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When Gu Yu woke up, he found himself transmigrated to a werebeast planet and becoming an ‘artificial female’ given to the imperial marshal.


While the males on Brilliant Splendor are so capable that they can freely switch from beast to human form, the females were too fragile in human form and lost the ability to become human during the catastrophe.

It was the most common desire of the males – that their partners have human forms.

To satisfy this desire, a new product appeared on the market: artificial females – biological robots that are identical to natural human females, equipped with intelligent chips, and capable of responding to stimuli.

Planet Law stipulates that, in order to ensure the birth rate of the young, if one does not marry on their own by the age of eighty, they will be issued a partner by the Star Network.

Brilliant Splendor’s oldest prime bachelor, Marshal Cyno Bruce, made a decision that shocked the network when he was about to turn eighty.

– Marry an artificial female.

Cyno: Marry a beast female, no way! As for artificial females? Well, it’s cheap and it will not be a hindrance.


Really fragrant! _(:з”∠)_ Baby, let me hold you!

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New ParanoidKitten rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all, I've read some of the other comments and want to express my own opinion about this novel.

Someone complained about MC constantly blushing apparently for no reason, or the plot getting boring or the mindset of the citizens being.. How to say it? Too narrow? Oldfashioned? This is in regards of male x male relationship (sounds s*upid in a sense, since this is a BL novel).

In general, this beastworld novel in interstellar setting is a pure fluff novel. You're bound to get diabetes from reading.

MC, as always died... more>> by saving the school beauty during a car accident, if I remember correctly. Then he transmigrates into the interstellar era.

Please note, that MC has been mute for almost all of his life and has been bullied and abandoned by everyone around him. So I would like to call him suffering from PTSD. He has been conditioned to only rely on himself and questioning the behavior of others towards him. His self-esteem is basically non-existent. This is a red line through the whole novel. So while reading please keep this point in mind. (This is one of the two reasons, why he's constantly blushing, since he's just incredibly insecure and embarrassed. The other reason is because he likes ML, so why shouldn't he blush in front of his crush?!)

His biggest dream was to become a singer, but because he was mute, he couldn't do so. But he loved to compose music, play his flute.

After transmigrating, he found himself in ML's villa. Because of his muteness and the general world-setting, his identity as a living human was not discovered at first. He himself didn't know anything about this new world and wasn't able to communicate with others at the beginning. So due to various reasons which are explained at the start of the novel, he's directly getting married to ML, or if you want to say it harshly: he's forced to get married. Since his initial identity of an artificial female (a robot) will only be resolved at around Ch. 15-20. There are some misunderstandings ML has, but they are easily explained and won't result in any drama, so don't worry about that.

The system responsible for sending him into this second life won't show up much and is most of the time not mentioned in any way, aside from MC using the system shop to enable his ability to read, speak and


transform beast females into natural females


Aside from doing the latter, it's basically about MC finally realizing his dream of becoming a singer and musician and getting along with his friends and husband. The fact that the latter loves him dearly, not only because of his identity, but because his whole person is just perfect for ML, helps him to gradually overcome his low self-esteem and he becomes more confident in himself.

So all in all you can say this is a story about a PTSD-suffering person slowly healing.

A little warning, though: There are some "heavy" plotpoints in this novel, explained in the other comments, regarding the male beastmen handling the other genders which are anything but fluffy (discrimination for example and another point is forceful change of gender), so please be prepared.

Naturally, I'm aware that everyone has different tastes, that's why instead of telling you to "absolutely read this novel", I would advise you to take a look at the first 20ish chapters, so you can test wether or not you want to read this novel. But from my point of view, this is a great novel. The translation is near to perfect and one can see the translator put a lot of work into this novel and did a really great job.

That's why I want to thank Addis and Lhachril (editor) from Exiled Rebels Scanlations for their hard work. You've done great, thank you! <<less
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New azgreen
October 10, 2021
Status: c40
Some very dodgy gender issues going on here, especially w.r.t. How "transgender" is represented. Also, if you take anything other than a shallow read on it, pretty homophobic! Literally a character who is defined as 'male' in this novels custom gender spectrum says something along the line of 'don't be disgusting, I'd never be attracted to a male', basically same-s*x attraction (e.g. Natural female-natural female) is inconceivable/bad/wrong. It presents 'males' and 'females' (either natural or beast) as the only correct combination, and 'beast' females seem to be pets for breeding??

IDK,... more>> I'm not rating it as its a well translated casual read, the characters are likeable enough, but the more I think about the worldbuilding the more uncomfortable I get. <<less
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Aruthea rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Found this, read the translated chapters and proceeded to binge the rest of the novel in the original Chinese raws.

The story is a pretty simple romance with a bit of plot thrown in. What I like is that the (Gu Yu) MC's muteness does not detract from his character, and the story explores the many issues he has growing up with being mute and living with the stigma of an orphan in modern China. This prevents him from believing the (Cyno) ML likes him and entrusting to the ML his... more>> personal matters. Yet, at the same time, his kindness makes him want to contribute back to society in however way he can, which allows him to achieve his mission with ease. He has no ulterior motive, or any desire for vengeance whatsoever, but he just wants to do good and he is rewarded with his good karma eventually. Really nice, and he's fortunate he ended up with ML who is kind and patient.

Meanwhile, the ML is somewhat attracted to the MC and patiently waits for him to consent. Heck, he is really good at controlling his libido that they don't even do the deed until chapter 50+ LOL. He decided that he wouldn't abandon the MC and set his mind on sticking through the marriage, even way before realising that the MC is special. Because of the MC's unknown origins, MC was mistaken to be a modified female beast (a male modified into female) and even then ML told his brother (the emperor) and the public he will stick with him no matter what, even if it means the end of his noble bloodline. It shows his unconditional love. He is fairly capable and ensures that he does the dirty work of taking care of people who try to hurt his partner. Not in the brutal way, but he is efficient and professional in his work ethic. MC always feels he causes trouble to him like hurting his reputation, and ML assures him that this is not the case, willing to do whatever it takes for his partner to be safe. This is a nice dynamic where both are consenting and trusting of each other!

The misunderstanding ML has with the MC's identity is resolved fairly quickly, within the first 20 chapters. Then, the MC's identity becomes an issue within their society, showing the effort the author has spent in world building this world of unique dynamics. Since this is a werebeast-kind of universe, genders are split according to female beasts, male beasts and natural female beasts. Female beasts can't become human due to a catastrophic event some time back. This is a severe population issue since they became weaker and frail, making reproduction difficult. They call female beasts who can become human as natural female beast, and there even exists a society dedicated to protecting them even though the last one (ML's grandmother) passed away about 60 years ago. Aside from artificial humans, later the story will reveal that some males were forced to become female as part of human trafficking. These people and the issue of the declining birth rate gets resolved thanks to the MC's system giving him a special ability. I do wish the story didn't just drop the artificial human thing like that though... The artificial human stops becoming an issue really quickly and is never brought up upon due to the focus on treating the population issues.

The MC's system doesn't really feature really strongly, since he is only given one mission - to achieve 1 billion Like rating in 3 years. Although it's a bit silly how his system is as simple as seeing which people likes him and who hates him, this ability is used to great effect in the story to find people who aim to hurt him. MC's growth in becoming confident is shown through how he made friends and become an accomplished broadcast host, and eventually a singer. ML allows his partner to grow independent, and always considering his thoughts always. It's lovely.

So what's special about the MC?


The System modified MC to be a natural female beast, so MC is capable of giving birth. MC was flustered upon finding this out, and ML calmly explained to him the mechanics of the world once he found out MC was not from their world. That scene when they had to conduct a physical examination on the MC was hilarious! Not only that, the system gave him a voice that can treat forcefully modified females back to their original gender with no issues with their glands and hormones. Adding to this is the ability to turn all female beasts back into natural female beasts. AKA, he is the solution to solving the issues faced in this universe. However, there is a catch. He must sing to them for at least a few hours a day until they can become human again. His voice can also enhance physical attributes of male beasts, meaning he can upgrade their stats as well. ML naturally prevented this utilization because he is sure f*ck not letting his partner sing to a group of male beasts just to enhance their stats lmao. The former two is definitely much more beneficial to society, and MC's inherent desire to provide charity is what allows him to succeed in his mission in 3 years! That said, it took a while for ML to reveal MC's power because MC's special ability could cause an outright war since all the other planets were in desperate need of females too.

Not only that, MC is supposedly special, akin to a legendary figure who would bear his partner's soul mark when transformed, and would transform into his partner's species. Which, yes, he becomes a white tiger like the ML. This legendary figure was from the history's golden age, and united many of the species together. The reason they found out is because there will be one special day where everyone will turn into beasts. I believe it's a full moon of sorts? MC didn't transform into a beast until he got pregnant. Basically, MC had a really shocking revelation that not only did he become a white tiger but also pregnant with one. Don't worry, he'll find that he can become human again after some practice.

The System that chose MC was an administrator, and he told MC that he believes in the MC. Such faith definitely allowed the MC to do his best, since he always felt that he was a burden with no friends in life. The admin that chose MC also told MC that it was easy to fail the mission as well, because the ability to gain likes and dislikes is a double-edged sword. He has seen others who got too greedy and suffered a horrible end. It's similar to real life that certain actions can amplify your likeability or hateability too. This brings the system component to a good end as MC reflects on why he succeeded, and the admin allowed him to do one wish from his previous world. The MC asked for his student loans to be paid off, and the admin said "I cannot do that, because it has been paid." Turns out the girl MC saved paid for his fees, and even dedicated a song to him. She started funneling charity funds dedicated to children with disabilities and orphanages in MC's memory. I think that's a really nice touch, even if the system component was very weak in the story. For MC, good karma paid off!


Overall, it's a good read! Don't expect a lot of deep issues and there are some conflicts that pop up that the ML and MC try to resolve as amicably as possible. <<less
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PiayaParty rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
  1. No, the couple does not do it in animal form.
  2. The book cover is misleading, so do not be discouraged. The translator offers an alternate official cover that has beautiful art of the main couple.
  3. Read this with an open mind. The species are shapeshifters, have different culture, and have different views on gender/sex.
The main character is a gentle, kind person that makes me want to encourage and protect him! The main love interest seems stern at first, but he is actually a very doting lover!

It is explained early on that this... more>> will be a story of recovery, healing, and hope. The MC is mute, but wants to speak, so the system gives him the option. The author is good at writing gradual recovery and learning processes. There are numerous instances of this besides the main character. <<less
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Lhachril rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c54
This book snuck right through my defenses to become one of my favorites due to its wonderful MC and ML, story arcs that grow in complexity and keep drawing the reader into the next chapter, and all the adorableness from the beasts.

My immediate attention was captured by the MC from the first chapter. We don't see protagonists with physical disabilities often. The author did a wonderful job making this Gu Yu shine despite being unable to speak. And its impossible not to root for him to become successful in achieving... more>> his dream.

The ML grows on the reader despite a rocky start. And their relationship grows through the book at a believable pace.

Anyone reading this will find this to be a very pleasant and entertaining read. And it very well become a favorite to be read over and over, as it has for me. <<less
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Devrai rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It started really good and then left steam and became a rushed piece of flat bread.

MC transmigrates to the interstellar and woke up in a storage room with 4 other sleeping "boys ". A system tells him he is here to give him a chance to realize his dream... being a singer. Since MC was mute in his last life that was not possible and now he will be able to speak if he has enough points to buy in the system store.

When the door opens MS gets grabbed right... more>> away and thrown in his new life. The 4 boys were "artificial females" (think entertainment and love androids) sent to ML by a friend. ML mistakes MC for one of them at first and marries him to avoid beeing matched by the system....

ML finds out about ML rather fast, around chapter 15. So there is no dragging this out. The story started really good and I felt like reading a 5 star one but later on the writer rushed and lost track. They inserted that system and I was looking forward to the things MC would be able to buy later on but the writer abandoned everything that was foreshadowed.

It went from "working hard for your dream" to "yeah... using system magic to evolve the females while doing some training, being awesome and getting a contract and concerts thrown in ya face just cause you are cute and sooooo awesome". It really started to enjoy me.

To explain that female part, there are following "genders":

  • Male - can freely transform between human and beast form.
  • Natural female - no woman form in this world. Male form and is somewhat smaller than male, can transform between human and beast form and get pregnant.

    Extinct until MC showedup

  • Beast female - can't transform to human form, it's more intelligent than a beast but not as much as a human. Gets pregnant and is the usual partner for males.
  • Artificial females - entertainment and love androids to stimulate a natural female for males and satisfy the wish for having a companion that cares and communicates with them.
Well if you are not all to picky about the decline in the story, you can read it. I gave it 3 stars cause I'm sure I don't want to read it again. Once it's ok but not twice. <<less
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c11
This was one heck of a novel. We have an MC who blushes every freaking time the ML stares at him. Even as much as discussing something normal like the rules of their marriage life. So intolerable. On the other hand, for no apparent reason, the ML finds the MC's regular expressions seductive. His character was supposed to be someone stoic but he seemed too sexually deprived to me.
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Freyalily rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Pretty okay I guess, MC not a ambitious person who aim for power, he just want to make his dream come true, which is a singer.

... more>>

Even if his voice can make the military/male stronger, he didn't, because doing that doesn't have to do anything with his dream to became a singer.

Sure he safe the extinct female, but he do that because at first he want to help his friends, and 2nd he realised he was too overprotected (by the people around him, not ml, ML support everything he wanna do) since he's the only female. He realised he treated like a porcelain, he can't go out (how to make concert). So if he make even more female like him, he won't become a precious extinct female, and he can move around and do anything he want.

Once there a lots of female, he stop doing it.

Everything he do, doesn't derived from his original goal, that is, to be a singer.

That what the system praised MC.

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housyspecial rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
A fluffy, cute, and touching romantic interstellar beast novel.

... more>>

The main character (mc) is shy & timid because of his sexuality and disability for being a mute. He saves a girl from getting hit by a car but ends up dying, then transmigrates into the interstellar beast world with a dream favorbility system. In the beginning, he was mistaken as a artificial female by the male lead, but of course, his status as a natural female soon gets figured out. He is given tasks to collect favorability points in exchange for the ability to talk. Later, the points can be used to help transform beast females into natural females.


What I like most about this novel are the interactions between the MC and other characters. You can gradually seen the growth of mc's courage and all his vivid, clever and cute traits.

His relationship with the male lead is so touching and heartfelt. You can distinctively feel the male lead's care and love towards the MC via his words of encouragement and respect towards the mc's feelings.

This novel has cute side characters with their respective good partners, and combined with the plotline, creates a cute yet colorful story. Enjoyed every chapter of it. ~ (^V^) ~ <<less
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September 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Pretty good story!! I wouldn't call ut the peak of literature or anything, but it makes for a pretty decent casual read, so long as you're willing to look over some of the minor plot holes and weaker side plots. The characters are all very compelling and are clearly distinct from one another, and I really liked the side couples!! ... more>>

ngl, I wish we saw more of that scientist/researcher guy and his snake female


I docked a point though because some of the wording regarding the "transgender females" felt rather... well... transphobic. Idk if I'm just overthinking it or if it was just something lost in translation, but calling the males who were forced/manipulated into human trafficking and being essentially forced into a body that's gender isn't their own just feels kinda gross. It doesn't help that the people being labelled as "trans" in this story are treated like monsters/like people who need to be cured. Furthermore, the "trans female" we get the most screentime of turns out to be a pervert who attacks the main character in the mens bathroom. It just feels really icky to me as a trans person myself. <<less
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August 27, 2021
Status: Completed

Entertaining story! Especially the first 2/3.

The concept is quite similar to many interstellar stories I read that are overall rated near 4.3-4.5. So, also in terms of rating this one is more or less in line too.

--> MC transmigrates/reborn in interstellar world. He gains special abilities that are crucial. Hence, he becomes the no. 1 treasure in the interstellar world, especially OP, desired by everyone.

    • MC: though super OP thanks to his abilities (provided by system) remains a modest, shy person. In the beginning he felt very inferior due to his muteness in his first life on earth, but that slowly changes.
    • ML: Likeable, protective, smart. Not too overbearing or too exaggerated. He is the marshal, so holds a lot of power, but the focus is not so much on that aspect.
    • Side characters: quite a few. Though they all had their screen time, none of them really stood out.
    • Romance is ok, didn't stand out, but wasn't bad either. At least there was quite some romance. In many of these interstellar stories, I feel the romance could almost be left out as all focus was on OP-ness of MC, but there was a balance in this story.

    • The concept/formula is nothing new, but especially in first 2/3 of the story executed very well. If you like A guide how to raise your natural enemy or Lazy Merchant of the beast world, then there is great chance you like this as well
    • Interesting beast world: (a) male beast (can transform to humanoid), (b) female beast (can give birth, only beast form), (c) natural females (like female beast, but can transform to humanoid, extinct till MC arrives, have male appearance too), (d) transgender females, (e) artificial females, basically s*x robots

    • After 2/3 of the story, the plot is becoming more and more slice of life, with much screen time of side characters. The side characters were ok, but didn't stand out/rather boring, so those parts felt like fillers. MC goes to their school, performs a song together with his friends at school, have BBQ together etc. --&Gt; fillers
    • MCs friends group totally felt like a girls group. Also, the topics and their behavior. As they are also seen as females in this world, so it is technically correct. But I think it is a pity they are written as a girls friend group by author. Though I don't mind a bit female characteristics, it was too much here.
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Selcouth rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a good novel. A fact. Not a great one but a good ol' fluffy gentle one. Good temperament the MC has.

If you come here to relax from hard plots then here is for you!

There's some misunderstanding in the beginning, some muteness, some difficulties. But after finding out MC is the first ****** in Brilliant Splendour, it all goes smoothly. Literally MC is the HOPE OF THE STARS. ML is also there to love and protect MC at all cost! Very Loving. Healthy. WOOHOO~ CUTE ANIMALS

Negative (DONT read its... more>> my opinion only!)

    • MC is gentle and soft, very self conscious, yes he has low self esteem I get the package, BUT I just dislike how he is SO obedient, likes to stay at home waiting for Husband, MC is also too shyyy for me, OK I'm a dumbass.
    • This is basically male and female, the only thing is that females have dicks :') All emotions and characteristics are basically your clich male and clich

      female. But Omegaverse spinoff Is like that I guess, I don't read much of those.
THO, give it a try if you like the summary, I did. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
The only thing that would make this more perfect would be some pandas >///<
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September 26, 2021
Status: Completed
REAAAAD THIS!!! Our MC being lovable and a big Yesss to ML. I like how ML respects and shows his love/care for MC. He helps building up mc's confidence and encourages MC to the things he likes to do.

MC is hardworking and did his best to overcome his shortcomings. Mannn it's so hard not being able to speak and how happy he is that with his mission he can now talk. There are many charcaters and Author did a great job on not making them 2d. A worthwhile read about... more>> interstellar story😊 try it, full of fluffyness and Great MC/ML relationship + other side couples💕 <<less
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dlover627 rated it
September 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Some line made my teeth hurt so much (laughs).

The first 15 chapters made me worry so much so much it could easily belong to one of those older abusive style romance stories, luckily the tags put my mind at easy. It's just fluff sweet love.

The MC feels a little Mary sue-y but a can tolerate cause he has very low self esteem and lacks confidence and security.

... more>> The plot is okay, is not a true 5 stars that grabbed my heart, but...

It's nice that the world of the MC doesn't evolves around the ML, he has dreams and friends. The ML is strong and makes the MC feel secure, but he isn't domineering and doesn't control, force or limit the ML in any aspect.

Oh boy my teeth hurts...

No NSFW and no explicit scenes. <<less
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz
September 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Just a feel good story. I was creeped out early on with the "artificial female" setting for the MC. It was so uncomfortable to be treated like a sex-droid. Thankfully the ML isn't scum, and things passed in an unhurried manner. I really liked all the characters, even Harvey who came on too strong eventually grew on me. Everyone growing into a happy future was the best ending.
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July 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Highly recommend reading if you like fluff and animals. Of which, I love BOTH.

The MC transmigrated with a system (but this system is pretty low key haha) and the ML is supposedly cold but the MC makes him melt.

I think it is a super cute story and worth the time reading!
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LunaSolis070 rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Omg, I was actually reluctant to read this novel because of the cover and I f*cking regret it! This is so nice the MC is mute in his original world and came in this interstellar world. ❤️
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: Completed
(人 •͈ᴗ•͈).。*♡ SOFT AND FLUFFY

This story hasn't kept my attention 100% of the time but I liked that some of the problems were faced head-on with preparation. I loved the side CPs, the true friendship between them and of course the babies (≧▽≦)

Things could've gone absolutely disastrous a few times so it felt a bit uncomfortable seeing absolutely nothing happening. But then again it suits the vibe of this novel so I won't go into details.

Worthy of the high reviews
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Ouryane00 rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: 38
Rating: 3.5


  • Unique plot, mostly revolve around “gender”
  • There are 4 genders in this novel namely: shapeshifting male (beast to human and vice versa), beast female (male but can’t shapeshift to become human), artificial female (human female but is made/ a robot) and natural female (still male but can shapeshift from human to beast form)
  • The MC is so cute plus the ML isn’t the over bearing type. MC is OP but it’s all within the bounds.

  • I wasn’t comfortable with how

    beast females seem be portrayed or treated in this novel, because of their not so high intelligence and inability to became human, they are treated like pets and the same time as “mates”. Seems like they are only used for breeding or something.

  • This novel has a lot of potential but I think it felt short in intensifying some plot points

    like MC’s friends turning human, everybody was shock and there was quite a mess because Kiki transofrmed in public 🙄 but those scenes felt rushed and I felt the lack in emotions


  • This novel started put real strong, got hooked right away, plot was moving at a good pace but at around chapter 35-36 I just think it felt short as I stated above or maybe

    I’m still just so pissed with Kiki when writing this review so I’m extra grumpy lol

  • Its a good light, fluffy read
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July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
If you want fluff nothing but fluff then this is the story for you. Cuteness overload!! The MC is beyond OP but I like it. Good for a weekend read. Translation work is excellent
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QCY rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Common fluff filler.

Essentially, perfect saint MC transmigrates into a golden finger body and saves the world while also getting pampered by the perfect ML.

Thankfully, while the MC is annoyingly MC-like, the plot does make sense and the writing is fine.

Read only if you want to kill time.
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