The Stepmother is Unkind


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Yin Mingyu 007 worked until she was bald, and still could not afford to buy a one hundred square foot apartment in the first tier cities.

After her sudden death, she transmigrated through to the Chengye Dynasty and was a shu daughter of the Yin family in Jiangnan. Once liberated, she just wanted to do nothing but eat and wait to die as a salted fish.

House fight? It has nothing to do with her. Isn’t it nice to lie down?

Compete for favor? It has nothing to do with her. Isn’t it nice to lie down?

Looking for a good future? It has nothing to do with her. Isn’t it nice to lie down?

However, her older di sister who married the Xie family in Jiangnan passed away. Her di mother, because of her young grandson, chose Yin Mingyu after circling around in the courtyard.

Being a new wife was difficult, being a stepmother was even harder.

Yin Mingyu was never afraid of the di mother and spoke directly, “I don’t want to.”

The di mother also directly expressed her opinion: Not willing doesn’t work.

Yin Mingyu: “……then whatever.”

Anyway, she always lies flat. She will marry over in the future. Don’t blame her for just looking after her own happiness and interests.

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zloi medved
zloi medved rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a good one, in my opinion.

The MC is level-headed, mischeivous, and self aware. I want to note: she didn't transmigrate into the ancient world, she was reincarnated. She was herself from birth. It's an important differentiation, because the relationships she has with her family are all her own and not something she inherited from a "former body owner".

If you think this novel is boring and nothing happens... I don't understand. She faces scheming in the back house. A rivalry with a privileged princess. Assaults a would-be kidnapper of... more>> her stepson. Gets kidnapped. Twice. Becomes embroiled in the politics of the region her husband becomes governor of. Helps incite a female led rebellion. It's just that what she can and can't do is measured by her abilities and it doesn't become ridiculous dogblooded action drama where she's running around battlefields inventing firearms or counterattacking gangr*pe attempts like some novels. Her character is someone who is sly, somewhat self-centred, and does what she can to avoid unnecessary trouble for herself.

It's also nice to see a FMC come from a family that is reasonable and marry into a family that is decently kind. She has no relationship with her father, an emotionless but amicable relationship with her di mother (not biological, she's the daughter of a deceased concubine), and a close relationship with her fell concubine sisters, but everyone acts like sane human beings who, whether they like it or not, are part of the same family and are better off mutually aiding one another. Her in-laws are strict due to their position at court putting them in a precarious situation, but they realise that the MC brings something they need--a kind of levity and breath of life.

Finally, the ML. I really like him. He's not actually a cliche cold iceberg type ML like you first assume. You just realise, like the family he comes from, he's had to grow up acting a certain way due to the political situation he's in. The relationship between MC and ML is a very natural and steady progression and I really like how understated it is. The author never has them directly state words of love or have a sweeping romantic scene. You see their feelings for each other growing in the ways they treat each other. The ML's slowly shifting bottom line, the MC gradually evolving from a very two-faced outward wooden plank inward scheming person to becoming openly very lackadaisical and flippant. It shows both the way they are comfortable around each other, and also come to trust each other.

Probably the only thing that comes close to an explicit moment of romance is a scene where the ML leaves a trunk in their room unattended, then asks the MC if she opened it and looked inside. She said no since it's not her business, and he tells her she's allowed to look inside if she wants. It's a little exchange that basically shows their trust and respect--she doesn't rummage through his stuff behind his back, but he says he wouldn't care even if she did.


The contents of the trunk are things collected from their time together, little tokens of love. It's genuinely sweet. The MC looks at them and puts them away and doesn't comment, the ML doesn't ask. They already communicated their thoughts and feelings. It's this kind of writing I really like. The author shows how the leads feel toward each other through their actions and how they handle situations.

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Hippopotamus rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: --

MC is such a bad-hearted female lead ever. Lazy to the bone and bossy. Loves to do pranks to others, especially her baby step-son. She didn't even let go a little lamb...

Sometimes I failed to understand her. Why would she do things like that or like this. However the answer is just so simple. She is lazy and cleaning up messy things isn't in her agenda.

In her previous life, she died even before she could enjoy the fruits of her hard work. I think that's so pitiful 😅 Later,... more>> she transmigrated into her current identity as shu daughter of Yin family. She didn't want to work hard anymore and only want to be a legendary salted-fish...

At first, her family had privately talked about her marriage with another family that have a close relationship. But just before her suppose-to-be fiance came back from the examination, her eldest sister, the only di daughter of Yin family, died because of dystocia. As the Yin family wanted to continue the marriage with that family, the mistress bribed her to marry her widowed brother-in-law.

20.000 taels is such a large amount that she could drink and eat without worrying about anything. Why would she reject?

Some readers will find that her daily life after marriage is so dull and boring. The way she handled things is unconventional. Even her mother in-law couldn't understand her way of thinking. But again, she didn't want to work hard anymore, she wanted to relax and enjoy her life despite of everything. People with crooked minds would feel frustrated instead. And some readers will feel that the face-slapping is not hard enough, it's not too satisfying.

MC seems to be indifferent and heartless all the times. Even when she is with her 2 y.o cute step-son. But I think she is not at all.

I read some articles about parenting. When interacting with children, we have to give enough space for them to ecplore and learn to face the hardships in front of them. It's part of their character building.

Her step-son was pampered too much by his grandmother. Even his father wasn't as pampered as him. But despite all the pamperings, as the next heir of Xie family his family had educated him strictly. He lost his mother since he was born and he even fear his own father. He only close with his grandmother and the servants that take care of him daily. He wasn't allowed to touch anything dirty or to eat randomly. Even wasn't allowed to be tired, they wouldn't let his feet to touch the ground most of the times... Thus, no wonder that he had difficulty in expressing everything. He was a crybaby who only knows to cry when facing problems.

The MC in his eyes was his first mother. She didn't treat him like how ppl around him usually treat him. She wouldn't give what he want if he didn't speak or ask for it. She would let him walk and run around, kicking ball or playing with wooden sword. Thus, he changed little by little, everyday. He became more lively and and no longer a crybaby...

The MC in my opinion quite like this cute step-son.

Some readers complained about how indifferent the MC was toward the ML. But I think it's not strange at all. Ppl believe in "the love at the first sight". But really...? 😂

Here, the MC doesn't fall in love with the ML at the first sight. Indeed, she thought that ML is handsome and his body is good too. His family has profound heritage and his career is in rising. Just based on this, at least the MC likes the ML quite a bit. Plus, they are husband and wife, physical intimacy can't be avoided and both of them don't want to avoid it either. From the stage of physical attraction, it slowly reaches the stage stage of emotional attraction and understanding. Although the intimate scenes are not explicitly written, it's still enjoyable to read. The MC still a legendary salted-fish and the ML is big-hearted enough to accept this side of her.


I don't know whether it's because of his first wife's death, the ML tried his best to treat the MC better. In the past, he was too strict. In addition with how pampered his first wife was before their marriage, she had developed arrogant personality. Within times, the husband and wife became more estranged...



And about the dowry maid of the deceased first wife who tried to seduce the ML, the MC didn't clean her up because she thought that it is quite fun to see the maid jumping around like a restless monkey. Very amusing... When everything finally reached a point that can't be tolerated anymore, it's not too late to discard the troublemaker.


The interactions between MC and other family members, Yin family and Xie family, were also quite enjoyable and funny to read. Especially with her two younger sisters. Lol... She is bossy and likes to tease them, but when ppl want to harm them, MC won't just sit back and watch the fun. She is such a good elder sister.

Overall, in my opinion, this novel is very enjoyable and fun to read. Let's wait for the translation, perhaps you will like this novel too...

(I MTL-ed from the chapter 2 using Google Translate, and found that the sentences sometimes can't be translated properly. Especially about the idioms.) <<less
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February 7, 2023
Status: Completed
I like it.

I mtled the whole thing lost my last 2 braincells trying to understand the whole thing but still enjoyable.

There's no dogblood or angst and I believe that in real life a stepmom with brain is usually like this not that I have seen I mean you don't need to deliberately butter up the son her parenting technique is quite good give the child the space and I have seen in real life lot of moms let the child fall and learn so I think I find her more... more>> of a realistic step mom. So yeah solid 4 <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

MC is a female who crossed into the ancient period as the daughter of a concubine who grew up with her two sisters.

She is bribed by her stepmother to marry the ML Xie guy who is your generic loser Chinese indifferent scholar widower ML who had formerly married Mc’s eldest stepsister.

... more>> From then on it’s a mostly extremely dull novel about MC trying to shirk work, teasing her new stepson, or rarely communicating with the ML.

The novel’s extreme weakness is the sheer mundanity of the story, the fodder-ness or her only mildly irritating in-laws, and the lack of a real hook to the story.

Out of the many slice of life I’ve read, this may take the cake for boredom. The MC is also a pushover that the author likes to excuse as the MC being lazy and not caring.

To really understand, let me give an example:

One of the maids is from the now dead eldest lady (ML’s first wife). She mocks MC repeatedly, but MC is unfazed. Finally the maid decides to try and seduce the Ml. ML is indifferent and tells MC. MC tells ML to do whatever. Time passes and maid is forgotten but then the maid pretends to be crazy. MC finally reacts and slaps the maid a bit before sending her away.

This story is over the course of over 30+ chapters. There’s no really satisfying moment within those chapters, just more boredom and confusion why MC didn’t act earlier or simply sell the dumb maid. Author attempts to say that MC is kind, but the fodder has been doing a number of things that the MC has just been taking.

Elsewhere, there’s basically no romance between MC and ML. It’s indifferent loser no communication ML unilaterally giving in to selfish MC who literally needs no man.

MC crossed over. Do you remember this? Well the author sure hasn’t. MC has completely fused with ancient times and after the conclusion of the novel there’s basically no payoff or even mention of how it has affected her except giving her the legendary debuffs of shameless and loving money.

Novel should have been renamed to “The Lazy Woman is Rich in ancient times” or “A rich woman stuck with annoying in-laws and husband.”

-900Quintillion/10 Extremely mediocre in just about every way. There is quite literally no interesting or strong character in the novel worth paying attention to.

P.S. Some might appreciate Mc’s levelheadedness at points, but that would be at the expense of realizing if MC was really that smart, she should have been avoiding the few pitfalls she encounters. Her method of acting is extremely pitifully bad and everything goes her way with unlimited plot armor. <<less
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October 26, 2022
Status: c1
I already like her devil-may-care attitude like a lounging sloth since the start. Her attitude is so refreshing and something I haven't encountered for a while in this trope. That kind of ignorance is dearly needed when one transmigrated to ancient China. I hope the ML and the family aren't too shitty to endure reading.
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