Learning God in Hand, I Have the World


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System 7480 was conquered by its own host and became the s*ave of the other party. But it doesn’t matter, the 7480 that can choose to go through the world independently has a thousand mission scenarios to kill the host, so as to get rid of the fate of being controlled.

Weak chicken fighting five scum? Great, send you to the apocalypse!

A few years later, the weak chicken transformed the apocalypse into a new world where technology is prosperous.

The weak chicken has low emotional intelligence and is disgusting? That’s great, I’ll send you to the heartthrob Mary Sue who ran with the ball and gave birth to a talented son as a pick-up man, and then let the overbearing president and the man kill you because of jealousy!

As a result, the weak chicken is more talented than the genius son of the heroine who kills the Quartet, and makes the overbearing president kneel down and call Dad in minutes.

Weak chickens are afraid of getting dirty, tired, afraid of death, and only greedy for enjoyment? Very good! Send you to the battlefield as a deserter, and let the strategist male lead kill you! As a result, within a few years, the lord, who was assisted by a weak chicken, was invincible in all battles, and soon unified the divided continent.

After changing N mission scenarios, 7480, who failed to kill the host, finally found a truth – the host’s name is not called Weak Chicken, it is called Learning God, Learning God is invincible!

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อัจฉริยะครองโลก (THAI)
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New LittleOak rated it
July 7, 2024
Status: Completed
I like the premise, which makes it unique from other transmigration novels. The summary makes it seem like the system is the MC but its just a side character. The MC doesn't follow tasks and doesn't use the system or golden fingers, just his brain.

The MC is very OP and I like how the author doesn't dumb down the genius for the sake of drama. The MC doesn't make giant leaps of logic and come to a conclusion like other genius MCs so his genius is believable. There's still face... more>> slapping but MC pretty much breezes through the problems and doesn't face setbacks. But the author uses a unique way in each setting so it doesn't get boring.

The ending was a bit rushed and there were some minor plot holes, but those can be easily ignored. So why is it a 3 and not a 4? Because of the overt nationalism thats basically racism and xenophobia.

The first few chapters are heavily nationalist and almost all of the arcs have a plot about how MC wants to support China into becoming a national superpower and defeat America. America is always the bad guy and the villain is usually a traitor to China that partnered with Americans to steal secrets or is selfish and doesn't care about China. I can usually ignore the nationalism but its a heavy theme in this novel.

so, interesting plot but the nationalism and borderline racism makes it a 3. The reference to that president Trump was funny though. <<less
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PicturesqueSeeker rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: c11
The amount of nationalism and Chinese supremacy makes me so uncomfortable and I'm Chinese so that says a lot.

This was only at the very start of the story as well which makes it worse. As soon as we're introduced, MC is the only Chinese person and had his research stolen by an American blonde haired blue eyes man who's his adoptive father, yeah, that's how they describe it. At the very end when MC leaves their world, he says China is the best and the author made Chinese people suffer... more>> such injustice that they sacrificed their lives on earth but was treated as sinners when they went to Mars. Then in the new world, we have this side character Ming Xuan or whatever that says the US wants to obliterate China of its advamcements or something. Like I understand the emnity between the countries irl, cuz political shit, but this is just ridiculous and I didn't come here to read some US oppresses China sh*t as a beginning focus. Just completely ruined my mood to read it. I really couldn't handle it anymore because it's THAT bad and Zhuang LI, (The MC) is said to have an IQ of 310+ but the whole thing is based on science and his battle with the system when trying to bind with him was so suffocating.

I felt like I was reading rubbish/ nonsense the whole time and didn't even have the power to continue reading.

The science is all science related to the galaxy/outer space so I didn't understand sh*t and its the focus of the damn story which makes it worse cuz I couldn't get into the story at all/immerse myself which is a show of bad writing honestly imo.

I couldn't stomach the whole story and I was only 10 chapters in. Yeah no, this is a total drop from me. I should've given it a 1 star instead but oh well. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Oh~ finally!!

Hahaha... It was picked up at last! This is one of my fav. QT novel... Its just a bit long, just 500+ with 10 or so arcs. The author really put all her mind in this novel. The theories she wrote in this series are really interesting. ESP, the part where MC was arguing with the system about their origin and the origin of the lord god. It was really good. This novel is really detailed. Although it was all fantasy, when you read it, you'll say "it make... more>> sense." It very well written...

The only downside of this novel is that, the mc's love for his country. I think many readers will get turn off by it. Esp, from the very start the three chapters prequel-- is about how MC, felt lonely and tired of his own world because of that world's prejudice to his own nation, that he almost let them perish. His idea of transporting to another world was actually just his selfishness to meet his own kind again. He is very patriotic. And many modern arcs involves Us vs Cn. in the deleted Arc 10, its about cn vs jp. So, many readers who don't like cn novels going racist, will surely get turn off with this novel. But really, this is really a good one. Except for not having any smutty scenes, the author really gave it her all on this.

And this is the first novel I've read where the MC is totally wasted. He only has his brains and nothing else. but because of that, he is omniscience, while the ML really complement him very well. Because the ML only has his powers and physical strength. Hahaha. he can't even save himself-- he needs mc's help... ML actually planned to self destruct together with the lord god and the whole universe if MC didn't appear.

And this time, these series is all about MC saving ml. I don't like the ending very much. Its anti climatic. Unlike the arc before the finally battle, the battle of MC and the lord god, is just "one punch man". And there is no extra...

Anyway, happy, this series is going to be translated now!~ <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: Completed
My review will be quite biased, I just like this novel, ok? :D Let's dismantle. I hope with no spoilers (firstly, I have a whole spoiler thread on the forum, secondly, it's less interesting to know beforehand, right?))).


  • Zhuang Li. Our MC is a super intelligent person, although mostly all black tehcnologies used and mentioned in this novel are a fantasy, but imagine that his intelligence just transcends beyond our imagination, while we think in a box then he holds a universe. His only weakness is that he is physically weak (not even able to break an egg with his bare hands, I swear). First chapters explain the tragedy of humans of his world, but mostly his regret that he was the only one saved and saw how Chinese people all died and he was still a helpless child (I think this explains the patriotic vibes in this novel, but since first chapters only shortly describe the tragedy it kind of is not as impactful as I wish it could be). He did not mind that his scientific research was robbed, be condemned by everyone, those who escaped Earth had no idea that they were doomed with approching catastrophe, thanks to his invention he crossed the space and time to leave, leaving the only grace of his invention to the people left beind and put the chance of survival in their hands. This marked his travel and binding with the system 7480, which was not volunteerly, but he is someone who will make you call him dad in minutes. What I mostly like about him is his queenly personality, he knows he's smart, he uses it in every arc and that's what makes his character consistent, he doesn't need to change much, he actally doesn't love the world, he doesn't follow the rules/routines, his only binding force is his lover and because his lover cares about these worlds is the main reason why Zhuang Li cares for them too (in his own way).
  • Ming. I call him simply Ming. Each arc has a person who has Ming in their name, btw ZL and him always look the same in every arc, just different ages. ZL rather quickly uncovers the truth behind Ming in few arcs, he understand the truth behind Lord God and his "Children of Destiny", which are put in every world. It's not too difficult to guess that Ming is someone whose power was ploundered, he was lucky to meet ZL and from then on he was slowly saved by ZL. And because Ming in every arc is like part of his soul, which explains the attraction in his soul, since all Mings don't have the memories. With ZL they're the opposites, while ZL is the intelligense then Ming is power, although he's not s*upid, but mostly he's in charge of power and accomodation, thus creating the cute constrast. Honestly, they have quite a great relationship, although it's like 500+ chapters, but I've read this novel (especially some arcs) several times.
  • 7480. Boy, if you want to know who went through changes, the answer is the system. We start with 7480 being a completely obedient dog of Lord God, he also creates a lot of unfavorable situations for ZL just to get rid off him, but was always slapped in the face. And more than that, the danger ZL meets at the arrival fastens his actions against Children of Destiny. Well, in the end 7480 can only light candles. With time 7480 actually is kind of enlightened and brainwashed by ZL, because it sees the inside story of the world, not the PLOT picture that is described. In the end 7480 becomes a salted fish that is happy to serve such a golden thich rich dad. Mostly I don't like systems in QT, believe it or not they're annoying AF, but 7480 becomes really cute in later arcs. Thus we witness a true character development.

  • Tbh I was impressed, really. Not only we get to see different epochs, but also different genres almost, modern, fantasy, thriller, interstellar, infinite flow etc. First of all, ZL always uses some type of knowledge or technology in every arc, you might say - what is so special about it? And I will tell you in examples. Remember Interstellar type of novels and zergs? Well, you know how they handle these types of worlds, but imagine someone who comes and breaks your cognition. What mechas? What fighting? Just use most effective, cost and life-saving means. Remember vampires? Then imagine defeating vampires not with bullets and stakes, but with science. Apocalypse? No big deal. Even entertainment industry, do you think ZL will act? Keep dreaming, he is a tech person who can rob everyone of their business. I also like the fact that ZL sometimes uses things left from previous arcs, which aren't big, but they come in handy. Honestly, these details and non-routine solving of the problems is what attarcts me the most, not to mention that worlds and situations described are so diverse and different from everything I've read (and I read a lot of QT, so yeah).

  • If you won't mention, I will mention it. If you've completed then at least it is worth pointing and complimenting. There are several remarkable female characters. Although not everyone is good, we do have a lot of those vicious female fodders, but several who became close to ZL should be mentioned because they carried quite a positive message of female intelligence, being self-sufficient etc. My most favorite must be the adopted daughter, since it was so cute, so warm, it's the only time Ming and ZL were a family of three in the end. In my opinion even if those were few in numbers, but at least their stories were meaningful.
In the end I'd like to say, it's a worth-while journey, although the novel is huge and it's definitely not entirely perfect, but I find it really exciting, at least I wasn't bored reading. If you'd like to read more I suggest you MTL, it's mostly quite easy to understand.
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Northern Snow
Northern Snow rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: --
I read this through MTL and I must say that the MC is so sexy! (╥﹏╥) Even though he often being described as beautiful, handsome, or devilishly charming but whenever the big brain moment came I would sigh and say, 'please accept my kneel sir'. The MC is just ridiculously smart and cunning. I like that he also proactive in his relationship. Usually I came across MC being a 'no-no' guy when the ML being touchy, but here, the MC takes initiative which I looovee soo much.

The ML also really... more>> cute, he's possessive but he always let MC do what he wants. Even though he:s very powerful but in this novel you will see MC taking care of ML most of the time. He's truly living the dream life of eating soft rice.

The only thing I regret is that this novel doesn't have extras. I need extras!!! ಠᴥಠ Oh tmi. My fav arc is the entertainment arc. I love the premise of an actor becoming a CEO, and the ML being a casino owner. I really want to see it being a fully fledged novel. <<less
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Morfzine rated it
May 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Nothing much to say, I pretty much agree with what the other reviewers said. Though I do want to add a little bit about the nationalism/borderline rascism. I think the author is, at some degree, were forced to write it. You can actually see it if you squint enough, how the nationalism part are not always there and only appears at some part though strongly which makes us still uncomfortable sometimes after that. Just see how the protagonist that supposedly has very thicc 'loving the country' filter, never really do... more>> or think anything inside that kind of scope of thinking outside of some of the arc that DO has nationalism. He's just like your typical anti hero protanist with brain on multiplier and perhaps more cruelty than allowed on the cencorship?


there's the arc where he isolate his sister's step sister (they were seperated when the parent divorced, the sister follows their mother that then again remarried) in a small room with enough food for her not dying until probably she's died of old ages if a were to remember correcly, which is several decades with no interaction nor anykind of social activities. I think the doctor were the ones that deserve more punisment similar to this or even more crueler, but he died early soo fair enough (the doctor is a pimp/human s*aves dealer btw, so dying from HIV/stabbed?? (Idk if thats right, kinda forget already) is definetely not enough


Going back to the racism problem. Another fact is right before this novel released, author's previous work 'psychic' has some anti goverment thought. Of course she didn't write it as it is, but hidden through the characters opinion when some policies changes/cover up are happening but the cencorship guys or editors are not idiots. And btw, there's like half of her previous works that are locked. Don't know if it related but that's really sus (probably locked by the government). Even there's an arc here that are reworked, by that I mean changing it COMPLETELY (it's arc 10, previous one is republic of china setting, don't know how it triggered the cencorship, but the new arc 10 is really cool too with modern setting). So there's a high change author is a 'repeating criminal' AKA this is not the first time she's trying the limit of cencorships LMAO. Oh yeah I also found some comments in jjwxc about author that are known with their nationalism in their works but actually not, this author is in the list, along with other author that works fascinated me but end up dropping cuz of the country boot licking. Of course this can also be just me rambling conspiracies theories cuz I'm tired reading awesome novel then suddenly got hit with racism.

Moving along here my thought about the main cast :

  1. MC (Zhuang li) : A literal vixen. Like seriously how the f*ck can a virg*n that has zero social interaction for several years act like that. This guy is worse than FOD protagonist in their hornie-ness. Actual quote from one of the arc - conversation with ML "promised me a 24/7 available f*cking service and all of this properties are yours baby" (it simplefied but this is really the main point of the sentences). Unfortunately this novel has no smut like author's previous work (probably she has been warned about-18 stuff after the table throwing that is psychic), so we can't see how well is MC's action in bed : (. The guy is a god level genius, his first 'transmigrating' experience is actually by his own effort (not spoiler) by making 4th dimension-something technology and he supposedly very nationalistic (lol the flag notebook scene in early chapter always gets me if you know what I mean XD) though that peculiarity of his always 'forgoten'by the author except some part. He's good at anything except housekeeping (lazy, would rather build a machine from scratch to do it for him), body management (he's sh*t at sports, or in his word 'i have poor motor nerves', in unlimited stream world his stats are all 'E' except looks and intellegence lol) and philosophy/politic (non science related basically, or maybe he's just not interested tbh cuz his talking/diplomat skill are very good). Has high sky confidence and are said to have negative EQ but I think he just don't care about other peps cuz again, his relationship making ability is very good. Suprisingly loves family, if in a world he had family members that loves him he will do anything for them, especially sisters. Arc with nice sisters are one of the best tbh cuz of their dynamic with MC is just *chef's kiss* (even the dead one). The daugher too

    there's only one of them and MC's adopted daugther also a genius but has an obsession with having her own kids cuz of her lonelines, that's why he decided to adopt her, cuz she's kinda similar to him and she's like really cute

    all the sons are b*stard though. He has high care of his apperance, always tidy up his clothing or hair when finding mirror. Some fact about ZL sluttiness : He don't care about age gaps and social norms (in a world his first s*x with ming is when he's still 14-16 ish while Ming is near middle age if I'm not wrong. And there's also where they are teacher and student though here age gaps is only one years cuz ZL identity here is already a genius). He has unbeaten record on f*cking the ML, ten minutes after arriving in a new world and boom, he managed to coax ML to bed him.
  2. ML (-Ming) : Very wifey, me likey, suitable for this sort of scummy shou. I think all genius shous with weird temprament had to be with thus kind of househusband ML cuz of how willfull they are. Got blushed easily when teased by ZL. And the most important thing is, not in every world will he has a powerful identity. Sometimes he's a loser in which case it will fulfill the need of those who likes richer/more powerful shous (like me). So there's many (always) cases when ML look like a poor daughter in law lol (even if he's the emperor he's still keeps that act -> grinding ink a cooking while MC, a nobodies in that world, does the government affairs, I think he likes to be sugar babied and acting like a wife lol).

    there also the arc where ZL's grandfather is a womenizer. ZL said "well have you taste men? No? That means I'm more powerful than you", and then graps said "well but you (Ming) better keep your act together and don't bother ZL while he's working, and don't even think about dowry for me, hump" -> actually that hust gramps being tsundere XD

  3. System (forgot the number) : A huge d*ck at the start. I don't know why he can survive till now. But after being tamed by MC, he just do nothing except being comic relief and a convinient in between world transporter (because ZL dont want too make another machine, or just too lazy). He's very much useless cuz ZL can do anything that he can but better. His licking dog personality after being tamed by MC is pretty amusing lol. From being a b*stard that wants to kill ZL at everytime to a useless son that only read comic to pass time while enjoying the terror ZL gave to other systems (or his enemies in general).
Side characters are nice especially the good family members. Antagonist also very OP so although they definitely won't beat ZL in their lifetimes, still keeps some of the tension yknow (but some kinda annoying perhaps cuz how c*ckroach-like they are, fine by me though cuz battle through technology is very interesting to watch than the usual acting skill/deceiving feeling strategy).

Best Arc for me is :


1 (battle of wits between MC and system + 5G technology),

2 (hacker battle between MC and his genius fake son).

10 (forgot which it is).

the ones with playboy grampa, also switched sons arc (Ming being very daugher in law + car/bio technology).

fake entertaiment arc (cuz it actually a gambling arc lol).

reality show arc (Ming is a racer and ZL is the richest man in Asia <- not the identity but the works that he's done after arriving).

merchant king sister arc (the only good ancient setting arc tbh).

dead sister arc (making ghost (illusion) through technology).

and the ones when ZL adopted a daughter arc (here's there also a fake son but this son is an idiot and original owner don't know that his wife lied to him, many father and daugther wreaking others action, and here they makes anti-aging cosmetic product and services to help ML's win his family battle)


Despite the build up, final arc AKA the unlimited streaming arc end up being a let down followed by the ending. The power that ZL's gained near the final arc also seems useless other than to add special effect when scamming someone. Like really idk why author give ZL that power when he can bulldozer his ways just with brain alone. There's also some minor element that neglected, other than that thus novel's fine, of course ignoring the massive nationalism. Based on my memory most nationalism concentrated at : chapter 1-5, Arc 3, Arc where he goes back to Arc alternate realities, and one more that I forgot where

In conclusion this novel is amazing to those who like QT AND scifi. If you want to see MC act to, well theres some. The reason why ZL don't is cuz he didn't bother to, when he DO though, it's probably when there are alive family members that takes care of him or he just want more spiceness on his relationship with Ming later on lol.


throwback when he's roleplaying to be a hurted ex-husband. Then he got drugged so ML can f*ck him quickly but failed, so he resort to desperation and then breaksdown when ML's annoying moms question him. Finally they had a stress s*x (at least ML think so). Later ZL's daughter found out his scheming/true feeling but never told Ming so she will be patner in crime with her dad


Although of course some of the tech fact are not really based on reality, but author did research some of it. Those who like modern can also try this cuz ancient only got 3 arcs. And there's no magical world except the last one cuz it's really hard to mix (find thesis on) magic/cultivation with existing techonology, if you really want to deliver high quality one at that. <<less
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BobChan rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: c4
So far, it’s very patriotic from the start. As another user has stated, there’s so much blatant dislike for Caucasian and trying to sell how smart your own race is. I understand but this is a bit on the extreme side and it leaves a distasteful impression. I’ll probably skim the raws and see how it goes.
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SoniaNatira rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: c4
I couldn't get past the intense nationalism that borders on racism. Physically nauseous, it's impossible to get past it for me. It dehumanizes every race as criminal and idiotic while elevating the authors own race to be "Invincible." Get off your high horse author, you're an embarrassment to those who truly fight for inequality. You could have used this as a platform to speak out against Asian hate but you're far too extreme in a way that screams of propaganda and brainwashing.
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Adelina92 rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: Completed

I love MC so much. Although some may find this as too nationalistic (and most of the time I also feel the same way).. but we have to consider that MC has so much grievances because the world has committed genocide to his country by killing the last of his countrymen that survived the catastrophe... So from there you'll get why MC has huge grievances towards other races... overall it's just a story setting.. although it may be uncomfortable... When you try to ignore it, you'll... more>> enjoy the ingenuity of MC in every task world. He was the first QT who didn't rely on the previous plot to overcome the protags.. that why I love MC so much.. I wish they have explored other world settings such as cultivation world... MC will definitely become a bad-ass alchemist or pill refiner, expert in formations as well as expert in making weapons., Sigh... I wish there's more... 500+ chps are still not enough for me.. sigh... <<less
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Sara.s rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Finally it is being translated 😭.... It's a pity that I read it three times before 😅. In short, this novel is both suggestive and excellent. Be sure to read
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Ann99 rated it
July 27, 2023
Status: Completed
  1. I hate the "forced to cheat" plot authors use to create drama. Consider it a side effect of reading too many shoujo and josei mangas.

    This one caught

    me by surprise because jjwxc tags are accurate 95% of the time. I went into this book expecting a really refreshing reading experience *points at the face slapping tag*


    At the very end, the protagonist gets captured by an enemy into a mirror world. This dude impersonates the ML and MC kisses him. Then MC realises this isn't the ML. He pretends to not notice the difference,

    then seduces the dude to kill him.

    It wouldn't have been so bad, but:

    1) The entire thing was live broadcast to ML & his teammates.

    2) The author initially implied that MC gave that dude a BJ and took advantage of the time when he org***ed to kill him. Then readers who expected

    a 1v1 novel made trouble, so the author edited and made the section more vague.

    3) This dude is almost as powerful as the ML but he was killed so easily!!??

    4) This was inconsistent with the rest of the novel and felt like a gay version of a bodice ripper.


    Also I tried to look past the extreme misogyny in this one. I gave the author a hall pass just because. But he amps it up in his new book:

    The ML views women as conquests. After sleeping with countless women, he draws their erot*c portraits & holds an exhibition. Like major EW.
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TenkaDXS rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel is really well built even if some of the concepts might put off some reader so I’ll list them quickly:

  • Nationalism to the max, but the author has to make the censorship review pass, and it is indeed based in the reality of growing political tensions between China and the US especially when it comes to technology and economic power
  • The over smarts of the MC: most of the plot tension doesn’t comes from the MC himself but by real dangers the author managed to put in place so the immersion in the plot is still there and thankfully the resolutions are always kind of logical even when the black tech reaches SSS-level golden fingers
So onwards to what I liked from the novel:

  • MC is a over the top IQ sociopath who only accidentally got reins put on him thanks to ML or other affection links when those people are present which means that even if some means of action are not his preferred ones (or accessible as MC has deplorably weak physical strength), he will do literally ANYTHING to achieve his goals and piss off the ones who aggravated him. I think there are actually a few characters that died of anger thanks to him. His main strengths comes not from the scientific knowledge and analysis but from his ability to grasp the psychology of everyone around. So a revengeful, extremely petty, and Uber-IQ, slightly narcissistic person who is both charming and frightening.
  • The main plot of crossing worlds is well led and that intrigue is both highly logical, but dense enough that you’d want to see the end and keep it in mind between the narrative arcs. Also with our MC the progression isn’t based on collecting golden fingers even if at a point there are a few items that will be collected.
  • The interactions and characters are well done and logical with a few explanations on why the systems and tasters get to be so hateful or always opposed to MC.
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Starrion rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: c533
This is the most beautiful Quick Transmigration that I have read. I really like how the MC avenge the person whom he transmigrated to. He is really a Genius and a Very Cunning one that can overturn the story. His system is also cute tho. (Lmao)
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Raksha rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Some parts at the early stage were a bit unbearable, the author... took nationalism a bit too far. But around mid or nearly mid, I think, there's no Chinese supremacy thinking anymore (that I noticed, at the very least). Like the MC, really, but he's too OP from the very beginning. I like that he's constantly learning, but the starting point was too high. I'm not too entirely satisfied tho, coz the chances for him to learn was nearly zero. It only happened at nearly end of the novel. No... more>> cultivation world, no ghost world (yes, I'm not including the last world), really not much fantasy world. This is what made annoyed the most.


I just realized that the author is also the author of one of my all time favs Face of the Devil.... Why the hell did the writing become worse? <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.6/5

Out of all the novels I have read so far this is the one with the worst case of nationalism and xenophobia. This is especially true in the beginning of the novel and it does reoccur in various arcs. But fortunately not all arcs are infested with these bad vibes.

Plot wise, it was fine, entertaining even. But I can't say much about consistency and logic, especially concerning the scientific basis of the novel. As I skipped or skimmed the paragraphs where the MC goes on to present scientific monologues... more>> my opinion is only superficial. What I can tell, though, is that the author likes to throw complicated and high-sounding terms and half-truths around and bend everything to fit the narrative.

Apropos bending logic to fit the narrative, at the beginning when it was said that the MC was the last Chinese, I couldn't help but feel a plot hole jumping at me. This narrative completely ignores overseas Chinese. It's like "Oh yeah, all ethnically Chinese are located in China and they all perished so only MC is left. Arrrg, those evil foreign, blond-haired and blue-eyed westerners." The USA was especially demonized and portrayed as insidious and selfish thieves.

Some arcs felt a bit repetitive as they resembled prior arcs in setting or development. Can't tell how many times the MC was hailed a national treasure after showing a bit of brilliance and thus had the support of the government/military.

Most side characters only served two purposes: to support and cheer for the MC, highlighting how much of a genius the MC is compared to the mortal ants that they were.

As for antagonists, they were all hella entitled, selfish and s*upid. S*upid because they kept running into a knife or trying to smash a rock with an egg. Ultimately, they only served as foil to the MC's opness and brilliance.

The MC himself should be likeable considering how he fits my preference for sociopathic, calm and calculating smart MCs. But his radically nationalistic and xenophobic attitude keeps me from really liking him. At least, he does seem to reign in his radical tendencies a bit after meeting the ML. The ML is basically his leash that keeps him in line more or less. Were the ML not there, the MC wouldn't mind starting a genocide. In fact he might love that even since he admits it himself that he prefers chaos and destruction.

To sum up, when even Chinese readers think the "patriotism" and hate for other nations is too much (I read a few comments on the mtled website and a good few also complained about that), then it should be a message that the author needs to dial back on that front a bit. People who aren't into reading nationalistic and xenophobic stuff might want to avoid this novel. <<less
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Severe rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I must warn you that I am clearly biased being a devoted author's fan.

As such, unreconciled with all that negative reviews I decided to write my own.

This novel was written after QWFOD. It has a great amount of arcs, and the whole novel is really huge.

It has big advantages - that is sturdy, self sufficient and well developed characters with healthy relationships. If you say that MC looks too op - than what about all other 90% of the novels where ML eventually turns out as a heavenly being with... more>> MC being just a background to his power? Is THAT seems okay to you? So I would rather see both characters being strong and even op - they have their rights to be so, being the actual MAIN characters of the story.

Secondly, the novel has a rich scientific background. I don't really mind even if half of it is untrue, because it serves its purpose in this particular arc. Still, I would admit- these scientific speeches make me overwhelmed sometimes.

The main no-no in the reviews are author's great patriotistic tendencies. As for me, it her own right to do so, why can't someone show how much they love their country. Oh, and btw, is that REALLY such unrealistic thinking about some western (cough) country being oppressive as hell towards others? ;))))

I adore QWFOD. Have read it about ten times already. And this novel is just an extended version for every qt lovers out there. 700+- chapters of pure qt experience. So if you are into it as much as I do, would absolutely recommend to read it. And I should add that mtl is such a piece of cake in every of Bookworm's novels. <<less
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Neko senpai
Neko senpai rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: c533
  • I absolutely adore this store and is one of my favourite world hopping ml.
  • I love the dynamic between the MC and ML I find it very cute.
  • I love how clever the MC is and that he never stops learning and developing new skills and improving the world and country he lives in
It is a bit patriotic but I can ignore it because it isn't extreme it just shows that he wants to help develop the people's livelihood
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onlydanmeis rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: Completed

for me this tops qwfod, now it's my favorite qt novel. The arc worlds are really satisfying to read. MC and ML is so sweet together. GO READ THIS RN

You can read this in wattpad for mtl translation

10/10 👍👍👍👍👍👍
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WallEyeKnee rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I have alot of mixed feelings, alot of it is positive and the rest is mix with 'what you can you ' feeling.

There's no way you read this and not compared it to QWTFOD right? The similarity just jumps from the front.

MC is just seems more manipulative and evil in this novel than in the other novel. The things he went through of course is much more than what the MC did in QWTFOD in real life. So he has background where he has no feelings for anything. I even... more>> think the title of this novel and QWTFOD should swap around give the nickname ML would give MC when they meet in his world.

BUT HELL ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL NERDS THAT HAS A HEART OF ICE, ONCE THEY MEET A MAN THE LOVE THEY GO INTO MATING MODE EVERY WORLD AND WOULDN'T STOP PAPAPAPPAPA. This MC even start singing songs about ML's lower half at one point LOL. (Anyway I just see the ML as a d***do for MC in both of these novels, isn't that the truth? Give me a like if you agree)

Though the start of this novel first arc was pretty intense which I didn't expect and did calm down much more later


Wow ML actually died woah never expect that and the MC was in pain bleeding from the first arc, + facing 3 other system users all at once. Very intense


The first to mid point of the novel, there seems to be alot of Communism material and anti America stuff though and it was put to a stop when the author trying to write the Chinese-Japanese revolution Arc. It was banned afterwards then after the worlds start to become more basic till it reach near the end to meet with the ML

7480 was annoying as hell in the beginning than he got better so just bear with his baby until later.

The faceslaps in the arcs is still predictable but you still want to read on because of the anticipation. There was no suspense till I guess around the time when they go into ML's world. Those quests seems very hard, it made the early arcs look like paper cuts.

I do wish they land in a cultivation world and see what happens but the system wouldn't allow it. I never get tired of reading these novels. Faceslaps comes in around 30 chapters than rather you read a whole 200 chapters to wait for them. It took me 2 weeks to read this and I addicted and want to keep going. Everytime MC laughs and we are all like' Ha the enemy in this world is screwed)

Author need to keep writing these transmigration stories I don't mind at all. The MCs of both novels is really my type, smart, seductive, wild, charming. Where can find him in real life ? I just both of these novels. <<less
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Lost Louise
Lost Louise rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
Zhuang Li is a super genius who has managed to understand and compute dimensional theory. Escaping his original dimension due to persicuion his consiousness is transfered to a parallel dimension, where he is forcefully bound to a system. Unfortunately the system has greately underestermates Zhuang Li becoming his hostage instead, begrugingly helping him safely pass through different dimensions, while trying to sabotage Zhuangs life so it can get free itself.

Zhuange Li useses his enourmouse amount of knowledge to overcome all obsticals while also saving his lover who has been targeted... more>> by the Lord God of the systems.

Its an interesting story and the chracterisation of Zhuang Li is really strong. Unlike other quick transmigration novels he isn't perfect at everything, but because he is so good at science/technology he can make up for his lack of physical strength with good forsight and planning.

Unfortunately the novel loses points due to the continual use of racism and nationalism. I totally understand loving your country and culture. I am personally very interested in Historical Chinese culture and really enjoy reading about it, but when it goes to the extreme it is rather detracting from the story.

The idea that China and US are racing to create robots and technology to start a war against each other in eveyother arc and that one has to be superior gets old rather quickly. Yes there are tensions in the world but this comes off more as paranoia. I'm not American and I'm finding it rather grating. If it had only been one arc I probably would have noted it but not been all that concerned as strong nationalism comes across in lots of CN translations I've read, but this was a bit too much.

This is a shame because the interactions between Zhuang Li and the systeme are really amusing, and the relationship between Zhuang and Ming is sweet. The heavy science lean might not be for everyone but is interesting. I'm pushing on because I want to find out what happens when Zhuang and Lord God meet but have just started scaning through instead of seriously reading.

So my update after completing the story.

I really enjoyed the ending. The final arc has nothing to do with nations, and not having that nagging under the story was really great. The concept worked really well and though I dont know much about science, from what I do know it was easy enough to follow and made sense. I enjoyed waiting to see how Zhuang would turn things around in each arc. I do see why so people might say the ending was anticlimactic but I think it is more of a want of extras. I love the dynamics between Zhuang and the systeme, and Ming, and there is a craving to know what mistcheif they would get up to after.

I wish I could give it an extra start but in the end I will leave it as 3 because unfortunately the majority of the story was a China vs US. I found it interesting that the one historical arc where patratism and strong bias against a foreign nation would be more understandable was dropped halfway. There was originally an acr set during Japanese occupide China. I did leave me wondering how the arc finished and why it was dropped. Though mostly I just want to know how Zhuang would help Ming while living with autistism.

Overal I enjoyed the story and will probably re read sections of it again, hope this was helpful and no too long winded. <<less
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Cece_ce rated it
November 22, 2023
Status: --
yknow I’m rereading right now it’s always enjoyable I didn’t complete it however I made it to the last arc I won’t be spoiling it tho 😂😂

I understand how some people are uncomfortable with the Chinese nationalism but it’s really not that bad pride in your home country is understandable and the beginning how the author says China was basically took over and the MC research and work was stolen I don’t blame him for being as bias as he is

he is the cruel MC that was bored and... more>> decided to play in another universe he didn’t believe in anything never had love until the first world were he met the ML the ML thus became his salvation


and his god you have to read to understand tho now the world that was always cruel and he didn’t care about became something he wants to protect since his hubby loves it they are so cute


he is indifferent and cold to enemies but protects his loved ones which is usually just the ML rare does he have a family that’s not scheming in these arcs in fact I only remember one

anyways I most def recommend <<less
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