Before I Knew It, I Became Popular as the Tutorial Guy


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Taida Isamu, a 35-year-old part-timer, has neither close friends nor a girlfriend to share his love with. His only purpose in life is playing VRMMOs. However, modern VRMMOs have become communication tools for the socially successful, and Isamu, a loser, finds himself constantly being hunted in every game he plays. When he becomes fed up with everything, including VRMMOs, due to their similarity to reality, Isamu receives a beta test acceptance notification for a new title.

That’s when he comes up with the idea of hunting beginners. To vent his daily frustrations, he plans to gain knowledge in the beta version and level up faster than others, allowing him to unilaterally hunt down novices right after the game’s release. Finally, on the day of the official release, he immediately tries to lure new players outside the city to player-kill them. However, his slightly remaining conscience leads him to provide detailed advice instead.

As he repeats this process, he gradually becomes known as the “Tutorial Guy” and gains the affection of other players. Eventually, he earns the trust of the game’s management, and along with that, his real life also starts to improve.

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