The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap


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A polite and lethargic boy was reincarnated in another world as a vampire bishoujo.

In this world of swords and magic, this protagonist who was reborn replete with all kinds of cheat powers was searching for one thing――!

“Three meals a day, snacks and an afternoon nap, I guess.”

Are you really the protagonist!

And thus begins the fantasy comedy of a vampire looking for the ideal moocher lifestyle…?

Associated Names
One entry per line
A Transmigration Vampire Would Like to Take a Nap
Tensei Kyuuketsuki-san wa Ohirune ga Shitai
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Seregosa rated it
May 19, 2017
Status: c74
It's bland, indeed it is. It's a bit heartwarming and it's extremely slow-paced and easy going. The characters are mainly just fluff and cuteness, not much else. The MC is extremely lazy and never shows her power at all, just trying to get more sleep in.

Yet, it's pretty interesting in some ways, it's absolutely nothing new but it's worth a read if you're not going in hoping it'll be serious or that there'd be any proper plot development. It's far, far from the best I've read, but it's good enough... more>> to waste some time, perhaps as an interlude between chinese novels where there's massacre abound. Don't care about that Hikki-NEET-for-life guy, he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. A lot of misunderstandings due to not reading properly and not reading far enough. Preconceived notions such as the MC deliberately leeching off his parents in his past life, when in fact he was locked up somewhere and had to adapt to that lifestyle due to the family being a bit screwed up (if you're not talented enough, you can't show your face to the public, so he just gave up after being locked behind bars somewhere), so how could he feel debt? Seems the guy who wrote that review doesn't know much about emotions or reasonings either, the typical narrow-minded person, sadly there's a lot of people like that.

I'm giving it a 3.5/5, it was pretty much what I expected and allowed me to kill a few hours with some moderately amusing chapters. Just about no huge laughs, but you'd usually have a small smile anyway. The grammar is so-so, it's easy to read but sometimes it can make you take note of the mistakes, the quality seems to vary a lot between chapters, probably because the translator made use of people in the comment section to edit it and therefore a lot of random people edited the translation for different chapters. The thing that irked me the most with this novel was the translator though, no offense. A lot of (*explanation*) type translator notes in the middle of the text, sometimes there's tens of them in one short chapter. Then there's sometimes huge texts at the beginning or the end about whatever the translator fancies, usually a rant about not insulting the different girls in the story or risk having the comment banned, same thing in the comment section at every time someone says something negative about a character. During a few chapters that were somewhat sad, it was as if the translator had a mental breakdown and kept writing annoying texts, linking annoying youtube videos and writing down lyrics to the songs in those videos so that you have to scroll past it, not to mention the unrelated pictures sometimes... When a certain female character was introduced that the translator seemingly loves, the author went on a translator note berserk rampage and wrote pretty much a translator note at every time that character spoke, such as saying the translators opinions or *translating tsundere language*. I think I almost burst a vein when trudging through those chapters, the headache was intense and it totally ruined my attempt at immersive reading.

If you're fine with all that, this is surely a good one to go for, much fluff, much cuteness, no story, many girls, much sleeping and retorting later on from slightly more normal characters. If you want a novel that is FAR better than this with a similar concept of a cute girl and stuff that makes you melt, go for kuma kuma kuma bear or something if you haven't read it, it's my favorite when it comes to cute fluff novels like this. <<less
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Hikki-NEET-for-life rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: c15
The MC is contradictory. On Earth he used to leech off his parents without complaining but as soon as he reincarnates he's unable to receive things for free without feeling in debt and constantly wanting to return the favor. I could just accept it as a personality change but he keeps on saying that his dream is to have someone take care of him while he sleeps all day, but how is he going to do that without feeling in debt? In the first place, how did he leech off... more>> his parents without feeling like he owes them?? It's like the author can't decide he wants the MC to be a typical polite japanese overly honorable good guy or a leech who doesn't care about anything but sleep. In my opinion the MC being too honorable makes the story not as interesting as it could have been. Despite this story's numerous flaws, it would have been far more interesting if he was an actual carefree leech. The rating of the story is 3 stars but the MC degrades the novel's rating as a whole to 2. <<less
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Shiraori_ rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c40
I've enjoyed what I've read, but I know deep down that it's complete garbage. That's the gist of what I feel about this. When it comes to conflict, the protagonist is quite literally overpowered to the extent that nothing is a threat and there are no stakes. You just know that literally nothing bad can happen as long as she's around in the general vicinity. Backstories/arcs are gone over quickly and in rapid succession, and lack any sort of real depth. Nothing is fleshed out, after she moves to the... more>> next setting she'll meet a character and solve their problems in like 3 or 4 chapters. This isn't good writing.

Even despite all that, it's unashamedly a power fantasy and has a lot of cute girls with no annoying male MC, and at the end of the day, I personally liked it, even if it has all the makings of an awful story. It's a fun read if you just turn off the critical analysis part of your brain and just enjoy the journey of a cute vampire girl (male) for what it is.

One thing I'd like to say is that the translation past Chapter 7 is questionable. It varies from perfectly fine to a jumbled mess filled with typos and bad sentence structure. Some chapters have edited versions but not all of them are because the releaser keeps sending out chapters rapid-fire, probably without proofreading. Look at that release frequency, that's two chapters a day. Continue past 7 with caution. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: c129
It dropped down from 4 stars to 3 or 2 for me. Beginning seemed ok, but then it got meh. Thought it would be more like she reincarnated op loli vampire angel/goddess, she'll laze and do whatever the f she wants, and yea that's her attitude/personality, but doesn't mean much when she just gets pushed/dragged around a lot by other characters. She's got nothing going for her other than her spec she got which aren't as great as they seem in the beginning. I'm most disappointed by her lack of... more>> power/control. Given her cheats and specs by god, she's not even the strongest or op. There are others stronger or at least more in control than her.

I guess I expected something more like "The Guild's Cheat Receptionist" or "I'm OP, but I Began an Inn". <<less
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Lineheart rated it
April 23, 2017
Status: c30
As of chapter 30. The story is fine. Basic reincarnation JP novel. Character wise. Most are pretty bland. And while the MC does have some development l, there is just nothing makeing her stand out and for the most part cery bland. Much of the other elements in this story, also suffer the same problem. There are so far no "extremes" that make the story more insetting like most other jp novels of this type. But I find that perfectly fine. For me the best soft hearted and enjoyable reads for me usely are. The problem this story has is that, while it does nothing "bad" it does not excel at anything either. Making it very average to me. And I would have a story bad in some parts and amazing in others than just. Well this. The comedy is there, but while it might make you think." oh that was kind of funny" and might make you grin a bit. It won't make you smile and laugh. While the dark undertones are there. They will not make you think of the implications. When in reality you know the MC could just power thru if she wanted. Adventure is to early to judge, but is there. By chapter 30 you can see what is hopefuly a bit more of character devlopment and new ones being introduced so hopefuly this will help. Because while I can see hope for this becoming a good book. Was of right now is very bland to me.

So give it a try if you like this JP reincarnation. You very well might like it, for me tho improving needs to be improved.

While the most unique thing in this story is the MC, but because of how she is wrote and executed a lot of the really good and unique thing that could be done have fallen flat or just have not happen as of yet.

The lord while he is also extreme. He is a extreme of the genre. As are just about all other character as of now other than the horse.
So yes this also falls victim to that part but even these are mostly bland and uninteresting

There are many things I can see happen that would make this more interesting. With that king and lord. Or even with the fact if being worshiped as a healing saint. As these I think are plot threds that if done right could make this story very good.

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November 2, 2021
Status: c88
I, for one like slice of life novels with a very light feel to them. This novel resembles some of them in being "light", light in content, execution and coherence and, not in a good way. Let me explain.

The story starts off with a relatively simple reincarnation. The MC being extremely lazy doesn't care and randomly picks skills to max out. I can understand that, but after arriving in the new world and starting her journey, the inconsistencies start to rear their head. Like most lazy MCs, it would've been... more>> believable that Arge, the protagonist here would take on jobs and assignments and finish them very quickly just to fulfill her desire to laze around. But apparently, until her goal of finding a partner that'll feed her is accomplished, she'd like to live properly. Like, "huh??" How does she even convince, let alone motivate herself to take on tasks that would inevitably drain her out mentally? A lazy individual doesn't simply go, "okay, you help me, I help you" regardless of how absurd the requests are. I imagine a lazy MC to be extremely irritated when a troublesome job is tossed their way, for them, interrupting their sleep is supposed to be a no-no. Here? She takes it in stride. It's baffling to me.

*Slightly heavy spoilers from here on out so please be advised*

Moreover, this MC is so incredibly dry that it has reached a whole new height. For example, she encounters a situation where she has to carry the corpse of a certain individual back to her home. In previous chapters when she uses a racial skill called "blood contract" it is described as being able to form a pact with "living and non-living things" and knowing this, she doesn't use the contract, even temporarily on the corpse to let them meet their family a last time. It would've been simple, really simple and emotional. But, due to the lackluster writing, it felt dry. The reader, in this case, myself doesn't feel a single shred of sympathy for the deceased nor to the entire situation. The author's job when writing a scene involving emotionally gripping topics is to make them relatable. Here it just feels all, detached. Now, I want you to bear in mind that this isn't an apathetic protagonist, she is capable of feeling as inferred from her horse feeling her emotions during that scene and suggesting leaving early. But the way it is done doesn't invoke anything in the reader.

Trudging forward on the same track is her s*upidity. She just lets go of someone who dealt damage to her, her "friends" and innocent bystanders. I'm curious as to what the f*ck is she smoking, cause I want it just to understand how she came to that shounen-y conclusion to a literal deathmatch.

Her backstory is okay. I mean, the author, once again tried to write a tear-jerker but wrote something extremely mediocre. The sheer amount of time I have just felt nothing reading this is insane.

That being said, I'll leave this review unrated as this just doesn't solicit any reaction from me. Hell, I would've loved to say that I hate this novel but I really don't feel sh*t about this. (Edit- I know that this entire review might read as a contradiction, but just trying to piece together how I didn't feel anything about the novel took a lot more words than I would've liked. I did want to write this much more succinctly but as of now, I'm not quite there yet in terms of skill.)

Oh and, not to mention, Estellion/imoutosite is back with their broken "next chapter" links, frequent lack of editors, random font changes and more. Yay for that. I really don't want to be pedantic, trust me, I know how hard it is trying to edit Japanese to English text without butchering the whole thing. But even then, can I really be blamed for complaining about consistent inconsistencies like this? Even if the story was remotely enjoyable, which it isn't, the rest of the experience just kills it.

If you're in the market for yuri/shoujo ai, please do yourself a favour and go check out "Two as one princesses". It is, objectively speaking a better overall experience than this. <<less
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Mideris rated it
July 18, 2018
Status: c145
Frankly I rather enjoy this, as compared to most Isekai it is laid back and less focused on the over powered aspects of the main character, balanced rather well by her laziness. If it weren't for the, pardon my French, absolutely piss poor translation and utter lack of comprehensive grammar in the current translations, I would say it would make for a fantastic read since it generally breaks some of the mold.

Even considering the strength of the MC, she gets beaten several times because she lacks skill and this shows... more>> another way to balance the strength she has. Frankly, most Isekai read more akin to self-insert fanfiction than they do novels. Were the translator better, or were their editors to actually do the job they signed up for, it could definitely be leagues better. The chapter length is something of a nuisance.

The artwork, on the other hand, is lovely when the TL and ED don't insert screencaps of scenes from the manga or completely unrelated artwork. I elected to ignore the atrocious actions of those in charge of the translated edition simply because what they are doing is demeaning to the work itself, and it infuriates me. <<less
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NegativeIQ rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: c41
This novel is pretty meh. There are so many "OP, LAZY MC" type of novels out there, this is no exception. Am I saying that the genre/trope is over saturated? Maybe, but that's not the main message here. There are just way better novels than this one that have similar settings/genre. The only reason that I really disliked reading this up to c41, was because of the MC. My god the author really f***ed up there. The inconsistency of their personality really kills it, and the story just becomes too... more>> predictable. MC meets new people and get's "helped", and feels indebted, helps then back, then moves on with their daily life, repeat. The inconsistency here, is that he is supposed to have an extremely lazy personality. You can't be extremely lazy and be super stoked on helping others at the same time, that's not how extreme laziness works. This is a problem, because throughout all the chapters that I've read, the author insists that the MC is a sloth at a spiritual level and it get's redundant with how inconsistently the MC acts, unaccordingly to their personality.

TL;DR read other novels with a lazy op MC, if that's what you're looking for. I recommend The Lazy King <<less
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ghendout rated it
September 4, 2019
Status: c8
1. The MC have inconsistent personality, its just too much if it its becone exteremely annoying

2. MC keep complaining want to be nap and fed but when the times comes (first baron arc) she refuse, and yet keep complaining, wtf

3. MC doesnt have any common sense, while indeed being vampire != bad relation with other being, it must still be a basic knowledge/assumption from previous world, yet he spouting it up like it was nothing big of a deal

4. While I thankful for the work translator put, but theres too... more>> much uneecessary TN at the point I become extremely annoying, people not that s*upid for you to explain every single detail

5. The story basically your typical isekai with OP MC with typical lazy MC schtick <<less
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kavinh rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c45
Its a cute series about a vampire girl trying to find someone she can leech off as a life partner but also tends to lean into some darker tragic aspects regarding some of the characters' back stories.

if I had any complaints it'd be that most of the characters introduced tend to be left behind while the MC travels as a loner and are only heard of at least for now from side stories, though that seems to of changed with the more recent chapters.

One suggestion is to wait for edited... more>> versions of the TL since the Translator releases them at a ridiculously fast rate but as a result the grammar's a bit jumbled and hard to follow. <<less
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sgrey rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c136
I like this novel, it is quite entertaining. The MC was abused and locked up by his family in his previous life, and he does not understand emotions and social interactions. When he is reincarnated, he will start to discover how to live in a socium. She builds relationships and acquires new family. Gets to realize emotions and feelings.

She is very OP in terms of skill level, but she does not understand how to use the skills properly and thus she gets her ass whopped once or twice in the... more>> currently translated chapters. Which serves as a good lesson to her.

One terrible thing about this whole novel is the translation. It's just terrible, terrible English. I suspect they just use google translate and even after it's being edited quite often it is impossible to understand the meaning of the sentences. The translator is not a native English speaker and it seems that none of the editors are as well. I really have to mention this because it's just terrible. It could be the worst I have seen <<less
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April 14, 2017
Status: c15
A little bland, MC doesn't really have a purpose, like a lot of other MCs in japanese novels. There isn't much character development going on but I hope that changes once there are more chapters out.
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raxadian rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c136
The story is fun, the art is good and is quite amusing to see a main character who just wants to sleep and enjoy life. Of course she is Op as hell but that's the point isn't it? And yes she seems to be building a yuri harem even if she is not fully aware of it. This is mostly a slice of life Light Novel with a few serious fights once in a blue moon. If you don't like that, then this is not for you.
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goddamnyuri_ rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: c13
Note: If you want slow-paced, fluffy, no extremes, just light and lazy loli, READ THIS.

At the beginning, this is fine. There are some plot holes but it is quite tolerable. This is fun read if you don't expect too much and have nothing to read as of now.

Some readers complain about the MC's 'inconsistent personality.' because he is lazy but always help people and do many things but it is actually not for me. In his past life, he can sleep and lazy around all day because of his parents.... more>> Now, in his new life, he think he can only peacefully sleep and have good life by helping them just like Felnote, etc. Despite of lack of social interactions. (Example: finding husband to feed her for life and let her to sleep all day.)

The MC is OP but not your typical isekai character who goes on adventure and easily wins over fights. Why? Because HE WANTS TO NAP. That's the point why the MC is not the strongest and have lack of control regarding to his powers. It is his priority.

If you are looking for intense fights, outsmarting villains and cunning moves, DON'T READ THIS. <<less
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minhbi99 rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: c195
So I see alot of people not liking the story simply because the MC doesn´t fit their expecation of whatever shenanigans are in their head.
Well let me clarify this again for you, this is a kind of "fluff" mix with "slice of life" with a bit of actions for some intense moment.
I enjoyed the novel greatly, and each arcs are also completed in its own way, so you don´t feel being left on a cliffhanger.
People say MC is contradicted, I believe it´s not and I think of... more>> it like "if your old way of living didnt work out", then now it´s " a new way of living" (by choosing to sleep night and day, but it´s a purpose). Se isn´t contradicted, but rather, due to her past life, she is unable to understand what is gratitude, and it was great joy seeing the MC slowly believe in the people when she thought that life is only about giving and returning favors.
The translation is a bit poor at some part, but it didn´t deter my joy of reading the novel.
If you are looking for violence, OP shit, cunning thinking, brain hack or some shit, just go away, this is not for you (and I´m also kind of sicked of that type of reincarnation).
The MC is OP yes, but not in the sense that you feel it in every movement. She uses the OP skills to resolve some problems as a way of thinking, but she will still loose battles. Not your typical "if I enter combat, then I surely win and you must lose". <<less
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Lucilius rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: --
Do I recommend it? Yeah, if you need something light and simple.

Honestly, I enjoy this one along with the manga as well. It's pretty good but not extremely good. There are parts where it gets stale here and there but overall it's a decent read. I agree with most of the others who reviewed this with a 2-3 star. I rated mine 4 because I enjoyed it. 3 star originally since the development and plot needs more progression and actual pacing which is very much so critical to a story.... more>> Hopefully, that is shown soon.

The only problem is the translation. I may seem harsh on this even if I appreciate their effort in picking it up to translate the novel but... It's so frustrating to read through. Screencaps of the manga all over the place, artworks that came from random fandoms that had no meaning nor relation to the novel itself, translation and editors notes that has barely any significance, no literally the TNs and ENs are all over the place which are filled with reactions, fanboying/fangirling than actual notes about the translation of a sentence or meaning of a word.

Other than that, decent story. Lazy protag with OP powers but is challenged and therefore balanced due to inexperience but most of the time majority of the problems are suddenly solved by her OP powers, hopefully that gets you know balanced soon as the story goes on. It's enjoyable journey of a cute loli vampire, I enjoy the yuri for what it is because there isn't one of those "oh I've turned into a girl! i'll sexually harass others because im a girl now and thats an excuse!" evident on this. Protag pretty much just eh too lazy to even complain about it and stuff like that. Doesn't even care about being turned into a girl, just simply accepted it for what it is.

Read at your behest. Everyone either likes it or not. It is a typical cliched OP protag, the point is that this novel isn't meant to be serious rather just a chill read. <<less
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Incar1 rated it
July 19, 2018
Status: c23
This MC doesn't make any sense. She goes from biblical levels of sloth to total Mary Sue in less than a chapter, then just runs away. Basically the author made the MC so lazy that she was unlikable, made her a Mary Sue for a bit to try to make her seem better, then did they only thing they could think of to pull the plug on any potential plot. Just pick a lane, and stay there.
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Anju143 rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is great the character developments around the MC is so-so and the world building and the rest are average but never the less, I like the story not too deep not too soft, now I know we have Preferences but for I like all sorts of stories from softcore to hardcore or even torture stories because I grew up reading all sorts of novels and from what I have read I could say this novel is great I don't like spoiling you guys so just read the MTL... more>> version or continue to wait also it's worth the wait since the story is great <<less
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