Stabilizing Madness


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Xu Qingran, originally an antagonist in an apocalyptic novel, finds himself pulled into a different interstellar world by a system after his death. In this new world, he is unloved by his biological father and stepmother, and his innocent stepbrother interferes with his relationships. He suffers abuse from a scoundrel lover, enduring a tumultuous journey before ultimately achieving a grand happy ending.

The system instructs him, “You must undertake the strategy task, lay low, improve yourself, and turn the tables!”

Xu Qingran agrees, determined to fight back fiercely.

He then becomes a master at ruining others’ plans.

The system advises, “Act obedient to win back your father’s love and reclaim the wealth left by your biological mother!”

Xu Qingran responds, “Alright, I’ll be obedient.”

He kicks open the door, confronting the despicable couple occupying his mother’s property, demanding, “Will you leave peacefully or be carried out?”

Outside, people label him as a jealous brother, disruptive and ill-tempered, a notorious young master of the Yin Long faction.

The system says, “You have a natural advantage in appearance. Just act like a ‘green tea’ character, clear your name, and you’ll be more beloved!”

However, Xu Qingran not only counters all accusations but also outmaneuvers every ‘green tea’ character and intimidates even the haughty Third Prince.

Ultimately, he solidifies his reputation as an untouchable villain across the Empire.

Xu Qingran declares, “All beings are equal.”

Equally, he spares no one from his relentless demeanor.

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17 Reviews

New damnmei
Apr 03, 2024
Status: Completed
Wow. This is a really great OP protag novel, probably one of the best I've read. I'm actually really surprised because I wasn't expecting to like it this much.

General plot set up has MC transmigrating into an interstellar pseudo-guideverse world from his apocalyptic world with the singular mission to seduce ML, but he basically treats this mission as an afterthought and mostly just does what he wants. There's no real overarching goal underlying MC's actions, but the plot also doesn't feel aimless or stagnant, as MC has a lot of... more>> smaller goals, mainly vengeance driven lol

MC is very powerful from the start, and while he does gain strength over the course of the novel, he starts off powerful enough at the beginning to win without much issue, so the leveling up is pretty irrelevant. There's really only one moment near the end where MC actually struggles to win, but despite the overall lack of struggle, I still found each arc of his journey interesting in its own right due to how much I liked MC's personality.

He definitely lives up to the antihero protagonist tag, not shying away from mu*der and really living by the motto of "an eye for an eye." Despite the brutality of his actions, MC also has such unintentionally hilarious moments, and his interactions with his system are great. That moment when he caught two guys getting it on in the shower and decided to openly watch for educational purposes - I actually died when he asked them whether giving or receiving felt better so that he could decide which position he'd rather take in the future.

ML is a really interesting character, and he had many more dimensions to him than just being a cold and overpowered ML. He's a naturally cold hearted person who puts a genial face on around others, but MC can always see past the facade (and he likes what he sees). I found his backstory particularly compelling, and his relationship with MC was so heartfelt. Really loved those moments where they opened up to one another, especially with ML being such a hidden romantic at heart.

The romance is slow but surprisingly genuine for two OP characters who seem emotionally detached. The two of them are soulmates in every sense, and their relationship only gets deeper as they learn more about each other. MC takes his time to get to know ML, and it's very sweet watching him slowly fall in love. The two of them are also not always in the same place even after getting together and can spend time apart pursuing their own goals without getting obsessive over what the other is doing. It's a very healthy dynamic!

Villains actually have some depth to them, and the plot backstory is so interesting as it's gradually revealed. Evil characters aren't just evil for no reason, and their downfalls are all very satisfying. Both MC and ML are a bit crazy, and they're both entirely supportive of one another in whatever actions the other takes against the villains, no matter how vicious.

There's a surprising number of forum posts for an interstellar novel, but as I do love a showbiz story and the dramatic irony of it all, I actually didn't mind it. They're not intrusive to the story and it does kind of make sense for social media to be so big in a futuristic world. Kind of amusing to watch the public be confused over MC and ML's antics I can't lie.

I really could not put this novel down once I got started! My standard for OP protags has once again been raised, especially when it comes to the level of romance I expect. Truly one of the most unexpectedly beautiful love stories, and one of those couples that will stick with me! <<less
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Feb 13, 2024
Status: c2
This is a pretty debatable novel for me. The main characters are amazing, the kind I would like them to be.

MC isn't a damsel in distress. Unlike other novels where ML always overshadows the MC, here both characters are equal in terms of strength (actually the MC is a tad stronger). ML isnt vexingly overprotective or clingy. They both have their seperate careers and rarely do they interfere in their partners work.

What I didn't like was -

The novel felt like a cheap showbiz novel where the MC are military... more>> officers rather than actors. I was good with the faceslapping but what put me off was the livestreams and forums. Like every thing the MC does has to be discussed in the forum, for instance


ML was caught kissing a man (mc). The forum spiraled into a turmoil, pestering the "official military website" to reveal ML's mysterious lover. The so called "official military website" overwhelmed by the public had to ask ML to reveal his lover.

Like, how was the so called"official military website" overwhelmed by public ? ML is a general, not a actor, he isn't obliged to reveal his love life. Atleast have some decorum about being a military official



military exams which were supposed to be secretive were livestreamed to public.

The ML was on a sting operation. Again clips of the same were circulated online, revealing ML Identity as a spy

Many things were actually illogical. MC beats everyone and no one objects

Most s*upid, ML willingly fell into the trap of an criminal as he couldn't control his instincts. The criminal willingly went to prison because he realised he wasn't obsessed enough with mc

Like really ?????

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Jan 02, 2024
Status: Completed

Like for real? The characters are amazing! The plot? It's bomb!

I personally like the MC coz deym, he was so ruthless and really NOT YOUR TYPICAL MC! He ain't lying when he said he don't like you coz he's gotta blow your blls if he want to!

... more>> The ML is also equally strong! Both of 'em!

At first they hate each other that they really wanna kill each other. They are really hostile with each other and there's a reason for it. I didn't feel their love story was a slowburn because I feel that everything was in a right pace! There's NO dull moments! Like deym, I want amnesia so I can reread this again!!

I just highly recommend this! There's action, comedy, adventure, gore, revenge, system is not shtty, face slapping, dog food, dog blood!

GEM! NO WORDS--- GEM!! <<less
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Mar 14, 2024
Status: Completed
4.5 stars


    • MC is really a madman! He's unlike any MC and his actions are quite unpredictable
    • ML is also a madman lol and his interactions with MC (especially the earlier ones) are either very thrilling or funny
    • I love how hardworking MC is - he is strong, he has a golden finger (his psychic pool upgrades) but he is so dang hardworking as well
    • When they got together, they weren't fixed at the hip. They can go without seeing each other for months because they prioritized being a Colonel/General and they are assigned at different places. Although if it's necessary, they really go out of their way to meet each other (madness style lol)

    • The formatting is a bit hard to read and sometimes there are text missing or duplicated (but hey! It's free so I'm not really complaining)
    • The latter part of the story (close to ending) felt like a breeze. I was so shocked when I learned that MC/ML has already been together for several years already like whaaaat? Where did we time skip?
    • In the later part, I couldn't understand MC/ML much anymore because the way they are thinking aren't that mentioned anymore specifically

When MC was sent to the evil tower after assaulting the crown prince, ML seems worried about him but he didn't really go to the tower to "save" MC.

He did talk with the warden and all but I feel like it was lacking (cause ML knows just how tragic the tower 1 is)

At that, he also chose to go to the new mission (which I understand is urgent)

But I just feel it was out of style for ML not to go mad knowing that the crown prince will most likely torture MC

Then, there was also MC drugging MC to sleep so that he can sneak out and let a demon lord invade himself so he can have more power

I understand that MC can make decisions of his own.

I just feel like this is contradictory to the romance or relationship they have because it seems like they are making decisions without really considering the others' opinion.

I don't know, maybe it's just not expressed well but I dislike this part of the story



    • It's worth the read!!!! Give it a chance!!!
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Jan 24, 2024
Status: --
The novel definitely lives up to its title!

The MC, is what a true villain should be: mad, unhinged, kill without blinking. I was shocked, stunned, appalled, yet I can’t seem to hate the MC! Other villains who are MCs or MLs don’t compare!

The author does very well in keeping the characters consistent in personality. Just when you think the MC starts to soften, BAM! The MC swoops in for the kill! And I mean literally!

As for ML? He’s just as unhinged! The very first scene that introduces him goes to... more>> show he’s just as mad as the MC.

Both ML and MC, two people from different worlds, one mad and one madder, yet both are broken souls. When the two collides, do they create destruction? Yes they do and I love it!!

Plot wise, it’s not too complicated, but still interesting enough to keep you engaged.

The reason why I docked a star is simply because of translation. Be warned that because it’s MTL, names of people, places, and things will be inconsistent! There will also be several chapters where there are repeated scenes, thankfully it’s edited to some degree and is understandable to a point. <<less
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Kei Aria 21
Kei Aria 21
Feb 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Once of the story that I love. I love the relationship, the story and the pace. MC really mentally and physically strong. But hated to explain the reason why he does something. Always made others misunderstood. While ML because he also experience the same thing he can never misunderstood MC. The facts that MC can make ML free while ML teach MC how to be loved is beautiful.

PS: Aahhhh, I want to read their extra properly.
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Feb 11, 2024
Status: --
Super clever work! Witty, well-paced, plenty of face-slapping, wonderful character building, and everyone is fleshed out even the nasty characters
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Feb 04, 2024
Status: c112
Well written. The way MC and the ML are unhinged in their own way is absolutely hilarious. The MC is OP, which might deter some readers, but

... more>>

it is because MC received OP powers in his past life and worked relentlessly; he already completed the difficult zero to hero journey before transmigrating. He also ends up recognizing that this OPness that he has in the new world can lead to mistakes via his overconfidence.


There is character growth, and I love how the MC slowly is able to open up and form more normal relationships. The MC and ML communicate well, which is refreshing. It also isn't an aimless novel. Themes such as self-determination, nature versus nuture, social identity and of course, love, are explored. Specifically:

In a world where gene compatibility exists (which tbh IRL we are getting closer to that every day), should gene compatibility be trusted over natural feelings? If you are labeled as predisposed to crime, does that mean you 100% will end up committing a crime? If a person is predisposed to violence but experienced past trauma, would they have grown up to be predispositioned to violence without the trauma? What if their environment stabilizes and they can heal?

Anyway, don't pass this up. Wonderful read that gets better with each chapter as the author grows with the characters. <<less
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Jan 22, 2024
Status: Completed
The story started out like a typical face slapping reborn/transmigrated MC getting screwed over by dad, stepmom and illegitimate son. Then it turned into a futuristic military demon alien fighting world.

MC is super OP. He transmigrated from an apocalypse world and is merciless to anyone who plots against him. But he's also kind to those who're kind to him or merciful to those who're redeemable. The funniest is a minor villain who provoked MC first and was beaten up. He became so fearful of MC that he rather avoid MC... more>> but MC chose to join his faction instead. They ended up with a kind of love hate friendship.

ML is also super OP and can be merciless when killing but he's more soft-hearted than MC (in MC's opinion anyway). The development of their relationship is slow burn. They do not get together till the later half of the story and even then they spend a lot of time apart due to their work. <<less
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Jan 04, 2024
Status: c33
The big strong point in this story is MC and ML and also the universe of the novel. They're not together yet but their vibe is so sexy and passionate

The faults are first of all the very low IQ of the secondary characters like when MC beats someone in front of everyone (and even during a live broadcast) because they provoked it and the next day other people came to provoke him while everyone saw that he was super strong.
or another time:
Director: You can't find a better teacher than this general major
While MC coexists with another major general!?
It's a pretty frustrating and boring repetitive cycle.
Also the original host to a really over-the-top melodramatic story that isn't very believable after a while. Even the MC comments on this weirdness.

(I'm french so I MTL my opinion)
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Dec 26, 2023
Status: Completed
First of all, I LOVE THIS.

This really satisfied my itch about some BL stories.

The couple has a early chemistry but as rivals, friends to lovers. They literally want to fight or kill each other early on. Then they became friends to lovers after knowing each other.

I like that, unlike with other BL stories, the MC and ML still focus on their own careers but never forgets to spend time together. Them being both dominant didn't stop them from pursuing their own goals. They are both supportive. The ML is not... more>> a cold domineering excellent ML but possessive. He truly cherish MC and supports him. While the MC is not a effeminate aimless guy. He has clear goals and determine. He equally values and cares about the ML.

The MC is very chaotic and the "uptight" is there to be his partner in crime. They are madmen but their every step calculated.

This is definitely a must-read for those seeking a genuine power couple. <<less
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Dec 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Whew, good shit. I’m going to bump up the rating to a 5 (I think my rating is around a 4.5) because I think this novel deserves more attention. Also, it’s completed on the TL website! A few translation errors here and there but still readable.

To give a brief summary, we have a mad dog MC rebirthed into a pretty hated figure in the interstellar era. Our ML is the cold archetype commander disguised as a gentlemen with some dog-like tendencies (heh, especially when they finally get together). It’s an... more>> enemies-to-lovers romance, where the MC and ML are genuinely plotting to kill each other for a bit, which makes it honestly all the better.

One particular thing I love about the MC is that he’s a true mad dog. He literally talks with his fists, but he has a certain bottom line he doesn’t cross (unless it’s for the ML). These tendencies don’t even change after he forms a relationship, thank god. You’ll see his journey from a military student to an esteemed position in the military, and relish in his very unconventional ways of getting there. He’s not afraid of failure, and it shows. He’s just a very interesting character with dimensional features.

I won’t get too much into the ML, but just know he’s worthy. Ahhhh he’s the absolute best. Loyal but also just as crazy as the MC if given the chance. The plot is solid and I have little to complain about there. I don’t think there were any large loopholes or something of that sort. I recommend!!! <<less
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Miss Millie
Miss Millie
Mar 07, 2024
Status: c113
does anyone know if the side stories are going to be translated???

Love this story--I love their pairing, they were definitely soulmates :D MC was over the top crazy and the ML complements his personality well.

I'm rating this 4/5 since it was entertaining however the translation quality was bad.
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Mar 06, 2024
Status: c113
More like 3.5 stars, but I enjoyed it enough to finish so rounded up.

Let me first say that I completely understand how some readers love the MC and ML, for me though, I just didn't like them. I prefer MC's that have a little kindness in them. So below are just my opinions and don't suggest reading them if you loved MC.

MC Pros: strong, he doesn't need the ML to save him. He is proactive when it comes to snu snu times, no shy boy.

MC Cons: there is just something... more>> that bothers me about him. Maybe he is too brutal? I want a MC to stand up for themselves, but his actions went too far. He doesn't really care about anyone other than himself. Sure he'll help some people along the way as long as it's fun for him or not an inconvenience, but he is selfish. He does care about ML at the end.


honestly I get why his sister got a chance to change her fate, but not sure why the MC did. His life s**ked for sure in his apocalyptic world, but he was also brutal and villianish. I guess that is why he was sent to a world that was falling apart? He was a villain but redeemable so as long as he fixed the world he gets his chance? Idk just seemed weird when the explanation from the system comes out, could be missing something as it's just MTL


ML is seriously the typical smiling fox cold CEO type. It's all explained though that it's because he is an E. Which I don't like the whole E's are basically psychopaths with no feelings except towards a D type and then they are overly possessive.


I was really hoping the author would show us an E or few that didn't fit the stereotype just like how MC doesn't fit the D type. All shown E types were the same though. I was just uncomfortable with the setup


The idea of the story is very interesting and is what kept me from dropping it despite my dislike of the main characters. I will agree the entertainment esque parts felt forced.


I don't usually like tsundere characters, but the third prince was a fun side character. Love his interactions with MC in the later parts, just wish he had more time in the novel.

The rest of the side characters are kind of forgettable. The ML has his 2nd in command that is like a husky, he is okay but nothing really new. Most of the characters introduced in the begining get delegated to the back, but wasn't that interested in their story lines.

The half brother pops up randomly, but never really does much, just gets face slapped. It's like a game of random wack-a-mole with him.

The MC sister still being there and no resolution with her was a let down. Wish she would have let go so that the MC could let go. Kind of weird to have your sister watching you always from your boyfriend POV.


I wish the ending with the devil's was a bit more fleshed out, with the 2 leads working more together, but meh. The end was abrupt, there are extras, but not really interested.

All in all I may not read again, but it was a good time waster. <<less
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Feb 07, 2024
Status: Completed
The Beginning was very intriguing, I was hooked and completed this in 3 days.

... more>>

The part where the MC was sentenced to the evil tower really set the mood


The relationship aspect was a long wait. I love how it isn't some love at first sight or the stereotype of some ABO novel where the love was predestined by fate and you just magically became attracted to one another. The ML and MC slowly develop, understanding each other and falling for the person they are.

MC wise, a madman, in a chaotic neutral way? I see a lot of comments saying he is a villain but honestly, all his actions are just retribution for what others have done to him. He is simply karma incarnate. But his action doesn't actually go against any of moral, with the author explaining his seemingly drastic measures which kinda let me down. But overall a total badass.

I took away a star cuss when reaching the 80s chap where MC go to develop his camp. The romance almost became nonexistent. It was where it go into his career development faze but also where the novel became vanilla with how OP he is. Before when he was in the academy, it showed his hardworking and persistent how nothing was handed to him for free (very refreshing). But now somehow nothing could even leave a stain on his shoe. It was just too gloss over with no unique flavor of the earlier chaps.

But other than that pretty good. <<less
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Feb 06, 2024
Status: Completed
People say opposite attracts, but what we have here is where the same kind repel each other then attract each other, mix with madness and love all roll in to one. Their so intense, yet so fragile because all sort of data and reasons that never give the out come their are the best suited for each other in the entire universe.

We introduce to a world where people are categorize into different categories according to their Psyche, Where E is the one most people are afraid off, but are also... more>> the strongest with their tendencies to be violent and possessive and all kind of negative emotions that lead them more likely to commit crimes.

Our ML just happens to one of them, just like MC he's has a really special secret

He has been give the chance to Rebirth


Both MC and ML are OP, but no don't just be put off, because we explore how they became OP and how much pain and suffering they have to endure to get that point. It makes very emotional invest in them as characters.

MC's whole original family are tr*sh, watching him teaching them a lesson then hand them slap after slap was very satisfying, never gets tired of MC doing face slapping, he's so unpredictable and gets the title of Little mad man from the whole empire. He went from being so hated to be so loved and respectable, awe by all people. The journey was very fun to read and go through, it is very rewarding watching him grow not just as his powers but as a person as he opens up more.

Both MC and ML are very lonely individuals, who trust no one and very cruel to enemies. They can kill without batting an eye. I just like that about MC, why waste time talking tr*sh, if they want to harm me, send them to hell. It's not brainless killing, he chooses the right moments too and give good reasons, had people shut up and it feels extra great!

You just feel so bad for both them for their past experiences as you keep reading. You unconsciously want to be together, want to them be happy, want them to have the best of everything. Couple time want to jump into the novel to stab that villain Crown prince and his mother a few times..

The title is right about stabilizing Madness, them stabilizing each other's madness. Novel within novel, the madness driving themselves crazy and rescuing each other, this is so good to read, enjoy the madness, the world setting and facelslapping, also other characters regardless friend or foe all very well written. <<less
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Feb 04, 2024
Status: c113
Wonderful! I could even say masterpiece!!

When I started reading this, I really didn’t expect it to be so good! I feel like many reviewers already said it all, and I just want to add to all the positive reviews haha

I really love, that they communicated SO WELL!!! Almost no misunderstandings, they talk about their feelings, understand each other and support each other... I cannot wuwuwu!! Communication is hot man... I love it, there should be more of it haha I love the world building as well, and the twist (not... more>> really, but just something surprising) ??


Like with his sister, the systems with their respective functions, how MLs rebirth came to be etc.!


Tbh I wished for Lu Cheng (LC) to suffer more? Like, mentally


Hm, if he really loves the originals Body (OG), I would like to see him suffer, with the understanding that OG really is dead, that no matter what LC does. He will never be able to make it up for his mistakes. Like MC I think said, there is no remedy for regret.

Tbh though, the point with it being LC not being devoted enough, which led to him and the half brother sleeping together, like, that he’s just hypocritical and all... I don’t know, yes taking ML as an example, him showing immense willpower to suppress the aphrodisiac, which was kind of prove that he loves MC, is... not a well-fit example??

Like, I don’t think, love and willpower alone is always enough to go against such drugs or manipulations, and in turn, if still ended up falling for the scheme, may not be reason enough to say there was no love. (Idk if people can understand haha)
I suppose, mistakes happen, especially under influence?? It’s not really other people’s business to judge if what he’s done is forgivable or not, only OGs. As LC decided to take „responsibility“ he should also face the consequences. Yes it was the half brother who lied to them, but... idk, LC didn’t seem to have had enough faith in OG to believe him?

So yeah, in the end he did disappoint, especially him going after MC, even though he should have kind of been aware that OG has changed... I kind of wanted him to see, that it’s not his childhood friend anymore, that he will never return and yeah hah


Anyways, I like OP MCs like this~ idk if I’m just s*upid, but I just always felt everything MC and ML did, and their OPness was so reasonable, that didn‘t seem to be just plot armor or anything!
I also LOVED MCs and MLs chemistry! They are a great fit!

All in all, a great read, one of the few I could finish without a break in between haha

Do give it a try!! <<less
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