Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong


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As a true over-bearing president scum gong, when Xie He for the nth time rejected his admirer, he heard a sentence in his head: “Congratulations on achieving the “rejects 100 hosts” accomplishment; as an award you will soon bind to the “Scum Gong and Cheap Shou” system, entering other worlds to complete capture missions.

As a scum gong, Xie He expresses that it is very easy to hide one’s true colors, but…

“I Heard My Boyfriend’s Brother Secretly Loves Me,”

“Teacher Love Me One More Time,”

“Raising Youth Manual,”

“Your Majesty, This Servant Obeys,”

“The Tyrant Lord’s Substitute Lover,”

“Captive of the Empire,”

“Disciple’s Cultivation Furnace”…

Xie He: Wait a minute. These words sound really strange… and why is my role the ‘cheap shou’?

System: Fighting poison with poison. Using scum to overcome scum. I’ll be relying on you to ab*se the scum gong! Remember to not OOC~

Xie He: Hehe.


Xie He: Hm? You say all the scum gong love me? Sorry, I only love myself.

Scum gong: ???

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Công Lược Tra Công Kia
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New En-Jay99
July 3, 2024
Status: c100
Had to stop reading this because it was making me feel physically sick.

this is a culmination of the worst thoughts and actions taken for 'revenge', dark satisfaction, cut off your nose to spite your face, reality tv where people do the most terrible things to each other and you JUST. CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING. That ugly little part of your brain that's fascinated by the grotesque.

It's written very well which is the main reason why it's so popular. Terrible people doing terrible things to each other can get pretty boring but,... more>> the flow of the words, the emotions, the psychological darkness and descent into a form of madness makes this novel incredibly difficult to put down.

I'm not rating it because it's not a bad novel by itself. It's exactly what it says on the tin. And there's nothing wrong with exploring the worst parts of people and the extent they can go to. MC is not a good person. No one is in this novel; doesn't mean it's a bad story. I just had enough because 200 chapters of this was too much. If you want a palate cleanser, I'd recommend 'Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*shbin'. It's practically the antithesis of the twisted ugly darkness of this novel. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
February 2, 2020
Status: c35
Before reading this series, everyone should be warned that THE AUTHOR HAS SOME KIND OF r*pe FETISH GOING ON. R*pe here, r*pe there, r*pe everywhere! Anyone who respects men should also be aware that the tone of this series is rather misandric. In this series, most men are rapists or r*pe victims. Men only think with their lower halves and are easy to seduce. Men have zero chance of being faithful in their lives. The relationships in this series are extremely abusive with plenty of s*xual ab*se and emotional ab*se.... more>> Antisocial maniacs abound, and they aren't even in prison. This includes but is not limited to drugging and raping, violent r*pe, coercion, manipulation, isolation, training people into s*x s*aves, threats, PTSD, and so forth. Reading this series feels like I'm reading a guide for s*xual offenders about how to control their victims. It also includes the bizarre idea of rapists developing strong affection toward their victims. It uses r*pe as a valid way of getting affection rather than pure violence. If you love someone, you wouldn't r*pe them. Can such an unsympathetic and hateful person who so freely r*pes people actually fall in love? R*pe expresses hatred and violence toward someone. It has absolutely nothing to do with romance.

That aside, this story is about the protagonist of a world who likes but never loves a multitude of hosts he sleeps with it. A total of 100 transmigrators try to make him fall in love with them, but they fail miserably every time. Once he is done with them, his feelings toward them drop to zero. Thanks to this achievement, he gets stuck with a system and becomes a transmigrator himself.

In these worlds, he acts as a pitiful white lotus and acts naive enough to get himself r*ped all the time. That said, he is fully aware of what he is doing and intends to be violated during these encounters. However, the people who sexually assault him believe everything is against his will, so I still consider this well-deserving of the r*pe tag. He acts pitifully and pits Evil Man vs Evil Man to make them jealous and develop feelings for him. In the first two arcs, the MC's acting and strategy are extremely similar to the point of feeling redundant. The only thing that changes is the setting. I'd prefer reading about the MC acting in different roles or at least trying to be part of a healthy relationship.

All of these rapists should go to prison, but they don't.

Everything goes exactly according to his plan, so there isn't much tension at all. There's just over-the-top dog blood drama everywhere. If this was written only as a drama and not just the MC screwing everyone over, I probably wouldn't have made it through the first arc because too many characters, especially the persona the MC is putting out, are too dumb to handle. They feel dumb to the point it is hard to believe anyone would act that way, and it throws me out of the story.

Aside from drama, r*pe, and s*x, there isn't much going on. There's no cunning strategizing or making things move behind the scenes. There are no goals beside this. The second arc is very similar to the first arc; I don't know if any variety appears after that, but what you see in the first arc is the same as in the second. Even ignoring the s*xual trauma, there is nothing particularly substantial going on. The writer also has some bizarre ideas about things.


At the end of the first arc, the MC randomly bites through his wrist (Is he a carnivore?!) to the point of pouring blood everyone and dying within only half an hour of this. He pours his own blood all over his target and even in his mouth. I still don't understand why. Sure, the other guy had some blood loss, but that's NOT how a blood transfusion is done. A commentor thought that maybe he was trying to rehydrate the guy by giving him his blood to drink. I've heard of drinking urine for this but never for blood. If he was worried about the blood loss, then why didn't he, y'know, put pressure on the wound and stop the blood loss or something instead? As far as I can figure, the MC was just trying to give this man some trauma by committing su*cide in front of him.

In the second arc, the MC gets a fever the day after having s*x and even faints from it. The explanation is that leaving s**en in the rectum can cause a fever. Never hearing about such an idea, I tried to research for more information and found out that this is generally not a thing. Post-orgasmic illness syndrome affects a man after he ejaculates, and that can cause flu-like symptoms. Some people also have s**en allergies, even to their own s**en (RIP). However, these occurrences are rare. In this series, it's treated as common knowledge that not cleaning out s**en from the rectum makes people ill when there's no need to clean it out in real life. This is purely optional.


I'm not sure where the author is getting her "medical knowledge" from, but it scares me. Unfortunately, the series is not interesting, I can't condone the numerous r*pe scenes, and the "health information" is completely ridiculous. I've dropped the series. If you can tolerate these things, then you may be alright with this series, but it has horrific themes and potential readers need to be aware of this. <<less
152 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
patch rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the best fast wear novel you would ever find!

Different from others fast wear that is rushing pace, each chapter of this story is quite long and satisfied, so each world has a deep story-line. Every world has the potential to be a long (dog blood, drama, tragedy, misunderstanding) story.

The emotional level of this story is out of the world. I found my-sensitive-self cried my eyes out almost every single world. So if you like a heavy story with comady undertone and very good writing, you have to give... more>> this one a try.

  • Systems are so cute!! I love them.
  • First, it seems like there is no ML, but don't worry it's a player v player.
  • Every world is BE, but the whole story is HE.

For the best (tearing) effect, I suggest you read the whole world in one go. <<less
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Vampire Maiden
Vampire Maiden rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: c111
Review is as of chapter 111.

Rating: 1.5 stars.

As some other reviews address, this novel has excessive r*pe, and the author justifies it since the protagonist "likes" it. Not an acceptable thing for me.

... more>> Also, all "capture methods" involved are highly similar (MC "hurts" ML, ML hurts MC, MC is forced to comply, ML realizes mistakes) and repetitive. Nothing changes except the setting and characters who are extremely similar to other characters playing the exact same roles in other arcs. All the arcs are tragic melodramas, too.

The settings are quite typical for a novel in quick transmigration (modern worlds, cultivation worlds, etc). No new twists or spins on the settings.

Another reviewer noted the characters as "highly complex". That is a lie. Characters are all extremely simple, and fall in love with the MC for no reason. One male lead lives with the MC for 10 years, and yet still falls in love. This is extremely odd since the MC's attitude, of ice-cold bearing, never allowed for any feelings to kindle between them. They are all extremely flat, with only a few aspects to their character, and rife with stereotypes.

Characters are all like this:

ML: Possessive. Gentle only to the MC. Black-belly.

Secondary ML: Possessive. All of them are stereotypes. For example, the wild somewhat masculine one (wording here might not be the best to appropriately express this archetype) (a similar example is Ivanov from Rebirth of Chen An) in the teacher arc. However, some secondary MLs are not archetypes (for instance, in the cultivation arc). But they all are extremely flat cardboard, still.

MC: Carefree, "professional, " former scum gong. Genius manipulator. His character is not likeable. He gets his "Oscar-level" acting skills from nowhere. Another review noted that when the MC's plans turn out perfectly, it makes the whole thing seem fake.

System 444: Tainted "cinnamon roll". Merely padding for the MC to show of his awesomeness and for entertainment. It is not necessary for the system to even have a consciousness, since this pretty much adds nothing a non-sentient system couldn't do.

No development happens in all of the characters. Of course, some might argue the MLs' change from their original hurtful attitude is character development. I digress, since it is very repetitive and thus barely counts.

Other characters are, if you think about it, irrelevent. This makes the cast extremely dry. No other characters in any arcs play major roles. Only a single line can be used to describe every single character's personality and likes. Speaking of what characters like and their interests are, those are nonexistent. The MC is the only one who has something he likes (doesn't express, and that is food. I'd like you, the reader, to think back to how many quick transmigration MCs (BG romance included) have that interest. That's right, quite a lot of them.

I feel that at least part of why the MC's personality is like that is because the author wanted scenes where the MC makes the ML feel regret to be impactful. Which, by the way, never manages to be impactful.

Wordbuilding and plot are never present either, except when needed for something major, like when stealing a heavenly treasure. Still, the whole shtick behind systems and "capture missions" are never explained. There are tons of mysteriries behind that - when are the missions going to end? Why do these "capture missions" even need to be accomplished? How did the system (and probably other systems) come to be? The MLs probably will end up as one soul - an extremely common end in these quick transmigration novels. Some of the mysteries might be solved by the end of the story, so the mysteries' unfulfillment is not something I can comment on until the end of the story.

The writing is fine prose-wise. Concerning non-prose writing, the author did a decent job. The translator's word choices are the standard of Chrysanthemum Garden in regards to word choices. Typos are sparse due to editors.

Another problem I had was the misinformation. In one arc, the MC slitted his wrist to feed the ML blood so he coule continue to live. I coincidentally read it close to when I asked my health teacher whether ingesting blood did anything, because I find the taste of blood delicious, and so my reaction was especially worse. There are multiple other cases of this medical misinformation.

This novel doesn't bring anything new to the table.

PS: A review mentions the MC's background will be explained, so hopefully that fills in some plot holes. <<less
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Unlimited toes work
Unlimited toes work rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: --
Why does anyone even think this is some kind of ‘deep’ or ‘poignant’ novel where it have the logic of D-grade telenovela. Ever saw that clip of Bollywood drama where the character got slapped by their in laws then went spinning like a ballerina until she choked herself on draperies? Yeah. It’s like that.

This novel uses long long long ass exposition monologue to ‘explain’ how the ‘logic’ of the MC and ML’s actions. Too bad the author seemingly reads too much chuuni, edgy titles and less interacting with real human... more>> being. That resulted in extremely convoluted, forced, melodramatic and cringy ‘reasoning’. Reading the MC spews those acting as if he’s some kind of genius psychologist rlly brings you secondhand embarrassment, holy f*ck.

There’s a LOT of dogblood in this novel. Unfortunately none lands and instead of making it interesting it’s just badly written for shock value. There’s no feeling of immersion because the author often uses the MC’s name instead of the original host, while we already knew that the MC doesn’t give a sh*t and playing it like he’s playing an an eroge on his PC.

I skipped the s*x scenes because.. Well.. It’s tasteless. Even writing p*rn is an art the author barely masters so it just feels voyeuristic. Reading that only feels like when you hear secondhand account from someone who played r-18 dating sims.

And don’t get me started on the overusage of ? Emoji and smile. Jpg. Please, author. For god’s sake it doesn’t make it lighthearted or makes it funny. It just makes you want to punch MC’s one note smug face and shake him to have some kind of characterization beyond being smug. <<less
42 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 6, 2020
Status: c115
I personally like abusive stories so I really enjoyed it in the beginning.. But after reading nearly 4 or 5 arcs the plot remains same. ML wronged MC but later start having feelings for him and r**p him and finally regret it when MC is dying, and MC is still pretending innocent till the end. This repetitive drama seriously making me loose my interest. No matter how I love this abusive chatracter or torment in the story, when you are reading same kind of plot again and again you will... more>> eventually find it hard to continue reading it. <<less
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IndusEla rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: --
This novel is a bag of mixed feelings for me. It's not bad enough for 3 stars but not good enough for 4 stars, either. So it's like 3.7 stars.

Edit: I'm updating my rating of this novel. It becomes better as you read on. I've read the raws and can say with certainty that this deserves 4.5 stars.

Pros of reading this:

    • Characters: The characters are truly complex, with thoughts you can't even begin to understand. Especially the second arc, where the characters were so cruel that I couldn't bring myself to finish it in one go. That doesn't mean it isn't good, it just means I'm a softie.
    • The MC: I'm not exaggerating when I say this but he's ruthless, calculating, manipulative, and knows where to put his time. I'm not badmouthing him here. The arcs are the type that if you didn't have these qualities, you'd definitely fail. The people he mostly interacts with (till arc 2) all deserve to be deceived the way MC does it.
    • Arcs: They are engaging and leave you wondering where it's going to go. It's a world that I can't understand because it's full of calculative thinking and manipulative behaviour. Again, I'm not saying anything bad, it's just facts.

    • The Writing: The writing style is pretty typical, as you might expect from Chinese translated stuff. I bet a lot of it's lost in the translation and I don't know if it's the translator's fault or not since I don't know Chinese, but the writing (usage of words, etc.) Can definitely be improved. I'm a bit critical about stuff like this but for majority of the novel, it isn't really a problem.
    • Cruelty: For me, this is good as well as bad. Although the other characters deserve it, it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth because personally, I don't like manipulative people. It's a personal thing. But sometimes, the sheer lack of humanity in these characters (particularly in arc 2 since that's where I'm now) left me genuinely speechless. They are such a**holes.
    • Non-concentual Relationships: It's complicated. The MC, on the inside, knows exactly what's going on. He's the master of the game. But on the outside, his character is being dragged through toxic non-consensual relationships built on threats, blackmail, you name it. It's a difficult situation to word.
There isn't much left to say now. Besides the writing style, I don't have much of a problem and that itself is a personal pet peeve. I'm thankful for the translator's efforts! :)
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
NanakoHika rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: --
I love this novel, the first I read it, I think what kind the final arc will be. And after read arc 1, I cant stop to read the next.

The MC is someone with calm personality. He always have the way to make ML love him and then give a wonderfull good bye.

If you like hurt story like me, I can recomended you to read this one.
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: Completed
The author's sequel work [Scum Shou's Survival Guide] is better written but best read after this one. The last arc in this book + extras flesh out the environment and help a lot of the reasoning behind the next book.

For me, the majority of this book was a solid 3 - dog blood/melodramatic, angsty, over-the-top, whichever verbs you want to use for "contrived" "trying hard to suspend disbelief" -formulaic romance.

I almost dropped it because I was getting tired of the repetitive love stories, BUT I'm glad I read... more>> to the end.

What makes this book a 4 is the last arc: the ending and origin of the MC's background.

The author did an incredibly good job adding depth to the previous "formulaic" romances and showing us what the MC really feels (because he never tells the truth to 444 ?). Top quality delicious A+ angst from the unique character development and the tied up loose ends make every part of the story come together... to show us that ending had been foreshadowed the whole time.


One gripe I had is that everything goes to plan within the MC's calculations. While the author tries to show the MC's genius EQ, instead, it felt a bit too fake when all the MC's plans always succeed perfectly and he never needs to use any backups or last-minute concessions. This is partly explained in the extras. The author's later works are much better in this respect, so I'll just have to chalk it up to inexperience.

[Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*sh Bin] is an excellent example of excellent writing with a genius MC who feels smarter in comparison because he can think on his feet when things don't go according to plan.


The extras from the ML's perspective, as well as the short about their next co-op mission, are utterly precious. The ML's viewpoint helps put to words much of the struggles that the mission-goers suffer through and the questioning of reality vs. imagination, fake vs. real. in their Matrix-like transmigrator ecosystem.

It's all too common to have a long novel break down at the end because the author didn't put enough content or complexity into a worthy backstory, so this rarity deserves a chance!

Which is not to say the other 11 arcs were not entertaining. The author is a good writer who is knows how to build a rich story and immerse readers into emotional climaxes. For the most part, the plots were pretty enjoyable (until the formula becomes too obvious).


The worlds basically go like this: MC works hard to create misunderstanding with ML -> blackened ML r*pes/ab*ses/destroys MC's body in a variety of different ways -> ML finds out "the real reason" for the misunderstanding, thereby regretting all the ab*se -> ML falls in love through pity/regret -> MC refuses to forgive ML and makes ML regret all the ab*se -> MC leaves ML with one speck of hope before dying violently


I read the part of the translation (and all of the raws). The translation is excellent, I'll definitely be re-reading some of the book through the translation! <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fireflymaoh rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: --
This author likes writing non-consensual relationships. I started reading another story of hers and it was pretty much the same setting. However, I found this MC to be a bit dislikable. I didn't feel the romance at all and the whole plot got old really quick.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: Completed
When I first started reading this I thought it was an interesting take on QT novels. But after I started reading more arcs, whew it really went off the deep end. By arc 3 I was like ??????? and then arc 4 was like ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿

For a novel that uses illness as a major plot device in most of the arcs, boy does it things wrong. Feeding your blood to someone doubles as a blood transfusion? Unprotected s*x leads to fevers? Huh????

Be prepared to suspend all belief if you're reading this... more>> because truly, there's some things in this novel that can only be explained by "magic."

I gave up on arc 5 and just MTL the ending because it became the same after a while.


MC has to capture the scum gong and convinces 1-2 other random people to fall in love with him too. Commence tons of angst. Then he breaks everyone's heart by dying in some inexplicable manner.

It's revealed that MC was originally the protagonist in a harlequin novel and was supposed to be the overbearing president with a cute wife (female). ML had just completed 10 worlds at the time and decided to take a vacation to an easy world so he became the first host to visit MC's world with the mission of winning MC's love. However, ML truly fell in love and realized that MC's world would be destroyed if he captured MC so ML purposely failed the mission.

ML vowed to come back to the world so he rushed missions for 800+ years until MC caused 100 hosts to fail. Because ML had become the strongest host at the time, he made a deal with the Lord God to make MC a host. The Lord God pit the two of them against each other so in each of the worlds MC was the shou and ML was the scum gong. Whoever reached 100 favorability before the other lost. If MC lost, then he would be permanently destroyed but if ML lost, he would lose exp to the Lord God and MC. In order to give MC more points, ML split his soul into the other love interests in each world.

When they return to MC's original world, ML spills the beans. Lord God forces one of them to die and ML dies. MC uses his remaining points to free himself from the contract and become a true host instead of being trapped in the scum gong reformation worlds. Turns out ML saved 1 million points to pass to MC so MC uses the points to summon ML back as a "follower" whose life is bound to his own. They become hosts together and live happily doing (non love related) missions together.


It might be a happy ending, but the entire time MC seems exceedingly disingenuous. He never shows any weakness and the ending may as well be "the overbearing host and his happy lapdog."

Not only that, but the translation was somewhat annoying. The translator sometimes adds "ba, " "ne, " and "la, " arbitrarily at the end of a sentence. For those who are unfamiliar, these are usually used to indicate agreement or a question at the end of a sentence but it is wholly unnecessary to leave it in the translation.

I can't count the number of tense scenes that were ruined by this addition. Whenever I saw it, I had to laugh.


"If you can't do it, come back, ba"

He thought, Lance, this little vixen, was truly gentle and considerate in bed, ne.

The people you risked your life to protect are these kinds of people... if you knew, you would certainly feel extremely sad, ba...


It's the same as adding -desu when translating something from Japanese. <<less
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June 15, 2023
Status: c3
The reviews going on and on about r*pe and such should win awards for dramatic acting, in my opinion. 🤨 Like, the protagonist's plan is to have s*x with people, and the people go along with the plan. Please point me to where the lack of consent enters the picture? Not a single person is harmed in the making of these calculated p*rnographic incidents.

Slamming the author as a r*pe-fetishist is like calling mu*der mystery writers mu*der-fetishists - they're just writing fiction that we are choosing to read, and NovelUpdates ever so... more>> kindly utilizes tags so you know what you're getting into before you click.

Climbing into a wolf's cage to then cry wolf is a s*upid hobby, but if you must participate in it, at least have the decency not to give someone else's hard work a low score in the process. 😩 <<less
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emiliers rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: c200
Well, this is a first for me. I can't believe I just read a face-slapping, revenge fantasy novel where I thought the revenge was lacking and needed to be more severe. It's usually the other way around!

Anyway, others who've had issues with this have already pointed out its main glaring fault: r*pe, r*pe everywhere. Even if the main character secretly instigates it, it's still extremely uncomfortable especially because no one except him and the system knows that he's acting, so there's just... a whole bunch of rapists that essentially go... more>> unpunished in this. Sure, they feel bad about it in the end, but not because they realize r*pe is wrong, but because they realize the main character will never love them back because of it. That's... yikes. And every arc ends in su*cide too, which feels like more of a punishment for the protagonist rather than the capture target.

(The second arc in particular is absolutely abhorrent. I've never felt such rage at a WN before reading that arc. I wish I could bleach it out of my memory.)

Honestly, reading this felt like an exercise in masochism because while the author does get better in generating pathos (the fourth arc in particular is fairly decent), I still couldn't escape that icky, dirty ew feeling I got from reading this. It really reminded me of exactly the kind of approach that (the vastly superior) Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*sh Bin criticized -- su*cide is the worst outcome of any revenge fantasy, because you've lost any opportunity for a better life afterwards.

Also, other than the system (444 is cute!), I honestly hate every single character in this. The male leads are all tr*sh, even the semi-decent ones have moments where they sexually assault the main character (ugh), and the main character is manipulative and egocentric and treats human life and suffering as if they're nothing. (Also, I lowkey take issue with how he seems to know how everything is going to go all the time. A lot of his strategies feel less than organic and more like he already knows the script. This is kind of overshadowed by how successful the author becomes at pulling at heartstrings later, but it's still there.) I don't care if the MC and ML ends up together, because they honestly deserve each other, but I feel bad for (some of) the people that they're dragging down with them.

TLDR; Feels like the exact type of storytelling that Chi Xiaochi from Don't Pick Up Boyfriends from the tr*shbin would, well, throw in the tr*shbin. Lots of "feels" (I guess) but makes me want to take a really, really long shower afterwards.

EDIT: OK, apparently I am a lying liar who lies, and I actually ended up reading most of the next arc (the entertainment, overbearing president one) in Chinese because I wanted to see the president suffer. (Spoiler alert: he doesn't suffer enough imo!! UGH.)

But then I had an epiphany about why this story was so compelling.


So there's a "climatic" scene in this arc where love rival President Fu gatecrashes the wedding (yeah, there's a wedding in this arc!! wtf!!) and objects to the proceedings in an ending chapter cliffhanger. Meanwhile, secondary male lead Jian Zihan (best boy) is standing to the side trying to be supportive of MC's decision to marry the as*hole ML President Yi because, lo and behold, the MC is dying from cancer!! And then when the MC took aside President Fu to explain that he had gotten over President Yi previously kidnapping and locking him up (yeah, that... happened) and now he just wanted this last slice of happiness in his life and apologized for not being able to reciprocate the other's feelings. And then President Fu had the realization that his love is selfish and that he had really only wanted MC for himself!!

And while I'm facepalming in the corner, I'm also simultaneously going "Jian Zihan best boy". And then it hit me!! It hit me!!!!! This IS a soap opera!! This is every ridiculous C-drama ever made, complete with s*xual assault, kidnapping, a gatecrashed wedding, and ending in dying of cancer!! This is what makes this terribad story so compelling! It plays on the audience's fascination with these type of trainwreck stories, and it knows it's a trainwreck. It knows exactly the feeling of watching dinnertime C-dramas, complete with a, "Why are these characters so s*upid?? Why doesn't the main character pick the nice guy instead of the a**hole?!" And it capitalizes on them.

And in the end, this story really plays on its greatest strength: that it's a story. All these worlds that Xie He goes to aren't actually real! He's just acting! And he's not actually making these terrible decisions! So it's OK to be really into these worlds because the main character isn't actually getting r*ped, he's not actually being this much of a doormat. It's just an act, a game! It's the perfect example of "having your cake and eating it too". And that's what makes it really, really compelling.

It still doesn't make it a good story, though.


Also, this will probably be helpful to exactly no one since most people are reading this in-translation, but... the Chinese is written... honestly kind of badly? It's incredibly messy, repetitious with its character thoughts, and very awkward with pronoun usage. Honestly 我很佩服 the translator since I really couldn't tell any of this from reading the translation. So, uh, keep up the good work, translator!

EDIT2: So I actually ended up reading this 'til the final arc because I am the biggest liar to ever exist apparently, and this sort of nauseating trainwreck somehow manages to keep me engaged even as it infuriates me every chapter. I hate everyone in this freaking story, and I lowkey hate the author for writing it, but I can't stop freaking reading it, so I guess it succeeds on some level as a piece of entertainment.

(It's still complete and utter tr*sh, though, and each successive arc just cements it more for me.)

Even putting aside all the shitty r*pes and rapists that go unpunished, I'm kind of... baffled? By how all the characters seem to think Xie He is super smart when, no, he just knows exactly how things are going to pan out because he has the script. None of his conjectures ever seem to be derived organically -- they all feel contrived, like huge leaps of logic that turn out to be true because the author is writing it that way, not because the character is actually smart. I said this got slightly balanced out as the arcs went on, but I was wrong -- this gets worse and worse as the arcs progress. And the final arc is the worst culprit, but there's so many other things wrong with the final arc that this is just a blip.

Basically, the author claims that the final arc is fluffy and sweet, but she's wrong: it's as shitty as the other arcs, but with an additional "comedic" undertone in an attempt to obscure it. The ML is given justification upon justification for his previous actions, trying to make him out to be a pitiful victim, when in fact, he is still just absolute flaming hot garbage. The author continuously tries to bend over backwards to excuse him, but as the author is a r*pe fetishist, even her excuses end up making him look bad. And his actions definitely prove that he's just as bad as the characters he "pretended" to be.


Like... No, it's not romantic to stalk someone, or tie up that someone's lover... The author tries to handwave this by showing that, "Yes, I know it's not romantic!" with Xie He's decreasing favorability points, but imo it does not work. Because in between all that, we get "oh woe is Lu Ting, see how unhappy and sad and puppyish he is?" -- Because, even as the author claims she doesn't support all this r*pe, her true intentions shine through the narrative. It's clear the narrative is on Lu Ting's side, it's clear that the narrative feels bad for Lu Ting's failures, it's clear that the narrative wants Lu Ting and Xie He to get back together despite Lu Ting's actions, and it's clear that the narrative isn't actually going to provide any substantial interrogation of Lu Ting's possessiveness (and previous r*pes) beyond the tired old excuse of "Lu Ting loves Xie He!" and "Lu Ting was just acting in Xie He's best interests!" Ugh, BARF.

In a word, Lu Ting needs a jail cell, not a relationship.

And this is made even worse by the lowkey implication that this is all within Xie He's """plans""" or whatever shit-heel reason the author is going to come up with to justify this.


TLDR; Has not once made me even the least bit sad, but has sent me into raging furies every time I finish a chapter. I'm honestly not sure why I keep reading when it makes me so angry, but I'm so close to the end now that I feel like finishing simply out of spite. Possibly the worst webnovel I will have ever read to completion. Ugh. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: c54
Author that likes to ab*se readers is detected! But let's be real, after you read more than one of their novels, you will quickly figure out that they write about basically the same stuff and use the same model.

Re-visiting and re-writing my own review after finishing first three arcs. I found it likeable to an extent and what else can I say:

  1. This is not for people who dislike dogblood drama and are afraid of tw. This novel is built to ab*se emotions by abusing the characters, using all means possible. All the drama, trigger warning and visuals exist just for that. And tbh the writing at most is too convenient for narrative.
  2. MC, as one who was a tough target is bound to a system now and has to catch scum gongs. Everything is in the title. But MC chooses most dramatic and radical way possible, thus his character, which he plays well, goes through tremendous amount of pain, while inside he may happily chat with his system. Each arc is created with quite the same scheme of MC (on the surface) being wronged by scum gongs, which they later regret tremendously and what leads to their rise to love. It may sound the same, but the story, targets and events are all different. MC is ruthless, some things make you feel that he acts like that not on a whim, but it has a deeper reasoning. But it is possible to read, because you know the real situation through MC POV and sometimes what he does to gongs is pretty justified. But again it's very conveniently built and let's be honest, there's enough of gaslighting.
  3. Surprisingly even if we know about the story having ML, but their connection isn't the focus, so it feels at first as if MC really ab*ses so many people. He just picks up anyone, some people were quite innocent tbh and he ab*ses them, makes them fall in love and becomes the center of their tragedy. But overbearing nature of these MLs actually plays a role in the stories. Actually, it should be some sort of relief for ppl who don't like this type of ML, since they're taught a lesson they will never forget. Many times pops up the notion that his love is so scorching that he can't let MC go and it becomes his downfall and it's wrong for both.
All in all so... more>> far I can get it a 3 for all the onions. Simply because this author doesn't really step out of their usual themes. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bears111 rated it
March 29, 2019
Status: --
I enjoyed reading this story a lot! Even though the arcs in the beginning are a bit slow, the angsty arcs just gets better as you continue on the story! The angst is definitely strong with this novel, even though I know that the MC is just acting I still cry at how tragic some of the arcs became (maybe its because I have a glass heart or this novel is just too good.) You truly feel pity for the characters that the MC is acting as and you feel... more>> the angst when everything hits the fac and the MC begins his torment of the ML in that arc. The arcs are all decently paced, no too fast developments or too long plots, and each arc feels refreshing in its world and characters. Although I do admit that sometimes the story does get repetitive with how the angst is delivered.

Nevertheless, this is a great story if you're a person like me who likes to read about the angst and cry. Note: most (if not all) the arcs are BE. However, if I remember correctly, the ending is a HE. <<less
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damnmei rated it
January 11, 2024
Status: Completed
Up until the last arc, this was a solid 4 stars as I love scum gong ab*se and redemption arcs, but that last arc pushes my rating up, as it actually gave our cold, unfeeling MC a real character arc of his own. A very satisfying conclusion for a QT novel, probably one of the best I've read.

If you're not down to be drowned in dog blood, this is probably not the novel for you. MC pulls out all the stops for each world, and I can't count the number... more>> of times he was bedridden or near death. There's some very morally suspect worlds and an abundance of non-con, despite MC's apathy making it feel less horrible. It's really not a novel for everyone, but I enjoyed it what can I say haha!

The writing style is quite different from your usual QT novel, as the author writes in the POV of the original MC rather than the actual MC, and you only can really tell what the actual MC is feeling when he chats with his system. It makes for a more immersive experience, but does take some time to get used to. I do prefer when the story is told from the actual MC's POV, but there definitely wouldn't be as much dog blooded drama in that case.

MC's priorities are 1) ML's big d*ck 2) eating good food and 3) appreciating his own beautiful face probably actually in reverse order. His internal thoughts made me laugh every time with how much of a contrast they were to what was happening to his body in each world, and his dialogue with his system was adorable.

Out of all the arcs, the fifth world finally made me cry, and then the sixth world I cried again. The ending of the eleventh arc also had me tearing up. Otherwise though, the worlds were very dog blooded and dramatic, but I wasn't too emotionally compromised. Some weird science with the whole feeding ML his blood in the first world and getting sick from ML not pulling out in another, but there's less of that as the story goes on.

The ending has some pretty interesting revelations, and the extras tied up the plot in a very necessary way, giving us a chance to see things from the ML's POV. All I can say is that the gong ab*se goes hard in this one, and the two of them actually make for a really sweet and complementary couple. Overall I enjoyed this way more than I was expecting to! <<less
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sangchuu rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Do not read if you're not an incurable M with steel guts.

Luckily for me, I am an incurable M and I love dog blood spilling angst. Like a lot of the other reviews say, the novel has a lot of non-con and other things most people will find too hard to swallow in a casual reading. What's great about fiction is the fact that it's fiction, and you have the choice to stop reading when you want.

I will never defend r*pe or non-con acts in real life, but in terms... more>> of this story, I recognize that they serve as plot tools to make the ML regret his treatment of MC. A lot of this story is over-dramatic, but because of the nature of quick transmigration novels, it's understandable in terms of trying to get the most bang for each chapter. A lot of the worlds are repetitive, but you have to realize that the MC's goal for each world is gong ab*se, so repetition is somewhat expected.

This isn't an easy read. I had to pause at some points because of the endings for certain worlds. The reason I continued reading is because I kept chasing after the heart-wrenching interactions the author provides. I personally think that this author is really cute, their little author notes make me pity them and support them.

I'm super biased and in truth, this novel probably isn't worth a 5 star rating. Rather than the exact quality of the content, I gave it a 5 star for how much I enjoyed reading. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YCR rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: c211 part2
WARNING: all kinds of things that if you did in real life you will CLEARLY and DEFINITELY end up in jail, PTSD, SUICIDAL, FLUFFY MOMENT WAS RARE AS GOLD, MC is way smarter than ML to the extent of sometimes being selfish and divulged in self-love

Tbh, my brain bleeding reading this. And some arc even got me cried a river of tear despite it w*f dialogue and action. There’s also r*pe everywhere, r*pe here and there, upside down, and from every perspective, there’s all about scum gong and cheap shou... more>> who is the victim and the ab*ser who can only think with the thing between their legs. Repeatedly, the scum gong will ab*se the cheap shou (?) until he crazily in love with him and want to repent it but end up with losing the cheap shou (yes, suicidal content warned) AND TO BE EXACT the one who is the scum here is actually MC the ML is actually pretty pitiful to look at (at least from my point of view)



there I should be told you that MC knew that all those scum gong are actually his ex in his real world (first one and the cause of MC being so cold hearted toward every host that come to him) he purposely acted out and use all mean to cause ML felt like dying as a revenge for what he did and he also repeatedly says he will teach the scum gong to know the way how to love properly lol. But from my pov both of them s*ck at how to expressing and cherish love, even the MC himself. And as what I told the scum gong is actually holds some part ML conciseness (or soul?) and it will be awakened once the love point maxed (if I do not remember it wrong) and that’s how it is. Despite, all those cliche plots in the arc the MC world arc is where everything unfolds like ML identity, the real one behind all of this, MC purpose, ML and MC past, ML point of view, the actual intent of MC transmigration, etc.


My summary and warning for this novel is





BUT! I still give it 4 stars anyways as to appreciate the translator team of hard work and author who can make me cry like eyes gonna pop out despite its unreasonable plot and sickening character in every arc (or maybe I way too sensitive, I don't know) <<less
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Kirill rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c107
Repetitive forced relationships & r*pe at this point is insanely boring.

Despite the fact MC is supposedly smart, he always have to use the pattern of getting r*ped, then getting forced into a relationship finally getting some deadly illness every single arc/world.

I just had enough of this
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
February 17, 2019
Status: Completed
So much pain in every single world. The MC is a master actor and manipulator and it takes him very little time to plan out each attack. Don't expect happy endings in any of the worlds. Also, as a warning, there is r*pe (sort of; it's all within the MCs plots and plans), captivity, toys, a little bondage and torture. There's physical, mental and s*xual ab*se (though again, the MC is acting) if you can't stomach that then you won't like this novel.

Despite them not being blood related the one with his dad was really skwicky. I can handle brotherxbrother much better than the dad thing. Ewww.


The ML is yandare in all the worlds, like in every world is not quite right, and always seems to be easily played by the MC. Not my cup of tea and I wont say more about him.

I'm not sure how to rate this because the stories had a lot of things in them I particularly don't like and yet they were well written enough and the characterization good enough that I kept reading despite myself; that really says something about the quality of the writing itself.

edit: I originally rated this a 4 but after reading scum shou I realized the writing here was better and this worlds stories were fresh and not a continuous repeating cycle and I raised it 5. This is very rare for me and I don't think I've ever rated another story with r*pe in it at a 5, even if the r*pe here is all part of the MCs manipulations and he's actually willing and enjoying himself on the inside.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 4, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is a fast wear story, where the MC is a cool headed, smart, and knows how to control the situation.

The ML is the same throughout all the world's taking on different appearances yet overall character stays the same throughout the multiple realms. The romance is fire and only adds to the plot (not is the plot)

The MC and ML are both characters tied to a system. So it player vs player.

There's a lot more to the novel but I shan't spoil it all.
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