A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality


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A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, how will he successfully traverse the path of cultivation and become an immortal?

This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and the ancient celestials in order to find his own path to immortality.

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality on September 19, 2015 rated 2.0 of 5
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Fan Ren Xiu Xian Chuan
Phàm Nhân Tu Tiên
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New r0sen4y rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c660
This novel is worth reading. Let me agree at the start that the MC is kind of bland- but that is the premice. He is a mortal without backing, learning things on his own trying to survive and reach new heights with his terrible aptitude. So its kind of logical that he would be laying low, cultivating bitterly by himself for prolonged time. If that is not your thing then so be it. The main advantage the MC has is his brain. He can read the people and situations and... more>> plan ahead.

A few positives I would like to point out- there is no miraculous backing behind the MC and no heavenly expert has ever appeared when he is about to die. There is no overflow of heavenly defying items being "discovered"every few chapters. There is this emphasis every once in a while that shows the passing of time for regular mortals and how people which the MC used to know are now gone. Its not in a corny way, it just illistrates the journey of the MC and how lonely that path can be. The MC isn't some genius, even his appearance is average, there are no moments of "millions of people"gazing at his awesomness, while he is advancing a stage in cultivation, or doing battle, there have been no tournament arcs so far. There is no bloated chapters and repetitions that are there just for the sake of word count. The author does his best to provide an accurate and vivid record of this cultivators life. So I would say the name is freatly fitting the novel. <<less
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New Lsshin rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c660
The story is boring overall, or I should say that the MC has 0 personality at all. He is beyond boring. At first I was drawn in by how hard everything was for him and how he was able to barely achieve much after much effort, but meh I rather find all chapters very short and the story drawn out unnecessarily so. None of the side characters have any space for growth, nor do they last long, or are they relevant whatsoever.
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justien01 rated it
March 24, 2016
Status: c120
I have a lot of expectation for this novel since this is rank number 1 in Qidian with over 13 million votes greatly surpassing its peers. Well so far so good the MC is cunning but for some reason he give me the feeling that the MC is very normal maybe because I read too much novels with OP MC. First 100 chapters is super long prologue which is very good cause it give the story a really strong foundation and you wont see this nowadays cause most novel 10~20... more>> chapter and thats it. <<less
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App rated it
December 8, 2015
Status: --
Other than the currently relatively slow translation speed, this is the best out of the 20+ xianxia works I’m currently reading for one very important reason: Arc 1’s Villain. Never in a Chinese novel have I read a more insidious, plotting, sith-like antagonist than in Mortal’s Journey, and when the sh*t hits the fan and the first fight of the MC happens: It’s EPIC.

All of the character’s plots one way or another are revealed to counter each other to see whether the new cultivator can beat a justifiably unbeatable... more>> foe, and while the bigger twists can be seen a mile away, the devilish details are what make the fight great.

The more important aspect of the villain is his longevity and presence in the story. He is almost always on the wings or on stage, always establishing more of his character and interacting with the MC, more so than any Xianxia currently found partially in English, as usually villains are throwaway cliches which are used up in a few chapters. (Exception maybe to ISSTH’s Mr. Turtle: that was a very satisfying burglary)

Yes, it’s a Xianxia (therefore plot armor), yes, the skeleton of the plot could only be more cliche if the MC was reincarnated, but the details of the characters so far and their motivations are the best written I’ve seen so far from the genre and it definitely deserves your time. <<less
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LoneDK rated it
July 6, 2016
Status: c901
I liked the story. It started off slow but have good potential. The story is not as generic as some other xianxia. The MC feels very average though there are a few badass moments but overall he feels like an average cultivator which I guess is the intention of the author. Nevertheless it doesn't take away much from the story. Some people have likened this to ISSTH. It is not ISSTH. The feel of the MC is completely different as Meng Hao is all about that perfection while Han Li... more>> is the guy that takes what he can get to advance. My biggest gripe with this story currently is the at the point of this review c368 something happens that makes me feel like not continuing with the story.

He suddenly lost his cultivation and have to start again. I don't mind when this happens but only when done well. Here it's just out of the blue in the most rage inducing way possible. He meets and save the twin of the girl he banged earlier and to repay him she drained his cultivation to restore her own. She's more powerful than him btw and after draining him she actually punch him for sleeping with her sister and act all high and mighty. It feels so cheap as I know this is just setup for the next arc. There's really no build up to him losing his cultivation and is just something that randomly happens.


edit: Alright, after finishing up all other novels to their latest chapter I decided to give this another shot. The story is good but still slow as ever, I skimmed through some arc that was really boring but otherwise it was fine. Manage to push to chapter 901 and then the author pulled the same crap that made me want to shelf this in the first place. This would have been a terrific novel had the author not use gimmick like this.


Once again, out of the blue cultivation lost. Not permanent this time but more of a I must seal my cultivation since someone put a cursed on me. It was so random - He traveled to a new place when he reached mid stage Nascent Soul and some random ass cultivator picked a fight with him spiraling into a group gang up on him and someone put a curse on him. It's literally setup for the next arc which feels cheap as hell.

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Sae rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c212
Review as of c212: 4.5/5.

My first point: If you want action packed fast paced and/or a genius with (a) heaven defying treasure (s) and luck then don't bother with this one because it's as far as can be from what you want.

... more>>

The story is about a kid who can't be anymore mediocre whether in looks or talents, got dragged into the cultivation world and step by step climbing up in power while bitterly trying to preserve his own life by making use of a treasure that does not increase his cultivation talent at all. The first hundred chapters as a form of prologue is slow, but the "slow" is just right. You can't expect too much from an all-round average kid, even being able to improve at his current stage is already a feast for someone like him.

What makes this novel worth reading:

1. There is this saying about the more hollow the drum, the louder it sounds. People with low intelligence and low talent are the best blabbers. I always think that the cultivation world where only power speaks volume, nonsensical verbal arguments from every opponent is too much too unrealistic. This novel precisely avoids that. In a world where danger lurks everywhere, where there is always someone stronger or has better treasures than you, it's easy to lose one's life. Even no matter how much backing one has, if they die then that's it. If everyone is a hollow drum, then Jianghu is nothing but a joke.

That's why it's delightful to see that the majority of characters (enemies included) are NOT brainless idiots with foul mouths that spout 5+ line paragraphs. When there is a need to fight they fight. Everyone (even demonic beasts) priorities their life and has certain degree of guard against any opponent even if they are stronger in power. Heck yeah that's more like it.

2. As mentioned MC is average in everything, even his personality (he is no villain nor hero). His treasure is prolly the only thing that makes him worth writing a story about. However, the spotlight shifts to him thanks to his incisiveness (one example would be his low resistance to beauty but refusing to suffer for it). He absolutely knows how to THINK. From the clever use of the treasure to making the right choices in tough situations, by constantly activating his brains he is able to stay alive and still withholding the bottom line of his principles.

This incisiveness doesn't come out of nowhere, but painstakingly learned from the first 100 chaps that meticulously built up his foundation knowledge of the cruel cultivation world. It's fun to see him grow and facing challenges with his own wit rather than resorting to glaringly blatant plot armor or deus ex.

3. No useless fillers so far *throws confetti*

Why you might find it boring: pill pill pill tool tool tool. That's the most of it for powering up so far. However it's only sensible. His treasure aids in pills, with his talent he won't get anywhere far without pills, and wouldn't survive long without good tools. Think of this as contribution to his intellect though, knowing how to use tools is a talent for survival. Not seeing much of fighting techniques is a little sad for me, but no OP shiny fancy name actions that kill in less than a millisecond is also good. I do hope to see good techniques later on though. Anyhow, I would like to conclude this by referring back to my first point.

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strixflash rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: c1300
(Spoiler-free Review) I have read the story till Ch1300 and have now decided to keep it on indefinite hold. Can't bring myself to read a story which offers no enjoyment.

Why? Because both the plot and characters are bland.

Author has given protagonist zero unique features. Protagonist is totally bland just like plain water. You won't find him memorable at all. Meng Hao is memorable for his money grabbing skills. Bai Xiaochun for his shameless narcissistic personality. But Han Li has nothing for us to remember him about. He... more>> feels like a robot with a mission: just focusing on immortality without enjoying life. What's the use of power if you don't even enjoy your life?

The plot is nothing better: Cultivating for decades/centuries in cave, zero interest in female/friends, zero interest in enjoying life, zero interest in everything except inmortality, few adventures in which protagonist most of times is forced to do others' bid.

That's the plot for you. Just what is enjoyable in the story then? Sadly nothing. <<less
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archigoel rated it
January 7, 2016
Status: --
This book is very good in the initial stages, but as you approach 250+ chapters, you quickly start getting BORED. MC is absolutely concerned with himself. Story remains true to the title... telling how MC is progressing, but after some point, I just dont care about him. Frankly, story becomes absolutely damp squib.
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ptsome110 rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c119
If you liked ISSTH, you will like this.
:) Like ISSTH there is no plot formula (constant blood bath, arrogant comments, recycled plots, etc)
:) Cultivation world is more like ISSTH > Coiled Dragon type of cultivation
:) It doesn't get to the action right away, but spends quite a bit of time telling the story & building up suspense
: (It doesn't get to the action right away which may have thrown off a lot of readers & caused them to give up on the story before... more>> it gets really good
:) Author pays attention to detail & delivers story very well (its very different from normal chinese authors in this genre, the style of writing is more akin to Er Gen or tang jia san shao <<less
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Linked rated it
November 6, 2015
Status: --
Okay, as the translator I might be biased, however I want offer more than just the "cookie cutter" opinion as the two above have stated. Now the story is only 50~ chapters or so in translated at this moment so those in the future this may not apply to you. Okay here we go. So the story starts off slow, real slow as a base background for the character is developed. The main character Han Li is a poor child that essentially joins a martial arts sect for a chance... more>> to help his poor family back home, (I don't think this is spoiler it's introduced quite early.) Anyways this sort of sets up a sort of "typical" child background but that's where it ends. The MC starts to think a little bit more than others and his motives for power at the moment aren't to crush his enemies but to save his life. Again it's slow so at the moment there aren't too many fight scenes, but I feel that this story is powerful in the sense that it is able to develop characters in a much deeper sense which may appeal to me but not others, so read and I hope you enjoy. And to those that jumped to conclusions from the synopsis which makes it sound bland, it isn't truly like that I will be editing it shortly. Please just take a chance and enjoy! <<less
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heishiken rated it
March 1, 2016
Status: --
One of the Novels I'm looking forward to the most as of how it will Develop. Definitly worth a read though if you like Xianxia Genre in general.
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obsoletefactor rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c168
So after reading more than 150 chapters I feel I'm able to give a review. Rating: 1 star for translator and ½-1 star for vol 1.

To be honest I found vol. 1/book 1 to be very interesting, the MC was smart, scheming and I liked how he uses an assassin styled sword tecnique/movement skill combined with exotic weaponry to fight his teacher.

His friend was a decent side character, his teacher was a cool/badass antagonist with a lot of mystery revolving around him. I loved the Mo family arc, all... more>> the women were so fleshed out with interesting personalities. And then the writing and plot just went completely downhill from there. All the interesting characters from vol. 1 are forgotten, he hasn't used or even trained his assassin styled sword tecnique even a little since the mo arc. And there hasn't been even 1 interesting and 3 dimensional side character/antagonist in almost 60 chapters.

Even the MC is a flat and plainly boring character with no strong sides to him or even likeable attributes to speak of. There isn't even any interesting worldbuilding/good plot mechanics and it has transformed from a interesting and potentially different xianxia, into a completely generic: "hahaha my talisman is high grade, and yours is only low grade so feel my awesome power!!" and "My magic tecnique is mid tier so I'm more powerful than you!" story.

TL:DR: I recommend reading vol 1. And then just dropping it after he goes to that immortal meeting. Because there's many stories that are a lot better written, has interesting antagonists/side characters and much much better world building. And interesting likeable mc's which this story doesn't. <<less
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novelbrah rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: c149

Most of the people complaining about the story being slow probably don't read actual literature. This isn't some Martial God Asura clone or whatever... There's an actual story and it has no senseless fighting. I'm more interested about what the MC will do than seeing ridiculous fights with comments from onlookers.

Someone said that if you like I Shall Seal The Heavens, then you'll like this one, and I completely agree. Although, I do like A Record's plot a lot more than ISSTH's.

If you're the kind that likes fast... more>> paced action that repeats itself, then this isn't for you. If you read fantasy books with actual plots, you might enjoy this one. Clearly it isn't a work of art, but compared to the rest of the novels here? I think it's top of the line.

EDIT*********** 3.5/5 NOW

WTF happened? After the first arc, it feels like the author got lazy. I need to wait a bit more to truly make a final decision. Hope it picks up soon. <<less
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IRainstorm rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: Completed
Finished this story around a month ago on MTL, and I judged propitious the moment to give it a small review now.

So I have gained knowledge about this story the first time the ranking of qidian finished works was published somewhere as it ranked first or close to that, so like any other person I had to check the hype.

... more>>

The story start well, you get your usual Xianxia setting in a mortal world at the bottom of the food chain, he somehow gain a bottle that magically gather energy from moonlight and transform it into a liquid that accelerate the growth of any plant, as we all know plants leads to alchemy & pills, so you can already see how OP and cheat this item is.

MC has a good temperament, hes not cocky and is really cautious as anyone should be in this kind of world even thought sometime the author has to make him do stupid decision to move the plot in a certain direction hes not himself stupid, he can be obsessive about few things but that where the personality stops, he doesn't have anything that set him apart from the rest.

The fights... here is the big picture, as long as anyone in the same realm as you in this novel has OP items/weapons he will easily dispatch you, the MC doesn't rely on some special power or technique, all he does is get them OP items and spam the sh*t out of them to overpower anyone in the same layer of power as him.

The side characters ? there are few females that appear and get some weak spot light along the journey like his wife for example but they get removed from the plot for hundreds of chapters and basically have no characterization and as a reader you will hold no bond with them.

After the first thousand chapter you will start to feel the loopy plot, it start to feel boring and slow like a quagmire engulfing your mind, but it's not annoying enough to make you drop it so you continue reading and sink more into it, there are some exciting events along the road that will make you breath some fresh air and steel your mind into sinking more as well as some expectation of yours that you need to meet.

Is it alright to skip dozens of chapters in this novel ? yes you can easily follow the story even if you do that.

I will give this novel a 2.25/5

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Astari rated it
March 27, 2017
Status: c318
This is definitely my favorite novel, and the reason it's simple: this novel is unique. Not some unique idea, world or cultivation, but a unique feeling it pass to you, the best way to describe is reading the title: A journey to immortality. I read many xianxia novels, good ones, but none could get myself so into the story like this one. You feel the struggle, the dangers, and most important, the achievements.

This novel is probably the closest to 'real' wich a xianxia can get! Why? Many factors, one... more>> of those, the pace. Cultivation takes time, or it probably should as many authors say, but don't show it, but not here. In RMJI each level on cultivation means a lot, and so little. A lot because it shows how powerful one gets, how desired it's just one more level. A little because it's often show that thoses levels don't mean everything, and if one is careless he may lose his life, like it should be on a so called 'dangerous cultivation world'.

Other important thing to this, is for sure the MC, he is likeable, wich seems to be rare on CN, and maybe most important, relatable. This is due to the fact that he uses his brain, he is calm, he feels human, and we accompany him since his childhood and naivety. How Han Li (MC) grows is fantastic, and you understand his action e understand him, sometimes you know what he would do in certain circumstances, something rare in any literature.

I really recommend this to anyone to read. Some say that is dull, I can't see that way, it may be slow sometimes but I can only see as necessary.
Read this if you want do experiencie a adventure. Read this if you want to see what a real journey is. <<less
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Pleasantly-plump rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c214
So far as others have stated the MC is very ordinary, which I feel fits the title well. If I were to put the MC in another xianxia story, he would be the character that you would overlook. He does not have some special aid to move him through cultivation (at this stage). This is the story of the common person and not a chosen, a good read.
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fir537 rated it
June 9, 2016
Status: Completed
I read this alongside Martial God Space, a welcome read during the wait for new MGS chapters.

A great read, the title is pretty much the whole story. You follow the story of how Han Li cultivates into being an immortal.

... more>>

The whole story is all about one dude cultivating and doing his best to stay alive in the cutthroat world of cultivators. He tries his best to cultivate, ignoring most other things in life other than cultivating, trying his best to not have enemies, and pretty much try to stay alive. Every realm he cultivates into he gains extra lifetime, but still not an immortal, so he has to cultivate more. And when he becomes immortal, the story ends. Rather cliffhanger type of ending, but I suppose it was expected since the title already describes the story.


Hopefully the author have plans to make a sequel. I really liked Han Li. Only Han Li. The story gets boring at times but Han Li is the reason I kept reading. <<less
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dy2746 rated it
December 23, 2015
Status: --
At the time of this review i’m about 50 chapters in. Warning this a very slow start, MC doesn’t throw a punch in the first 48 chapters or so. BUT what makes this stand alone from most Xianxia is the fights so far are different, it’s not just two guys mostly standing still throwing magic/energy/flying swords or what ever at each other to see who the throw it the strongest. It’s martial moves kicks & punches and sword slashes that the others have to dodge/counter/block. Sorta like a kung fu/ninja... more>> movie close quarter fighting. To me it was a breath of fresh air.

Down side as of this moment the translators seen to be having some issues and a snails pace would be lapping these guys. I’ll put this in the check back in a few months category and hope I can pick it back up. <<less
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clowred rated it
July 11, 2016
Status: c140
As many others have already stated, this novel is quite different if you compare to the general xianxia. Lucky encounters don't come without dangers, and they also do not prove to be so important that they would completely change his abilities without hard work. What truly impressed me was how dangerous was his beginning on the path of cultivation.
... more>>

Han Li was chosen by luck to become the disciple of one of the most important figures of a minor sect, a god doctor, with another child of his age. They were both educated in the art of medicine while they also obtained a secret chant from the doctor Mo which should be cultivated for one year before being tested. Han Li manages to somehow reach the first realm while the other kid didn't and instead was given a physical cultivation method. Little did Han Li know that the truth was quite different. He was actually a human incubator while the other kid after developing a few levels was killed and then used as a puppet. Slowly he understand the danger he is in and starts training to be able to fight against this doctor that was also a supreme expert.

This type of adversity is rarely seen in Xianxia mostly because of the plot armor and the huge amount of encounters the MC generally has. Here we have a 100% genuine normal person that gets blessed with enough luck to stand a chance and rarely to put a good fight against those stronger than him. If you compare it to other xianxia where the MC somehow manages to defeat those at a few realm higher than him, not levels, you understand how special is a MC that is a normal cultivator and not some freak. He values friendship but he is not so unstable to stop from progressing just to become a baby sitter. Because of this after a time he

actually cuts off all his ties to the mortal world, leaving his sect, his friend, and even his family

What also impresses me is that he is not immune to beauty. He is influenced by it and feels at a loss sometimes when dealing with such characters. Later on he even concedes against such a beauty because he doesn't know how to react and is forced to make a gift.
A relatively funny story with a absolutely awesome plot. The only things that leave a sour taste are either the author making some inserts here and there about the future or the seemingly fast pace which goes from one part of the story to another with a fast interlude, sometimes skipping a major part of the plot only to explain it in one chapter or even less. The new arc which is about


is a little too detailed which can give a headache considering the change in the style of writing. At least, for now, it left me with a good impression while making me want more. I will eagerly wait for the updates. <<less
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Virilitas rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c480
This is my favorite novel but it's always driven me crazy at the slow translation progress. Thank the lord for whoever picked it up after the new years! Hooray!

Anyways, the review! This lives up to it's title. It's more like a diary of the life of a cultivator. Sometimes it can be slow and plodding, but I love it. There's always something going on, even if it's just detailing the progress that has been made in his cultivation or the future plans. The beginning arc is spectacular, it's a slow... more>> burn and the first boss battle is downright amazing. The story continues in that manner, there's a lot of slow burn and then huge epic confrontations.

Another thing people may not like, but I love is the main character is cunning and focused. He doesn't care about face or getting offended. His goal is to become an immortal. To be more powerful than anyone else. It's like the times when you were a kid and you had to eventually realize that words can't hurt you. Blowing your top over essentially nothing is only going to get you in trouble. The main character here knows this and doesn't waste his time and energy on nonsense. This also creates less of an exciting adventure at times but its far more true to his character and good decision making.

Regrettably, its hard for him to form relationships with others, but again... its more of a truth of their world. If you can barely escape with your life and end up surrounded by strangers eager to take advantage of you, it can be difficult to put your neck out there. I quite love this novel though, it's not just a foolhardy idiot who can't take the smallest insult running into silk pants young masters and the arrogant sect leaders. He doesn't take it upon himself to right every injustice in the world and then somehow triumph over them with his ridiculously powerful abilities. He doesn't just stumble upon heaven defying luck over and over again and gain endless opportunities. Obviously, he does have a cheat, but if he didn't then why would he be the main character of the novel? <<less
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Sai47s rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c264
This novel, at the beginning shows a strong start, causing a lot of interest, but after reading about 130 chapters, the main story comes to naught, and then completely disappears. Novella is not bad, but at the same time greatly overestimate the number of people. The potential of the history and the hero is very mediocre.

Hero smart, but it's circumferential boredom, because it is missing the ego, charisma, the dark side of nature or motivation to anything other than cultivation. Reminiscent of old hermit who is immersed in itself and... more>> no longer notice.

Lack of interesting secondary characters, friends of the hero usually poorly disclosed (if not present, we usually forget about them after 20 chapters).
Female characters is also not disclosed or almost otsutsvuyut (Again, disappearing faster than appear in this story).

A character without the initiative in the events, often just unfortunate passing by. The character does not have strong desires, aspirations. No powerful enemies who would remember. In addition to the first enemy.

One gets the feeling that the hero does not care at all for the whole world, just wanting to quietly cultivate in the cave alone until his dney.V general lack of zest in the product, which would remember. Slightly more interesting than many similar products.

Because of this, gradually lost interest in the novel. <<less
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Zyst rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c266
Essentially the only story I've ever seen where a talentless MC is, in fact, talentless. His cheat allows him to grow at a nearly similar-to-normal speed, but he's still mostly outclassed by the talented.

It also has a great 'cheat' item that still has room for development. In other stories the main characters go through the most convoluted leaps of logic, and instantly arrive on how their cheat works. Even when it belonged to some other character that had it for 500 years but just "never realized it's potential". Here,... more>> the main character has tried to experiment differently, but has only found a single real use for the cheat. I really enjoy that it is something that gets developed.

The character is, in general, very down to earth. He is a cautious individual, that doesn't often get into trouble for no good reason. The MC is just a realist, he crouches when he needs to crouch, he goes with the flow when he needs to, and all in all feels excellently written. He feels like much more of a real human than most other characters.

The story has a fairly slow pace, and pretty big time skips. But if the above has interested you I'd exhort you to give this a try. <<less
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