Personally, I found its' charm in simplicity and playing with most common cliche... more>> tropes:

  • Fated lovers. Pretty soon into reading you understand that they're fated lovers. One forgot about everything. One is searching. Reaching the final arc proves this point. Hence "Holding onto my man". Thus their feelings develop rather quickly.
  • OP-ness. Although MC later comes across as OP character, but it's the type when MC is shown as pretty cool, charming person. His silliness comes only when he hangs like a koala from ML. But honestly, I didn't dislike his open view and lack of coyness, he jumps right into romance, he's very active about it, because that's his man and he loves him a lot, he doesn't play schemes or pretends like many MCs do.
  • Fixing the plot. It gets especially good in later part. Because what MC does is not only the residual wish of original owner, but later it affects the entire world he transmigrates to itself, which came as a nice twist. Some arcs have really interesting twists tbh.
If you read at least more than 10 QT novels (not only FOD lol, like that bs doesn't need to be mentioned every effing time there is other QT novel ahaha), you realize advantages and disadvantages of these stories and if you end up loving QT you start to have preferences, Holding onto my man satisfies many of mine: the way MC is, the way ML isn't a dick, how it doesn't ubruptly ends with lackluster ending, how their final world nicely integrated within previous arcs, that it has twists that can surprise me, charming MC who doesn't play games with ML or treats him like a lap dog, but loves him deeply. That's why I have a really favorable impression of it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Saffari rated it
January 8, 2020
Status: Completed
My favorite world hopping/quick-wear novel! Better than QWTFOTD, in my opinion, and for many reasons!

For one, the story is tied up by one encompassing narrative which was executed organically and distinguishes itself from other similar stories.

The worlds and the stories are also very original and complex. The characters in the worlds are well-written and have their own motivations and character development. They don't remain static and undergo change, it was refreshing to see the motivations and changes of the "villains" get explained and we get to see things from their... more>> perspective. They're not just flat characters and their actions are done for reasons that resonate with their own stories.

Some of the worlds have some transmigrator or reincarnator MCs thrown in, and although they take the similar revenge path, we actually get to see their thoughts and emotions fleshed out, often leaving the readers to sympathize with their own descent to hubris. It's like reading a mary sue transmigration/reincarnator story from another perspective.

The pacing is perfect. Never dragged on or too fast. Author spends just the right amount of chapters for every world without wasting time for indulgent trope scenes like shopping or training or being praised by everyone.

As for the MC and ML, they're both one of my favorite pairings, not because of the dog food, but because of how they are both complex, especially MC. MC is like an AI who is learning how to be human as he goes along different worlds, which ties up with the encompassing narrative of the novel. I like how despite claiming heartlessness and cunning, MC is actually more pragmatic than cruel, capable of kindness more than he thinks he is. He's not cruel unless you cross a moral line, and even then, only throws schemes back to their sources. He doesn't treat other characters like objects. He gives the mission targets of in the worlds chances to make a different choice. He treats human life with respect, again a reference to his real identity. He's calm and collected, but never heartless.

As for ML, we see him most of the time as his avatars from the worlds, and what I love the most about him is how his avatars have his qualities with some exaggerated characteristics, so he is never truly the same in every world. The only similarities they bear with each other is their love, respect, and devotion towards MC, which manifests in diff. Ways. More importantly, he lets MC do his sh*t and never forces his own hand on MCs plans and schemes. He supports him while allowing him to do what he wants to do in order to accomplish his world missions. He is not without his hubris, of course, but he doesn't claim to be anything more than what he is.

To sum it up, it's definitely a great read and a refreshing face slapping novel that keeps its moral bottomline. <<less
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Tsugaru rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c29
This novel's suited for your quick fix of transmigration; solid translations, a likeable MC, and decent enough chemistry between the two main male characters.

There's really only one nit pick, but it's large enough to take off two stars.

... more>>

How slimy the ML is in the first two arcs. In the first arc he basically steamrolls over whatever the MC says. Although I get that he's supposed to be a villain, in the second arc, he basically brings home a child to groom into his lover (not the mc) or whatever. He also almost rapes the said near-lover.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xakiox rated it
December 12, 2018
Status: c20 part2
Do give this a shot if you enjoyed reading QWFOD! Although it might feel quite similar to QWFOD at first, the story is actually very different, you'll find out what I mean when you reach the ending. I actually like the ending of this one more than QWFOD (to be fair, I used MTL so I'm not 100% sure off all that happened but it's still a very wonderful ending anyway). I'm re-reading it again on peony tl to pick up all the details lost when I used MTL and... more>> it's still very enjoyable even though I'm reading it for the 2nd time! ;) <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Maiasia rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: Completed
1st arc aside, this novel is fluffy. The closer to the end you get the more you'll roll your eyes cause you, the reader, will be made to feel like a lightbulb. 🤣 I really love the MC and it's refreshing to see a shou proudly and without shame exclaim his love to and for the ML in front of everyone. I love how the ML who has a reputation of being stern and stoic would just melt for the MC then and there, no matter who was around. I... more>> enjoy how they would just go into PDA in front of everyone. 😚 If you're debating, just get through arc 1 and the rest are fine. (Though arc one isn't that bad.) The deeper you go, the fluffier it'll be. Don't worry, it's a monogamous relationship all the way. <<less
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Piggychan rated it
September 12, 2018
Status: Completed
Simply amazing. Every arc had their own unique plot, and each was linked with one another until the very last arc when I went 'Ah so that's why!'

This story's truly a gem. The ML fell in love with the MC basically right away, and the MC's too, even though he hadn't realized it yet at that time. A truly beautiful story. The MC described himself as a heartless man, but during all of the arcs I feel like he was the most humane of them all. I'm gonna cry.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nadywing rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c7
I just finish reading this in sto, it is 5/5 novel, while going throught the worlds you'll have a light hearted reading, not knowing the bitterweet origin of all the sweetness that you are filling in those words.

Please, look forward to read a tale of straightfoward and eternal love 😍
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: Completed
Though I like more the story arcs of FoD, the ending of this novel is better ❤

I fell in love with the ending. The development of the love between the ML and MC was explained in the last chapter. However, I just wished for an "extra ch" on how did his master (MC's creator) fell in love with MC.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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