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Chang An, capital of Tang, the most powerful empire in the continent. A heaven wrecking massacre shook the city to its core. Amidst the incident, a young boy named Ning Que managed to get away, dug out from a pile of corpses along with a little girl called Sang Sang. Years passed, and since that day the two of them lived together. Together with Sang Sang they both entered the military, with plausible military achievements, they were recommended into the Scholar School, which began their miraculous journey.

Who is this boy and what does his future hold?

The epic and legendary tale of an extraordinary young man rising up from the masses, traversing his life in the pursuit of quantity over quality. His inquisitive voice echoes infinitely through the hills of the immortal Academy: “I am one who would rather suffer an eternity of destined calamities than beg for solace from the saints…”

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Ever Night
Jiang Ye
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New neri21 rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c113
Nice. There were some hohum arcs but it's still a good read. Just be patient. That seems to be the mo op of this author. You wait for the high adrenalin parts then settle for the "moments". I like Ning Que though. His pathetic efforts to get laid are funny as hell. Excellent!
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Nanohana rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: Completed
I've read the first 20 or so chapters in English then the entirety of the 6 volumes/parts in Chinese. Firstly, the language in most translated light novels are elementary and middle school level. However, this author has a very sophisticated style with immense Chinese vocabulary and references to Chinese historical characters and philosophy (more so than your typical Xuanhuan works). The translators are doing a fantastic job and this sophistication in the language is probably one of the main reasons why the chapters are coming out so slow. While it's... more>> an enjoyable read on its own, a preliminary understanding of Chinese history, philosophy, Confucius, Daoism, Buddhism, elevates this novel to another level entirely.

The story starts as a typical "weak" protagonist going to the "Academy" to become strong and seek revenge. He is ridiculed by his peers, but eventually becomes the godfather of bad ass. He then represents the academy in various missions and by chance meets the prettiest girls in the world who fall in love with him. This is the central plot line. Doesn't seem very special right? The author separates this cliche setting from others in the genre by creating an immense world of political and religious intrigue along with, I dare say, the best cast of supporting characters in all the web novels I've read. One can even logically make the statement that it is these supporting characters who carry the story, not the Protagonist Ning Que himself. Here, you won't see a character pop out of nowhere to trouble the protagonist just to serve as an antithesis of how good/bad ass Ning Que is. Every single characters has his own story within this story; they have their own souls, faith and beliefs. The bad guys aren't simply bad because they are born that way. You might even feel empathy for them after you truly understand them and their motivations.

Another aspect that makes the characters more developed and feel more "real" is the fact that they are bound to their political and religious ambitions aside from personal ones in this world. There is the Tang empire, which is represented by Fuzi 夫子 (chinese for teacher, i.e. Confucius) and the Academy he founded. This school of belief highlights humanism (仁), - the idea that humanity is the essence of all things, not God, not anything else. The Chinese character 仁 taken apart means "person" and "two". The idea is that we cannot be human alone- being human means being in relation to other humans. How we ought to live, i.e. Our moral and ethical standards, should be tied to virtues of being good to other humans. This humanism is central to ancient Chinese philosophy. A quick wikipedia search to confucius and Daoism will allow you to understand the characters in Tang and the academy much better. This is key to the growth of the protagonist because he must rely on himself to become strong. There are no shortcuts to cultivation and power. But even at his strongest, Ning Que needs help from his fellow Tang humans.

On the side of the "bad guys", There is Dao religion (not to be confused with daoism), which runs parallel to Christianity in the western world. They have cardinals, preachers and faithful followers, who believe in the benevolence of the "Heavens" (Dao Tian), or like God in Christianity. Their power are gifts from the benevolent God. They are the natural enemies to Tang and the Academy. Why? Because humanism is heresy. The very thought of humans>God defiles and sullies their very core. Then there is the Buddhist sect. Buddhism is kind of in between humanism and God. The Buddhist characters believe that good and evil, right and wrong does not come intrinsically from either God or humans. They strive to achieve Nirvana and becoming Buddha in order to be the salvation of the world.

The last thing I want to touch on is the title Jiang Ye (将夜). (夜) Ye means night. Jiang (将) can be read in two different ways. The two words together has one meaning of almost night, or becoming night. Think of Winter is coming from Game of Thrones. A theme of this novel is the possibility of Eternal night. The second reading of Jiang can mean general or king (in chess), and together it can mean something like check in chess, as in checkmate. Both interpretations invoke imagery that's relevant to the story as a whole. So we have this immense world of individual vs individual conflict, kingdom vs kingdom, and religion vs religion, highlighted by a detailed and individually motivated group of characters. This is not your typical web novel. There is no harem, best girl (prettiest?) girl doesn't necessarily win. That being said, I enjoyed the romance aspects of this novel because of the depth of the characters.

I recommend bookmarking this work and binge it after a while.

The first half of this novel probably is 11/10. And the second half is a solid 7/10. But that is a story for another day once more chapters get released. <<less
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Ignus rated it
March 31, 2017
Status: c75
A highly stylized writing style. I can't imagine how hard this story was/is to translate. (Waiting for it to be picked up again)

The stylized writing brings with it, immersion. Also, confusion. Whole sections of chapters I had only a vague idea of what was happening, but I could care less, because it truly felt like how subtle real political/ancient Chinese educated people converse.... A far cry from every person saying Trash this Trash that.

The characters are amazing, unique, deep... It actually feels like if something different was said by... more>> the MC, they would respond differently... Like the MC is not protected by plot armor.

The world is vibrant, and described almost poetically rather than literally, and is different from most what I have read before.

The MC himself is great. Trying without spoilers: I really want to know the mysteries behind the MC, and how he, who could be a protagonist, ended up being the way he is... Aye, this is terribly undiscriptive. MC is very unique, with a dark view of the world, not motivated by the typical simple "because I want to be stronger".

The action... There may not be much of it, but what action there is, is absolutely great. There are tactics, strategy, and tasty violence mixed into the action. Its like the difference of watching Dragonball with 2/3s episodes name calling and powering up a single skill (Like many Light Novels that rely on action to carry the story....) To a well thought out action sequence in a realistic military movie.

All in all, this story is so close to getting a 5 star from me. My lack of understanding esoteric Chinese references, causing my moments of confusion, and the disappointment of not being able to read more chapters lead to a lose of star for me. <<less
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Mavsynchroid rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c180
I really like all the novels this author writes, and at the beginning of the novel, it was a pretty interesting read.

However, it's being absolutely ruined by Qidan and the translator called TranZ. The novels this author writes are much more complex and mature when compared with other wuxia novels, so translation mistakes are much more noticeable.

Unfortunately, this novel is being butchered. Every chapter is riddled with missing words, incorrect usage of plural and singular, and constant mistakes of past tense and present tense. The... more>> translator is also the "editor", but it's obviously not qualified to be one. It honestly gets worse and worse with every chapter, to where it's not even slightly enjoyable to read anymore. It's a shame such great writing is buried by lazy subpar editing. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c83
This is Mango approved.

I am actually surprised at how low key this one is, even though the other novel by the same author (ZTJ) is so popular.

I have read until c83, and till here I can say with ease that this has one of the BEST starting arcs in all of CN cultivation type novels. No questions asked.

We have a protagonist who is, essentially, OP. He is cold blooded, and there is a backstory. He is looking for vengeance, and he had to survive since his childhood in forests and... more>> battlefields. His constant companion has been a girl who is less like a romantic interest and more like a very important female character.

The slight shades of comedy, whenever they do come, are golden moments. The action is ridiculously well done. And the actual language is print quality.

So far, I can see the parallels between the writing style in ZTJ and Jiang Ye. However, the two protagonists are essentially different in their disposition towards fights and violence. At least, initially.

Our MC is so OP... will it become boring? No. because he cannot cultivate. Because he has NO talent towards qi manipulation and what not. This gives me a handicap that he can only overcome with skills and intelligence, and he has delivered spectacularly.

The last TL was forgettable, but it looks like Jiang Ye got picked up by QI. Hopefully, they can get someone like Binggo... That is one fantastic TL! At least, I hope that the CN to EN conversion is done while keeping the original flavor... this is one series that I am even willing to read mtl.

I would say that this is not a series that you should loo for romance, but it is still far too early. I can see potential interests, but I think it would be better to not jump to conclusions.

At just 1000+ chapters, it is decently sized. The chapter size is also decent.

I would say that my only issue is with the rather vague cultivation realms so far, but I assume that it will get cleared up once MC starts doing it.

Also, a warning. This story is just a bit dark/mature. Expect good action, but the action will be graphic.

On the whole, a read that is well worth the read time. Been a long while since I have wanted to write a review for a series so early... It is definitely Mango approved, at least till c83.

PS: The MC has a clear goal of revenge, so at least it is better than ZTJ with its slightly vague-ish goals early on. <<less
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rdawv rated it
February 22, 2016
Status: --
Review of Ch52.

Interesting is the word I’d use. We have a hardworking MC “who can’t cultivate” but has other skills that are capable of astonishing others, both in martial and domestic matters. He has a long term goal, a vendetta against someone who is far off and untouchable as yet. He has a loyal follower/friend/servant, a younger figure who obeys him and gives quips when asked. Also, at this point he has a distant female figure who is curious about him.

Readers might be fooled into thinking that I’m describing Ze... more>> Tian Ji. It’s safe to say that Jiang Ye has some similarities with ZTJ, which in my humble opinion is a superior novel in the fact that it has more chapters translated currently. After 50-ish chapters, I feel the prose and dialogue of Jiang Ye can measure up to ZTJ, which I feel has the best prose of all the stories listed in this site that I have read thus far. Besides, they are both by the same author.

Not much of Jiang Ye’s story has been revealed yet, but at least we know there is an end-goal objective, that there is a long-term vendetta against an arch-nemesis and his accomplices. My opinion might change down further the line, but currently I am interested in reading more. It shouldn’t be too long a journey, with 5 volumes listed as the complete series. <<less
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L611 rated it
June 12, 2018
Status: c246
The author of this story is on a different class than your other usual wuxia authors. Not only is the story interesting, everything happens because of reasons. There is enough foreshadowing for things and sh*t doesnt happen out of the blue. Most importantly its not filled with 'heavenly arrogant' brats that go on killing spree for no reason.
Also the author know how to write. For example he doesn't describe every female as 'perlessly beautiful', or 'white as snow'.

Overall I highly recommend this one.

Only issue is that the new translator... more>> is sh*t so there are few errors here and there but still manageable. <<less
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Celsica rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c125
I'd recommend that you read user Nanohana's review which gives you a good synopsis and insight about the author. I don't usually like to support or recommend Qidian, but this is a very high quality work.

I read a lot of novels and I was floored by this one. I basically just read all the chapters without stop. I was expecting a work similar to Ze Tian Ji, a fairly normal webnovel plot with great writing. But I got much more. But still with amazing writing, and a stellar translation. I've... more>> only noticed one or two minor typos as of c.125. Also note the very good translation speed.

The characters are definitely the highlight of this work. I was particularly surprised at how the MC only joins the world of cultivators after about 120 chapters. His struggles for vengeance feels real and desperate. Although there are serendipitous events, they are truly the result of a fight against the heavens. Characters, even those more minor, are not two dimensional. You can see and feel a clear and logical evolution in attitudes, a fresh change from many other works.

It's also remarkable how the author has his novels planned in advance. He doesn't just plant loopholes and then randomly uses them in the future. He clearly lets you know part of a backstory only to bring it up later and carefully unravel the past.

While the world seems fairly standard, there is just the right amount of exposure to create believable situations within this world. For example, the capital which the MC moves to is put in context well before the move itself, through dialogue with other characters (and not exposition dumps).

Even if you don't like Ze Tian Ji, I highly recommend this work. I would easily place it at the same height as ISSTH.

5/5 <<less
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MondoX rated it
February 25, 2016
Status: --
Read up to chapter 70, and the best way to describe the story is political. So far, there has been little to no Action, Adventure, Fantasy, or Romance at all in the story. The MC is on a quest for vengeance, but aside from accidentally meeting and killing an assassin group, he has killed a single target of his so far. The MC also mentioned that he is planning on entering a famous academy throughout the story, but 70 chapters later there is no progress. I believed the MC was... more>> going to find a way to cultivate and become stronger, but that has not happened. Maybe the image of the WN fooled me? <<less
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September 2, 2017
Status: c82
I love this story it's almost painful how many times its been picked up and dropped, I like it because it's different then alot of the usual, stuff out, but the fact is we only have about 82 chapters translated, and it's been dropped again this time though she/he the translators didn't want to but, the evil overlords did something and took it away, I'm not sure on the details, because I quit reading for a few months to let my books get some meat on their... more>> spines and when I came back there's been something with the main webnovel publisher not wanting translation sigh sucks like I said bit foggy on the details and have yet to read through all the drama. This really sucks though for those of us who can't read chinese, and its not like they are transtlating them into books I can go buy which I would prefer, there's a demand over here for the genre, sad that they aren't fulfilling it. <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
This novel starts off a bit wierd.. We have a teenage boy who's made as a guide for some type of noble.. Okay whatever.. They get attacked and the boy turns out to be someone famous.. Alright okay.. The worst part of this is the little girl who's doing all the manual labor! Argh! Anyways.. This story is pretty good, the pacing feels a little bit fast, but that's kind of okay as we do get to know the important details properly.

But alas this is a Xianxia type novel and... more>> it will be hard to escape the scheme these types of novels get into so be prepared when you are reading that later chapters will most likely fall into a pattern.
I do recommend this as it is a really good read still. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c163
Ok this novel has an unique way of telling bit by bit the mystery of our MC. It has a solid department of romance, cause they are both are very lovely in their own humble way. The cultivation here is more like a physic power and it is very genuine. The great thing is that it takes a lot of time until the MC can cultivate, while the ongoing story is still very engaging. A better story of ze tian ji in my opinion.. Suprisingly, this is the first time... more>> I read an academy story without getting bored.

This novel is one of the best in my opinion, if not only because the author is taking caligraphy very seriously that sometime it doesnt make sense. <<less
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optjam rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: prologue
A very fun novel. Don't turn youreyes away from this one. It is a great read even if the plot moves along slowly. It is an enticing and relaxing and riveting read
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pettes rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: --
I read it in Thai, which has progressed far more than what Qidian posted. And I have to tell you guys that even at the latest volume, volume 16, in Thai - the story still does not disappoint! (There will be around 40 volumes in total in Thai published version - my money.....)

I really like that this story

... more>>

is not Harem. Sang Sang for the win!!!


and I like how the author makes the MC transmigrated super early, like, ever since he was a baby. So he could not remember much details from his previous life. This world he transmigrated into does not have the Moon at night, yet he remembers it from 'a long, long time ago.' That is a nice touch :)

The actions are super packed and fun. This is such a page-turner! MUST-READ <<less
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