Shoujo-Ai Subplot

38 Series 0 Comments 5812 Views 16 Follows Nov 9, 2020 Dayang_Dyan
modern setting, ancient setting, some transmigration and pursued villainess
15 Series 0 Comments 3911 Views 4 Follows Oct 21, 2020 prongsletaelin
Girl-love stories which I've read/ would read. Stories with female protagonists in a romantic relationship.
51 Series 0 Comments 6347 Views 20 Follows Oct 20, 2020 fairyfloss3607
(non are qt bc I have another list for those)... more>>
76 Series 1 Comments 14916 Views 52 Follows Oct 20, 2020 fairyfloss3607
all are qt novels (have a separate list for non qt transmigration)
mostly shounen ai... more>>
45 Series 0 Comments 6235 Views 32 Follows Sep 18, 2020 illegalwitchery
Books that have successfully passed the judgment of that annoyingly meticulous inner critic of mine (which is a feat of a great complexity on its... more>>
29 Series 0 Comments 7269 Views 13 Follows Sep 5, 2020 WedgeOfHeaven
The greatest and coolest novels I've read on here. There’s also a fair bit of isekai...... more>>
3 Series 0 Comments 170 Views 0 Follows Jul 24, 2020 L3V_04
No description.
26 Series 0 Comments 10109 Views 25 Follows May 24, 2020 SunnyShim
It's yuri, what else do you need to know? Most of it's isekai stuff but some aren't. Some of them have Yuri as the main... more>>
4 Series 1 Comments 3467 Views 8 Follows Mar 25, 2020 Syntheticspirit
Discontinued list. I have no interest in yuri or any particular novel anymore. Why bother digging through a cestpool of garbage when there are much... more>>
Yandere Devil
100 Series 17 Comments 387164 Views 662 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Yandere Devil
My Favorite Best Ancient or Modern Chinese Yuri Novel. Recommended This Good GL Novel. Sweet, Fluffy And Hilarious GL Novel.
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