Why are the Protagonist Gong and Shou Fighting Because of Me?


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Tang Bai was born into a wealthy family. His body was soft and slender, and he loved to act spoiled. His family searched far and wide to find him a handsome and rich prospective fiancé. However, the prospective fiancé liked independent and strong omegas and was very resistant to this business marriage.

One day, Tang Bai’s brain short circuited, causing him to believe that he lived in a book. He was the cannon fodder shou, and his prospective fiancé was the protagonist gong. The protagonist shou, Xie Ruheng, was a strong, independent omega of the new era who pretended to be an alpha. In the future, he would become a marshal and the light of the omegas.

No wonder the love-filled bento that he worked super hard to make was rejected by his prospective fiancé who didn’t even look at it. Tang Bai’s eyes reddened as he turned around. He saw that Xie Ruheng was eating the horrible tasting training meal. How could the future light of the omegas eat this kind of devil’s cruise that was fed to the pigs?

Tang Bai shyly said: “This was personally made by me. Us omegas need to pay attention to our diet and take care of our bodies~”

Xie Ruheng: ……?

The first time Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai, he thought that even when this omega cried, he was still like the omega of his dreams. Although Tang Bai was virtuous, delicate, beautiful, and cute, he already had a prospective fiancé!

Xie Ruheng expressed with grief: “I won’t be the third party.”

Tang Bai was extremely moved, thinking that Xie Ruheng had already become good sisters with him and wouldn’t come to steal his man. There was a saying that Alphas were like clothes and good sisters were like one’s hands and feet. Don’t worry, I will definitely take good care of you!

Xie Ruheng: ……

Very soon, Xie Ruheng heard a rumor. Tang Bai’s prospective fiancé hated Tang Bai, but he couldn’t defy the orders of his family, so he could only create trouble for Tang Bai everywhere.

Xie Ruheng: This is the omega of my dreams that I want to hold in the palm of my hands, and you actually don’t cherish him? tr*sh!

Xie Ruheng: Isn’t it just stealing a man? So sweet.

Tang Bai found out in horror: Why are the protagonist gong and shou fighting because of me?!

Tang Bai: Oh! They must have a love and hate relationship!

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zhu jue gong shou zen me wei wo da qi lai le
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New mariaflora1208
April 11, 2024
Status: Completed
Can't wait for the translations so I went to MTL it painfully lol.

This is so good! Cannot count how the scenes made me teary. The societal issues mentioned that also reflects our real life situation. MC is so OP, but not in a tasteless, overwhelming way. I just love ML and MC's dynamics. Also, the misunderstandings, and the character development of every character.

... more>>

About Li Songyun and Gu Mian, I have a mixed feeling about wanting to get them together again. Well, if ever they got back, I hope that Gu Mian should suffer lots and lots and lots. BUT at the same time, I also want the younger brother to win Li Songyun's love. But Li Songyun staying single and happy is also good!


The extras are also cute!


Someone said that it's much better if XR is an O, but I beg to disagree. It's already been implied that out of all the version of them in every parallel universe, the current timeline has the best ending. Also, OO will suffer a lot in their society, it's way too painful.

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New Qy rated it
March 29, 2024
Status: Completed
This is probably one of the best novels I've ever read. Normally I prefer ones that don't talk about real issues because I read novels to escape reality but I love the way women's (omega) issues are talked about in the novel. Women's issues and women in asian households. Every novel has it's flaws but I love this one.

I loved Ls' and GM's story and I wanted a wife chasing and angst but I agree with the other person making a review, it would be horrible for Ls and I'm actually super happy he's happy and that he did what was right for him. He's actually really admirable for that, and I feel like he's so real. He's actually super perfect (for me). I also really like MC and ml's relationship they're really cute and I like how there was no dub-con because this novel would not work well with that. I love that ML always respected MC no matter what. Also the father in law of Ls being horrible? Totally a real thing in asian households. Not all of them but most of them. Ls can't do anything probably also because of the respect the elders, don't talk back to elders and normally if anything happens to the husband they blame the wife.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm venting I'm not. It's just when I rant about a topic I can't stop.


Fluff is worth it
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July 25, 2021
Status: c27
Hello, I am the previous translator for this project. I really recommend reading this novel. It delves into topics such as gender discrimination and related subjects that really hit home for most women like myself. While translating this and also when reading it all over again, I find myself really rooting for the MC, Tang Bai. The main character as well as the male lead both have actual personalities, backstories, and aspirations. They're not flat and really enhance the feeling that this story will actually make you think after reading... more>> it. Over all, I hope you will enjoy this novel as I do and think about reading it yourself. <<less
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YoriMei rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: c101
The summary makes it seems like a rom-com but it's a bit more dramatic in reality. It was a pleasant surprise, rather than just a fluffy, extremely light-hearted story about misunderstandings, it dealt mostly with omega/women's rights and really packed a punch at times. I really enjoyed Tang Bai's character development and worldview (ex: why can't I make super cute mechas?). The pairing is accidental flirt, sweet and friendly young master Omega x From-the-slums, little wolf dog Alpha, and it's both absolutely adorable and super supportive of each other. I... more>> loved their interactions and honestly it was so fun watch Tang Bai make Xie Ruhang's head spin from his natural, accidental green tea schemes. I was so hooked on this story that I originally planned to check out a few chapters and when I looked up it was 5 am and I had to yank myself off to bed.

But Tang Bai's perfection and beauty is shoved in your face at every chance, he gets a glowing reception about 99.1% of the time in the novel. Later in the story he becomes the pioneer for omega rights in alpha dominated fields and role model; so it makes sense that he's excellent but his opposition is almost nonexistent. Literally all the alphas have a crush on/accept him in the school almost from the get go except for literally three that serve as his antagonists and all the omegas in the neighboring "Bridal Training" school adore him. The entire world centers on TB so much that it feels flat as the story progresses because everything is about him and him alone. For example he has a roommate/omega friend that repeatedly pops up from time to time, but we don't know anything about them. How did they become friends with TB? What do they like? Is there anything they actually want as a career? Very little attention is placed on the characters besides MC, ML and plot-needed ex-fiancé; if they're not needed for the plot they'll never show up again.

Also I disagree with the claim that this is a trans-centric novel because it would end up misleading people who could consider that important factor. Warning for spoilers:


There are two universes and in the one universe the story takes place in; he IS an Alpha since birth. He's not referring or presenting himself as an Omega because he's never been an Omega and the story insinuates this the entire time. It's not ambiguous, he also refers to himself as an Alpha multiple times and flat out states it in later chapters.

As for the parallel universe that TB sees and gets his misunderstandings from; in that universe XR was born an Omega where he then cuts off his gland and passes as an Alpha so he can climb the career ladder, but he doesn't want to actually be an Alpha. In fact he looks down on them, his refusal to show weakness is due to his drive to pioneer rights for Omegas for someone else. Later the story even states that its common for Omegas in the slums to cut off their gland so they can go work, but even without glands they are referred to and identify as Omegas. It's not to change genders like you might think.

The base of the story, removing the A/B/O paint and everything, is a women's rights story. In this story, in a parallel universe, XR was born a woman. She would then removed her ovaries and pass off as a man so she can get a job in a field she wants and excels in before becoming a pioneer for women's rights. You can be a woman and remove your ovaries without being a trans man, you do not have to remove your ovaries to be a trans man either.

edit: rereading this and I feel like I've come off too bluntly; I have no problems with trans-centric stories and if someone wanted to perceive it that way then go forth but please understand it's a one way street. ML is a biological alpha from the start and the story isn't very subtle about it. The removal of glands is treated like removing ovaries, one side character had their glands removed but still identify as omega, stating it's a norm in the slums and there's even a makeup trend amongst Omegas to make it look like your glands have been removed. Because of this; I cant agree with saying this is a trans story considering you cannot be "trans" anything if you're already born that way (ex: you can't be a trans man if you're already born a man) and to let it slide would just leave people who wanted or expected trans rep feeling jilted.

If we could rate more accurately I would honestly put this at a 4.5 or an 8, it's really good and has a very strong start but as it progresses the story stagnants. For a story centered around revolutionizing Omega rights, TB faces little to no opposition causing his achievements to feel a bit weak because everyone rolled over in a few chapters. Adding in the fact that the world is too centered around TB, you are constantly reminded that he's perfect, gorgeous and loved by all so much that it gets incredibly tiring to see him constantly do no wrong. Despite my negatives, I do highly suggest you give this story a shot. While I focused mostly on my problems with the story to offset my high star rating, I truly had a fun time reading this.


I really wish I could read more about that parallel universe though, as dogblooded as it would be. The small snippets we had of Omega XR x Omega TB were absolutely delicious and a wonderful break from having the story be sugar all the time.

132 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: c47
"Grandpa, Mom, if I was r*ped by Qin Jun, would you give me a slap?"

- Tang Bai

Wow, such a wonderful read. The novel actually portrays the true status quo of men and women in current society, men chauvinist attitude, patriarchy which I don't think is mentioned in any of the AO novels I have read thus far. In most of the novels, this topic is usually foreshadowed or mentioned in passing but really " What about the woman who has been r*ped?

... more>> Society will say, Wasn't it her fault for luring that man? Why did she have to go at night? Wasn't it because she led them on? It was because she dresses so scantily, so, she got what she deserved."

They, won't care about the fragile mentality of that woman. They, won't first point fingers at the perpetrator but rather the victim. It's a sad truth that despite the feminist movements such crimes still run in practice, be it in a well-privileged or impoverished society. The only difference probably being in the fact that the luckier ones are able to get justice whereas the less luckier ones are unable to do so. I wasn't expecting such a sensitive topic to actually be covered in such-depth because that's really not the usual norm in an ABO. Hats-off to the author to actually shed light on this topic and not brush it off as compared to its counter-parts.

Now, unto the character analysis. Usually an ABO takes two routes if you rule out the beta gender; either the MC being weak and squemish or being strong to the point of being considered as OP. The ML is usually portrayed as the guy with stone-faced who is responsible for sheltering the MC. But this was new for me. MC isn't weak, on the other hand, he is pretty strong. His life is equivalent to a caged bird, being pampered and preached to only be true and loyal to their respective alphas, support their alphas and give birth to their kids. But he does open up. 'He' is a coward and is afraid of society's accusations to the point of not telling his family regarding his dreams and ambitions and works hard for it in secrecy. Actually the only role of the "OG protagonist being Omega" is probably to give the MC the push necessary for him to open up and be able to do what he likes to do freely. On the other hand ML isn't at least a male chauvinist nor he is the typical stone-faced alpha. He has character, portrays various emotions and is supportive of MC. The comical misunderstanding amongst the trio (MC, ML and MC's ex-fiance) helped to lighten the effect of these heavy plots. Also MC's family is very supportive.


I'll post after reading the entire thing.

60 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 20, 2021
Status: c26
This is by far the best A/B/O story I've ever read. Seriously I've cried because the story hits so close to home as a woman.

Being told to dress appropriately because you'll temp men, how you can't win against the rich, how you're not safe walking alone at night because you're a girl, the double standards, victim blaming, etc.

The misunderstandings are funny but I've stayed just to cheer the MC so he can help other omega feel empowered too. Fight on!

ML is supportive in both lives though the parallel world is... more>> so bittersweet. They deserve happiness <<less
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YukiSuou rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: c22
The new translation is kind of disappointing. I understand that translating is a difficult job and we should be grateful for it, but with so much typos and even the gender is wrong? Come on guys. That's like the basic thing.

Bloody hell I didn't expect a AO trope to address gender discrimination and sexism in a slap-in-your-face way like this and it did. In hindsight, this type of settings has the greatest opportunity to address these issues but instead they delve into the disgusting patriarchal views of... more>> domination and servitude. But not this novel. The way it addressed the issue of victim blaming and how the perpetrators aren't the ones getting pointed fingers out is beautiful. It's brilliant and I have high Hope's for this novel. <<less
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InfiniteCloud rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: Completed
A women's rights history novel in disguise lol

At first glance, the name sounds brainless, but it's actually a women's rights movement novel in disguise.

In this case, omegas are in the situation of historical women, and the biological gender roles are on crack in comparison to real life. Nonetheless, fiction can be a reflection of reality truer than real life.

Deals with a lot of women's rights issues like r*pe, divorce, sexism, and gender roles. The novel is actually pretty historically accurate in terms of the process. The women's rights movements of... more>> the modern age were also largely started and spurred by upper class and educated women. Also, it was pretty accurate in that wealthy, upper class women were actually the force behind many various social movements, like those that help the poor.

It accurately mirrors the development of modern day women's rights and civil rights movements in the US in a way that leaves me pleasantly surprised.

I'm pretty sure that the author did not actually take US history lessons before lol, so I'm guessing that the author made the plot just off of their own logic. The author wrote it so well and logically that it actually heavily mirrored real events.

However, it's still a pretty fluffy novel to read, and the author deals with all of the topics in a very poignant yet not depressing and dark way.

Probably one of the best novels I've ever read. <<less
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 13, 2021
Status: c27
Wow! MTL so far, but still amazing. For such a light and fluffy novel, it is deceptively deeper. Already the characters are criticizing the usual alpha/beta/omega dynamics of their society. The characters are not shallow.

... more>>

Mostly Tang Bai, but Gu Tunan is questioning his assumptions about Tang Bai. The protagonist Omega shou of the original novel, Xie Ruhang, causes the omega MC Tang Bai to re-evaluate his personal values. Gu Tunan is the protagonist Alpha gong from the original novel. Gu Tunan also appears to be evolving in response to the changes in Tang Bai.

Although Tang Bai keeps referring to when Xie Ruhang gets outed as an omega and refers to Xie Ruhang as a pioneer for omega rights, I would consider this a trans-centered novel. The ML is doing more than passing. He destroyed his omega gland, and is publically presenting as an Alpha. The ML is stalwart and the perfect Alpha

So far, Xie Ruhang is not referring to himself as an omega or presenting as an omega in the future. He keeps referring to Tang Bai as the kind of Omega he likes, and does not appear to evince any interest in Alphas. OTOH, Xie Ruhong doesn't refer to himself as an Alpha, either. Xie Ruhang's gender is ambiguous.

An Alpha getting outed as a former Omega isn't any less an Alpha. Xie Ruhong is an AsOmAB (Assigned Omega At Birth).

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that XRH ends the novel with Xie Ruhong still identifying as an Alpha.


So far, a somewhat thoughtful novel wrapped in a cute little package. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 2, 2023
Status: ~c30
[Note: I won't be adding spoiler warnings bc 1) there's not much to spoil, i.e. No mysteries or twists or turns 2) I'm talking about themes that become evident within the first 10 chapters at most. Thank you.]

To get it out of the way - if you are queer in any way, I don't recommend this story. STR8S DNI.

Mmkay so I liked this story a lot, as in a lot a lot. It's extremely feminist and I love that to death. It's basically the inverse of most ABO stories' ethos.... more>> However, it's also extremely apparent that the author doesn't have any clue what queer relationships are like & has no interest in such.

My main critique is that the main lead (ML) should have been the tough omega described in the story summary. It would have added a LOT more tension to the story, queered the main story line as an additional bonus, and it would have made the central couple's interactions so, SO much more touching.

To wit:

The main character (MC) interacts in truly heartfelt ways with the ML because he assumes the ML is an inspiring omega, but that character is in truth an average alpha. There are brief nods to the idea that, in another life, the ML was an omega, BUT~ the ML doesn't express any pro-omega opinions of his own in *this life*. He just passively acquiesces to the MC's ideas at most.

To be clear, the ML is a member of the working class and I absolutely adore that this story is class conscious. It's truly admirable. I LOVE that.

However, the MC throws his support behind the ML *based on a misunderstanding that the ML is an omega leading omega liberation, when in fact he is an unenlightened alpha who constantly thinks & says demeaning & s*xual things about omegas, particularly the MC*. This tension is absolutely the forefront of their relationship & is clearly supposed to provide a sick dramatic irony to laugh at. If only it were funny! 😃 Other people may find this cute, but it's so, so depressing to me as a queer person. Imagine falling in love with someone >>for being a queer icon<< only to find they're not queer at all. Sticking with someone after that isn't love, it's habit.

The love story is totally empty and disappointing and heteronormative, and its construction undermines all the positive messages the author may have wished to convey. It was so close to being proudly revolutionary, but it chickened out.

I wish the best to the author, and this remains my favorite ABO thus far, but I'm desperately hoping to see a true omega × omega story one day.

As a side note: evidently someone thought this story was trans rep.

1) The exorbitantly cruel fate of the omega-living-as-an-alpha version of the ML (Xie Ruehan) is quintessential kill-your-gays nonsense. It's not even slightly admirable as "representation" of any queer person.

2) The main version of the ML (Xie Ruehan) is born alpha, expresses himself to be an alpha, and has no attraction except the most heteronormative kind to the "opposite s*x" of this setting, i.e. Omegas. There is zero queer rep to be found at all whatsoever. I'm not happy! <<less
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ylir rated it
August 5, 2021
Status: c140
Really good novel, I love all the misunderstandings between the protagonist and the ML that had even me wondering what was going on. I like the protagonist who's confident in his abilities, has strong mental fortitude and yet is still mushy and caring.

This is the first ABO I have read about the fight for equality between genders, which is fantastic.

But this is not just about genders, this is a BL novel about a dystopian society with gender discrimination AND social hierarchy. So the protagonist not only fights for gender equality... more>> but also social equality between the rich and the poor. I Highly recommend reading to the end.


I'm almost at the end, but I would have loved to read about the wedding and married life of the 2 love birds

18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c26
Had to pop in before the story is done (when I normally wait until the end of a fantastic story) just to let fellow readers know there are way more chapters out there than NU is currently showing so make sure to follow the links at the bottom of the chapters! You absolutely don't want to miss anything!

For prospective new readers- this is the best ABO translation I've ever read. In fact, I think people who normally hate ABO will love this story because it takes the elements a lot... more>> of people loathe in the genre (so much dub to non-con, weak and powerless omegas, the entire point of an omega's existence being a brood mare) and fights back against all of them. This is at its heart an empowerment novel! Yes, its BL, but way more than that it's a story of deconstructing a gender biased dystopia. You might cry but you'll also beam with pride at our fantastic MC, Tang Bai.

Happy reading everyone! <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lazykitty_99 rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
A great story. Must read.

Mc... more>>

He is cute but not greasy. He is weak physically but that due to his o physique not like other handicap mcs.

He chases after ML steps as he considers ML as "omega light". Original novel story is real but that happens in other parallel space with only new novel ending being them together as ML is alpha in this setting.

ML in onovel too loved MC and MC too but due to him being omega and having gland removal surgery his lifespan was less so he decided giving MC short term pain using Gu tian as shield.

ML is "omega light" as he did this for MC.

I guess only one setting got them HE due to ML being alpha here.

The whole journey is of MC borrowing strength from ML (O) to open up barriers that society created for O.

. (Just like there is gender inequality in our society especially Asian)

For ML I don't need to say anything as everyone said enough.


Gu mian

many commented about him yes he is hateful but what author represented by Gu family what actually happens in many Asian families. Gm is emotionally closed but it's good he realised his mistakes and didn't forced Ls for coming back later.

LS is what every other women is in Asian families. I am happy he could take "light" from MC and leave toxic environment. Whether he ends up with career or with JJ guy, it doesn't matter as long he is happy.

Many in author comment area wanted a crematorium of GM but I feel that would be too cruel for LS. I guess those people didn't know the severity of cold violence and having your self esteem and ur own self destroyed.

For Ls being with GM is like hell even if he changes but what Gm represents those 26 yrs of hell like a black hole that is gaining you but you can't even ask for help.

For LS as long as he is happy
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
petalfy rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't usually start novels that have barely any translated chapters... but this one got me hooked on the synopsis and I couldn't help myself.

I absolutely love the MC of this novel. He's empathetic and can tell right from wrong. He becomes a real advocate for omegas and I just enjoyed the representation of real-life issues in this novel. I expected something short and sweet, but the messages in this story are actually quite deep and squeezes the heart. A lot of times, I found myself extremely frustrated with the... more>> society that the MC lived with, it was sad reading about all the suffering omegas hard to go through, especially when connecting that pain to the ones that women actually experience in reality.

On a more lighthearted note... MC is just so so cute. I love his attitude towards life, his passion and desire for what he loves, and also just how s*upidly adorable he can be at times. The ML... is also just as lovable. He's strong and has a bad past, but it doesn't stop him from being an upright person. I enjoyed his and MC's interactions the most, but I especially loved ML's inner monologues about the MC. The misunderstanding between the two aren't too much and they honestly make the story better.

This novel was honestly so much deeper than I thought it would be. The author delves into many hierarchical issues within ABO society that can be reflected in our own real communities. The MC is empowering and has a strong desire for change, which I believe is model representation for reality, despite this novel having a fictional genre. Just a perfect novel, it's cute and comedic without making the novel black-and-white, as well as not leaving out any dark truth

I'm also absolutely in love with the plot twist about the MC and ML's past relationship:

So, the ML IS AN ALPHA! I see lots of people bringing up the possibility of him being transgender, but that isn't the case. He was a beta but differentiated into an alpha at 15 or something.

Now... here's the tricky part... he was also an omega! The novel that MC saw about him is true and is what I assume to be a past life of sorts or an alternate life? The true story to that novel is that the ML is a strong omega that met the MC and they became close friends. This led to past MC realizing that he liked past ML. Past ML also liked past MC, but he felt like they couldn't be together because ML was going to die soon (because he took deadly drugs in order to pretend to be an alpha). He also hoped that MC would find a good alpha and live happily with a family of his own, which was something that MC couldn't have with him because they were both omega. ML then found out that MC's fiancé liked him, so when ML rejected MC, ML told the fiancé to tell the world that he (fiancé) and ML were in love. This way, MC would move on from him and find love elsewhere. The story that present MC saw was the one where ML and fiancé were in love, which turns out to just be a lie that fiancé told for ML.

My summary was a bit long and confusing, but I loved the sentiment of their past lives. No matter their identities, they still fell in love with each other. It's really beautiful.


I'm obsessed with the story and hope it'll get a steady translation. I tried to MTL, but quickly found it unbearable. Not because it was too hard to understand, but because I couldn't bear reading this story with deteriorated quality. However, I've become unable to bear the wait and decided to give into MTL. Absolutely no regrets at all, it's pretty easy to understand and the story is just as beautiful. Really one of the best novels in the ABO genre. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
miumiumiu rated it
January 2, 2022
Status: Completed
MTL was good and easy.

The plot made my soul BURN!!!

Actually, I am very passionate about gender equality so this book is not a light read, so many times I want to tear up and scream and many things are in parallel to our status in the world today. Thank you translator, I love your work so much. Thank you author.

The MC is an omega in a Heavily discriminated society, he thought to give up but ML inspired him to run around RE-challenging the norms that was stamped down when... more>> he was younger (by his loved ones no less).


I really like the ori!ML's mother, she is super strong and amazing and even after decades of invisible abuse (DV cold violence) that even her husband who supposedly loved her couldn't realise because he is also a product of intergenerational abuse and very harsh toxic masculinity. The ori!ML was also growing up to be like that, until the mother realised her son was treating the MC like how her husband treated her, and was disgusted and disappointed before realising she has to leave before this disease infects her younger children..


Edit: I really do think about this book from time to time, really its a pro feminist story and the characters and the plot and the way the author writes... is amazing. Please give it a try..


In fact, its a very very gay agenda, i've seen some weirdos who are ok with BL alpha/omega but not a/a or o/o but in this story where the [parallel world] is that ML is O... their story unfortunately did not end well.. My heart hurts for them


I love this book and plot!! Yes ML MC are OP but hahaha I like OP characters sorry

I wish there was more future stories, , like ML making his own battle squad, more about side characters, , more about... future issues that was predicted in the book but mentioned just once in the story... but that's all :) <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Shit, this novel fully deserves the reviews it got. That is all I am going to say. I love how three-dimensional the characters are (even side characters), how we find out more about them and see them grow, and how love, melancholy, and humor are all intertwined in this novel. It's truly such a good read. It's lighthearted but able to deliver serious themes perfectly when needed. I am not going to divulge too much about this novel, as my policy is to let 5-star novels be a wonderful surprise... more>> for anyone who reads them, but one thing I truly did appreciate in this novel was that it tackled the omega and alpha power imbalance.

It was not presented in a cheesy way, but rather truly resounded--especially me being a woman. At points, it felt that this novel was aiming to see the alpha and omega subtle power dynamics and sexism as a parallel to the subtle yet prominent gender imbalances we see in the real world (I admit, at some points, I teared up).

Some of the messages delivered are truly inspiring, especially when you have lived in a home that doesn't believe society can change and uphold gender rights. Finally, the icing on the top--and for sure a luxury nowadays---was the amount of sheer respect and understanding our ML has for our MC (not relative to an ABO novel but ALL novels).

Now with that being said, this novel is not a serious-themed novel--rather it's a light-hearted novel that weaves in serious and important themes flawlessly. As it should.

Honestly, reading this felt a bit like reading what any of us would wish our future would look like. Seeing a conservative-minded family realize that in order to let their child live they must stop imposing their ideals on them.... Seeing them gain respect for important matters (understanding assault was not the fault of the victim for being free-spirited but rather it was the perpetrator's fault)... And the messages about love. Ugh, truly, truly a chef's kiss. I want to recommend this novel to everyone who loves danmei.

Edit: Reminder to those out there that reviews and ratings should reflect the novel and not the translation... That's NU policy for good reason. <<less
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evankhll rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: c21
Holy sh*t although im still in the latest chapters, this novel is so f*cking good to the point im even cursing. If you're a woman/girl you can certainly sympathize with the omegas in this novel. The Summary seems like some typical rom com novel but it really isnt. It's like Beastars in a way. You'd expect some weird furry sh*t but then you're introduced to this amazing plot. Gender discrimination and sexism is introduced to you while reading this novel a lot. And I know some people love Danmeis/BL novels... more>> with some plot in it. And I just love how our MC doesnt stand with the gender discrimination he had to bear with when he turned 6 all the way to college, his brain being nailed with the fact that omegas are just breeding machines and if they were r*ped, it was their fault, almost on the brink of giving up his dream but then stands up for it gradually when he spends more time with XRH. Surely some people don't like it when our MC's are spoiled, clingy and stuff like that but he's so likeable. He gets badass then gets cute 10 seconds later. What a worth it read. <<less
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Dorooo rated it
August 11, 2021
Status: Completed
The title and summary makes this novel seem like it'll be a sweet and typical romance story but it actually touched on deeper topics like omega rights and social equality. Our MC is described as sweet, soft and lovable; a perfect omega but there is more to him besides that. He likes making mechas but is not allowed to continue his passion after he presented as an omega. However, the protagonist (ML) in the book mentioned in the summary is the light that pushes him forward to make a change... more>> in the current society that oppress omegas.

Our ML is respectful and so smitten with our MC. So much that he still stuck around even when he misunderstood himself as MC's spare tire. However, personally I felt that the misunderstandings between the MC and ML was dragged on for too long. The first few chapters with the misunderstandings between MC, ML and MC's fiancée nearly made me drop the novel but I continue on because I quite like the MC.


MC and ML only got together at around chapter 82 which is more than halfway through the novel. The misunderstandings at the beginning was comedic and also sweet, seeing how the ML couldn't give up on the MC regardless, but 80+ chapters of it was still too stuffy for me. There are many times while reading where I felt like the misunderstanding can be resolved. So FINALLY when ML's alpha identity is revealed, it felt kinda... lackluster. Like ??? what is this whole build up for? There isn't any dramatic reveal and this whole misunderstanding can be resolved anytime.

The ML interacted with MC using various hidden identities and MC never fails to be impressed with him, so I'm guessing the author dragged it out to show how compatible the ML and MC is? Idk but I just felt suffocated reading but I also can't blame the MC and ML so I can only swallow this down OTL.


I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the "misunderstanding" trope so my small rant can be biased BUT seeing how I still completed the novel, it really isn't too bad. I felt emotional reading certain parts of the story and can't help but want to cheer on our MC. The romance was sweet and the plot isn't too heavy. Readers who are usually not that fond of omegaverse stories can also give this a try because this novel is like a breath of fresh air. It throws away all the stereotypical alpha aesthetics and we get KITTY MECHAS! PINK BUNNY MECHAS! ٩ (*´︶`*) ۶ *:・゚✧ andaalphawearingapinkbunnyhelmet;;;; <<less
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Hell rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Awesome story, and the MC and ML are simply something else in terms of characterization and relationship, really sweet and cute ❤️

They feel like real people, the story is well woven and leaves so little untied that I can't really think of a plot that wasn't neatly and beautifully tied back into the story.

The multiple worlds can be a little confusing, specially in MTL, but it all makes sense in the end, and the reason why they're shown in the story also makes sense while still not trying to make... more>> itself too complicated or explained. It's a magic space-time metal, what more do you want? :)

The "original" timeline does make me cry though, which is jarring because

right after we see Tang Bai in his husband's grave we see Gu Mian and I just... can't take his f*cking guts. And saying as someone with little to no empathy and trouble feeling things in general, he is just a stuck up bit*h who never stopped to consider he was f*cking up his own interests all over and I just... -_- He deserves it.


Back to the analysis, though, you won't be disappointed by this story! And the fact Tang Bai can be his cute, sweet self while being an absolute badass all the same is simply perfection! Perfect Omega X Perfect Alpha = Sweetspot!

(and is even better that they're "perfect" even with their flaws and little misunderstandings... truly a good thing)

Plot= 5/5

Characters= 4.7/5 (Gu Mian lowered this 0.3 points all by himself smh) (the other supporting characters are all interesting and driven, and even the bad ones I can feel satisfied in my hate because oh god were they well written) (not that Gu Mian wasn't also well written I just dislike him too much to not explicitly say it)

Writing= 4.5/5, somethings are a bit more difficult to understand but it's good even in MTL. The little I read in the translator is 4.6/5 as well.

Drama= 5/5, just in the right spot between "Ay, my feels!" and "Author, you f*cking monster!". Angst in right measure, doesn't leave bad aftertaste and is satisfying.

Humor= 5/5, love it, Tang Bai and Xie Ruhang are simply too funny, and the supporting cast is amazing too.

Fluff= 6/5, exceptionally well done and truly cute... They love and respect one another and are so sweet, simply spreading dog food all around even before they start dating.

and finally, what I really thought I would dislike but I actually love,


(they're so cute, please, I need all those mechas, lemme be a cute little kitten, universe, please)

My favorite extra, btw, is

the masterXservant O x O one! Oh my god Xie Ruhang please why are you so cute!!! I love it, and I think author-jiejie really needs to write that as a whole book, because O//////O !!!! It's so good!!!

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IAmJustTooDamnWeird rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: c106
This novel made me feel dread. But in a good way.

Let me clarify first, I loved this novel. And I'm glad that I got to read this.

I haven't finished it yet, but this novel till now at least (chapter 106) gave me a rollercoaster of emotions to traverse and made quite a few good points about some subjects.

The character that made me want to cry the most is Li Songyun.

... more>>

They just made me so emotional. I just want to wrap them in a bundle and hug them. At some point, I was more dreadful about their future than my own


Some things about the characters.


The ML is great too. I did not expect his p.o.v to be as funny as it is. I also love his friends.

The side characters are adorable mostly. They just made me feel warm.

Anyone who thinks that the MC is too good or perfect or Mary Sue ish might be right from a certain perspective. But, the thing is the MC gave me hope. Parts of this novel might seem dark and gives a sense of crisis to the readers when we read it. It makes a pool of dread form in our stomach. But I'm glad that the MC and others were a bright spot in the dread that gave me hope


The ensemble of characters made me feel such powerful emotions at certain points that I can barely form them into words. I absolutely did not expect this level of mastery over emotions through a novel whose summary gave me the feeling that it was going to be about typical romantic troupes.

Some parts maybe be clumsy, or poorly executed but all novels fall short in one way or another because it all depends on perspective.

Am I looking at this novel through rose coloured glasses? Yes. But did this novel spark the light of inspiration and motivation in me? HECK YES!

The character who made me want to finally register this account and write this review (believe me, I have read countless books and still wasn't motivated enough to write a review) is Li Songyun.

The character made me wish desperately that they got a happy ending (which I hope they do get).

In conclusion,

these characters made me wish that they got all the happiness in the world except for some antagonists

but yes, I am forever grateful that the author chose to share this small innovative world with all of us because this me want to be a better person for the world and made me yearn to be as loving to others and as selfless as the characters of the novel are.

Quite funny actually, I wasn't going to read this novel at all because for some reason I couldn't find the MTL anywhere some weeks ago but by some twist of fate I came across this again and googled it and found the MTL at last! Yay for that. I will be forever grateful for this happy coincidence.

The only criticism I have

is about this one line where the the MC writes a line in his book where he punishes a r*pist. Maybe it's just a mistranslation but yeah, I didn't understand the part clearly but if this means what I think it does then I'd just like to say that violence shouldn't result in violence in cases like this.


Another good point that the novel brings up

the part where the MC points out that slowly the omegas are being cornered into smaller and smaller environment and their rights are being taken away. I never thought about that point ever. But, the p.o.v argument was so refreshing and true!

Also, when he pointed out that the criminal is the dirty one and not the victims! I LOVED IT! I LOVE THAT HE POINTED OUT WHAT IVE BEEN TRYING TO MAKE VICTIM BLAMERS UNDERSTAND FOR YEARS!

also, yes I squealed when the MC, ML and Gu nanyan (?) Punched the r*pist one by one and beat the living sh*t out of him


Most favourite lesson, you can like both dolls and toy cars. Don't let society change you and dull your shine ever. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
m0rph3uS rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c27
Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Okay. Now that's out of the system...

First of all, I am simply blown away with what I have currently read. I thought this was going to be a fluffy romcom story. And it still has that vibes, but less on that fluff, because this novel goes deep into the heart of the issue that most ABO novels have.

... more>>

Because indeed, Omegas may be weaker than Alphas and Betas in terms of strengths and maybe they are softer and gentler in nature, but that shouldn't be the axe that cuts their wings. And it was immediately pointed out here.


Next, the controversial topic on s*xual abuse victim-shaming was also mentioned and tackled. Indeed, why must the victim be the one to be careful and why must the oppressors and the ones in the wrong not be blamed, shamed and hanged for their crimes? The way the MC vented out his thoughts to his grandpa and pointed put the crux of the matter that it wasn't like those victims wanted it, that they wanted to be weaker and be unable to protect themselves, because no matter how much they try their best to protect themselves, if the root of the problem is not addressed, then it never will end.

Wews, moving on to the lighter ones...

I find the MC refreshing as a character in an ABO. He knows what he wants and he knows his limits. He initially settled down and gave up on his dreams outwardly and only dared to hope in secret until the incident happened and he remembered/encountered the other timeline in the form of a novel. While this caused a misunderstanding to form with the ML, it was the fuel that the burning ember in his heart needed to burst out and gain the courage and the confidence to step out and embrace his own dreams and wants.

And that, I f*cking (excuse the profanity) liked that! I'm rooting for the MC and his steps in slowly breaking free of the shackles of society that has long since restrained him and those like him.

The misunderstanding with the ML feelslike it'll stretch out a bit longer, but I'm a patient person, I'll look forward to the shenanigans that'll cause. At least though

MC cleared the actual relationship between him and the prospective fiance very early on so that ML can freely chase after our MC


And wait, I just HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH the way the MC is acting as a natural and unknowing green tea bit*h makes me feel as helpless as the ML.

Overall, for now, I reccommend this novel! Looking forward to the future updates! <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kazekun rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: c86
MTLed till c.86 and I'm in love with it. The MC and ML's journey of love is totally sweet, fluffy and full with consent. ML is a good, caring and soft hubby towards MC. There are some funny misunderstanding too. Love it.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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