The Demon Lord Only Wants to Follow the Script


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Fang Li transmigrated into the cannon fodder gong demon lord of a dogblood novel. The demon lord’s cultivation was outstanding, his power shaking the heavens. He stirred up wind and rain and rampaged across the cultivation world……. Towards the captivating main character shou, he fell in love at first sight and seized him, contributing many forceful love scenes that made one’s face and ears red.

Fang Li: I might not be able to do it.

System: ……

As soon as he went out the door, Fang Li saw the dark mass of demonic cultivators tightly encircling the faintly distant cultivation sect so that not a drop of water could escape. The head of the Yunjian-que sect disciples stood alone facing the wind, sharp sword pointed in his direction.

Fang Li looked at the cold and peerless man, gazed at his white clothes and long sword soaked in blood, and pondered for a minute…… He suddenly felt like it wasn’t impossible.

On this day, the cultivation world’s number one son of heaven, Yunjian-que’s Yuyi-jun, for the sake of protecting the disciples behind him, had no choice but to submit to the cruel, cold-blooded demon lord. Just thinking that this unparalleled genius would be tormented and humiliated by that devil in a hundred ways, the whole cultivation world sighed and wrung their hands, sobbing ceaselessly.

Fang Li brought the beauty home. Although he didn’t want to force a straight man, just going through the motions wasn’t a problem. While putting on a show of “forcible love,” Fang Li considerately went about creating opportunities for the main character shou’s admirers, helping them develop some romance……

On the day that the Immortal Alliance attacked Fuqiu Mountain, Fang Li completed the plot and successfully escaped with his death.

When he was reborn, it was already nine years later. Just when he was about to start living properly in this world with a whole new identity using his experience as a demon lord, he ran into the current number one under the heavens, the main character shou.

The cold man grabbed his wrist, a wisp of vague madness in the depth of his eyes, his voice low and hoarse: Where does Your Excellency want to run to this time?

Fang Li: …… What on earth is wrong with this script?

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New Hellios rated it
June 24, 2024
Status: Completed
I like this story very much! The pace, length and ending is all superb. Everything is just as it should be. But let’s be a bit more specific.

I definitely like all the fun and entertaining plot, not being bored even for a moment.

I like how all of the mysteries and aspects were explained, so the story feels really fulfilling and finished.
Extras are must read! I’m very happy to see ending of all of the characters, thank you author!

I like the main couple and their relationship. Yes, not without some misunderstanding, but not dog blood or unreasonable.
They truly loved each other and after resolving all of it, they became even more harmonious. I like that they talked and relationship were not toxic!
And, I’m also glad it’s not crematorium, though can feel like one at some points of the story. But even if it, it’s very light. So there is no painful feeling and thought about this ending being just a meaningless conclusion.

I didn’t expected just how amazing this novel would be. Definitely deserving of it time! Totally recommend to give it a go.
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New Arsen1c
June 16, 2024
Status: --
This was such a goodmine for me. The charachter development was great, as in how the charachters started to understand each other from the biased view of the original plot I loved the storyline Soo much, and the POV! Great stuff. The ending tho wa kinda bland

like, you were in the middle of almost war against the great sage, and you unite all the demonic cultivators and such under you again, and that's the end of the main story???

the author probably for bored, so ye
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bluemoon240 rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I like like like this story!!!!

First of all, setting. The MC, Fang Li transmigrated into the ruthless Demon Lord Yan Sui, who is also the scum gong. The protagonist shou, Xie Huai, was forced to be confined by him to stop the siege on Xie Huai's sect. According to the plot, he was r*ped and abused until he killed Yan Sui. Well our MC, Fang Li, self-proclaimed straight man, ofc does not want to go the regular way.

I love the transmigrators who choose to not torture protagonists and wanted to... more>> resolve the plot their own way, it just hits me in the best way. Especially the one who does not care about their own lives like be kinder to yourself!!!!

This story is comedic and tragedic, it rips you in a good way and it really plays into the angst factor. The miscommunication is believable bc they are enemies after all, it won't help their case. But they did communicate at the end and it's really good.

This story has two parts, the demon lord part and the reborn part.

About the MC/Fang Li:


I loveeeeee him so much. He came to this world bc he commited su*cide. This is precisely why I like him. He doesn't care about himself, kindest to others but cruelest to himself. I just wanna wrap him in a blanket and give him a head pat. He was ssoooooooo traumatised I love it. He's also a bad actor (according to Xie Huai bc Xie Huai can see through anything he did). The dense protagonist tag is true he is dense, he only know that he like Xie Huai and that he's bent after Xie Huai helped him with *cough cough*


About ML/Xie Huai:


I like his character arc. In the og plot, he is righteous and eradicated the demonic cultivators. But here, as he was imprisoned by Fang Li, he sees through the layers of Fang Li, and why he do the things he did, and it made him question his own belief. Also after killing Fang Li he was so heartbroken I was so sad for him 😭. I like him bc when Fang Li acts, he complied just to see whatever the hell this guy's up to and it's funny. I really like that part where he said "why can't you be kind to yourself? Why do you want death so badly?" And I was crying like me too bro whyyyy.


Fang Li also discover why Yan Sui do what he did, and the hidden plots within the story. There are some questions about the hypocrisy of the righteous way, it's explained in an okay way, not good but not bad. The side characters are not flat, few fleshed out nicely, such as Wu Yimei.

I really like the extras too, about their lives after marriage, about Fang Li's life in modern life, and about A-Yan and shixiong. My only complain, is that there are no notable female characters. I know it's a danmei, I can feel dissatisfied for this. <<less
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November 9, 2022
Status: --
    • I don't know why this novel is not that popular to people because there's only so little review on this one, but I wanna say this, even if it's not that great, it's also not such a bad story.
    • Yep, MC is dense (I agree that it's not such a great reason, but I do understand that the MC can't feel the ML's feelings before because he is really not a bent person and I think it's because he doesn't have much understanding about the feelings of love...? I don't know hehe )
    • It's a happy ending and I also think their interactions with each other is not cringy like the other novels I've read before.
    • The ML is so sweet and also righteous that even if there's the confinement tag in the description, the confinement of MC is not overwhelming, like he isn't imprisoned, there is still freedom.
    • Overall, it's a good read to past time. It's a five star for me, I just can't vote because I accidentally tapped it to 1-0 stars I think, and I can't vote again sadly.
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Blue Mint
Blue Mint
April 2, 2023
Status: Completed
Hnggg... I don't know what to say about this. I love this. I love it okay? But the amount of miscommunication and misunderstandings... If you're not up for that, then this might not be for you. Because the missunderstandings are till the end of this book. And the way MC is determined to "follow" the script but ignoring the script all the while just makes me silently scream inside. I was a bit frustrated by MC's behaviour at times but the love between MC and ML was good imo. I... more>> love their dynamics (?) so to speak. And MC is the type to "believe" he's a straight guy till the end of this book and doesn't realise he's actually in love (MC was constantly horknee about ML yet don't realise it's because he loves and is attracted to ML lmao. Ain't no one would be willing to give his life to a homie bruh. Atp he's trying so hard to convince himself he doesn't like ML) MC and ML reminds me of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in terms of personality respectively (A teasing demon lord and cold hearted righteous sect love interest) but their dynamics and plotline are more to SVSSS Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe (with the constant misunderstandings of a transmigrated MC). I think it was done slightly better than SVSSS (pls don't attack me) because MC and ML's love was more convincing compared to SQQ who I felt was a little bit forced to be with LBH in the end (my opinion). So take it with a spoonful of salt. Conclusion is, there are points that you would hate about this book, but there are points that would make you love it. To me, there are more hate points than love points but it makes me love the book all the more if you get what I mean. Enjoy my worthless review :) <<less
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hastingsj rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: c68
So up to where I am, it could be a 4/5. I bumped 1 star because the plot has become unnecessarily complicated & I can't continue.

it's cute role reversal.

part 1: demon lord (yandere) gets his soul replaced by MC (fairly moral dude). He must act out the "plot" ordered by the system to stabilize the world. This includes kidnapping the ML & taking him as a consort.

... more>>

he refuses to do any X rated scenes and fakes everything for appearances, but the ML catches onto his bad acting, taking it as a sign the demon lord is secretly just a good guy. The ML gets teased & blueballed so hard by the MCs shenanigans, he ends up actually falling for the MC. ML gets frustrated MC didnt actually do anything, and thinks its bc he is a replacement for the MCs white moonlight.


Part 2: the script gets flipped. Demon lord MC "dies." his spirit enters a new host body (9 yrs later) & is IMEDIATELY discovered by the ML. ML is now the overpowered yandere who kidnaps and imprisons the MC.

why I stopped:


the plot felt wrapped up with the major villians defeated & in hiding, revenge taken, the demon lord "dead".. All that was left was to have the 2 leads talk to eachother and conclude their relationship drama. Instead it introduced and even bigger big bad and made the misunderstandings way more complicated. Now the MCs new identity has been linked to the demon lord again, hes just falling back into his old role, and hes back exactly where he was 20 chapters ago.. Except weaker bc hes in a new body w none of his treasures. It doesnt feel like progress. If the universe wants you to be THIS starcrossed w your lover, just break up. The two of them don't even talk to eachother. There is nothing at the ch68 point just more bad guys & more drama

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7starkiller99 rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

Story is a laughable mess that begins with MC being OOC and changing all sorts of plot without a care in the world. Story further devolves when Mc’s system magically disappears due to the author.

MC mol*sts ML early on with fake sleeping etc, then it swaps and ML becomes a creep who likes touching naked MC.

... more>> Nonsense continues and suddenly the author remembers that a plot exists and it turns out that the original MC had the most tragic existence ever.

Altogether just worthless tr*sh with a horrid s*upid romance. More “just make the MC suddenly into ML” because guilt trips etc. Lots of non-consensual touching -literally grabbing hands etc. There is no sweet relationship - ML forces himself on MC till MC gets Stockholm syndrome and decides to give in.

-900Nonatillion Pointless and badly written. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Whazzup rated it
November 10, 2022
Status: c76
I love it, I MTLD-ed it to the latest chapter I could find. The plot, comedy and angst was enough to hook me. I don't know if it just hormones but I cried in middle chapters. I'm just glad the two idiots made to the happy end.
There are parts I sped read through cause it felt like an unnecessary filler to me, and the plot is familiar.
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Ireadbl rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: Completed

First half was a really good setup.

Second half was pretty meh, anticlimactic I guess in terms of relationship between MC and ML. Which is just the downside of system novels because the MC is forced to do tasks. So we as a reader don't feel like the MC did anything wrong. The author doesn't really do a good job of portraying the ML's pain either, just that he was trying to convince himself that he doesn't like MC. SO I guess I was just expecting a larger chase scene.

I also... more>> didn't like how the ML forces himself on MC just out of misunderstanding. ML is just avenging himself so it's all the system's fault so just blame the system there's no character exploration. Just annoys me. Most of the stories have to add this sort of scene just so the straight MC realizes his feelings. Can I please have mutual consent? Then the encounters with the villain were also kind of meh. This is just a weakness of transmigration because

the MC isn't the real person who is the junior brother of the villain so he doesn't feel the pain of betrayal even though he has the original body's memories. Which I thought was done cheaply because there were more emotions involving MC avenging the original owner and the senior brother aka the villain.


The Two Proud Sky Dragons' Shura Fields had better reconciliation between MC and ML. I can't help but compare how the author handled the aftermath in Two Proud Sky Dragons' Shura Fields with The Demon Lord Only Wants to Follow the Script.

I'm adding a star just for translator but really plot is 3 star in my opinion. I guess you can tell how let down I feel in second half haha. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
March 12, 2024
Status: Completed
This story has a plot hole the size of Alaska (seriously).

I'm quite disappointed in the later half due to that reason, and the only reason I managed to finish the novel was due to the nice translation by heliotraipse.

... more>>

The entire plot related to the old Great Sage who was reborn as Shixiong actually does not make any sense. Author wrote that Shixiong went into a coma after touching the jade pieces, then awoke, then recovered his memories of the Great Sage, then ran away when their sect got attacked, then saved original demon lord/Yan Sui's life and faked his death blah blah blah, THEN came back and tried to steal the black jade piece from the MC...


If Shixiong woke up as the Great Sage, why didn't he just ASK FOR THE FREAKING jade piece?

Their master LITERALLY gave the jade pieces to Shixiong & YS. Plus it was stated by the author that Shixiong was also a rare genius cultivator. He woke up AFTER regaining his memories through the coma, BEFORE the sect was attacked. WHY DIDn't Shixiong just use the combo jade pieces to protect the sect and kill all the attackers???

Okay, let's say Shixiong was a fcking traitor and wanted everyone in the sect to die... then... WHY did he SAVE YS? Author literally wrote in flashback from Grand Sage's POV that he allowed that 1% of Shixiong's memories that was left to influence him to protect Yan Sui...

THEN when Shixiong showed up to protect YS, WHY didn't he just ask for the black jade piece from YS? YS would have given it to him, no questions asked, and he could have killed their attackers easily with it???

And then there was literally like, hundreds of years where the Grand Sage just hung around and sipped tea while KNOWING that the black jade piece was in YS hands... he didn't try to take it from the kid at all?

And then SUDDENLY FOR NO REASON, he unveils himself and tries to pressure MC for the final jade piece...

Despite being legit friends with MC and ML at that point?

He could have literally just asked for it like "Hey, surprise, your Shixiong is alive and also reincarnation of the Great Sage, which btw, whose tomb you looted and stole the jade pieces from, and now since you're not using it anymore, how about you give it back to me?" Bruh.

Dude legit skipped any attempt to just ask for it, and instead, started killing people at the conference, then tried to trap MC in an illusion dream, then exposed MC's background as old!demonlord and started another war, THEN he goes to MC's demon palace and THEN "tries to ask for it"? hello is the author crazy?

In what world did that make any fcking sense?

It's just absolutely absurd plot whose only purpose was to create a villain from Yan Sui's rose-tinted memories of Shixiong.

100% the author did not plan out the story and just threw a random supporting character (ML's friend) into the fire to reincarnate as the Great Sage. Plus I can guarantee readers were shipping MC/OG!YanSui with Shixiong and the author was struggling to figure out a way to smear campaign Shixiong so that MC/ML ship would be "better." As they say, the living cannot compete with memories of the dead.

Just bad writing, zero logic and reasoning skills, and completely contrived character assassination.


Also the author is extreeeemely wordy and loves to write filler


There are literally entire chapters where the MC just waffles back and forth with his in-denial "I'm not homosexual" "I like him/I like him not" where legit, nothing happens, and it's just a reprisal inner monologue... a complete waste of word count.


And the entire later half of the story is just pure misunderstanding that goes on and on for 5000 years, especially MC who is just... a coward.

He just doesn't have much agency in the novel in general.


Literally MC will grasp the 1% chance that ML doesn't know who he is in-denial until the very end despite every single sign pointing to the OBVIOUS that his identity was exposed long ago.


So frustrating.

There are tons of "transmigrate-into-demon-king-and-turns-out-good" actually good novels in this genre, I highly recommend EVERYTHING ELSE instead.

Like [Where is our Agreement to Be Each Other's Arch Rivals] or [Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy] or anything else in recommended - miles better. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ennuye rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: c68
As other reviews have stated, it starts with a very interesting premise, but it becomes kind of boring and cliché after the MC loses his status as Demon Lord. The story becomes the typical relationship between a reluctant and powerless MC and an obsessed ML.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sguags rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: Completed
I’m giving it 5 stars because the first 3/4 deserves 6 and I don’t want to bring the rating down because it really is good and there’s no noncon (one or two surprise kisses could count but that’s it).

For those who like MTMX you’ll enjoy their dynamic. They remind me a lot especially of MDZS with the “misunderstood demon king and peerless beauty” dynamic but following the plot of SVSSS with a system forcing the MC to hurt the ML, having the ML fall in love, then having the MC... more>> run away misunderstanding that the ML hates them.

I want to rant but please don’t let it dissuade you from reading! I will say the other comments are correct that the misunderstanding goes on WAY too long, and in my opinion their resolving of it seems out of character, like there’s no catalyst to turn two people who barely talk and always lie into open honest communicators. Also the actual plot towards the end is super abrupt and forced, but yeah that’s why I said the first 3/4 is amazing and the last 1/4 is... just push through it. <<less
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KeyonDrenson rated it
April 13, 2023
Status: c40
MC transmigrates into role of a villain and tries to keep up appearances; bl cultivation setting; MC takes on the role of a demonic cultivator who holds the ML prisoner,

MC has a fun, confident yet self-conscious, wanton, and tragic vibe; love him

ML is stoic and cold faced, slowly warming up to MC by just hanging back and trying to figure out what the heck that crazy guy is thinking

very good 4.5*
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 7, 2022
Status: --

That dense tag is there for a reason, but I don't think it's a good reason.

It started nice though and the his initial conversation with the system made you think he'll be smarter but then he turned into the typical stereotype dense MC with the typical jumping to conclusions also there isn't any substance MC.

He described the novel he transmigrated as a dog blood Gary Stu novel, well this describe this novel.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pitchouille rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: c62
I know... I know I was only ten chapters away from the end but I just can't; First half was great! MC and ML had a good chemistry and both were interesting, the 2nd ML had my whole heart and the plot kept me intrigued.

And yet... after ... more>>

the MC dies at the hand of the ML


the writing quality takes a massive nosedive. The MC and ML's personalities do a 180 and they become your typical, incredibly boring, shy bullied "straight" MC and cold douchey ML. Nothing is really done with the 2nd ML. The plot is just... rushed. The ML finds the MC again way too easily (i feel like the author tried to do something similar to SVSSS but she butchered it). Despite the separation being years longer than in Scum Villain, their reunion was incredibly underwhelming and frustrating. I rolled my eyes so hard when the ML recognized the MC after like, 2 minutes. Good lord, let me breathe, and just let the MC live his new life peacefully for a few months at least. I know the ML is perfect and cold and super duper perceptive and intelligent but please keep him away for a little while, because this isn't fun to read. I want to see the ML struggle for days, weeks, doubting himself and maybe following the MC for a while to see if his guts were right. I keep comparing this to SVSSS but (slight SVSSS and MDZS spoilers)

Luo Binghe didn't recognize Shen Yuan even after looking at him. He never had a "oh I only glanced at this dude once but I know it's him deep in my balls" moment. It took time for it to click, and as a reader, it was enjoyable to seeLBH's real self, how he acted when he thought SY wasn't around, and how he treated those who aren't him. It made the man feel human, and it was also quite pitiful to see how much he's been through. It's the same in MDZS. Lan Wangji, the ML, didn't recognize Wei Wuxian at first glance. It may be underwhelming, but it is wayy more believable for him to recognize his long-gone soulmate because of a tune only he knew than because he "just had an inkling". I get it, in this novel the author wanted it to feel like MC and ML were truly made for each others so the ML would immediately know who the MC is, but to be frank it just comes off as lazy writing and really forced. Because the MC and ML had zero chemistry at this point. Not only did they barely interact, but every single thing the MC said to him was literally scriped. The MC did not feel any romantic interest towards the ML and didn't see as anything else but a character in a story


Then the author introduces more and more cliche scenes making my eyes roll, lots of noncon/dubcon that I found deeply uncomfortable and unneeded. Not only because of the dubious consent, but also because the MC is playing "dumb" at that point. He's in the role of someone who is mentally still a child. Ik it's just an act, but thinking about how the ML is still technically taking adavantage of and groping a person who is too mentally slow to be able to understand what's happening is very, very icky. The plot keeps going in circles and just drags on at one point it becomes painful. The MC acts dumb for like 20 chapters, he knows the ML knows he's acting dumb, and yet he keeps acting dumb because there's a 0, 01% chance that the ML doesn't actually know. How s*upid and irritating, and a massive waste of my time. There is zero communication and the MC's IQ drop so hard it's like he became a completely new person who lost his balls and won't dare to say anything in front of the ML. Reading how calm and detached the MC is when he first transmigrates then skipping to chapter ~50 and seeing how much of a wet noodle he became will give you whiplash. And it's obvious his change of personality is only here to make the ML look intimidating. And imo that's just bad writing. Forget about SVSSS, it seems the author wanted to make the ML act like Lan Wangji but he's just a cheaper, Wish version of him. He's cold sure, but more than anything he acts like a heartless predator and sees the MC as an absolute buffon (which fair, cuz he is).

and let's not forget

the whole shixiong/sage bs... what the hell was even the point of that??? Just a brainless "plot twist" created to shock the readers but really, think about it for more than a few seconds and you realize the twist is nonsensical. It was obviously a way to villainize the perfect shixiong because he was in the ML's way and was more loved by the MC


Such a shame because this story had potential but then the author's writing becomes abysmal. As in, it's very obvious she wrote the first half then had absolutely no idea what to do with any of the plot points and just made up a bunch of sh*t that made no sense. Going in circle and wasting dozens of chapters with the whole "playing dumb" bit. The whole "dream/alternate reality" love story felt really out of place was clearly a way to bloat the chapter count, because it really overstayed its welcome and had barely any reason to exist in the first place.

Despite some really funny scenes, this left me deeply unsatisfied. 1/5. There is nothing even good about the romance itself because it's frankly disturbing and unhealthy most of the time. There's no genuine sweet moments between the two, just miscomunication, fear, silence and lies. And s*xual harassment. Another case of "author only thought about the first half of the story then didn't know where to go so they rushed the second half, leaving behind massive plotholes and drastically changing the characters' personalities

I'm just imagining how much better this story would have been if the ML was actually the 2nd ML or even the shixiong... such wasted potential in favor of cheap cliche just to make a quick buck. <<less
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mintflavored rated it
January 17, 2024
Status: Completed
Started it yesterday, finished it today.

It's not a pure 4 stars out of 5, but it's close. Maybe around a 3.7 stars. If we consider the length of this novel, I believe that the current rating is appropriate, albeit with some leniency.

I would recommend it, particularly for beginner readers in this genre. It offers everything that lovers of this trope would enjoy, making it a good choice for those seeking something to read when they have nothing else.

BUT you have to know that some "arcs" are dragged on. The story... more>> was cliched (which is not inherently negative, but be forewarned if you expected something different), and it had dull moments. Towards the end, it felt somewhat rushed, considering how much time the author spent on both relevant and irrelevant matters before that. I wished for more development in the communication between the main characters and a more substantial progression in their relationship at least. Overall, it was a decent novel that started off promising but became slightly disappointing when the main characters got together. It was initially a 4.5-star read for me, but it lost some appeal in the last 15 chapters or so.

About ML:


What happens with the events involving the ML later, which might have been disliked by many, were actually hinted at earlier and gradually developed. Personally, I had no issue with this kind of character progression.

I found the ML's change in character to be realistic, and his actions towards the MC were not overly malicious. While consent may have been questionable (as some pointed out in past reviews), it's worth noting that the MC also engaged in dubious behavior for the sake of the plot initially. Thus, the idea of the ML "repaying" that later on made sense to me, and I couldn't see either of them as victims of each other.


I wish really badly they could have:


given more attention to other characters as well. We 100% needed and deserved a second pairing of MC's right hand companion, aka our lovely 2ML, who unfortunately faded into the background in the latter part of the story. Towards the end, this character's sole purpose is to express resentment and envy towards the ML with cold looks and whatnot, which was sad to witness, considering that they were a delightful presence in the beginning.


Even other characters could have been more interesting to know about than the antagonist that


randomly shows up in second half.


The last battle, in my opinion, felt rushed and lacked consistency with the rest of the story.

The extra chapters were okay, but they could have been better. At least we got a HE and a glimpse of hope of a more balanced future between evil & good? Yay! I guess.

I do not want to make anyone avoid this novel, like I said before, I do recommend it to be tried. I think you have nothing to lose if you give this a try.

Some good points:

  • The main characters are both intelligent, though it might not seem that way, since one lacks self-awareness and the other's vivid imagination is mostly used for comedic relief and not to draw up accurate conclusions.
  • The dynamic between them is quite lovely to read for most part.
  • MC is endearing and an idiot when it comes to feelings and ML's amusing thoughts and guesses.
  • Despite the lack of open communication and the MC's insistence on his "straightness" (despite having no problem being kissed by ML and whatnot) , it doesn't detract too much from the overall story.

As for my final point, I'll mention that I might have a higher tolerance for such nonsense (misunderstandings, miscommunication, etc.), but I personally didn't mind it too much in this story. However, it may bother some readers, so I advise being cautious.


TL;DR Compared to other stories in the same genre and with similar plot lines, this one is surprisingly good despite being half the length. It is suitable for a casual read that can be finished in just 1 to 2 days.

Edit after a few months: I would say this is a 3.5-star rating at most and, with indulgence and everything else mentioned above, still okay to be rounded up to 4. Don't go into it with high expectations. <<less
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ErisMorIok rated it
January 12, 2024
Status: c70
Overall/general opinion: You should definitely check it out if this catches your eye. Be warned, however, for the second part, as it does have some elements of noncon in there. (Nothing explicit, but definitely there.)

I think this first part of the story was really good. The MC was like able, while the ML was a fun foil to said MC. The plot beats were also pretty good, and the climax/ending for the first main arc was handled quite well, in my opinion, blending the perfect mix of angst... more>> and drama.

Second part? Eh, more iffy on that. If you enjoy the ML being way more dominant and, I suppose, non-con elements, then you will definitely enjoy the shift. Me personally? I didn’t like it very much. Granted, the MC does finally explain his stuff, and you get more lore on the backstory of the original demon lord, but outside of that, I think the second part was definitely inferior to the first. Does it drag down the story? No, but I definitely didn’t have as much time to read it compared to the second part, but hey, that’s just me. <<less
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NeonKing rated it
October 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Where do I even start with this review.. Well, let's start with the main points:

The translation was amazing, so props to heliotraipse for translating this novel beautifully (immediate +1 star).

Did I like it? Yes, I loved it. Did it make me feel a varied range of emotions? Yes. Did it make me laugh out loud? Yes. Did it make me want to rip my own hair out on multiple occasions and smash my phone to pieces? Also yes. Do I recommend this novel? Yesn't.

Now, why wouldn't I recommend this novel?... more>> It does the misunderstanding trope to an INSANE degree, so much so that I wanted to tear up the spacetime continuum and kill those two pricks with my own hands. Secondly, there is nonconsensual s*xual intimacy at one point in the novel. Details about that:

There is a nonconsensual kiss in the first part of the novel, whilst the MC is still the demon lord, some nonconsensual kisses here and there in the second part, and there is nonconsensual s*xual scenes in the chapters 60-70 ish. Why did I read the story afterwards?

It is a dog-blooded, and completely insane story.

To whom would I recommend it to? To those with infinite patience, those who LOVE the misunderstanding trope (like really love it), those who like stories that make them go through hell and back, or those, like me, who decided to give this novel a shot and consequently fell in love with the characters so much that they became as stubborn as an old geezer and wanted to find out how the story ends, regardless of what that entailed.

To everyone else? It's nice up until the MC completes the plot and dies. Thereafter it will test all of your limits and will probably make you want to drop it. (And that is perfectly fine)

All in all, I have a love-hate relationship with this story but man I love the main pair. Will I read it again? Hell. NO. Once was enough..... Probably. <<less
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Devine rated it
February 23, 2023
Status: c35
Up until now the storyline is pretty interesting.

Despite the sypnosis beign like this, the MC doesn't force anything on the ML except at some necessary moments. And even then, it's not overly excessive.

What I really like is that this is their first love for both of them.

... more>> The MC doesn't EXACTLY act like the demon Lord of the original but I think it's better like this. Otherwise the story would be pure smut and very shallow.

Another thing I appreciate is that we get to know a little more about the original demon Lord. I won't talk more on that but it's nice to have this little character building.

For the moment it's a pretty good story overall.

Many thanks to the translator for bringing this novel. <<less
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nitan rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Designed to be as dog-blooded as possible. Although I enjoyed the story, I can only wearily sigh at the character settings and how unfortunate it is that they ended up like that by design. Both of them deserves a scolding -- especially the MC after his rebirth, a scum man who deserves to be placed in a wife-chasing crematorium (*didn't happen)... His (MC) EQ is int he negatives... The lack of settling accounts got me a little choked inside. Suffocating because I need them to clear the air but they... more>> refuse to communicate like they'd die if they even have to say 1 word to each other.

Another peculiar thing is the way it's written, the story is told 98% in prose. The characters rarely says anything they want out loud, there's limited communication, which is -- y know, it's fine, it's odd, but it can feel a little suffocating sometimes, but it's also a nice touch for the overall story and I understand why from the overall cohesiveness. Alot of ML's angst comes from MC's actions, there's a lot of internal works going on. So the lack of dialogue makes sense, it's a bunch of guess-works between the characters but they're -- like, they're telepathic. The lack of dialogues doesn't hinder their understanding of each other, both of them are all reflective thinkers. So it's fine, by design I understand why it's good! <<less
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Rhiech rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: Completed
This book is like a solid 4.5 stars, no lie. It's totally become one of my faves. Sure, it dragged a bit in parts, but the ending totally redeemed itself.

What I loved was how the story messed with your head. It makes you want the bad guys to get what's coming to them, but then BAM! It shows you just how messed up that would be. Plus, the way they solve things in the end? Way better than any revenge fantasy.

Okay, this book was a wild ride. So many misunderstandings,... more>> it almost drove me crazy! But hey, that's what makes a good story, right? In the end, everyone gets a happy ending, which is exactly what I needed.


The part before, you know, the whole death thing? Amazing. Kept me on the edge of my seat, laughing one minute and feeling all the feels the next.


Only tiny complaint: I would have loved to see more of those characters from the extra chapter. They were awesome! Even though they never explained the whole transmigration thing, it didn't really matter. The story itself was just too good to put down.

** (Bonus) :**

Big props to the translator, heliotraipse! They seriously did an amazing job bringing this story to life. Seriously, their translation bumps this book up to a whole new level. <<less
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moheb rated it
March 24, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm really happy that I ignored the bad reviews and read the novel.

Really enjoyed reading it.

I agree at some scenes it was dragging too long, but it was all just in order to give the reader a better understanding of MC and ML thoughts and feelings

It was definitely worth the wait

The translation was superb! (*・ω・ノノ゙☆゚゚
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