An Incompetent Explorer Who Failed to Make His High School Debut but Mastered Being a Human Being ~ For Some Reason Beautiful Girls Are Approaching Me One After Another Despite Not Having A Level, Skill, or Ability Score ~


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At one point, in Japan, where monsters and dungeons appeared all over the world, Fuhito Satou registered as an explorer to make his high school debut. However, the aptitude test revealed that there was no level, skill, or ability score.

Although he was a desperate ordinary person, he remembered that only the item of skill level was displayed in the status.

A normal person who has no level, skill, or ability score and is embarrassed to be an explorer and cannot tell anyone, is nervous and fails to make his high school debut. Nevertheless, as high school life progresses, beautiful girls gather around him. He does not know the real reason.

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CrimsonEagle rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c26
It was somewhat interesting at first but it turned out to be a massive disappointment. The author really went out of their way to include some of the worst cliches possible.

It was fine until around chapter 10, but then things took a turn for the worse. It isn't the most original, with the MC getting strong effortlessly because of his OP system and him lacking the common sense to realize that. A really s*upid cliche especially given how he wanted to be an explorer for a while and should have... more>> done his research on the topic. He lives in the modern era so there really isn't a reason for him to be this s*upidly oblivious to his power when he has access to so much information.

He thinks that he is really lucky to constantly encounter weak monsters because he 1-shots everything he meets in the dungeons when in reality he should know how strong he is because once again, he should have done his research on the standard of monsters he would encounter.

Another awful cliche is his encounter with the first potential heroine. He collides with her on his way to school and ends up with his face in her c*otch and gets called a pe*vert. It's honestly pretty disgusting how often this cliche is used in japanese novels.

TLDR; OP MC with zero common sense thinks he is the weakest. Cringy cliches ensue. <<less
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Chaosrune rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: c87
Another novel where the autor stretched the same joke too much, in this case the one about the MC being too weak compared to everyone else.

I mean, come on, at the beginning it was believable because the MC didn't have anything to compare and didn't have experience in fights, but are you telling me that after going to a school for explorers, completely explore multiple Dungeons, being in a lot of fights, and with the option to do a freaking Google search of the level of the monsters he is... more>> fighting, he still can't figure it out? This is beyond funny and just straight up irritating, the guy even has a maxed out skill for Thinking, you would believe that this would make him smarter, but it actually made him dumber <<less
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Fuxy rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: c66
This is just s*upid... at first I was like yeah pretty typical Japanese light novel with all the standard clichés but author took the obliviousness to the point where I can't help but just scream moron at the MC every time he jumps to another wrong conclusion.

Like seriously how do you always just to the wrong conclusion every single time especially with something called God Intuition?

This story is just s*upid and will kill all braincells you have left.

I jumped ahead a bit to see if it gets any better but... more>> no I can't read this... its cancer to me how he let's all the heroines walk all over him and manipulate him into doing what they want...

Don't bother, worst novel I read do far and I have read over a thousand by now... <<less
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GodlyGodMcGodGod rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: c68
I can't really recommend this series too strongly. It starts out fine, playing out the somewhat well-worn tropes of "RPG Dungeons appear throughout real world Japan and the government sees nothing wrong with allowing children to risk their lives in mortal combat with monsters" and "MC with low self-esteem gets super OP with absolutely zero effort", but as the series continues, I find my frustration and annoyance with the MC and his surroundings building.

The premise of the series is that MC awakens as an Explorer upon moving to highschool, but... more>> while most explorers start with "level", "ability values", and "skills" in their status screen, MC only has his name and so comes to the conclusion that he's defective or incompetent. The thing that makes our MC OP is that instead of levels and stats, he gains skill proficiencies, so while other explorers only get stronger through defeating monsters and collecting experience, he grows through every repeated action, including involuntary actions like just breathing. MC doesn't realize that other explorers don't have proficiencies so he develops an inferiority complex and thinks he's weak for not having levels like other explorers. Hijinks ensue. Up until there, it's fine. Not a particularly deep or intellectual story, but it doesn't have to be. It's fine. As the series progresses, however, events begin to happen around this guy that, were he anyone with two braincells to rub together, he might have noticed something was off, but because the plot demands he continue to have low self esteem, he ignores anything even slightly out of place and continues to consider himself the weakest of explorers. It's to the point where it almost seems like he's making a conscious effort to remain ignorant. I shan't bog you down with too many examples, but as of chapter 68, the latest big thing (as there's seemingly always countless small things) that should have tipped him off was:

He went to get fitted for new armor and weapons because he was moving to a higher rank dungeon, but while he was testing them out, they couldn't withstand him moving with his full strength and they all shattered. Every single one that he tried to use broke when he tried moving at his full specs. His conclusion? He thinks he might have a strange constitution that doesn't allow him to wear any armor. Like wtf? This dude is an expert at reaching.

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GreenRiver rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c124
Chapters are super short and fast paced. As of Chapter 10 he's a typical OP protagonist that's too ignorant to realize he's OP. He thinks his "System" is bad because it's different...

His "System" doesn't use Player Levels, it uses Skill Levels. He can learn and raise skills easily, so even if he doesn't increase his base stats to allow him to punch harder, he's able to increase the Skill Level of "Hitting" so he can one-shot mobs.

EDIT: As of C124 it's basically the same. OP, popular with girls, too dumb... more>> to notice. <<less
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MrCents_04 rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: --
This guy is one the example of a Beta who is becoming a pretentious sigma.

He has a high tolerance against the odds. Plus, he has a ludricous high amount of plot armor.

Unlike the novel of Cannon folder MC, this guy is undoubtedly a sample of false hope. Cannon folder has a good pacing of the plot! It is better than this series. Our author emphasizes his profile, but he forgets to add something like the efforts with misunderstanding should dwell in with the plot.

Girls fall in love because he saves... more>> them? What a generic ending.

Nevermind, I like the series, so no hard feelings. Just an advise, you need to have a high tolerance and resistance against irritation.

Why? Because you will get mad of his Beta traits.

Cry Andrich from Strange grief, Liam Banfield from Oreaku, Hermes Archnemesis from Wuamb and Hachiman from Oregairu are the best sigmas, unlike this person. <<less
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kenjitamurako rated it
July 19, 2022
Status: c60
Main character is so far the only known person in the world that is using a different power system from the rest of humanity but he doesn't recognize it.

He insists he has no "skills" because his skill sheet lists only things that normal human beings can do. He has skills for metabolism, pulse, thinking, etc. He doesn't have a character level or a stat sheet unlike everyone else.

An internet search brings up no results for anyone else with the same situation and rather than assume he is different in the... more>> sense that his abilities work differently he thinks all other adventurers can do what he can at the bare minimum. So he hides his abilities because he thinks he must be the weakest explorer in existence.

The biggest difference between himself and others is that his skills level passively from his everyday actions where as explorers will only increase in level by defeating monsters. His metabolism and pulse skills for example reach "God" level in the span of a couple of days. Along with skills for breathing and thinking he gets skills for things like hiding and petting. I can already imagine somewhere down the line when he finally enters a relationship he'll get skills for things like kissing that will very quickly level up to God tier making him the best kisser in the world.

He is very quick to dismiss when other people recognize his abnormalities as "these people must be really nice and are trying to make me not feel bad". <<less
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Instantdeath rated it
March 21, 2023
Status: c101
So, this is basically a poorly written version of Solo Leveling, with the MC having One punch man powers instead of being a necromancer. He gets his OP powers effortlessly which contributes to his idiocy of not realizing he's OP and at the same time dense about his popularity. As of 101, there's nothing to threaten him, he has god level ability but definitely the dullest tool in the shed.

As for the similarities of Solo Leveling, there's the dungeons suddenly appearing across the world with another world causing it some... more>> how. Using the dungeon's abilities, the other world is trying to invade this world by filling it with magic. An agency or association is formed to control explorers entering the dungeons. Oh and of course the dungeons can "break" or in this its called "Stampede" in which monsters leave the dungeon and invade this world.

His father, like in Solo Leveling was killed in a dungeon and his mother and daughter are left to be cared for by the MC. While in this story the MC starts out by trying to make his high school debut, Solo Leveling has the MC already graduated

Overall, this story might have been more enjoyable if it was actually original and didn't carbon copy the plotline of Solo leveling and add some cliché points to make it "different." <<less
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Wahsha rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c157
I generally like harem stories, but this one's harem is abet forcefull and sudden.. In 10 chapters or so he gaind a harem. They suddenly brought a new charecter and one from the start of the story and made them his harem and fell in love too fast..
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August 26, 2022
Status: c50
I wana say something.

This needs a few tags. “Running gags that are long passed being good”. “s*upid protagonist”. “Ruined a perfectly good novel”. “Dumb”. “Author isn’t even trying”.

if you ask me the plot is decent. I mean I’ve never read this kind of situation. Also I’ve personally only read a few modern type fantasy novels. I love dungeon crawling. I love fantasy type novels. I love harem genre. I love op mc’s even more so when they are humble, but...

this novel has a running gag of “misunderstandings” I mean.... more>> Seriously this whole novel is nothing but a huge misunderstanding. I think the skill/powers the author has written makes him just look lazy. There’s a lack of description and they all look on the surface as nothing but normal everyday “skills”. Honestly if you just spiced them up and explained them and put a little effort it would shine. Not to mention the “pet” has the most understandable and explained skills. Sad.

his system for leveling (although he can’t actually level personally) is unique to me I kinda like it, but it’s brought up mostly in the first few chapters and never brought up for the most part again. The skills are super generic like breathing, thinking, pulse. Come on please.

the mc’s growth is only in attaching these generic skills and 8/10 of them max out on their own and effortlessly and like pulse apparently makes him invincible well aside literally “defense” which is pretty self explanatory. Also his intelligence maxed out and WHERE THE f*ck IS IT????

oh my biggest bone to pick is the dense/naive tag. Yea it’s there but he was naive for about 5 chapters then he turned his brain to littoral mush? Why? Misunderstandings are honestly one thing, but when the MC literally moves on. With. Only. Everything is a damn misunderstanding. Let’s at least treat this novel like someone has a scrap of intelligence where let’s see idk when a monster literally explodes from a small punch to be abnormal? Or that a boss that everyone literally pisses themself (obviously because this is f*cking dumb and I mean it when he’s not around) seeing him is not as weak as a Pomeranian because I mean at least it’s a boss. He will complain he has no skills. Obviously he f*ckING DOES HE READS IT EVERY 2-5 chapters. I can see thru walls. Not a skill right? That’s pretty normal. I’m nothing special. GODDAMN IT. And literally everyone he encounters can see. Can talk. And I mean understand he’s strong but he can’t understand it at all. I mean Everytime someone (which 2/10 times they will say it and not just think it for some god aweful reason) says if he brushes it off. I mean it’s been said at least 10 times. I mean f*ck I made 300, 000yen that’s normal right? For just a few of the thousands of stones I’ve obtained. All adventures can do that yea? But I’m the weakest ever. f*ckING EVER.

listen. I want to like it. And I do. But it’s getting old. You’ve ruined it. You should have gave it 10-20 chapters and he slowly learns. People tell him. He’s awkward sure but he eventually gets some recognition. He grows. He asks questions. He doesn’t just keep his status a complete secret because (and at first I understand he’s embarrassed but you have to learn?? RIGHT???!!!) you don’t understand.

i don’t understand. What is your goal author? To piss people off?? I want to know. <<less
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