The Revenge of the Soul Eater (WN)


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The Mitsurugi household was given the important task of guarding the demon gate by the emperor.

Sora Mitsurugi, who was the heir of the family, was called on to take the trial ceremony at the age of thirteen.

The trial is something that he must overcome in order to learn the phantom blade style that was passed down the Mitsurugi household from generation to generation.

The other seven pupils of the same age who had taken the trial have all passed. And now only Sora remained.

His father, brother, fiancee, and a pair of siblings who have watched over him were all looking, as Sora’s trial ceremony solemnly began…

Associated Names
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Hangyaku No Soul Eater
Soul Eater of the Rebellion
反逆のソウルイーター ~弱者は不要といわれて剣聖(父)に追放されました~
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Pendragon05 rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c168
5 stars is too much for this novel. The MC can't even get his revenge towards his clan, instead, he even helped them defeat the monsters who attacked the village. I dropped this novel around chapter 115 last year but decided to read again to see if maybe the MC will finally become a bad ass but once again, my expectations was betrayed when he helped them. Come on man, I understand that he went back to the village to pay respect to his dead mother but it's too much... more>> when he helped them man. It's not revenge, it's edgy. All I can see is he will f'ck his s*aves and then hunt monsters but what for? Where's the revenge man. <<less
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FirstDragon rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c57
Dark and angry revenge story that's surprisingly well written. Worth reading. This review is based on google translated web novel chapters and I'll try and avoid spoilers here as seeing how everything works out / plays out is definitely part of the joy of reading this novel

like most JP fiction, there's too much exposition and heavy handed side stories for my tastes where the author could have shown what he tells instead. Even so, the story is well crafted and much more entertaining than what might otherwise first seem like... more>> a revenge p*rn fantasy plot

There's action, mystery, a certain degree of malicious revenge (at least somewhat deserved), and a decent amount of quality plot and plotting. The MC is not evil but he isn't good either. He's chaotic neutral, driven by his own motivations and whims. He's smart and crafty and selfish. I think the author tries to portray him as a genuinely good person driven somewhat insane by the horrors he experiences and the hopelessness he faces in the early story.

The detailed elements of revenge p*rn / harem have been toned down in recent revisions to the novel so the author could avoid an 18 rating and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. The harem flows strong with this one and at chpt 57 seems likely to exceed 4 or 5 love interests / partners / s*aves / minions etc in the near term. <<less
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Gin_Hindew rated it
June 4, 2019
Status: c31
The right kind of edgy ?

Its a tr*sh food story, easy to consume, tasty because of its rough elements and objectively a middle-lower tier job but it has the perk I look for in tr*sh food stories: HONESTY

The MC doesn't pretend he is a saint on a moral quest, his revenge is personal and that's the only justification he needs, so, he draws but one line and goes from there on his revenge

The first chapters it looks like the MC's life sucks because he is talentless and gives a vibe... more>> as if the author is just pushing him down, which he is, but when is problem is explained he comes as a cripple and the people around him look like a**holes pushing him down because of it, a thing that happens in real life and can reasonably be increased in a world where might makes right

Small spoiler


The MC is level 1 and has never been able to level up despite years of training and monster killing, which makes everyone think he is already at his limit cap
Yep, totally sucks


Then, we can see the MC trying to overcome his cripple status but failing because... well... HE IS A CRIPPLE in a world where power is everything and we can see and understand why people is willing to give preference to stronger people just because they are more necessary

So, when the MC is pushed down we can understand why it happens and the stance of the other characters, which from most of them is a d*ck move in a small amount but mostly is just the ugly reality of the world they live in, and so far the MC's responses are reasonable to the damage they have inflicted on him


His old family dumped him because he was too weak to survive on their OP island that fends off the monsters, his ex-fiance advised him to give up on fighting and live as a regular person as not to get himself killed, and he just wants to be recognized by those people

Then there is another group who tried to kill him, then denied responsibility, then got away with it because of their status, those he wants to kill or humiliate as much as possible

This is the line he draws, for those who humiliated him or were mean to him he just is a d*ck in return but for those who tried to kill him he wants to kill


The edgynes is reasonable and upfront which eliminates the cringe other edgy stories tend to have and the moral line is clearly drawn and reasonable so there is no hypocrisy so far

Entertaining, honest, simple fun, but I saw in the comments people complaining about how beaten down the MC was during the first 10 chapters so you are warned, personally I didn't mind it because the chapters are short so give it a try until chapter 11 if you are affected by an MC not being OP <<less
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berdanka rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: c62
Not the best reading, but better than I thought it would be. Especially when you consider how 'outstanding' JP revenge novels usually are.

The revenge plot is trying to be logical (don't get your hopes high though) ; MC also doesn't change his character abruptly, instead he 'grows' (not without help from a totally undeserved power). Morality is painted in grey, so even antagonists have their understandable motives (sometimes). The amount of cliche is acceptable.

Though the novel isn't perfect. The author loves to make ill-timed time-skips. The world setting feels like... more>> a generic combination of Western and Japanese culture. Also, the author decided to skip s*x scenes, which caused a negative impact to the revenge scenes. Basically, this novel doesn't deliver the revenge part.

Pros/Cons in detail:



    • The revenge plot. Most of the modern revenge novels don't think too deeply about the reason for revenge, any betrail that came out of the blue seems to work. MC is blind until it's too late, then, he instantly evolves into Chad revenger like by magic. This novel put a little more thought into it. Well, the key word is 'little'. MC, like everyone around, understands the reason why is he mistreated. Subjectively there is no real betrayal here; it is more like an inevitable process. What caused him to harbor resentment is a series of incidents born from MC's obstinacy and weakness, so you can say he is the cause of his own problems.
    • Believable morals. There are no inherently evil characters (so far) in this novel. A lot of s*upid ones maybe. Unlike the usual for JP novels black and white logic, this story's characters tend to be grey.
    • Characters growth. Obviously, you need to grow to deliver your revenge. You need to be better than you were. But I have a feeling the growth is limited to the first volume. The chance of MC turning into a generic (for JP novels) cool and helpful guy is high. It's not as bad as it was in Arifureta though.
    • Moderate amount of cliche. If the popular tropes are unavoidable then the author is trying to use them organically. Doesn't meant the story isn't generic though. It is a 3-star generic story.


    • Power up of MC is undeserved. MC did nothing to get it, it was just an accident.
    • The author tends to abuse breaking the timeline. Sometimes he does it amidst the action to show you an ill-timed exposition of events prior. When narration returns back to chronological order, you lose any hype you had about the battle or difficult situation. At other times he can jump forward to the next scene when you feel it's too early to drop the current one.
    • Jumbled world setting. It's a mashup of all cultures known to the author. Samurais, knights, westerners, dragons, elves, demons, eastern names, western names, it's pretty bad. I handle it with a little browser extension that changes for me every Japanese/chunibyo term with its general fantasy analog, works like a charm. Call me a pe*vert if you want.
    • There are no detailed s*x scenes. The author does not even talk about them, s*x is only implied. It's a wonder how the "Mature" got in the genres list. Well, at least MC is not a typical beta protagonist, he doesn't scream when his v**ginity is in danger. Maybe s*x scenes were left for the LN version (absolutely hate this) ? I wish I could compare them.
    • Overlooked revenge events. The culmination of the first episode of revenge was largely glossed over by the author, mainly because it was le*d. As I mentioned before, the author only implies le*d things, never shows. Imagine that after MC captured his target, you turn the page just to see a "month later" line, and the line after tells you that the wrongdoer became a member of MC's harem. Nothing beside. How you can mess up the most crucial part by completely skipping it?

Feel like reading a revenge story? Try this one. Moderately edgy, enough chuni, not too childish, a little bit shallow, and maybe SEVERLY lacking in important places. <<less
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jimraynor83 rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: c214
After ive read up to chapter 210 now twice so here is my review.


the story overall is good and I could not find any character with a bad motivation for there actions (possible his brother but his motivation could be because ... more>>

MCs ex fiancee still loves the MC and not the brother (heavy implied in the story by other character and her actions)


Hi revenge is really good planed (and not just me powerful.. Me kill everyone) He becomes better and because of this the targets see the side effects of the way they treated him but they know that they could never change what they did). There is a mild case of ntr at the start but only for one of his targets:


Miroslav attacked him because he was not part of the group anymore and because she wanted to get rid of him/she hated him from the start). Because of this he used his new powers on her (sucking of energy for a whole month (effects like when a vampire bites a woman for the target). She then becomes obidient to him and forgets the love that she had for Larz (the partyleader)


All other girls give themself willingly to him (either to atone for the way the treated him or because they want to be more helpful to him (up to chapter 200 he has 3 targets that he is using his ability on).

I think fro this point onwards tha tthe story will focus more on his family that disowned him and they way they see him know

(his fahter already changed his view on him slightly after he helped defend the island and killed a demon god that his brother could even really touch)


What really is interesting is the way he treats people and how they react to this.


A good example is on of his CFs Cecil who told him right at the moment when he was banished and had to leave the island that she will become the concubine to his fahter. He does not love /like or hate her when they reunite in the death day of his mother.. For him she is just a pebble on the street (completly irrelevant). When she comes to this conclusion it breaks her heart and she wishes that she could go back to the way it was and she knows that its only her fault)


Translation :

Up to chapter 76 Bananas Translation did the translation and it was really good. Unfortunaly they stopped and the translation after is looks like it was translated only via google translater (genders are changed, name of the MC is sometimes his name but sometimes translated etc.

Overall a good and fun story.

I hope I could help with this review <<less
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BhozzAoI rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: 171
The title of this novel should be change to something like "The heroic story of the Soul Eater" and not the revenge of the soul eater because this so called revenge is pure bullsh*t and it became non-sense at around chapter 70 and the girls who almost killed him from the start became his harem members so what's the point of the betrayal from the start? And he even dropped his so called revenge to his clan and even helped them again and again so what's the point of this... more>> so called revenge and why is the title like that?

Now then the story and MC itself is quite ok and a bit better than most JP novels out there from the start and then at around chapter 60 maybe? The MC who could be said an anti-protag became a common hero-protag who saves and helps everyone and he was only like a tsundere sh*t who gives out s*upid reasons to help. The MC is also too honest and is even telling others about his big secret just so he won't be hated. So the only saving grace of this novel is that the story is better than most JP novels and is quite interesting.

Its all in you to read it. If you are expecting a bad-ass and quite ruthless MC then don't read it you will be dissapointed greatly. Though the story is still interesting. <<less
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stormblessed65 rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c70
It's ok. For revenge story although many parts are questionable and frankly speaking it's easy to say how it could have been done better, it's still few levels above your average novel about revenge. I think what I like the most is that it's not isekai. MC didn't transmigrate, reincarnate whatever. Big plus. Characters are level headed and generally it reads well, although it's plot is rather generic.

Also it was supposed to be a revenge novel but actually the worst thing MC ever does is kidnapping one tsundere and forcibly... more>> kissing her few times. Otherwise he is just yapping angrily, not really a revenge story but it's still somewhat cool I guess? You know the superpower is sorta smooth, the heroines are ok, satisfaction is also delivered. I have nothing against the setting, it is plain but for a webnovel it's ok. You can't set the bar too high right.

Though it has strong wish-fulfillment vibes. Like, MC was pitiful tr*sh, then got this superpower and suddenly he a pimp lol. Even though he was supposed to be this antihero he is still acting like goodie two shoes I don't know. Somewhat feels like author started writing this while they were angry or something, then cooled off and tossed the character growth out of the window.

Also, I read the raws and compared english translation and I must say that translator really did amazing job. Author seems pretty unskilled to put it lightly :) like, maybe it's because I don't have this japanese mindset, but some things in the raws are really incoherent and all over the place. Author also sometimes explains some things at the beginning of next chapter for readers that he wasnt' able to write properly in the previous...I don't know, reading the raw gave me headache.

Giving it high rating due to respect for translator. <<less
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l2aYz rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: raw
I've read a raw it's around 200 chapters at the moment. For the first Arc which is about 110+ chapters I really enjoy it. Hide your kids, hide your wife. MC gonna NTR dem. Well, poor cuck guy MC only wants revenge on the girls. The story is full of edgy but it's fun to read since MC is not a hypocrite edgy he's done the deed. well, well, for the 2nd arc It's really dropped. There is no more edgy revenge. MC is already strong so the plot pretty... more>> much MC kills a new boss and gets stronger. MC is no longer a proactive guy. Now he was dragged by the plot. To prevent this novel be too dull. The author writes about side chars and world-building instead. He even writes a minor fighting scene of side chars which eats 3-4 chapters. Sadly, they're pretty much dull. Side chars meant to be weak and struggle. So, our powerful MC will be cooler. Hell, MC even turns soft He even went to the demon world to help Claire's brothers for free. Just because the author wants her into his harem? <<less
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bthnccklr rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: c5
I read throught to fifty chapter barely. Chapters arent short compared to other similar web novels. And the problem is... I am still reading mc's whine. Tired of it. what the hell men, how come a person could hated by EVERYONE without reason. In novel the reason is "weakness" but that is not make sense because there is weak ppl like civilians, receptionist, inn owner, maids etcetra while only MC hated by every-ducking-life "because he is weak". This novel seems like being written by a teenager who thinks everyone his/her... more>> enemy and he/she is alone and no one understand him/her in this grimdark world so he/she started to write a novel. Dont get me wrong, these are all normal things but if you writing and publishing a web novel then I can criticize it and I dont think I am being destructive meanwhile.... My point is clear, there isnt a common sense in this novel and author tries to make us hate every side character and cheer MC when he start to kick ass and faceslap all haters. This is wrong and this is bad. <<less
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YPVAISH rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: c147
Best revenge fantasy.

  • MC is neither good nor evil. A person who has all the qualities to be called an "Antihero".
  • Revenge is personal. In places it is right to say his stance is right.
  • He fixed his line for what and when and for whom to use his power.
  • World development is also good.
  • Harem is good. The majority are his former teammates (one elf, one magician and one priest) who he treat as a s*ave as they made him bait for protecting their former male teammate. There is a little misunerstanding with an elf girl regarding some incident but I guess it will be soon clear. There are some more people and I guess it will soon increase.
So at last I will say it is to see that the path MC choose will... more>> make him invincible, his relations with people and his family members who disown him, who is right or wrong in the end and also to find his own happiness.

P. S:- There might be slight change in Light Novel but it is fine. <<less
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NamelessLoli rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: --
A very underrated series because people usually judge the MC for everything he did in the beginning. The revenge progresses smoothly and is honestly such a satisfying read. I highly recommend this to you people who love to watch the world burn.
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apatel190 rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: --
Actual title should be: The half baked revenge (gone wrong, gone sexual) of the soul eating netorare edgelord

So basically the take-home message from this novel is: If you mess with the MC make sure you hide your mother, sister/any thing female because MC will 100 percent netorare said female and then bonk her.

So just joking around a bit (although a great chunk of the above paragraph is sort of true) but in all seriousness the beginning is quite good and the story is interesting (minus the MC's hentai NTR doujin... more>> protagonist escapades). Most interesting part is waiting to see how the people who betrayed or abandoned MC will react now that hes overpowered (may sound a bit cliche but author does a good job in building interest and the story doesn't read like a bunch of cliches or its atleast not as blatant as other series in my opinion)

Having said that It's kind of hard to take the story because of the s*xual sh*t. I'm not against s*xual sh*t in general but this is meant to be a serious story of revenge (albeit half-baked) not some comedy ecchi series or doujinshi.

But yeah the Revenge in this series is very half-baked or maybe the author intended for the title to mean some deep sh*t like the MC's revenge is to still exist, prove his worth etc... or some sh*t like that rather than to get real revenge. In one scenario MC gets wronged and is like ''I was going to kill them'' then he p*ssies out and says ''but that was three days ago'' and then basically spares those guy. The MC usually ends up helping the people who he wants revenge on while pretending that he didn't do it for them. Only real victims of MC's so called revenge are all the guys that get netorared because of him. <<less
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Scyferine8878 rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: c49
Wow this kind of revenge novel is really refreshing= ̄ω ̄=. The MC is not really edgy. He kind of tsundere tho. He has that kindness inside of him but can't realize or accept them. So far so good. MC is kinda manipulative. I hope the author give more dialogs for his harem but really the chapters are really short tho. Kinda tired of waiting for more chapters (。•́︿•̀。). Also wow this novel has the most tags in it
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stanljpierre rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c70
Well, I’m just really disappointed. Had some expectation that this wouldn’t be the usual JP novel with a dense MC and all that, and while that’s true, I still feel let down. He’s supposedly an antihero protag, but on several occasions he’s protecting other people and playing the role of a good guy. This novel is supposed to be about his revenge, but he hasn’t killed a single person who’s wronged him. Rather, he’s even helped them out. Typical of a JP LN, the girls who wronged him are spared... more>> and made into his “s*aves”, but ofc he just has to catch feelings for them. Should’ve just trusted the other reviews I suppose. <<less
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Sunday rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: c54
Starts off as a classic revenge plot driven story that I might have dropped if I didn't give it a couple more chapters but then it eventually moves on; the world expands, the cast gets larger, the MC isn't gloomy and the revenge part of the tale gets put more on the back burner more which is nice cause the MC can focus on the "now" instead. Not as much action going on rather than "x fight happened" but I actually more enjoyed the latter half of the 54 chapters... more>> I've read more and more.

-I would've gave this a 4.3 rating or something but since we only deal with whole numbers here and I didn't want to drop the already established rating of 4.1 it has I rated it 5 star. <<less
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Stompound rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: c33
Sometimes I find myself confused at the pacing. But the scheming is interesting and things don't get dragged out very long. The progress of the story is satisfying and clear. But enough is left vague to keep you thinking abou what exactly is going on.

A few plot points are left hanging or patched poorly, which is why I give it only 4/5. It can be an awkward read occasionally.

The translation is excellent though.
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amrit rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c76
MC personality -5



... more>> Good ln with dark history. MC was thrown out of his house and was ridiculed by everyone beside him even his father, brother and fiance. After trying his best to become an adventurer he wasn't able to achieve anything in that too. Cauz of a tragedy (blessing in disguise) he got to know his true potential and started to get revenge on everyone.

As for chapters their are multiple pov that I dont like very much. I dislike almost all the female characters (human characters)

For a good and long read I recommend it very much <<less
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Ujer rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c20
THIS NOVEL SHOULD NOT EARNED 5 STAR RATING. Reading first 9 chapters, I would said that the author is trying too hard creating unfortunate event for MC. Too excessive or trying too hard can backfire and lower the quality of story.

If you ever read Kazuma not Stigma (hiatus at volume 6 since the author was dead), the MC fate is kind of same since he also cannot use the legacy of his clan. But the story on how he is expelled is much logical and has better reasoning. So... more>> when you read the same plot, it is easy to see just how mediocre this earlier chapters are.

First impression is important so it is why at least first 20 chapter should be good enough. This is what chinese web novel author always do. You get like 50 to 100 chapter that well written then you will see the quality will drop then with so many filler chapter.

It is do getting better but in my mind, this revenge story is kind of mediocre with its lazy system justification. I will not comment about the later plot since many has already praised how it is getting better. But the loophole in the system explanation is kind of big that I would advice the other reviewer tried to read other LitRPG novel and see just how bad the system in this novel is. <<less
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zdubwilly rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c160

It's on and off. It does the 'revenge' right at some moments, then bafflingly drops the ball at the most important revenge moments (volume 2). I will say, in volume 1 this story does 'revenge' much better than most revenge stories. It's not too heavy like 'redo of a healer', and it's not too light with 'forgiveness for everyone!' either... He stays mad, even when time has passed, until the people he's getting revenge on show a change of character and heart.. I like that a lot.. Marislov's and Irias... more>> revenge arc is great. Volume 2 throws all this out the window, feels like a different novel almost. Our MC is now more on the 'lighthearted' revenge side, which gets annoying af, as we saw him being so cold and mad for all of volume 1.

Overall, a bit too much lame and repetitive internal dialogue, for example, ALOT of "I could say this... or I could say this... I could do this... or this... but I will do THIS..." or "my actions could be interpreted this way... or this way... or this way... but this is why I did it..." I've never seen internal dialogue like this, but it's SO annoying to read, and happens ALL the time... Some very bad and drawn on internal dialogue imo. Action scenes are not that good, extremely basic and quick, villains do annoying cliche of talking for 3 chapters about how they're gonna kill someone, just for someone stronger to come in and kill the villain while he's been talking.... I was actually shocked to see that annoying cliche happen again and again (mainly volume 2). And to have it happen like 5 times in a row, in a short time span. I completely understand why some reviewers dropped around chap 110 - 140. Long paragraph intro just to say his name, another 500 words to describe why he's here and why he's gonna kill them, a chapter of back and forth dialogue for no good reason.... etc etc... mixed with bad internal dialogue just makes you want to skip through ALOT of volume 2.

For me, the quality drastically drops in volume 2, when our MC returns to his main island. You'd expect now the story to get a little more intense, the writing to get better, etc, but instead it's all the opposite... We are introduced to like 30 new characters during this arc, way too quickly, and expected to care about them. It has the HORRIBLE cliche of a whole 1-3 chapters of dialogue in the middle of an intense fight, and wish fulfillment drops drastically around this time, never had the feeling of 'oh ya they got what they deserved' like you do in volume 1.

Just for an 'example' of some lame volume 2 stuff, our MC has to fight a Spider to prove his strength to the clan that kicked him out.. He decides to dodge and 'play' with the spider for like 30 min, because he 'likes the attention of the crowd'.... Ok dude... Mr. "i don't care about my clan anymore", now acting like a child. After chapters of him talking about how he's only here to pay respect to his mother's grave and he wants to leave this island as quickly as possible, he seems like he actually REALLY wants to stay for as long as possible.. Before something else interrupts that fight, and everyone gets distracted and doesn't care about the fight anymore. Lame... Then he ends up helping his clan. I expected the writing to get better as it went on, but it surprisingly felt like the writing got WAY worse... A whole 2 chapters dedicated to a villain monologuing about himself and how he's gonna do awful things, while he COULD do awful things, everyone is captured by him and his subordinates, but instead he decides instead to talk to everybody and drag it WAY too long, and of course he eventually dies because he spends 90% of his time talking.. Idk...

Some ex of this: (btw this fight started like 2 chapters ago)

*villain captures a kid, after capturing like 60 clan members and his subordinates ready to kill them all*

villain - "kid I like your spirit, choose someone to save and i'll spare them, but I'll kill the rest"

kid - "no!!!"

500 useless words later....

kids mom - "let them go, I am *** so just kill me and be done"

villain - "it's not that simple, I have the upper hand so why would I let you all go?" (exactly, so do something!!!)

*villain then proceeds to do 10 second countdown that's actually not 10 seconds as he stops at 9 seconds and talks a LOT more*

*villain dies cause someone gets there in time*

wtf..... Just do SOMETHING. stop talking about how ruthless you're GONNA BE.

this comes after a full chapter of him negotiating sadistically to save one person, by letting a child choose who to save... DUDE... STOP TALKING SO MUCH.....

But it does do some stuff real good, like the POV's of Iria and Miraslov are great, even though we only get like 4 each of those in total. Also I like the MC, though it feels like his personality changes when he goes back to his hometown. Very close to being 4/5 or 5/5, but falls into annoying cliches, plot dragging, repetitive and lame internal dialogue.

This is literally a line of internal dialogue from our MC:

"I leveled up once, but my leveling up once is much bigger than anybody else's because it is harder for me to gain 1 level than it is for others, which I've reiterated numerous times" - ya!! you have said that a bunch of times!!! So stop saying it!!!

or something as basic as "I am no longer scared of this person, as I was when I was younger, because...."

and then 3 paragraphs later, he repeats the EXACT same line.... and then AGAIN another 4 paragraphs later... Very hard to read through sh** like that.

Stuff that could be said in 10-20 words takes 100-150 words... Author wants to EXPLICITLY repeat and state everything that is going on, while being VERY wordy. Hard to read volume 2 tbh. All the 'magical chants' to activate magic are like 7 sentences long, and it'll take 100 sentences for someone to chant because you know (internal dialogue/narration).... <<less
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OrderedChaos rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: --
Its mid, could be enjoyable if you don’t normally read stories like this or haven’t read enough JP novels. However, its just another variant of japanese edgy MC. I like the writing but the edginess feels so hamfisted and boring when you’ve seen JP MC do the most predictable stuff over and over again. The irony is that it doesn’t feel like a revenge story, it feels more like an antihero story instead.
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