Reborn as a Transcendent


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The global release of the first of its kind VRMMO is imminent, Yeager had miraculously gone back in time, taking with him all the gaming experience and various strategies. He believed that he could rise to the summit and bring about the miracle of immortality. However, just when the game started…

Yeager: “Wait, why the heck am I forcibly turned into a girl!!!”

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Wǒ Zhuǎnshēng Jiù Chāo Shén
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SilvaLau rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: c22
Spoiler-Free Summary (By Wild Lurker) : The MC in the story suddenly finds himself three years in the past after being killed, right before the release of a full immersion game. But he happens to know that the game is far more than a mere game and is a fully-fledged world in its own right, and that the system works by projecting souls, and that players will gradually begin to gain the abilities of their characters in the real world, and that the game world will eventually merge with the... more>> real one.

So he resolves to get in at the very start. And right at the start, he gets a female-only skill during character creation, and the system decides to 'fix' the problem be changing his soul.
He/She works to become the strongest in the game, while also working to get rare items or skills that will allow abilities to be brought back quicker to deal with pre-existing and new danger in the real world.

Be warned, however, the progress of this story is REAL slow. <<less
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DreadLord rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: --
I just like the fact that the MC accepted the Gender Change due to the benefits it came with. Personally, I think the benefits are worth it and that it could've been worse if the MC didn't get the Gender Change.
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SynicalReader rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: --
I hate the main character. Not only is this the Chinese version of gender bender yuri where the MC is a guy in a girls body and acts like a horny 12 year old who just discovered his pipi can grow bigger it is also another great example of a novel where the MC believes the he is the only important person in the world and that he is therefore completely justified in ripping off everybody else. I don't have a problem with an MC who wants to earn money... more>> but when such a person decides that just earning money is not enough and he has to rip off everyone and everything including their rights and happiness than I'm done. Even though this MC is written by someone from a communistic country the MC is even more capitalistic than Warren Buffet <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c673
TLDR It's a pretty good take on life in a videogame that had me willing to read 600+ MTL chapters

Translation: 5/5 re library 3/5 MTL

Readability : 5/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 5/5

World Building : 4/5

The novel has some real problems. Many of the real world plot motivators are nucking futs. Much of the mc's run ins with organized crime are on this level. There's also that martial arts feel of antagonists popping up just to bother the MC. If those aren't dezl breakers for you this should be a real good read.
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vondarkmoore rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: c18
The MC humbled by previous experience manager's to keep their cool regardless of the good or bad luck. An interesting combination of the under dog and OP' ness 💕
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Quhon rated it
April 11, 2020
Status: c17
Just have a look, it's a novel with Game Elements and Yuri. The MC is a big cheat, but nice and still has a feet in reality, that all the cheats don't seem sientific.
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