There Is Something Wrong with My Capture Target


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A system suddenly appeared in Zhan WeiYang’s head giving him tasks to do, asking him to pursue the first person he meets in school at the beginning of the new semester. So he closed his eyes and decided to make a blind bet, which turned out to be an impossible task.

His cousin that happens to be staying over for the time being, Pei Qing, finds that his little cousin isnt exactly the brightest, but what should he do if he finds it endearing?

The novel setting has no actual system, it’s just an illusion in the shou’s head, and the gong is a cousin who is not related by blood.

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Something Went Wrong With The Capture Target
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2 Reviews

Jun 05, 2022
Status: Completed
This might look bias because I'm the one submitting the MTL but, this novel is a GEM, one of the best novels i've read in awhile.

It's a journey on how the MC becomes better and the patient ML being there for him.

It's just. too. good.

I bawled out so hard on the happy and sad moments and hopefully others will find the same experience I had.

There's no toxic antagonist to take revenge on in here.

Only feels good, happy, light novel to read after a heavy dramatic dogblood novel you've read, hehe.

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Though some might wonder what happened with the side character, which is totally understandable, even I was asking "That's it... ???" After I completed reading it lmao


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Jul 10, 2022
Status: Completed
After reading this webnovel, I can just say, "that's it?" regarding the ending. It didn't feel like an ending at all and the way last few chapters were written made me expect at least a few more chapters.

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what about the mc's university? The side character? Mc's mental state?


The ending made me automatically decrease a star, otherwise I'd give it a 4-star, albeit a low 4-star. It was an okay read, not worth rereading it but good enough to pass the time. Though if you're looking for a relatively light read, there are much better options out there. It felt like the author wanted to explore more serious topics and make them a focus of the plot and somehow managed to both fail and succeed at the same time? Sorry for a weird description, but I can't phrase it any better than this. Anyway, if you have relatively low standards when deciding what to read, give it a try. <<less
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