Demon’s Diary


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Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand at another place, two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

Their young master just so happens to look nearly like our hero…

What will happen? Where will Liu Ming ends up and what will he do?

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Ma Thiên Ký
Mo Tian Ji
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New NakuyKi rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: c1098
I'm giving this a 2/5 purely due to the fact that I made it over 1000 chapters.

And just to be clear, this novel is not "that bad."

"Boring" perhaps, but not absolutely horrendous or unpalatable.

... more>> If I had to explain what this novel is like, then I'd have to say that it is essentially-

"A nature documentary of a cultivation world."

I'm calling it that because there isn't really a story...

It's just a novel of an MC, who is randomly chosen to be possessed by some ancient sealed demon, so he has to become stronger in order not to be possessed.

Basically, becoming stronger for the sake of becoming stronger.

That's the driving force behind this novel.

So it makes the MC less of a character and more of an "engine" that the viewers use to watch this documentary, about an ever expanding world, where strangers, fodder, rivals, enemies, allies, etc. all die randomly, even without any involvement with the MC.

There's really not much else to say about this novel.

It's just a world building novel with a running theme of a frog jumping out of a well, inside of another well, that's also inside of another well, inside of another well, etc.


I almost forgot, but the combat, while relatively descriptive, is pretty absurd.


Long story short, the ranks, tiers, realms, whatever you want to call them don't matter "that" much

The reason for that is because the stats are basically-

Health - Fixed

Mana (Spiritual Power) - Exponential

Attack - Percentile Scaling

Defense - Flat Scaling

So as you can imagine, when the MC fights people at higher levels, the amount of spiritual power doesn't matter because defensive measures in this universe for anyone who isn't the MC is so bad that the MC is able to pierce it like paper most of the time.

And then enemies (or allies) just die.


Also, for anyone complaining about the MC always being underestimated-


I'm sorry, but that's the MC's own fault for always being secretive and downplaying his own involvement in whatever happens.

It's also a plot thing because if the MC were favored, then he'd just be given mats and sit in a room forever, instead of looking for alternative ways to get mats / opportunities via world exploration.

And the last thing about this is that people get mad about the elders not treating the MC well even despite winning achievements or tournaments-

But here's the thing...

From the POV of these powerhouses...

They're watching ants compete.

One ant rises above the others?

Big f*cking whoop.

Just try not to only view the situation from the perspective of an ant lol

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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c1552
Demon's Diary is boring. Utterly boring, completely dull, overwhelmingly monotonous, unconditionally mind-numbing, wholly prosaic, purely monochrome, comprehensively tedious, positively unexciting, absolutely uninteresting, unequivocally wearisome, extremely tiresome, downright humdrum, categorically mechanical, deeply run-of-the-mill, outright uneventful, severely dreary and profoundly soul-destroying.

On the bright side if your kid's having trouble sleeping read this to them.

... more>>

Demon's Diary, a better sleep inducer than temazepam!

This novel gets a lot of praise for not relying on the usual tropes of young masters, ridiculous power-ups for the protagonist and unlimited plot-armor for the main character, but honestly so what if the author doesn't use such things? I would rather read a novel filled to the brim with those tropes than this novel, simply because they're entertaining!

This novel can be cleansed of all cliches imaginable, and it still wouldn't make it good. This author doesn't have a creative bone in his body. His go-around for the cliches is simply to replace them with blandness.

Instead of the 'young masters' every ten chapters trope we get the 'boring antagonist' every 10 chapters.

Instead of 'ridiculous power-ups' we get 'boring underwhelming power-ups'.

Instead of 'unlimited plot-armor' we get 'dull plot-armor'.

Instead of 'super talent MC viewed as tr*sh' cliché we get 'average MC viewed as average'.

A good way to tell the existence of plot-armor in this novel is by the fact that the MC is average in every way yet will still become immortal.

The cultivation is, yes you guessed it, boring!

The MC in addition to having an average talent possesses an average personality, a thing I didn't know existed until reading this. What I mean by this is that he has no personality, he is an existence without substance. I don't know how to describe him, I guess the best way to understand how dull he is would be to imagine the sum 1 + 1. Have you imagined it? If yes then well done, you've just created and experienced the protagonist in all his glory.

Overall Demon's Diary is as fun as the times tables, it lacks everything needed for a fun novel. I will give the author props if he was trying to commit to the name of the novel, 'Demon's Diary', because this thing really reads like someone's diary - boring beyond doubt.

Chinese 1/10. <<less
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l@y3r rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: c130
I started reading this novel with high hopes, but it's been nothing but a disappointment

- The enemies and people in general in the novel are slightly more intelligent than in your average xianxia
- Good translation

- The MC, I'm highly doubting if this novel even has an MC. Hes so low key and is mentioned so rarely, he is at best a side character. Reaching chapter 50 I couldn't even remember what his fake name was.
- Characterization, the author is so intent on introducing as many characters... more>> as possible that he forgets to give anyone one of them a proper personality, not even the MC. The MC is literally a block of wood, the only dialogue he gets (1-2 short lines per chapter) are only formalities. 99% of all the emotions he has expressed in first one hundred chapters is "surprise" and "astonishment". The MC literally walks around with a stunned face for almost the entirety of his appearance in the first one hundred chapters.
- So many useless side characters are introduced and developed considerably more than the MC, given a ridiculous amount of screen time, only to be killed off without having interacted with the MC, provide any suspense or have much relevance to the story. <<less
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HesheFell rated it
February 16, 2016
Status: --
I agree with all the reviews except readingdigest. We are only 52 chapters into a 1552 chapter novel. The guy has barely powered up yet and is just starting the his new life. We have 1500 chapters to come full circle. What’s the point in the new role if he doesn't have wiggle room to get strong, meet people (like his new “family” perhaps), learn the secrets of his past, learn new techniques, and finally whoop @ss. Plus, why not move easily at first in his new identity, unless he... more>> wants to be instantly killed? I personally like the idea. I suggest anyone who is interested in reading this should try it. There is great pacing so far, lots of foreshadowing, and yes, at least up to 52, there hasn't been any ret*rded villains. For me, it’s the only webnovel I read at Gravity. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
October 14, 2016
Status: c187
I am surprised why this isn't rated much higher. First, the initial setup - If you had enough with people using transmigrated from another world. Read this.
Setup is clever and provides enough reason for the MC to be good.

World Building - If you had enough with reading novels without a larger plot and just adding stuff. Read this.
Author sets up a mystery about MC which is still going on, most probably lasting us till the mid of the novel. I think that is a great way to create... more>> your story instead of random bullies one after another. MC Character - If you had enough of homicidal, maniac MCs fighting people left and right. Read this.
MC is not setup as the super cultivator with some amazing body etc. Instead he is introduced as a below average cultivator. Even though MC acquires some interesting items, he still doesn't start talking crap and killing people left and right. Though there are "shocked" reactions, they are not as pronounced as other novels. Cultivation Levels - If you were always left confused with cultivation levels in Chinese WN. Read this.
Cultivation levels have the least amount of levels I have seen in a WN. Its simple and doesn't make my head spin with MC always cultivating a higher level and beating an higher or two levels higher person. It doesn't happen in this novel. Why you shouldn't read this?
- If you like constant mayhem in other Chinese WN. This doesn't have random bullies appearing just for sake of fighting.
- If you like MC every time beating someone stronger. This doesn't have random bully with bigger brother/clan elder with 3-4 levels stronger than MC who gets beaten. <<less
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readingdigest rated it
February 5, 2016
Status: --
The premise was promising but his identity as a survivor of the prison island was never brought back up in the story after the first few chapters. I'm not even talking about plot points revolving around his life on the prison island; his character, personality, thought process, etc. Doesn't show any indication of his years living in a harsh dog eat dog world. Then it just turns into your standard weak to strong, cultivating at a sect, etc. Etc. Shame the author couldn't work some originality into the story.
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Hedgehog rated it
May 2, 2016
Status: --
I’ve always been a fan of necromancers ever since I player Diablo 2 when I was 11 (I know its R18+). Ever since, I always pick undead in every game I played. I guess this is the reason why I fell in love in the story.

Most on the Xianxia/Wuxia I've read has a necromancer sect, but always viewed as supporting character or vicious, heartless group of people. But this time, our MC joined the Barbarian Ghost Sect, here they use Ghost, Demons and Undeads to cultivate, pet, pill and more.

And... more>> I think the best part of the story is that the MC is a bad ass killer/fighter BUT, unlike OTHER MCs, Liu Ming is not overbearingly killing people because they offended him. He knows what Low-key means. He knows how to be humble. He knows how to backdown. And He also know how to avoid his bullies without looking a coward and without bringing more trouble for him. This MC is the most Lowkey MC I ever met. So Lowkey to the point he has ZERO MAIN FIGHT (like fight that will affect the story) with same sect disciple, until the competition.

For those who are interested in the undead sect story-drama, THIS IS THE ONE THE BEST NL FOR YOU!

@ Those who think that the author abandoned the MC’s Prison survivor status

~It is hinted in the story that its not over yet. It is also hinted about something BIG. So hold your horses.

Currently, Chapter 100/1552 <<less
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Enyhrye rated it
February 8, 2016
Status: --
I would like the author to use his identity as a person that grown up in harsh environment, has rich battle experience and learnt some strange techniques more. Apart from that it’s a good story. MC is not a moron, everyone else in his vicinity is not a moron, villains have more to say than typical “DIE tr*sh!” 20 times during one fight... Read it, rate it, support the translator, let’s have some more chapters!
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AlanJones rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c500
I forced myself to read up to the 500 chapters, always thinking: It will get better, it will get better going better. How naive I was.

I'll be honest, when I read the synopsis I had high expectations. I did not expect an MC on the same level as Fang Yuan or Dantalian, but I had high expectations for him. A child who lived in a prison that is not controlled by guards, and only has madman? Then he managed to flee, and soon after to be saved by 2 cultivators... more>> why his young master died, and MC looks like him.

What do you expect then? A MC that because of his hard life in prison had to transform himself into an intelligent, astute and calculating man to be able to survive right?

What you get is actually a boring MC. Yes, MC is annoying, he is not intelligent, his talent is medium, he looks like a machine that only knows how to cultivate. You will not see him plotting deep and sinister plans, you will not see something like him manipulating people, what you will get is him looking for some treasures, doing sect missions, and then back to his boring cultivation method. He does not look like the MC, it even looks like a story of a secondary character who managed to stay strong and did not die as time passed. Do not expect to have a good MC in this story, or you'll be disappointed.

This should not be called the demon's diary, but a diary of a boring and tedious cultivator. <<less
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Nisian rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: c120
I was pretty much forcing myself to read due to the high ranking on NU, but I was really disappointed.

It's not that bad, but basically nothing happen in this story. The beginning was promising, and I was expecting a badass MC, but after he enters the sect (which is chapter 10 or not too far), it becomes more and more boring.

He basically only cultivates alone in his room (not interresting at all), visit a few other places in the sect to get knowledge, or do missions to get spirit stone... more>> (no fights or very very few). The MC is quite calm and smart (not too much tho) but he acts so lowkey it's annoying. (Very annoying).
He is the kind of MC who will never makes you say "goddamn he's so f*cking awesome" or "wow that was EPIC".

So in 120 chapters, he fights only a few time (and that's not even exciting a little), does a lot of trivial and boring things, cultivates alone in his room A LOT, there isn't any romance (some hints tho), and I didn't laugh even once. I thought it would gets better the more I read, but unfortunately, I was wrong.

I'm really wondering why it has so much high rate comments on this site. <<less
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Animesquad7 rated it
April 30, 2016
Status: --
Slow pacing but never boring! Read up to chapter 97. Rating 5/5

This novel is top class, story, characters, world building are perfectly described, it's like watching a show carefully unfolding and very easy to follow. The author clearly is an expert in writing and knows exactly where to go with this novel. I have high expectations of this and has already made it to one of my top novel reading list. I like how the MC is low key, but not being bullied either and is just doing its own... more>> thing. People do slowly notices his strength and at this point can be considered as a genius by some people. My only concern is many girls has been described as beautiful, yet the MC has no relationship with anybody except for a crush on a certain elder of another sect. Hope this becomes more popular so that translation can come faster. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: Completed
As much as I love how the MC low key and calm. He lacks that viciousness and scheming mind.

Romance: Really bad, but really bad. There's hardly development and easily fall in love. That's why the Harem ruined the story for me. Sometimes they are too s*upid.
    • I love the fact that it's based on similarities to Demonic Dao, with Ghost and Corpses. This gave me high expectations. But left me pretty disappointed. Considering this is only 1k Chapters. It's really a short and rushed story. Not enough world building and only revolving around a country or two.
    • The biggest flaw this story has, it's that it feels like a different Novel every Arc. (The Author has ideas but didn't know how to fit it together)
The logic behind his reasons are too s*upid. He gives too much unnecessary face to people who don't deserve it. Bai Clan, Mu Clan, and Moon Sect. Elders who didn't believe him. Ect. They should had all just die.


-The Bai clan acted too arrogant and thought they could tame MC through lowly items. It made me think that he will end up with Yan'er and considering how she founded out MC secret I thought she had skills but quickly disappears as a character.

-He gives his niece to the Moon Clan when the Moon Ancestor too arrogant and spoils her disciples too much. She even looked down on MC Sect a lot.
-Mu Clan Aunt started sh*t and MC had to clean it up by himself.
There are better girls to go at.

-The girls he falls in love with are YT and JL. I really hated YT. She looked at MC like air.

-His Niece fades into the background (Qian Ruping)

I hate how MC just dumps her into the Moon Sect and says "I repay my debt to Uncle" and I'm like 'Dude wasn't Uncle who was like your father? And your leaving her like this' She's like treasure since her Cultivation speed and pulse are very good. Shouldn't she be treated better?


Overall, rating this 3 Stars is very appropriate.
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MondoX rated it
February 26, 2016
Status: --
As the story progresses, there seems to be less of a focus on the main character. The story focuses on trivial and boring discussions that do not matter between side characters. I am surprised this LN has high ratings in this website.
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Clovis rated it
May 11, 2016
Status: --
Great story. I like the way how the story flow so smoothly, where there is little drama (forced to fight) know how to carry one self. It’s one of the best stories out there. Its different with other common xianxia in its subtleties. It makes us keep on reading until suddenly there’s no more new chapter. I’ve just read it this morning btw I look forward to more chapters hahaha. Thx for translating guys.
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riida rated it
June 7, 2016
Status: c117
Among generic novels, this one is well written.

It mixes popular story elements which are effective in other titles and avoids some of their mistakes.

The premise and protagonist's background are actually original and interesting, unfortunately there's way too much emphasis on the sect (outer, inner, core, tournaments....)
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heishiken rated it
March 3, 2016
Status: --
Really interesting Plot that is quiete different from normal Xianxia Stories, or at least in my Opinion. MC is calculating and smart, but the big reason to read in this Story in my Opinion. Also the Story in quiete fun to follow and does not get boring, or at least in the moment (Chapter 61)
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Kainthedamned rated it
June 8, 2016
Status: c117
Finally! Finally a xianxia with an actual story!

If all you care is the MC training/kicking ass, it may not be for you. But if you are sick of the stories where all the girls are empty dolls who fall in love with the MC for no reason, all the guys either want to rob/kill him and r*pe whichever girl he happens to be with or are just there to say 'he is so strong, it's so surprising!', it is worth your time.

The universe is very well developed, with many real... more>> characters, who have feelings and objectives which often do not revolve around the MC, the story is well paced, the training system and the fights are classic but solid. The MC is not an angry moron who punch anyone who disrespect him, he actually knows that dismissing an insult with a smile avoids a lot of trouble and he knows how to be a decent human with people around him. Only thing that could have been better: his background is not very clear and has not really been used, but I suppose it comes into play later. <<less
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Ananya rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: c211
This novel is not getting the traction it deserves. This is dope, make no mistake!

Badass MC who is born and bred in an isolated prison, cautious to a fault, decisive, good guy, thinks on his feet, doesn't usually start fights but finishes it nevertheless, in short he is pretty cool.

Along with a cool MC the novel also has a good plot filled with regular xianxia elements along with other elements like mystery, intrigue, and suspense. Also the novel is not repetitive like its not always tournament followed by a bigger... more>> tournament, and it's not always cultivation in the sect. It mixes things up very well so that we don't get bored.

One of the best parts about this novel is the nail-biting fights, they are very minimalist, in the sense that mountains don't get destroyed, rivers don't change directions, etc as collateral damage in the fight between cultivators instead they happen very fast, since MC is usually fighting opponents at his level or stronger, he always tries and outwits his opponents by efficiently utilizing all the resources at his disposal. Kudos to GGP, he effectively brings out the tense atmosphere during the fights.

There is no cycle of offending bullies n killing them n their backers. Characters have importance they are not introduced just for the sake of it, female characters are great, character development? It's only been 211 chapters, there is still not much change in MC's character. He still didn't get BFFs, lovers, etc. So maybe that will bring about a change in him in later chapters.

Awesome read! <<less
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kkgoh rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c110
Jan 14th, Year 1

Dear diary, it's been two weeks since I made the awesome decision to pick up the Demonic Bones skill. I'm now OP, but I'll just play it cool and pretend to be weak, for no reason. I'm a low-key guy and I don't want anyone to know how low-key I am.
Did I forget to mention I'm low-key??

March 18th, Year 1
Awww dangit, I should have done B-C-A, instead of A-B-C. Mix in a bit of L, a splash of A, a touch of M, and maybe... more>> some E.
Oh I know, maybe I'll try this other method. There's only one way to find out!!!

*** cue comedic elevator BGM ***

September 30th, Year 1

That experiment was ok. But it could've been better. Rather than go on an amazing adventure, let me just try this out. I only spent 6 months on this, no biggie. A little more. Just a leeedddlllleee moreeeeeee....

*** cue comedic elevator BGM ***

October 1st, Year 3

Eureka! It's only been 0.5 chapters and and 2 years since my last time skip!
Where was I? Oh yea, that Demonic Bones Skill is now complete. But rather than go on an interesting adventure to look for that smokin' hot master practitioner I met in my last time skip, let me work on my new Fireball skill. so I can impress the ladies with my pyrotechniques. And awayyyy we goooo! Weeeeeeeeee!

Yea that's pretty much how this whole novel goes. Super annoying after an interesting start. <<less
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Wredniak2003 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c108
So far it is quite an interesting read. It may not be a groundbreaking and quite similar to other xianxias but it has few strong points. What was a nice surprise is MC not being ridiculously OP and his ability although clearly beneficial poses significant threat to him if he isn't careful. What's more he is not as arrogant and ridiculously hypocritical like most xianxia MC, so far he never killed anyone just because someone looked at him funny nor he antagonized everyone he ever met. There even was no... more>> instant outrageous power ups when he was about to face critical danger. It was refreshing to read a story where character isn't unreasonable. I am looking forward to reading next chapters. <<less
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Varum rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: --
Could be better, but could be worse too. If one steps back and looks at Demon's Diary's place among Wang Yu's three novels it occupies the middle ground between cliche/originality and maturity/immaturity. On one side there's A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality - which, although not a masterpiece, feels quite original and builds up the world and some characters well, but suffers from a lack of direction and character relationships (among others). On the other side is Portal to Wonderland - which puts crazy hi-jinks, cliche mistaken tr*sh,... more>> ridiculous level ups, luck, etc. to the fore and leaves characters and realism far behind. So, Demon's diary is between those, it tries to be a bit more original and interesting with its MC's secret power, tries to develop the characters a bit more than average, and also tries to give the story more action and urgency than RMJI.

Much of the drama and tension once he joins his sect is forced through the cliche of having the MC inexplicably obsessed with hiding his strength and hoarding his secrets. This is seen in countless other stories and it's not always terrible, when these character actions are logical according to the world that's been created, but that's not the case here. His main secret that gives him benefits to his power isn't a treasure but rather a strange change to his body that occurs after he joined the sect, and poses extreme danger to the MC, yet he doesn't just tell his masters about it, or broach the topic at all. Because his masters are horrible? No! Once accepted to the sect he is considered tr*sh and is chosen to be a member of a marginalized peak (faction) that can never choose outstanding disciples, because of this the peak he lives on is depopulated and everyone is like family (they even give a welcoming speech about it), they are built up and shown to be perhaps the nicest sect elders I've ever read about, but the MC doesn't ask for any advice from them.

His faction elders, despite him only showing a minimum of strength, still value him but since his potential is supposed to be low don't want to invest in leveling him up - again, if the MC just showed his strength and had a decent chat this wouldn't be needless drama; Despite all this he's still one of the best performing new disciples and receives plenty of resources and gifts, how does he repay all this kindness?

Why, by stealing all the treasure in the ubiquitous 'treasure hunting mission that only the best low level disciples from the various sects can compete in', at this point the story becomes very contrived to favor the MC - he happens to find a unique storage device that is undetectable and is able to smuggle out ridiculous loot, but then doesn't even share any with his own supportive faction and master.

Bleh. The author added too much luck, too many treasures, and too many special abilities far too soon. It's for those reasons I don't rate it higher.

Why did I like it at all then? Because so far there has been some originality in the cultivation system, in the world (there are different sentient races), in the secret power (demon corruption?). It also has quite flashy and interesting Qi techniques rather than always the same 'whose sword is stronger competition' (at least in the beginning) which I always thought should get more attention - since most novels just mention 'thousands of mystical techniques' but all the battles are fought with treasures.

The harem/romance... I don't like harem, and so far it hasn't been developed and perhaps Wang Yu has learnt from RMJI to not make every hot girl inexplicably fall for the MC; However, he can't resist giving the MC cool beauties to adventure with, but seems to keep it mutually platonic this time around - at least so far, it is another negative trope though: the MC has no male friends but instead always seems to bump into a beauty on demand and never appears to be on the losing side of an interaction or relationship. <<less
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