Ze Tian Ji


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To pick is to choose. This is a story about choices. Three thousand worlds full of gods and demons, with a daoist scroll in your hand, you are able to control the entire universe…

At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor came crashing down from outer space and scattered all over the world. A piece of it landed in the Eastern Continent. There were mysterious totems carved upon the meteor. Through viewing these totems, mankind comprehended the Dao and established the Orthodoxy.

Several thousand years later, the fourteen years old orphan Chen Changsheng left his master to cure his illness and change his fate. He brought a part of a marriage vow with him to the capital, thus beginning the journey of a rising hero…

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Fighter of the Destiny (TV series)
Trạch Thiên Ký
Way of Choices
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OneEyedLich rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: --
At first, I was pleased with this novel. The MC is very calm, he keeps his composure, he never let himself get submerged with his emotions. But I simply can’t bear the story. Sh*t keeps happening to the MC, every time it looks like things are going to get better, sh*t happens, always!

Moreover, I don’t like the fiancee.

... more>>

Knowing that they’ll get together, I simply hate it. Her family f*cked with the MC from the very beginning, tried to kill him. They stop him from going to school even though his scores are exceptional. MC goes through hell, he suffers a lot mentally, knowing he’s going to die soon and he keeps getting targeted for no reasons. The girl has an easy life, she trains, read book, goes to play mahjong (-_-“)

That girl isn’t worth the sand left by MC’s foot!


The story gave me too much rage, so it’s better for me to stop reading. <<less
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yijunding rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c150
Another story ruined by author's need for more words = more money.

Take any book you've ever read. Now imagine if that exact same story was written over 50 books.

That's exactly how ZTJ is written.

Author had a good storyboard, then proceeded to lengthen it as much as possible, using any means possible. Walking down the road and saw a tree? Let's take 4 chapters describing everyone's thoughts and emotions regarding that particular tree. Oh hey, look, another tree.
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TheDarkness rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c170
Now if anyone who reads this has read one of my reviews before. Chances are, you see me mention ZTJ somewhere. Of course this isn't my subtle way of stirring people into reading it >.>. Rather it is because I consider this work to be the bar for excellent writting in this genre. The author does extremely well with this work. Stoic MC, who is extremely humble and yet stubborn with his bottom lines. He doesn't care what others think about as long as he can live with his choices.... more>> That makes for an interesting story. While is this ultimately about defying fate, and become something greater, it doesn't go about it like most works in this genre. The MC doesn't start off with an OP ability, he isn't from the future, Nor does he inherit a super strong legacy from a dead god. He is just a sickly scholar. Above all else this is a story about people. And you can see that in how the author handles his characters. He spends countless chapters developing the cast, and making the characters much more relatable. This often leds to the plot being put on the back burner, and a pacing that is sometimes unbearable slow. (7 chapters in one fight. 7. F*ck me man) But I can safely say despite these flaws, this work is amazing. And if you can get into it, you won't regret it. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
March 24, 2016
Status: --
This novel is unbearingly slow. Some people dislike how fast paced some of the poorly written xianxia novels are, fans of this novel read this due to the knee jerk reaction to poorly written “time skips” that seem ever prevalent in translated novels. However the author of the novel somehow believes the more chapters he has in his novel, the better it will be. Many chapters are dedicated to the main character having a conversation with a uninteresting side character, lately in the tournament arc it has been following dragon... more>> ball z in where a chapter is dedicated to taking one step. The amount of chapters is not how a quality of a novel is determined, otherwise the bible would be considered the world’s most pleasurable reading experience. <<less
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Lazybum0 rated it
September 17, 2016
Status: c199
My heart aches and my eyes bleed when I see 3 stars or lowers ratings. I get why they don't like it, but I still can't share the feeling. I guess I like simple things.

This novel is slow paced has a calm and inexperienced guy as a protagonist, this story is about following this calm yet awkward guy through his journey of life and death, it's about fate, about choices.

The things that make it better than other novels imho are :
*It doesn't downgrade the intelligence of side characters to... more>> make the MC look smart.
*The side characters have personalities of their own.
*The romance is solid, yes you have to wait more than 200 chapters (ahead of the current translated chapters), but it's worth it.
*Mao Ni's writes way better than his contemporaries.
*It strays from the most common cliches of the genre.
*Not everyone who antagonizes the MC is an a**hole.

The things that are not so good may be the fights which are not so thrilling and a bit long, but I'm here because of the story not for the fights and the author can get better.

The pace is a defect as a web novel I guess, which strong points are a straightforward plot and fast paced action, but for a normal novel it's not so bad. But yeah if you don't have patience or are looking for something more entertaining, then don't read it. <<less
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qull rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: Completed
Biggest letdown among the novels I read. The author was superb during the first half of the story, and he destroyed the novel during the second half. In my opinion, the author has a lot of issues with his own ego, self-conscious, and overthinking.

The first half was great story building with a lot of good characterization and potentially foreshadowing. A lot of characters were introduced with more than one dimension villains. MC strives up to fight against his destiny while being able to overcome trouble with his calm personality.

The second... more>> half was a letdown. Promising characters that are built over hundred of chapters are killed without any significant involvement to the story. Some characters are thrown out of the door, while others turned into comic relief. The final conflict was solved within few chapters in the most unconvincing way.

Author has issue with overthinking. He footnotes that he scrapped up a plot and rewrite it many time to make it seems "not cliche" or "new" to the audience. However, the plot turns out very weird, and logically doesn't make sense. Some character interactions become forceful to make the author "resolve the conflict" in a "new" way. Author also have a lot of issue with his self-ego where he just "ditch the romance that was built for 1000+ chapters" because of "I already have a lot of novels that ended like this". Basically speaking, the author cut out the reader's expectation to just "make this novel different".


MC and heroine are hinted to be in love for 1000+ chapters. During the midstory, they have talks about marriage engagement as well as how heroine family will oppose. Yet, in the end, they do not marry because MC doesn't want to "drink" and heroine doesn't want to have "kid".

After all foreshadowing of this relationship, they abruptly stopped it at the end of the novel due to reason (per author's interview) that he "already have a lot of novels with good ending".


This is absurd. This shows that author has either creativity block or bad decision making. Most of his story is based upon trying to make "something new" or "something creative", which kills the story itself. If author was able to let go of his ego and reuse some plots, then it'd have been a better novel. <<less
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riida rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c112
Any chain is as strong as the weakest link and the few horrible mistakes made by the author really destroyed what could be a great novel.

I really liked most of it, as it has several unique, interesting and engaging components to it, BUT, it's very emotionally unbalanced. Mostly negative. MC is getting horrible treatment from EVERYONE, unjustifiably and unreasonably.

In addition to that there are even badly written plot holes to forcefully put the protagonist in an EVEN worse position than he is! WHY?!... I had to stop reading... too bad,... more>> too bad.... <<less
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Aeternus rated it
March 17, 2018
Status: Completed
If you read the novel, you will propably think the rating is wrong. I don´t know which side you will be on, the one who thinks it is too high, or the side that thinks it is too low. It is hard to give this novel a rating. In my opinion three is too high. I try to explain it, without spoilers.

The problem I have with this novel is, the more I know about it, the more I have read it, the more I want to give it a worse... more>> rating. The first impression is actually quite good. The writing, the style is quite beatiful, and it is propably enough to give you a recomendation to read this novel.

The question arises are there more to this novel, other then the beatiful writing?

And yes it seems, the novel has a decent story, a decent philosophy and much more. But... Yes but... Is the story trully good? Interestingly I later read some chinese history, and you will find the story there. Not actual spoiler, but unnecessary commentary:


The chinese reader will propably recognise the setting. It is in principle an alternative (through pretty similar) take on this pretty interesting part of chinese history. There are phantastical elements, some changes, the perspective is special, many plots are added etc.. But I actually found it weakens the story. It is like you take Joan of Arc and make her have superpowers and the other side have superpowers, and you tell it from the perspective of some guy you add, but you leave the important events close to the same, interpret them in your own way of thinking.


So the author actually copied the best part I liked, from history books. He added some parts, which are actually in the end discriminating, logically flawed or bad. The further you read the story the more it makes no sense. Because it derivates from the basis, which is actually in my eyes pretty much "borrowed" (stolen), it is not even a satire.

Philosophy, I acknowledge myself to be not even a beginner in chinese philosophy, and it was interesting to see them used, I can see that the author borrowed parts (mostly basics) of different religions (pretty much all big in Asia, + Christianity), and used them at convenience, while making it a nice story.

Characters were ok? No, one-dimensional, pretending to be more. Actually I thought of most of them as s*upid (as the second dimension (it is a "joke" - you should laugh, please don´t hate me xD). They are represented as geniuses, I see a discrepancy between what the author wants me to believe and what I see. It is the other main problem of the novel the beautiful words do not allign with what actually happens. This is the critique most reviewers describe, as the novel is "too slow". No it is not slow, nothing actually happens, what happens is actually flawed in every way. While it is cowered beatifully, it leaves a bad taste behind, especially in later parts of the novel.

I hope you see why I think I should have given even less.

The funny part is the name "Way of choices", I remember one choice! It was the decision the MC takes in the second chapter. Everything else.... Do you believe there is a choice between execution and a way out? Actually there is, Socrates is the example you seek, but you must have a foundation, a reason for that to be an actual choice like Socrates, which leads to a rational or irrational decision (there needs to be a ratio - reason, even to make an irrational decision, it is in the word!!).

So if you like to read beautiful words, you should consider reading this. If you read it for plot - read the actual historical reference, it is much better. There is a TV adaptation, which I found actually much better, while it was in every way an abysmal teeny drama. I understood the problem with the characters, after I watched some episodes (They are boring).

I acknowledge the review is not neutral. It focuses on the bad sides. I hope you can understand this. To offset it I gave a novel a better rating, then I would like to, because I know it has some redieming sides, which most readers can find enough to offset the shortcomings I described.

Thank you for your attention! <<less
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obsessed-reader rated it
October 17, 2017
Status: c23
cool, maybe this story is amazing but honestly for me it is unbearably boring. The main characters actions and personality is as flat as a line. Also for those who don't know, you are reading a novel about a guy who likes to read so be prepared for the main character to read and the author telling you about it.

the romance hasn't appeared at all, but you can tell whats going to happen because 99% of all authors on this f*cking planet have no idea how to write a romance... more>> action novel.

The pace is slower than a snail.

Honestly, it doesn't deserve 5 stars but I didn't finish this novel and gave up. For me if I can't sit through a novel than I start to think about how s*upid our world has become because for some reason everyone likes tr*sh (I'm not just talking about this novel.) <<less
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whatdoyoumeanihavehpv rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: c1251
The author has really like to pad his chapter with a lot of words and it drags the story down. I don't mind the pacing but at least have something interesting. There are dozens of chapter where the only thing the MC did was stare at a pillar, "comprehending", with nothing interesting happening.

The story is not fun to read, it's not a proper mystery, it's not an action novel, it's just bland.


As a sucker for shitty novels, I finally read the whole thing. My opinion haven't changed a single bit.... more>> The author really have no idea how to write a proper story. The pacing is so slow and the plot so asinine, it got up to a point where even the author got bored of it and basically gave up. The ending is as unsatisfying to read as the rest of the story (it's even more unsatisfying than "Inheritance Cycle" ending)

Whoever is considering picking this up, please drop it and read something else. Even generic isekai novels at least give you something to laugh about, this novel is just too bland to even evoke a reaction. <<less
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GekkoZockt rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c548
It really hurts me to give this novel 2 stars but it has to be done.

To be honest this novel has interesting characters, interesting MC, interesting storyline and is overall well written and translated and can be ranked under the top novels IF the golden rule of writing would not have been broken.

The rule I'm talking about is the rule that every word in a novel should have a purpose. Story developement, increasing perception, discribing stuff etc. And the author took a big sh*t upon that rule.

To explain what I'm... more>> taking about I will give 2 examples that happen within the first 110 Chapters of the book and could be considered minor spoilers.

  1. The first real fight: The first real fight took astonishing 75 pages on my kinde which translates to a little bit more then 10 long chapters. The whole thing took way to long and it had way to much unnecessary information that could be totally ignored and thous in theory don't have a place in that novel and because that is not enough the MC did not really participated he only shouted to his friends what to do, which doesn't make any sense and clearly shows that the author has no idea that a fight is always fast paced regardless of the skill of the character.
  2. Visiting an old friend: So a few chapters after that fight the MC and his group want to visit a friend in a diffrent school, so far so good but NOOO! One of mc's follower get caught up in a completly ridicioulus discussion to save some face which again has no real purpuse in the story and can be seen as a filler. Nothing important happends for the next few chapters. Then they meet the friend for a 1!!! Chapter only to go out again and get caught up again while walking out. To leave the school it took MC and his friends 5 Chapters!!

I really fight reading this book since I like the premise but please GET TO THE POINT <<less
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Appledrinker rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c287
The pace is slow and steady. If you enjoy reading the typical translated novels with “action to action to action” pace, this novel is probably not your cup of tea. If you can read and enjoy a normal English novel where characters are fleshed out and the world is developed over time, you'll be fine with the writing and pacing of this novel. There is a lot of world building, character development and character interactions and not nearly as much fighting as you would find in other translated novels. This... more>> novel contains the opposite type of characters found in other translated novels, which is extremely refreshing. There is no typical character in this novel. For example, there is no such thing as a typical "bad guy/powerful person" that wants to pick a fight with the main character for some small/abstract reason. The author does a wonderful job at giving/hinting at a reason that justifies their action. Character actions are done with reasoning such as fear, worry, peer pressure, or necessity. Characters are more realistic thanks to this. It is like many other translated Chinese web novels but with a slower pace, much more detail, much more logical reasoning, and well fleshed out individual characters that have understandable/relatable goals and ambitions. <<less
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ZhaWarudo rated it
March 10, 2016
Status: --
I’ve been warned by those who’ve read the raws but I didn’t listen, dropping at c155 coz only my perservance got me trough the last 30 or so chaps – story really got worse. Sure it’s interesting in the beginning but later you will see childish behaviours, well that is to be expected but it’s still annoying, boring plot and a bad naming sense – all sects have eastern names, suddenly there is Cassia mansion this and that, I can’t help but thinking of Italians and pasta, it just doesn’t... more>> fit, and Divine State’s Seven Laws are really just a bunch of kids, not anyone strong. This may be just a boring saga same as in BTTH or ISSTH and once you get over it, it’s back to awesome but I don’t have the patience. <<less
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
March 18, 2017
Status: c396
People have said that Ze Tian Ji is slow. Yes it is, but so what? People have said that the fights take a long time. They do, but so what?

If all you want to do is to eat junk food, then open a packet of chips. That takes only a few seconds, and it is fast. If you want to eat something better, go for a burger at burger king's. It might take 5 minutes, but it tastes better, and is healthier. If you want to eat a delicious 5... more>> course meal at a restaurant, it takes time. It is slow. It takes an hour for the meal to complete, but the taste is beyond compare.

Ze Tian Ji, is like a 5 course meal at an expensive restaurant. It is delicious beyond compare.

Ze Tian Ji is the best LN I have read, bar none. The authors of novels like WQDK, BTTH are not real writers, they are just posing as one. Even the author of Release The Witch fails to reach the level of a real writer. The author of Ze Tian Ji, however, is a real writer.

The writing is masterful.
The characterizations are great.
The battles are suspenseful and well written.
The MC doesn't have a cheat item. He doesn't have crazy cultivating talent. His meridians are damaged. His specialty is not his comprehension, nor his battle prowess. His specialty is his character. He follows the dao of his heart.
The MC isn't a mass mu*dering ret*rd. Upto now (Chapter c396) he has only killed 5-6 people, and that too because if he didn't, MC would have died himself.
His opponents are not ret*rds either. They are pretty smart and use their heads. They have their own motivations!

It is not a (I your father/No, I your grandfather) type of novel, sorry.


If you want to read the BEST Xianxia novel, then read this. If you want to read fast food type of novels, then avoid. <<less
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josh1002 rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: c273
Edit edit:
... more>>



Style Score: -100/5


The biggest and weakest point in this story is the writing flow is SHIIIIIITTTTT! Something that should take, at best, a few seconds takes CHAPTERS long. This is just the WORST way to create suspense and I f*cking hate you if you write sh*t like that.


Story Score: 4/5


The story has some substance. It's unlike every other XianXia where the objective is something vague like "Get stronger". In ZTJ, the objective of the MC is the same. What makes it acceptable in this WN is that if the MC doesn't get stronger, he'll be killed by his illness. There's also various things happening in the background like the Sects are still moving against the Demon Race, and Black Robe n**ger is planning assassinations and shit. MC is just the poor f*cker that's caught in the right place at the wrong time.


Character Score: 3/5


Luoluo is the best character, hands down. Too bad she's not the main waifu orz.


Read up to 273. The spoiler contains events and where looooooong battle arcs happen. The following Spoiler is an FYI, but more like a warning where the flow of the story is complete and utter sh*t because there's a sense of danger going on where the MC and co could die, but is taking like 50 chapters long.


MC starts being able to cultivate at 122.
At 144 is the first fight of MC.
Also, it's really not a harem so don't expect Best girl (Lou Lou) to be the waifu.
And if you're looking for Romance, LOL I'm at 175, and the MC hasn't even met his fiancé face-to-face yet, and it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.

At around 250 upwards is the "Garden of Zhou" arc, and holy shit, this is like the WORSE arc ever. 30 Chapters where the characters are dicking around while theres a very prominent sense of danger to the MC. The flow is just ruined because the author insist on making it slow! This is worse than f*cking Dragon Ball!

The Demon Race have set up a trap trying to kill and MC and his friends. While in an ambush, one of his friends betrays him and he has to use the Black Dragon to call for help. You know what the Black Dragon does?

She doesn't call for help.

And there was this fifth guy, that should be on the same side of MC. MC is surrounded.

He doesn't help either.

His fiancee is currently dicking around some mountain path and is heading for a trap.

Yeah, she doesn't do the wise thing which is turn around but instead keeps walking right into the trap.

What's happening with the MC? He's drowning in a lake.


It's slow as shiiiiieeeet with a whole heck of filler. The author continually delays events, just like all other CN writers and I HATE them for having such a useless writing culture.

Short battles are honestly okay. The problem is, these battles tend to be a one-stomp-show which is showing the splendor of MC and Co.s' OPness.

Now the problem is the main battles. The big fights where the MC has to prove himself.

Words are incessantly rewritten and it's continually hammering the point that "Oh, it's impossible for the MC to win!" And then BAM MC f*cking wins! People are shock! "How the hell did he win!? That was impossible! Isn't he only at Purification/Ethereal Opening/etc/etc/etc."

The only really great thing about this are the characters. Unlike most CN where villains are idiotic, this one currently doesn't have that problem.

Well, background characters are utter dickheads, but side characters are okay.

MC's side kick are pretty great. MC himself isn't anyone stellar that would make me scream like a fangirl just from how cool he is, but he's an alright bloke.


Anyone who said the MC is indifferent is a moron and doesn't know what he's talking about.

The MC is on a plot-related count down due to his sickness. Because of that, he doesn't want to spend his enery in getting angry and would rather get sh*t done, like continue reading more books and finding a cure for his illness. HOWEVER, this doesn't mean he doesn't get angry. In fact, because he got ticked off at the very beginning is why we have a convoluted plot in the first place.

The MC also believes himself to be "in the right", which he actually is. Because of that, he often times ignores people's warnings or threats. Simply because if he bowed to their will, he feels it wouldn't be "fair". Also, since he thinks he's already gonna die by 20, bowing down to others when you're in the right sounds pretty ret*rded.

Now when people are saying the plot is SLOW, they are not joking. Currently, I'm on like 50 something chapter where sh*t is going to go down, dragging in the royalty and ambassadors into the whole mess. I started skimming because I wanted to find out what happened and what MC is going to do, and holy shit, it took 20+ chapters for that.

If you want an action-packed, moderately paced romance, I don't recommend this. I think the novel itself is great, but the slow pace is an aquired taste. However, the novel does paint a better, clearer, and more complete picture of the scene and cast, very much atypical to most XiaXiang novel which is just a "who has the bigger dick" contest like TDG or ATG or whatever CAN crap that's popular nowadays. (Seriously, who LIKES reading cultivation training!? I'm never gonna use that and it sure as HELL isn't entertaining to read.)

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isecai rated it
November 28, 2016
Status: c229
You know, when I read other xianxia novels, the most extraordinary thing I could feel is amazement, that sudden chill when you come upon something epic. Reading ZTJ, though, I feel anger, pride, humility, and, most of all, frustration! Towards the MC, nonetheless! And it feels so good! The MC, Chen Changsheng, is the most indifferent, my pace MC you could possibly get in xianxia stories, who's still amazingly keeping his part as an active participant in the whole story. He's the actor and the director, not just an observer or being pulled against his wishes. He really doesn't consort into typical storyline (or even most of the plot twist) and he's just doing things in his own way. But somehow, they're done in the polite way that you still think that he's a good kid instead of that impolite brat trope. There seems to be a lot of things hinted in the story, that I couldn't wait to be revealed. There's the whereabout of the dragon, the relationship with the heroine, and other stuffs. Excluding the part with his fiancee's family, I think the interactions between characters in this story feel genuine. Even his (future) father-in-law feels like one, after a slow, exhausting arc. The heroine, I don't like her at first. Or rather, I'm indifferent and just see her as CCS sees her as. But somehow, when it's revealed that

she's not away from the capital just for (?) training, because the crane found her in a bar (lol)

I think she becomes someone interesting. There will be a lot more from her in the future, I'm sure, and I can't wait to see how she'll act with MC. I think it'll come right after this arc, so I'm expecting a lot from the next chapters. My favorite parts are:

When the crane gave CCS face, is the most epic part in the story I think lol. I love the rivalry with Gou Hanshi (and his acknowledgement, which is a roundabout way to make others see how amazing CCS is and I LOVE IT), and the sometimes frustrating interaction with Tang 36. Or when the wolf boy apparently is doing things for a very humane reason, and then when we get deeper to his philosophy. Or when the princess stood by his side.

The character development and how we get to know them, they're just so genuine and now a shallow two-characteristic way we get to know others in other stories.
If you can get used to the slow pace, ZTJ is one of the most precious stories, I promise.
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Eternal Liar
HolyGuise rated it
July 19, 2016
Status: c196
From my experiences, most CN novels will have a certain amount of build up before the main characters discover their potential or get some heaven defying event. But for this novel, the amount of time it takes for it to achieve it is unbelievably long. Yet it wasn't an unpleasant read, the writing itself without the fight scenes and cultivation progress was surprisingly satisfying to read. The story itself possesses a sort of charm in it that doesn't require the usual fights and encounter of good fortune for one to... more>> enjoy it. Characters : 4/5
Story: 5/5
Progression: 5/5
Translation quality : 5/5 <<less
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ryllonceras rated it
January 1, 2017
Status: c269
This novel is really hard, really different from others. Not the type you should read with unclear mind.

But its not a bad thing, Its actually very refreshing and fun! The story is written with flowering words, the use of figures of speech is abundant, and even the scenery were described with enough details, thus the plot progress very slowly in one chapter.

I have to read some lines repeatedly but im still not sure if I really understand. (T_T)

The plot is good! MC is diagnosed to die in the age... more>> of 20 and strives to fight against fate. There are monsters, demons, demi-humans and dragons, politics, sword techniques, cultivation, treasures and other fantasy like things you common in fantasy like genres.

Characters are good! MC is calm and very strict like a rule book in regards to a healthy lifestyle! There are actually many fun times regarding this attitude of his. All characters are provided with their own background and circumstances that justifies their actions.

5 STARS! Im also going to like the reviews with 5 stars!

Good work to the author! Good work to translators! <<less
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asira rated it
March 30, 2017
Status: c1126
This review is a little difficult for me since there are so many things to consider but I think this needs to be shared.

All the positive things said about this novel is accurate. The flow, prose, foreshadowing, plot is very enjoyable and poetic. This piece of cloth is woven with the choicest words, deliberate characters in a plot that builds up serenely and explodes with intense action much like what would actually transpire in the real world.

That being said, this novel suffers with many drawbacks which kills its latent potency to the point that the fan will feel like crying.
Whats so bad about this novel? THE PLOT. Its written nicely, but like with many xianxia novels, the author seems to have lost interest in bringing this masterpiece together in a gratifying way. The characters have such unique personalities, such realism but the author does nothing with them.
The cultivation system, political intrigue, world building, starts off with such pomp but unfortunately fails to deliver even to half of the hype, like a dinner at the Trump tower. I am actually being generous here.\

The romance, which could have been the best among any xianxia out there fades slowly into mediocrity as the author seems to have lost interest.

All in all. Look out for this author's work, this is how a genius writes, but be aware that he loses interest pretty fast.
Most of my disappointment comes from seeing a masterpiece fall into mediocrity of wuxia style political drama. Other than that this is a above average overall read. Go for it if you want to detox from all the cocaine and a political drama interests you.
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Maleandar rated it
May 29, 2016
Status: c187
An excellent read, BUT requires lots of patience.

The story itself is well drawn out and all the underlying details are descripted chapter after chapter.

This will not be everyone's type of read, in fact many will be turned off by the continuous information that is given, detailing backgrounds, descriptions and history of location and people that suddenly cut into the dialog. An example of such is during a fight scene a whole chapter is dedicated to a single move and the reaction and expression of each side character is given,... more>> this is not an exaggeration.

At chapter 187, we are still at the start of the story, the romance has yet to take hold, but there appears to be 3 love interests at this time tho one can probably be discounted, while the other two are up in the air.

The mysteries keep piling up as we progress VERY slowly and we scratch our heads impatiently wanting to know what the heck is going on, being drawn further and further into this great story.

The first and foremost question is, who the hell is the MC??????????? Where did he come from, what is his background, etc......... no one knows at this time. It is a turbulent time of war between the Human and Yao alliance vs the Demons, and we have yet to sep into this area of the story as we SLOWLY watch the MC power up and gain fame.

This is most definitely not for everyone, but for those that like to see a step by step build up of the MC, the budding romance blossom, friendships becoming iron clad and a story growing beyond imagination, this will be a fun ride.

I do warn you, the writer went into crazy mode on one fight and went a full 8 chapters of this one fight alone. 7 chapters of non stop fighting with the 8th being the conclusion......... it STILL gets 5/5 stars from me <<less
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