The Lazy Swordmaster


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“I finally managed to kill the demon lord. Can’t I rest now? At least for a bit. Actually, just leave me alone. I’m not working anymore.”

In his past life, Riley Iphelleta was a hero who defeated the demon lord. Though he emerged victorious from his battles, the emotional strains from fighting all the time got the best of him.

After experiencing a rebirth in a powerful family who upheld their reputation through swordsmanship and didn’t lack the power to support his leisurely life, Riley decided to become House of Iphelleta’s lazy swordsman, but the course of the path he walked was never easy.

He’ll need to make a choice to bare his fangs or continue his naps…

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나태한 소드마스터
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paksheet rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c35
Don't see what's so good about this. Premise is about this hero who got sick of it all, gave up, died, reincarnated, and just want to live a lazy life. But all I can see him as is a childish, immature as*hole who embarrasses his dad who actually cares about him compared to all the other novels out there, leech off his mom, torments and tries to kill his 70 yr old nanny mentally and emotionally (keep giving him hope and killing it over and over, intentionally because its amusing,... more>> unless it's annoying, then he dumps him), and despite his aversion to violence, is the most psychopathic villain in the story.

He makes NO effort whatsoever, and yes I know he wants to be lazy, but he goes about doing it in the most asinine way ever. He ends up being a complete jerk and nuisance to everyone who cares about him. Being lazy takes effort (Lazy Dungeon Master), power (The Lazy King), and you should NOT be a bother or have people care for you (The Lazy King) because then, you're just an a**hole. And yeah, the MC is pretty much a complete and total a**hole.

The MC's character is quite contradicting too. He spent his entire life refusing to touch the sword, then he suddenly show off his prowess because he wants to hurry and drink coke. He hates violence and just want to be peaceful, but 1st chance he get, he slaughters his 2nd mom's entire family because it might get annoying later. He is so traumatized by his hero past but he doesn't even retain all his memories after reincarnation. Instead, he has some dreams of his past life *psh*. And his greatest ambition is to sleep 24/7 so he get to see more of these dreams? And ok if you want to say he might have all his memories or whatever, then he died fully adult (30 ish maybe) but he still acts like an emo teenager. He runs from all his problems, bother everyone around him, makes no effort towards his ambition, which means he intends to leech off his parents forever, never show his emotions or talk about what he wants, but he does assume everyone should understand him, doesn't ever connect with his brothers so of course they just treat him like the useless baggage he is, treats every random stranger like an a**hole, then just powertrip and kill them just because he can. For example, 1st time he meets the priestess who was just a little kid, he goes - you're ugly, I hate you, you should go kill yourself. 1st time he goes to magic tower, he runs around and touches everything like a buffoon, unintentionally broadcasting his OP-ness he tried to hide his entire life. Too bad he didn't touch something more dangerous and just go to his eternal rest. He is so emotionally weak that after 15 ish years of reincarnating, he is at the exact same place he was at 15 years ago when he committed double su*cide with the demon lord. He would have been so much nicer if he would have just killed himself than let his family deal with his baggage, which he never shared to anyone.

TLDR - MC is basically an overpowered Chinese Wuxia novel protagonist - an overpowered arrogant homicidal genocidal a**hole. But he is ambitionless, scared of opposite s*x, zero effort, zero intelligence, zero maturity, zero mental strength, zero emotional strength, vegetable with a penchant for drugs (coke, the drink, but he is so addicted to it might as well be coke, the drug). No hobbies, no interests, nothing he is good at because he is never shown doing anything. Not a single thing to make reading about him interesting at all. The most unbelievable thing for me is how he even became the hero in his previous life. More like tr*sh mob B. Who survives until the end because he's basically a c*ckroach. <<less
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clowred rated it
November 26, 2016
Status: c22
I will divide this review in three, as my opinion changed three times in 22 chapters. First, interesting premise. We have a tired front line soldier that could finally find his resting place. His past torments him and he tries to act as juvenile as possible. But then he is forced into action. 4/5

Second. As we see him "acting" for the first time we see his shrewd side. He doesn't try to become a shield for everyone, so he is by no means meddlesome. The only problem is his physique... more>> which should be weak but presented as strong. Even so, while the fights were quite boring because he relies on his restraint spell rather than on his sword skill we are still impressed by his cold blood. 4.5/5

Third. Why is he acting like a teenager with a coca cola addiction? His entire image was simply destroyed. His sadness, regret, terrifying memories were shoved down the toilet to make him a character that want to enjoy life more than anything else. 2/5 general but 1/5 for me as I had the bad luck to see the same crap being used in light novels. I'm not sure if I will be able to read this story if the author continues with his snack and beverage obsession. Good luck to the future readers. You might enjoy it more than me. <<less
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triggerk rated it
September 10, 2017
Status: c160
This review will reference later chapters. It will not, however, quote passages spoiling anything significant (though it'll reveal story elements you learn very early).

The title alone reveals a problem; Riley is lazy. He is reactive, meaning the plot comes to him. Passive characters who take the reins of their life are interesting to read, and Riley is no such person. He shirks off calls to duty and essentially has zero goals in life. Because he has zero goals, what's there to read?

One can argue his laziness is the result of... more>> his past, but his actions thereafter does not make a hero. Riley instead makes for a terrible human being. He ignores suffering under the guise of his own tragedy. Writers can make anti-heroes and even villains someone to root for. Our protagonist, however, makes it difficult, because his personality remains dreadful. He's a lazy d*ck until the end of time, or at least until chapter 160, and I have little faith he improves. There's no justifying his attitude in the face of what occurs before him. Unless the person is garbage, of course.

Adding onto that, Riley makes no choices because they're made for him. Reactive characters pick the easiest option. They're men and women who, when given the option for a participation prize or a long-term investment, choose the former. It's lazy writing that requires no thought. How exciting it is to know what he'll do before he does. Riley's personality is flatter than your jailbait waifu, and the author doesn't need to improve it because that's his entire shtick--AKA being a lazy a**hole.

Proactive characters make choices. They might be wrong, but we'll follow them nonetheless. Maybe they'll get rejected by their love interest or lose a limb. Regardless of the end result, however, the risks they take make readers care. Riley lets crap fall into his lap. Should I applaud him when characters profess their love to him? Should I praise him for a listless, detached response? Not really. Riley has no role in this story because everyone else is making the plot move for him. He's not a protagonist. They actually do things. He's just a guy cruising along for the ride while everything happens around him.

The supporting cast is no better. They exist to build Riley's ego and prop up his one good trait, which is his mastery over the sword. That's problematic. He's reached the peak of power, meaning he has no growth. His personality is already tr*sh, but now he's twice as stale. But I digress, as this is about side characters.

I can sort them with two fingers. You're either a bad guy or jerking Riley off. The villains in the story are kick-puppies-to-show-I'm-an-as*hole evil, so there's no nuance there. Everyone else exists for Riley. They have no lives outside of him, which is ridiculous, considering billions of people on Earth have full and unique lives of their own. Not here. The butler dedicates his life and worries for Riley. The maids care naught but Riley! The deities of the world bat their eyelashes toward Riley. He's the only man who exists when he doesn't deserve the love and attention of anyone. You can tell this is fiction because men like this are hated in reality.

What does our protagonist do with the love of the universe? Nothing. Like I've mentioned, he's lazy and detached, and he acts out of selfish reasons. At one point, he decides to show off his power because he's annoyed his maid isn't doing a good enough job at fighting for her life (and because he's thirsty for soda). This is like a master disappointed his white belt student isn't karate chopping correctly. So he takes up his sword and everyone gasps in shock and wows! Rinse and repeat every so often, when he's forced to action. What a nice guy, and what a cheap reaction to show how amazing Riley is. He hasn't earned the adulation.

Moving on, I must mention another issue that'll bug me until the end of time. Beauty. I'm bored of female characters whose worth relies on their face. I can't count the number of times a character comments on a woman's flawless features. Unsurprisingly we must have threats of r*pe tacked in, too, because it's a requirement in fantasy. I also shake my head at the whole "take off your glasses and you become prom queen" thing this story has going on. Ugly and ignored, then love and adored? Taking off glasses (or this story's equivalent) doesn't hide someone's looks, okay? Anyhow, women deserve personalities, as well. I don't want to get too into this topic.

Now I'm going to talk about Light Novel Bastion's translation and editing quality. First read this passage from Chapter 159 so I can tell you how bad it is.

"Priesia, the Priestess, closed her eyes gently and began to use her holy power.
With her hands gathered together, her holy prayer to send off the dead could be heard. Nara and Rorona, who were standing by Isen, bit their lips and lowered their heads.

'Will Nara... be all right?'

The prayer was over. Nainiae was watching the funeral from quite a distance. She carefully asked Riley who was sitting next to her."

Let's break this down.

"Priesia, the Priestess, closed her eyes gently and began to use her holy power."

Priesia is a character you meet many, many chapters ago. The reader knows she's a Priestess. It's redundant to say she's the Priestess. Did I mention she's the Priestess? The incredibly beautiful Priestess? This is like saying water is wet, or "Sorry, " John apologized. It's pointless. Second is the adverb "gently." How do you close your eyes gently? I can blink as hard as I can, but it's not going to change how it looks or sounds. If you're really pushing it, you might look like a twitching drug user. Last is the passive use of "began to use." Why not say "used?" There is no reason, that's what. Passive voice has a time and place. This is not it.

"With her hands gathered together, her holy prayer to send off the dead could be heard. Nara and Rorona, who were standing by Isen, bit their lips and lowered their heads.

'Will Nara... be all right?'"

Here we see a couple characters lower their heads. Cue the dialogue, which contains an unnecessary ellipsis, where we can't figure out who's speaking because there are two subjects, Nara and Rorona. But wait! Let's read on.

"The prayer was over. Nainiae was watching the funeral from quite a distance. She carefully asked Riley who was sitting next to her."

And here, the plot twist strikes. This passage is written out of order on a micro level. Let's rewind and see it as a whole.

"With her hands gathered together, her holy prayer to send off the dead could be heard. Nara and Rorona, who were standing by Isen, bit their lips and lowered their heads.

'Will Nara... be all right?'

The prayer was over. Nainiae was watching the funeral from quite a distance. She carefully asked Riley who was sitting next to her."

They're making readers go back to figure out who's speaking. This is basically saying John sprawled back, after getting punched by an ogre. My boi John is sprawling before getting punched, essentially. The writing is technically correct, but absolutely wrong, if you understand what I mean. This is the same mistake you'll see for the entire novel. I hope you enjoy that.

There are also portions of dialogue that are literally "..." To be honest, I'm not sure who started this trend, or why certain webnovels like writing WHOOSH, but it's s*upid. There's no dialogue being said. Literally nothing. Logic tells me a "..." is unnecessary. Then again, nothing in this story makes sense. The editors dropped the ball hard.

The Lazy Swordmaster is a great example of what not to do. It's kind of like Twilight. But Stephanie Meyer had proper grammar, so I suppose I'd have to rate that beautiful vampire love story higher.

Tl;dr The Lazy Swordmaster sucks <<less
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OfficePony rated it
September 6, 2016
Status: c115
Dropped the series. Grammar got pretty bad, story took a nose-dive off into some deep dark abyss, and the dialogue... it's so bad it could kill. Not sure, but it feels like the author either ran out of inspiration halfway, was swapped out halfway, or just gave up all hope halfway. The translation seriously dropped in quality, it got bad fast. Wish I could edit the stars I gave earlier because it was promising early on, but now it's just a messy bit of unimaginative writing.

Grammar: 2.5/5 (formerly 4.5 as... more>> of ch 69)
Story: 1.5/5 (formerly 3.5 as of ch2)
Writing: 1.5/5

(Update as of Chapter 71: A pretty severe drop in grammar. Unsure if they lost their editor or what-have-you, but the difference is quite noticeable.)

(Update: chapter 16: Still Golden. Still very drug-like. Still, need More.)

(Update as of Chapter 8: I feel like a crack addict waiting for that inevitable high after taking a particularly large hit. This stuff is the good stuff. This stuff will make you feel like you're in love and be planning the next hit even before you get a hold of it. I need moar. Now.)

As close to perfection as I've found among Online Novels. Honestly, aside from some slightly lack-luster word choices, it's a very compelling story. It keeps you wanting more even though it's a fairly predictable story. The way the characters are portrayed so far is very much black and white, hoping for a bit of grey and maybe some color in the later chapters. I'll definitely keep this series close until it either ends, the translators give up, or the quality takes a sudden dive off of a cliff into a gaping black hole. <<less
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BapukBgt rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c4
This novel has a potential this far.

This is the story about a Man who defeated the Demon Lord. He is tired of struggling, takes many expectation as a hero, losing countless companions. After he died, he reincarnated as a third son of a noble family of swordsmanship. Yet he just doesn't wanna hold the sword, yap because he is indeed lazy. So the people call him Lazy-Sword

On c4, he finally held a wooden sword. YEAY
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aryo rated it
December 19, 2016
Status: c27
Started off pretty decent, then went downhill fast. It reads like a stereotypically crappy Japanese LN -- annoying characters, slow pace, and inane ramblings. Granted, it's only been 27 chapters, but the author spent 2 of them just talking about MC's obsession about Coca cola....
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: c164
This is absolutely one of my favorite web novels right now. Riley struggles with PTSD from being the hero in his past life, and his history is portrayed realistic. It shows all of the suffering he had as a hero who carried everyone's expectations in his previous world. He also developed a very strong loathing of humanity, although I'm not sure if he realizes it himself.

... more>>

He lived in the modern world, but demons and magic became real one day. The only way to kill these things was to use a new concept called skills, and culture changed greatly. Even so, the world was destroyed more and more every day. When Riley was born in his previous world, he first held the holy sword at three years old. From then, he trained and trained to kill the enemy destroying the world. He did as he asked in his despair. He killed humans and demons. In exchange for saving one town, other people would die. When the people said they were better off without him, he left them alone, and they still died. No matter what he did, people blamed him. He died fighting the demon king, who treated him more respectfully than most of the humans he met.

Since the modern world turned into a post-Apocalyptic setting, the most emotional struggles he had were against humans themselves. Since everything went to Hell, crime and chaos became prominent. I believe he first kills a human when he is seven. His teacher r*ped his sister, so he eventually hunted down and killed his own teacher. His "best friend" actually plotted against him and murdered his parents, and he chose to chase and kill his best friend once he found out years later. The priestess he served cursed him to be unable to commit su*cide. It sounds like a warped blessing until you learn that she was extremely corrupt and guilty of any number of crimes. By forcing him to live and obey her bidding, he witnessed and participated in atrocities under her command.

He truly saw the worst of humanity. As he died, his only goal was to rest in peace. When he was reborn against his will, his intention was to do anything to avoid living such a hateful life again. Like one of those reincarnated-into-a-villain series with MCs who try to avoid death flags, Riley does everything he can to avoid hero flags. He fulfilled his duties before, and he wants nothing more of it.


He lives his life according to his goal, which makes him come across as extremely lazy. He also sleeps quite a bit, but we learn this may be related to his overpowering abilities. Although he plays the role of a lazy character, he is perfectly willing to take action and clean up the mistakes of others--he just won't let them see his actions.

The action, comedy, drama, and fantasy in this series are all great. I especially love the combat scenes, which are well-written and exciting. The character development and revelation of secrets is both charming and funny. I am really looking forward to which actions and inactions Riley chooses to make in the future. <<less
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Tyizor rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c195
(4.5/5) I'm going with 5 because I feel like this novel doesn't deserve a lot of the criticisms it gets.

If you want my actual review. Ctl+F for ***. It'll start from there.

First, I'd like to address a lot of the criticisms that this novel has and defend it. This novel has flaws, but a lot of the criticisms are unfair imo:

... more>> [People would like to for the main character to display his power more]

My take on this story is that the main character isn't exactly OP for the sake of OP and wish fulfillment, but rather it's more of a character trait. A common theme throughout this story is that trauma is extremely difficult to overcome alone, and it's because of our personal flaws that we turn to others for help. So what exactly happens to someone who's so strong that they don't need to turn to others? If you want someone to just go around being sleeper-op (pun intended), then there's plenty of other novels to fulfill that fantasy. I feel like that's far from the author's intention.

[The main character is lazy, boring, and kind of a dick. He never nips problems at the bud.]

Take a jaded, PTSD-teenager with far too much power for his own good, and you get this main character. He's an insufferable as*hole at times, he's arrogant, stubborn, and inconsiderate, but above all I find him realistic. If you're trauma ridden, I highly doubt it's in your interest to be considerate for others when you have a hard time even being considerate of your own health and well-being. Unlike a lot of the lazy-op style of characters, he's not like this because he's inherently lazy. He's like this because he's actively avoiding anything to do with his past trauma. He wants to lay low, and live a comfortable life. He doesn't want to get involved with anything even remotely hero-related anymore. So in order to live this way, he sacrifices his public image even at the cost of the expectations of those around him. It's clear in later chapters that he does feel some degree of guilt about this, esp to Ian and Iris (and this initial guilt is why the plot begins to move. He accepts the medal of honor even though he should have been able to refuse it and continue to lay low. This public recognition drags him into future problems, until he finally reaches the point he does currently). I personally view his personality as a plus in the author's favor, but I definitely understand why this is a common criticism. The main character *is* a dick, but it's because he has PTSD, he's a teenager, and he has the power to back up being a d*ck without consequences and therefore never learns. He's a very well constructed character imo.

[The novel is slow]

Ok. I can't help but find this criticism a little funny. Why?

-The title is literally the "Lazy swordmaster". Quick progression kinda requires the character to... y'know. Move?

-The entire point of the story is about how a character and those around him confront their traumas and eventually learn to live with them. This isn't exactly a quick progress. Rather, I'd be more upset if it *was* quick.

I feel like this criticism as a whole is said by people that missed what the author was going for.

Criticisms that I acknowledge:

-Minor inconsistencies in the plot by the author

-Lazy cliffhangers. I never was a fan of cliffhangers in the first place though.

-Lack of development in characters other than main-girl and MC


Overall I really enjoyed this novel. It's a fresh take on the lazy+op MC combination, and one that I feel was done well. The story starts out kinda slow, as it lays the foundation for character relationships, the MC's position in the family, and a peek into what the MC has become 18 years post-reincarnation and being lazy. During the first arc:


The main character is portrayed as the useless son that's uncannily talented, but doesn't put in any effort or actually utilize that talent. He's close to his mom and two close aides (Ian and Sera), and has a negative rep around most of the other family members (though his father seems to still have faith in him). He's extremely protective of his mother, and picks up the sword for the first time in awhile after his mom is poisoned. After it's revealed that it was his father's other wife that did it. She's exiled, and the main character goes out of the way to kill her instead of letting her come back for revenge.


This arc may be the reason why so many people felt like this was another one of the typical "lazy-op" stories since the MC displays his power when his loved ones are targeted (typical trope), but the second arc was where I felt the story show differences from the norm. The MC shows clear signs of only being lazy due to his PTSD and his will to avoid anything hero-related in his current life in fear of repeating the same mistakes or reliving his past life. He's blatantly hostile during his first interaction with the priestess, empathizes with a self-destructive experimental subject that lives only for the sake of other's well-being (reminds him of his past-self), and wants absolutely no recognition for his good deeds less people start to label him as a hero again or turn to him with expectation. The rest of the story follows in a similar manner with the MC's journey to overcome his past traumas, face them head-on when it's revealed that

the current world is basically his past world, just less-developed, and that a lot of past-problems are now bleeding over into this world.


The author did a fairly good job at surprising me every now and then, and never in a way that was completely outlandish. Foreshadowing is done pretty well, and usually how the plot progresses can be traced back and justified with past events (though occasional events do seem a bit sudden, but very rarely are they without reason). There are several anti hero-trope moments which I can't help but appreciate. The plot is heavily intertwined between arcs, and while things can be slow, no chapter is 100% a waste or filler despite a lot of people saying otherwise (likely due to the story not being catered well towards weekly updates).

Criticisms: The plot can be rather convoluted and it's hard to appreciate it if you aren't reading it in one go. If it's weekly or even daily, there's bits and pieces of the plot that are easy to forget that the author often references. I feel like overall this is the biggest flaw in the story.

I honestly found this novel to be a nice breath of fresh air. Would recommend. <<less
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RiddleMeDoo rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c121
Overall, this novel is mediocre.

The Good Stuff:

    • Interesting enough characters and relationships between them
    • There are satisfying moments when the protagonist finally takes action and demolishes his foes
    • The main girl is cute, I guess
The Bad Stuff:

    • The writing isn't great: it has little buildup towards big moments; the reader finally starts to see where the story is heading to after 90 chapters; the translator uses a limited vocabulary (they only ever cringe when it comes to facial descriptions) ; it gets confusing on who's talking
    • This novel could be renamed to "The Lazy Author" due to his poor use of cliffhangers and unexciting descriptions. Seriously, it's not like the story is bad enough to drop, but I've started to wonder why I keep reading it when there are better novels out there to read.
    • The first 20 chapters felt like the novel had potential for greatness. By the 50th chapter, it was still interesting enough to read. Now after 100 chapters, I started to yearn for significant development. The story just isn't creative or interesting enough to care.
If the story continues to be lackluster and boring, I may just drop it. I'm getting tired of reading it.


And to be honest, I couldn't care any less about Nainiae. She has a tragic backstory, the other readers call her 'waifu' and all, but her subservient attitude and dependent nature just feels unrealistic. She's faced countless trauma, betrayals, and pain, yet she's still super naive.

I don't like the relationship between Nainiae and Riley because it feels very one-sided. She puts Riley on a pedestal and believes that he's the greatest and she wants to serve him forever. In return, Riley just views Nainiae as some poor unfortunate child since he just pats her on the head in return and allows her to fulfill her desires because it's convenient to have someone pick apples for him.

Because of this, I just can't get to like her at all. She's not my kind of girl. I feel sorry for her, but until she forces Riley to confront his past or some other story related development, I can only view her as cheap character development filler.

My rant is over.

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pothb rated it
December 24, 2016
Status: c28
The MC's attitude seems a bit inconsistent, and he seems to be a super atheist with a huge Oedipus complex.

Like others pointed out, he starts of as the fake lazy genius, then devilish swordmaster of his past, then a teen getting high off of soda, a brooding atheist. It's almost like he is bipolar at times.

Pity, it started out interesting.
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GabeZhul rated it
December 20, 2016
Status: c57
This series has potential that, while it might sound harsh considering how there are less than thirty chapters out at the writing of this, it completely squanders. The reason? The protagonist, or rather the way he is written when he is "under-cover". But I am getting ahead of myself, here is a quick rundown of this series this far:

Protagonist was the hero of another story and defeated the demon lord. However, he lost too many friends and allies on the journey to get there, so he became traumatized by the... more>> experience and doesn't want to take up the sword ever again (even though he is reincarnated into a family where even the maids are swordmasters). After said reincarnation he cultivates a lazy persona so that people would leave him alone, but when trouble befalls his new mother, he decides to start acting behind the scenes to get rid of the culprits using his OP abilities he inherited from his previous life.

Now where is the problem? It is the protagonist's public persona, which actually causes so many problems for him it baffles me why this otherwise cunning character would ever bother maintaining it. Simply put, he wants to avoid people recognizing his power and getting him involved in world-saving shenanigans again, so he pretends he is completely worthless, lazy and with zero common sense bordering on having a developmental disability. Instead of showing just a little bit of skill (which was shown he was capable of, as he is in complete control of his abilities) and hiding in his talented brothers' shadow, he becomes such an incredibly apathetic and dumb bastard that it actually draws even more attention to him, and his actions while "in cover" really reminded me of a not particularly bright twelve years old... even though he was supposed to be physically eighteen and mentally in his thirties. Even worse, people around him somehow only consider his balls-to-the-walls-s*upid behavior mildly peculiar at most, which drove me nuts. Seriously, if a noble family had a son that was behaving like that, people wouldn't be calling him "Lazy Blade" but "ret*rded Blade". And that was *before* he decided to blow his painstakingly maintained cover just so that he could get to the capital and drink coke a little bit sooner...

So yeah, while the whole "traumatized veteran trying to avoid becoming a hero again" angle was interesting, unfortunately it was multi-buggered by the protagonist and the setting not reacting properly to his apparent mental issues like it should. It's still an okay read for a lazy afternoon, but I don't think I will be following it in the future.

Edit: Contrary to my previous statement I proceeded to read 30 more chapters. Honestly, while the WN gets better, it is still not good enough to alter my score. While some of the over-the-top power-displays of the protagonist are cool, he is still an annoying and oftentimes borderline psychopathic manchild and certain scenes, such as the time when he seriously contemplated killing an entire square full of innocent bystanders just to maintain his secret (that wasn't even really threatened on the first place) make him a borderline sociopath.

Another big problem that really started coming up after ch30 was the abysmal pacing. Sometimes a single fight would take several chapters, while other times characters would do things or move to other locations with minimal rhyme or reason.

(e.g.: After the fight on the square the protagonist somehow ends up in the mage tower's secret basement on top of a pile of narcotics, which is also the place that just happens to be on top of the evil laboratory where the unconscious girl he also carried in there for some reason was experimented on, and afterwards he just happens to have an emblem of a different noble house on him he could leave behind to mislead the owner, all of that without any foreshadowing.)


So yeah, to sum it up: It got better, but it's still not good. <<less
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White Head Ice Prince
White Head Ice Prince rated it
December 2, 2016
Status: c24
This Cover Picture does this novel more justice than I ever could. MC spending his day sleeping on the conch.

Follow the life of our MC as he (after defeating the Demon Lord in his Previous Life) reincarnates into a prominent Sword Family.

['Rise to the top with OP swordsmanship and skills from Last Life?' F*CK NO! I'm taking it easy this time, had enough trouble with being the hero. Why did I ever pickup that s*upid Holy Sword... Never Again, I'm never touching a sword again! No Expectations, No Responsibility. This... more>> Life, I'll spent it as lazily as possible, anything that threats my Lifestyle... I'll exterminate it]

Watch as our MC desperately tries to hide his OP skills from his family while sneakily destroying his family's enemies. The faces of the assassins as they see their comrades killed by the tr*sh of the family, is pretty fun to look at.

Recommended, At least read Chapter 1, I swear you will laugh. <<less
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sadmanex rated it
May 14, 2017
Status: c86
This novel start from ok > bad > dude stop it> I should drop this novel

MC is a summon heroes from current world (earth) to fight demon lord and he die after kill demon lord. After that he reincarnate and retain his past memory in this story. He act like a brat, emo teens, failure as a son, never accept his current father. Please remember that his past age+current age= NOT A TEENAGE ANYMORE. He never ever learn about his current world since he just want to leech his parent.... more>> Never train his current body but he is OP for some reason.

MC want to lazy around since he deserve it. I'm ok with it, but he look for trouble, the noble, the church, magician/wizard, just anything that can bring him trouble but remember he want to lazy around.
Instead prevent the problem from getting worst, he just let it be. Let many innocent die as long it doesnt involve him.

I cant no longer read this in reinfield arc. Literally the worst. Now I drop it or wait till next arc. <<less
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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: c30
Titled 'The Lazy Swordmaster, ' but rather than lazy, the MC is just a childish and negligent leech. Hear this: laziness requires intelligence and efficient decision-making. But this MC just procrastinates until problems pile up and he has to go out of his way to solve problems, rather than preventing problems from occurring in the first place. He acts so lazy apparently because he wants to avoid trouble, but his false lazy persona is what draws trouble to him in the first place, in addition to pissing off the... more>> people who care about him.

The MC is just a leech with an Oedipus complex, and because he acts that way intentionally, his character will never grow throughout the entire story. So don't waste your time with this one. <<less
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Buffelephant rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: c37
I dislike this author's writing style. Each chapter doesn't really tell you much. There is cliff hanger after hanger and nothing gets really accomplished. A western writer would use one chapter to accomplish the same plot with the same details as 6 chapters this author uses.

For instance chapter A the enemy fought the MC. CH B side character sees them fight. Ch C the other side character sees the fight comining to an end. CH D the fight gets interrupted. CH F the fight starts again but with new enemies.... more>> Ch G the MC runs away and everyone is still alive. <<less
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Mr.Tomato rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: c7
This story really lacks some common logic. The MC haven't trained or exercise his body since his reicarnation which is 17-18 yrs yet suddenly boom his op as f*uck (remember he is in a new completely body not on his past hero self). I know he has skills cause if he dont then he probably cant kill the demon lord but in order to utilize skills especially in swordsmanship you need your body to adapt not just your mind he'd been doing nothing for nearly two decades yet his skills... more>> doesnt even seem to dissipate a little. Do you know why martial artist or swordsman practice where ever they could? For their skills not to rust. So even if he has skills, fighting someone with a well conditioned body isnt supposed to be that easy cause he f*ck*ng lack body strength and dexterity which that veteran assassin is obviously had abundant of. <<less
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ththth12 rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: c147
Main character makes this story very difficult to read. The best way to call him would be a 'manchild'. He is at infant level in some ways despite being near 50 old. He has no need to grow up because he can just use his power to get rid of anything annyoing. Which he rarely does, usually he just prefers to be looked down.

He is still attached like a little child to his mom. It's mentioned that his mom is bullied by main wife, and looked down because lazy MC... more>> for past 18 years. He could have very easily helped her, yet he never does anything. Not that this MC cares about anyone or anything expect his emo feelings.

MC is very unpleasant person. Yet somehow a lot of people care about him. Only thing he has is massive strenght, which he never trains, and never uses to help anyone than himself. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
June 2, 2017
Status: c99
The MC is not "Lazy" he is "Negligent" It was good at first, it had unlimited possibilities but it quickly goes down hill and gets very repetitive. Its the Author whose actually a Lazy writer! It angers me because the Characters are well fleshed out and very funny. But they are all over the place! ... more>>

The MC ignores the issues till it becomes a huge mountain, then when he starts caring and says "its bothering me so im taking action" and im like "Dude you could had avoided this whole mess from the start...". I get that he doesn't want to be a Hero. You don't have to be a Hero when you can work in the Dark with no chains restricting you.: Leaves problem alone - becomes something huge - its bothersome - BAM I'm OP ill just solve problem... He pretty much left criminals walking in the street till he gets frustrated by the issue "You are bothering my day".. Yep he could had prevented it and still lived peacefully.


Romance: The Main Heroine keeps changing. To Maid, to Priestess, to Mage Girl. Its really frustrating because Mage girl is more like a little sister and made a badass servant. And the Maid and Priestess have a lot of unused potential... I swear if he ends up with the Mage Girl ill flip the table lol

The Characters give me a lot of expectations and different impressions. So when seeing them only there when its only convenient, I realized I shouldn't expect much anymore because the script kept changing. Sigh... Im really saddened. My only hope is the Maid&Priestess, GO priest girl! Go!

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ieh rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c135
Starts out pretty great because you're just waiting for the lazy swordmaster to show off his serious side to the world and stop moping around like a tear stained mixed tape. Well, get prepared to wait forever because this main character never changes, content to living life being a lazy idiot.

The MC is devoid of any life that, everything he does seems made up on the spot. Hey! He knows flawless super sword magic now because flashback to fighting demons in somewhere? He even admits that he's never touched a... more>> sword in his new life but is able to do the same things as his previous life without an ounce of effort or strength training. The author never explains what kind of world the MC originally comes from but mentions a goddess that hands out holy swords to fight demons implying a fantasy sword world. However it's also described as a world with filled modern skyscrapers with modern conveniences but they also had fantasy like towns with walls? What is happening did I just have a blackout and miss a few chapters? Nah, I'm just reading terrible and inconsistent writing from someone who wrote themselves into a corner early in the story and ran out of ideas. I'm waiting for the chapter where he knows Tiger Woods who destroyed the world with his golf super powers. Then it turns into a post apocalyptic Professional Golf Association revival light novel because why not everything else seems to be made up as we go along. In 130+ chapters after the introduction chapters the only things we learn about the MC is that he's haunted by a past life and he likes soda. I don't mind characters that hide their strength but this MC does it in such a terrible way he intentionally hurts everyone that loves or cares about him. He mocks his elderly butler, who's spent his entire life hoping that the MC becomes the good man he sees in him. Instead, the MC just disappoints every single expectation and acting like a spoiled baby. Wanting everyone to cater to his needs while acting pompously, barely acknowledging other people's existence. The MC is also more than willing to watch anyone other than his mother die because otherwise it's too much effort. Yea, yea I get that he had trauma in his past life but he was a hero that saved the world right? He even has nightmares about not being able to save certain people. Good thing he forgets all those previous life lessons immediately after the story doesn't need him to anymore. At least go about being lazy in a smart way. Instead he just sleeps until his father tries to disown him for being worthless, goes to the capital to and plot armors his way to an achievement. Oh did I mention the MC loves his mom really super much and he's going to win everything when he needs to for the story? The main reason the MC actually went to the capital was so he could drink some fizzy soda. This is pretty much all you're going to learn about the MC's motivations. This author needs to find a basement filled with drugs like in his story. Go on a weekend bender and think of a story with characters that go somewhere, anywhere, just any character progression at all please. Reading this novel is like reading endless chapters of an irrationally grown man going "You're not my dad you can't make me" while living at home as a complete manchild shut in who doesn't know how to communicate with anyone other than his mom. If I wanted to read a story like that I'd go to reddit.

Murdering your family members, watching your father come back an incomplete person, seeing your older brother plotting against your own family, watching madmen murder innocent people. Apparently, none of this makes a difference to the MC and it doesn't affect or change his outlook, he's too busy caring about sleep, soda, and his mommy who enables him. This a very frustrating and dull reading experience of yet another hapless mary sue character. <<less
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Cifrel rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c59
As of chapter 59:
Started out as a great and fun read, was looking forward to each update but gradually it just seems to fall apart as the MC's actions and character, in my opinion, is becoming more unjustified. MC's character seems childish rather than the laid back, "cool", type of a "lazy" swordsman I had in mind. Which doesn't seem to make sense as he was portrayed as a someone who lived through two (?) reincarnations - you would expect more depth to his character and his reasoning for... more>> his own actions just seemed twisted, not so much "lazy".

Maybe it'll get better later again (current chapters are at bit of low point for the plot too) as more chapters are out, but for now, I'm kinda forcing myself to read it. So I finally decided to just drop reading this for a bit and maybe check it out again later. <<less
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