[Reberu] ga Arunara Agerudesho? Mobukyara ni Tensei Shita Ore wa Gēmu Chishiki o Ikashi, Hitasura Reberu o Age Tsudzukeru


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What happens when you get experience points? You don’t know? You ‘Level Up’.

So, what happens when you Level Up? Let me tell you, you can continue to earn experience points.

Efforts become experience points; eventually, they accumulate, and you Level Up.

A boy who was reincarnated into a game world used his knowledge to raise his level energetically today too!

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"Level" ga Aru nara Ageru desho? Mob Chara ni Tensei Shita Ore wa Game Chishiki wo Ikashi, Hitasura Level wo Agetsuzukeru
If there is a "level", you can raise it, right? Reincarnated as a mob character, I will continue to raise the level by utilizing my game knowledge
『レベル』があるなら上げるでしょ? モブキャラに転生した俺はゲーム知識を活かし、ひたすらレベルを上げ続ける
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6 Reviews

Feb 15, 2021
Status: c14
Tbh it’s ok if you have nothing else to read so far. What really irritates me is some jealous bit*h hates our MC all because he was the first disciple while she was the second..... Like the MC did nothing else to her other than exist and she wants him dead...... s*upid b*tches like her kinda ruin the whole novel
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Mar 25, 2021
Status: c12
Premise and Intro: This novel stars a boy who was isekai'd to another world that's just like the one in this one video game he played so much of. Using the knowledge he earned from playing the video game so much, he does his best earn as much experience points, levels, and skills as possible.


World-building: The premise isn't anything special or unique, and the novel does nothing to try to distinguish itself from the numerous other novels in an already overcrowded genre. What's even worse is that the world inside... more>> the novel is bare and empty; the author failed to insert the political climate, world history, the kingdom's culture, detailed leveling system, immaculate skill-based system, and intricate magic-development system into a world that's supposed to be filled with magic and game-like mechanics. There's nothing here except for very hazy props and backgrounds.

Characters: None of the main characters can ever be considered to be deep, complicated, inspirational, or just interesting. They are either vague, too simple, or outright s*upid.

MC: The MC is a junkie for leveling and skills to the point of throwing away any chance of establishing any connection to other humans; why waste time with other humans when you can just use the available time to get more experience points and skills? This creates some entertaining moments when he creeps out his parents and the people around him as a result.

Sword Saint: For a man who's supposed to be an important teacher to the MC, not much is known about him. All that's told to us is that he's the strongest combatant in the kingdom who can easily thrash the MC around with a sword. He teaches the MC because the MC expresses joy in developing his combat prowess instead of apathy like all of the other people in the kingdom. There are no heart-to-heart moments, playful banter, or times where they share details from their personal lives with each other. The only interaction and development (if you can call it that) that the Sword Saint gets is teaching swordsmanship as the MC desires (and only that).

Higaki: The most unintelligent, moronic character that has the most deficiency in brain cells. The first time this girl meets the MC, she proceeds to bash his skull in and steal the sword that was imparted to him by his teacher. As a result, the MC had to undergo emergency medical treatment, week-long stay in the hospital, and feelings of humiliation and anger. The reason behind this action was because Higaki was not the first and only disciple of the Sword Saint, but the second. She pissed me off and gave me unnecessary stress throughout the story. She's the sole reason why I rated this novel with only 1 star instead of 2. Her very presence kills off my brain cells one by one.

Story: From what was available to me in these 12 chapters, I can clearly say that there's not much of a story. Due to the lack of foreshadowing, intricate dialogue, and immaculate systems of developing physical and magical prowess, there's no overarching story line; there's no flow between the events throughout this novel. Things just happen and that's it.

Personal Thoughts: I was promised a story in which I would see the MC and potentially his allies develop their might through detailed and immaculate development plans. I was excited to see the MC showcase his results against his opponents and enjoy the plethora of details that goes into these magic spells and physical skills. If the MC possessed an interesting personality that gets developed later on in the novel, then even better; it'll help this novel attract my attention longer.

What I got instead was a mess of vague, hazy, and dubious description of the MC's training and no fights to display its results. It wasn't until the fight with Higaki that we got to see more of the results of the MC's training. Even then, after they both killed each other, the author decided to have them work together in an underworld-like environment. They hated each other so much that they killed each other, and they just decided to work together a few moments later? I felt like my intelligence was insulted after that.

TL;DR: This novel is the reason why I started questioning my devotion to the isekai genre. I'm already taking this novel as a lesson of when to stop reading a bad isekai work. <<less
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Mar 11, 2021
Status: c15
2/5 and I think I'm being generous with that. It's just bad. The characters are all either ridiculously s*upid or utterly insane. The level ups... the very basis of the story have no meaning or effect at all. Worst of all the attempts at putting humor into the story are so fake and forced that it makes the comedy tag on this story look like the only real joke to be had here.
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Feb 15, 2021
Status: c14
This novel is a fair warning to the dangers of dopamine addiction. Jokes aside, the MC is absolutely insane, and the other characters (few that may be) aren't particularly much less crazy. Especially that one chick, she's just as broken. They act as good foils for each other.

I'd say read this as a comedy. Not sure why you'd think there's character development or anything here, there's no need for it when compared to the joys of level grinding.
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Feb 11, 2021
Status: c13
i came for copper but I found gold!

A common example of a novel where you put your brain aside and just enjoy the ride. (and I do that quite a lot)

MC reincarnated as a mob in a game plot.
Not much to say because it's still the few first chapters but, the MC is basically a guys who loves grinding, to the point of it being an obsession, and... that's it, just follow the MC finding ways to grind in any circumstances.
The interaction with others are (till now)... more>> limited to people who either help his grind or block it.

The game's original hero is also a reincarnated one (expecting some plot resolving around both in the futur). <<less
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Feb 01, 2021
Status: c8
The concept is fine but the story completely skips over the "effort" part of the description, and the main character is not very interesting. Or rather, no characters have been developed at all, the setting hasn't been developed, the level/experience system hasn't really been explained. If after reading so many chapters the only thing I know about the story is "the main character likes leveling up but doesn't seem to actually get any benefits from doing so", I feel safe in dropping it.

Also, he's an idiot and has a bad... more>> personality and is weak and despite being a level-up freak, he's pretty lazy. <<less
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