Bursting After He Transmigrated into the Cannon Fodder Omega


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Yun Xingze transmigrated into an ABO novel and became the cannon fodder omega. The family business is declining and his fiancé doesn’t like him. According to the original plot, with his love-filled brain, he dedicated everything to the male lead Chi Yu, but ended up losing the marriage, finally cutting off his glands and died of infection.

The former mecha genius Yun Xingze said: I am very busy and will not play with you.

After tearing apart the script, he was obsessed with mechas, ready to realize his past life’s dream.

Delicate and frail omegas have always been unsuitable for piloting mecha armor. However, in this year’s XingHai Military Academy’s mecha contest, a new omega student named Yun Xingze appeared, driving a pitiful second-hand armor. Everyone thought he was provoked by the broken engagement and ready to watch a joke, but they were shocked when Yun Xingze suppressed a group of alphas with his mecha!

Everyone: ??? Is this reasonable?!

Something more shocking is yet to come-

Yun Xingze broke the winning streak in the Mecha Contest!

The mecha designed by Yun Xingze was sold at a high price at the auction!

The mecha technology created by Yun Xingze is desired by all-interstellar mecha companies!

The whole interstellar wants to hold his thigh!


After the dissolution of their marriage contract, Chi Yu waited for Yun Xingze to regret it, but the one who regretted it was himself. Fortunately, there is a rule in the Empire: AOs with high pheromone matching must be together.

Yun Xingze is destined to become his fiancee.

However, at the engagement banquet, before Chi Yu had time to propose, Yun Xingze sneered and severed his glands. As described in the original book, the pheromone floated in the air, and like a rose, withered quickly.

Chi Yu was shocked and heartbroken, but before he could do anything, another tall figure hugged Yun Xingze and rushed out of the banquet.

Everyone showed a surprised expression.

Even Yun Xingze looked at the person holding him in surprise-

He was the villain, Luo Wenchuan. In the original book, the second prince of the Star Empire was tall and handsome, but cold and unkind.

But at this moment, his eyes were red with anxiety.

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New MountTai rated it
January 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I think this is a pretty enjoyable novel, I would say one of the best in the omegaverse novels. I just wanted to clarify on a few things because I do rely on reviews sometimes to decide to read a novel and I almost skipped this one until my sister recommended, which I regret. If you are genuinely wanting to read about someone starting at a low point in their life and it only goes upwards from there, this is it.

... more>>
  1. MC is OOC, yes, but most characters don't take his changes seriously in the beginning, thinking he is just lovesick/crazy in love and slowly they get around to him and his "new" personality and view it as a positive change. I want to mention that MC is in not an actor and with the little information he had, there is no way he could have kept the pretense of obsessing over a guy that he doesn't even love. Besides, this is his second chance at life and he was going to pursue his ambitions that he never had a chance to do.
  2. The black market situation, I feel is a bit of a mistranslation. Instead of saying black market, it should be like flea market, because it's where people go to buy used parts. If it is common knowledge among students, then I'm fairly certain, it should be safe for the most part. Even going to the grocery store, you can get robbed.
  3. MC's real enjoyment is mechas. He doesn't care about fighting really, but he needs the money to pursue his real passion of the engineering part of the mecha. This does appear as a plot point where he needs to rouse a competitive spirit later on.
  4. If someone is genuinely nice and bringing a positive change in his life like MC is doing, he will receive positive reactions to people surrounding him. I did want to note that when ML met MC, I don't think ML fell in love with MC. In fact, I don't think ML fell in love with MC until way later on. I think it was more of a feeling of seeing an attractive person and thinking they were attractive/ML had a crush on MC due to pheromones and decided to pursue him later on because he felt MC was genuinely a cool person.
  5. The villains do seem flat on the surface. Let's talk about Su. Su is from a remote planet, where abusive marriages were extremely common. So when he found an opportunity, where a rich alpha paid attention to him, he made sure nothing else got in the way, because that was the only chance he had for his happiness. Of course, it's wrong but it's understandable why he went to such extreme lengths. He has nothing, which other rich handsome alpha was going to look at him? Meanwhile, he must be thinking MC has such a rich backing, even if he loses an engagement, him as an omega can always find another rich family, while Su may never have another chance. As for Chi Yu, I think he was just a victim of his own upbringing. You can really see the wool pulled away after how his father behaves with him.
  6. MC was at a desperate point when he stabbed his glands. All he had was assurance of another omega-turned-beta scientist who had mentioned the process of survival to him. MC was backed into such a corner, where he knew either he married Chi Yu and live a miserable life, run away and forever be a fugitive, or have a chance to become a non-omega, it wasn't an easy choice, but he has seen the result of non-omega, so he is willing to take this chance. Once he is not an omega, no one will have the power over him, he will be free.
  7. The villains are not portrayed as sympathic, the author simply mentioned the reasons why they did what they did. I think it was a little better than just killing them off or throwing into jail, they didn't get what they want and they still have a chance to atone. It's understandable that maybe some of the fates of the villains didn't feel satisfactory, but I think it's ok. I'm kinda over the cruelty used sometimes because the MC and ML are pretty nice here and it wouldn't make sense.
  8. MC's reasons of transmigration are not touched in the novel, but that's true for a lot of the other novels out there. Some of them, the MC doesn't even tell ML that he isn't the original anymore. ML fell for MC because he finally found someone he wasn't allergic to AND that person was a pretty cool dude. I don't know about you but if I met someone handsome and they were nice, I too would marry them. MC fell into a coma because he... stabbed his glands lol. Idk man, I think people pass out if they stab themselves in the stomach.
  9. The whole omega turned beta turned omega again, I think a lot of people have dissatisfaction. I think it was a way to prove to people that MC as a beta or omega did not inspire any huge lifestyle changes for him. So whatever betaMC can do, so can omegaMC. And ML saying he will love MC, beta or omega, is pretty huge for ML. I like to point out again, that in the novel's society, Alpha Omega union is a pretty big deal. MC's pheromones were a 100% match with ML, who was NEVER going to have a match with someone in his entire life due to his allergy. When he says he loves MC no matter what, he is saying above his alpha identity. Let's be clear that in omegaverse novels, it's really hard to separate attraction and pheromones.
  10. One thing that I like about MC is that he treats other characters as humans. Remember, this is a novel world to MC and I know a bunch of novels out there struggle with this concept, but I enjoy that MC thinks of it as his world now, not just a novel world.

Look, if you are looking for a literary masterpiece, you will not find it here. If you are looking for tension in plot, where you want to stay at the edge of your seat, you will not find it here. If you are looking for cute fluff with not a really serious/angsty plot with comedic undertones, you are curious about what kind of mecha MC will come up with next, some face-slapping, and a respectful ML, this is it for you. <<less
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New Anjayewassleeping rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
The plot is good although it doesn't have that much romance, some interactions between the MC and ML are kinda cute, and one thing I love about this book is the face slapping and the dogsh*t parent's end (Mc's dad and his ex fiancée's parents)

i wished I couldve seen more interactions between the MC and ML like their wedding or time skips n stuff.... also mc's interaction with a certain character who he bullied in the game xD
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7starkiller99 rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Edit: The Novel is beyond garbage especially since MC nearly throws away his own life without thinking.

Author uses so much plot armor and plot conveniences that you simply cannot use logic to understand the novel.

Fluff? Hah! There are a total of five notable incidents where ML rushes in like a dashing prince to save MC. There's no actual sweet fluffy parts here. Very dry.

Novel absolutely not recommended to read due to serious issues to get past:

... more>>

1: MC is extremely OOC. I'm not even kidding here. He immediately acts different from his previous self and somehow no one actively notices that his core changed. It's super ridiculous. No one could become that OP right away.

2: MC is incredibly naive. From immediately getting his money cut off and never thinking to look at his budget to going to black market areas with no protection, the MC survives only by the s*upid plot armor he is given. His sheer incompetence in letting himself collapse several times due to mental over exertion is extremely disappointing. Not only that but he doesn't seem to grasp what being an Omega means. Additionally MC takes no actions to remedy any of his issues.

3: MC is very arrogant. Continually during his fights he's just analyzing or messing around. As this Super Op genius mecha maker and modifier, so far in the majority of his fights he has almost capsized due to arrogantly just distinguishing the enemy's mecha. Seriously, he just needs to win. At least cripple your opponent when you know you're weak.

4: This one is more a minor problem. MC should be a cannon fodder but instead is a Mary Sue MC beloved by all. The instant he transmigrated = poof everyone thinks MC is magically the cutest thing ever. People think he is the most beautiful and special. They keep talking about how handsome he is. How is this out of nowhere?!? ML immediately falls for MC and MC coincidentally gets ML's former mecha and loves the mint smell of the ML.

5: The fodder is absolute bland fodder. The Su villain and Chi guy are incredibly flat fodder. MC also doesn't seem to want to leave them and continues to talk to them a lot. Seriously just stop involving yourself with him and report the Chi guy. Their lines are so boring and stereotypical.

6. The MC is incredibly s*upid. Not only does he give fainting a few tries but he also pays no attention to personal safety. When he stabs his glands with no precautions he falls into a coma for a long time. This is just all garbage.

7. The author portrays the villains as sympathetic and also has nothing down to them. Evil Su? Well they just join the omega organization and nothing happens. Evil Chi Yu? Nope. Guy doesn't suffer any consequences and gets to continually man handle and sexually harass MC with no consequences. Even ML is useless and won't even spare a single person to say guard the MC or protect him. The story is unbearably bad. Worse yet is Mc's clueless parents who never have any consequences. MC even lets his mom off the hook and just has his dad clean toilets or whatever? Nonsense. At least ML cleaned up the tr*sh Chi family. But then again the s*upid ML didn't even deal with his evil mother and father. Horrible overall.

8: Magic BS Plot! MC transmigrated because he could! ML magically fell in love with MC because he did! MC falls into a coma just so that author can cram him with ML's life story! Horrible mediocre writing. Nonsense mecha later on the MC makes that even has Magical Chinese Martial Arts. So s*upid.


Anyway up to here the best part has been:


MC getting random colored spare parts thus embarrassing the ML when he sees how colorful it is.


And that's about it. Even after completing nothing was good. The confession was marred by the whole "oh I love you even if you change from omega gland damage" which felt extremely forced.

Nothing special yet at all or anything outstanding. Novel feels very bland and rushed especially with how MC is instantly OP and simultaneously naive as hell being the super damsel in distress and even getting fainting syndrome. Novel is dumb beyond belief with the politics and the absolute BS that MC can just invent mecha that omega can play and infinite mental connections. MC basically creating death machines and author is like that is great!

Horrible, horrible novel and mindless story. Romance extremely rushed into the very end (not till chapter 80/92) or so.

Simply not good tr*sh -500 Quadrillions.

Added misunderstanding tag since people keep confusing things from people's identity to reasons MC is acting. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Another good story about an Omega revolutionizing Omega rights or being an Omega Icon, but this time with a much higher focus on mechas and less about society's view of omegas. The MC and ML are honestly a great couple and had some really nice build up; and honestly one hell of a climax a la the scene in the summary. The plot is honestly mostly MC trying to win this school mecha competition which then later becomes trying to win the nation wide mecha competition. In between that, MC... more>> deals with his annoying as hell (ex) fiancé who is insistently trying to win back MC after disdaining for his entire life pre-transmigration. To be honest the whole transmigration this isn't that big of a deal, MC could have just been a genius mecha maker and honestly the affect would have been the same.

It's a great story with good build up but the last third of the story was very rushed and the ending was a bit abrupt. I also highly dislike the ending of Chi Yu (the annoying ex-fiancé). Was he annoying? Oh very, but he was also abused into submission, brainwashed by his father and treated like a pawn by his family. While his actions were very irritating and delusional, I was miffed at how everyone else (besides the three main culprit/antagonists) who treated MC badly still had a good/hopeful ending but Chi Yu's ending was quite bleak. Being abused doesn't excuse Chi Yu's actions, but it's a tad annoying that YXZ literally pointed out that Chi Yu was being used as a pawn just like YXZ was and yet his ending is just to fade into obscurity while the snobby green tea Omega had a better ending of turning over a new leaf.


Also, by having YXZ recover his gland in the end after damaging it and turning Beta feels really cheap to me. What's the point of having this whole dramatic climax if you're just going to turn right back round and reverse uno the whole situation? What was the whole point of the entire events following up to MC ruining his gland if it's just going to be restored at the end via plot magic? I feel like it would have been much more impactful if MC and ML's 100% compatibility was lost and they just became an AB couple; especially since the novel that YXZ transmigrated into had the whole line about how "Pheromones don't dictate my love".


Overall it's a very good story that had really nice build up and tension but gets flatter once the climax comes and then feels like it's just trying to drag itself across the finish line. However, if you like mecha stories and OP MC's, I highly suggest giving this one a shot. <<less
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Melange rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: Completed
This isn't really a romance novel. It's more like a novel about MC defying his family/social norms that happens to have some romance at the end.

The synopsis of the novel doesn't occur until the very end of the novel and it's a huge deux ex machina. Of course ML comes swooping in the nick of time to save the dying MC. And naturally his glands aren't really irreparably damaged because there's some miracle to save them so that our Gary Stu MC can become the empress.

There's some stuff about mechas... more>> that nobody really cares about or that the author glosses over. MC good. Scum bad. ML save the day. Fin. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
The story was very thrilling and exciting, but towards the end it was all rushed. As if the previous author was replaced, then just ended the story just for the sake of closing it.

Which is really sad because the MC and ML has a lot of chemistry between them. It was slow romance but really gaining momentum and I was loving it. But in the end, I was disappointed with the rushed ending.

But don't get me wrong, I still think this is a good read.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cold Service
Cold Service rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Didn’t really feel the romance, I think the story would have been better if they had cut out the romance part entirely. The relationship seems too one-sided. The ML is so boring and bland, he’s just there to be OP, give gifts/money to the MC and serve as a face-slapping device when his identity was revealed.

The ex-fiancé had more character and backstory than the ML. We don’t really see much of the ML’s struggles, we just get sentences glossing over his past, his life in the alternate universe etc., therefore... more>> it was very hard to form an attachment to the ML, thus that’s why I think the story would have been better if the MC didn’t have a relationship. Reading about someone transmigrating into an ABO universe and trying to make do with it can be interesting, as evident by how if you remove the romance, the plot would still be enough to keep your attention vaguely.

The MC also seems very detached from everything. Everyone is ooh-ing and aww-ing over the MC’s battle prowess, mecha knowledge, intelligence, mind powers etc., but all of it seems to float over the MC’s back like water. We have characters that befriend the MC like Lu Ranxu, Olier, and Eugene (names are MTL-ed) but they don’t seem like friends at all. I guess all the relationships are somewhat 2D in this story though. Are there any good parents? They all seem awful to their kids, the MC’s, the ML’s and the ex-fiancé’s. I think the author was trying to vent or just make easy drama.

The MC is enjoyable in a way though. While all the tech stuff is only covered on a surface level, it was nice to see the steady progression of the MC improving themselves and their mech. That Omega Rights part of the story was great for the MC’s character because we can see them doing something for other people instead of for only himself. He does get insufferable at times though, especially when he’s bargaining prices, it’s like he’s somehow so charming he can reduce the price of a product from 150, 000 to 10, 000, or when he is playing with his opponents (in a ‘oh I could have defeated you long ago but I want to play some more’ kind of way). I guess I empathized more with the opponents than with him during those times.

Read this story if you don’t want to think too much and like interstellar novels about mech fights and a very devoted love interest.


That part where he turned into a Beta but then turned back into an Omega is so cliche.

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JustAki rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: Completed


MC is an amazing person and no one, I mean it, no one can say otherwise. Simply saying, this novel is gonna make you cry one way or another; I specifically love how MC gave hope to his fellow omega whether they are 'weak' or 'strong'.

[Marriage is my choice, not an obligation. 】

[My glands are not Alpha's personal wealth. 】

[In addition to getting married, I can actually do a lot of things. 】

[When I grow up, I want to marry the person I like. 】

... more>>

The MC cut off his gland when his parents forced him to have an engagement with someone else.

And you know what I loved the most about this?

Unlike other transmigration novels which have MCs change their fate because they read the original novel, this MC followed the og!character's path

= cutting his gland

Just in different reasons but alas, no more restriction.



He was supposed to have his glands repaired after the queen who behind the scene was the person who forced the engagement of MC and another alpha found out that ML and MC have 100% pheromone match.



"Yun Xingze, the queen will be here soon!" The dean said anxiously, "Don't make trouble, you stay in the ward to restore your glands... "

Although everyone was anxious, Yun Xingze had a special identity, and they did not dare to stop it.

"Then tell her, keep the health care products for yourself, " Yun Xingze said without looking back, "My glands are already broken, and I don't want to grow another one. I'm really sorry.

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xjgg rated it
October 1, 2021
Status: c80
it's a biiiit too juvenile for me. the ex-fiancé is easily brainwashed. wasn't he supposed to be the og!ml.... it'd be nice if he was a bit smarter and had more depth. the same not-so smart problem happened to other antagonists too.

the writing style is a bit repetitive. everytime the MC and ML were having a sweet moment, the writer couldn't stand not mentioning the ex-fiancé's jealous reactions. also the way other teams always looked down on MC. like, you'd think after MC passed to the nationals as a proper... more>> member there'd be people who thought he didn't win his place as sheer luck but every match was the "oh s*it, here we go again" meme in text form god help me.

the MC is op and the ML is decent (he helped out MC before they really knew each other) and the scene when MC cut his gland was kinda cool sooo there is that, I guess. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Read the MTL.

It's pretty enjoyable. I do enjoy MC always breaking expectations and eventually to faceslap everyone who doubted him

... more>>

My favorite part is that there was redemption for the original omega protagonist. Although he did get his comeuppance, he was only trying to survive as an omega in an alpha's world and lost his way.


MC is VERY OP, as he already dedicated a long part of his previously short life to his craft. Sometimes it doesn't feel like he has much struggle, beyond the initial monetary issues, as he has the smarts and the ML spoils him with money and materials. 😂 It's good as a nice faceslapping transmigration story. <<less
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ylial rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
This one is good light novel. However, I dislike how the author made the villains very low in IQ, like the usual low quality face slapping BG novel. All antagonists here are really brain dead that you will really wonder how they get into the position, especially the Chi (MC's fiancé family) and Yun family (MC's family)

What I like on this novel is the light atmosphere and the decisive MC! So it is okay for me if he is OP. I only see an omega where he cuts his... more>> gland in "QWTFPD" and this novel. I really like the conviction of those omega. So I probably expect more but it fails to meet my expectations.

Personal tracker


The skim some c45 to c71

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qeesa rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I have no words, this novel was so good! Both MC and ML are very likeable, the build up was great, the relationship's progress from start to finish was also very nice to see.

The mecha fights were also thrilling and exciting. I hated the original owner's parents to the bone, along with Chi Yu's parents, it was nice to see the face-slap they deserved.

It's different from the normal ABO novel, I'm not going to spoil it for you, you need to read it yourself so you can feel how I... more>> feel reading this.

Only sad thing is the end felt a bit rushed, and the lack of extra chapters was very unfortunate as well, I can only think that maybe the author was forced to end the novel early by their editor or something, which is pretty normal I guess. But still, it was very worth reading! <<less
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January 8, 2022
Status: Completed
No rating, because this novel is very Gary Stue and zero logic. It's like a cheap roadside snack that doesn't deserve a single Michelin star, but that doesn't mean it's wrong to enjoy it.

Instead, I will mention the two things I really appreciated in this novel:

First of all, the ABO setting is not used to display the animalistic desire to mate, but rather to show a highly discriminatory society. In this novel, omegas aren't the baby-making tools, but the oppressed and disregarded part of society that is expected to be... more>> subservient and ambitionless. The heat/rut part only appeared twice, and both were very muted:

one ended with some blushing and inhibitor injection, while the other resulted in a consensual nibble on the neck

, on the other hand, omega position in society was the main focus of the story. That is a better use of ABO setting than in the majority of ABO novels, IMO.

Second... well, this is a bit of a spoiler:


I like how MC didn't look down on or reject his new gender. In fact, after coming to a new world, at first, he wasn't interested in anything but mecha, but later, he realized that there are other things he cares about deeply - ML (obviously) and omegas. He never victim-blamed omegas, and actively fought for their rights. I know it sounds like "congrats for not being an a*hole", but too many novels do that, so I'm glad to see one that doesn't.

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November 16, 2021
Status: --
A problem that could be dealt with a simple explanation was dragged for so long.

Truly a dog blooded plot.
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Roshizer rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I love this novel, overall is 4.5/5, - 0.5 because its only a bit rush, like kind of summary.. Maybe author rushing to finish the story 🤷‍♂️

Btw, the synopsis.. Is a very big spoiler 🙄😅
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Lea168 rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: Completed

Another formulaic interstellar novel. Very entertaining. Enjoyed it a lot!

    • Transmigrated OP MC that possesses special abilities
    • Rich, powerful ML
    • Lots of live streaming (though it is not a live broadcasting novel)
I LOVED all the mecha fights and contests. It was like watching The hunger games. Super exciting (+0.5 points).

I also loved how MC managed to change Omega rights in this world.

What could be better:

1. Romance is super mediocre at best. It was all about MC and his powers. Only in end a bit romance, but it lacked fluff and chemistry. All the rest was super subtle. Due to lack of Extras final chapters felt somewhat rushed too.

2. Especially in end, the author tries to make sure all little plot points are covered, but execution felt more like a summary.

3. Typical of Chinese novels... Such revengeful culture. So much is about face slapping and making MC godlike figure (and I'm a Chinese myself). Due to writing style, execution in end fell short. Didn't give a wholesome feeling, rather the opposite.
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Wynnfield rated it
September 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't usually write reviews, but saw a 1 star review and couldn't help but to rebuke it and help add on more stars because this novel is so great!!!

As someone who doesn't like reading mecha stories, I was so hyped for all the mecha parts of the novel and that's really saying something. I especially love the tournament arc where MC befriends his rivals from different teams, get the respect he is deserved, and grew to love the place he is in right now. MC is super mature and... more>> sensible, he treats his rivals and friends appropriately and what I love about this novel the most is the faceslapping. It is not mediocre, but it is also not overboard. What I usually dislike about transmigeration novels is how brain dead one can be when taking care of the antagonists, but this novel has given me a fresh breath of air in which MC is so mature he knows how to move on, and he actually gives chances!! (After delivering appropriate punishment ofc)

What I love about this novel is also the side characters, they have their own personalities and I love how some canon fodders and antagonists changed after meeting him. If villains of transmigeration novels can become love interests, why can't others change after meeting a different mc? All the characters have their own changes, albeit good or bad and even the MC grew. He is ofc a Gary stu in a sense, but his weakness is that he is detached from the world. Eventually, he learnt how to use his powers and knowledge to help others and I love it so much. Go forth Omega rights!!! Also, he respects the previous soul he took over the body of very much. He preserved small details like his account and respected that he loved the scum man. However, he is not that person and I'm glad MC managed to live his life out in this lifetime.

Great novel 5/5!! <<less
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hanarealbess rated it
September 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I love love love this book. The only reason I knocked off a star is because of how op MC was at the end there

mind control? Really? That’s actually s*upid, especially since it hadn’t ever been set up as a thing that was even possible.

but the rest of the story being top tier saved it. This is one of the only stories where I appreciate how the ABO is done. I’d recommend it 10000%
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Rain in the sunny morning
Rain in the sunny morning rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely one of my favorites. The story isn't to long but well paced out. The competition lasted in the most parts of the story but everything just fits so well. I finished mtl this in two days and I love it so much. The main couple are in a healthy and trusting relationship which is also really sweet. The bad people got what they deserved but not to exaggerated of extreme and I liked how the Su omega turned for the better. Overall this was a sweet and heart warming... more>> story about Omega rights. <<less
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psychofreak rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Love MCs with strong characters, especially omega ones. Though OP (but trapped in a weak body, at least the Mc's character started as a typical weakling then steadily became strong whatever gender he became. All throughout the story, the MC kept destroying everyone's worldview. It's pretty much like the MC flipping the bird to anyone who tries to belittle him, especially during the engagement banquet. That was such a power move. That was a big fat "f*ck you, you, and you, and your whole 8 generations too".

I love how... more>> he never gave the ex fiancé a chance again, nor gave him any face the moment the engagement was broken. I dropped one other novel because the MC was too much of a dumbf*ck dealing with the scumbag fiancé, so this one was a breath of fresh air for me. Same with the tr*sh parents and the ex's father, and anyone else that wronged the MC, I love how they weren't spared. The retribution was satisfying. In other stories, characters such as these would just be let go and gets left alone and let fate decide the outcome, which I find frustrating and incredibly annoying. You don't get to almost ruin one's life and get away with it. I also like how the og protag had a redemption arc. The other annoying characters were just flat brainless idiots, kinda like the typical tr*sh family common in other novels.

All in all I enjoyed this, especially the journey of building a frankenstein'ed mecha to the most advanced newtype. Hope this gets adapted to a manhua, or at least have some nice fanart, I really want to see the ugly cute cat and the initially ugly mecha with the pink and blue light sabers lol. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Except for omegaverse arc in QWFOD this is the first time I read omegaverse where the mc- Omega cut off his gland.

Well, it's really a great novel. ML is a yandere slumbering deep, but since MC really loves him, his deep possessiveness didn't really wake up, unless MC was hurt.

Anyway, this is really a good Novel.

... more>> I found this yesterday, and read it and finally finished reading it today.

I want to know what happened when MC cut off his gland, so I read it straight and didn't sleep all night.

Hahaha...I'm so sleepy now. But this is really good!

Love love~ (*^3^) /~♡ <<less
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Common_people rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good Abo novel. About a sick MC transmigrate to become a waste omega with love sick brain, who chasing after a Scum fieance and end up tragic. The MC transmigrate before that happened. There's some plot hole, but Maybe I like this kind of sweet, calm and pig eating Tiger MC. He is so genius, I'm satisfied with the face slapping part, kinda exciting. The ML is cute cold guy too. But I thought there Will be some fanwai or so but nah. This feeling like you watching film... more>> but then there's a sensor in the ending scene. <<less
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