Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


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Real beautiful girls are mostly bitches.

With that motto in mind, Ikuno Kousuke used his literature clubroom to enjoy his otaku life.

One day, he was told that [However, as it is, the literature club will be disbanded] by the student council president’s assistant, the bishoujo (actually a neat-type bitch) Shinonome Ibuki.

In order to avoid that, he must help the student council as a consultant together with Ibuki.

Their first job is to help the girl who —with Shinonome Ibuki— splits the fame in school into two, the blonde, big-breasted bishoujo Aizawa Manaha.

Although there are rumors about her dating many boys, she actually doesn’t have any experience about love so she wants Kousuke to be her fake lover….!?

The love comedy bit*h x OTAKU begins.

Associated Names
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I won't believe that there's a bitch in my Literature Club
There's no way There's a Bitch in My Literary Arts Club
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zarex97 rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
This is a tale about Kousuke Ikuno, a normal high school student. Well, not exactly.

The MC is man with deep distrust towards women (Beautiful women specifically), basically saying that they are all bitches, the only variation is the type of bit*h they are.
... more>>

He is involved with the student council president, an ojou-sama girl that is very popular, kind and responsible, or it seems so for everyone, in reality she is a bit manipulative and cunning. She declares that her objective is to obtain him, as a pet. When asked why she says is because he's special, because Kousuke alone was the only one who disregarded her beauty and position and saw through her facade.

Ikuno, the main caracther, is an otaku and his "refuge" is a club presided by him, but as all the members except him are ghost ones the student council has given him a time limit to encounter new members, and so while looking for these new members he si made to help with "consultation duties" by the Student Council President, and the first student that goes to them is a "Gal" (Aizawa), that appearently is not so gal in reality, she is just a shy innocent girl that ended up lying and talking about her (fictional) experience with men, so, as she strives to learn more about the real thing so her friends can believe her she came to them.

And so the story starts. The story of a man with a "trauma", who consequently has a distrust towards women, he is a person who sees every move of them a cunning and calculated strategem made while thinking in the benifits they can obtain first

Well, the MC reminds me the one from "Hajimete no Gal", "Clotaku", "Chuuko Demo Koi ga shitai", if you enjoyed any of these works I think I can recommend you this, being critical this seems your standard harem rom-com, but I think is kinda interesting, for example, towards the end of the novel *SPOILER * the incident where the gal, Aizawa, was going to be punished she (The studen Council President) seemed to have done certain things to gain her trust, I saw it that way at least, by knowing the "criminal" but not saying anything and letting it evolve so far, in other novels they would have normally acted inmediately, the fact that she could so non-chalantly continue her plans, that is one of the things I liked.

Btw, includes childhood friend and a funny little sister (non blood related obviously, xD)

And so.. The score for me is 3.8-3.9, rounding it up, 4.

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OneChompMan rated it
January 20, 2017
Status: v1c3
Thoroughly enjoyed the prologue and first chapter because it was a breath of fresh air from other more adult light novels but after reading to chapter 3, it's just the same sh*t as the rest of Japanese romcom/harem manga. LN. MC is the same cut and dry paste of every other romcom/harem protag. Same flustering jumble of hormones. The illustrations overdo "cute". Situations that make no sense. Girls falling for MC for no apparent reason. Same misunderstandings and cliches that you've read hundred of times. The only redeeming and different... more>> factor is the main heroine who is the only one who has a semblance of personality. Everyone else is bland and predictable. Gave this a 2 star because she was worth two, without her this LN might as well be 0 stars <<less
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abstractDecay rated it
April 17, 2018
Status: v1c2
Too unoriginal and too bland.

I don't know what it is with the Japanese and their beta-MC, but it's seriously starting to grate on my nerves. Horrible—The prologue is good, but the coming chapters are horrid. I got a sense of alert when I read the first chapter, but I foolishly tried to hope.

I'm never expecting anything good from a Light Novel ever again.

(It depends on your taste I guess.)
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Bakaleaf rated it
October 31, 2017
Status: v2c5
It was a good novel very promising and has potential very unique and is worth reading to the point that you want to read it daily UNTIL

the baka author just need to make twist in the novel, the cliche Japanese Harem of NO TOUCH to girl is again being use and what's worse it went into a detective theme out of nowhere, is the author trying to write a Detective Conan novel? Seriously dropping this novel as such I was hoping a high school love comedy not a stupid detective... more>> novel.

The story should be a women hater MC and the girls who well help MC recover his hate towards women by the power of love then out of nowhere it is about the MC and the girls solving one mystery to another to the point that it became BORING and pointless to read further I mean some of them is so like copy paste to other mystery novel so similar that you can't help but twitch. <<less
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BitterCoffee79 rated it
January 26, 2018
Status: v2c1
Reading this I found so many parallels to oregairu that I have a hard time not comparing them. That said I really love oregairu (though there's no competition between them, to me this is a inferior story) and ignoring the translation quality i'd say it's passable.

That said 3 stars might be more correct as a score, or even 2 considering the quality of the translation but I love the genre so forgive the bias hahaha)
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