A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality


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A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, how will he successfully traverse the path of cultivation and become an immortal?

This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and the ancient celestials in order to find his own path to immortality.

Associated Names
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Bir Faninin Ölümsüzlüğe Yolculuğu
Fan Ren Xiu Xian Chuan
I Will Become an Immortal
Phàm Nhân Tu Tiên
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TheeWaxMan rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: c2000
I haven't read this in over a year but this story is so bad is actually maddening. Like you will sit there mad af and what I mean by that is, you know that feeling you get when something is about to pay off either becoming stronger, getting a girl, getting a piece of information, getting a weapon, getting anything, some of this happens but I can reassure you, you will be let down every single time, but they will word it in a way where you want to continue... more>> and see if maybe it leads up to a bigger pay off like oh maybe he gets something with that thing he worked hard for?? No everything is literally underwhelming at its definition, and if you've been reading these stories for 7 years like me you know what I'm talking about, I got some chapter like 1950-2100 I can't remember it's been a while tbh but I don't forget how much I hate this book. I'm not an internet troll and thank you translator but holy sh*t how do people rate this a good book? You remember in Against the Gods (ATG) when Yun Che was a weakling you felt bad for right away but then he met Jazmin (Spirit of sorts) she said there is another way for him to get his spiritual veins (you as the reader just sit there and think OMG what did she say? How?). He finds the veins and he goes through a life or death body tempering all within the first like 20 chapters, So you sit there with anxiety hoping something good will happen or at the very least something interesting, then it does and you sit there glad you read what you did, but in this story, you will be left with anxiety and no payoff, ever. This story is a story I picked up and put down multiple times because the start is less than average at best. So many times I got bored of the beginning, but after reading every single story that's a cultivation story with more than 2000 chapters I can confidently say this is the worse. You will get to chapter 2000 and you will feel like a normal person from this world could drop him at any time even still. This story is literally a C- with everything but relationships and protagonist are F. The reason I think this is the worst story I've ever read because not only do people keep upvoting this shitty novel it has no payoffs, you will feel that the protagonist would be better off dead tbh, this dude literally says how much of a weakling he is alllllll the time. Never do you go that was good fight, you will 100% of the time say, man, he got lucky to survive, it would be different if they gave you any payoff but you don't get any I've been so dumbfounded on why the author just wants to feel stepped on the whole f*cking book. I literally hate this book so much I was yelling at a few pages reading it like why the f*ck would you do that protagonist? I've been on this site for years and I had to make my account just to write this cuz hole sh*t this is bad. <<less
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Virilitas rated it
February 20, 2018
Status: c480
This is my favorite novel but it's always driven me crazy at the slow translation progress. Thank the lord for whoever picked it up after the new years! Hooray!

Anyways, the review! This lives up to it's title. It's more like a diary of the life of a cultivator. Sometimes it can be slow and plodding, but I love it. There's always something going on, even if it's just detailing the progress that has been made in his cultivation or the future plans. The beginning arc is spectacular, it's a slow... more>> burn and the first boss battle is downright amazing. The story continues in that manner, there's a lot of slow burn and then huge epic confrontations.

Another thing people may not like, but I love is the main character is cunning and focused. He doesn't care about face or getting offended. His goal is to become an immortal. To be more powerful than anyone else. It's like the times when you were a kid and you had to eventually realize that words can't hurt you. Blowing your top over essentially nothing is only going to get you in trouble. The main character here knows this and doesn't waste his time and energy on nonsense. This also creates less of an exciting adventure at times but its far more true to his character and good decision making.

Regrettably, its hard for him to form relationships with others, but again... its more of a truth of their world. If you can barely escape with your life and end up surrounded by strangers eager to take advantage of you, it can be difficult to put your neck out there. I quite love this novel though, it's not just a foolhardy idiot who can't take the smallest insult running into silk pants young masters and the arrogant sect leaders. He doesn't take it upon himself to right every injustice in the world and then somehow triumph over them with his ridiculously powerful abilities. He doesn't just stumble upon heaven defying luck over and over again and gain endless opportunities. Obviously, he does have a cheat, but if he didn't then why would he be the main character of the novel? <<less
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novelbrah rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: c149

Most of the people complaining about the story being slow probably don't read actual literature. This isn't some Martial God Asura clone or whatever... There's an actual story and it has no senseless fighting. I'm more interested about what the MC will do than seeing ridiculous fights with comments from onlookers.

Someone said that if you like I Shall Seal The Heavens, then you'll like this one, and I completely agree. Although, I do like A Record's plot a lot more than ISSTH's.

If you're the kind that likes fast... more>> paced action that repeats itself, then this isn't for you. If you read fantasy books with actual plots, you might enjoy this one. Clearly it isn't a work of art, but compared to the rest of the novels here? I think it's top of the line.

EDIT*********** 3.5/5 NOW

WTF happened? After the first arc, it feels like the author got lazy. I need to wait a bit more to truly make a final decision. Hope it picks up soon. <<less
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dy2746 rated it
December 23, 2015
Status: --
At the time of this review i’m about 50 chapters in. Warning this a very slow start, MC doesn’t throw a punch in the first 48 chapters or so. BUT what makes this stand alone from most Xianxia is the fights so far are different, it’s not just two guys mostly standing still throwing magic/energy/flying swords or what ever at each other to see who the throw it the strongest. It’s martial moves kicks & punches and sword slashes that the others have to dodge/counter/block. Sorta like a kung fu/ninja... more>> movie close quarter fighting. To me it was a breath of fresh air.

Down side as of this moment the translators seen to be having some issues and a snails pace would be lapping these guys. I’ll put this in the check back in a few months category and hope I can pick it back up. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c1650
I am really saddened to only give this a three -- the world is vivid and vibrant, the fights are meticulous and breathtaking, the treasure expeditions are full of danger and treachery, and there is an awesome ape-beast. So why is this only a 3?

Because the author _loves_ to skip everything that isn't a fight. When in other novels the MC sits down and cultivates painstakingly or delves into the mystery of the pill dao or cultivating spirit beasts, in this story the author just presses the fast forward button... more>> -- suddenly a hundred years just flew by, and the MC emerges to fight again.

When in the beginning this wasn't as egregious, in the later parts (~4000 pages) this just happens over and over. I feel as if this novel is missing its soul -- I want to experience the passing of time, the changes that happen after seclusion, the thrill of breaking a bottleneck. I just feel robbed...

Some other small minor annoyances

  • Han Li: "I am more of a careful guy myself"
    • Also Han Li: <jumps into death trap> "Who would have thought this was dangerous?"
  • The worst romance of all time
    • Also pretty girls just like the MC
  • Everyone is s*upid
  • Han Li's main treasure (the bamboo) literally counters every BBB.
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clowred rated it
July 11, 2016
Status: c140
As many others have already stated, this novel is quite different if you compare to the general xianxia. Lucky encounters don't come without dangers, and they also do not prove to be so important that they would completely change his abilities without hard work. What truly impressed me was how dangerous was his beginning on the path of cultivation.
... more>>

Han Li was chosen by luck to become the disciple of one of the most important figures of a minor sect, a god doctor, with another child of his age. They were both educated in the art of medicine while they also obtained a secret chant from the doctor Mo which should be cultivated for one year before being tested. Han Li manages to somehow reach the first realm while the other kid didn't and instead was given a physical cultivation method. Little did Han Li know that the truth was quite different. He was actually a human incubator while the other kid after developing a few levels was killed and then used as a puppet. Slowly he understand the danger he is in and starts training to be able to fight against this doctor that was also a supreme expert.

This type of adversity is rarely seen in Xianxia mostly because of the plot armor and the huge amount of encounters the MC generally has. Here we have a 100% genuine normal person that gets blessed with enough luck to stand a chance and rarely to put a good fight against those stronger than him. If you compare it to other xianxia where the MC somehow manages to defeat those at a few realm higher than him, not levels, you understand how special is a MC that is a normal cultivator and not some freak. He values friendship but he is not so unstable to stop from progressing just to become a baby sitter. Because of this after a time he

actually cuts off all his ties to the mortal world, leaving his sect, his friend, and even his family

What also impresses me is that he is not immune to beauty. He is influenced by it and feels at a loss sometimes when dealing with such characters. Later on he even concedes against such a beauty because he doesn't know how to react and is forced to make a gift.
A relatively funny story with a absolutely awesome plot. The only things that leave a sour taste are either the author making some inserts here and there about the future or the seemingly fast pace which goes from one part of the story to another with a fast interlude, sometimes skipping a major part of the plot only to explain it in one chapter or even less. The new arc which is about


is a little too detailed which can give a headache considering the change in the style of writing. At least, for now, it left me with a good impression while making me want more. I will eagerly wait for the updates. <<less
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Zeusomega rated it
July 6, 2020
Status: c1900
Heavily cultivation based, with monotonous adventures of Han Li, theres not much romance drama, no stretched revenge plots.

Everything else other than cultivation is in small doses.

But it never gets boring, Han li doesn't road roll and get all the benefits, he's thrown, ass kicked and then pitied and saved. There is a lot of hardships and dead end moments but that just makes you root for Han li even more, he's a true blue underdog.

The arduous centuries long cultivation and his gradual growth from anxious on edge style to calm... more>> and alert leaves one satisfied like a father.

He does become quite op in his class, but it is slow and justified, no one absolutely no one can reach apex without fate and destiny, it's just it doesn't break norm and go out of the way like in other novels.

The world building is its main charm, the danger zones, the star sea adventures, there's always something new to see in this fictional world. It never gets boring, every treasure or technique Han li earned is through blood and sweat and it's made great use, even in the long run, not even his mortal techniques are left behind. There isn't 2d characters, there are other people with goals and legends of their own, people who got small part but were crucial in their own rights, every character you meet evokes an emotion. It's topped even in China, it's got a sequel that is actually continued adventure of Han li (that means author really invested in it's quality and isn't rushing things over) , it's got the high standards that it needs for a good novel.

A gem that must be read and savoured. Please read atleast till he reaches nascent soul, it satisfies everyone's crave while staying true to cultivation.

A small summary of the starting to anyone that needs it


A true village boy gets enrolled in a Jiang hu Sect, he needs to resolve the danger of his master, he finds a bottle that helps him grow plants faster but it has risks.

He goes on to join a immortal sect, there he finds he has the second lowest talent, he works hard and goes on dangerous mission just to reach foundation realm.

Then on its much harder for him to advance, there's internal turmoil with sects, a war is waged and MC has no strength to protect himself less alone help, he finds a way to escape and starts on his true journey onto immortality..

There's a bit romance and revenge, jokes along his way, he takes centuries for breakthroughs and it isn't timeskips, it's shown how he grows to a strong minded and a sharp sword, he's ruthless and kind at the same time, he's not fooled easily but he does get fooled cause others aren't a waste of sperm.

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Gorgeously Large Panda
Gorgeously Large Panda rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c209
The novel is the author's wet dream. Han Li seems to lose all reason when he sees ANY new female character and always ends up seeing them naked due to some very convenient drug efffect. If the enemy is male, he will kill him without thinking twice. But if the enemy is female, he will let her live and treat her with respect (actually lust). This is a story of a fool who is too lucky to die. The story should have ended when he visited his family again.
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JoakimIT rated it
December 8, 2020
Status: c1247
This was advertised as not having a harem, so after getting to the point where that's obviously not true and seeing comments confirming that I'm dropping this.

To me harem is like sh*t in a meal. No matter how amazing the rest of it is, once I find a nugget of poop the meal is ruined. And I'm not joking, another big novel ended not too long ago with a second girl becoming an official wife, and although I really enjoyed that novel I now look at it with disdain. That's... more>> how little sh*t it takes.

But if I try to look past that and give a review based on everything else, I would probably give it a 4.

The story is okay, and the protagonist is mostly level headed and intelligent unless one of the 100 beautiful female characters are involved. The cultivation is pretty standard, the fighting is a bit unique and interesting, but I just don't really care for a single character.

No relationships in this novel feel significant, he has disciples and friends he's interacted with 3-4 times "on-screen", and I think he meets the main love-interest and wife very briefly 4-5 times in 1100 chapters? What a deep and meaningful relationship!

I enjoy some passion in novels, and this protagonist is one of the least passionate I can think of. You'll see a drop of emotion every once in a while, and those moments are nice, but far from satisfying.

The antagonists of the story are unusually intelligent, but all that does for the story is making pretty much every conflict be caused by greed and underestimating the main character.

I was somewhat excited in the start about the conflict between the righteous and evil cultivators, but it later turns out they love each other and cooperate at any opportunity they get. The righteous ones were described as hopelessly optimistic and good-hearted, but the only difference is that they don't slaughter millions of mortals for their own gain.

It's cool that the author keeps track of all the insignificant characters and have them return at some point, but I would strongly prefer having 10 significant characters instead of 100 insignificant ones, and I don't think that's an exaggerated number.

One last criticism I have is that I really feel the authors presence while reading, every time this unknown azure young man described in three sentences turns out to be Han Li I sigh, every time something is retroactively explained away because the author forgot or something obviously didn't make sense I sigh, and every time a fight with some one-shot enemy lasts for 2 chapters for the word-count I sigh.

If you don't mind harems and want something to waste your time on, this is a suitable read. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zyst rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c266
Essentially the only story I've ever seen where a talentless MC is, in fact, talentless. His cheat allows him to grow at a nearly similar-to-normal speed, but he's still mostly outclassed by the talented. It also has a great 'cheat' item that still has room for development. In other stories the main characters go through the most convoluted leaps of logic, and instantly arrive on how their cheat works. Even when it belonged to some other character that had it for 500 years but just "never realized it's potential". Here,... more>> the main character has tried to experiment differently, but has only found a single real use for the cheat. I really enjoy that it is something that gets developed. The character is, in general, very down to earth. He is a cautious individual, that doesn't often get into trouble for no good reason. The MC is just a realist, he crouches when he needs to crouch, he goes with the flow when he needs to, and all in all feels excellently written. He feels like much more of a real human than most other characters. The story has a fairly slow pace, and pretty big time skips. But if the above has interested you I'd exhort you to give this a try. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Davr rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: c905
The novel was good at first because it focused on the struggle of someone with average talent trying to breakthrough. However, even with the plot armor device introduced, the MC is just in a perpetual loop of never catching a f***ing break. Seriously, if it isn't because he's being hunted, it's because he lost his power for the 78th time, he has some obligation to fulfill, or someone disturbs his cultivation. People say that this novel is a chore to read and I agree. I can only take the plot... more>> repeating so many times before I get bored of it. <<less
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Pixeldrum rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c1247
I've been sticking with Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality back when it had only around less than a few hundred chapters translated. Once I figured out that Renegade Immortal, one of my favorite novels at the time, had taken its inspiration from Han Li from Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality, I knew this novel wasn't going to be bad. And it truly was pretty good. Every few months to half a year, I would catch up to translation without fail

However, just like how water flows down... more>> a river, time does too. A few years passed, and my standards rose. I stopped reading Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immorality back at the 1000 chapter mark because I had caught up to translation. I recently put Renegade Immortal on hold indefinitely probably a few months before due to it's poor developments into the later stages of novel.

Here I am now, with over 500 chapters to read, and I finally couldn't read it anymore after chapter 1246. The events in that chapter were pretty much the reason I dropped it. Chapter 1246 was just the final straw, though. It's a spoiler, so I won't talk about it, but it honestly was probably only half the reason why I dropped the novel. I had to admit: the plot armor that all cultivation novels struggle to keep a balance with had caught up to Han Li. Fortuitous encounters kept on happening to sustain Han Li's rate of cultivation, and it gets repetitive at some point. To be honest, The Kunwu Mountain arc was when it started getting repetitive and Han Li was just getting ridiculously OP and lucky. Shortly after, it got pretty good, but then fell back to it's repetitive style.

I think we all have read novels--especially cultivation novels that degrade worse and worse as the Main Character progresses through cultivation stages and breaks through to great powers like spatial manipulation and navigating through multiple universes and planets. It's hard to keep the novel interesting at that point, and I've seen many novels fall because of it. To this day, the only pure xianxia cultivation novel that I read in its entirety has been ISSTH. All the other cultivation novels like that I finished like Warlock of a Magus world aren't really xianxia and more of a different type of novel.

Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality has truly been a long ride for me. It was one of the first cultivation novels I laid my eyes upon, and it's only been recently in the past weeks that I have been catching up that the novel has been falling apart for me. Up until that point, it truly had been one of the best cultivation novels so far. For now though, it shall be put on hold indefinitely along with Renegade Immortal <<less
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BigBadBoi rated it
December 4, 2019
Status: c1094
Right now it's a massive "meh". The start was great because the nobody is absolutely ret*rded and actually has the wisdom they should possess with their age. They know how to scheme, calculate risk and reward and the logic to take the best decision they can. There is no arrogant young master as filler because the author doesn't know what to write yet nor is it a harem collecting wish fulfillment novel.

What went downhill for this novel is the increasing amount of useless infodump chapters and the horrible romance with... more>> the female lead.

The romance is absolute shit. They basically just had the generic accidentally drugged up one night stand and now the MC needs to take responsibility. This sh*t is one of the shittiest reasons in order for the author to establish a love interest for the MC. And what's worse is that the FL is just ignored for hundreds of chapters only for her to be relevant for a few dozen chapters and be forgotten again except if we stumble upon her in another arc after like 300 chapters or so. There is literally no romance or even basic interaction between the MC and the FL minus that one night stand and the fact that he saved her a few times.

I honestly liked this but the fact that reading a chapter became a bore and I am forced to skim it just because of the time I invested reading this will feel like a massive waste if I stopped reading now is a sign that I should drop this. <<less
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AsianSnorlax rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: c1089
The quintessential Xianxia Experience. Highly Recommended!

... more>>

Background: The novel starts out rather slow to let the reader's experience the MCs character development as well the normal behaviour of someone living in this world. MC is a normal looking youth born to peasants and was recruited to a martial arts sect where he encounters his first tribulation as well as the Heaven Defying Treasure.

Treasure: It is small green bottle that can condense some liquid that can quickly mature plants/wood.

It does not boost his prowess directly but it provides him with a limitless amount of aged wood or plants for pill concocting or tool refining. Anything plant/wood related that matures with age, Han Li can benefit from.

Character: Han Li is not good or evil. He does not mind helping people if it does not disadvantage him. He also does not commit any typical immoral actions (Killing others for treasure is normal behaviour). He is patient, astute, sly and somewhat cowardly. Unlike other MCs, he will not venture for treasures if the risk is high but he will always keep his cool if his life is threatened. This calm under pressure as well as his wits allowed him to survive and profit in many dangerous situations, especially situations where he was forced into. Han li usually only focuses on cultivation and does not care for power or control.

Other Humans: The Young master syndrome is greatly minimized. Firstly, the enemies that he faces in the end are not explicitly enemies with a big "Arrogant Young Master" sign painted on his forehead and the encounters are especially varied. This makes the encounters feel more organic and natural, like some sort of natural flow or occurrence. Also, there are very little showing of young masters and there was only one real young master type character encountered as of chapter 1089. Seniority is determined by power and is strictly adhered to. The people in the world are not purely motivated by benefits like in WMW and are more motivated by normal emotions. No one finds trouble for no reason and everything flows naturally. Old characters are not forgotten and brought up naturally.

Cultivation: Qi Condensation -> Foundational Establishment -> Core formation -> Nascent Soul -> Deity Transformation. Han li has the worse talent known as the false spiritual roots that contains 4/5 elements (The lesser elements the better). Without the green bottle, he would died cultivating without ascending.

World: It is after the ancient era, QI is sparser, esoteric knowledge are lost, ancient cultivation materials are gone and it's much harder to ascend to the next realm after reaching the peak of deity transformation. It is the world of Sects and they normally compete against each other but will band together to fight a common enemy. The real sect leader will be a Nascent Soul Cultivator but a foundational establishment cultivator will be nominal leader and will take charge of the day to day operations.

Relationships: Han li would have cultivated the virg*n technique to a very high level if not for the infamous plot element "Aphrodisiac". He currently has one true love (Aphrodisiac encounter) and one concubine for cultivation's sake

Progression: Peasant -> Martial Artist -> Doctor -> Vagrant Cultivator -> Sect Outer Disciple -> Sect Inner Disciple -> Vagrant Cultivator -> Sect Elder (Different Sect)

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cocoajuppie rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: c806
Reading this novel's like taking a walk; it's something to clear your mind rather than pump you up with adrenaline. Like the title says, the story follows the MC on his journey to immortality with a mix of action, intrigue, and copious amounts of worldbuilding.

Some things that might affect your enjoyment:

    • The romance. Even though I'm biased to the ship, I wouldn't say Han Li's "relationships" are well-developed. It feels like the author involves Han Li with women just because he can.
    • It's a rather lonely journey. Except for the beginning and later on, Han Li has few companions to balance out his character. The tags sum it up well: cunning, hard-working, loner, and ruthless protagonist.
    • The pace. As I've alluded to, it's not fast but it fits the story. I think the author has done well showing Han Li's advancement and the passage of time.
I was looking for something "different" when I decided to read this story, and that's what I found. Read it and you'll know if that's true for you too.


Objectively 4 stars, but I like it so :P

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Anonymousse rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c400
A slow pace novel where MC have under average talent but trying to reach the apex of cultivation.

The world describe as being at poverish where all the resources are scarce (pills, plants, etc) so MC got to struggle like a human being.

MC is a hypocrite, opportunist and have bland personality. And so far the story had a slow pace and boring. Too bad since the 1st arc/beginning is good.

Dont expect much when you read this novel.
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yecgaaa rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: Completed
This is the best Xianxia novel I've ever read among tens of them. The MC is more like a real person, normal but smart. Also the world that the author built feels realistic: the MC has a lot of competitors, and will pay for his careless mistake instead of finding some moral justification and ridiculously avoid the disastrous consequence, like the MCs in other books. It's just like the real life. You'd have to carefully choose what you want, what you pursue, how to allocate your time for improvement, dealing... more>> with your competitors and finally succeed.

Some readers dislike the romance part in this novel, saying the author has paid too less attention to it. I partially agree that the author should balance better between the cultivation and romance. But given that the cultivators may live for hundreds of years or several centuries, any kind of romance will quickly fade under the power of time: in the real life even tens of years of marriage will make some couples hate each other, how could you expect the long live of romance over centuries?

Some other critics are about the lacking of aspirations. But think about your ordinary life: do you have a strong reason that drives you to do whatever you're doing everyday? Something you keep thinking about during eating, walking and sleeping? Also again it's living over centuries for these cultivators, for whom the desires of mortals never make sense. <<less
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lehur rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: --
1 Star for novel
1 star for translator


1. MC naive, yeah even said I not suited to do a good deed, but again no matter someone do bad for him he will do good for him, the f*ck, very naive, he only counterattack toward his master to make story rather intrigue, but still personality too naive. MC said he will not do something except he gain something, but f*ck. He again naive toward a world, people and even himself. He naive toward himself, cuz he said not to care sect,... more>> nothing to do with him, he end up doing everything for sect and said loyalty. Hypocrite
2. MC at first novel very filial to the point I will prefer not to be inner disciple, so I can like uncle have a more opportunity to come back home. F*ck in entire vol 1. He what he did toward his family NONE, except a few silver who he mentioned in entire vol 1 just 2/3 times, other times, he said came back home, but not to be described in novel, only said he had came home. Toward stranger he kindness no matter even if the one he save kill him he still being kindness, and kindness to the end to the point giving precious medicine compared to his family a few silver. So amazing comparison. Again Hypocrite
3. Forget about this s*upid/idiot/naive MC. Why s*upid/idiot/naive? Simply he always the one who endured save sect, the one who pay the most. And the only one being take advantage. If this MC can be a littlle more bit like Yue Yang LLS, who always the winner and takes all, I give it 2 star. To be a bit smarter, be more ego, strive for power.
4. MC have tendency doing habit for old man, author make this simply telling he is wise and smart than other, f*ck hypocrite, naive, idiot.


1. His nicknname is very suitable second fool, second to none

Hoping; MC can change a bit more realistic, no easily being take advantage, if not then how cheap MC can be, so cheap to the point in entire ol 1 he squander precious herb, pilll, effort. In novel did not mention a little bit his award or payment except his title. So cheap MC as cheap as chu feng MGA (read my review how cheap Chu Feng after chap 1900+) <<less
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superkooly rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: c149
It starts off decent but slowly you realize that the main character is not a character. He has 0 personality and no motivates only the broad "cultivate immortality" but its not even like he is a cultivation crazed demon who dedicates his soul to it. A lot of people say its supposed to showing a "normal person" cultivate but he instantly finds an op treasure at the start, not very normal.

TLDR: No personality mc
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Lazybum0 rated it
August 11, 2016
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This is your typical Xianxia in terms of world building, powerful people struggling to get to the top, a world ruled by the powerful, a similar world to ISSTH. Now though the world is similar to other works the characters and MC are not imho.

In so many Xianxia you can see certain archtypes of character like the young master, the teacher, the powerful old man, the though to be cripple MC but is in reality a super genius. This novel has more variety and doesn't down grade the intelligence of... more>> the side characters to make the MC look smart, it doesn't need it, the MC has low talent and is of an ordinary background, no trick about it. But he's smart and has a cheat (that doesn't improve his talent). No real backing, he's more of a lone wolf a rogue cultivator, kinda like Wang Ling of Xian Ni.

Now what I like the more about him is how rational he is, he's not bad nor good, he does help people within his capabilities, he won't risk his life unless there's profit or there's a friendship, he won't risk his like for a random woman even if she's a beauty. <<less
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