This Alpha Is Determined Despite Physical Disability [Interstellar]


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Omega Lu Zhao, known as the “Eagle of the Emperor” in military circles, married Bai Li, a retired Alpha who lost a leg.

Overnight, the Imperial Forum erupted in controversy. Countless omega cried for their idol marrying the wasteful son, and numerous Alphas gnashed their teeth in jealousy over Bai Li marrying a formidable military figure.

This marriage was no longer a bouquet of flowers in a cow dung fields, but flowers stuck on concrete – lacking not only aesthetics but also the nourishment provided by cow dung. On the wedding day, Bai Li received the title of “Empire’s Concrete.”

Fortunately, Bai Li must be the most handsome piece of concrete.

Many years later, Bai Li attended Lu Zhao’s celebration party as a family member.

Reporter: “Mr. Bai, what do you think of others saying that you’re living off your partner?”

Bai Li: “Living off someone is really delicious.”

Reporter: “Mr. Bai, how do you respond to criticism that you allow your Omega partner to work outside and even participate in mecha battles?”

Bai Li: “Living off someone is really delicious.”

Reporter: “… Mr. Bai, do you have any dignity as an Alpha?”

Bai Li: “You people, you’re just upset because you can’t enjoy living off someone like me.”

Reporter: “Mr. Lu, what do you think of others saying that you are too strong and not docile?”

Lu Zhao: “I can fight, can’t help it.”

Reporter: “Mr. Lu, how do you respond to recent accusations from the outside world about you being too prominent?”

Lu Zhao: “i can fight, can’t help it.”

Reporter: “You can do this too?”

Lu Zhao: “Well, he didn’t want to eat, but I insisted he eat.”

The carefree and smooth-talking alpha (Bai Li) x the capable and composed omega (Lu Zhao) who can fight and be assertive

Married before falling in love. Warm daily life.

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This Alpha Is Physically Disabled
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maims rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: Completed
I requested this novel, and I'm so so happy it got picked up! My request summary was:

I MTLed it, and I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with more people. It has a great couple, with a beautiful, genuine loving and respecting relationship. More than that, what I loved about this story is how both of them are also genuinely nice as people too, with great relationships, and strong, diverse, side characters who are all very developed in their own rights too.

The novels views on life and... more>> fate and fighting what fate has assigned for you even when it seems like a hopeless effort are also very thought provoking and heart warming. I am not good at descriptions, so I am failing to make this story half as interesting as it was. It is not a terribly long novel, but it gripped me from the first chapter to the last, and at no point was I disappointed or bored or otherwise put off. Instead, every chapter flowed naturally from the last, and I remained eager to find out what happened next.

To be perfectly honest, it is not an earth-shatteringly new plot - a tried and true classic of the canon fodder fighting hopelessly against fate - but never, not once, does it feel stale or overdone. The beauty of this novel is not in the plot (although that is not at all lacking) but in the characters, and the character development, in the philosophies and discussions and feelings that arise from this story.

This novel conveys a strong feeling of hope: people are ants, the novel explains, and rarely will one man's efforts amount to much. It is easy to feel hopeless because of that, but that is not right. One man might not do much, but he might pave the path for the next, who will pave it for the next, and one day, the deluge of ants bumping against the tree might yet knock it down. So don't despair, don't feel like your contribution is too little, or useless and pointless - every little bit counts. Your trying, your hoping, your wishing may yet bear fruit one day. <<less
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Amatullah rated it
October 30, 2023
Status: Completed
What makes this story different from other ABO interstellar books is the characters. They all shine through. Especially the MC, Bai Li, he is a very human character with a well developed character development - he was afraid, weak, timid, hopeful, in pain, angry, strong and finally victorious. He laughed, shouted and cried.

In contrast, the ML seems a bit more cliche, the strong, silent type - but from their first interaction, he was tit-for-tat with the MC, and I like those moments when he tries his absolute best to just... more>> do something, anything to show MC that he cares.

Other supporting casts like Bai Ying, Si Tu, Situ's omega brother, the Zou omega and others were really well developed too.

I liked that Bai Li tried so hard to change the status quo of people in their society. Unlike other stories where it begins and ends with society not changing at all, Bai Li and the supporting cast really tried hard to shake the leaves off the tree. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Goodreadsonly rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: Completed
This was such a good read. There's so much relationship building and character development. It's just good writing and a sweet love story. The MC and ML are so thoughtful about each other and are such a power couple.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SirhcSidhe rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Sometimes the best stories come with the crappiest summaries, honestly; this has to said.

A completely unexpected, very beautiful story. For once, the omegaverse and the mecha are used as plot devices rather than being the focus, and together frame a spectacular story about persistence, trust, belief and will power.

Starting from the initial impression of yet another transmigrator into a cannon fodder in a mecha universe, fighting against the golden-fingered stallion protagonist, the author quickly shows the main character to be a person of indomitable will and great self restraint, but... more>> also highly sensitive and fragile; passionable about his beliefs but aware of his own relative insignificance in the large universe; generous, charming, and possessing a strong moral sense that he retains even in his worst times.

His complimentary ML is a person who has a set goal and lives to fulfil it regardless of his image in the eyes of others. In each other the two find a safe harbor, a home, an understanding of one's deepest fears and greatest passions. The respect, trust, and gentleness displayed between the two makes this one of the best pairings I've ever observed in BL. There is no possessiveness, no obsession, no surrender or excuses made due to biology, which all are so prevalent in omegaverse stories. In one of the most touching personal moments,


when the omega ML has finally requested to be permanently marked, it is the alpha MC that says: I surrender to you.


There are many things to praise about this story -- its stable pacing, the fantastic secondary characters, the reasonable and interesting treatment of the omegaverse tropes and their effects on the society, the focus on a realistic timescale and process of mecha research and development rather than random fights. <<less
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