Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage


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After just recently attaining the trophy for emperor of the silver screen, Chu Yan dies in a traffic accident and is rebirthed into a period millennium years later.

Floating cars occupy the skies, and everyone owns virtual glasses. Culture explosion! Entertainment explosion!

Yet, in such a glorious and brilliant entertainment world, Chu Yan was astonished to discover that——all these people didn’t know how to act!!!

Simulation of moods through artificial intelligence? Special effects production replacing acting skills?

Becoming an actor simply by just understanding AI script? The era is progressing, but acting skills have retrogressed.

Reporter: Chu Yan, what is your opinion regarding the scandal this time about you already being married?

Chu Yan: …Please inform me, exactly who is my spouse?!

Rebirth of the emperor of the silver screen into a third-tier star: shooting movies, becoming popular, winning awards, and ascending to the peak, and setting off a surging tide to the apex of the entertainment circle!

As for who his partner was——

He Baishen: Hello, my surname is Yi, you may call me Yi Ming (Anonymous).

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RaYs123 rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: Completed
The MC who was emperor of the silver screen, dies and wakes up to find himself in an advanced era. You see how the protagonist works from the bottom to the top through his charm, diligence, effort, ability and so much more.

The romance between the MC and ML is a wonderful challenge, and you see how they both grow together while facing their shortcomings and the mc's point of view of the ML goes from "get this guy off my case" to "I'll be the husband in this relationship"... more>> to "I'll give an inch, you better not take a mile" to "this is my companion for life". It's a really well written novel, with great plot, with scenes that will make you cry and others laugh.

*I hope this gets fully translated so that everyone may enjoy this gem.

one thing that I was really dissatisfied with, was if it was possible for them to have a child. The era was advanced so that males can have children either through IVF or through some kind of shot that a male can have a womb for three years and then it dissipates. Maybe they'll have one in the future but the novel ends~ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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rhianirory rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: Completed
Did this get dropped by both groups? I hope someone else will pick it up

This was pretty good, even if I could only read it with MTL. It was a little bit similar to Superstar Aspirations though the setting (future) and ML were different (none of the writers other ML have been a crazy-cute as Qin Cheng; fanboying on the inside while stony faced on the outside). The setting is different and the description of the way this new expanded space is set up is a little irritating. Even... more>> though they are no longer just on Earth, instead of humans coming together, there is still China, the US, England, etc., only now it encompasses many, many worlds and there are no alien species, only humans. And of course the Chinese are the best and most successful, hardworking, and best looking.

even in other stories set in the future where there are aliens (always only Zergs for some reason) the human race doesn't unite against a common enemy but are still divided by countries and fighting solo. China seems to have a big hangup about racial purity going on, along with all the nationalism and xenophobia.


There was a few things I don't like or didn't get


not a fan of Mpreg and it wasn't clear how they could make that happen anyways, just that the ML expected him to get pregnant. Maybe it was some tech that wasn't clear in the translation and later he apparently didn't get pregnant but grew them in some meat buns???? MTL is very confusing


and also,

this writer loves to put tragic movies in her HE showbiz novels so you get to read about the actor MC dying/going crazy/ being abandoned in every movie he takes, in every single novel based in the entertainment circle (this, superstar aspirations, there's no god in show business, rebirth of a supermodel)

Over all it was a good read without too much angst and drama, (except within the character roles the actor MC chose to play). The MC and ML are both strong personalities and strong people who become partners and the MC isn't stupid or naive. <<less
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joun rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: Completed
I have to say that it was difficult to read this novel until the end because compared to the bl earth is online, superstar aspiration, classical music and supermodel, this one is just boring.

And there is no difference between the interstellar and the present time (beside the scale of traveling and some otherd minors details). Frankly, the author shouldn't make the effort because it's obviously a failure.

Big disapointement !!! Very boring (I had to force myself) until the end with the MC and ml's twins.
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October 14, 2018
Status: Completed
You're missing out in a lot of things if you're not going to rrad this. I know that the chapters translated are few to make you want to mtl it but I'm telling you it was all worth it

The MC and ML didn't fall in love immediately and started a slow pace romance which makes it even better because it makes them more dimensional.

There are no third parties, there are jo kidnapping or villains that makes you want to choke them. It is a fluffy bl that is so heartwarming.

There's... more>> no revenge revenge when someone makes the MC pissed off. He dealt with it professionaly


he baishen (the ml) found out that chu yan (mc) soul's is from like centuries ago, he knows the real chu yan which made him fall ij love deeper. I like stories like this where they unveil the secrets of the MC for the ML to know, it feels so refreshing



they have 2 child, 1 male and 1 female


Read this, the mtl is readable and understandable. You woj't regret on anything except for the fact that you will finish the story (of course duh) <<less
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AliciaAlyss rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: Completed

I love the future transmigration idea, and the arranged marriage too~

So, our MC (Chu Yu? Or Chu Yan?) is the typical succesful actor who died and then transmigrate to a body from millenium years later with same name and nearly same appearance. He's smart, talented, has crazy gasfield ofc.

... more>> Our ML (He Baishen) is a very succesful CEO (I don't know how big his bussiness is because I don't understand bussiness, but definitely really big) with cold personality outside, but spoiled? Inside. I'm not good in describing personality..

If you've read MCH's Rebirth of Supermodel, I think our MC and ML is like RS's MC and ML. Just our ML is not that possessive?

Oh, about the marriage


Our MC didn't get the full memories from the original CY, so he first didn't know that his original has accepted a marriage arrangement with our ML. At first our ML is reluctant to meet our MC (Because his first impression in our MC is bad, he knows that MC (the original) agreed to the marriage because of money). But he decided to see and then meet our MC later. After that, our ML is interested with our MC. But our MC thinks that our ML is his past golden master lol

Oh, the cause of the marriage is they actually have a high match for something, I don't remember. The higher the match, the higher chance they can have a child. But don't worry, it's not really mpreg because actually our ML is infertile (I guess, mtl). But at the end of the story they let people conduct an experiment so that they can have a child (without mpreg)


I love all their (flirting) interaction~


They like to dance around each other, it's so cute. Our ML is actually our MC's type, but because MC don't what to accept ML unspoken rule? (Forgot the term) so our MC still challenge our ML.


That's the end of my messy review. Sorry for the bad grammar. And enjoy the story! <<less
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Saffari rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: c70

Honestly, the only reason it isn't higher is because of ML. He isn't exactly scummy, he's just the sort of person who has too much money he never bothered developing a personality, and it shows in how he pursues MC.

Someone commented that MC is taking advantage of ML, but it's the other way around. ML needs MC to have a child since he is the only one compatible with his genes, in fact, he and his family was fully intending to pay him 1M, take MC's cells, and make him... more>> leave and never approach his children.

By the time that MC learns of the contract, he offers to pay the penalty for cancelling the contract, but for the 1M they initially paid the original body, the payment for the breach is 10B, not to mention that the marriage contract recognizes MC as wife, not as husband, which is not only not technically binding as he is male, but also a deliberate d*ck move from the ML's part before the transmigration.

MC never asked for the back door roles, he even turned them down after learning the whole truth, it's the ML who keeps on pushing investments after investments without the MC's knowledge. ML didn't care for MC until MC rejected him. There are no romantic gestures, ML just throws his money around. He even sucks at communicating because he doesn't try at all. He's the sort of person that makes you think "eat the rich asdhjkl". He is fully expecting MC to fall on his bed for all the money he throws around, when MC could actually still achieve success without having to rely on him at all.

The ML aside, the novel is pretty good. MC is entertaining to read, he's cool and collected, very easy to get along with and face slaps without anyone noticing, not even the side villains lol. His acting journey is also enjoyable to read, his roles are always unique and interesting. I just wish it showed him developing friendships with others because as of c70, he doesn't have any close friends.

I would have continued MTLing, which could have raised the rating, but ML ain't worth the headache, man. <<less
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DhiVhi rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: c115
I kinda upset by the relationship between MC & ML. I think MC takes ML for granted. He focus too much on how rich & powerful ML is but didnt appreciate ML's effort to make him happy. Despite ML telling him how he is novice in love, MC never tries to understand why ML chase him like that (giving expensive gift or creating a restaurant full of stars), instead MC feel angry on how ML waste money. They are lover, but as a reader, it's upseting to see only 1... more>> person works hard. ML always have to compromise on MC's decisions because he didnt want MC to get angry.

At this chapter, I must say that I'm dissapointed on MC's character and MC & ML relationship. At least in Ming Yu & Xi Ze relationship, eventhough they love arguing but it more like flirting. But in this story, MC never tell what he wants to ML but always expect ML to do the right thing. MC knew ML helps his career but he never even say thank you. Eventhough, he feels touched but he only keeps it to himself but never show how much he love ML. Poor ML, somehow how to beg MC's love and hope MC in a good mood to at least give him 'sugar'.

I know I'm ranting to much but it is because I love MingYu X XiZe, RongXu X QinChen, and QiMu X MinChen so much. Well, all in all this novel still good to read for once. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute story about the forward-transmigrated MC, his overbearing president lover, and his achievements in showbiz...


The romance was well written - when the MC found himself being manipulated, he resolutely broke up. And the ML had to work hard to get MC back. The arc where ML found out about MC's past in really old archives was a nice way to introduce honesty and solve the puzzle (for ML) of the MC doing a 180 in his behavior!


The movie/tv show arcs/stories are really nice. Well written story!!
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