I Really Am a Slag Shou!


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Chi Zhao binds with the slag shou system, and if he succeeds in his missions, he will be rewarded.

But who said life is easy!

A rich old man who was slagged by him: “I know you love me. Your past pains, I’ve already investigated them.”

The star admiral who had been slagged by him: “Don’t be reluctant anymore! I’ve always known that you didn’t betray me.”

The entertainment mogul who was slagged by him: “Don’t make any noise. Honey, will you come home with me?”

The prince regent who was slagged by him said, “The mountains and rivers are yours, but you are mine.”

The dark sentinel who was slagged by him: “Now, do you still want to say that it is not my child?”

Chi Zhao burst into tears: “Boss, believe me just this once. Let me get the reward, okay?”

Thinking that the acting is very good, in fact, every day he’s spreading meng.

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163 Reviews

Sep 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is so wonderful! So heartwarming! *squeals in delight*


(Happy Ending)

... more>> The MC always tries his best to be the slag shou in every world so that he can finish his missions and go back home sooner.

...... But he just can't act like one.* laughs heavily* There's always signs of his pureness and kindness, a very far cry from what he's supposed to act like.

The ML in every world is the same one.

He also immediately discovers that the MC is not really a 'slag' and does his best in order to fix their misunderstandings. He tries to woo the MC.

Yes, the ML is possessive but he's thoughtful and caring. Not really 'oppressive'.

The system of the MC is so meng. At first it was also determined to live by it's name and watch as the ML lives in pain (since the MC is supposed to be the slag shou) but in the latter arcs, you can just laugh as the system grows numb since his host always manages to make the ML fall for him. LOL.

1. There's also a reason why the MC was chosen by the system.

2. There's also a reason why the system was named as that.

3. There's also a reason why the ML is the same one in every world and why he has to be the Male Lead that must be betrayed by the MC.

4. There's also a reason why the ML has to feel frustration and pain at very high levels before the MC can have a 'passing rate' at the world.



The MC was the only person who wasn't rejected by the ML's soul.

It was also mentioned that the system and the main system also tried to use other hosts to try and 'woo' the ML by becoming the 'slag' shou but failing since the ML will always kill the other host's character.

Only the MC was the exception. The ML always falls for the MC. *laughs*

The reason why the ML has to be hurt and experience pain is because he's currently a criminal.

He's being punished by the system's organization.

The MC hurts the ML by becoming the slag shou = ML being in pain = Increase in completion rate of the MC (the more points he gathers, the sooner he can buy the medicine to resurrect back into his world) + The ML receives his 'punishment'

So this is a win-win for the system and the MC

The reason why the ML was serving his sentence was explained in the end.

The crown prince of the ML's world tried to make a move on the ML's older sister. (Like the evil move. The Crown Prince planned to force the older sister of the ML into doing *that*)

The ML beat the crap out of the Crown Prince but the Crown Prince is still the Prince so the ML was punished.

He was punished by letting his soul experience pain via MC's mission.

After going back to his own world, the MC wakes up and doesn't remember anything. It was explained that this is to protect the well being of the host.

6 or 7 years has passed since then so the MC is no longer 20 years old. He's about 26 or 27 now and he's trying to do his best into blending in back to his world. Since he just woke up after a 6 or 7 year coma.

The MC realizes that something is missing and that he knows certain things that cannot be explained. Like: How the new ancient drama about Kings is wrong since the details don't match. (Since he has already experienced this first hand in the other world)

So another thing is that, when the MC first woke up, somewhere far away, a man wakes up and is found by a farmer.

The man asks: "where is this place?"

And the farmer answers and says some words.

The man sighs in relief that 'at least it's the same language.'

IT'S THE ML! *celebrates*

what makes me happy is that (in my own understanding. *The translation of Google-sama is somehow difficult to understand* But, the ML travelled through space and time and chose to permanently live in the MC's world.

It's very different from the other novels.

So, the ML tries to track the MC and finally finds him.

He introduces himself as the MC's boyfriend and the MC is skeptical at first since he can't remember anything.

Then after spending time with the ML, the MC can't remember him but his soul and body does. (So at least the MC is reassured that he knows the ML)

At the last chapter, the MC finally remembers everything.

The ML is very happy about this since he was also prepared to spend the rest of his life with the MC with or without him remembering his memories.

So now that the MC remembered everything, the ML feels overjoyed.

And they confirm their love for each other once more.


The novel has around 7 arcs and then the real world is finally shown.

My favorite arc is about the Dark Sentinel. Child care people! MPreg hohohoho



I think that there's also a subtle second ship. That's the ('System' of the MC and the 'Main System.')

It was shown that the Main system thinks that the code of the system of the MC is 'cute'


*wants this ship to sail* *See spoiler above to know the details lololol*

I really, really like this story. I will come back here again to reread. ✨

Give this novel a try.

I would like to thank the author and for the translator/s and editor/s of this novel. Thank you for your efforts. <<less
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Mar 25, 2021
Status: c160
Ok so I am not writing proper review on this yet cuz I prefer finishing novel before doing so. However! I am getting really pissed at some reviews.
Don’t misunderstand I totally accept all opinions, but I just want to make one thing clear: Never ever compare other novels with QWTFOD! Face of the Devil is white moonlight of quick transmigration genre and almost 80% of users on this site will treat it as masterpiece and most started QT by reading it. What I want to say: Always treat... more>> any novel with fresh start, at most you can compare novels of the same author, but by saying that “omg it’s like QWTFOD!”... You ruin what people may think of this novel without their bias to QWTFOD.

I totally enjoy Slag Shou and will update this review properly when I finish reading it. MC is cute and likable, yes he is not best actor, but I really love worlds and his interactions with ML. There is also system pairing with daddy system? (Unconfirmed for now). It’s mostly sweet with some world’s drama, very enjoyable QT :3 <<less
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Feb 19, 2021
Status: c126
The MC has a task of acting as a villain to torment the ML, but he never successfully carries out this task. No matter how much experience he gets, he doesn't learn from his mistakes and doesn't improve. There isn't much character development, and, in spite of having several lifetimes of experience, he remains a naive, dependent character with little backbone.

r*pe = LOVE. Yes, there is r*pe in this series, and it occurs more than once. I don't know why people are saying there isn't any. Worse, it's between the... more>> MC and ML, which proves the ML doesn't love him at that point in the story. R*pe is an act of violence, not one of affection. If you had any positive feelings whatsoever, you wouldn't r*pe them. You can't say there is no r*pe just because you ship the rapist and his victim.

Regardless of whether the ML r*pes him, imprisons, beats, or poisons him, the MC decides he loves him against all reason and sensibility. The ML also acts as an obsessive stalker in every arc, and they display anything but a healthy relationship until the MC surrenders to the ML. Even when the ML r*pes and tries to mu*der him, the MC forgives him in a completely OOC manner that doesn't make a lick of sense and isn't believable.

Every arc thus far has a cop-out ending. Each ending is happy, all poison is completely cured, and the ML's personality is changed to one that's compassionate. The arcs may start off with interesting settings, but the endings are incredibly disappointing. The arc patterns are all the same and are quite redundant.

The plots are dropped, there is minimal character development, and there is no imagery. Character depth? What's that?

The best part of this series is the interesting set-ups at the beginnings of each arc, but the arcs end as far more disappointing than anything. The r*pe victim falls in love with his rapist, and the person who was almost mu*dered falls in love with his would-be mu*derer. It can be quite sickening. Unfortunately, there are no strong points aside from the arc settings. <<less
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Dec 09, 2020
Status: c4
I always feel like the whole plot of this novel is based on something that doesn't make any sense. Normally when there's a system novel, the player will need to change some of the original owner's actions from the original life I'm order to achieve some kind of goal such as Revenge for success. Why the hell is the MC supposed to just repeat all of the original owner's actions? Isn't that boring and meaningless? This is glaringly obvious from the first couple of chapters and it's super annoying
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Jun 06, 2020
Status: Completed
This was bloody fantastic -- quite possibly the best QT novel I have read thus far. The only thing that's stopping me from declaring it officially as the best is that Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*sh is also quite good, but for contrasting reasons (the intent of the MCs in both these novels are very different, which will be clearly evident once you start reading).

The MC is what cemented this novel in my heart. I actually love him to death. He's not a genius, a prodigy actor, nor... more>> does he some secret talent that makes him OP -- he's 100% a young college student with his own strengths and weakness and above all, a kind heart. The MC is human, and I find that so very important after going through dozens of the novels where the MC is some Gary Sue caricature that only exists in fiction.

Let me be clear: he is still very clever and beautiful and all that jazz. However, neither of those traits excessively impact his inherent characteristics as a innocent, good-natured kid. Despite knowing how important completing his missions is, he can't bear to bring about the suffering of the ML, and he genuinely cares about the worlds he transmigrates into. In any case, it's a refreshing take from the other QT's where the MC is apathetic to the people around them.

He's also unintentionally funny a lot of times, and his dialogue with the system was hilarious. I was literally giggling as I watched the system go from "oh the ML fell in love with you... well it's okay we can still save the plot!!! don't give up hope!!!" to "ahahahah whatever why don't we just take the initiative to ruin the plot since it's going to happen anyway who even cares anymore". My favorite part was during the Reagent arc, when the system came back

from his singing competition all excited because the main system told him that the MC was right on track, only to appear right as the ML and MC are about to f*ck HAHAHAHA.


I will say that the ML was a bit bland, but I appreciate the fact he never ONCE did anything without the MC's explicit consent. He's possessive but not overbearing, and I could feel that he genuinely loved the MC and actually saw him as an equal (not as an object that was his or whatever). Also, what he did at the ending was so sweet and heartwarming that I'm still putting him on the list of ML's that I love (which is pitifully short btw).

I loved all the arcs as well! I don't think I was ever really bored reading this (except for the last world, but that was because I was MTLing and although the MTL was surprising coherent for everything else, it kind of fell apart there. It was probably due to the fact that it was a cultivation setting but regardless) and while not particularly unique concepts, the plots for each arc were very engaging. You had a good balance of angsty worlds (the historical setting gave me KNIVES man I actually cried) and fluffy worlds (the sentinel/guide setting was uwux100 especially with their kid, who was absolutely adorable), and I've actually come back to this novel several times to reread specific arcs (the Reagent one, to be exact, I really really really really really loved this one).

Anyway, let me stop rambling. TL;DR This novel is an absolute QT gem, and a refreshing change from OP Gary Sue MCs and r*pey overbearing MLs. The MTL is pretty good, so if you want to read it in English I would strongly recommend it. I rate it a 4.5/5.0 stars. <<less
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Jan 19, 2021
Status: Completed
If Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong had happy endings. It's basically the same. Be abused for like one second in the beginning, abuse the ML for the rest of the time, then get together and have a happy ending. It's a cute, heartwarming, and slightly angsty read. The MC is not quite like all the other cold blooded and calm MCs in slagging novels, he pretty much an idiot in the beginning and the reason why all the plot lines fail is because he sucks at acting, but he... more>> does blacken a little as time goes on (and went full on yandere at one point). The ML is the typical "I love you but you don't love me" type of person. He loves the MC to death, is kind of a yandere at some points, and can somehow always misinterpret the MCs actions. I like a little suffering in my life so the angst is gold. It compares to SCSG in that aspect, always has me bawling at the end of each arc. All the arcs were pretty original and memorable though. Usually I forget the plot a few days after I read it, but I can still clearly remember all of the arcs. Overall, a great read. <<less
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Jan 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Added some minor edits after completing, but my opinion didn't change for the most part, so I didn't feel the need to re-write. Absolutely love the novel, btw. It's not very deep, but it doesn't pretend to be, like some novels. Everything it tries to do, it does well. The only thing I didn't like was 3 paragraphs long at most, and not very important. So, here's my old review with new edits:

Just finished the second arc the whole novel, and I must say - I feel sorry for... more>> the poor system, that slowly sinks to insanity seeing as everything goes wrong once again. (nvm, it is a very sheltered cute little idiotic system)

Best points of this novel (IMO) might be spoilerish, but no concrete plot spoilers:

    • ML really cherishes MC, and is very possessive, but not blackened. He always respects MC's feelings and there was not even a hint of dub-con so far. He can stop at absolutely any point if he knows that MC wants him to stop. (he does get blackened sometimes, but he can never bear to force MC, because he knows that he will never get MC's true love if he does - can we have more of this in chinese BL's, please?)
    • MC (so far) is unaware that ML is the same (Honestly, it's not even hinted at, if I remember correctly. I just know it because it's the trend in world-hopping novels). He genuinely loved both people, mostly because they were so gentle and devoted to him, that even a stone would melt, much less the warm-hearted MC. (even when he does suspect it, he has no way to tell, so each time they fall in love anew, instead of 'oh, that pe*vert must be my hubby in this life')
    • MC does not treat the worlds as something insignificant, and he does not put his task above innocent lives. That is one of the reasons why he fails - he tries to do the horrible things, with as little casualties as possible. Obviously, he gets caught.
    • Even though he is kind, MC is not a naive little white cabbage. He is smart and decisive. And he does not deny his feelings, he consciously ignores them for the sake of the task (well... he tries to, OK?). He is also a very gentle person, so he wants ML to overcome the 'slag' and live a happy life. (He is also able to make a decision to sacrifice his real life (at least according to what he thinks) for the sake of his lover's happiness)
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Jan 30, 2021
Status: c109
Respectful ML + organic relationship + funny MC and system interaction. Crème de la crème of all QT novels (on par with QWFOD and DPUBFTB).

Unlike other QTs where the MCs are either apathetic, OP and a mary sue, Chi Zhao is relatable and has so much personality despite being the typical shou MC. And the interaction with the system, I can read a whole novel with just their banters.

The novel delivers the feels with no unnecessary self-inflicted violence, overbearing MLs, and romantization of r*ape. Rereading other QTs now will give... more>> me a bitter taste and self-disgust, thanks.

Also thank you KK-sama, the daily updates saves my day ;; <<less
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Jan 07, 2021
Status: c128
Actually a pretty good QT! And, man, is it a short, short list.

Another reviewer noted that the ML is "possessive but not overbearing" and I completely agree. He's actually one of the most respectful possessive MLs I've had the (dubious) pleasure of reading. Even in arcs where he starts off kind of yikes, by the end of it, he genuinely loves and respects the MC, and he always (well, nearly always) tries to make sure that the MC is comfortable/consenting before initiating anything. And he actively does this!

... more>>

For instance, in the "entertainment" arc, he starts off extremely possessive/controlling of the MC, including having the other followed/watched. However, by the end, after a (admittedly handwave-y) series of psychiatrist visits, he actually outright states that his previous actions were wrong and wasn't representative of actual love -- that people in love value and respect their lovers boundaries, which he had not done up to that point. This is legitimate, deliberate framing from the author!


Like, I've seen quite a few QTs with "incidentally respectful MLs", and a few that makes overtures to respectful MLs only to go back on it a few arcs later, but I Really am a Slag Shou! actually seems to be invested in keeping its MLs, no matter how badly they start off, as, uh, Decent Human Beings. Like, the author actually knows what consent and healthy relationships look like!


OK, so there's a vaguely minor exception in the emperor/prince regent arc, where there's no deliberate consent obtained, and the MC actually isn't sure if he's in love with the ML even by the end, unlike previous arcs, but it's a small blip in the grand scheme of things.


So overall yeah this is pretty good. The MC isn't really smart, more like he wins over the ML by sheer virtue of being a good person incapable of being too scummy, but that's kind of the charm of it. And while the arcs are fun, the endings are fairly predictable since the ML will always end up in love with MC by the end, but I kind of like seeing what kind of absolute batsh*t last minute happy ending the author will manage to pull from a harrowing situation. It's a cozy little thing, and a great guilt-free popcorn read, which is more than I can say for other QT stories.

EDIT: OK, scratch that. The guide/sentinel arc has basically all the dubiously consensual (bordering on assault), bad s*xual politics that I hate about BL novels, and QT novels in particular. Hoping that the next arc will be better, but I'm not holding my breath honestly. <<less
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Aug 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Fun and cute arcs. He tried so hard to slag the protag and when he does it, it's so funny. And the system who becomes numb to it adds a comical convo with the MC. I like all the stories!♥
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Junior siste
Jul 29, 2021
Status: c80
The overall stories are ok! They are what you expect of a quick transmigration novel! The MC is fun but the ml.... Uwaaa the ml..... I will tell you, this sister right here has read a lot and she feels that the tags "stalker", "s*xual harasser", "manipulator" and "creepy pe*vert" should be somehow added, you may think that you've seem this behaviour before with others mls.... But this ML is crazy!

The system is what kept me going on, please carve his wise words on my grave and I can... more>> finally rest knowing that my memory will be immortalized in the sayings of the funniest character in the novel.

I feel like the little system and the MC have more chemistry together than the MC and the ml.... <<less
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Dec 14, 2020
Status: c13
well, , ,

they said MC is super smart but I don't see it anywhere... and the plot??

what is the point of repeating original owners actions again?? like MC has a system and few merits but if MC does everything that the original owners did then nothing will change so whyy? like it is not like change of fate or something. Also ML starts liking MC bc he thinks MC likes him. Anyway I haven't read much so maybe I'll come around to edit this after completing it.

... more>> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

edit Nov 2021 - I don't remember reading this at all, but according to my notes I skipped last 3 arcs <<less
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Dec 06, 2020
Status: Completed
I'll preface this by saying the novel has a happy ending and both the MC and ML are so in love with each other that it's diabetic.

The MC belongs to the innocent, happy-go-lucky, and kind-hearted character trope. He isn't cunning and he doesn't have his emotions fully figured out; what he does is mature along the 7 worlds and the character growth albeit subtle illustrates him as a blooming flower.

Some reviewers might say the plots are repetitive. But the beautiful writing (in raw) really highlights the changes in the way... more>> of thinking that the MC undergoes throughout the different worlds.


He started off in the first & second world, hell-bound to complete his missions (even though he couldn't bring himself to be scummy and fails ultimately). But by the 5th-6th world, he has accepted his inability to intentionally harm the ML because of how much he loves him and is willing to deviate from his missions just to be together with his partner.


In each of these worlds, the MC is never an actual "scum" he pretends to be one but the ML always manages to see through the pretence no matter what. Some might say it's illogical for the ML to "forgive" the MC for the scum behaviour before the MC hijacks the host's body. But I believe the author explains it nicely near the end by linking their feelings for each other to their love felt within the soul/spirit. In every world, although the ML might not explicitly say it but it is hinted that he feels a difference in the MC's character whenever the MC does the takeover. And with the passing of each world, the more the "scum behaviour" the ML is willing to look past because he just knows deep in his soul that the original scum host has been taken over by the (love of his life) MC and he cannot afford to lose him.

This is an entertaining read and the last line of the novel perfectly demonstrates the penmanship of the author:

" (Our) promise used to be unbounded by time; now it's finally once a lifetime." (Translation is not literal - tweaked to account for the poetic nature of the finale)

ps: Be prepared for tears <<less
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Good read.

Didn't make me cry but in exchange this built up the worlds and let me feel adventure much better than most QT.

A satisfying ending.
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Sep 26, 2022
Status: c1
It was pretty good and I really enjoyed it. The translators too did a good job. So, overall, it had been a great journey through seven different worlds.

However, I really felt for the MC and sympathize with him ... more>>

during his emotional struggles where he was torn between completing the mission for his life, his own moral views and his attraction for the ML. Especially when he wasn't aware that it was the same ML. But, then again as was mentioned by the main system, that was the price he had to pay for being kept alive despite the fact that he should have died.

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Jan 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Very good read!!

A generic transmigration novel, but everything is just right *chef kiss*

The drama in each world is just right, not too much but bot too shallow. Kinda short, but perfect for light read.

... more>> The ML is not too overly yandere (and no r*pe). He respect the MC

The system is cute, side character have depth and not just there for the sake of needing a canon fodder, they actually had roles in the story (the last world even suggest that MC and ML was the side characters), the girls are awesome, unlike most female characters in BL novel.

Every world is HE!! I may cry a little (lie) at the end of the second world, but I'm glad it turn out happy!

Althought the real world might seem a bit forced, but hey, I'm not gonna complain about logic in a fantasy novel okay?

I'm just sad that it's over so soon..

But a good story also need a good ending. Besides, I won't mind coming back to reread this again in the future (which I so rarely do, but I'll make exception for this one)

PS: the author said in the afterword that they will make a spin off about the system and the magical rice cooker, and I lowkey want to read it, lol. <<less
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Dec 01, 2020
Status: Completed
Another good world hopping for me Over all it consists of 7 worlds +real world/of MC

Although our couple dog food/love scenes are not much but it is there. It's just described very quickly so if you are looking for some really steamy scenes- there is none hahaha. Though it's better than "Let me Shoulder the Blame" which mostly brushed off. Still in these Novels we can see the couple love for each other😊

Here are the summary of the worlds/quotes that I got from it

... more>>

World 1: Ceo x"adopted son"
Seeing Li Yihan’s appearance now, Chi Zhao almost stopped breathing.

Too... too handsome!

Such a handsome man, the original owner can still go against him? What a nuisance! Qi Yuan’s conscience is too badly damaged! Bad eyesight!

[Though our MC is not yet bend here but I think he's already hooked haha]

World 2
Interstellar Military Marshal
ML to MC 🤧“I will treat you really, really well.”

So well that you will fall in love with me completely.[Screaaamssss acccck so sweet]

Until you can no longer leave me.

And eventually become someone who well and truly belongs to me.

Our MC thinking about love:

Chi Zhao knew himself best. Although people may think he’s exaggerating, he is actually very devoted. Once he likes something or someone, if his life permits, he could probably continue to like it for several hundreds of years.

World 3

Entertainment Bossx artist

So yeah our ML have some thinking about leaning to the yandere side but his rational thinking still won for his love:

"But the fact is that it was abnormal. It was just a morbid and paranoid disregard of the wishes of others. He selfishly concealed the truth. In this relationship that was never clear and unclear. In a position comparable to himself, he advertised this degeneration of possessiveness as love. If this is love, then love is too terrible."

World 4

Emperor x regent

Our MC and d system interactions are really cute hahhaha there is also the Main System: systems watching MC's world be like this:

"He likes watching the drama of the overbearing wife whipping the loyal dog husband, hahahaha"

World 5

S's Entinel x guide

ML waited for MC for 5 yrs;_;

"Shen Wumian (ML) felt that he should get used to it, but at this time a heart that was already riddled with holes was still bloodied by Chen Yi. (MC)

ML to those who wants him to marry/see other person:

"Sorry, I love my partner very much and will not betray him."

ML to get back MC hahaha:

"What's the use of having a face in front of my wife?"

ML fighting the supposed natural instincts, he love is greater than just lust yeahhhhh:

"The sentinel's instincts were clamoring all the time, urging him to occupy, plunder, and persecute him, but Leo didn't want a partner who hated him, what he wanted was that his partner loved him wholeheartedly."

"He wanted to take back a reciprocal love."[this!!! Yes this is it !!!]

World 6


This Time the story MC adopted many children, one of them is the ML hahaha

World 7


World 8

Real world


As the title goes MC mission/will try to become a slag hahahhah though one way or another the plot collapses because the ML falls in love with him and have a reallyyyy long patience for MC.

Even the System is being numb and just let MC do as he pleasesxD you rock system haha although somtimes MC can't rely on our system [ system is busy joining singing competitions hahaha & somewhat have a mild Cp dog food with the Main system]

MC knows that his love is can be forever /if he falls in love it can last for a long time. So he's having some doubts why the Protag falls jn love with him as well the he the MC loves him back. It's not the story like others when they kiss they can know the soul or there is a physical evidence that it is their partner fr past worlds. MC had a hunch that d system is hiding something from him[which is true there r some confidential info about their mission]

One of the somehow clue for the ML is his habits of touching MC's nape. MC just let him although it's usually a vulnerable area, our MC trusts ML that he will never hurt him. The ML proved himself throughout the worlds that yes, he will never hurt his love. Even MC brought countless heartaches/pain for ML. so ready ur tissues and be sad for ML. If you read other reviews why the MC should let the ML feel pain:


The system/s operate a virtual world and other world can have a contract with it. ML was a prisoner in his world why??his country crown prince wants to have his hands on his sister[it' implied that d douchebag prince reall wants to tarnish his sister aka/*ape.

Though his sister was saved by his Brother-in-law/his sister husband. Our ML already hit the crown prince haha and it was shown publicly the video so even the higherups wants to let go, they need to give the ML some punishments.


MC by completing the worlds he will have a chance to live again in his own world. He got in an accident when walking outside some vase smashed his head-it was implied that if the system have not found him he'll continue to be in vegetable state on hospital.

Sometimes am sad for the MC cause it's always him who found ML and had the memories. It was kinda good that on the Real/last world MC forgot what happened and now it's time for ML (now he remembers every world) to find MC. MC's mother is also funny hahahha anyway it was a good read. It has a diff touch with other novels^^ <<less
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Jun 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Good things:

    1. The concept behind the system is interesting, not arbitrary like many QT novels, there's a purpose behind things.
    1. The MC is likable
    1. The ML clearly, obviously struggles with being a typical overbearing controlling BL style ML but several times manages to grow past it.
    1. The interaction between the characters has balance, they have a lot of sympathy and caring for each other. Even with some unhealthy themes/overtones you feel like they are navigating the balance together to find a healthy way despite the maaajor problems between them sometimes
    1. Most of the plots are quite absorbing, although the earlier in the story the more genuine suspense you experience...

      By the end you, like the system, are just eating melons waiting to see what new ludicrous development is gonna overthrow the plot to make them madly in love

    1. Spoiler

      I liked that the ML's personality remained consistent minus variations expected from the different circumstances. I've seen QT novels that are essentially harem novels except supposedly the soul is the same, but there's nothing believable about it actually being the same person. Here, you absolutely feel it's the same character over and over with the same personality faults etc, and on one level I appreciated that...

Bad things

    1. Spoiler

      ... on the other hand, continuing from point 5 above, because it was the same character exactly, it started to get a bit repetitive. He was always possessive and insecure. The whole thing was a rehabilitation program, I kind of wish we'd seen him growing over the course of it.

    1. Spoiler

      and yet, how could he grow? As it was, it started to be hard to maintain tension because it became obvious that in every single world he was going to fall for him no matter what

    1. And finally - in some of the worlds, I really bought that the character managed to incidentally through who he was change the plot trajectory.

      But in the later worlds, it was like a total disconnect between the awful setup and what happened next. For me that violated suspension of disbelief. (really it was particularly bad in the evil businessman world. The original character was so
      evil and more than every other world it felt like that ended up being irrelevant because, oh right, now he's literally a totally different person. OK, but then the back story of who he was in the original world past the point of transmigration does nothing but make the reader feel disgusted...

Anyway, I read this entire humongous thing in MTL so it clearly absorbed my attention, and despite my gripes above it doesn't do any of the primary culprits for being an obnoxious story. I hope to reread it someday in proper translation to get the full experience...

Edit: I've lowered my review to three stars, and this is why: as I spend time away from this novel, the taste of it grows more bitter. I don't know, it just ended up leaving me with not a great feeling. So I'm not willing to only deduct one star, when the experience overall left such an unpleasant taste...
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Jul 31, 2019
Status: c90
I really like this. Basically, it's the story of a boy who has to pretend to be a horrible person, but he has a hard time doing so because he is a genuinely good person, and so the ML he is supposed to victimize constantly misinterprets and just falls further in love.

It's really cute so far, the translation is of top-notch quality, and the updates are fast. I'm really pleased with this one and I'm eager to read more. I also recommend you go check out the first translator's other... more>> project, After Being Transported Into A Book, I Adopted The Villain. It's really good, too! <<less
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Dec 29, 2022
Status: Completed
This is very well written. Most people may complain how some of the worlds were developed but it went as expected. It's like Newton's 3rd law, action and reaction, stuff did something because MC touched it. And stuff that didn't made sense were eventually tied up prettily in a nice bow through foreshadowing and in another POV.

The thing that I like about most about this story is that the author gave life to the MC by developing their character. While each world was scripted to follow a set formula and... more>> pretty much static despite each world setting being unique, you can tell that the world hopping was having a visible effect on MC. They weren't a robot where they just compartmentalized their experience, but they were also not too emotionally dumb to nit be able to critically think. MC was a person! Human ans relatable!

Also, the translation is beautifully done. The translators did an amazing job! Props to everyone that were involved! <<less
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