His Marriage Partner is Scheming


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The rebellious, rich second-generation Chi Xueyan was forced to go on a blind date for the 11th time. He cut straight to the chase: I have a hot temper, I snore when I sleep, and I haven’t deleted my countless exes. If you can accept it, we will get the marriage certificate on the spot.

The handsome man named He Qiao sat opposite him and was silent for a moment with a strange expression. Then he nodded and said he was a book transmigrator. He knew that Chi Xueyan was the supporting male villain in this novel role and would become the future marriage partner of the protagonist Lu Siyi. He gradually lost himself in an increasingly paranoid unrequited love, did all sorts of bad things and eventually died.

He Qiao couldn’t bear to see Chi Xueyan, who was still active and healthy, end up like that. Therefore, he proposed to marry Chi Xueyan to avoid the plot. In any case, he was a workaholic straight man who only wanted to use the information from the novel to develop his career for the benefit of the public.

Chi Xueyan heard this and suddenly realized: Use advance as a retreat and use the typical schizophrenic symptoms to scare off blind dates. This person was an expert.

He decisively remembered this trick and waved his hand to pay the bill as his token of appreciation.

Soon, Chi Xueyan ran into a handsome man who completely matched his aesthetics. Moreover, he didn’t hesitate to take the initiative to ask for the other person’s name and contact information.

As a result, the handsome man replied with an indifferent expression, “I am Lu Siyi.”

Chi Xueyan: “……!!!”

This name was too familiar.

Two weeks later, under the gazes of his relatives and friends, Chi Xueyan affectionately exchanged rings and kisses with his 11th blind date and the mysterious book transmigrator, He Qiao.

Initially, He Qiao was very wary of Chi Xueyan, the scheming and vicious villain of the novel. After the two of them cooperated to pretend to love each other and tricked their families into allowing them to get married smoothly, he planned to focus on his career and not interfere with the other person.

However, Chi Xueyan finally settled down from the chaos and started seriously studying the novel’s plot. He would occasionally come to the company to find He Qiao.

Unlike the arrogant and willful boss’ wife that the employees imagined, Chi Xueyan mostly curled up on the sofa with a small blanket while quietly reflecting on his 2D life.

Occasionally, he would raise his head and ask, “Did Lu Siyi never like me at all?”


“He has no vision.” Chi Xueyan sneered and rolled over. “How did he become the male protagonist when you are obviously much better than him!”

He Qiao didn’t know why, but the investment plan in his hand suddenly became unsatisfactory.

What a scheming villain.

On the first anniversary of their agreed-upon wedding, He Qiao arranged the most romantic dinner and the brightest roses. He met Chi Xueyan’s blank eyes and finally asked the question he had been worrying about in his heart for a long time.

“You have a good temper and you sleep very quietly so…” He Qiao seemed casual. “Is it true that you haven’t deleted any of your exes?”

Chi Xueyan: “……”

What a scheming straight man.

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New MsKumiko rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: --
Maybe it's because I hate people who waste time, but

... more>>

I had to drop this due to my strong disdain for Chi Xueyan. He's essentially a player who continuously "teases" Qiao with extras everywhere.

Am I supposed to find that funny or cute? The only interesting aspect about Xueyan is that he's from a novel and has red hair. Otherwise, he proposes marriage to He Qiao, and then continues to meet an ex blind date (who was apparently SO perfect) ON THEIR WEDDING DAY, and go "oh are you jealous?" When He Qiao messaged him.

Seriously? Go to hell. Expeditiously. I wish that He Qiao had been given a friend group, so that Xueyan could've met someone to light fire under his flight behind. Because he started of being a indifferent, which I don't mind, and then went into douche bag category FAST.




I HATE the MC and feel that ANYONE else would've been a better love interest. Didn't bother to see if it got better


Writing and translation were amazing. I only liked He Qiao out of everyone else <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New hybridiris rated it
May 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I mtled this novel.

About the story

ML encounters MC on a blind date and confesses he's a book wearer and that MC is destined for a tragic end, doomed to fall in love with someone who misunderstands him and treats him poorly until love becomes hate and MC loses his life. This novel is a gentle slice of life story with zero dog blood that explores the character development of both MC and ML as their fake wedding slowly becomes real. This novel is not romantic in a conventional sense but... more>> rather filled with prose and meaning. I liken the novel to a gentle drizzling rain on a summer day.

About the MC

MC has a very unique temperament as someone who delights in the unexpected in his day to day. He is very perceptive and thoughtful, yet reserved and distanced. He is someone who can find beauty and fun all on his own without anyone else, which makes it very hard for anyone to approach him.

About the ML

ML is very gentle and persevering in taking every step to achieve his goal of surviving in the world he's in. As the novel progresses, his quiet persistence, gentleness, and support towards the MC shines through, allowing his character to grow through the experience of slowly falling in love.

About the romance

This is a very unusual depiction of romance by CNovel standards so if you have expectations of plenty of passion and intimacy, this novel will not meet those expectations. Rather this novel approaches love from a soul to soul connection. You can catch hints of how MC and ML feel for each other from their actions and words. Everything is understated and subtle but also very heartwarming. This is a novel for a rainy day with a mug of something sweet, reading two people slowly falling for each other and opening themselves up to new and different experiences. There are mysteries and secrets that are revealed over time. Read the extras because they really unveil some key plot points.


Read this novel if you would like a slow and gentle read of two people working together to change their tragic fate. Don't expect conventional passion and intimacy because it's not really that type of novel though there are moments of intimacy. This novel will make your heart glow warm and bring a smile to your face. However people who prefer fast paced novels may not like this. I would still recommend people step out of their comfort zone to read this but I understand that the subtleties, pacing and lack of drama may bore some readers. For those who risk giving this a try, I hope you will find it as beautiful and poignant as I do. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shortk rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: c57
This book isn't even completed by the author yet... Who is giving a low rating already??? This is the most enjoyable soft yet realistic character writing I have read. These leads have personalities of people that are so similar to friends I have irl. This is how you do a "unique" character without screaming to the reader "IM UNIQUE". All the real unique people I know are like this, strange yet aware and self reflective. Their thoughtfulness is so realistic without being preachy or overdone. Their romance is slow but... more>> soft. I AM EAGERLY WAITING EVERY DAY FOR AN UPDATE FROM THE REAL AUTHOR. This is ya soft boi romance with thoughtful considerate leads.

Idk if it will end well. But this character writing alone does NOT deserve a low rating imo. The book doesn't even have an end yet and the characters are amazing... Hooollly hold ya horses yall. At least wait until the author is finished writing the novel damn lol


Edit: I think it's ending now and I enjoyed it a lot! It's just a sweet lovely short novel filled with realistic chasing and romance. The plot is pure romance and it doesn't uncover anything more than that plot-wise. Personally I'm not disappointed bc of the real, interesting dynamics between the two leads. If you have ever been that guy or girl (or been a friend of one) who is really good looking, smart, witty, and interesting (while also being nice & approachable), then u know bc they have so many options that they can get bored no matter WHO is chasing them bc they've seen the same things a thousand times; they know they have so much to offer and all they want is some mystery and fresh romantic chasing to truly pin them down. you will nod and truly see how hard our MC worked for the ML in a very SMART way. he got the guy. GG. This is realistic to me lol. It's just well done.

Although all of the lose ends have not been tied up yet (maybe it will later or idk the author said they're writing extras), I don't know why but I don't care. This soft, not dramatic romance is enough for me!! <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c57
The story has a strong almost poetic ending that ties back to the beginning of the novel. A very happy second chance story with just the right amount of revenge. The positive changes the two have made have a strong and happy ripple effect through the people they have saved.

I have a lot of hope for the extras. I hope the ML's brother, He Xiao, will regret his original plans and come out of the hate that has been consuming him. I am also curious about what changes have happened... more>> for the original gong protagonist and love interest of the villain. Much of the bad ending in the previous life was a direct result of this "protagonist's" misunderstandings and mistakes. Will he never grow now that the 'villain' hasn't entered his life to be a scapegoat? The main story was really good so I won't be disappointed even if the author ultimately does not cover these details. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solivagantsoul rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Completed the main story, and it was just so amazing. There isn't drama, or revenge or anything crazy. A lovely romance that bloomed from a flash marriage between a transmigrator and a villainous character.

The characters mesh so well together that it's so incredible. I love the family interactions, the ML's close friends and even his job.

ofc there are definitely some questionable illogical things (and maybe theyre solved in the extras idk) but its such a calming and soothing read.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sonea66 rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: c15
Only read as far as currently translated, but I love it so far! Just a few things that are worth praising: the unexpected profession of Chi Xueyan, the vivid personalities outside of the main couple, the realistic but subtle struggle with reality and existence that the awareness of transmigration and living within a novel evokes. This story is beautifully written and the author has a talent in describing human relations and experiences.

4 stars instead of 5 only because so far there is a lack of tension and I have a... more>> slight worry that this story won't build up to a climax but instead maintain the current pace.

I have high hopes and look forward to reading the rest of it! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ryehl rated it
May 5, 2023
Status: c30
I don’t usually comment about the novels I read but I just have to say that this one right there is a masterpiece. I love the progression of the story, the natural flow of their relationship and I absolutely adore the ML.. he’s literally perfection : considerate, thoughtful, meticulous, etc...
When reading this novel, I felt like falling in love all over again and I’m don’t really do relationship. It just means this novel is great like that.
All through the story, I was smiling unconsciously at their interaction... more>> and their everyday life because it really represent the ideal relationship in my mind.

One detail I particularly like :


the fact that in the OG story, the MC liked the OG ML is so sweet. I loved the silent confession. As I’m not really a big fan love gestures and expressing my feelings. I find the gesture of telling the image of love in your mind as really meaningful.

Anyway, I STRONGLY recommend this relationship, and thank you for the translator for making us discover this beautiful novel. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: Completed
This is so good! I adore it very much! It's a very well written romance with a warm and mellow vibe. I enjoyed every single moment, every single chapter. I'm one of those readers who was chasing after the serialization. Awaiting for a chapter every night is daily happiness.

I cannot put into words how wonderful the entire atmosphere of the story is. The complexities of characters, love that is just 'right', the details of love, to live without regrets, the results of ones' choice. It's like what an ideal life... more>> and romance is supposed to be like. This is my favorite author. What ought to be explained was explained, it was a pleasant reading experience. I can't wait for this author's next story. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Just_a_Passersby rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: c57
How lucky I am to find this treasure! Wonderful characters, wonderful language (even a clumsy translation in browser did not spoil it), wonderful relationships and development of the story, the absence of clichés and annoying villains and rivals in love, almost zero drama... Definitely a masterpiece!🥲❤️ I hope there will be some extra chapters, because I don't want to part with characters:<
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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