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  • Fake Young Master Acts Weak and Attacks the Disabled Tycoon ×
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    85 Series 59 Comments 7137 Views 36 Follows Jul 27, 2021 Kiryu_93
    I am so addicted to gong mc BL.... more>>
    56 Series 6 Comments 18577 Views 97 Follows Nov 8, 2022 snowest296
    CN where the ML is the one with disabilities, or sickly characters or past trauma. Novels for MC is on another list. Contain spoiler 
    BG/BL.... more>>
    21 Series 1 Comments 3597 Views 23 Follows Jun 18, 2020 sixk15
    Here, we don't want excessive paragraphs of world building or long monologues. No harem, tragedy, noncon, or mpreg. Highly unlikely I’ll add anything cultivation or historical (too much text). I like silly but capable MCs and kind MLs. ... more>>
    34 Series 0 Comments 2314 Views 27 Follows Nov 18, 2023 Momorelia
    No Tags
    No description.
    27 Series 0 Comments 3020 Views 28 Follows Nov 1, 2023 xYoru
    Endangered species and almost extinct but still available. 
    44 Series 0 Comments 4312 Views 18 Follows Sep 26, 2023 starryskies1111
    I’ve read some of these but not all. A lot are just novels I want to read, but I don’t know if they’re good or... more>>
    97 Series 0 Comments 560 Views 1 Follows Sep 2, 2023 Lovers0316
    No Tags
    still ongoing // just beginning ... more>>
    99 Series 0 Comments 14075 Views 62 Follows Aug 20, 2023 teddycoolness
    “Please don’t leave me because you’re all that I have. Even if the whole world is against me, I know that you’ll be there for me.”... more>>
    84 Series 0 Comments 8649 Views 26 Follows Aug 10, 2023 teddycoolness
    This list includes soulmates, fated lovers who find themselves coming back to each other even after being separated. Involving reunited lovers and crushes, these couples... more>>
    17 Series 0 Comments 1762 Views 16 Follows Aug 4, 2023 snowest296
    No Tags
    CN novels where the MC has disabilities or sickly characters, or past trauma. Novels for MLs are in a different list. Contains spoiler. BG/BL. Not much... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 4504 Views 4 Follows Jun 24, 2023 MissLucifess
    No Tags
    No description.
    24 Series 0 Comments 859 Views 1 Follows Jun 5, 2023 JelloBoy
    No Tags
    Danmei c-novels, mainly fantasy and historical fiction with a sprinkling of modern fiction
    53 Series 0 Comments 1914 Views 3 Follows Mar 21, 2023 Lyzmd
    No Tags
    No description.
    27 Series 0 Comments 9408 Views 33 Follows Feb 25, 2023 Emmagr
    No description.
    35 Series 0 Comments 1815 Views 3 Follows Dec 5, 2022 D_D_M
    No Tags
    Didn't start reading it cause it is still ongoing or.... 
    68 Series 0 Comments 2290 Views 6 Follows Nov 1, 2022 Addictedtoreading
    No Tags
    This is a list of the BL novels I've completely read but don't fit on my first BL list and novels I haven't finished reading yet (were not completely tanslated when I started reading them and I couldn't find the MTL/RAW at that time or I didn't want to read the MTL/RAW at that moment).... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 5244 Views 31 Follows Aug 13, 2022 CynicalStrawberry25
    No Tags
    The fourth installment of my BL journey (the other three lists got filled up), and I'm slowly getting burned out on BL novels. However, I... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 9543 Views 48 Follows Apr 3, 2022 Mashumello
    This is put together from what I thought was interesting, screened, and planning to read. (つ✧ᆺ✧)っ