Marshal’s Cannon Fodder Spouse [Transmigration]


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When you transmigrate as a marshal’s spouse, don’t be happy too soon.

The reason is that you’re probably an undercover agent who’s noble and cold on the surface, but steals information and plays deadly tricks behind the scenes; a villain who pretends to be a sickly white lotus flower, but actually has a heart as black as the bottom of a pot; and an unlucky bastard who was finally executed by the marshal himself on a live broadcast across the stars.

Popular name: Cannon Fodder.

Unfortunately, Duan Hengye just became such a cannon fodder.

Duan Hengye decided – divorce! Get divorced early! There is no limit to the sea of pain.

The temperament and appearance of the white lotus, the identity background of the chief of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, and the force value hidden in the disguise was as high as an explosive watch. He could win if he played!

However, the marshal did not want to leave, but pulled him more and more tightly.

The system prompt:

Your divorce application has been rejected.

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K.I. Strider
New K.I. Strider rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: c61
it's a good story, but quite boring.

It's definitely a slow burn, which I don't mind at all, but the overall story is just too boring for me.

The MC is a mecha designer and he's the best at his job. It's really interesting to see a book where the MC has an actual part to play in the world.

What makes this book so boring for me is the fact that the author info dumps every chapter. To me it would be good enough to say that the MC spent his... more>> days working on his mecha project but the author goes into heavy detail about each part of his work. And while I found that interesting at first, the author is just making things up left and right (as their right, it's their book) and trying to explain things that only someone who was actually in the world they were talking about would understand. The author even says that the general public has no idea about how mechas work bu*t they seem to expect us to understand and follow along. I'd they didn't go into such heavy detail and make the terms simpler I would be much more inclined to keep reading.

I'm going to drop this book at chapter 61. <<less
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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Beautifully written! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So glad to have the 1st review and show you how wonderful this novel is.

I think that this novel would suit the "shounen ai" tag. There's no pa pa pa scenes


The novel is beautifully written. The pacing, the characters, the emotions.... They're all there.

There really was no instant romance. It took time.

The Marshal is really smart. He's cold but that's because he has to be. You'll know his true personality as you read along.

The MC is really 3D for me. His emotions about his former family (from Earth) and his feelings towards the interstellar world.

How he changed from a reader who sees things in a "God view" to someone who trully accepted the world.

He might be too OP when it comes to data and mecha but that's because his Earth family were also scientists and his interstellar self has it's data and mecha memories.

I love the revelation of his "transmigration" and how it's also connected to the author of the book.

Don't worry. The MC is smart and calm. He also does suffer from facial paralysis but it's explained why.

The ML also understands the MC's changed from being an unfeeling, villain spy to his present self.

I really love seeing the romance develop between them. From simple gazes, an embrace, forehead kisses, to a kiss on the lips.... Simply wonderful.

The chapters are quite long but I didn't really feel that they were. I wasn't bored and didn't had the urge to stop reading.

SPOILER ABOUT THE ENDING (EXTRAS) Do you like babies? Good news!


They had a child together through genetic manipulation or something.

It's a cute little boy whose name is: Heyue

He's a very chatty little baby. So different from his Marshal dad who treasures words like gold and his cold faced MC father.

It's also revealed that the Marshal's face softens and he gets emotional whenever his son is involved but his son is more close to his cold faced MC father *laughs*

When he was six, Heyue grew up to resemble the MC and he's so cute. *my hearttttt~*

He's also a genius with mecha.

I suck at explaining things but really! There's more character development in this story


Another thing to note is the side characters. They don't just vanish.



The MC confessed to the ML that he is not from their world.

He lives on a planet called Earth and is located at the Milky Way galaxy.

Earth doesn't exist in the Interstellar world so the ML often asks the MC to tell stories about Earth.

Their son's name also was the word "moon"

They got married again but this time it's more private and it trully belongs to them.

Just a man loving his partner.

And then the extras come in.


Give this novel a chance. It's not like the other interstellar novels. Yes, there is war but it's not with the Zergs.

It's really a human war.

And the author explained the importance of mecha during the war. It really is for protecting your loved ones but it can also take lives.

There was a moment where I felt sad since a whole planet is dedicated for the fallen soldiers and their mecha.

Thank you so much for your efforts and thank you translator-sama for picking this novel up. Will continue to support you! <<less
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Kaylee rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: Completed
The summary made the novel has a light comedy tone, but it's actually not. The main task for MC is doing his job as Professor Duan, and dealing with all interstellar problem and war together with his Marshal husband.

The characters are MC, ML, ML 2 subordinates, MC assistant, MC subordinate/friend, netizens. Those are the ones CONSISTENTLY appear more often from beginning to the end.

The bad of this novel is how the author made the characters appeared then either forgotten or thrown away with out any detail of what happened to... more>> them.

For example, Marshal's nephew which appeared early and seemed to be important because he was orphan and ML was his guardian, and he also interacted with MC, but then nowhere to be seen again eventhough he also lived in ML&MC house. This kid only appeared twice in the entire story (truly big laugh).

Then there was that FL, only appeared in the beginning, middle then poof. Not to mention the villain, what's the reason for the villain to be villain? And how was their ending? No explanation.

I'm so miffed by this factor.

Overall, this novel is slow on the romance, which is okay for me and more to MC and ML exploit as OP while also building their relationship as husband and husband.. <<less
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AraAra4321 rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: --
I quit reading this doesn't mean that this story is bad. You should try and read this story, just ignore any side characters that might appear and don't get attached to them. Because the author tends to make a side story and not committing to write that part, which left a holes on few places. It leaves me tad bit annoyed.

A little spoilers here nothing too major.

Example, the ML has a nephew. The author only used him on several few scenes and forgotten that the kid ever existed. It rubs... more>> me in the wrong place because there's a scene where the ML colleague's daughter came to welcome ML and ML's Colleague, her father, back from war. While the ML's nephew is all but forgotten. Even though the author could've just put the nephew into the secene too.

Then there's the genius at the school MC is working at, that's been shown to have a crush on MC. But after the chapter where it's been foreshadowed that the genius likes MC, the character didn't make anymore appearances. <<less
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hybridiris rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel had a very slow and labourous journey both in plot and romance. The character development was very gradual and believable. However the ML did not get enough love from the author. We never see into his mind and that's a pity because that's a character development I would have loved to read. In a way the whole interaction with the MC and everyone else is very impersonal and with reason, but makes it hard for me as a reader to feel emotionally invested in the MC. And since... more>> I never get inside the ML's head and all the sparse interactions are through the MC's POV, I also feel no attachment with the ML. The side characters were developed and felt real.

However as a developer, I have a strong adverse reaction to the author's long and erroneous descriptions of how coding works. It's one thing if the code was described wrong in a sentence or two but lots and lots of chapters are devoted to the MC's work and all the concepts and ideas around it are completely wrong. Even modern code today could solve the issues that seems so manual in this "sci-fi" world. Occupational hazard but I had a coder's rage near the climax of the novel with all the descriptions of the technology. Also the whole climax of the novel was one big plot device that didn't have to happen. Just that part made no strategical sense whatsoever.

The author wrote a lot of world building, some politics and centred the novel around the MC's day to day with a bit of "science" mixed in. I found it boring. Just not enough plot and too much world building and slice of life. It dragged and I really had to force myself to finish it. Altogether not a bad novel, but not my cup of tea. Maybe people who enjoy slice of life novels will enjoy this one more. Don't let me stop you from trying it. But just be warned, not much really happens until the climax. There were a few cool moments but they are very sparse in this novel. Still I like the MC and ML. Just feeling like the author had two very interesting characters and I wish I got to know them more and in a more lively dynamic way. It's still worth a read. <<less
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Melange rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Although the summary makes this seem like a romcom, it's not. It's really not a romance novel at all. Rather, this novel is more about MC's journey in the interstellar world as he tries to suss out his role while maintaining companionship with ML.

And truly, they are the best of companions. They're not necessarily the warmest or most romantic of couples, but they have mutual trust and respect for each other. However, they lead separate, busy lives and are rarely seen together. If you're looking for a novel where the... more>> couple is extremely co-dependent or always lovey dovey, this is not the right novel for you.

They kiss a few times and there is maybe, maybe, one implication that they sleep together (at least, I would hope so after years and years of marriage), and their roles are never stated... Although danmei logic says that MC is probably the shou.

If anything, this novel delves more deeply into the technicalities of mechanical engineering and politics. Both MC and ML are workaholics, who rarely take breaks so... I felt a little tired reading this.

It seems like the author was going to start a few different plots but abandoned them.


For instance, the genius pharmacist who almost became a second love interest, the nephew ML raises in his home, the female and male protagonists... They became forgotten.


Nonetheless, still a relatively decent plot-driven read if you have the time to power through it and aren't expecting any fluff. <<less
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ylial rated it
August 24, 2020
Status: Completed
One of the sweetest BL I've read. The MC and ML interactions have calm, stability and care. The ML is really thoughtful and caring to MC, not the overbearing unreasonable pe*vert.

Also, it doesn't have much annoying characters. And the villains seem like side characters. The story is more focused on MC and ML life so if u are not into slice of life, u may find it boring.

Though I find some chapters a litte boring, it is okay since I like the mc-ml
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
May 9, 2021
Status: --
The plot us good but the story reads like a flowery, beautifully written history text book. The facts, beautiful description and procession of events is clearly stated out and interesting, but... where are the dialogues?

The dialogues are really few, so it comes off like a flowery written concept idea. In essence, the story's characters lack LIFE. There is no feeling of following the scene and action step by step, just a general overview.

Nevertheless, the descriptions and plot are good. That is the one saving grace that makes this not a... more>> sci-fi biography text. <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c90
It's not that this novel is bad... It's just bland. The one comment that said it was both slow in plot and romance really hits hard. The plot barely moves forward--so much to the extent where I can summarize the plot of 90 (where I also dropped it) chapters in three seconds. Now that's a problem.

Not to mention the plot is predictable, and it's just... not it if you're looking for something to captivate you or make you feel engrossed. I won't talk about romance here, because I don't mind... more>> if the romance is slow as long as the plot is good. But the plot is also.... just like a loop that repeats similar sequences and patterns (MC cold, Starnet explodes because of some cool action of his, MC encounters assassins, Starnet explodes, MC hacks the web, Starnet explodes) again and again. Now I don't mind those types of plots if they are executed WELL, but since the story is already so bland and slow moving, this quality becomes a con.

It also feels like the side characters just exist to make the ML jealous or be the "MC is so cool" entourage. So again, a read that looked like it had high promises, but just failed to live up to the standards. <<less
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Rlackbabbit rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c35
Needs an editor to take out all the unnecessary scenes because there are way too many. Things of note for the plot happen in 1 out of 5 chapters or so it's ridiculous while the filler would be okay if it was interesting but it's really not.

Doesn't help that the narrative voice is very neutral to the extent that its killing my interest. Have some emotion in there bro, have some emotion anywhere. Very very bland.

Descriptions are shallow and doesn't actually get to the points needed. The settings aren't built... more>> well, you cant even really get an image.

Related to that is that the scene transitions are very very sloppy. Making the story harder to follow. Every transitoon you're left tryna catch up and bam already out of immersion. Not to say that this was capable of immersing me into the world because it wasn't. <<less
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February 5, 2022
Status: c89
Not for me.

There's slow burn, but here literally nothing ever happens... Sometimes they hold hand.

Nothing happens as main story either... And the whole thing is so slow I skipped whole chapters and I missed nothing.

It feels like it should have ended around chapter 60ish.. but there's 40 more chapters?! I can't.
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nevelvir rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: c115
This story is just sweet *sobs*

I actually loved the romantic progression between our leads. The ML is sweet and not the possessive yandere cold-guy type. Our MC is funny, and sometimes ridiculous. But it's fun watching these pair gets to know each other slowly and become 'true' spouse.

Gotta go and finish my mtl first, bye.
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Acidelia rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This is gunning to be one of my favourites. This story had a great sense of action, development, and pacing towards a greater mystery which envelops the novel and is resolved in the end.

MC is an OP character; in this life he’s a genius in mech design and programming, and in his previous life he hails from an ancient martial art family. Despite his OPness, he’s not without small flaws, and what’s interesting is that despite his skills, he still has moments of nervousness that only the ML can reassure... more>> him about.

(I would like to talk about the ML but I’ll hold till translations; overall, a real figure of support for the MC.)

I guess my small complaint is the romance development. The story mainly represents more of the trust aspect of relationships and it may be a bit too innocent for those looking for passionate displays of love - I think I can even count in only one hand the amount of times they’ve kissed.

Overall, great story to read if you like interstellar action with hints of a greater mystery to be solved and dashes of political intrigue. <<less
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Pavetta rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c42
I really like how slow the relationship between the MC and ML is. The author takes the time to build it up. It doesn't feel like an overly-slow pace; instead it's just right. Considering the various quasi insta-love transmigration stories out there, having a more realistic relationship really makes the story better. You actually understand why the ML likes the MC and vice-versa, beyond 'they're hot'.

The MC is a bit OP, as is the ML, but it doesn't ruin the story. Since it is about their relationship more than them... more>> beating antagonists, the OP-ness doesn't make a huge difference since it doesn't help or hinder the development of their relationship. It's mostly extra decoration.

Usually I get annoyed at OP characters because it means they beat obstacles too easily, but since here the obstacle is the route towards a loving relationship, being OP makes no difference.

The divorce request mentioned in the summary hasn't shown up yet. I suspect the author will build up the ML's love for the MC more so that when the divorce request shows up, the ML will be too in love with the MC to want to give up without a fight.

Great story. Highly recced, and the translator does a fantastic job. 5 stars! <<less
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Huruhi rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: c72
..... it's good.. but I quit.

Everything was said on other reviews.

It's slowburn to die, not a romance at all.

The plot was really interesting, secrets to be discovered, the future/interstellar settings perfect, the story was kinda plain but at the same time full of holes/emptiness.

I think the author put too much effort describing the scenery than developing some characters and it was pretty annoying.
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slqlmaoo rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: --
The novel's a slow-burn romance and the story's not that serious but still serious. The description make it look like a very funny & full of fluff transmigration novel but IT'S NOT.

I don't really like slow-burn but this is very well-written and it's not irritating. (I get irritated when I read slow-burn)

When I say well-written, I mean it's so good that you can feel their emotions. It's like REALISM.

... more>> I like both the ML and MC's cold attitude.

The MC's a genius, calm and cold. He's also very secretive (as that's his role) towards the ML and he's also quiet.

Meanwhile the ML also have a cold attitude but he can act (the MC said his acting's very bad) so he's able to act like he cares for the MC (he cares though) and is very gentle towards him. <<less
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AriaDith rated it
July 27, 2021
Status: Completed
4.9 stars, maybe ( ̄▽ ̄)

This is a good story

The romance is not that obvious, as they are not showing it directly. I just know that they have feelings for each other through their actions, like hugs, worries, and some others.

... more>> But it's kind of sweet too (◡‿◡ *)

As for the actions, I think it's quite enjoyable? Though not too much.

Professor Duan is very OP in his profession. Hehe, I like OP characters.

There are some characters that appear just for a few chapters and gone after that. I'm curious about the ML's nephew. He is gone after, maybe 2 or 3 times appearing.


Is he not included in the soft, warm, and fluffy family with 2 foolish fathers? :V


And Lan Jingchi. He just disappear after he helped the MC.


I think he has feelings for MC, but in the end he is just keeping it to himself and the MC is still doubtful about what Lan Jingchi actually feels about him. It ends there. No other explanation or something.


But eventually, I just swallowed up whatever I read and then just forget about other things not explained there.

I hope I'll remember to come back to check this out after it's completely translated. Some chapters from the MTL version is quite difficult to understand ╮ (︶▽︶) ╭ <<less
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Cperia1234 rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: --
Actually this story is amazing, the plot is interesting and the character development is also good, it's just... oh my god, the author made a lot of small talk, so the plot went very slowly. A lot of wasted sentences, the writer insists on something over and over again like MC's good looks... I know he's handsome, but the more writers say it, I don't think it's cool to be that. Because the plot goes so slow, it bores me to death, there must be a lot of sentences that... more>> I skip.

Really, the plot is great, but the author's explanation makes me uncomfortable <<less
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ESL421 rated it
February 24, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a really good story!!

As the main lead couple are very hardworking in their jobs and do not have cheesy romance or don't often do the romantic couple things, the story seems not to be a romantic novel. But their mutual respects, the ways they understand, believe in each other and care for each other make them the most romantic couple! So yeah!! This is the romantic novel for me. It's just so pure and different from other romances.

And also I like the way the author describe not only about... more>> their couple life but also their works in detail!! I even love their jobs after reading!!! <<less
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blrblrb rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c103
Started off ok but it's reaaaaaaaaally slow to read in terms of both the plot and romance.

In terms of the romance...... well, what romance? LOL. 90 chapters in and all they've done is hold hands. They have some sweet moments together, but it's mainly just them admiring each other.

The ML is a typical super tall, super handsome, super powerful, super quiet, loves MC to death kind of character and he's very one dimensional. MC is a bit more interesting as he has a bit of a mysterious backstory. Both of... more>> them are workaholics, except the author doesn't do a very good job of making their jobs interesting.

And that's a big issue with the plot too. It's very slow and is mainly about the couple working. It's getting really boring to read about the Nth time that MC has done a lecture or the Nth time that the marshal has flown across the universe to see MC. There's a lot of throwaway characters too - as in characters that appear once or twice and never again. You really only need to remember like 3 other side characters. MC's assistant doesn't even get a name until 60+ chapters in!!

Also, the story would greatly benefit from being edited. The author is quite repetitive. For example, describing a big hotel would be like "the huge hotel"..."the massive hotel"..."the hotel with over 200 floors"..."hotel that towered over the skyline"... like ok we get it. Hotel is big. <<less
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skylarck rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c59
I do like the slower pace and the story line but one thing is bothering me too much and I cant seem to continue without knowing.

The ML has a nephew who has only appeared like 2 times. He feels sorry that he doesn't have time to spend with him. But in the current chapter they are going to a festival so why not bring him??!!. His subordinates daughter appears more than the neglected nephew.

Does this change or did the author completely forget about him?. I love children so this bothers... more>> me. But it shouldn't keep others from reading cus this isss good.

Also someone please tell me so I can keep going. <<less
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