The Guide Wants to Obey the Script


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I transmigrated into a novel and became a paralyzed, dark and twisted, yet stunningly beautiful like a celestial being. The key point is, I turned out to be a powerful and impotent guide. The system informed me that if I could successfully navigate through the plot, ensuring crucial plot points and the final outcome remained unchanged, I would be rewarded with a healthy and secure body. I, the MC, believed there wouldn’t be any problems.

Originally, Male Lead 1 and Male Lead 2 were meant to be a couple. However, right at the beginning, ML 1’s brother, who was supposed to tragically die despite rescue attempts, inexplicably survived. His resurrection forced ML 2 to reluctantly marry him, causing the entire novel to collapse from the start.

MC: …

MC: Then let his brother marry me?

Then the MC realized that the character he wore was the one who killed ML 1’s brother back then.

MC: …

The brother was nothing like the gentle and loyal dog described in the book. Instead, he was a fierce and wild sentinel, biting anyone he could catch.

MC: Maybe it’s better to just remain half-paralyzed.

Brother: Don’t you want to give it a try, just for a challenge?

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New ike_00000 rated it
July 13, 2024
Status: Completed
Really entertaining story!

It's cheerful and funny (made me actually laugh out loud a few times), light-hearted, the characters are interesting, and it's just a very comfortable and addictive read. Misunderstandings don't get overly drawn out, characters are unique and true to themselves, and it's a zoo every day.

Definitely recommended!!
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New KartKid111
June 26, 2024
Status: c94
I read through this to the latest chapter rn (c94). And this novel really impressed me. This was recommended to me by someone and my god do they have good taste.

The comedy is just chef's kiss and the novel has really tense moments that keep me on my toes and not a lot of angst.

I love both the MC and ML, the reveal and also the side characters.

... more>>

In the end, MC told ML about the world being a novel, that hes (ML) a character, and hes (MC) being forced by the world administrator to act out a plot.

It happened when the ML found out about the MC's pictures in the basement. And honestly, everything got more hilarious and better from there! I kinda wished that the MC would reveal it sooner, everything just became so thrilling and exciting after he revealed the truth to ML.

Aside from SC and YF, I also absolutely love this other character in the novel, Hedgehog, he's hilarious. And one thing that made me almost die from laughter is when our beloved MC was getting some packages from G deliveryman and Hedgehog acted like a cat-girl, overly sweet and coquettish to MC so that G deliveryman won't have any ideas. ML instructed him to keep MC safe from G deliveryman but he definitely didn't expect this lmao


There weren't any moments in the novel that bored me, rather, I enjoyed it very thoroughly. There were thrilling moments, hilarious moments, sweet moments, sad moments and almost everything in the spectrum.

Also let me clarify one more thing.

The MC is the gong! And the ML is the shou!

I don't understand why some readers still believe MC is the shou, he isn't XD

It's in the tags and it's almost explicitly mentioned in the novel several times.


I think I even remember about the MC asking if ML can still do it because he's (MC) sure that ML's bu*t might still be sore.

Also by this point, MC can somehow do it with the ML due to some erectile dysfunction medicine he took. He did it even before he got those prosthetics. He might not have been able to move his legs but I speculated that he probably used his hands to carry ML and... make him ride it? Ahem- it's a bit weird to talk about this so, you can speculate about how they did it at all.

It's only vaguely mentioned about how they did it due to chinese censorship but I'm pretty sure you'll get the gist. The author even used 'gummy bear' to replace the you know what word (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)

(I'm not sure how the ED medicine managed to activate his little brother, but the thing about MCs disabled legs wasn't particularly discussed much. Or how severe it is (Or I wasn't reading properly and skipped some stuff). But there were doctors, I think, that said it can be cured. So... the super effective ED medicine was able to make MC capable of...doing the ML. (This feels so weird to say lol))


Anyways, I highly recommend this novel, and I promise you won't get bored. Also, some people are a bit annoyed about XN, the world administrator, but he really has his reasons to make the MC follow the script. Although we don't directly feel the impact of the changes in the plot due to the big change of ML, a side character, managing to live instead of dying, I'm pretty sure XN has suffered some damage from the plot changes.

The author probably just wasn't able to convey it properly. But please don't worry about MC following the plot and script, I swear, there's really no angst. Just tense and thrilling moments, well there is a sad part. A bit of angst.


XJ sadly passed away...I kinda hoped XN would be able to save him, but so far, I believe he really didnt have a way. And I can tell XN does care about XJ a little. It's shown.


Plus, it kinda leads to some hilarious misunderstandings.


Like when YF suspected SC of having a third party outside when MC unrelentingly gave SC a bunch of gifts.

MC had to do that because of the plot. But when he gave it to SC, there were letters saying its for ML instead. Its to calm ML down. A loophole that MC exploited, so he can do both the plot and avoid making his ML misunderstand. But when MC called SC over for the confession plot, he told him that hes doing this to prepare a confession for ML and hes practicing it with SC.

ML arrived early from his work, YF shared his suspicions about SC with ML and boom. The misunderstanding boiled over lmaoo, it got fixed quickly but I couldn't help but laugh and snort at MCs predicament. (Readers who haven't reached this part of the plot may not understand yet, but to those who already did, I swear- it was hilarious- Tense but funny. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who felt that way. It's kinda funny how MC had to act and explain. Especially when ML discovered the basement shortly after- and when all was said and done, the way ML still couldn't believe it made me laugh. Although he believed and adapted later, it was still funny.)


There's also this cliffhanger thing that makes us readers stand on our toes so I feel glad I'm at the latest chapter with no thrilling cliffhanger. Just a bit of silliness and fun between MC, ML and..




So please, future readers, don't hold yourself back from reading this masterpiece. A lot of chapters have already been released and translated. The actual novel is already complete, I highly recommend you stash this into your reading list and enjoy the ride.

PS: Not gonna rate it just yet, I wanna completely read this novel first before making any judgement. So this is just a simple review about my current thoughts about this novel. <<less
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nuyanata rated it
July 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this and have good laugh.

Author give characters commonsense at the right time. Made Some contradict and it's funny.

The plot is nothing new. Author give us big spoiler about original story and let MC repeat the plot for stable the world.

It's a mess and MC give spoiler about world secret is really refreshing 😂
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Eat__tea rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: Completed
4.5/5 overall tense & fun read

A fresh take on transmigration, at least to me. The MC has to go on according to the administrator's direction to make sure the plot matches the book.

Whaaat! When it wasn't his fault that he ended up in that world. But it's OK because MC gets to find true love right?
  • The comedy fits my style. Sand sculpture, shameless, sometimes awkward.
  • Everyone in this story is overpowered. Especially OG MC. Our MC has his weaknesses, so it's not too bothering.
  • MC guide 1. I've always read this type so it doesn't bother me.
  • LOVE BRAINS!!! Towards lover, towards family members.
  • Enemies (?) to lovers.
  • Slightly in*estuous.
  • MC with disabilities.
  • Both ML and MC personalities are green.
  • Spoiler

    Approaching the middle of the novel, they started to work hand in hand instead of opposing each other.

  • Has many tense scenes, less onions, no angst.
I really wish to see more on XZY's past before transmigration. I need extras. Desperately!!
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PicturesqueSeeker rated it
November 22, 2023
Status: Completed
I really like enemies to lovers so seeing MC and ML interactions were quite fun, and

... more>>

I love how when they combined, MC just told ML the entire truth and then the ML finally understood why the og body wasn't the same anymore, bc he wasn't, and became the proactive one in helping MC and Xiao Nian (the administrator) with the plot, plotting against his own little brother with the kidnapping and stuff 😭😂

Xiao Nian before: Damn, why did you tell Si Du?!

Xiao Nian after: Damn, I should've brought Si Du in sooner, he's so proactive!


I like Xiao Nian, when he pretends to be an 8 year old with father son interactions with MC, it's so funny how people think their relationship is really different (a 30 year old letting an 8 year old do all the housework 🤣 and MC explaining why.


I love this novel.

Si Du is actually my favourite ML ever, I'll miss him he the MC so much 😭😭 it's so goodddd. It hit all my good spots and even the protagonist was adorable.

I really liked the dark sentinel too (Han Bang), I wish him lots of happiness. Xiao Nian was one of my favourite characters too, he was so funny and adorable.


The way he stayed for a bit and then left, reviving Xiao Jiali was so sweet of him, I already miss him a bunch


Would 100% reread, anywhere, anytime honestly. I hope translations will be faster so more people can appreciate it ❤️ <<less
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KeyonDrenson rated it
October 8, 2023
Status: c30
So far this is pretty great, funny with a clever laid back protagonist

PLOT: MC transmigrates into a wheel chair bound villain and is trying to complete the story plot in exchange for life and the use of his legs, he inadvertantly saves the ML (who the original character was at odds with) and awakens as a guide, drama and shenanigans ensue
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Completed in MTL, will re-read when translated. Rated 4.5 because there is some ableism, but it's also progressive and accepting, while being mildly icky. But I think that's reflective of the cultural reality. Everyone tries to be accepting of people with different needs online, but in the real world the difficulties and stigma encountered do exists. The MC not being an S+ guide is comedy gold.

This was hilarious, like it literally cracked me up. Also the only novel I've read where the guide is "on top" (lol) sexually. I think... more>> they're a switch couple but their language is very ambiguous. Also the author gave the main couple a really sweet and openly s*xual relationship (for a CN novel). It wasn't this overly blissful thing that's only mentioned once. Guides are very much equally badass in this world, I love it.

The side characters really make it better. All are just peak players. MC is given a ridiculous script that frustrates the reader because it's that bad. So clever work arounds are needed, and because MC is a bug, his actions always have unintentional consequences. <<less
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Gluttony rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: c47
Starts off mildly interesting - a rather cool headed (kind of cold-blooded) MC and an enemies-to-lovers set up. Then, once the MC's ~special~ guide compatability with the ML is revealed, the novel moves into this weird.... school competition arc? Even though they're not students? And while it's humorous and filled with dogfood (between MC and ML who have yet to confirm their relationship), each chapter it drags on I'm left confused as to why this arc is relevant...
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WallEyeKnee rated it
February 25, 2024
Status: Completed
This is comedy to the max haha, so funny in general. Basically MC has to follow the plot and he has to do all these things to keep the plot in line.

ML loyal pe*verted wolf saved by MC get together and half way join in the operation and start do plot against his doggy little brother.

There's some little emotional plot lines, and early on there's angst because MC can't tell ML the truth and he had to do all these explainable things but it's all good

Mini Administrator was cute too,... more>> wish there's more like him in the future novels.

It's all fun and good, enjoy reading it. <<less
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Kiri_Haru9 rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: Completed
It's supposed to be 3 or 4 star to me but I miss click (?) on it and now idk how to edit...

Tbh this story is a rollercoaster to me, I'm not good at handling the 'dogblood' scene haha.. the OG are so full of nonsense that everytime the MC has to follow the plot my emotion went wild

I get mad almost everytime it's not even MC fault but he had to go and fix it...

It's really sickening btw n author fix it with making

... more>>

the protagonist of that world s*upid


It really does not sit well to me, it's a major flaw? But the author is really good at some part, so even I feel it's hard to read I still continue and reach the end lol,..

There are also


near the end plot where MC need to make sure the protagonist are stab with some sort of medicine? QTA? And I still can't accept how they just go oopsie when it turns out they stab different people, even though it is said that thing is not harmful to ordinary people but still, it feels shitty lol although indeed it was to build easier road for MC to inject the medicine to the protagonist rightfully and just later


I also has to accept the Guide can be Gong too, I mean I'm too used reading novel regarding guide and sentinel and mostly, guide are shou, so it's hard for me to accept it at first, tbh I regard them as normal one haha I ignore MC status as guide so I can read it smoothly, sorry if this one offended anyone but it's like your three view are being broken so my brain really cannot conform to it haha..

Since I MTL latest untranslated chapter till the end, idk if there are some parts where it translated wrong, so I will wait until it completed, maybe I will give it a try again and edit my review haha



i feel so mad towards MC fate that need to follow and fix the plot even though it's not his fault and those misunderstanding oh god, it might be set as jokes or funny scenes because the protagonist is s*upid but I found it dark to me 😔 ouh and I'm glad Jialu is given second chances and become their son at least it heals my heart n brain lolol

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stilderis rated it
May 28, 2024
Status: Completed

Do I think this novel is amazing? No.

However, I really liked the main couple. But I was really annoyed by the world/story administrator (although his character and behavior were quite funny). Because shifting the blame onto someone else and demanding something from him is such nonsense. Especially considering the errors and holes in the plot, additional situations, and so on.

It's so good that the main characters found a way to share memories and solve problems together. But in the end I just wanted to roll my eyes to the back... more>> of my head and never roll them back again. <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: c115
It’s really interesting! I love the interaction between MC and ML!

At first, it wasn’t realy funny for me but in the middle part, I remember laughing a lot

It’s just that I read this in one go which kinda overwhelmed me (I don’t have the energy to finish it right now) so I’ll come back some other time :)

Really worth the read!
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