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In a thrilling tale of otherworldly dimensions, a young boy finds himself thrust into a dark and mysterious parallel world, inhabiting the body of his senior sister, Lily. On her very first day in this enigmatic realm, Lily encounters the mesmerizing night parade of a hundred ghosts, setting off a chain of events that will test her resilience and survival instincts.

Amidst the chaos of warriors and their disputes, Lily must navigate the treacherous landscape, seeking not only to survive but to carve out her own destiny. With unwavering determination, she sets out on a quest to forge a cursed sword, an extraordinary weapon that may hold the key to her survival and success in this chaotic world.

As she battles formidable adversaries and unravels the secrets of the parallel realm, Lily’s journey becomes an unparalleled adventure. Her transformation from a boy into a captivating young woman is just the beginning of her extraordinary odyssey. Boundaries blur and reality intertwines with the fantastical as Lily embraces her newfound identity, forging her own path in a world that defies imagination.

In this unimaginable otherworldly adventure, join Lily as she embarks on a quest of self-discovery, facing ghosts, warriors, and the unknown. Will she unravel the mysteries of this parallel world and emerge victorious? Prepare to be captivated by a tale where survival, courage, and the indomitable spirit of a lone girl intertwine to create an unforgettable journey.

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Maiden of the Cursed Blade
Youtou Hime
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43 Reviews

Mar 31, 2019
Status: --
I dropped it after a few dozen chapters.

The setting was great, and the plot (at least as far as I got) was decent.

The problem is that the author feels the need to constantly remind us how hot the MC's body is by mentioning her ti*s every chance he gets.

The main character also comes off as a complete idiot when it comes to the girl whose body he is in. He has her on such a pedestal of purity that he considers himself to be dirty for even seeing it when... more>> he takes a bath.


Come on dude! You had ONE SINGLE conversation with her before you died, and in it she told you that she wanted to take you to a love hotel! I'm not saying that she's not worth saving, but you clearly don't know the first thing about her! She straight out told you that she wanted to f*ck you, so stop blushing every time you see her/your tits!

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Jun 26, 2019
Status: c57
It's a novel that wants to be an ecchi doujin. Everything exists as a vehicle to promote the protagonist's sexiness, but without art to uh.. Appreciate, so it falls flat on it's rather disappointing mess of a story.

All in all, it's a tolerable novel that gets sadly worse as it goes on. Expect to be reminded constantly about the protagonist's large breasts and flawless skin in ever more awkward, and sweaty, detail. Expect to see her (his) devastating beauty get her into ever more ridiculous situations, then get into a... more>> powerup scene where we are reminded, again, about her breasts and how darn much she seems to sweat. Her clothes are constantly in danger of showing her naughty bits and there's a mountain of mentally, and morally deficient weirdos all over the place to provoke her le*dness out. You are absolutely only reading this for the ecchi, and the latest chapter I read, ch57, is particularly bad for it. <<less
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Dec 16, 2018
Status: v2c6
Well I am surprised that this golden egg finally got picked! As for the detail of my review, since I just reached somewhere around the early part of vol 2, I don't think I can tell much. However, I can definitely assure you all that the characters all have unique personalities (Lol, in my word, funny weirdo!) while each having a clear background and distinct story plot. Sadly, this is why I couldn't convey much of my thought in this, since this reading material requires high level of Chinese understanding,... more>> thus preventing from comprehending much as I read deeper.

So I am happy to know that this novel got picked now and hopefully the Re;Library and Silva will keep up their good job translating this novel! <<less
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Jun 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this novel over a year ago and still think about it sometimes to this day. This is one of the few novels where the English translation feels better than the raws, as the raws uses Japanese kanji for names and other proper nouns, and as I don't know Japanese, it doesn't feel as Japanesey. As I was reading the novel, I felt that the author had quite obviously planned everything out from beginning to end, but to this day I am still pissed that the author decided to keep... more>> writing after such a good ending in volume 17 most likely because he/she was earning so much money from the popularity and after winning a site competition. Literally took a star off because the author got greedy for money. I just treat everything after volume 17 as spinoff/non-canon otherwise I'd be waking up in the middle of the night with the urge to track down the author and make him/her delete that stuff.

Great things about this novel:

  • Truly excellent world building: from the very start, the author had eluded to the 3 realms and the limits of power that anyone can obtain (omikami), and THAT WAS IT. No surprises, "oh yeah theres this random higher realm that exists with random enemies". The true antagonist was always waiting in Takamagahara which is known from the very beginning with the nights getting longer.
  • Mystery: truly world done. Every volume reveals a new piece to the mystery until the last piece comes together in volume 17. From the sun fading away, the death of tsukuyomi, senior sister and a massive scheme spanning thousands of years, every volume brings new revelations and additions to the story that make it that much more interesting
  • No reptition (kinda) : typical xianxia novels: MC powers up, gets thrown into a higher realm where everyone else is stronger, same sh*t happens, repeat. DSM: Lily powers up, goes to a higher realm on her own terms to achieve a purpose, DIFFERENT sh*t HAPPENS.
  • Character development and strong purpose: from the very beginning, Lily's goal is to become strong enough so that nobody can harm her and the one's she loves. This is of course achieved at the end of volume 17 (which is where the strory should've ended). Lily and all her companions actually change as the story progresses. Rei, Ayaka and Nanako especially turn from somewhat frivolous characters that like to tease Lily into people with firm resolve and true love for her. Rei herself literally went to the underworld to save Lily (not that she needed saving lmao).
  • Distinct characters and good antagonists: every single character in this novel is distinct and interesting, especially Lily's growth as a person. I especially liked how well written the antagonists were. They truly felt like real people, with their own goals, value, and loved ones. I especially liked how there were many men with actual backstories and personality. Especially some of them that were honest in their pursuits of Lily instead of acting like a s*x crazed dog, although they did end up getting turned down in the end.
  • I also especially liked how there was a really good explanation to how Lily was so special and powerful. Instead of in the random xianxia novels where the MC is just randomly talented and receiving random inheritances or whatever it is, the path Lily took to power was always predestined, in a way. Spoilers at the bottom.
  • YURIIIII & GOOD GENDER BENDER: literally, I love yuri, best thing God has blessed our wretched souls with. So much say gex later on. This novel actually did gender bender right, here's why:

LILY WAS NEVER MALE IN THE FIRST PLACE HAHA. Don't want to spoil her true identity although you all may have guessed it already, but the body she resides in was always her own, and her soul was always female, it was just temporarily molded into a cute shouta for certain reasons. A good gender bended is no gender bender at all. Lily also marries all the love interests at the end of volume 17, best scene ever, made me want to cry. Lots of yuri s*x scenes later on, pretty sure it was in volume 12 where Lily loses her v**ginity to Senior Sister, and Lily wanted to have her first time with Senior Sister, the author decided that since that happened, Lily could go do it with all the other love interests as well. Whenever Rei and Shimizu (i think that was her name) pushed Lily down, she no longer had a reason to refuse.


Not so great things about this novel:

  • Sexualization of the women, Lily especially (not that I really minded) : like I understand its for her development of the pathway of charm but like come on (totally not a lie, I totally didn't like it). Understandably people didn't really like it (I personally loved it haha).
  • The way women are treated: but seriously come on, the story/environment is set in Shogun period of Japan, how did you expect women to be treated, with equality and respect??? Something that doesn't even happen today in the 21st century? I find it vexing when other people complain about this when it fits in pretty well with the setting and serves for satisfying face slapping.
  • Also felt like some of the girls were in constant danger of getting r*ped (fair enough due to the setting) but the author knowing that what they're writing is FICTION, and that they could write their novel however they pleased, decided that none of that angsty stuff would happen regardless of how "realistic" it would be. Just a small gripe, the author must've realized this as well and I this as well and I think it was after Haihime's arc that the angsty feeling disappeared.
  • I'M STILL MAD VOLUME 18 & 19 EXISTS. Luckily they were very short, in terms of word count they would barely classify as a single volume. Luckily though y'all English readers won't have to worry about it for years to come.
So yeah if you like yuri and don't get too offended by the literally setting of the novel then give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Some other cool spoilers:


As many of you have guessed, Lily's true identity is Tsukuyomi. And obviously senior sister is Amaterasu. In Japanese lore, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu were twins, however Amaterasu was male. Obviously, the author did a little switcheroo and since they are female twins, they also look identical (at least in the physical sense). Now, how was Lily turned into a shota you ask? It would be a very long and complicated story so I'm gonna keep it short. Basically, in the 3 realms, there are (very few) Omikami who hold the power of the word itself. Before Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu were born, Izanami and Izanagi (their parents) held the entire power of the word split between the 2. One day, another on of their children (don't remember who, as technically all the gods are their children) tried to steal that power by betraying and ambushing Izanami and Izanagi. Ok I don't exactly remember exactly how it happened but it ended with Izanami ruling the underworld, Tsukuyomi ruling the "land of the night" which is separate from the 3 realms and the place where people go after dying in the underworld. Amaterasu ruling heaven aka Takamagara, and Susanoo ruling the human realm's oceans. The oceans are very large btw which is still considerable power. It was described that Takamagahara and Yomi (underworld) was millions of times larger than the land of the mortal realm, however the mortal realm is the same size of Takamagahara. So almost the entire mortal realm is just ocean. Obviously susanoo didn't like ruling over basically nothing, so he decided to try defeat Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Basically some stuff happened and Tsukuyomi was banished out of the 3 realms into the primal chaos, in which she drifted for 1000 years purely in her soul state to modern day Earth where she lived for 20 years (ish) as a boy. As her soul was a woman, the boys looks turns out to be a cute shota (lmao). Obviously, when Amaterasu found out that Tsukuyomi was banished, she left her body in the Heavenly Palace under a heavy protective spell and left the 3 realms in her soul form to find Lily. Over the 1000 years, Susanoo used all his efforts to try break the protection on Amaterasu's body, hence explaining why the Sun was fading, whilst after finding Tsukuyomi, they teleport back to the 3 realms (in a process that I'm not gonna explain, however it was explained very well in the novel surprisingly). Amaterasu ends up using all her soul power to do this, while Lily wakes up having no idea what's going on and under the misconception that she "stole" Senior Sister's body.

Btw Lily and senior sister aka Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu were in fact married before, but they could only meet during solar eclipses or whatever they were called. Kinda sad, but this was resolved at the end of volume 17 when Lily takes the power of the entire 3 realms for herself, becoming a being that transcends the 3 realms and truly becoming untouchable. Amaterasu still holds the power of the concept of the sun, but they are no longer forced to be apart.

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Feb 20, 2019
Status: c29
This novel has all the cliche scenes as expected from a gender bender series, like the scene where the protagonist explores her body or the scene where she was too embarrassed to look at herself. And though this series has many cliche scenes where you can easily predict what is going to happen next, you just can't help but look forward to it, since those are the types of "good cliche" you just can't seem to get enough of.

Also, the protagonist seems to be the smart and cautious type, though... more>> she can also be a knucklehead at times. I especially like how the protagonist had the mindset to avoid getting tangled up in the cycle of hatred, but she's no stranger to danger either. If people come making trouble for her, she'll deal with it accordingly. The protagonist has a likable personality so far, I've just been getting tired of protagonists that were too proud for their own good and got into trouble because of their personality, so this is a nice change of pace. For now, I am expecting good things from this novel. <<less
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Jan 11, 2019
Status: c14
I'm very happy that Silva has decided to pick up this unpolished diamond. Although (tragically) I cannot read or write Chinese with only the capability of speaking it, Demon Sword Maiden is intriguing and undoubtedly a welcomed new addition to the ranks of novels.

The only problem I have to up to now is confirming whether or not this gender-bender novel has Yuri since I can 't trust the tags on Novelupdates. At all. Another thing that deserves my salutations is that despite the author being Chinese, (as stereotypically;... more>> Chinese and Japanese people hate each other) they have clearly done their research on Japan. <<less
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Jun 26, 2019
Status: c57
Tried reading it because of the high ratings but as of somewhere in volume 2, I got sick of it.

First, the backstory is weird. Girl confessing to a creepy stalker, the stalker's sudden noble desire to preserve the dignity of the girl's body, acting ashamed, etc (feels like the sudden opposite of a stalker's state of mind.) But let's ignore the backstory for a moment, its simply there to set up the background, motivation, etc. Let's talk about the general route this story is taking. Motivation for level up... more>> montages : Check
Cheats: Check (umbrella)
Idiotic and unreasonable villains/troublemakers: Check (A girl wanting to destroy two mountains because it reminds her of her flat chest, villain 'fell in love' with the MC and decided the best thing to do is harass her.) And now, we got another woman immediately trying to do yuri things upon first appearance.

Its like the author decided to take whatever excites people (female protag, ero stuff, training montages) and mix them into a cauldron without caring about characters in general. The best character he had in this story so far is the dead father turned into a monster trying to protect his daughter. Even then, that entire part felt set up and then thrown away in a flash. (MC received daughter's clothes as a gift, gets saved by the daughter's zombie father, followed by getting said clothes torn few chapters later because why not?)

Translations good though. <<less
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Mar 26, 2020
Status: c789
Your typical powercreep story where there's always a bigger fish.

-1 star because more of the shallow 2D hypocritical enemies and plot commonly found in Chinese novels.

Justified self defense or even a fair duel. The moment you defeat/insult/kill 1 guy, then their entire relatives, clan, friends, etc or even someone unrelated all come at you scheming and hounding you to the end of the world. Rinse and repeat, except with increasing powercreep.
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Lyle Walt
Lyle Walt
Mar 06, 2019
Status: v2c18
While I'm only quite at the beginning of the novel (vol2 arc1 chapter 18 - the curent highest available free chapter), I'd call this novel a hidden gem!
But before I begin to swoon over the novel let's point out its weaknesses:
-The story takes place in the ancient Japan where men rule supreme. Still, as this is a yury story there are quite many - of course beautiful, young and powerful - women in leading positions.

- As this is a "wuxia" story we have the thing called blood feud. Meaning, because the weak child of a unimportant branch family lost to and is hurt by the MC, members of the branch family, then the main family and later even a leader wish to kill the MC. A small stone thrown into a pond causes ripples that get bigger and bigger. All that because of a nobody / useless child, while the MC has the name of a powerful family, shows incredible growth (normally impossible without the backing / genes of a powerful family) and has increasingly mighty backings. This has logic gaps, but the story requires enemies and a reason for the MC to get stronger quickly and this is an easy way for story building.

- And last my main peeve: Once the action is rolling the author seems to sometimes forget the (currently more unimprotant) story threads / characters. For example the MC rushes after her friend after a "fight" and tells her companion he/ she'll be back in no time, but the companion should call for help if he/she is not back at a certain time. The MC reaches and rescues the friend, but decides to stay with her family for some time instead of going back or even informing her companion at home.
Of course the MC needs to stay there for some action only a few chapters later and of course the MC need to be "missing" from home for some time for another story thread to play out. Still, I don't like how the MC seems to completely forget the companion and how this companion currently got so little story focus / remains sallow and in the background.

Now, lets get on to the swooning:
- It is a Chinese novel that takes part in Japan and does a good job at painting a halve way realistic picture and in no way (at least so far) will it bash the Japanese people or culture.

- What sets DSM apart from other novels is, that while it is constrained by its main themes yuri, gender bender and wuxia it does a good job to not adhere to these limits very strictly.
* It really shows a world where the women (mostly) have no say in important decisions and are seen as the weaker gender.
* The soul of the MC, being a man before coming to this world, is interested in girls. While the body he resides in is that of a woman, who of course was interested in men. Most gender bend yuri novels completely ignore this discrepancy and just set the soul as dominant, so that the now female MC will like women still. DSM though tries to give this situation some thought. While the soul is still dominant and the MC will therefore like women, he/ she can't help but blush and get a bit excited if she sees a beautiful man or gets helped by a warrior.
* The MC no longer behaves just like a man, nor does he behave and feel perfectly like a woman. The body remembers how to move, so (intuitive) actions are done mostly girlish while he/ she still has to learn some etiquette. Especially interesting is, that in DSM the MC does get influenced by the body (?) over time - meaning he for example starts to like buying and wearing several woman’s cloths and makeup.

- The MC comes from our peaceful time / world and is thrown into a world with ghosts and fighting. It takes time for the MC to adjust to this. While still a boy the MC was shy and quite weak, but as the story progresses he grows in character. The MC will not immediately like fighting / hurting people, but he also doesn't remain afraid of hurting or even killing other people. The growth is a bit fast, but still told in a believable fashion.

- What also sets this novel apart from others is, that the MC has needs! An inconvenient topic that most novels steer clear of as it does not fit well with heroic stories in a beautiful fantasy world. Or as a certain arch wizard once said "Crimson magic clansmen don't need to use the washroom". Well, in this story / that age there are no convenient flush toilets and showers - especially not in the wildness and the MC is now in the body of a woman. The story deals with and describes this topic quite well.

- As all yuri novels the girls around the MC are interested in her. Still in DSM the girls each have quite a character and won't be satisfied with only looking at eh MC. The story shies away from being R-18, but it is quite descriptive and does touch upon the topics.

- And of course, there is love! It is nicely told how the MC tries to stay true to his love for Lily, while all the while also falling for another girl in this world. (Also, according to the tags, the MC also won't get attached to the other girls liking her and the story won't become a typical harem.)

All in all, while it has its weeknenes (same as other stories of similar kind and mostly even less than those) - mostly caused by it contrains - its a great story that takes a realistical approach, is fast paced and has great action scense, but also has its comedy moments. It is a gender bend yuri story and doesn't fear to be a bit more descriptive than most <R-18 novels. As for character development, not only the MC is growing, but also the persons around the MC (though so far we only got shot flashes of the character of the probable love interest and the sotry focuses on only the growth of one of the girls around the MC). Finally the mysteries of the world and around the MC are continuously growing and I trust the author to connect and explain them well.

Oh, as for the translation, its very well done! Silva is giving explanations where necessary, but makes sure to keep them as well as comments to a minimum as not to break the reading flow. The flow and tone of the interactions / story is well preserved.
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Jan 29, 2022
Status: v3c77
The novels is extremely is extremely and I mean sexist to the point that they are demeaning the whole female gender. Moreover, if there is a named BEAUTIFUL enemy woman she won't ever die, they will either join the MC, fall in love with the MC or be saved by the MC even if they have tried to kill her, rob her, r*pe her, or her cherised ones. I repeat, if they are a woman they won't die, so read with this in mind.

The only thing that the MC has... more>> is luck. The fights in volume one are impressive be it against demons or humans, but, later they are only extremely good when they are against monsters and demons. On the contrary, if the enemy is a human the enemies will suddenly use mystic and any methods for the MC to have a 2 chapter extended chapter when she could kill with a single slash, Not recommended if you are easily frustrated or if you are a girl. Another thing is that sometimes her blows can annihilate 50 people at once, but other times, the struggles against the same amount of people after the power up to put dramatic effects. I'm not angry, I'm just extremely disappointing with this, and that is why I'm making this review.

To end with my tirade, the most absurd thing is the obsession of the MC with his/her (is a genderbent nobel) supposed "love" who hasn't said a single word since chapter 10m and this novel has already almost 600 translated chapters. She is just a tool for the MC to be adverse towards the love that other females throw to her. I mean, the other females literally sacrifice their self-being, have saved her life N times, given her protection and much more while the supposed "love interest" is lying on a bed unconscious ALL the time. The worst thing is that MC likes them, but, she doesn't answer their love because this shitty reason. I've reached the limit of my tolerance in this last volume. <<less
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Mar 15, 2023
Status: c800
I‘m baffled. Not because this novel is about a boy turning into a gay girl, no no...
It's because it is so hard to give a proper rating to this read.
Now, let me explain.
If you’re new to eastern culture and eastern novels, be it Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, then this particular novel should be GREAT for you. Five stars, no contest. It has EVERYTHING, that represents the east (in this case - Japan and its mythology). Even the translators did an astonishing job, which is kinda rare. Just skip the rest of my review and go on a journey.
Good luck and goodbye.

Now, if you have some experience (let’s say, you did some reading, perhaps a hundred novels with a sprinkle of mangas), your experience will probably be no different from mine. At this point, let’s divide this novel into three parts.

I. Chapter 1 to chapter 200.
This is the part where the true representation starts. The story setting is great. The characters are great. The enemies are smart, and cunning and they feel real. The sad parts are overly sad, the drama parts are overly dramatic, and the battles are over the top - like they like to do in the East. And even the ecchi moments add to the atmosphere. MC seems like a smart bo... girl, and life seems good, even if it’s bad.
One of the best novels I ever read. Great job, Author!

II. Chapter 200 to chap. 600.
Welp, it seems that all good things need to end somewhere...
This is the part, where the story takes a strange turn. I have some vague ideas of what could happen - perhaps the author was affected by slightly dropping ratings, or he overestimated himself. After all, his characters aren’t dumb. In fact, they seem really smart. Even too smart.
When you make your characters too smart, you’re kinda supposed to keep that level to the very end. And go even higher. The problem with this approach is that you can’t make them smarter than yourself. It just doesn’t work. In such cases, authors purposely dumb down their characters, at least at the beginning, so they could make them smarter later. But, as I said, this novel had smart characters from the very beginning. So the author panicked. While panicking, he decided to up things a bit... with p*rn.
No, not the actual p*rn. The ecchi.
In these chapters, ecchi becomes kinda annoying, because there is too much of it. Moreover, because of the ecchi moments, the MC (Lily) doesn’t look so smart anymore and her decisions become kinda dull and questionable. The enemies, though, remain as smart as ever. Perhaps they saved the ratings from plummeting to oblivion. Thank you, enemies!

III. Chapters 600 to 800 and beyond
At this point, the novel becomes overly saturated with erotics, which is really BAD. I’m not even talking about erot*c moments - every movement of Lily and her friends becomes a gallery of p*rnhub. Even when the situation is truly dire and the heads of friends and enemies fly everywhere, every tiny movement of MC is oversexualized. Naked breasts, buttocks, and shiny white legs everywhere. Lily blushes whenever she can and even when she can not. Her decision-making skill becomes so impaired, that I was praying for the enemies to finish her off as soon as possible.
Why? Because the enemies still remain the smart ones to the very end. That kinda SAVES the novel from bombing itself. Which is strange. Usually, it’s MC who saves the day, but who am I to judge...
In the end, even translators start mocking the author in the notes, which indicates the level of disaster.
The prose, though, remains on the same level. It’s still great prose... from a technical point of view. Everything else is going straight to p*rny hell.
And here my journey ends on chapter 800... (sigh)

So... Is it worth reading?
The answer is a strong YES. Up to chapter 200, it is a great read, especially if you’re a beginner author. It’s a truly great example of how to build a world and your characters. And how to write proper prose.
Just... keep the ecchi things to a healthy minimum, okay?

The rest of the novel... up to you.
3 stars out of five from me.
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Jun 04, 2022
Status: c600
Such a strange feeling to see what could have been a great novel be ruined by pseudo-r*pe every few chapters.

Every time she encounters a woman they end up almost having s*x until Lily suddenly decides to remember her everlasting love towards senior sister.

From the beginning the mythological Japanese setting creates such a poignant atmosphere. So unique and fantastically executed but it pains me so much to see these ridiculous scenarios that completely destroys all immersion.

On that point, other than these moments, Lily is actually quite a good character yet it’s... more>> simply impossible to appreciate.

This may be a bias towards Japanese culture from my part but Lily has one of my favourite set of abilities and most fitting that I’ve seen in a long time. Well this is coming from someone who has read a lot of xianxia/xuanhuan which most of the time does a horrible job at this but that’s besides the point.

Basically this is a novel on the verge of being great but it’s very difficult for me to find the greatness when 66% of the novel is a fetish-fest. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: --
I am a Spanish speaker and I read this novel in English and fell in love with it. The author's writing style is quite consistent, with detailed descriptions of the environment, complex emotions of the characters and protagonist, intricate plot development, and a well-planned story structure.
I say this for those who haven't read the complete story and dare to criticize the story and protagonist based on just a few initial chapters!
Some may criticize the protagonist for his contradictory behavior, such as how the girl confesses her feelings to him when they first meet and how he feels ashamed when he acquires her body, or how he tries to remain faithful to her but is drawn to other girls and then backs away when he realizes his infidelity. But I ask, who hasn't felt complex and contradictory emotions in their life? Who hasn't wanted to be faithful to one person while feeling physically attracted to another? Who hasn't wanted to avoid defiling their partner before marriage but still wants to make them feel pleasure? Aren't these emotions that every human being can feel? So why criticize the fictional protagonist for them? Just because someone hasn't experienced them doesn't mean they can't happen. Sometimes, by judging someone else, we judge ourselves.

That's why I like the protagonist because he feels sufficiently human and fights for his loved ones and friends. He runs away when he has to. The story isn't like others where the protagonist overcomes his limitations and defeats his enemies just because he's the protagonist. The protagonist in this story runs away when he can't win. He trains hard, steals, kills, and does everything he can for his loved ones and sisters, even when he could have given up. The characters in this story don't defeat those who are stronger than them. They are realistic, they need revelations in their training, they need effort to become stronger.

The protagonist, as contradictory as he may be (like every human can be), struggles with blood and sweat to survive, to become strong, to defeat his enemies. The mystery of the plot is revealed little by little, and it's clear how well-woven and interrelated the elements of the world are. The entire story and world are well-crafted. You can feel the density of the scheme. The way the author builds a story with Japanese mythology and Chinese concepts is excellent.

It can be said that the author emphasizes the protagonist's good body. But... so what! I like the protagonist. What does it matter if her body is sexy and the author wants to highlight or remember that? Kagami Lily is the best, body, personality, and soul. She never gives up, she suffers a lot and persists until she fights, she has the spirit of a man in the body of a girl. Her personality has as much of a male as a female quality. And I like how she sacrifices her masculinity to save her loved ones and her friends. She has her fears, her difficulties in becoming strong. She's capable of giving everything.

Anyone who asks why she protects the body of a girl she just met and doesn't take advantage of it doesn't understand what true love (agape) is. A love that goes beyond s*xual love and lasts forever. That's the love she has, capable of giving her life for a girl she just met. This is a story of love, struggle, sacrifice, with its tragedies and sadness.

I don't know how to end these words of appreciation for the story and the protagonist. But there it is, and I'll say more later.

"Thus, I give it a rating of 5."
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Feb 22, 2021
Status: c237
This novel has great translations and is your typical martial arts progression type of novel so it's an enjoyable read. The only issue is the author keeps ruining the mood by adding lines about how sexy the main character is and the author goes overboard on talking about the scent and how sweaty women are in this novel, many impactful scenes have been ruined by lines talking about how sweaty her breasts are...

Some other issues with this novel are...

    • Pretty much every single female in this story is into yuri and every single one wants the MC... I get having yuri theme but the author goes overboard. While it's normal for stories like this the issue is everything just feels faker, one way you can tell if it's a well-written thought-out novel is if someone other than the main character gets a relationship. This isn't something I would say is negative about the book but this book would be a lot better if the author at least made a reason like "All the men of this era are brutes who don't care about women so, therefore, most women like other women" would have made the story better.
    • The main character starts out with a mysterious mirror (which is for the plot) and an umbrella which is a shinigami. The shinigami teaches her spirit power and they give hints that this is going to be an insanely powerful tool but after the beginning, it is just never spoken of again. She sometimes uses it as an umbrella but that's pretty much it. There was no need to create an item with a will if that will is irrelevant once the main character gets powerful
    • Volume 2 ->

      The author added a character that gets really possessive over the main character. The main character is in love with her senpai and says she will stay loyal but every time another girl makes advancements on her she just allows it to happen. While I can ignore the occasional teasing shimizu starts to get really possessive and the main character does absolutely nothing to stop it.

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Jun 09, 2021
Status: c82
Great background, good fighting scenes, good descriptions, good plots and so-on etc- The author has a great writing technique. That's just enough for five stars.

I'll skip all the minor details.

I can relate to the reviewers below. Dropping off in early chapters due to; the author keeps reminding how the MC is so hot, MC is harrassed consistently, heh, I can relate.

I'm sure that women's s*x drive doesn't work as the story describes. So this story is more of a yuri-fantasy and it's HILARIOUS. The author didn't disappoint cause', I just... more>> had so much fun reading the yuri-fantasy. The author's imagination going beyond the expectations I had ever imagined. I REPEAT, I'M SURE WOMEN'S s*x DRIVE DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

So, yeah. Hmm. I just can't recommend this story to women. I can't even recommend this story to men if they were to take transgender novels so seriously. I can recommend this to readers fond of transgender stories.

If I weren't immune to TG descriptions I would've also dropped off in disgust.

So, read at your own risk! <<less
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Nov 02, 2020
Status: c271
This is one of my favourite genderbender novel. The story is mysterious, the plot get revealed slowly and I just can't help but want more chapters
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May 05, 2020
Status: v2c12
The story is interesting. Even though the story is a gender bender from a chinese author, I like how the author kids different themes unlike other Chinese cultivation novels. The story is a good pick for people who are interested in cultivation, gender bender, a bit of Yuri, and training to be strong in Japan. The author also did a lot of research in Japan's culture and demons.
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May 08, 2019
Status: ch8
I didn't like it so much. The story is very boring, also I hated the confession of the girl before he died, it came out of nowhere and for no reason just because she like the guy who keep staring at her which is probably a common thing because she's too beautiful so it's normal for a lots of men will keep looking at her all the time trusttwo cringy anyways not my type of novels.
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Mar 07, 2019
Status: c31
The novel so far is very simple, and follows a pure storyline with nothing too extravagant, which is a much welcomed change from all the other novels out there with exagerated scenarios.

Lily is funny, relatable, smart and extremely hardworking, also lowkey incredibly smart, very much enjoying the novel so far and can't wait to get further in the story.
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Dec 12, 2021
Status: c500
Doesn't absolutely deserve a 4.2 rating.

The MC constantly makes the same mistakes with an overwhelming desire to protect her beloved but always for no reason doesn't take fight seriously gets binded into some soft gore bondage p*rn scene 10 times where she could die any second 29 chapters later she swears to be more careful and author highlights how much more careful and more determined she is only to make the same mistakes again like a donkey. Literally nerfing herself on purpose and almost dying despite being so worried about... more>> the safety of her senior sister that she meaninglessly basically makes a 99.99% survival rate situation a 0.01% survival rate situation just because she is so f*cking idiotic. The story is so good otherwise I would have dropped this 400 chapters ago. <<less
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