Instead of Being Transported to Another World Directly, I Was Given the Abilities of the Strongest Character in the Anime World


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On his way to work, he is suddenly transported to a strange space and is told by a person who claims herself to be a God. She grants him one wish in exchange for forcibly transporting him to another world.

And so the protagonist makes a wish.

The protagonist wishes to have the same ability as the strongest character in the anime world.

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Date Group Release
09/17/22 Wonder Novels c9
07/22/21 Wonder Novels c8 part2
07/21/21 Wonder Novels c7 part1
07/19/21 Wonder Novels c6 part2
07/16/21 Wonder Novels c5 part1
07/15/21 Wonder Novels c4 part2
07/13/21 Wonder Novels c3 part1
07/12/21 Wonder Novels c2
07/09/21 Wonder Novels c1
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Cactiii rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c8 part2
While its not great its also not unreadable so I'm giving it 2 stars. The text feels slightly off like it was machine translated and not corrected or english isn't the translators first language, though it is still readable... The book itself honestly feels poorly written, its basically a guy gets a wish granted by a god and becomes op, gets dropped into the world inside a bathhouse (they had dialog of the god asking him where he wanted to go but not his response, which should have been "somewhere... more>> with someone strong" where he basically beat up naked girls and left, then he instantly makes the guild receptionist fall in love with him, gets a marrage proposal because of the fact he was able to beat the naked strong princess in the bathhouse and in the last chapter he went into a dungeon where he told a dying girl that he would save her if she became his s*ave (While of course having an inner monolog about how he won't actually make her his s*ave) Overall it honestly feels like the authors fantasy while slightly making it more socially acceptable (for example the part where he told someone that he would only save them if they became his s*ave despite not meaning it) <<less
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stevedtat rated it
December 31, 2022
Status: --
I'll give it 3 stars for a good effort.

Although the translation is a little wonky, you know the drill... the whole he/she/it/him/her deal that all the translations have so much trouble with because Japanese is a genderless language.

Then it's the fact that this was written by a middle schooler (i assume because it just has that feel) and it's a generic story with trying too hard comedy and absolutely no environmental information or lead up to the story. It's the fact that the writer just assumes that we already know... more>> what he's trying to write about instead of giving us any info. Pretty normal for a new writer or a very young one.

It's basically "I woke up here" "I met this person" "then this happened" "I went to a castle town" "then this happened" yadda yadda yadda. No description, no lead up, no follow up, no plot line.

Scratch that...I want to drop this to 1 star. At chapter 3 it goes to shit. <<less
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