Soul Power[ ]

CN (3.7)
5750 Chapters Every 0.2 Day(s) 9231 Readers 116 Reviews 04-14-2024
The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding.... more>>
CN (4.2)
1123 Chapters Every 0.3 Day(s) 1538 Readers 29 Reviews 04-13-2024
The status of a wizard is transcendent in all continents and in the universal plane. ... more>>
CN (4.6)
7 Chapters Every 0.4 Day(s) 36 Readers 0 Reviews 04-13-2024
Trample over the proud, suppress myriad paths! ... more>>
CN (4.2)
1804 Chapters Every 0.7 Day(s) 8938 Readers 176 Reviews 04-14-2024
Ning Shu had dropped dead. But in a burst of good fortune, she became a task-taker in charge of counterattacking for the pitiful cannon fodders. Thus, Ning Shu, in one world after another, took... more>>
CN (3.8)
22 Chapters Every 0.8 Day(s) 200 Readers 0 Reviews 04-14-2024
Year 3154, after the failure to suppress the Evil God, undercurrents surged in the Citadel and panic spread.... more>>
KR (4.3)
428 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 3808 Readers 33 Reviews 04-14-2024
We follow the journey of Oliver, a young boy trapped in a life of emotional detachment, toiling away as a s*ave in a treacherous mine.... more>>
CN (4.1)
1205 Chapters Every 1.3 Day(s) 8914 Readers 93 Reviews 04-12-2024
Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.... more>>
CN (4.4)
106 Chapters Every 1.6 Day(s) 1574 Readers 17 Reviews 04-06-2024
Xu Qingran, originally an antagonist in an apocalyptic novel, finds himself pulled into a different interstellar world by a system after his death. In this new world, he is unloved by his biological father and stepmother, and his innocent stepbrother interferes with his relationships. He suffers abuse from a scoundrel lover, enduring a tumultuous journey before ultimately achieving a grand happy ending.... more>>
CN (4)
1063 Chapters Every 1.8 Day(s) 4998 Readers 43 Reviews 04-09-2024
In a thrilling tale of otherworldly dimensions, a young boy finds himself thrust into a dark and mysterious parallel world, inhabiting the body of his senior sister, Lily. On her very first day in this enigmatic realm, Lily encounters the mesmerizing night parade of a hundred ghosts, setting off a chain of events that will test her resilience and survival instincts.... more>>
CN (3.2)
457 Chapters Every 1.8 Day(s) 420 Readers 3 Reviews 04-14-2024
Ding! The system activated the mission!... more>>
KR (4.4)
154 Chapters Every 2 Day(s) 5485 Readers 36 Reviews 04-12-2024
I was proposed to by the Final Boss.
CN (3.8)
85 Chapters Every 2.1 Day(s) 112 Readers 1 Reviews 03-25-2024
Mo Fan was originally an online novel writer, staying up late every day to write and update his stories in order to receive rewards.... more>>
KR (4.1)
165 Chapters Every 2.2 Day(s) 3649 Readers 12 Reviews 04-13-2024
The novel Chronicles of the Hero of Frosimar is a story about the failures of the protagonist not the successes.... more>>
KR (4.1)
107 Chapters Every 2.2 Day(s) 789 Readers 5 Reviews 04-04-2024
“It was a book.... more>>
KR (3.8)
208 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 629 Readers 1 Reviews 04-12-2024
“If there existed a horrendous ghost among the hwarangs, who would it be? Of course, it’d be Seol Yeong-rang who uses necromancy to call upon ghosts!”... more>>
KR (3.1)
29 Chapters Every 2.3 Day(s) 157 Readers 2 Reviews 04-09-2024
I wanted to live in style. Even though I was abandoned by my parents, even though I wandered through the slums like a back alley,... more>>
CN (3.4)
734 Chapters Every 2.4 Day(s) 1102 Readers 6 Reviews 04-14-2024
Ten thousand years later, ice has melted. The Soul Federation Scientific Exploration team found an egg with a golden and silver pattern on it in the far north of the land, and after examining it with an apparatus, they found out that there were vital signs inside. They hurriedly brought it back to the institute for hatching.... more>>
CN (3.7)
85 Chapters Every 2.5 Day(s) 437 Readers 2 Reviews 04-11-2024
Li Yun traversed to the fantasy world and obtained the Heavenly Secret Pavilion. The Heavenly Secret Pavilion could calculate the past and future, and it could also observe the fate of individuals. Nothing in the world could escape the deductions of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion.... more>>
KR (3.3)
49 Chapters Every 2.5 Day(s) 520 Readers 2 Reviews 04-02-2024
Mankind discovered the essence of the human soul, Edeya, and were achieving materialization.... more>>
CN (3)
1006 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 3195 Readers 26 Reviews 04-08-2024
Your meridians cannot be cultivated? It’s ok! There is the Crazy Leveling System: Do missions, kill monsters, swallow other people’s spiritual power, make pills or forge weapons and participate in big battles. You can gain experience!... more>>
CN (2.3)
71 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 113 Readers 1 Reviews 03-07-2024
Zhao Yan accidentally joined the Life Exchange Club. Here you can swap lives with the wealthy; you can swap lives with women; you can even swap lives with animals.... more>>
JP (3.8)
288 Chapters Every 2.9 Day(s) 4508 Readers 23 Reviews 03-30-2024
The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor.... more>>
CN (3.2)
523 Chapters Every 3.1 Day(s) 3553 Readers 25 Reviews 04-11-2024
I, Aristides Castro G Morris Brooklyn Washington Napoleon George I, doth proclaim myself as the sovereign of this realm. Our untimely demise hath been the consequence of preserving our people from impending doom. To reward our noble deeds, the gracious goddess hath bestowed upon us the gift of rebirth. Yet, alas! Why have we been transformed into a maiden, and a princess of dragons, no less?!... more>>
CN (3.7)
280 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 526 Readers 14 Reviews 03-24-2024
An Immortal does not differentiate between good and evil, nor do they care about the distinction between black and white. They do not ask what is right or wrong, and consider all living things as dogs. In spite of everything, Immortals pursue the Dao with bitter resolve. ... more>>
JP (3.7)
81 Chapters Every 3.3 Day(s) 391 Readers 3 Reviews 04-11-2024
All creatures born into this world will always have a spirit in their bodies.... more>>
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