A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality


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A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, how will he successfully traverse the path of cultivation and become an immortal?

This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and the ancient celestials in order to find his own path to immortality.

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality on September 19, 2015 rated 2.0 of 5
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Fan Ren Xiu Xian Chuan
Phàm Nhân Tu Tiên
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bloggbigg rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c400
Only partially done, but 366 chapters in I think I have a pretty good feel for this...

The Good:

  • Not another 'white knight hero' adventure
  • MC not OP
The Bad:

  • MC is a selfish, hypocritical, rationalizing, cowardly, pathological liar of a sociopath with a persecution complex. (I wish I were making this up). Oh, and no compassion, appreciation or loyalty.
  • Most characters are some aspect of sh*tty to justify the MCs (still ridiculous) action/nature. Those that are not are lied to, cheated, insulted, bullied, ignored, mercilessly killed (or allowed to die), are forgotten. Often a combination of more than one.
  • The MC is depicted as 'smart', but is actually just 'author justified via outcome' (ie- eventually 'right'- even if decision flawed). Additionally, others do dumb things often to make him 'look smart' in comparison. He also displays contempt for almost everyone despite not being that great, or by having recently elevated to being over them (and of course forgetting how he felt being mistreated before).
  • Plot armor is thick with this one, as much 'luck' drives the story. Another manifestation of 'easy progress' is when the MC suddenly has things he 'prepared earlier' (but didn't actually happen till 'retcon'ed in) into his possession. (*Retcon=RETroactive CONtinuity: when you are updated that 'it was actually/always this way' in the past)
  • Overall this story is pop-up events, 'bad situation of the week' style. Overall there is no growing, driven plot- instead you'll see 'Overcoming Location A' as the first main arc (to around 350), and (presumably) 'Overcoming Location B/Return to Location A' (possibly) as the second.
  • This thing is huge (2400+ chapters), and I can't say it's all 'worth it' (if the bit I've read is any indicator).
  • Most aspects of plot are both forced, and (overall) inconsequential. Many plot elements are suddenly dropped, then sometimes reintroduced hundreds of chapters later via 'extraordinary luck' (ie- happen to bump into a character from before after changing towns).
  • The class-based discrimination is plentiful in this one, and the MC adopts to it like a fish to water-- mostly ignoring people (and their consequential fate from his action or inaction) due to his high level of contempt... but, remember- 'not a white knight' story.
  • The author's sense of romance is disappointing. This is coming from someone who doesn't 'ship' and mostly could are less- but does expect the author to at least do more than 'brush up against' realistic human emotions/desires'. Well, MC is a sociopath, so... (*ship= 'relationSHP: where readers argue the pros & cons of potential mates for MC, and who they think should pair as 'best girl')
The Different:

  • Other than plot armor (mostly undeserved lucky breaks), MC is slightly above average at best.
  • If you're wondering about the 'undeserved lucky breaks':
    • MC's relative randomly sponsors his magic test due to luckily working there/having connections. Lucky!
    • MC has magic- nothing notable, but lucks into an elite master, getting taught to raise herbs, make pills and cultivate an esoteric, 'intelligence-increasing' art. Lucky!
    • Literally stumbles over something while at masters private, closed off area... turns out it's a magic item no one lost or will ever look for. Lucky!
    • MC makes item a charm (pouch in bag around neck) & forgets item's questionable nature. (seemingly not lucky here, just stupid- but gets away with it despite being a disciple of a guy planning to possess his body, so Lucky!)
    • An unrelated thing happens, making MC remember item.
    • MC starts inhuman animal trials with magic item liquid (Luckily both knowing about 'experimentation' & not just drinking it like a potion, nor spilling the super-potent stuff on himself, ever). Triple Lucky!
    • MC slightly later luckily breaks something mysterious liquid is in spilling it on some herbs, allowing him to discover the remarkable nature of the magic item no one seemingly knows exists or wrote about anywhere. Lucky!
    • Guy who taught him herbs never notices the better quality of the garden somehow- despite watching him, needing his body & suspecting him of knowing he's been seen through (& possibly knowing the art he gave him should be making him smarter). Super Lucky!
    • 'Much extra' & 'ridiculously more potent' herbs let him cultivate faster! Win!
    • Way more- but you'll have to read yourself...
  • MC is a pretty weaselly character, which is fairly obvious to anyone (though surprisingly many readers empathize & make excuses for his behavior).
  • MCs effect on the world overall is actually minimal or negative (to date- ch 400).
  • Plot seemingly designed to go nowhere, making MC a 'normal' in relation to aspects of 'the fate of the world'
I started this due to the great rep this had & the teaser from the 3d computer generated movie soon to come out.

"Why not?" I think, then give it a try...

I'm guessing the 'anti-hero' nature sells it? I dunno...

Despite the many issues, It's actually not bad (I'll finish it), but it's honestly not very good either- at least not as good as some might lead you to believe. It is still interesting and I can see others finding it more enjoyable than I do, so you may have to try it yourself & see.

Ultimately, you're watching the MCs development, and (to a lesser degree) learning about the world the MC is in (though unfortunately framed by the MC's needs and huge antisocial bias). People and interactions/relationships kinda happen, but mostly it's a story of 'Han's cultivation & the things that get in the way of it'.

Seriously- that's 80% of it right there, and the rest ties into that somehow, has to do with Han needing to be safe (or... No- That's probably it.). There are a few slightly imaginative ideas in there about a few things that are normally done a different way- but nothing really notable so far.

Anyway- Maybe it's what you'll like- but at least you know better what you're getting into. Well, the 1st 1/6th anyway. Around 1/3 is translated so far.

Good Luck if you give it a go!
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Zyst rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c266
Essentially the only story I've ever seen where a talentless MC is, in fact, talentless. His cheat allows him to grow at a nearly similar-to-normal speed, but he's still mostly outclassed by the talented. It also has a great 'cheat' item that still has room for development. In other stories the main characters go through the most convoluted leaps of logic, and instantly arrive on how their cheat works. Even when it belonged to some other character that had it for 500 years but just "never realized it's potential". Here,... more>> the main character has tried to experiment differently, but has only found a single real use for the cheat. I really enjoy that it is something that gets developed. The character is, in general, very down to earth. He is a cautious individual, that doesn't often get into trouble for no good reason. The MC is just a realist, he crouches when he needs to crouch, he goes with the flow when he needs to, and all in all feels excellently written. He feels like much more of a real human than most other characters. The story has a fairly slow pace, and pretty big time skips. But if the above has interested you I'd exhort you to give this a try. <<less
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February 1, 2019
Status: --

The beginning for me was ok until it got to the Mo family arc. These are the basic points. 1 his master needs a student that has talent in cultivation so he can steal his body and cultivate 2. Him stealing your body automatically means you will die 3. If you have a lack of talent and can't cultivate you will still die (so basically he's pure evil) the MC luckily managed to survive the possession and his master die but the dead master had a backup plan incase he die. He poisoned the MC so he has to help his family complete one task before he can get the antidote. When the MC went to the family they decieved him and he ended up performing 2 different task and when he was done they tried to enchant him and even tried to marry him into the family. Among the three daughters one is a disrespectful brat one looks down on him while the other is indifferent. Now fast forward a few years he meets one of the daughter and she has a problem so she says "because of the relationship between you and my father you have to help me " What relationship I mean her father was going to kill the MC regardly of the outcome the same way he had killed countless other students. But the MC accepted her request and went to kill the husband of another of the sister on his way there he killed 2 perfectly innocent guards that have never offended him or had anything to do with the situation. But he couldnt kill the man because the other sister begged on his behalf so he planted a bug that will kill the man 3 years later. My question is why did he kill the man ? In what way had the man offended him ? Why did he choose to help that b***h ? She didn't even respect him ? He has absolutely no reason to help any member of that family. The MC has a very twisted sense of right and wrong like how he gave a cave full of artifacts pills and techniques to so woman I am not saying it's not a good deed but if he wants to do a good deed then that same amount of resources could have been used to help over a thousand people. He was even angry when women were offering themselves as cultivation partners when he has already clearly been informed that they are doing it willingly so as to gather resources either for themselves or their families. He was like if I was powerful I would stop all this (it infuriated me it is their own free will and if you hate it so much then give them the resources they want instead of being a hypocrite)

Then came the arc when he was trapped in a different dimension that sealed his cultivation what the **** was he doing helping some woman whom he knows absolutely nothing about when he is not even sure about his own survival I had to stop reading it before I developed a brain aneurysm

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cocoajuppie rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: c806
Reading this novel's like taking a walk; it's something to clear your mind rather than pump you up with adrenaline. Like the title says, the story follows the MC on his journey to immortality with a mix of action, intrigue, and copious amounts of worldbuilding.

Some things that might affect your enjoyment:

    • The romance. Even though I'm biased to the ship, I wouldn't say Han Li's "relationships" are well-developed. It feels like the author involves Han Li with women just because he can.
    • It's a rather lonely journey. Except for the beginning and later on, Han Li has few companions to balance out his character. The tags sum it up well: cunning, hard-working, loner, and ruthless protagonist.
    • The pace. As I've alluded to, it's not fast but it fits the story. I think the author has done well showing Han Li's advancement and the passage of time.
I was looking for something "different" when I decided to read this story, and that's what I found. Read it and you'll know if that's true for you too.


Objectively 4 stars, but I like it so :P

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lehur rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: --
1 Star for novel
1 star for translator


1. MC naive, yeah even said I not suited to do a good deed, but again no matter someone do bad for him he will do good for him, the ****, very naive, he only counterattack toward his master to make story rather intrigue, but still personality too naive. MC said he will not do something except he gain something, but ****. He again naive toward a world, people and even himself. He naive toward himself, cuz he said not to care sect,... more>> nothing to do with him, he end up doing everything for sect and said loyalty. Hypocrite
2. MC at first novel very filial to the point I will prefer not to be inner disciple, so I can like uncle have a more opportunity to come back home. **** In entire vol 1. He what he did toward his family NONE, except a few silver who he mentioned in entire vol 1 just 2/3 times, other times, he said came back home, but not to be described in novel, only said he had came home. Toward stranger he kindness no matter even if the one he save kill him he still being kindness, and kindness to the end to the point giving precious medicine compared to his family a few silver. So amazing comparison. Again Hypocrite
3. Forget about this stupid/idiot/naive MC. Why stupid/idiot/naive? Simply he always the one who endured save sect, the one who pay the most. And the only one being take advantage. If this MC can be a littlle more bit like Yue Yang LLS, who always the winner and takes all, I give it 2 star. To be a bit smarter, be more ego, strive for power.
4. MC have tendency doing habit for old man, author make this simply telling he is wise and smart than other, **** hypocrite, naive, idiot.


1. His nicknname is very suitable second fool, second to none

Hoping; MC can change a bit more realistic, no easily being take advantage, if not then how cheap MC can be, so cheap to the point in entire ol 1 he squander precious herb, pilll, effort. In novel did not mention a little bit his award or payment except his title. So cheap MC as cheap as chu feng MGA (read my review how cheap Chu Feng after chap 1900+) <<less
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Gorgeously Large Panda
Gorgeously Large Panda rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: c209
The novel is the author's wet dream. Han Li seems to lose all reason when he sees ANY new female character and always ends up seeing them naked due to some very convenient drug efffect. If the enemy is male, he will kill him without thinking twice. But if the enemy is female, he will let her live and treat her with respect (actually lust). This is a story of a fool who is too lucky to die. The story should have ended when he visited his family again.
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Damonwex rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: c470
This is a well thought out and brilliant story and has villains that actually uses their brains which I found to be quite refreshing. But the absolute highlight of this story is the protagonist and whether you will actually like this novel or hate it entirely depends on whether you will like the protagonist. The reason for that is while this novel has does do a decent job of portraying the various side characters, The story completely revolves around the MC (who is average in looks and has below average... more>> magical aptitude and has no other remarkable qualities except for his superior intelligence and cunning) and his pursuit of immortality. And since the MC is definitely not the sentimental type he just passes through these side characters with just a passing acquaintance except for one or two that actually manages to leave a lasting impression on him. In fact you can describe the MC in three words as the ultimate pragmatist. He dosen't care about whats righteous or not nor does he care about useless morals or emotions for the most part. He is 100% completely devoted to his goal of immortality and for the most past does not care about anything else. It would be accurate to say he absolutely has no heroic bone in his body as he values own life as most precious and does his utmost to avoid conflict and getting noticed cuz he understand heroes die and dosen't wanna be a just another tragic hero. Although for some this might look like cowardice I for one find this quite refreshing as this novel dosen't have the usual cliche trash villains who sh*ttalk and brag about power level for whole chapters then get steamrolled by the MC in the next chapter. Action for the most part is short and bloody where MC does not stupidly talk with his enemy about his skills or power for chapters and just goes strait for the kill.

If you are looking for a novel where there's constant action and battles just keeps ramping up for whole chapters then this isn't a novels for you. While there are some long action scenes for the most past it's short and vicious where the MC only fights whenever he has to and actually tries his best to avoid fighting. Most of the times the MC goes to battle that's cuz either when his life is threatened or he has to get a special cultivation resource or something like that.

Another good thing is that MC is extremely intelligent and meticulous and plans things well ahead and always has a backup plan in hand and I don't mean where he gets beaten to sh*t and just pulls up some super shiny rainbow awesome gadget or a powerup out of his arse suddenly. No I mean actual planning where the reader knows beforehand what he's doing and his plans. Now while it can be argued this may lead to some losing of suspense it is absolutely isn't the case. The suspense comes from from when and where he actually uses these contingencies in the fight and since the MC isn't above using the others to wear out the enemy or as a meatshied to test the waters it is absolutely satisfying to watch when he actually pulls off these schemes and dispatches powerful enemies. Also sometimes even his best laid plans are just aren't enough which actually gives these fights quite a sense of realism.

So in final thoughts I do highly recommend this to those that are tired of the usual cliche boring xianxia tropes. But if my description of the MC is not to your liking then I recommend staying away. But for me this is definitely a 5/5. <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c400
A slow pace novel where MC have under average talent but trying to reach the apex of cultivation.

The world describe as being at poverish where all the resources are scarce (pills, plants, etc) so MC got to struggle like a human being.

MC is a hypocrite, opportunist and have bland personality. And so far the story had a slow pace and boring. Too bad since the 1st arc/beginning is good.

Dont expect much when you read this novel.
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args.equals.5 rated it
July 2, 2017
Status: --
This is one of the very few novels were the MC actually acts and thinks rationally. The MC doesn't make it his job to go against the heavens or kill everyone he sees but to live a normal life of a cultivator, but what makes this novel good is that a series of situations lead the MC into taking rational paths to survive instead of using plot armor and luck to survive his calamities.

The novel is really rich in lore and content, is MC focused, and people give the correct... more>> amount of dialogue while keeping filler content to a minimum.

One of the best novels out there but translation speed is extremely slow because I think it's one of the writers current projects were the raws aren't really far ahead for huge donations. <<less
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mrttao rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c992
its ok. not terrible like so many other stories on this site. but not particularly good either. If you are looking for a "yet another one" generic but decent xianxia story to read this can hit the spot.

MC has a low talent and finds OP item to compensate. MC is claimed to be a genius (in terms of his cunning not in terms of his cultivation ability) but is actually rather stupid at times. Everyone is obsessed with face, young masters cause trouble, robbers and rapists everywhere (although with a... more>> heavier focus on the robbers and few rapists, fewer as time progresses)

MC is somehow an expert in predicting the actions of other people despite the fact he was a random peasant child when he was recruited into a sect, and spent most of his formative years meditating alone in a cave (and most of his life, by age 200 he spent maybe 20 years outside of secluded meditation). He is obsessed with hiding his strength and being low key, but actually has good IC reasons for doing so in the form of his first master plotting against him and hiding his abilities being the key to his survival.

c441 update:
The fight scenes start out interesting but quickly become horribly bland and also quite stupid, with author having nonsensical timing for things. MC attacked on his turn, then its the enemy turn, the enemy orders his disciples to surround the MC and trap him in a formation... and then they do it, because its their turn I guess so the MC doesn't use the fact that as someone who is a whole realm higher and someone who specialized in speed he should be able to easily avoid getting surrounded by them; sometimes the MC shoots attacks faster than anyone can escape, other times everyone casually sidesteps his attacks because reasons.

MC forsakes all human relationship to literally spends the vast majority of his life in a cave cultivating, he only leaves his cave when he runs out of resources, and he makes sure to push away all attempts by others to connect with him, whether romantically or just friendships. And whenever he exits the cave to acquire more resources it becomes a disaster where literally everyone but the MC dies. The MC survives thanks to plot armor, and then uses the newly gained treasure to go back into seclusion cultivation.

I know this sounds terrible, but it is much better than it sounds. So I give it 3 out of 5 starts and am still reading it

c992 update:

For hundreds of chapters now, every time MC is fighting a strong enemy, some lolrandumb thing will happen to stop the fight just as the MC is finally starting to win. Like "a devil that was imprisoned for a million years was suddenly released by completely unrelated people and thus the fight was broken up" or "extremely rare mists sweep in and teleport the party to another dimension" or "a plot of 500 years comes to fruition seconds before the MC kills this powerful enemy a million miles from current location, thus breaking up the 4 containment wards in the 4 zones of great danger and replacing them with random teleportation wards instead, MC being in one of them he is then randomly teleported away seconds before finishing off said enemy" or "the MC and the enemy delivered such a powerful strike that it could shatter space, coincidentally there was a wandering demiplane that just passed by that breaks opens and sucks them in" or "a plot of 200 years between peak cultivators for this realm of existence comes to fruition and they fight each other, coincidentally sweeping towards the MC's location". And so on and so forth.

None of those random things happen when MC closes up to cultivate for hundreds of years, or is fighting scrubs, or losing a battle and needs to run. They only ever happen when MC is fighting a final boss type character in a battle that lasts several pages, and only when MC is starting to win. Seriously, the author has a problem. This is very annoying. <<less
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Lazybum0 rated it
August 11, 2016
Status: --
This is your typical Xianxia in terms of world building, powerful people struggling to get to the top, a world ruled by the powerful, a similar world to ISSTH. Now though the world is similar to other works the characters and MC are not imho.

In so many Xianxia you can see certain archtypes of character like the young master, the teacher, the powerful old man, the though to be cripple MC but is in reality a super genius. This novel has more variety and doesn't down grade the intelligence of... more>> the side characters to make the MC look smart, it doesn't need it, the MC has low talent and is of an ordinary background, no trick about it. But he's smart and has a cheat (that doesn't improve his talent). No real backing, he's more of a lone wolf a rogue cultivator, kinda like Wang Ling of Xian Ni.

Now what I like the more about him is how rational he is, he's not bad nor good, he does help people within his capabilities, he won't risk his life unless there's profit or there's a friendship, he won't risk his like for a random woman even if she's a beauty. <<less
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yecgaaa rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: Completed
This is the best Xianxia novel I've ever read among tens of them. The MC is more like a real person, normal but smart. Also the world that the author built feels realistic: the MC has a lot of competitors, and will pay for his careless mistake instead of finding some moral justification and ridiculously avoid the disastrous consequence, like the MCs in other books. It's just like the real life. You'd have to carefully choose what you want, what you pursue, how to allocate your time for improvement, dealing... more>> with your competitors and finally succeed.

Some readers dislike the romance part in this novel, saying the author has paid too less attention to it. I partially agree that the author should balance better between the cultivation and romance. But given that the cultivators may live for hundreds of years or several centuries, any kind of romance will quickly fade under the power of time: in the real life even tens of years of marriage will make some couples hate each other, how could you expect the long live of romance over centuries?

Some other critics are about the lacking of aspirations. But think about your ordinary life: do you have a strong reason that drives you to do whatever you're doing everyday? Something you keep thinking about during eating, walking and sleeping? Also again it's living over centuries for these cultivators, for whom the desires of mortals never make sense. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
March 16, 2017
Status: c232
This is just a xianxia. It does not have much originality nor does it bring many new themes to the table. Instead what it does is make an fantastic xianxia story. Like many have said, the first fight with the villian is amazing, about 4-5 chapters long, longest fight so far. So detailed, so many twists and turns and just a respectable villian. It brings xianxia themes and makes it flow amazingly despite not repeating anything (so far) as xianxia has many themes which makes one wonder why other authors... more>> repeat so much.

Just think of an amazing xianxia novel, with an MC not strong (he isn't strong and isn't seen as strong by others) but nor is it a torturous one with an MC with nothing who can't do anything until he gets this amazing ring with a 4 million old martial master who has everything needed ever. Instead he gets a vase thats speeds up the growth of plants, thats it. And yet using that to make pills, using his wit to play with others, using his logic to not be the knight in shining armor, he makes for an amazing MC that is just downright likeable. Also it seems to have romance but so far it hasn't developed so far but has suggested a partner. But I couldnt care less, forgot about romance or any other wanted themes when you realise how good this is anyway.

Bad thing: The only bad thing is that the author skips some possible arcs. When you think about the possible arcs he skips, they are always ones that were bound to be boring and repetitive as it is similar to something he has written before or just boring. So why is it bad?

Because he builds them up too much. Not a lot, but too much for an arc you will just fast forward anyway like the MC's journey to the first villians homeland. It was good apart from the fact that the fight lasted less than 1 chapter. Apart from that, very good novel. <<less
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Eternal Liar
Eternal Liar rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c256
One of the better reads of Xian Xia I have come across, this Xian Xia is based on how an ordinary person managed to make it into the cultivation world. Most protagonists of this kind story are based on heaven-defying luck and innate talent to the point that it is unbelievable even for a fantasy and only seemed possible if it is written as a book. Not to mention that the antagonists are usually flat out used as the villain with no other purpose that to be evil and as... more>> an obstacle instead of being known as an actual person. While it is still a good read but it takes away a large part of the realism. A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, in my opinion, managed these two aspects very well. While your MC does get a heaven-defying item but isn't overly reliant on it. Of course, all MC needs an unfair asset to be able to make it to the top, but it shouldn't be entirely fixated on it. The MC relies on both his intelligence and wits coupled with his heaven-defying item to make it. Yet it doesn't instantly make him instantly outstanding, little by little you see improvement. The pacing for his progress while a bit slow, but is very enjoyable to read through. The challenges and antagonist he faces are quite realistically shown as if it would be what an actual cultivator faces along the way, especially the antagonist. They all have their own motives for clashing with the MC, other than existing for the sake of being an antagonist. This is part of the most attractive details of the novel, as the characters in this story feature intelligence. A rare trait in most Xian Xia stories. <<less
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Xravia rated it
December 27, 2016
Status: c248
If you are looking for a novel that has a pragmatic and clever cultivator that steadily climbs the cultivation world with a hidden cheat item then this is for you. The translator paces the story and tone very well and every chapter leaves you wanting for more which kinda clashes with the translating speed as reading is faster than translating. That is really the only downside to this novel is that you want more after catching up!

The thing I love about this novel is that there is actual character development... more>> and progression. Where you grow with the character and become investing in his actions and the consequences which unlike other novels doesn't end with clan annihilation and getting all the hot babes ;D <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: c118
I honestly need to start reading again and catch up cause I am beeeehiind, but before I do that I'll give you my impression of the first couple of chapters.

Before I start I of course have to say that this has the outline if the typical xianxia, but hey-- what xianxia doesn't? The important aspect of the story is that even though it is slow-paced it fleshes out in the long run. It covers things overtime and gas very few plot holes.

Overall it is an enjoyable read and gas aspects... more>> that make it unique. The MC's separation from the mortal world is extremely touching. He just doesn't suddenly become an immortal practitioner. He eases into it and it makes sense (sort of like how ISSTH's MC eases out of his mortal roots). The MC is thoughtful and he doesn't exactly remind of other xianxia MCs. I know people may say it's boring, but it puts bread on the table. Please check this out. Burrow through and you'll find a gem. Even if it isn't your cup of tea, I hope you won't ruin it for other people who may like it.

Enjoy and thank you for reading. *Hugs* <<less
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craBebe rated it
May 21, 2016
Status: c108
This is a very good series with an interesting MC, cultivation method, and story line. The world building is very well done and sets itself apart from other xianxia novels in a meaningful enough way to feel as if you're reading something new and different. All in all, a very good read.

There is one downside to this novel and that is that the release time is long, the chapter length is short, and the pacing is relatively slow. As a result if following this novel on a release to release... more>> basis it can be pretty unsatisfying as very little happens on a chapter to chapter basis. I would recommend stockpiling this particular novel to read in spurts, aside from the short chapter lengths it's a fantastic story that has a lot to offer. <<less
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xinan rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: c880
As of this review, I have read up to Chapter 389.

World building is A
Cultivation Rank is roughly the same as other similar novel (too similar in fact)
Personality Building is A
Inter Relationship with Minor Character is never dull, so another A

But why is it rated 3 star?
For just one reason, it is by far the most insanely detailed novel I've read, similar to how you waited 5 minutes for Son Goku to cast his Kamehameha.
Sometimes it's a totally useless description which does not improve the... more>> plot line (because some of them die the next chapter when the author takes his times to mentioned the villain in detail in the previous chapter).

Nonetheless, it's a fun ride. I would still read this to the end and come back to rate this review again once the translation is done. <<less
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February 22, 2019
Status: Completed
It is no 1 for a reason.

When I first thought of reading few years back, first few chapters put me off.

When I read it now, I felt bitter why I didn't read it in first time. Its way too good after you pass 100 chapters.

... more>> This and Grasping evil are the two novels I highly recommend to thirsty readers who are searching for good read.

Compared to these two novels other novels will feel sub standard and bleak. Even the likes of Issth, Atg, ST, cg, warlock of Magnus, and much more are beneath these two. That's how much I highly regard them. <<less
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Chelusa rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c837
So far as others have stated the MC is very ordinary, which I feel fits the title well. If I were to put the MC in another xianxia story, he would be the character that you would overlook. He does not have some special aid to move him through cultivation.

This is the story of the common person and not a chosen, a good read.
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