I Really Am a Slag Shou!


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Chi Zhao binds with the slag shou system, and if he succeeds in his missions, he will be rewarded.

But who said life is easy!

A rich old man who was slagged by him: “I know you love me. Your past pains, I’ve already investigated them.”

The star admiral who had been slagged by him: “Don’t be reluctant anymore! I’ve always known that you didn’t betray me.”

The entertainment mogul who was slagged by him: “Don’t make any noise. Honey, will you come home with me?”

The dark sentinel who was slagged by him: “Now, do you still want to say that it is not my child?”

The prince regent who was slagged by him said, “The mountains and rivers are yours, but you are mine.”

Chi Zhao burst into tears: “Boss, believe me just this once. Let me get the reward, okay?”

Thinking that the acting is very good, in fact, every day he’s spreading meng.

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Khukai18 rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Fun and cute arcs. He tried so hard to slag the protag and when he does it, it's so funny. And the system who becomes numb to it adds a comical convo with the MC. I like all the stories!♥
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ladyartemis rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c6
Okay, I know it's too early to say this, but I must say, this story is good~. Quick transmigration is a genre that I really like so it's a plus points for me. Though the concept is for me, not so original, it is still fun to read. Hmm, maybe this is it for now. Gotta edit this if there are more chapters. Thanks author and translator!
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is so wonderful! So heartwarming! *squeals in delight*


(Happy Ending)

... more>> The MC always tries his best to be the slag shou in every world so that he can finish his missions and go back home sooner.

...... But he just can't act like one.* laughs heavily* There's always signs of his pureness and kindness, a very far cry from what he's supposed to act like.

The ML in every world is the same one.

He also immediately discovers that the MC is not really a 'slag' and does his best in order to fix their misunderstandings. He tries to woo the MC.

Yes, the ML is possessive but he's thoughtful and caring. Not really 'oppressive'.

The system of the MC is so meng. At first it was also determined to live by it's name and watch as the ML lives in pain (since the MC is supposed to be the slag shou) but in the latter arcs, you can just laugh as the system grows numb since his host always manages to make the ML fall for him. LOL.

1. There's also a reason why the MC was chosen by the system.

2. There's also a reason why the system was named as that.

3. There's also a reason why the ML is the same one in every world and why he has to be the Male Lead that must be betrayed by the MC.

4. There's also a reason why the ML has to feel frustration and pain at very high levels before the MC can have a 'passing rate' at the world.



The MC was the only person who wasn't rejected by the ML's soul.

It was also mentioned that the system and the main system also tried to use other hosts to try and 'woo' the ML by becoming the 'slag' shou but failing since the ML will always kill the other host's character.

Only the MC was the exception. The ML always falls for the MC. *laughs*

The reason why the ML has to be hurt and experience pain is because he's currently a criminal.

He's being punished by the system's organization.

The MC hurts the ML by becoming the slag shou = ML being in pain = Increase in completion rate of the MC (the more points he gathers, the sooner he can buy the medicine to resurrect back into his world) + The ML receives his 'punishment'

So this is a win-win for the system and the MC

The reason why the ML was serving his sentence was explained in the end.

The crown prince of the ML's world tried to make a move on the ML's older sister. (Like the evil move. The Crown Prince planned to force the older sister of the ML into doing *that*)

The ML beat the crap out of the Crown Prince but the Crown Prince is still the Prince so the ML was punished.

He was punished by letting his soul experience pain via MC's mission.

After going back to his own world, the MC wakes up and doesn't remember anything. It was explained that this is to protect the well being of the host.

6 or 7 years has passed since then so the MC is no longer 20 years old. He's about 26 or 27 now and he's trying to do his best into blending in back to his world. Since he just woke up after a 6 or 7 year coma.

The MC realizes that something is missing and that he knows certain things that cannot be explained. Like: How the new ancient drama about Kings is wrong since the details don't match. (Since he has already experienced this first hand in the other world)

So another thing is that, when the MC first woke up, somewhere far away, a man wakes up and is found by a farmer.

The man asks: "where is this place?"

And the farmer answers and says some words.

The man sighs in relief that 'at least it's the same language.'

IT'S THE ML! *celebrates*

what makes me happy is that (in my own understanding. *The translation of Google-sama is somehow difficult to understand* But, the ML travelled through space and time and chose to permanently live in the MC's world.

It's very different from the other novels.

So, the ML tries to track the MC and finally finds him.

He introduces himself as the MC's boyfriend and the MC is skeptical at first since he can't remember anything.

Then after spending time with the ML, the MC can't remember him but his soul and body does. (So at least the MC is reassured that he knows the ML)

At the last chapter, the MC finally remembers everything.

The ML is very happy about this since he was also prepared to spend the rest of his life with the MC with or without him remembering his memories.

So now that the MC remembered everything, the ML feels overjoyed.

And they confirm their love for each other once more.


The novel has around 7 arcs and then the real world is finally shown.

My favorite arc is about the Dark Sentinel. Child care people! MPreg hohohoho



I think that there's also a subtle second ship. That's the ('System' of the MC and the 'Main System.')

It was shown that the Main system thinks that the code of the system of the MC is 'cute'


*wants this ship to sail* *See spoiler above to know the details lololol*

I really, really like this story. I will come back here again to reread. ✨

Give this novel a try.

I would like to thank the author and for the translator/s and editor/s of this novel. Thank you for your efforts. <<less
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ylial rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c57
The story is full of drama and misunderstandings since the MC (shou) is good by nature. But the story is well written. There was a feeling of suspense for the ending of arc 1. I didn't know if it was a HE or tragic one. If it was tragic, I would definitely drop this. There was 29 chapters for arc1 and here's the ending spoiler ... more>>

happy ending, don't want to spoil much of the story 🙂


U will also laugh and fall for the ML 🤣

The downside for me is... the story itself. I'm not comfortable with the idea of being slag, drama and misunderstanding But it is the theme of the novel. Overall, it's good and entertaining. <<less
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Justalittlechesspiece rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: Completed
I really loved this! Arcs are about 29 chapters per arc, but I feel like the chapters get shorter in the later arcs where there isn't as much drama to build misunderstandings. But the whole reason why I'm writing this is cause I read the author's spoilers that ... more>>

it's HE

but when arc 2 was ending and there was so much cliche drama, but it still made me cry and made me feel emotionally invested.

I would say rather than QWTFOD, this story resembles more of Heroic Death System with that mix between angst and fluff, and It's Actually Not Easy Being A Supporting Male Lead, where the MC is torn between his duties and love. And the whole falling in love at first sight that is the cliche of such QT novels. But I love that the ML always makes it a point to not force the MC into the relationship, and actually takes the tine to always court/woo the MC every arc, so that the MC is always the one who willingly decides to be with him. It does get a lot fluffier in later arcs, and the system just adapting to the fact that his host can never be a slag is funny. The ending was nice and sweet, though it does feel like the author rushed it a bit. <<less
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Piqa rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: Completed
No spoiler or some leads character whatsoever. This novel is good, if you like Heroic Death System or QWFOD, then, this one is definitely your cup of coffee too. :).
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Pavetta rated it
July 31, 2019
Status: c6
I really like this. Basically, it's the story of a boy who has to pretend to be a horrible person, but he has a hard time doing so because he is a genuinely good person, and so the ML he is supposed to victimize constantly misinterprets and just falls further in love.

It's really cute so far, the translation is of top-notch quality, and the updates are fast. I'm really pleased with this one and I'm eager to read more. I also recommend you go check out the translator's other project,... more>> After Being Transported Into A Book, I Adopted The Villain. It's really good, too! <<less
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September 2, 2019
Status: c10
this isn't as bad as I was fearing, what with the dense protagonist tag (i hate idiot MC). The MC seems to be pretty smart, he's just young and inexperienced and the ML is usually 10-15 years older than him in each of the worlds. Which, now that I think about it, is pretty typical in Asian novels whether BL or BG.

I personally don't see a problem with the age gap but it did poke a sore point with a RL issue not long ago when there was a rumor... more>> that an Idol in his 30's was dating another idol in her 20's for two years and people were really, really nasty about it with lots of horrible comments aimed at the "dirty old goat" (the rumor wasn't true; the male idol in question is infamous for his inability to date any girl for longer than 3 weeks). I would say it was a trope only acceptable in novels but I know of several young Asian actresses 18-23 who get married to rich men in their 30's, 40's or even 50's and no one calls those men dirty old goats. Maybe it's an idol thing. <<less
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