The Elf Is a Freeloader


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A girl suddenly appeared in the living room of a young boy’s house. The girl was an elven girl that came from another world. That elven girl naturally had no place to go, so she ended freeloading at the boy’s house… An elven girl that became a freeloader, a very ordinary high school boy, and the boy’s childhood friends come together as the elven girl gradually gets used to another world. Centered around an elven girl that came from another world in an accident, a heart-warming everyday life story with an elf began.

The Elf Is a Freeloader average rating 4.4/5 - 43 user ratings
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12/12/17 Euricette c4c4
12/05/17 Euricette c3c3
11/27/17 Euricette c2c2
11/22/17 Euricette c1c1
12/04/16 Nekoyashiki c2c2
11/01/16 Nekoyashiki c1c1
10/18/16 Nekoyashiki prologueprologue
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New SunsetChaos rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: c4
Interesting premise for sure, but -1 star because:

A typical dense retard MC who doesn't even know wtf an elf is, thinks it's the name of an alien star where she's an alien who came on an alien spaceship. What. The. F**k. Even though she looks like an elf wearing leather armor like an adventurer and all, and he even saw her pointed ears. It practically screams fantasy, no where is it anything close to sci-fi.

This right here, what seemingly a minor thing is an early warning sign about the MC,... more>> already enough to deduct points. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c55
This is a story before my pet is holy maiden timeline featuring the elf El's past life when she's transported from another world to earth. Mostly fluffy slice of life fantasy meets modern world setting, with some bits of romance, a relaxing story. The MC is a little bland though, the usual Japanese nice but bland teenager; El and the side characters are the one making the story moving along. There's romance but it's not the focus of the story until near the end of the series and wrapped up... more>> rather quick. It's quite a short novel ending at chapter 55, it's a decent read in short time. <<less
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