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World of Cultivation is the tale of a disgruntled young man and his quest to be the best farmer he can be, at least if it wasn’t for those annoying people who keep getting in the way of his pursuit of agricultural excellence.

Will conspiring forces turn him into a sword cultivator, or will he manage to throw off the shackles of fate and grow the best darn crops in the sect? Those air-headed cultivators dream of too much nonsense and don’t know how to live properly, they need to get a real job to earn some jingshi for a living like a normal person.

World of Cultivation average rating 4.4/5 - 1008 user ratings
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Xiuzhen Shijie
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New GekkoZockt rated it
November 10, 2017
Status: c719
After around 700 chapters into the book I want tell you guys what I think about this novel. Not in a comprehensive review but in a short text where I just tell you how I feel about the story till now.

Tbh I love the premise, love the characters, love the world but this novel suffers from a disease very common to long novels. Repetition. You can't just write 900 chapters of original content if your not some incredible talented author and sadly Fang Xiang is not one of them.

The whole... more>> book can be separated into two parts till chapter 719 and I am 99, 99% certain that there will be a third part.

Part 1: The premise (Chapter 1-100)

We're starting with the extraordinary event that gives the MC better potential/more power and a glimpse on where the story is heading. Characters are introduced, friends and enemies are made.

Part 2: Filling pages with fights to get money (Chapter 101-approx. 775)

Very fitting description IMO. There is no reason that the story is going where it goes. There are just random events that help MC become stronger through fights and lucky encounters. Some characters are introduced that may play a part later on in the story but you just feel that the author just wanted to introduce a character and "reactivate" them later on in the story line with the pathetic try to look like a wise author with foresight.

Part 3: The end (approx. Chapter 776-915)

This part should start in 50-100 chapters and will be used to finish up loose end (I hope the author doesn't forget any) and close up the story line.

Overall it does feel a little cliché but if the ending is good, which I have a feeling could be the case, than it deserves the rating: Average <<less
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New profounddao
November 7, 2017
Status: --
OMG THIS NOVEL IS WONDERFUL... It has everything you can ask for... most importantly character development.. any story with character development is bound to become a hit. Any kind of novel that got a fan base other than the man character and multiple ones at that is a great novel in my opinion... Because there will be many kind of various power ups, leading to many kinds of great stories to follow. like most novels/mangas that has great character development starts off slow, but its give small appetizers like comedy... more>> and little meets meet ups/advanture that your going to be foreshadow not long in the future. I honestly feel bad for the the ones that droped this novel, but Ii guess they prefer the casual super op destroy everything with much of a personality type of MC or overall novel type.. but if your loooking for something other than that with a cool breeze of comedy, a story with friends building an empire together going through like and death with undying loyalty towards each other, with a side of fun adventures. well look for further. <<less
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Mudassir rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
Pure awesomeness

Loved it. Shrewdness. Thought process. And all other aspects of every character is extremely life like. Totally relatable. Author doesn't give stupid justifications for a personality. People don't always have to be complete saints and/or devils every one is scrapping off enough just to cover their own butts and protective of their own stuff. Clear distinction of Arrogance and ignorance.

Hope for more releases!
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athlonkmf rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
Starts out good, but then falls apart. I've finished reading the raws just then. No MT, just chinese.

... more>>

story totally fell apart IMO... everything just happens “as a matter of factly”...

All MC’s teachers never showed up anymore after the first arc. “They’ve died in the war, so now we need to avenge them”.

Sure, everything is mentioned. Including MC’s lost memory, but it’s just like “ping, remembers everything now. Oh well, needs to go to war”.

Same with the “paper bird girl”, “oh, you were the one! Ah well... you surrender or not”.

All who were “important” to the MC, including his pets don’t get a decent backstory. His bird just happens to evolve into a phoenix, but never be seen again. Same with Apple girl, his treasure finding worm, little fire.

Even Pu didn’t get any screen time anymore the last 100 chaps. “He exchange himself for MC and MC saves him. ” And that’s it.

The most laughable thing: the final fight with the most dangerous, final opponent who was introduced since the first arc (early 100 chapters) “just lost”. No strong battle, super moves. Just “I’ve lost”... And worse, he didn’t even lose by the hands of the MC.

The last 300-400 chapters is just about the all-out war. Everyone just become half-god/god with no effort at all it seems...

It started out good, a mysterious and funny MC, a compelling world. Then he needs to gain his power and everything fell apart. The author introduced enormous amounts of characters, fractions and teams with each several nicknames and changes the POV to these characters, fractions and teams.

I have never felt so disappointed with a story... Feeling so unresolved...

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readingdigest rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
This novel is an example of what an author could achieve with proper brainstorming. Every turn in the plot is justified and written with forethought; the characters felt organic and are integrated well into the story. Even for the most nondescript character, you get a sense that they have a story to tell. Antagonists aren't just power-tripping muscle heads--there's no real villain in the traditional sense of the word. The action scenes aren't repetitive or gratuitous but progressed the story forward in a meaningful way.

Get your fill of mindless... more>> action elsewhere and read this novel for a genuinely good story. <<less
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jkmessah rated it
October 18, 2016
Status: c401
I am tired of most Xianxia. It seems to have lost it's novelty for me. Then I stumbled upon this gem.

I'll have you know, I only binge read 401 chapters in like 2.5 days. I didn't sleep through the night. This is truly an eye opener on what a proper novel, a properly well thought out Xianxia could be. I was disappointed that I did not find this sooner, but I'm glad I could binge almost half the story.

Let's get on with the review.
Freaking amazing, hilarious but not forced.... more>> Unique and 3 dimensional characters that you care about. Common tropes used with shockingly good thought helps you from getting tired or bored. He takes common tropes and flips it like a hawt pancake. The pacing is absolutely wonderful. I enjoy reading the peaceful times and tense when reading the battle scenes. I don't find a single moment boring.

The world building starts out slow. You first know just about as much as the MC. As he grows, his knowledge and environment slowly expands. The details bring it life and the cultivation, the different groups and their interaction with one another is well thought out. If you like large scale wars between two big groups, then this really could be for you!

Zuo Mo is the most interesting character I've read in a while. His love of Jingshi and that hard-working personality is really quite believable. Characters grow, but sometimes some MCs kind of lose their original personality. NOT OURS THOUGH. Such a pragmatist that would survive well anywhere. For a Xianxia novel, he must be a saint compared to other Kill-first-questions-later MCs. But he's not a saint because it's the right thing to do, but because it makes money! How he unknowingly gain respect and friends is amusing to read.

The side characters. Oh my. There are so many you think you'd lose track of who. But you don't. You might need a nudge of reminder, but the side characters each have their story and devotion that you can't forget them unless you tried. They aren't cardboard pieces of each common tropes. People can actually change!!! Notice the excitement in that.


When was the last time some snotty ass conceited side character who disses and bullies the MC ever get a second chance? Luo Li my man, I'm looking at you! You make me proud! You bring hope to snotty brats!


There is an overarching goal I suppose, but it's so grand and far away, it's not the main focus atm. The arcs are all interesting, each with a goal in mind. It's not some random travel and discover, beat new enemies there, level up. The characters grow stronger together, but not at a crazy, ridiculous, are-you-sure-this-makes-sense kind of pace. Man, how I appreciate a weaker MC that grows stronger at his own pace.


As we get to later chapters, I realize that Zuo Mo is good at delegating. Not a perfect leader from the get go, but he is so resilient that he doesn't mind learning from others, namely, his subordinates. He has trust. Especially in the later chapters. MCs tend to be quite literally, gods. They can do anything and everything. Zuo Mo can't. And he knows it, embraces it and uses it to great advantage. Truly refreshing!


ROMANCE! Let me just warn you that if you came to read this because of that tag, be warned that 401 chapters in, there is absolutely no romance. Unless of course you count the MCs immense LOVE of money. Maybe that's why the tag is there...

I can't find enough good things to say, and maybe that's cause I rushed to write this as soon as I caught up. I don't know if anyone would read such a long review, but I feel better now that I've shared my thoughts. I must make a special mention for the translating team who does such a wonderful, wonderful job. I can't believe this is updated daily. The quality of translation is superb, and I love the little TL notes at the end. Truly a 5/5 experience.

I can't wait to finish the story! <<less
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riida rated it
January 6, 2016
Status: c744
(Edit) First 553 chapters:

Mostly unique and amazing.

Character development is insanely good and there are no plot-holes or mistakes.

... more>> Don't worry, yes, there are fights, just not all the time, but all different and well written.

Such a solid atmosphere and a well-created world to lose yourself in.

This was an absolute masterpiece and one of the 3 best novels out of hundreds that I read.

But, starting with ch554 there was a constant change in a bad direction with more and more:

- lucky jumps in power ALL the time

- unnecessary complicated and less imaginative story

- too many new characters

- legendary items all the time

- EVERYONE's level is rising to fit MC

- too many levels

- rare unknown abilities suddenly are known and recognized by basically everyone....

- lost abilities that can be cultivated only by the main character who is the only one who fulfills the requirements, can suddenly be cultivated by almost anyone (who shouldn't be able to, based on the description of balance of three powers)

My rating is fluctuating stronger and stronger. First it was between 4.5 and 5, then 3-5, then 3-4.5 <<less
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MrNebulist rated it
February 20, 2016
Status: c288
Really unique and funny.

The MC, zuo mo, is a really funny and smart zombie faced individual. The side characters are amazing, not just some one-dimensional robots, cough - Stellar-transformations -cough. In fact, the author's attention to details has encouraged me to read his other work.

The story is really detailed and there are many unique concepts. The MC is a hard working one and is not overpowered like in other stories.

There are many laughs in the story, zuo mo refers to himself as ge (pinyin for big brother... more>> (e.g: ge doesn't like you) .

A translation choice that can be a bit irritating to some (including me), at least in the beginning, is the use of pinyin which takes time and patience to get used to, but fear not! Pinyin gives the terms a unique flavor. Anyway, it's the quality of a novel that's reviews, not the translation, so 5 stars <<less
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pickles rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: c400

Story really falls apart at 200 chapters, the author clearly lost his mind, and just started writing complete nonsense. Ridiculous strength realms, lack of observation and understanding of how to write a xianxia story. Erratic movement, and stilted storytelling, irreparably flawed characters, silly storyline.

By 300 chapters author has thrown cultivation out the window, now any character can turn into a god EASY!

By 400 chapters author has forgotten where his own characters are.

By 500 chapters author is lost in space looking for the storyline.

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nwms8 rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a review of the entire novel since l have finished reading the raws.

... more>>

For a long time this novel had been the standard in which l used this novel to compare other wuxia. The characters are diverse. They each had a personality, a relatable quirk of character that was both charming and believable at the same time. The show pacing became something l really looked forward to because it came with a lot of insight into the psych of our MC.

And then it breaks my heart to rate this series at 3 stars given how amazing the first third of this story was developed. Then the author became overwhelmed by the scope of the world he was building and the constraints of his chapter by chapter format. He could not properly flesh out an event without losing readers in the details and short chapter length. The author also sucks at writing romance, flirting or s*xual tension. There really isn't subtlety at all between the males and females. The last half of the book honestly felt like a different author took over. Time skips happen, 6 to 10 year segments of character growth just aren't described in the same detail as the beginning. You have sorry sentences like "6 years later he wasn't the same person as before. He was more calm and mature" which sucks. I wanted to be there while the MC experiences those hardships and boots of personal growth. Individual personality is replaced with power level dogma. And the ending was a load of crap that felt so rushed.


Hey, we won. Time to build a house. The end. What happened to the characters for gods sake. The fun is in the detsils man.


Overall the characters are great but are not developed to their full potential. This could have been a magnificent story because the scope of the world was so grand and well developed but the author totally dropped the ball on how he executed it. It was as disappointing for me as when l first read the balls deep amazing book Bloodsong then read the second book which was utter garbage. 3/5.

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acoleman2 rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: c490
I'm a big fan of this novel. I could wax eloquently about this for pages, and it wouldn't feel like enough so here's the top 5 reasons you should read this novel:

1. Excellent MC and supporting character cast
2. The plot is actually interesting and makes you wonder where the MC will end up
3. Unique cultivation path/cultivation system
4. Author's sense of humor actually gets me to laugh occasionally
5. Mostly high quality translations AND consistent (which is key)

Update 2/6/2017: I'm slowly becoming disenchanted. It started out... more>> fun. The MC was a production xiu, and learned a variety of things. The world was interesting, and small details, like the radio thing they had, really fleshed out this world they lived in. I liked it, and would have been content if he kept building a production xiu paradise everywhere he went, while slowly amassing formation knowledge. Unfortunately, the author did not take that route. Moreover, I'm being told that the author leaves many character story lines unresolved, or resolved in the most superficial way. Frustrating. Will hang on until the end, and still recommend the early chapters, say the first 200 or so.

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LordMignion rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: c255
I think this novel is an absolute must read. Now you may be thinking that it has a lot of 1 star ratings but I think that is just because you have to read about 40 chapters to be able to really read the story smoothly. The translator left a lot of words in pinyin and so for the first few chapters you have to always go to the glossary to look up what certain words mean in english but after some time you get used to them and I... more>> even prefer some of the terms like Jingshi. I don't know why, but Jingshi has a certain ring to it that "Spirit Stones" or similar terms just don't have. The main character is also very poor and very weak for a long time, but he has successes in other field like farming and different things later in the story.

If you like stories like ISSTH or similar novels where there's a lot of foreshadowing and characters can be gone for 100 chapters only to return later, then you will really enjoy WoC. This novel is not your typical xianxia where a guy reincarnates into a trash young master, gets a op item or a spirit master sealed in an item who teaches him things, and then proceeds to stomp everyone else with zero face given. He does have a yao (=devil/demon) in his head, but that yao only teaches him trash in the beginning and always asks for payment or even goes a far as to steal all the MC's money. In my opinion this novel is a must read. I put off reading it for a long time just because it didn't have the best rating, which I now regret. It has a pretty slow start so give it 50 chapters or even more to grow and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

P.S. This is my first review but I just had to get more people to read this novel, so sorry if the review isn't that good or if it sound more like a sales pitch than an actual review. <<less
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Augustus7 rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
I sincerely feel this novel has been under rated. The MC has a unique personality. Initially, the MC is a farmer. And with an unlucky encounter, the MC has slowly changed his career into training his cultivation after a demon resides in him. His greedy and die hard personality makes the novel funny and refreshing. The translator did a good job keeping some of the vocab in pinyin which makes the dialogues funnier.
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normal guy rated it
June 16, 2016
Status: c278
Great work. Simply great. 5/5. This review is valid till chapter 278. As there are a total 915 chapters, the story is completed about 30%, I believe that I can say something about it.

You have an extremely mysterious, hilarious and out-of-the-box MC by the name Zuo Mo. He is totally not OP. But he can still kick some major ass. That itself shows that he is a smart, intelligent strategist kind of guy who tries his best in battle. Hell, he is not even a sword immortal kind of guy.... more>> He is a farmer/pill maker/formation master/beast tamer/clown. When you see MC finding a glorious weapon, you imagine him to wield it to destroy sects. BUT, he sees it as jingshi waving hands and beckoning him. Jingshi is the term used for money in this novel. He has a female silly bird as a companion who only proudly stands and shows off her feathers. You have the mysterious guy living inside his body. But that guy doesn't help the MC for nothing. HE WANTS MANEYYY/JINGSHI. He is just too interesting and funny. The sense of humor of the author only keeps getting better in the story. While some people might initially say that MC has no ambition/reason to strive for strength, reading a bit further will let you understand. I assure you that the issue is addressed.

There is no definite romance in it till chapter 278, there are a few possibilities. And the romance, if perfected, will compel me to get it to 6/5. Man, I just love all the ways he tries to earn money. According to me, the names of the three released books should be:
Book 1- Farm Ville
Book 2- How to pis off your teachers and elders
Book 3- Clash of Clans

I definitely recommend this one to any one who is looking for a good, funny and mentally long read as there is still about 70-75% of the story remaining as on seventeenth of June 2016. <<less
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craBebe rated it
June 8, 2016
Status: c269
This is an absolutely fantastic novel. It's slower paced than it's xuahuan counterparts, but man, this novel does world building and character development well.

This is a novel with layers built into it, rather than a string of fights interspersed with cultivation.

Much of the novel centers around exploration of craft, sect politics, kingdom/army building, and layers upon layers of foreshadowing.

If you've gotten sick of the typical cookie-cutter xianxia, give this one a try. It's a bit slower paced, and not as action packed, but it's got a good amount of humor... more>> and some exciting cultivation.

It also has probably one of the best "master/disciple" relationships in any novel I've read so far.

One of my favorite new reads. <<less
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ln_ rated it
March 23, 2016
Status: --
Very nice story line. You need to bite through the initial phase of pinyin terminologies. You will need some patience for this. After that, the story is awesome. While it is a bit slower than some other novels, it is not rushed with MC killing off opponents in a chain because of some small stuff becoming chained revenge plots. The story makes a lot of sense and the character development is quite good.

If I have a single issue with the story, it would be some excessive explanations that the... more>> author seems to provide. (Also I dunno why, but, the names are not impactful and it is sometimes easy to forget these names). <<less
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Iris Lazuli rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: c450
Most people complain about WoC due to it's slow pace development but tbh I don't really agree with them 'cause even from the start of it's already interesting, the character development is good and Fang Xiang didn't just made them just to be forgotten on the next few chapters like the typical troupe of the genre. Also Zuo Mo ge is not your usual MC that believes that his face is greater than the other 'cause Ge only wants some jingshi so if it's not profitable and it will lead... more>> to their life being in jeopardy then Zuo Mo won't hesitate to escape or to amend with them. What's more he's naming sense is also something that we need to watch out for XD <<less
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SorrowSong rated it
August 1, 2016
Status: c323
I started this series because I was bored and was looking for something new. A weekend of binge reading later I had to remove some series off my reading list because they could not compare. At all.

That is not to say that this novel is without flaws; because it has quite a few of them. I would say that the major success of this series is that it manages to have the flaws compliment the work in a way that sets it apart from others in the genre.

IMHO this... more>> is definitely one of those series that you should bookmark and read as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed. <<less
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kjoke rated it
July 29, 2016
Status: c320
Absolutely one of my favorites, both the novel and the translator. Although it doesn't seem like much, the translator ramblings after each chapter often make me reflect on what I've just read and give me a deeper understanding of the story. I wouldn't mind seeing more translators do something like that.

As for the novel... beautiful world-building, many complex characters with their own logic reasoning and a MC that relies on his skills and using them to their fullest extent to achieve his two main objectives: survive and get jingshi!
Definitely... more>> worth reading. <<less
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lafiel11 rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: c319
For the hundreds of Chinese novels I have read... This is my favourite.

Worldbuilding, flow of story, distinct characters, funny interactions, hints of romance, weak to strong progress done absurdly good, combat scenes that blows out the mind all congeal in the journey of our money-grubbing sharp tongued main character Zuo Mo.

There is always good discussions going on each chapter, as the translator himself almost always points out the hidden plots or problems going on at the time. That is to say, every chapter has it's meaning and people that hate... more>> character filling will greatly like this story. I read it 3-4 times to enjoy everything there is given to us.

The only downside is maybe the 1 chapter a day, but if that's a downside to you... heh all I can say is this series is pretty damn good!

Hope it stays the same in the future and as for now how the series is, I can only encourage you to read it! <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
June 16, 2016
Status: Completed

One of the best xianxia. Unlike other generic kill-loot-kill-loot-cycle MC with the mountain-thick plot armor. MC does no butchering until ch.150+. Sorry for readers who love blood bath.

MC is the farmer.

He develops himself very slowly with humor/twist view of the world. As he started from being the poor farmer, his ultimate goal is : to be the greatest farmer of the world. But! His luck is simply 'too bad'.

His masters/sect force him to be swordmaster.
His enemies also force/lure/decieve him to be the best jack of all threads, either dan making, cultivating, sword arts, etc. But, his goal is still the same : "Please let me survive and let mebe the greatest farmer of the world!".

ROTFL. He has to fight back furiously, to survice and be greatest farmer. Every time he survives, but fails from his goal every time. So the path to be the greatest farmer drips farther and farther away. Slowly, he fails in to his enemy's plot.. And become the greatest warrior and master of all threads, except one. He is not the greatest farmer anymore. Can't be too.


Plot is slow. World is slow. But full of humor.

One fly in the ointment.

So many characters!! Especially in the last half of the novel. Some minor & insignificant characters were mentioned bit here, bit there, in the boring scene. Suddenly! They became the pivot! You have to reread previous chapters again..


Best of all: there's author's talk at the end of each chapter. Some may not like it, but I do.

Expand my Chinese culture a lot.
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kedar080340119014 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c201
For a xianxia LN, you could say that it is somewhat different and does not follow the regular path that usual Xianxia LNs do. This is mostly attributed to the unusual MC. For me, this LN is a bag of mixed good and bad. I like to think that I am a patient man and I really am. I like reading and have read a lot of fiction and non-fiction novels. However, World of Cultivation is too slow. I started feeling this right off the first chapter, however, I still... more>> read till chap 201 and will continue to read further. However, it still does change the opinion that WOC is just too slow. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, author tries to extend the length of chapters by elaborating on spells and techniques too much and it just starts to feel boring after first few times. Some of the chapters are just author rants about pill refining, formations and sword scriptures which I cannot make head or tails of. Secondly, 200 chapters in out of 900 chapters and still there is no trace of story development. I cannot understand where the story of the LN is going at all. Don't get me wrong, there is a plot. The main plot is to find the history of MC (who are his parents, family etc). However, after initial mention of this in first few chapters there is no further development at all till now.

If you like OP MC or MC who likes to fight head on with cultivation progress story then you will definitely not like this LN. The MCs cultivation development is very slow and he does not like to fight and when he fights, he does not fight head on. Till now the LN just feels like a slice of life Xianxia novel.

Even though I have dissed a lot on this LN. It has one VERY VERY strong point. That is the MC. The MC is hilarious. If you are smart and like subtle humor, then, you will enjoy following the shenanigans of MC and humorous situations he is put in to. His 'Zombie' face in certain situations is hilarious. I will not lie, the only reason that I kept reading this LN till now is for MC and this clever and subtle humor. This shows author is talented (at least in writing style if not story...). Hopefully, the author in later chapters can start unfolding the story little bit.

This LN is worth a read if u are patient reader and like this kind of subtle humor. Otherwise, my advice is to skip this one. All I can say is that, this LN is not for everyone. <<less
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