The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder


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Sue Kirin was a loser. Thirty years old with no hope for advancement at his job and no redeeming features except one, Magic. For as long as he could remember Kirin had dedicated his life to practicing the Arcane. Unfortunately, when he was passing down his knowledge to his niece, she lost control of her power resulting in a backlash of vicious energy that resulted in her being sent to the hospital, her life in critical danger.

Kirin tried everything to help his niece to no avail, just as he had begun to lose hope, a man claiming to be an immortal cultivator appeared claiming to be able to restore Kirin’s niece to perfect health on one condition.

“Have you ever heard of parallel worlds?”

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Yi Pai Zhi Zhang Wei Lao Bu Zun
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New Peekonl rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c253 part2
So far this has been amazing. I like all the characters. Their designs and so far. The plot twists are good. Some foreshadowing and stuff. There are also funny scenes which I like alot. The story isn't bad but it isnt really good either yet it can be easily enjoyable.
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New Altaris01 rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: c30
This is a JP novel writen by a chinese so you have all the cliches of JP novels + the cliches of chinese novel, is a pain in the ass to read, the MC is a loser the sypnosis say it all he is a f loser that wastes all his life in magic but know 2 spells dont know how to fight, get disrespected and owned by every cliche in chinese novel you can imagine but unlike chinese novel where you get a payback for all the bs here... more>> all you get is the weakest JP MC you can think and he is not only weak he is spineless, oh did I mention gender bender? This is tr*sh dont read it. <<less
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AgriSoul rated it
March 2, 2018
Status: v4c7
Really enjoyable so far, I thought this one is a comedic fighting story but it can get unexpectedly serious. It's a long story consist of 40-60 chapters each volume. Here's some of my review

... more>>

MC teach magic to his niece and messed up, his niece become vegetable ever since. He make a deal with an elder from a martial arts sect to cure his niece, at the cost of transmigrated to another world to protect the elder's great grand daughter for his entire lifetime. MC transmigrated and become a loli on the top of that. Here MC meet some new characters, friend and foe and has to deal with threat from other hostile forces as well some politics inside the sect because apparently the sect opinion is rather divided on deciding the sect's current lord. (In vol 2, especially s (he) has to deal with insiders)

Vol 1 focused on how MC accostumed to the new world and establish his/her sect reputation (Another sect killed one of the elder of MC's sect, MC take revenge by directly attacked the killer's sect headquarter and defeat the sect leader in a flashy manner)

Vol 2 will introduced new character that will become MC's sect aide. MC has to deal with insider here. Not much fight here

Vol 3 involved fights a lot. MC has to deal with someone that far stronger than him/her.

As the title suggest, MC has no dignity whatsoever (even though s (he) supposed to be respected), because of her/his easy going and somehow punchable attitude, and ended up constantly scolded by the sect current leader, Qi Qiqi. MC acted like an idiot but actually, s (he) by no means a s*upid person, s (he) just lack common sense sometimes as s (he) just transmigrated.

MC is not OP (as the novel shows that there're some people that actually far stronger than her/him) but VERY strong, enough to be called as "walking natural disaster" by other people. Enjoyable so far IMO


Hopefully there's someone kind enough to pick this project <<less
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Seregosa rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: c2 part2
Pretty interesting and somewhat amusing, although I have some mixed feelings about it... The MC is a bit too easy-going and s*upid for my tastes, even for a comedy. It's to the point where he should be dead many times over if not for it all being a huge joke. Excessive foolishness isn't funny.

The biggest fault might be that only a a few chapters have been released and no one seems to plan on picking it up. It's really a bit early to post a review at this time as... more>> many novels have annoying phases, and many of them have annoying phases at the start before the MC adapts properly... <<less
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ssnetwork rated it
August 24, 2017
Status: --
The premise is good. But there is too much self depreciating humor. The MC just takes disrespect too much even for a modern person and has no common sense. Obviously this a comedy genre if it was even mildly serious MC would be dead.
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Anonymousse rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: c82
it start of kinda decent with the gender bend and background story, only to fail shortly after.

MC is a failure of human being. Hes a doormat, brainless, perv and had a weird kind of logic even if hes been described as a loser from the very beginning.

the plot are.. Forceful. The comedy aint so funny unless u had a weird sense of humour. And dull since MC cant even use his own brain to think for himself even for the romance..

kinda meh and not my kind of novel. But u... more>> can try if it suit ur taste. <<less
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watny rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: c2 part2
This is a great novel, because the MC past down his knowledge of magic to his niece, he didn't do it carefully resulting in his niece to be hospitalize then being in comer. Then an immortal master who claim he could help her on one condition and that is he show him martial arts for a year then afterwards push him down a building to get transmigrated to a other world why he would protect that master's great grand daughter who is the sect head. But our MC gets turn... more>> into a little girl but he was able to absorbed some of that master's power.

She is called the ancestor of the sect but she acts really weird but she is funny and is able to make the sect leader lose her cool (sect leader wants to hit her so bad). Our MC is shameful. <<less
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Novelupdatesaccount1 rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: v2c1
This suffers from a few great flaws

  1. MC: is a complete doormat.
  2. Scale of actions: the author isn't great at choosing appropriate actions and responses to them. Literal torture is brushed aside like it was a nasty remark. Attempted assassinations are dealt with a light spanking.
  3. Humor: there are three running gags all of which are bad: MC is a paedophile, FL is violent when angered, and MC is rude.
  4. Battles are boring and fall flat due to the MC's power level being defined as however strong/weak
    it needs to be to stretch out fights for loads of chapters
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MangoGuy rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: c147
This is Mango approved. Now, don't just jump ahead. This is an imperfect series with a protagonist who is arguably terrible. But the story, and the skills of the author in drawing you in, is undeniable.

So far, there have been three major arcs: The first one is focused on how the protagonist gradually gets accustomed to the cultivation world, and how she first-hand experiences the loyalty to the sec. The second is focused on her disciple, and the character development is commendable. It is still ongoing. The third arc tackles... more>> a much bigger conflict, involving the humans vs magical beasts troupe that exists in all cultivation novels. Here, it is deconstructed in a very sensitive manner.

Now, the protagonist. For all intents and purposes, it is a she. She is lazy and goofy and irresponsible at most times, to the extent where you begin to question as to how she actually is mentally older than 30. Her past life experience just doesn't add up to her character! For this, this series hlcan never be perfect. I understand that the author is doing it to create a strong comedic undertone, but the foundation is missing. You will just have to basically accept that this is how our protagonist is. Is she indecisive at times? Yes. But that can be excused as her own confusion towards how to improve the sect.

But move beyond her, and you have a rich cast of well-written characters who are given sufficient time and screen space to create a bond with you. Ranging from the sect head to her disciple to a random rabbit girl who gets killed, they all have a strong presence. And they are not perfect. That just adds to the drama and brings the audience closer.

The combat isn't the best, but the story is still in its early stage. There is no clear cut overarching plot right now, as it seems more like a SoL series. But I guess I trust the author to bing in conflicts properly, after looking at the arcs. The comedy is not bad, and the antagonists are brilliant.

The moe aspects can get a bit annoying at times, but hey! The MC here is a loli. What did you expect?

All in all, series that I am very excited about not just because of how good it is, but for what it can become. This is Mango approved as of now! <<less
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Lyle Walt
Lyle Walt
June 1, 2019
Status: v3c37
AgriSoul already gave a good summary and basic overview about the story so I'll focus on my impression:

The focus of the story is telling the / a story each volume.
It contains no cooking, cultivating, face slapping, etc. Episodes. All grudges and kind acts have a realistic consequence. (Killing an "insect" will make the father angry, but will not cause any big shot to suddenly appear. Saving a the friend of a big shot will cause the big shot to warn an enemy the MC can't fight against, but the... more>> big shot will not risk really fighting against the enemy of similar power.)
It concentrates on delivering comedic acts (the MC acting silly or deliberately tease a certain aggressive female) and delivering great fights where the MC has to think.

The tags include Gender Bender. While the tag is true, it rarely is a theme in the story. It mostly is used for comedy purpose. (S) He is too lazy to do his/her hair and gets made fun of because of it; a certain female ends up soaked because of an accident, but as the MC makes fun of the situation (s) he is hit flying before any ecchi can really occur.
The MC has a choice of staying male (which he'd prefer) or becoming / staying a female. He decides to honour his promise to the elder in his original world though and (for now) remain female.
The female cast will not (instantly) fall in love with the MC - or rather until now, none of the female cast sees him / her as a romantic target. They all so far see him / her as a (unreliable) family member (who gives rise to protective urges) / child.

I personally quite like that the story so far doesn't really focus on the MC cultivating and training to get stronger. (S) he is already very powerful in cultivation right from the start and also has her spells, that make her more powerful than any other on the same level. This allows him / her to be / act quite carefree.
She will learn during the story though her position comes with responsibility and her power is often not enough to get her will or protect her loved ones every time. (There are much stronger persons around and people working in a team or assassins may still hurt him / her.)

His / her spells are very useful (no need to carry water for washing) and powerful (can annihilate an area of many football fields) ! Yet in battle against enemies of the same level (s) he can't use most of the powerful spells - they require gestures and text and take too long in general. Thus they give the MC a nice advantage but prevents him / her from being OP.

The characters are well fleshed out and each have their own will, secrets and agenda.
Their development is well done. For example the MC is forced to learn that this world is not as peaceful as his old one and death comes easily. (S) he also learns to move in politics, though she mostly lets the sect leader handle them.
The sect leader also changes and becomes more and more able to express and act according to her will - instead of putting on a mask and always acting how it is expected of her / in agreement with the elders.

There is no black and white here in this world. Politics, power games, revenge and fight between races play a big role. For example the elders in the MC's sect expect certain benefits and are not always of the same opinion as the sect leader or MC; fighting and winning against another sect cases their ally and trade partner to also be unfriendly to the MC's sect; and a master level / big shot beastman (?) may choose to mostly stand by while his race is putting up a desperate struggle against extinction in order to protect his own sect. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c106
Disappointing, but this novel does not know what it wants to be. It is written well, the characters are deep, there are interesting twists... so why is this not a 5?

The novel starts as misunderstanding comedy. The MC calls himself a "lolicon" and gets turned into one, something he comes to term with in five seconds. He then proceeds to act "unhinged" and make everyone blow their top. Everyone takes him as a cute child that one must take care of.

Then suddenly the comedy morphs into a tragedy, with irresolvable... more>> grudges and hatred. The MC acts as a "father", takes responsibility and "stems the world".

There is no more comedy, instead -in between the tragedies- the novel transforms again, into what I call a "women support group", i.e. everyone interesting is a woman, they all have their troubles, they are supportive of each other, they help each other, they like each other, they get all the screen space.

The MC very early on goes "I don't beat women", which just means that there will be no female villain. And indeed, all the evil-doers are male. The MC acts very biased: stuff that men get eradicated for he doesn't care about if it was a woman's doing.

Overall the MC is a whimp. He has no bottom-line, gets taken advantage over and over and over, and never blows his top.

What really annoyed me the most are the following:

    • Everyone is s*upid, except the one char that dies early. She was my favourite. f*ck!
    • The whole "loli" business is not needed. I mean there aren't even lolis around.
    • Same for the "chest envy". C'mon, that trope is old. Also, if you really want to go down that route, take a look at "Demon Sword Maiden". That is how it is done.
    • The comedy just stopped. Literally. What happened to the "unhingedness"? It was what made this novel special.
    • The tragedies are fine too, but why doesn't the "first" disciple die, after taking the cursed sword? Why is she allowed to live?
    • The whole "coolness" factor of the MC is very low. As I mentioned, there is no need for "lolis", and definitely no need for a "cute loli with a giant transforming sword on her back", especially if she doesn't know martial arts and is a magician.

So much potential wasted. Sigh. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: V3
This novel has both comedy and serious parts. So don't let the initial few chapters fool you

In my opinion the serious parts are written much better than the comedy parts. The comedy parts is mainly MC lacking common sense and being perverse. I know he is new in this foreign world he transmigated into but he seems to lack common sense from earth too. Who asks if a female is in heat? Or if her peroid has come for acting irritated? Another point is his perversion. He is a lolicon,... more>> this would still be passable in my books normally. But he seems to fantasize and lust after underaged girls in the sect. With his fetish monologues popping up in his head when he observes these girls. This is honestly a dealbreaker for me. I know this is a different world and things like age and adulthood might work differently but he came from earth.

The serious parts is where the story is good, it is what kept me reading. While not really in-depth, it does go into subjects such as regrets, life, revenge, morality ect. The novel also solves conflicts in a way which you won't see often in cultivation novels. Such as forgiveness, sympathy for the villains, and letting enmities go. Of course this doesn't mean that there is no killing at all, but the MC seems to understand the bigger picture even if she is always fooling around.

All in all it is a decent novel, I wish the slice of life parts (the comedy) was written better. I give it a 3/5. <<less
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WeebFromAnotherWorld rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: --
I enjoyed reading this novel for the same reasons that others have mentioned.

... more>>

My only nitpick is that in the earlier chapters the MC who is the sect ancestor was sneaked attacked by a disciple, the fight ended quickly when the MC threw out an attack which forced the disciple's teacher to reveal himself in order to defend his disciple, it was also shown that there were two other sect-elders monitoring the entire situation. So what punishment does the disciple and master receive for disrespecting their "elder", who is of the highest level in terms of seniority and authority? Nothing, just a slap on the wrist (a kick in the butt for the disciple and that's it). Even when the MC is the sect ancestor, he still plays the role as a proverbial punching bag, where respect for ones elders is no longer upheld to a fanatic degree as long as the MC is concerned.

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HamsterOverlord-sama rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c400+
Warning. This review is just me writing my observations concerning the novel, so it lacks a logical structure. This story is slow, but it takes its time to flesh out the world-building (mostly interpersonal relationships +some politics+some info on magic and cultivation) and the characters (their back stories, motivations, views, alignments)

It has a plot and it follows it consistently.

While it may be slow for some readers and it can get rather intense emotionally, overall, it's a story much better than most others of the same genre.

It also has some... more>> (actually a lot of) yuri romance undertones but, as I said before, it really is slow and it's all (unfortunately) just undertones.

It's bad because it's frustrating af, but it's kinda really good because the romance (or whatever we have for now) feels more natural and solid than what can be usually found in similar novels. The novel can make you feel for the characters and care about their struggles. The cast is very wide and colorful and there will probably be at least one you will like.

The MC in particular is one that's interesting to follow. She can be s*upid at times, but she's in fact very sharp, just too trusting at times. She's willing to believe in others and she is willing to respect those she holds dear and their decisions. The antagonists are all cunning and they can be frustratingly competent. Despite the MC being very powerful, they always find ways to turn the tables on her.

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SovietWeeb rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: c35
I remember reading this at least a year ago. There were only 3 chapters out and then the TL dropped it. Glad that it was picked up again. The story surprisingly has a serious side to it. There is comedy laced throughout the entire story. But the story isn't afraid to have serious stuff arise.

I do wish we got more of our MC though. It would be interesting to get more of a POV.
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September 22, 2018
Status: --
Started as comedic but gets serious as time passes.

Far better than the normal xianxia novel.... more>>

Betrayal from the sect member who s (he) trusted for the greater good of the sect (although she gets rescued by the betrayed member later, and dies (sacrifices) as an apology and atonement to the mc) .


Although the MC acts as a punching bag for the sect master, but gets serious when needed.

She is the ancestor of sword sect, but has little to no experience with swords.

In terms of magic (a foreign concept in this world) she is unparalled, as shown when she rampages even when she gets critically poisoned. The MC is expert in multiple elements of magic, although s (he) is an expert in flame magic.

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Kemori rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c30
Great world building.

INCREDIBLY weak MC. This is the most JP like CN novel I've ever read. I stopped reading JP novels because of how spineless and weak the protagonists are.

Our MC who is the most powerful person in her sect by far (which is saying something since her sect is rank 5 in the world), and about to enter the 'grandmaster' realm, above the 'heaven' realm- gets her ass handed to her by a newly made lower 'heaven' rank martial artist- who actually doesn't even seem to attack her more... more>> than once because she gets nailed with crossbow bolts (cultivation must be pretty sh*t and pointless if you can't dodge a crossbow bolt.) During the fight all she does is run away and consistently get owned and repeatedly uses the same fire attack over and over, hoping for different results.

Other than the MC being SUPER weak, weaker than most JP protagonists, none of the other characters are good. The ONLY character I liked was

Luo Qing who ended up being the one that poisoned the MC which resulted in half of her piss poor performance to begin with.


So now, not only is the /only/ character I like dead and a traitor, the MC is an actual Idiot who gets looked down on by her sect because she can't speak more than five words without cussing or using slang and doesn't punish anyone for disrespect despite being almost an entire realm above everyone else in her sect.

This character lived 30+ years in a world with magic and it was all he focused on, he came to the cultivation world and all he can use is a shitty fire arrow spell and it's upgraded version? No wonder the synopsis says he's a loser! He's literally a loser! Can't even learn more than two spells in a lifetime of secluded magical research. Not only a loser, but an absolute mongoloid too!

If you dislike JP novels, you WILL NOT like this. I'm very sour over having wasted half my night reading this sh*t hoping it would get better but it only gets worse the more you read. <<less
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angrybees rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: c100
At the time of writing, I'm incredibly torn on whether or not to continue reading this. I like a lot of the world building and some of the character relationships are already really well developed, but I find the MC and a number of the other leads pretty insufferable a little too often. Most of the humor isn't really for me and the "clever" plots and writing have a few too many obvious twists to actually come across as interesting or clever. Decent cultivation world with some degree of character... more>> development though, so I can't go that low on my rating despite mixed personal feelings. <<less
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