Even If I’m Reborn as a Cute Dragon Girl, I Will Still Make a Harem


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I, Aristides Castro G Morris Brooklyn Washington Napoleon George I, doth proclaim myself as the sovereign of this realm. Our untimely demise hath been the consequence of preserving our people from impending doom. To reward our noble deeds, the gracious goddess hath bestowed upon us the gift of rebirth. Yet, alas! Why have we been transformed into a maiden, and a princess of dragons, no less?!

This extraordinary story follows a man haunted by Eight-Grade Syndrome, now reborn as the dragons’ princess. However, his chuunibyou tendencies come with a price—a curse cast upon him by a vexed goddess. Every time his symptoms flare up, lightning strikes, an electrifying consequence of his behavior.

Prepare for a captivating journey as this chuunibyou princess navigates the realms of dragons, adventure, and self-discovery. With lightning crackling at every turn, our protagonist must embrace their newfound identity, face formidable challenges, and uncover the secrets that lie within this enchanting world. In this tale of curses and resilience, embark on an enthralling adventure where destiny and the whims of the divine intertwine.

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Dragon Princess
I will make a Harem even if I reincarnated as a Dragon Loli
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25 Reviews

New yamibae
Feb 17, 2024
Status: v4
I advise most people to just skip the 2nd volume, I powered on and it was ok after but holy sh*t the 2nd volume was terrible. It's probably what caused most of these 1 star reviews and honestly I'm giving it 2 stars just because of that as well. The auction arc is poorly thought out, likely because the author has yet to have a real idea of where he wants to take the story, in a postnote of volume 1 he did mention that he didn't expect this novel... more>> to gain so much traction. Unfortunately he brought it in the wrong direction in just 1 volume making the MC act contrary to how she should have acted as a Chunni Dragon Princess, she acted so differently it caused me to almost just drop the novel immediately especially with the introduction of useless characters like Carol. <<less
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Aug 15, 2019
Status: v1c13
Whether or not there is Yuri in this series yet, I cannot confirm. Every chapter thus far is short and the story progresses slowly. I only added the Yuri tag because when I checked the raw, I saw a gray-colored Yuri tag. I have been told that the gray-colored tag is mostly user opinions and not the official tag added by the author or SFACG, but those are good enough for me.

As for the story progression thus far, it is rather heart-warming and mostly comedic. You may be seeing a... more>> lot of names (omitted) as you read and lots of self-imposed "beep---" censors, so I'll say this first in my own defense, I didn't deliberately censor anything, those are as they are meant to be translated and how the main character avoid getting struck by lightning.

If there is anything I dislike about translating this novel, it is that the names are too long and hard to translate, the skill name (or are they?) don't make sense either. Oh and I also can't stand the archaic dialect, I didn't even know how to go about translating those in the first chapter. Luckily, some editors are nice enough to help me with the archaic dialect in chapter 1.

My review as the translator might be biased, so read for yourself and find out whether this story is for you or not! <<less
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Mar 19, 2020
Status: c74
First off, the translation is really good amd I appreciate the work they do.

It's just a shame that this novel is a complete waste of time.

It seems every character is catastrophically brainless. Literally too s*upid to live.

... more>> When it was just the dragons it was fine. I could accept they were dumb but powerful and well intentioned.

However, the MC leaves the home of the dragons and it seems the whole world is s*upid. The worst being the supporting character who is introduced. She is high ranking nobility who was scammed out of everything she owned. She has 3 character states. She is either, naively prideful and confident in herself, taking an action that always makes the situation immediately worse in the worst possible way, or crying at the MC when the MC rightful refuses her insane s*upidity. She has zero redeeming qualities and only serves to drag out the story.

Then we have the MC. She, being a dragon, is very powerful, but she fails to even try to use this power when appropriate. In addition, she has numerous weapons and magic scrolls at her disposal that she also refrains from using. She immediately caves to the supporting character whenever the supporting character starts whining and crying at her feet because she was refused for her insane s*upidity. The novel trys to paint the MC as the only smart character but her inability to take proper action makes her look just as s*upid. She could have solved the second arc's conflict far sooner but has allowed the supporting character to make things worse instead, though she shouldn't have even gone with the supporting character's incomplete plan to begin with. It's not even a case of misunderstandings or not wanting to stand out. The MC is just incompetent.

Don't waste your time with this novel. <<less
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Apr 09, 2020
Status: c65
The first volume with the dragons are still okay..

When MC venture out to the word, the story gets so s*upid that I feel my brain cell dying by the minutes. Can’t handle it anymore, I’m out.
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Mar 03, 2020
Status: c54
i stopped reading at the second volume

the characters are just all too dumb and exaggerated so

in the first volume I could handle it because it was just dragons, and I thought that dragons are just slow witted like that, it's all

but second volume you get a supporting character who is a young rich girl who left home on a whim, gave her entire fortune to a scammer to buy two hot dogs, then lived as beggar and almost died of hunger, and STILL didn't get any wiser and is even... more>> dumber than the dragons, I can't take it anymore, it's not even funny, it's just pitiful, it's like the entire other world is IQ negative, <<less
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Aug 17, 2019
Status: --
Around 150 chapters can be read thus far for free, if you wish to read those beyond that you need to pay for VIP and support the author. (These chapters are in jp so require auto translate, it's still readable and better than a bunch of translators of earlier novels on NU so i'd recommend it.)

This novel is rather interesting if you can get past the mc's chuuni disease. (Honestly i'd prefer it if that trope was removed but sadly a lot of jp do enjoy that trope.) The... more>> novel incorporates things like magic, space magic etc and cultivation so the novel itself feels like it's a complete combination between jp and cn elements, and it works strangely well.

The trope does play amusing in places though as at the start of chapter one when meeting the goddesses when asked to look up to see them he ends up spouting this: "We, Ayimira Budra Kashapu Rimon L. Afgadero Wright Schwarzenegger III, are the lord of this empire. We will never look at someone standing above us, " This was our unconditional bottom line.

It just gets rather repetitive after a period of time however. (Like face slapping in a cn novel can be funny the first couple of times but after the 20th young master it gets grating.) <<less
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Apr 30, 2020
Status: v1c10
This is just painful to read. The MC is pathetic, spineless, and annoying. The dragon queen is about as 1D as characters come, and immediately reveals herself to be an in*estuous paedophile. The dragons are all mentally challenged, with the "greatest musician" of their race being a guy who beats up child dragons while they randomly roar at the crowd and the entire crowd is moved to tears.

I imagine the "point" of this story is to laugh at the dragons being "silly" and the comparison between how highly the MC... more>> thinks of themself vs. How pathetic they really are. Except it's not well written or funny; it's boring and predictable and mindless.

Probably later the author will add Generic 1D Yuri Harem™️ characters, but it just isn't worth it - getting that far into the story will be depressing. <<less
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Apr 01, 2020
Status: c74
Time to update the review. Thankfully Carol isn't a big part of the plot after her arc ends, but it was still a pain to put up with her. I will concur the s*ave arc was far too long, but things picked up considerably afterwards. Upping to 4 stars, removing one star for carol

Old review

I enjoyed the story greatly, the interactions between the dragons was sweet... Until they introduced Carol. It was a pain reading the chapters she was in. Only reason I am still reading is a forlorn... more>> hope she is a one off, not recurring character who will be brutally mu*dered by the end of the second arc... <<less
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Nov 19, 2020
Status: c144
Oh it's such a shame how so many people give this gem 1 star, the things that they complain about are also ridiculous, though it is true that everything takes a loooot of time to happen in text, repeat "in text" because as far as the story is concerned, majority of it's chapters are happening in a few day timespan, so of course there is not a lot of "progression" so lemme just write something against (A) the negatives (N) and then say some personal feelings below.
N: There... more>> is no progression!
A: Already explained above, aside from the first volume and then a few year time skip, the majority of the chapters (as of my review c144) happen in under a week time span.
N: The characters are too s*upid!
A: No, the dragons are just bored due to lifespan issues and that one character that got introduced later on is just mentally r******d and every other character in the story points this out. The MC is slightly special in this aspect due to how (s) he was born + some laziness issues (in no way is (s) he portraied as smart like one review claims).
N: Characters just pop-up then get push aside then drop off!
A: Once again the story did not even progress anywhere or they simply died.

As of the end of second volume the MC and prominent side characters told each other goodbye and those characters have determined locations like elf forest or the dragon country, and while some of the other s*aves got named (I think) it's not like every named character needs to reappear and be relevant. Imagine other stories where you greet some shop owner, have a nice chat, they introduce themselves but you leave the town next day, this just sets that there is a shop owner named X in that city but the story doesn't have to use this fact again unless some other sitaution with the city happens.

And so here are some of my thoughts, yes the novel takes a lot of time to progress but that does not mean each chapter is just a filler, no, I would even say that almost no chapter is a filler (I can say this because I binge read the entire novel until chapter 142 in 1 day). Other thing is, it is a comedy and the author tends to abuse s*upidity jokes a bit too much for my taste, mainly concerning that one character that got introduced in second volume

which (for now) is gone

, but aside from that there is only one thing I would really complain about, and that is secret plots in the background that get hinted at which just pills up questions upon questions with only a few of them partially answered as of yet, which is honestly my only grind with it. <<less
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: c200
The more bad reviews how dumb and s*upid the characters are the more convinced I am on the quality of this one. Most people ignore the tags and demands intricate personalities on the characters when it is clearly stated that this is a comedy and for-fun type of story. Of course the characters are braindead and not thinking, that's what happens when you drink fuzzy drinks and write stories from the bottom of your heart.

Love it. Love how dumb it is and how janky the whole story is but still... more>> actually interesting. I don't know if it's just because I've grown out of my edgy phase and actually became an adult but I appreciate the passion and fun-time that authors experiences when writing this kind of stories. Eased my heart and lifted my spirits 5 stars for me. <<less
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Dec 12, 2020
Status: v4-120
I don't usually read Chinese novels but overall this one is quite nice. The MC is a little bit disjointed and there are some uncharacteristic changes in behaviour from volume to volume, but overall this novel is excellent and above all its F-ing hilarious.

If you like a slice of life ish story but has a real plot that gradually builds up (very very slowly) to a real direction, then you will enjoy this

... more>> Edit: Mar 2022.

the second volume is a painful read but the third is nice. Fourth volume feels like it's dragging on a bit but it's nearing the end. Also the first true yuri elements have appeared for yuri lovers <<less
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Yun K.M
Yun K.M
Oct 01, 2020
Status: c130
I really tried to enjoy this story but the more I read it the more I felt my brain dying. Characters just pop-up then get push aside then drop off, every thing play as a one-liner dump comedy skit, words and logic bearly make any sense, no charecter development or any plot or word building. I have no idea what I just read through sometimes, even tho I try to read every words and sentences carefully to try and imagine what the heck does any of those words mean in... more>> context. Overall I just wonder what the author was smoking or high on when writing this kind of dumpster fire. <<less
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: v4c98
I'm currently on chapter 278... For all the folks that are looking for a "serious" and not braindead type of a novel, this isn't it.

This novel has a tag of comedy in it and you expect to have a logic in this story? XD

Anyways this story just hits my spot whenever I want to take a break from reading all those serious type of novels that made my heart hurt. This novel is like my pain relief during those times.

Anyways don't be discouraged to read this novel just because... more>> of the bad rating, I don't know why but this novel keeps me interested and invested in the story, although this is very slow paced (I've been reading this for 2 years now XD) this novel is so good that I just keep waiting every week for the new updates.

Anyways good job for the translators for translating this hidden gold mine. <<less
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: c215
All of the characters in this story has problem with their head. It was pathetic. But funny though.

I can relate why dragons in this story is idiot, silly, and mentally backward. In the story, author has explained that there are less than 1000 dragons live in the island and all of them already live for more than few tens of thousands years. It's not a dragon of pride, sage, or violence. They're just a big family of happy dragons.

The only downside this story has is, why Lilith not show more... more>> chuuni? <<less
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Aug 12, 2019
Status: --
As of now slightly amusing story of a chuni guy reincarnated as a dragon girl. His chuni comments are both the hook, and an annoyance at this point. Good translation, ok protagonist, we need more time to say more
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Mar 31, 2020
Status: v2c9
This is my first time reading such type of novel and the starting first arc/vol got me hooked it was really fun to read but unfortunately the second arc is, how should I say... idiotic and bland I guess?? well, I don't know for others but as for me, it was a no go.

I would recommend this novel for those who can handle those idiotic characters

I will wait for the novel to be translated more and than give it another try than rewrite the review.
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Oct 19, 2019
Status: --
This Novel Suits my taste, I like how the MC changes to Loli as a Dragon princess and sure as an Overpowered MC, The only problem is slow progression of this novel. And I want to read thos novel that Bad that I'm willing pay for it. Of there is anyone that knows where I can read this novel even with payments, I'm willing to.

Please help me!
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Sep 08, 2021
Status: c81
It's incredible how s*upid and incompetent MC is... The sheer amount of s*upidity to think like that is amazing! And why make MC overpowered in the first place? It's just decorations and in volume 2, she could've gotten at least a drive to be better but no... It just became another personality. Everything about her is sh*t. Even if she isn't a bad person but her s*upidity and bad decisions make her really bad. There is barely any character development. MC don't get the importance of power giving the author... more>> the reason to make a fight that resemble a action genre novel than an OP MC genre, Basically useless. Everything is a waste of time. I respect people who read 200+ chapters to withstand the bullsh*t in this novel. <<less
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May 26, 2021
Status: c39
It's silly story, slow.i enjoyed it for the most parts but I can't get over the s*upid plot development.

... more>>

I hate the whole auction arc. The s*upid plan carol getting captured only for later Lilith getting captured too, like they could came to thr auction and getting captured, the idea of throwing carol origin by the auther but not letting Lilith and that guy say to everyone about her origin That could have solved the problem, Lilith capable of fighting monsters, force all dragons to submit by her aura get captured easily a'd not because she wanted to be captured. Its all nonesense with no good story writing.

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Jun 22, 2023
Status: c437
This ranobe is really fun and interesting most of the time. The things that happen here look like a balance between epic confrontations and clownish chaos. The MC attitude in the first 3 arcs is pretty weird and sometimes s*upid, but in 4 and 5 that no longer a case and she acts oddly relatable.
For everyone who wants to read this and get a lot of fun as I did - skip the auction and Carol (2nd) arc, it's very boring and useless story-wise (except Sae). You can read... more>> only the ending to understand who Sae is. <<less
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Oct 07, 2021
Status: v1c36
Yeah total tr*sh the MC is utter s*upid I can already tell that hes not going to change one bit and wtf is with this 8th grade syndrome like bruh its total poop and also the dragons are s*upid as hell, sigh this had a great title but bad story line and character personality.
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