Vicious Male Counterpart Isn’t Competing Anymore


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Before he died, Yan Hao could never understand why his parents had always favored his younger brother. They spoiled his brother, and wouldn’t pay any attention to himself, no matter what he did.

The more this happened, the more indignant and upset Yan Hao became, so he began to compete with his brother in everything. As long as it was something his brother wanted to do, he would do it too, and outperform him.

He was obviously the one who was more talented, but from beginning to end he was never acknowledged by the people around him. His parents, teachers, and classmates all looked at him with disdain, claiming he was jealous and selfish, and liked to steal from others.

It wasn’t until his death that Yan Hao realized that he had been stealing from the protagonist. He was just a vicious male counterpart in a book to set up the kind hearted protagonist shou. A cannon fodder who existed to let the protagonist gong appear and to slap him in the face, so he could look good in front of the protagonist shou.

After he was reborn, Yan Hao kicked the protagonist away. Who the hell wants to compete with you? If laozi turned around, you wouldn’t be able to catch me even if you cried.

He wouldn’t fight anymore, and he wasn’t jealous. He just wanted to peacefully be himself, and let his light shine on the people who care about him.

Many years later, someone asked Yan Hao, who had become a master mecha engineer, “How did you get into mecha manufacturing?”

“Because I met someone.” Yan Hao.

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New YozoraHaru rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a good and touching story about a mildly austistic (this is just my guess based on MC's underdeveloped EQ and high IQ) OP Shou x Soft, considerate and whipped Gong story but the last arc and the ending especially was very rushed, abrupt even with many loose ends and that left me unsatisfied...

Since this story doesn't have extras, these loose ends are just left there hanging... like, there was a hella lot of time skips and the last time skip was 5 years long, but there wasn't any real... more>> clarification on what happen at that time to the characters aside from a short few paragraphs. I mean, the author did say that was the best they could do, but still...

Aside from the last arc the story was pretty good, and the one thing I like the most about this story is that, the ML was very considerate of the MC's boundaries and actually CARED about consent (though he was a little liberal with eating tofu from MCXD) which is soooo rare in Chinese novels!

And the shou (MC), despite his underdeveloped EQ, was a decisive person once he knew what he wants! You have no idea how glad I was that the MC was so straightforward and sweet with his romantic feelings for the ML, which leaves no room for any of the usual dead brain drama of misunderstandings, denials and avoidance.

Spoiler ahead!

And anyone who says Yan Fei loves the MC needs to see a therapist, coz if Yan Fei really loved his brother he would have done stg about the way their parents treated him, instead of acting like a scheming bit*ch whenever their parents feel guilty about the way they treated MC to make them angry at MC instead, and he wouldn't have tried and schemed against MC to make him study pharmacy again all so he could use MC's mathemical intelligence to help him prove the legitimacy of his creations... He even kidnapped MC and created a hallucinogen with the intention to use it on MC to force him to cure Sima MingXuan and was thoughtless and selfish enough to wish death on MC while MC was trying to save a whole planet... If you call that love, I'm terrified to know your definition of hate... <<less
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New reia.krr rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Fluffy story and no heartbreak or angst. It’s a decent story with a ML that isn’t perfect and everyone thinks the ML is lucky to be with the MC. I only wish that the author wrote extras about the end. Like what happened after ML comprehended the wormholes, and more about what the MC realized about biological mechas.

I also wish Yan Fei’s character was done better. I feel like the story would have much more depth if he wasn’t just a villain. Yes, he was greedy and wished that everyone... more>> would love hi, more than his brother, but that’s actually quite common and not surprising considering how his parents treated him. He has a brother who is perfect so he only wishes that everyone would love him more than his brother out of jealousy. I was really upset about how he was just made out be useless and a villain without his brother, because from Yan Fei’s perspective, Yan Hao is now the villain. He doesn’t get any credit for his achievements just because he is the “villain”.

Still hoping that more authors will actually give the “villain” sinking characters more depth some days and actually work in their relationship, rather than making them outright bad.

Also I rlly wanna know what happened with the pirates? Like we only know they joined ML’s army, but that’s all. I felt like it was kinda useless and unnecessary addition, Baiting us with another Bl couple and not giving any bg on them. <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished binge-reading this novel. It is quite an enjoyable read, without any big detractions imo. I'm rating it 3, 5 stars (rounding up to 4), because although it's quite good it does include a lot of tropes, so the novel overall is somewhat predictable (that's the part that frustrated me a bit).

Here a list of things I enjoyed in this novel:

    • MC: MC has a really likable character. His character is probably best described as high IQ, low EQ. Because of his neglectful, abusive and manipulative family he developes a really insecure personality. He is practically emotionally stunted. He expects people to treat him badly and doesn't trust people easily, esp. when complimenting him. Although this might sound somewhat tropey (i mean - it is), it is portrayed quite reasonably in this novel. I enjoyed reading about the MC's character growth and his emotional development.
    • rebirth & MC'S OPness: the biggest trope in this list. Although it is very stereotypical it isn't done badly. (it didn't bother me very much while reading)
    • ML: similar to the MC, ML character is also quite likeable. A big plus-point for me was, that the ML isn't the typical "ice-berg/cold" ML type. Since both are university students both MC and ML have or develop a lively personality that suits their age. Also ML has his own livegoals and motivations (spoiler) :

      He wished to be a mecha-fighter, but because of his injured hand he is restricted and will probably never surpass a certain mecha level.

    • romance: is quite slow, but imo pretty realistic. I'm somewhat fed up with the falling at love at first sight trope and I really enjoyed seeing MC and ML growing closer from friends to couples. Their interactions after they got together were also really enjoyable to read. MC and ML's relationship is ofc good and they are really close, but they still have their own lives and passions (/careers) beside their relationship. I think the novel manages a good balance that doesn't focus too much on either career or romance. I loved reading their daily/normal interactions.
And finally some aspects that bothered me while reading:

    • the interstellar/mecha/school and

      war against the zerg

      -plot was pretty typical, not very exciting and predictable. The ending was a proper good ending, although it left me feeling a bit unsatisfied.
    • rebirth & MC's OPness: These aspects go both in the positives as well as the negatives for me. While some of the MC's OPness is explained through the rebirth-plot, as well as MC just simply being a genius, if you've read a similar novel an it bothered you then - I'm not sure I would recommend reading this one.
    • some story-lines or details I felt were left unexplored or unexplained.
        • For example: MC states at the beginning that he never tested his mental power, so while I was waiting for a scene where MC finally gets to test his mental power, that scene never comes and instead his mental power level is later simply casually stated.
        • Another example: The MC asks ML to get him a zerg's claw, he gets it and experiments with it a bit.... but then he puts it away and it is never again relevant. (While I was totally expecting MC to take it out again later and do sth amazing with it, because the author put an emphasis on decribing how sharp it is!). As an author you should not write anything in your story that is not necessary - the claw of the zerg was not necessary at all for the plot.
        • and so on... (these might be small, but they do add up!) The novel felt quite superficial at times.
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KeraShr rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: Completed
5 stars

It was Awesome! Fantastic! I don't have enough words to describe how much I loved this story!!!

YH (MC) is so cute that you would want to hug him and guard him closely so that no one can harm him. And that is what SH (ML) did!!

When I started to read, I thought my fav character would be YH. To my surprise, after reading the whole novel, I loved SH more than YH.

Of course, YH was very cute, but I felt SH was more awesome!

About MC

... more>>

YH is cute, insecure and is someone with high IQ & low EQ (as righly said by YH's roommate & best friend). But then again, it is understandable as to how he became like this. After his rebirth, YH decided to change. I liked that YH was very astute and firm in his beliefs.

Even though he was called genius in pharma, he didn't leave mech manufacturing because he loved it.

Even though the formulas, data models, etc. Which he created were valuable, when there was a need for that knowledge, he opened live broadcast to teach everyone, because he wanted to protect his loved ones.

Even though he hated his brother and his fiance, he cured his brother's fiance just because SH 's father explained that he was needed in the coming battle.

Lastly Even though, SH, in his last battle, went in a wormhole and was missing for 5 yrs, YH waited for him and started learning about wormholes. His best friend tried to explain that SH may be dead, but YH remained quiet. After a few days, he came up with his own theory on wormholes and how he thinks SH may be still alive. His friend understood that even if everyone thinks SH is dead, YH will not accept it, unless they have SH's dead body or they need to prove YH's theory on wormhole wrong.

YH loves and has always loved people with his whole heart. Be it SH (ML), or his best friend, even his 2 masters (teachers) or his class mates or SH's family.


About ML


SH (ML) turned out to be my fav character. He is young but mature, risk taker but not reckless and smart but a bit dumb (based on his pursuit of YH 🤣). He fell in love with YH at first sight and did everything in his power to pursue him. He became the prime husband material, so to speak.

After YH made mimic mech, people on web started calling SH "Soft Rice Eater". YH was angry but SH was very proud of that nickname. He explained that people were jealous of SH because YH choose him and was so good to him (he build and modified Mech only for SH). Even SH father was jealous, because YH told him that he has already promised to marry SH after he graduates. I hope you understand when I say SH is very smart (to hug YH's thighs 🤣)

But no matter what, YH was the only one in SH heart. He was the last person he called before jumping into the wormhole. He was the only one he thought about while searching for an exit from the wormhole. Inside, SH spend a month but outside, it was already 5 yrs. So SH is loyal and faithful. He told YH to wait for him because he promised to come back and he did.

You know the first thing that he did after he came back 5 yrs later?

He took YH to marriage registrar and married him!! He didn't even report back to neother the army nor his family. No, he just told YH to meet him at the marriage office and got certificate!! 🤣


Read this novel! You will enjoy it! <<less
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Skite rated it
September 7, 2022
Status: c37 part2
This is basically the story of a genius-level autistic savant man.

In his first run through on life, he wanted affection but never seemed able to crack the code on how to get it. People are inscrutable riddles to him. So he copied his younger brother. His golden younger brother is adored and doted upon, with many admirers and friends, the favorite of their parents. Surely copying every single thing his little brother does, but doing it "better", with higher efficiency and greater achievement output, would result in getting friends and... more>> love at last?

But it doesn't work that way with humans.

Instead, everyone thought he was a competitive a**hole, who was always trying to undermine his little brother's work and steal his brother's achievements. His 'robotic' pragmatism and efficiency, and inability to read or understand others, were a terrible fit for the touchy-feely career of medicine, and his highly emotive coworkers saw him as a cold and monstrous alien they didn't want to understand or accept. All while using him for his laboratory skills, and resenting that they needed to.

He died never having his worth acknowledged, viewed as a spiteful villain.

His second go round is a work of self discovery and acceptance.

He decides he's done copying his brother. He will work on his true passions: Mecha robotics and mathematics.

He writes off his parents as people he will never be able to gain love from, freeing himself from the burden of being a s*ave to their expectations.

Making his own way, suited just to himself, he begins to thrive in the ways he always dreamed about during his first try at life. He finds like-minded people who appreciate and admire his skills. He makes friends who like him for him and slowly begins to understand how to be a friend back. He makes achievements without the shadow of his brother marring the face of them. He has so much more energy to devote to things which make him happy, now that he's stopped wasting it on frustrating things and people which make him sad and mad.

It's on the fluffy slice of life side, and his progress is steadily meteoric. He does come across as painfully sweet and naive at times, especially since he has completely different priorities than a neurotypical person when it comes to things like money and success, and can't read the emotional interest of others. He is Mary Stu overpowered in terms of professional and technical skills. He easily blows every work problem out of the water. Even as a student, he is able to achieve in a few days what it takes professional, corporate, research teams years to develop. But this is (somewhat) balanced and tempered by his fumbling blindness of personal relations and emotions, so he is not an annoying god-mode character.

Overall, it is a feel good story as he smoothly climbs his way up the achievement ladder on his own terms.

Read when you want a low conflict and tad cliche story that doesn't demand a whole lot from you, but remains fairly engaging. Ideal for those who like a naive, innocent, cinnamon roll of a love interest being doted upon by a sincere, protective, (non-yandere!) romantic lead, who is proud of and supports their partner's achievements. <<less
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Nihu rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: Completed
5stars for me

Story wise 3.5/4 stars

This is only because I have not read that many Interstellar/ zerg realated Stories and apparently this is a pretty predictable story line

    • The mtl was fairly easy to understand
    • The characters are pretty likeable too
    • The MC is a cinnamon roll who should be protected, he can't exactly fight against others verbally but he knows how to hold his ground.
    • As other reviewers have said the romance was nice the MC being the one taking the first step, even though the ML fell first
    • The teacher characters were nice, so were the seniors
    • The random side couple that made the MC realise he liked the ML was a personal favourite

      Basically the MC feels his heart go doki-doki for sec when they are eating out like usual one day, he runs to the bathroom. Then he was going out, a couple came in they were kissing and more this led to MC accepting he really did like the ML. Actually later on one from that side couple, a pharmacist saves the MC, when his mental power was unstable. He also recognises the MC and teases him

      I kinda wished there was a separate story or even side stories for them
Things that kinda made the story feel incomplete to me :

    • One was how the og protagonist where just left at the end

      og ML was at least mentioned during the war arc, og MC our MC's younger brother was not even mentioned after the whole MC getting his S rank mental power.

    • Also how the MC was to his parents, like don't get me wrong what he did was completely acceptable, I just wished he completely cut them off and yk just a bit more dog blood drama.

      When his parents called him after his treatment the MC told them that he would sent them money and they could call him on a certain date every month. Here on after we don't ever see these characters too along with his brother

    • I kinda wished there was a bit more to the end

      After the ML returns they get married that's it, no interactions what so ever after that. I was hoping to see one
      with the ML's mother and MC.

    • The ending did feel kinda rushed, as I said earlier.
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evanesco99211 rated it
December 9, 2021
Status: --
MTLed to the end.

Contrary to the previous review, it's hard to get pissed at MC. With that kind of family, I think most would be like him.

Secondly, age doesn't matter. Nobody is perfect. I like this story because almost every character feels real, especially the MC. He's a genius but embodies the kind of genius we knew aka high IQ, low EQ, and little interest in anything outside their expertise. For example, he's so bad at trying to fight with words, he ends up almost in tears in one of... more>> the fights. So, definitely not a Gary Stu, the sort of genius I personally roll my eyes at for being unrealistically capable in absolutely everything.

All in all, a good read.

One complaint though... Yan Fei is the antagonist but his skill and ability are real. I find it pitiful that the author kind of gangs up the other characters on him to the point whatever he tries to do would look wrong in the eyes of the others. I'm like, I get it, it's kind of a revenge story but now it looks just like nonsensical bullying to completely crush his self-esteem.

For example:


In chapter 139 (raw), Yan Fei was scolded for always trying to do something above his level (level 5 pharmacist). If it's another scene or question, I probably wouldn't think much about it but for this one, he literally has lots of strong and VALID reasons to back him up. Just take this one. He, a level-5 pharmacist, managed to brew a better concoction to help that Sima boy compared to the higher-level experts hired by the Sima family without any scheming to falsify the result! Okay, so the people who berated Yan Fei in this chapter probably don't know this. And I do understand getting tongue-tied in unexpected situations. Still, I totally feel his bad luck in this chapter. But then again Yan Hao was riddled with bad luck during their first life too so I guess it's just fair.

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Mizushi-hime rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: c39
*inhale* I got so frustrated by the MC yeah no wonder he ended up as a canon fodder, it's not only because your brother is the protagonist but because your personality makes u suffer loses.

he's so naive, minimal logic n low eq, that's perfect combo for canon fodder, he got reincarnated but that doesn't seems to increase his eq that much, him having low self-esteem is understandable tho, my problem is that he's just so... trusting n naive even after going through his last life

it doesn't seems like he learn... more>> anything from his past life, he used to hv stomach problems but in his new life he doesn't care much about it, not fixing his eating n resting habit by himself to avoid his future problems but just letting the ML do the job

romance development? none so far the ML just fall in love at first sight n then started giving the MC special treatment

gonna read a few more chapters, let's see if I can continue reading n hopefully can change my reviews <<less
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January 4, 2023
Status: --
I don't know and don't really care how others interpreted this story but I read it as an autistic kid with neglectful narcissistic parents and a younger brother who was brought up to believe that using his older brothers talents for his own gain is normal, learning that he should cut those people out of his life and find people who appreciate him including his best friend (who for once isn't a one note character) and his future boyfriend. His future boyfriend who is considered disabled in his field of... more>> work is the plot pusher, most of the plot revolves around the ML getting into a situation and the MC running to the rescue, I liked this dynamic in this case because they both gave what the other needed (the MC got the emotional support and someone who needs and affirms him) and the author managed to do that without making the ML less of a capable person. I also liked how the ML's disability was never cured it was just made so that it wasn't an obstacle to the ML's dream anymore. <<less
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lostinmyownworld2001 rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I generally do not write reviews but after reading this novel I would like to say a few things. Firstly let me warn that my review may contain spoilers so if you do not like to know about some plot lines then you can skip this.

Having said this I would like to clarify that I am someone that loves to know about the plot and readers opinion in advance so I regularly read reviews before reading a novel. About this novel I read some reviews that made me uncomfortable before... more>> reading. But as I read I came to know that I personally resonated a lot with the MC's situation here.

I know some people might think that how come the MC's brother be always wrong and how can the MC judge people on the basis of his past life but I can understand the MC because I have been cornered by people I considered as friends and family and teachers and I've thought my entire life that how come people hate me so much and why can't I make a decent friend?

Growing up I realised that if I kept getting bad for giving good then there is something wrong in the relationship and it is completely okay for me to cut off such things completely. But still we are humans and it is hard to cut off some people completely and that's why indifference and ignorance happens. This is probably not the best way to deal with such situations but it saves ur mental health.

Thus rebirth or not I can feel the MC's frustration and I can't bring myself to say that MC was made too powerful and he bullied his brother back after rebirth-any human would do the same!! The MC's brother and his boyfriend (YF &SMX) I find them to be quite the scum people in contrast to MC - I also wholeheartedly agree that MC was made to be a very pure person - and isn't this what we are here for???

We put our purest self into these characters and experience and imagine them having the perfect life to give us the satisfaction of getting away from our own life and doing something that we can't do in real life!!!

Having ranted off my discomfort I would say that yes there are some plot holes and some neglect on certain aspects - I even feel that the character of ML had a great potential to develop more interestingly but I feel that his character development was rushed. Also I would have loved to have more positive female characters!!!

On the side note I don't know why but I kinda ship Sheng Zhuo and Xia Yi !!!! SZ is a cinnamon roll he deserves something sweet!!!!! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wintercreeper rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: --
The description is spot on.

MC is a jealous, envious dirtbag who made his bro's life harder in every way he could, constantly trying to suppress him.
Little bro never took it to heart, he's in fact quite the nice person and still loved his older brother despite his despicable behaviour.

Reborn MC decides to stay away from lil bro and family like they were the ones who wronged him, he's angry that he wasn't the number one in their eyes instead of, I don't know, trying to make up for how... more>> much of a d-head he was?
But no, everyone else is the problem, so he distances himself from them and acts like lil bro is some kind of villain.

And that's exactly what the writer did, turn the little brother into the villain so MC's behaviour isn't as disgusting as it seems, he was right all along!

MC is overpowered to the extreme, whatever he touches becomes earth-shattering, ML likes him from the start, for no good reason, while lil bro and friends are vicious bullies (I wonder why they hate MC, hm... such a mystery).

Maybe I'm not young enough to swallow this kind of self-insert fanfiction pretending to be a novel, it's so juvenile and badly crafted that I can't see myself finishing it. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: c14
Lacklustre. The premise of the story reads out like a Harry Potter fanfic trope: 'the wrong-boy-who-lived' but that was what caught my interest in the first place. Reason I dropped is because I'm honestly sick of seeing the same old romantically-naive, gary-stu and apathetic shou (to the point that I nearly forgot that he was supposedly reborn, he acts like an innocent, unknowing child) and a gong that always goes out of their way to spoil and protect them (aka your typical ML).

Not sure if it's just due to mistranslation... more>> but I did not see any 'Viciousness' within MC, despite the title. I was kinda hoping that I get to see a bit of it.

Unfortunately I'm not into the mecha genre unless the plot is dramatic and captivating enough, and/or the MC is quite ambitious and self-confident (which doesn't seem to be the case for this MC).

I really like MC's friend He Shao though, we all need someone like him who can call out signs of emotional abuse and bad behaviour. But all in all, sadly not for me. <<less
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AnuBis28 rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a simple story.. A story about unfair treatment of an unlucky genius, his rebirth and the change of game that comes after that..

MC was hated for no reason in his previous life and died miserably.. Then he read his book of life and came to know the plot.. So, after rebirth he tried to stay away from the original protagonist, i.e. His younger brother instead of trying to get revenge..

An MC with high IQ and almost non existent EQ - interesting nonetheless.. Moreover, once he fell in love, he... more>> didn't waste time being coquettish.. He just confessed and pursued actively.. Ohh, such an MC is totally charming..

He was a mathematical genius who contributed in numerous medicines in his past life, but was unfavoured and unrecognized throughout his whole life.. In this life he was a genius in mecha industry..

And then his OP-ness begins.. He became so more and more strong with each passing chapter.. He could solve any, literally, ANY problem in mecha, that others in the Whole Galaxy couldn't even touch, within a day..

ML isn't typical cold and indifferent like 99.99% MLs.. Thank Goodness.. He is quite a normal student who interacts with others normally.. Anyway, He also became OP slowly after getting his mecha from our MC.. He could defeat veteran mecha warriors easily.. High level zergs, that even experienced warriors could barely kill, were killed by him like ants when he just received his first mimicry mecha..

It's a story about MC's OP-ness.. For the second half of the story, one doesn't even need to read the whole chapter.. Just a first few lines, and the next plot, i.e. MC's miracle can pretty much be guessed.. It just became boring, like many other novels where the protagonists are almighty and others are just backdrops.. <<less
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Common_people rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Cute story, about MC step by step growing from inferior complex to be a great person for human kind. But the ending is... Not. A totally ending. It's like when you eating, you didn't drink.... Something stuck....
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 9, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is alright like a good fodder novel to feed yourself when bored. Yan Hao (MC) is somewhat dislikable for some at the start, but there's growth and promise. The romance is ok, with Sheng Heng (ML) falling in love at first sight with Yan Hao and trying to enlighten him.

It's an aight read. edit: kinda pissed at Yan Hao, still am, but less and to a tolerable degree w/ me done reading his whole development throughout the novel.
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AnimatorOfSouls rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Fun read, MC is a genius who learns things really fast. Interesting storyline.

The romance is pretty annoying at the start since the ML is constantly jealous of the MC interacting with anyone near his age. The ending kind of sucks though, very boring and I mostly skimmed it.
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Mehmeh713 rated it
December 6, 2022
Status: Completed
awesome read!! It's about a simple straightforward earnest genius MC that spent his first life competing with his younger brother for the care and affection of his parents/ peers and is then reborn and decides to pursue his own dreams instead, and in doing so, finally comes into his own as a super respected mecha engineer with people who will appreciate and care about him. The ending was quite rushed (NO EXTRAS 😭😭😭) but all in all, it was a great read.

what I like about the novel:

1. MC -> he's... more>> very very likable. MC is a super genius and whether in pharmacy or in mecha engineering, he's extremely talented. At the same time, MC's personality is very simple, earnest and abit awkward but because of this, he was very easy to bully and manipulate. In his first life he faced constant negative reinforcement from basically everyone around him who neglected him, was jealous of him, and dismissed all his achievements and contributions all while making use of him and his work. All this basically wore down on his self esteem and scarred him until he genuinely believed that his own personality was problematic and that he wasn't very capable.


like when HS made a simple joke about MC showing off that friends would make, MC took it seriously and genuinely thought he was showing off to HS, apologized super earnestly and felt really bad. HS had to explain to him that it was a joke, that it was ok and that MC wasn't wrong at all. Poor MC was told multiple times in the past that he was showing off even though he didn't do anything wrong except be much much much more capable than his peers.

In the field of pharmacy, even though MC was able to accomplish a lot, it's more than halfway through the book, when a level 10 pharmacist praises him, that he finally realizes how much he contributed in the past and how valuable his contributions were.


So it was really lovely seeing MC's life get better and better as the novel progressed. He started working in mecha engineering which he genuinely loves and he started to find friends/ peers, teachers and a partner that genuinely cared for him, believed in him and supported his success. One step at a time, MC comes out of his awful past. He gradually understands that whatever happened in the past wasn't because his personality was problematic, that all his contributions made a significant difference, that he has always been super talented in pharmacy and he let go of the parents that abused him emotionally with their gaslighting, neglect and super half hearted affection. He climbs so high that the people who tormented and bullied him couldn't even appear in front of him because of his influence to the Federation.

2. The relationship dynamic between the MC and ML -> they are genuine equals and if anything MC is so capable ML later becomes known as the guy who eats the most 'soft rice' in the Federation which is totally hilarious. They're both super super supportive of each other and they believe in each other 100%. MC and ML are also both very straightforward about their affection for each other.


also even though ML fell for MC first, MC's the one who made the first move and confessed to ML with a gift and it was ADORABLE!!!!

ML and his fam benefit a lot because MC is ML's partner to the point where his parents give up on trying to give MC something of equal value to what MC has given ML because it's not even possible anymore and they tell MC to just take ML away. 🤣


What I disliked:

1. THE ENDING WAS SO RUSHED. I was really bummed out by the ending when I first read it because it was sooooooo short!!!! No extras!! Where's my extras!!! Show me MC and ML's life at the end!! Even just two or three chapters would be enough!!

2. The author didn't show what happened to MC's parents and YF in the end! They kind of just disappeared after a certain part of the book. It's both good and bad I guess. Like they couldn't affect MC at all anymore and MC was over it but man I wish they all suffered for what they put MC through.

anyway it was a fun book and I love the MC, I love ML, I love MC's beloved mecha engineering journey and I love MC's friends and teachers and ML's family. They were all wonderful. <<less
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July 11, 2022
Status: Completed
It's very well written. I stayed up all night to finish this so I'm very emotional.

... more>>



The book ends pretty abruptly but it's an HE. I just want a little bit more though. The last chapter wasn't enough.

Overall the characters are fleshed out and even the dumb decisions they make sometimes make sense. The mecha building is really detailed but not overdone. The romance is a nice touch but not the MC's whole life.

The ending arc felt very action movie, Independence Day vibes. The action/military scenes were well done and gripping. <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: --
From the way I see it it is quite okay okay read I guess. And rather similar to many other novels of this trope. Like MC is typical naive, dense, little kid whose eyes lights up with smallest of happy stuff.

And ML is typical gong who gets instantly attracted or interested in MC at the 'fateful'first encounter. And They would naturally get closer while MC will progress on his way to become winner in life.

So I guess I can't bring myself to read it completely
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erialolita rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: Completed
All in all it was an okay read. I really enjoyed the first 100 chapters or so but after about chapter 135 I got bored. After 155 I gave up reading each chapter and skimmed until the end. The story is also missing romance, their interactions are cute but too few. Just a warning, MC is an OP GarySue, so if that isn't your thing don't read. I personally like MC's like this one, and I liked

how he readily and decisively accepted his love for ML and pursued him


ML was good, not enough screentime but loves MC with his whole heart. Not the cold type of MC, just a normal personality.

Would have rated this novel higher if the author shortened or added more fluffy romance scenes. MTL was really easy to read.
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Tuzi rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: Completed
It's an okay read.

I like how MC changed his obsession immediately after rebirth without backing out.

There were only a few fluffy moments, I was looking for more fluff.
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Melange rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: Completed
There are people who hate you for the wrong reasons. There are people who hate you for the right reasons. And there are people who hate you for no reason.

For MC, he's been the victim of the third for almost the entirety of his first life. That being said, he has a meek and insecure personality, having been gaslighted into thinking he's a "vicious and undeserving" person.

This is not really a romance or redemption novel and more of a novel about overcoming past trauma and learning to stand up for... more>> oneself. Therefore, if you're looking for a strong protagonist who kicks major booty, you might want to read a different novel.

The overall plot is okay, nothing extraordinary because the majority of the novel focuses on MC's growth and development. <<less
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