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When Gu Yu woke up, he found himself transmigrated to a werebeast planet and becoming an ‘artificial female’ given to the imperial marshal.


While the males on Brilliant Splendor are so capable that they can freely switch from beast to human form, the females were too fragile in human form and lost the ability to become human during the catastrophe.

It was the most common desire of the males – that their partners have human forms.

To satisfy this desire, a new product appeared on the market: artificial females – biological robots that are identical to natural human females, equipped with intelligent chips, and capable of responding to stimuli.

Planet Law stipulates that, in order to ensure the birth rate of the young, if one does not marry on their own by the age of eighty, they will be issued a partner by the Star Network.

Brilliant Splendor’s oldest prime bachelor, Marshal Cyno Bruce, made a decision that shocked the network when he was about to turn eighty.

– Marry an artificial female.

Cyno: Marry a beast female, no way! As for artificial females? Well, it’s cheap and it will not be a hindrance.


Really fragrant! _(:з”∠)_ Baby, let me hold you!

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IndigoEye rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: c62
I liked it at the beginning, it was fresh and interesting. But in the second half I slowly started feeling a sense of wrongness, then it hit me around the 60th chapter. I dropped it at chapter 62, since it no longer brought me joy to read. I do not know if the issues I speak of are cleared in the last ten or so chapters, but the novel gave no indication that anyone thought these were problems that should be fixed.

The reason for that: it did not feel like... more>> I was reading a BL. The background of the world is that there are no traditional females, everyone has male parts. They are divided into two groups: the 'male' and 'female'. The 'male' being all exactly like your stereotypical streight men - strong, tall, proud, possessive and overly protective of their female... The 'females' are also mostly viewed as a stereotypical girl - short, cute, soft voice, fragile, delicate, in need of male supervision...

Also, because there are not really any explicit scenes (they were skipped as far as ch. 62), you could really just change all the pronouns for the 'females' to she/her and this would completely turn into a heteros*xual novel. A very homophobic and transphobic heteros*xual novel, with some disgustingly stereotypical portrayals. It doesn't help that everyone is obsessed with having children, something like wanting to stay single or childless is an actual crime.

I also did not feel much of a spark between the MC and the ML. In fact, the ML had very weak presence. The plot is definitely the more interesting part of this story. <<less
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Aruthea rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Found this, read the translated chapters and proceeded to binge the rest of the novel in the original Chinese raws.

The story is a pretty simple romance with a bit of plot thrown in. What I like is that the (Gu Yu) MC's muteness does not detract from his character, and the story explores the many issues he has growing up with being mute and living with the stigma of an orphan in modern China. This prevents him from believing the (Cyno) ML likes him and entrusting to the ML his... more>> personal matters. Yet, at the same time, his kindness makes him want to contribute back to society in however way he can, which allows him to achieve his mission with ease. He has no ulterior motive, or any desire for vengeance whatsoever, but he just wants to do good and he is rewarded with his good karma eventually. Really nice, and he's fortunate he ended up with ML who is kind and patient.

Meanwhile, the ML is somewhat attracted to the MC and patiently waits for him to consent. Heck, he is really good at controlling his libido that they don't even do the deed until chapter 50+ LOL. He decided that he wouldn't abandon the MC and set his mind on sticking through the marriage, even way before realising that the MC is special. Because of the MC's unknown origins, MC was mistaken to be a modified female beast (a male modified into female) and even then ML told his brother (the emperor) and the public he will stick with him no matter what, even if it means the end of his noble bloodline. It shows his unconditional love. He is fairly capable and ensures that he does the dirty work of taking care of people who try to hurt his partner. Not in the brutal way, but he is efficient and professional in his work ethic. MC always feels he causes trouble to him like hurting his reputation, and ML assures him that this is not the case, willing to do whatever it takes for his partner to be safe. This is a nice dynamic where both are consenting and trusting of each other!

The misunderstanding ML has with the MC's identity is resolved fairly quickly, within the first 20 chapters. Then, the MC's identity becomes an issue within their society, showing the effort the author has spent in world building this world of unique dynamics. Since this is a werebeast-kind of universe, genders are split according to female beasts, male beasts and natural female beasts. Female beasts can't become human due to a catastrophic event some time back. This is a severe population issue since they became weaker and frail, making reproduction difficult. They call female beasts who can become human as natural female beast, and there even exists a society dedicated to protecting them even though the last one (ML's grandmother) passed away about 60 years ago. Aside from artificial humans, later the story will reveal that some males were forced to become female as part of human trafficking. These people and the issue of the declining birth rate gets resolved thanks to the MC's system giving him a special ability. I do wish the story didn't just drop the artificial human thing like that though... The artificial human stops becoming an issue really quickly and is never brought up upon due to the focus on treating the population issues.

The MC's system doesn't really feature really strongly, since he is only given one mission - to achieve 1 billion Like rating in 3 years. Although it's a bit silly how his system is as simple as seeing which people likes him and who hates him, this ability is used to great effect in the story to find people who aim to hurt him. MC's growth in becoming confident is shown through how he made friends and become an accomplished broadcast host, and eventually a singer. ML allows his partner to grow independent, and always considering his thoughts always. It's lovely.

So what's special about the MC?


The System modified MC to be a natural female beast, so MC is capable of giving birth. MC was flustered upon finding this out, and ML calmly explained to him the mechanics of the world once he found out MC was not from their world. That scene when they had to conduct a physical examination on the MC was hilarious! Not only that, the system gave him a voice that can treat forcefully modified females back to their original gender with no issues with their glands and hormones. Adding to this is the ability to turn all female beasts back into natural female beasts. AKA, he is the solution to solving the issues faced in this universe. However, there is a catch. He must sing to them for at least a few hours a day until they can become human again. His voice can also enhance physical attributes of male beasts, meaning he can upgrade their stats as well. ML naturally prevented this utilization because he is sure f*ck not letting his partner sing to a group of male beasts just to enhance their stats lmao. The former two is definitely much more beneficial to society, and MC's inherent desire to provide charity is what allows him to succeed in his mission in 3 years! That said, it took a while for ML to reveal MC's power because MC's special ability could cause an outright war since all the other planets were in desperate need of females too.

Not only that, MC is supposedly special, akin to a legendary figure who would bear his partner's soul mark when transformed, and would transform into his partner's species. Which, yes, he becomes a white tiger like the ML. This legendary figure was from the history's golden age, and united many of the species together. The reason they found out is because there will be one special day where everyone will turn into beasts. I believe it's a full moon of sorts? MC didn't transform into a beast until he got pregnant. Basically, MC had a really shocking revelation that not only did he become a white tiger but also pregnant with one. Don't worry, he'll find that he can become human again after some practice.

The System that chose MC was an administrator, and he told MC that he believes in the MC. Such faith definitely allowed the MC to do his best, since he always felt that he was a burden with no friends in life. The admin that chose MC also told MC that it was easy to fail the mission as well, because the ability to gain likes and dislikes is a double-edged sword. He has seen others who got too greedy and suffered a horrible end. It's similar to real life that certain actions can amplify your likeability or hateability too. This brings the system component to a good end as MC reflects on why he succeeded, and the admin allowed him to do one wish from his previous world. The MC asked for his student loans to be paid off, and the admin said "I cannot do that, because it has been paid." Turns out the girl MC saved paid for his fees, and even dedicated a song to him. She started funneling charity funds dedicated to children with disabilities and orphanages in MC's memory. I think that's a really nice touch, even if the system component was very weak in the story. For MC, good karma paid off!


Overall, it's a good read! Don't expect a lot of deep issues and there are some conflicts that pop up that the ML and MC try to resolve as amicably as possible. <<less
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4everfictional rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c26
The MC and ML are fairly likable. I came into this story expecting a certain dynamic from them after reading the other story in this "shared universe, " and that's more or less what I got. The translation is great, and this would be a very cute straight novel if:

a) the author wasn't constantly writing in universe homophobic character dialogue (males in this universe are not only societally not allowed to be together, but also their gland smells cause them to reject each other). Like, somehow in a world without... more>> v*ginas, the author still managed to make the literal world building homophobic.

b) the author wasn't so transphobic. Like, again, truly a feat to have achieved in a world where everyone has a d*ck and the only individuals that can give birth are literal animals. All the characters who transitioned are being treated as a problem that needs to be "fixed" back to their male s*x smells, which they are shown to vehemently reject, and there are no voluntarily trans characters being shown or supported in this universe. So, the only showing of trans characters are: evil thing that is done to children by evil adults.

c) I didn't come into this story expecting it to be bl or at least not come across as punching down on the idea of people being together who are of the same gender/sex.

d) The author wasn't like: being sexually interested in children or animals? That's okay, and in fact very normal in this universe. Because the latter can give birth, and being able to give birth = worth in this universe. And being into children is just what all men in this universe want since that's how they design all their s*x dolls apparently. But this clearly isn't even for people into beastiality because the comments have shown that the MC isn't getting consensually (or at all) together with the ML in beast form. Also, it's known in this universe that people don't marry the animals for love, but to begrudgingly procreate (unhappy marriages were stated to be the norm, because communication with the animals in question is difficult to nonexistent), so universal government mandated noncon at the age of 80. But they don't do artificial insemination despite their ridiculously advanced medical tech for no discernible reason but that the author is an a**hole. No artificial wombs, clones, nothing.

e) the toxic trans storyline being entirely unnecessary to the plot. It would take minimal effort to remove it, and there would be a minimal to nonexistent effect on the overall plot.

This was just so confusing to see because their other story is great and has none of this toxic bullshit. I want to give the author the benefit of the doubt that it'll get better, but the comments are telling me it'll only get worse.

edit (chapter 26) : I'm literally shaking with anger. This author had the audacity to have the MC be assaulted by the only trans character we've seen in the story so far (who was involuntarily transitioned, which is it's own kind of evil plot point for the author to create when they have zero positive representation) in the f*cking bathroom. Like, this story is just going through and affirming bs terf talking points and it is sickening. I actually feel ill reading this and I don't know if I can stomach trying to continue giving the author the benefit of the doubt that'll it'll get better (and this author only has so much good will from me because their other story is amazing, with so much enthusiastic consent and good gay rep, but this is starting to taint it in my mind due to the association). I'm just shocked this is the same author. Maybe there's been some kind of mixup? I know it's a reach to even try to hold out hope like this. <<less
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ParanoidKitten rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: Completed
What a beautiful gem of a novel.

Despite knowing better, I also read the other comments, but I'm quite glad I did it AFTER reading the novel myself xD Otherwise I would have been scared away and this would really have been a pity beyond words.

In general, this beastworld novel in interstellar setting is a pure fluff novel. You're bound to get diabetes from reading.

... more>> MC, as always died by saving the school beauty from a car accident, if I remember correctly. Then he transmigrates into the interstellar era.

Please note, that MC has been mute for almost all of his life and has been bullied and abandoned by everyone around him. So I would like to call him suffering from PTSD. He has been conditioned in his first life to only rely on himself and constantly questioning the behavior of others towards him. His self-esteem is basically non-existent. This is a red line through the whole novel. So while reading please keep this point in mind. (This is one of the two reasons, why he's constantly blushing, since he's just incredibly insecure and embarrassed. The other reason is because he likes ML, so why shouldn't he blush in front of his crush?!)

His biggest dream was to become a singer but because he was mute, he couldn't do so. Despite that he loved to compose music or playing instruments, namely his flute.

After transmigrating, he found himself in ML's villa. Because of his muteness and the general world-setting, his identity as a living "human" was not discovered at first. He himself didn't know anything about this new world, including his own gender and wasn't able to communicate with others at the beginning. So due to various reasons which are explained at the start of the novel, he's directly getting married to ML, or if you want to say it harshly: he's forced to get married. Since his initial identity of an artificial female (a robot) will only be resolved at around Ch. 15-20 and as an artificial female he doesn't have any rights, since he's "just a machine". During those 20ish chapters, ML does have some misunderstandings about MC and to be completely honest, his initial treatment of MC is... Well, he thought MC was a robot, how else will he treat him? But as soon as ML noticed that his "robot" isn't a robot at all, he has a 180° turn in his behavior ;) Regarding the misunderstandings, don't worry, they'll be easily resolved and won't result in any drama.

The system responsible for sending him into this second life won't show up much and is most of the time not mentioned in any way, aside from MC using the system shop to enable his ability to read, speak and


transform beast females into natural females


Aside from doing the latter, it's basically about MC finally realizing his dream of becoming a singer and musician and getting along with his friends and husband. (Once again, he never had any friends or people who were close to him, so this was a completely new experience for him!) The fact that ML loves him dearly, not only because of his identity, but because his whole person is just perfect for ML, helps him to gradually overcome his low self-esteem and he becomes more confident in himself.

So all in all you can say this is a story about a PTSD-suffering person slowly healing.

A little warning, though: There are some "heavy" plotpoints in this novel explained in the other comments, regarding the male beastmen handling the other genders which are anything but fluffy (discrimination for example and another point is forceful change of gender), so please be prepared.

Naturally, I'm aware that everyone has different tastes, that's why instead of telling you to "absolutely read this novel", I would advise you to take a look at the first 20ish chapters, so you can test whether or not you want to read this novel. But from my point of view, this is a great novel. The translation is near to perfect and one can see the translator put a lot of work into this novel and did a really great job.

That's why I want to thank Addis and Lhachril (editor) from Exiled Rebels Scanlations for their hard work. You've done great, thank you! <<less
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October 10, 2021
Status: c40
Some very dodgy gender issues going on here, especially w.r.t. How "transgender" is represented. Also, if you take anything other than a shallow read on it, pretty homophobic! Literally a character who is defined as 'male' in this novels custom gender spectrum says something along the line of 'don't be disgusting, I'd never be attracted to a male', basically same-s*x attraction (e.g. Natural female-natural female) is inconceivable/bad/wrong. It presents 'males' and 'females' (either natural or beast) as the only correct combination, and 'beast' females seem to be pets for breeding??

IDK,... more>> I'm not rating it as its a well translated casual read, the characters are likeable enough, but the more I think about the worldbuilding the more uncomfortable I get. <<less
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PiayaParty rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
  1. No, the couple does not do it in animal form.
  2. The book cover is misleading, so do not be discouraged. The translator offers an alternate official cover that has beautiful art of the main couple.
  3. Read this with an open mind. The species are shapeshifters, have different culture, and have different views on gender/sex.
The main character is a gentle, kind person that makes me want to encourage and protect him! The main love interest seems stern at first, but he is actually a very doting lover!

It is explained early on that this... more>> will be a story of recovery, healing, and hope. The MC is mute, but wants to speak, so the system gives him the option. The author is good at writing gradual recovery and learning processes. There are numerous instances of this besides the main character. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zazemd rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: c29
The story's concept is intriguing, but the way they approach it makes it appear transphobic (encompassing a range of negative attitudes, feelings, or actions toward transgender people or transness in general) and misogynistic (prejudiced against women). The entire premise of this story is that females have such low IQs that they can't even communicate with the men in that society (yes, I understand that there are no women and that they are all male, but they project this idea on the "unnatural females" like even this sounds weird af) and... more>> also objectifies the "artificial females" in the book. I mean, the whole point of the ML and MC romance is that he can actually have a conversation with the person he's f*cking, so tell me that's not objectification of the other women in this story. Then they simply describe trans people as having begun their transition in order to attract the attention of the opposite s*x and that they are all violent individuals who need to be cured through the power of the MC. For example, they could have shown prejudice against trans people in this story while also demonstrating that it was just a stereotype by having a well-developed trans character. But no, they just show trans characters acting crazy and trying to r*ping the MC. In general, it made me uncomfortable reading this, could have been interesting but had a distasteful execution. <<less
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miumiumiu rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: c1
:/ ummm....

i guess I dont like the idea that a precondition to love is gender...

but the ML is like.. oh I like u.. but im not gae... OMG UR A NATURAL FEMALE??!!! OMG PURSUE!!!

and its just tiring that everytime the fact that MC is the only ever existing natural female is thrown out, thats why the ML likes him...

... more>>

even the part when ML thought he was trans, it does seem like he’s “willing” to accept MC for who he is.. but the reaction after finding out MC isn’t trans was like “omg pheww I knew it” ://

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TheBeltCameBack rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: c30
I hope my complaints are simply me being picky with words. I hope the target audience isn't who I think it is. I hope the author is just a little unaccustomed, a little inexperienced with the existence of queer people and animals, and is not malicious.

Demonstrating a native person in the world being disgusted at the thought of a romantic or s*xual relationship with someone of the same gender, because obviously, anyone would be, it's in their nature as beast people, is a little homophobic. Real life animals, which these... more>> animals were based on, can indeed be gay on purpose.

Putting natural females on a pedestal and dismissing beast females for their inability to use objects that are, for some reason, still designed for humans, is pretty sexist. Doesn't matter that it's females, doesn't matter that their females look like men to us.

Having the only trans people in the world be forced into it from a young age and the only named trans character so far be antagonistic, is pretty transphobic. People aren't always satisfied with their lot! It's a feature, not a bug!/genuine Maybe it's the sexism making one side unable to come out and the other side strongly discouraged from doing so.

Personally, these issues are very prominent, so I won't continue reading. If anyone cares, I'm used to danmei translations so the original language probably didn't contribute to my dissatisfaction. <<less
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Lhachril rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c54
This book snuck right through my defenses to become one of my favorites due to its wonderful MC and ML, story arcs that grow in complexity and keep drawing the reader into the next chapter, and all the adorableness from the beasts.

My immediate attention was captured by the MC from the first chapter. We don't see protagonists with physical disabilities often. The author did a wonderful job making this Gu Yu shine despite being unable to speak. And its impossible not to root for him to become successful in achieving... more>> his dream.

The ML grows on the reader despite a rocky start. And their relationship grows through the book at a believable pace.

Anyone reading this will find this to be a very pleasant and entertaining read. And it very well become a favorite to be read over and over, as it has for me. <<less
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Devrai rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It started really good and then left steam and became a rushed piece of flat bread.

MC transmigrates to the interstellar and woke up in a storage room with 4 other sleeping "boys ". A system tells him he is here to give him a chance to realize his dream... being a singer. Since MC was mute in his last life that was not possible and now he will be able to speak if he has enough points to buy in the system store.

When the door opens MS gets grabbed right... more>> away and thrown in his new life. The 4 boys were "artificial females" (think entertainment and love androids) sent to ML by a friend. ML mistakes MC for one of them at first and marries him to avoid beeing matched by the system....

ML finds out about ML rather fast, around chapter 15. So there is no dragging this out. The story started really good and I felt like reading a 5 star one but later on the writer rushed and lost track. They inserted that system and I was looking forward to the things MC would be able to buy later on but the writer abandoned everything that was foreshadowed.

It went from "working hard for your dream" to "yeah... using system magic to evolve the females while doing some training, being awesome and getting a contract and concerts thrown in ya face just cause you are cute and sooooo awesome". It really started to enjoy me.

To explain that female part, there are following "genders":

  • Male - can freely transform between human and beast form.
  • Natural female - no woman form in this world. Male form and is somewhat smaller than male, can transform between human and beast form and get pregnant.

    Extinct until MC showedup

  • Beast female - can't transform to human form, it's more intelligent than a beast but not as much as a human. Gets pregnant and is the usual partner for males.
  • Artificial females - entertainment and love androids to stimulate a natural female for males and satisfy the wish for having a companion that cares and communicates with them.
Well if you are not all to picky about the decline in the story, you can read it. I gave it 3 stars cause I'm sure I don't want to read it again. Once it's ok but not twice. <<less
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ReadingSlime rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c20
This novel.. Very clearly shows the authors preferences and visions toward women and transgender people in general a bit too strongly.

I don't feel any love between ML and the MC, Gu Yu. ML originally purchased MC because all women in the world are literal beasts who walk on all fours, wear special shoes and do not speak and he wanted a "Natural Female." (Are the women of this world unnatural?) ML liked that he was mute so he was quiet, liked that he thought he was s*upid stating it was... more>> cute. Only at CH19 or 20 does ML ask for MC's name. He was so preoccupied with finding out his gender that he, as a person, was irrelevant.

In the novel, Transgender females are males who are children who were forced by evil adults to stop their growth period to become effeminate. They are searched for by police who captured them to bring them to a hospital to "correct their gender" while the Transgender people are actively fighting against them at the doors and eventually sedated. MC is also brought to the hospital by ML to "fix" him, and when it was discovered he was a "Natural Female" the ML was like "I knew it" and that he would never like anything else.

Another thing that I felt negatively about was when ML reviewed security and found that MC appeared out of nowhere and was confirmed to have been kidnapped from another planet, instead of even trying to look for MC's family (ML has no idea he transmigrated) he immediately brushes them off stating that since MC is married to him, ML "Is his family now." It is also strange that aside from MC initially rejecting the marriage with a nonsense reason (MC literally states he's not good enough for ML) he's absolutely fine with it. ML intends to have children with him, and for some reason, it's literally illegal to not be married and to not be producing offspring.

Interstellar Rare Species was a uncomfortable read for me and it's impossible for me to even want to convince anyone to read it. I believe this is for a "specific" audience and I can't agree with the viewpoints shown here. The word "Female" is tossed around about 20 times per chapter, and aside from the lack of storyline, everything shown to me here states "The only worth anyone has is their gender." <<less
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Ainslee rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: --
Most of the characters here we very fond of being sorry after the fact.

One refuse to take inhibitor because he wanted to mate, even though he knew that it was dangerous. After the deed was done, saying sorry was enough for everyone to get along as usual.

MC knew from experience that he needed to consult to ML if he wanted to do anything related to public but often ignored it, after the fact, saying sorry then repeated again.

Another friend was warned to stay low key and vigilant, but then he... more>> wanted to be lovey dovey with his mate, directly go to the public and sundry the secret in a party. Afterwards... everything was okay once he's saying sorry.

Too muddle headed, no one was sober. <<less
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Selcouth rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a good novel. A fact. Not a great one but a good ol' fluffy gentle one. Good temperament the MC has.

If you come here to relax from hard plots then here is for you!

There's some misunderstanding in the beginning, some muteness, some difficulties. But after finding out MC is the first ****** in Brilliant Splendour, it all goes smoothly. Literally MC is the HOPE OF THE STARS. ML is also there to love and protect MC at all cost! Very Loving. Healthy. WOOHOO~ CUTE ANIMALS

Negative (DONT read its... more>> my opinion only!)

    • MC is gentle and soft, very self conscious, yes he has low self esteem I get the package, BUT I just dislike how he is SO obedient, likes to stay at home waiting for Husband, MC is also too shyyy for me, OK I'm a dumbass.
    • This is basically male and female, the only thing is that females have dicks :') All emotions and characteristics are basically your clich male and clich

      female. But Omegaverse spinoff Is like that I guess, I don't read much of those.
THO, give it a try if you like the summary, I did. <<less
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cocoajuppie rated it
August 23, 2022
Status: c31
Interesting premise, but this quickly devolves into something that tastes more like a BG that hates on 'transgender females.'

... more>>

In the beginning, MC is mistaken for what's basically a robot s*x doll, so it's understandable he'd be nervous, especially with how he's manhandled. But once it's understood he's a person and not a robot, MC still continues to behave skittishly, blush at every turn, etc... The 'BG dressed up as BL' vibes continued with the MC getting the fairy tale princess 'all the animals love me' buff, 'I'm helpless when I'm assaulted' scenario, 'jealous of not having friends for shopping and dinner dates' mention and ML's 'teasing' is seen as the awkwardness of how 'boys pursue girls'...

It's not that the things mentioned above can't appear in BL, but how the scenarios are written/established is very much from the author's 'female' perspective, and to me, reads like the MC being male is a veneer to disguise a female MC, or that the MC is only male so this can be called 'BL.'

The 'BG' narrative then continues that 'natural females' are the most beloved and should be treasured based on being 'natural females' alone. (Also includes a 'females are weak' narrative with how only 'natural females' and no males were forced to revert to a beast-only form to survive.) 'Transgender females, ' or in this world, males forcefully treated with hormone therapy to resemble 'natural females, ' are written to lose their minds as a side effect of the hormone therapy and are treated roughly/like dangerous abominations worse than s*x dolls/'artificial females' when they're a product of this world's male greed. (Well, males in general in this novel are written as lustful, untrustworthy, predatory creatures...)

The premise could make a really great satire or commentary. Alas.

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CodiChannnn rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: c45
I have to drop this.

This is sadly one of the stories where the "bottom" is just a stereotypical girl with male privat parts. Its themes and writing come across sexist, homophobic and transphobic.

The start was very refreshing but I can't get behind the way the characters r being developed and potraied. The 2 stars are for the strong beginning.
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thebadgirl05 rated it
December 30, 2021
Status: --
Personally, this made me cringe so much. I tried to persist given the positive reviews of many but damn, this is just so uncomfortable.

Even if MC transmigrated into a new world, wouldn't he freaking feel discomfitted by being referred to as a little natural female? Wtf?

Change the MC into a female and it makes no difference. Natural female this, natural female that, female beast, artificial female. Wtf? This is just so messed up in my own opinion.
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MpregQueen97 rated it
December 10, 2021
Status: c1
I liked it at the beginning and plus I'd had enough of tsundere cunning and scheming shous so I thought that this would be my next great find but then came all these unnecessary side characters who so so much screen time, I nearly vomited. Who the hell wants to know about them? It's just like ' In the future, my whole body is a treasure' novel. Ah! So many f*cking side characters who get to f*ck and be pregnant before the main couple, like wtf? And what's with this... more>> savior complex that's infected CN novels? I can't deal. From ch40 onwards it's crap, no matter how many chapters you skip. It's crap. But the translators do a great job as always <<less
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Amethist67 rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: Completed
thanks for the hard work translating~ I would say this novel is a 7/10 for me. Exciting in the beginning but it was kind of boring in some places, but this is mostly a mid-novel good to pass the time if you're bored or not doing anything.

The thing that mostly makes bored is the MC's a white Lotus I don't know if that's the right word for it just a goody 2 shoes and very shy so it's boring for me.

Also no smut I thought this was yaoi But it's... more>> Shounen ai. Exiled rebel scans did the translation so I thought there would be some good detail smut but nope lol. It just cuts to the next morning so I just disappointed myself with that because I feel like this is the perfect novel for it and it would have made things a lot better maybe boost the score up two points for me LOL.

but I think the major good points in this is that everything's wrapped up beautifully. No plotholes that I can see, and the relationships and the side characters are very fleshed out and a good happy ending I recommend. <<less
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June 16, 2022
Status: c54
Slice of Life? MC transmigrates with a Dream Goodwill SYSTEM that enables him to both achieve his dream of being a singer and fix some of the societal issues going on in the Interstellar Werebeast Universe — where natural females are almost completely extinct.

The vibes were pretty down to earth. I liked the initial arc most and ended up stopping because of lack of interest at the moment (too sleepy LOLOL). Anyway, I recommend this for when you’re looking for something light in tone. Characters and Romance are both pretty... more>> basic, but the setting is interesting and the political intrigue was not bad either.


The characters are not the most complex. They have simple desires and have very little development.

Gu Yu (MC)

Young transmigrator!shou. He’s the shy and submissive type, very effeminate — though he sees himself as male. In the Interstellar Era, he’s considered a “natural female” capable of giving birth and the apple in the eye of all male beasts.

Cyno (ML)

Overbearing, Yandere-ish!Gong! He’s the strong, shameless type and is considered one of the strongest Werebeasts in the Galaxy. In the beginning of the novel, he has absolutely no intention of accepting the MC (who he believes to be an artificial female) as a true mate. But as time passed, he slowly began to give in.


Romance is a bit underwhelming. It was a bit interesting at first. What with the ML denying the MC’s identity. It was like a cat and mouse game LOLOl. But they get together pretty dully... so yeh!

SETTING: 7.5/10

The MC starts off as an artificial female beasts, which are androids created for the express purpose of giving male beasts a s*xual partner when in human form. The reason being the fact that female beasts have been stuck as beasts for centuries, unable to communicate properly because of their low IQ.

PLOT: 7/10

Surprisingly has more intrigue than k thought it would. I mean; political intrigue. In fact; there’s lots of elements here that were severely underused. Making the plot rather meh at times.

RATING: 3.4/5

Although far from a favorite, I still think that this novel is quite memorable. Exploring this backwards society was fun, especially with the established separation between sexes. I understand it might offense some, but I personality didn’t find the gender discussion. In fact; <<less
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