BOSS Transmigrates as a Little Cutie


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Qing Yun was probably the only villain who had suffered this much.

For hundreds of years, a protagonist had always been barking at him and attempting to harm him, but just couldn’t kill him.

When he spent his days bedridden like a dying man, his life was no better than that of the dead.

People respected him, feared him, secretly cursed at him, but he just wouldn’t die!

But he, the ultimate BOSS, has become an insignificant cannon fodder only to be manipulated and destroyed?

That’ll never happen.

A certain green-eyed man: Cutie, come into my arms.

Qing Yun: Heh heh, Lao Zi will teach you how to behave.

*Ding* the world’s most ferocious little cutie has come online~

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astrobabe rated it
November 23, 2019
Status: c44
I'm rating this 5* not so much for originality but mostly because the dynamic between MC and ML is really fun and refreshing. Both ML and MC are OP, but MC is always at the forefront of the story, as MC should be. Too often, MLs in quickwear novels become a crutch to the story because they're so OP and they take care of everything that the MC becomes a window-dressing type of s*x puppet there to entice the hyper-masculine alpha beast into love/boinking. Also, where the MC's opinion or... more>> bodily autonomy isn't really respected and the ML basically forcing interc**rse is somehow seen as romantic or par for the course, which is both an expected and, IMO, tired and creepy trope for the genre. But that's not how it is here at all. I think in the first world, the MC basically physically trains ML on the meaning of "No." Like, if he doesn't want to be touched and is, he punches ML in the stomach. That doesn't happen again in later arcs, but the ML is for the most part very respectful of MC's wishes and the MC is never shy about refusing when he feels like it. He also takes initiative if the situation calls for it. Here's a small excerpt to illustrate this:


Context: ML has been rehearsing reasonable lines to move MC to become his lover, ends up messing it up and upsetting MC. This is slightly guesswork edited from MTL.

"Without a shred of patience, Qing Yun got up and walked to the desk in two strides, glaring at the head of Ningda's president. He (QY) then pressed his (ML) handsome face into the keyboard and rolled it.


"Bang!" sounded the door closing as Qing Yun left, without any guilt on his conscience towards his boss.

Ning Qianyuan quietly rested on the keyboard, and full of grievances, read the second half of the sentence: "You can try to rely on me..."

However, no one was there to hear his soft concession."


Characterization wise, both of them are very likable. MC isn't mean-spirited or evil, even if he's cast as a villain. If anything, more like an anti-hero... he doesn't go out of his way to harm people, but he does want to exact revenge on the Will of Heaven (and the protagonists, who work for it) and escape his fate. I think his life philosophy would probably be "Live, and let live" if the protagonists weren't all such a-holes and constantly trying to harm him. ML is typically very powerful, stoic, and has anger issues according to everybody around him but is very soft towards MC. I think I don't see him as the typical OP ML because a lot of the text is not really dedicated to him being powerful (though there are some cases, like him tearing off somebody's arm in a fight) but more about him pursuing, protecting, or trying to please MC for whatever reason.

I'm only on the 4th or 5th arc so I don't know if I will get tired of their dynamic or if the story will degrade in quality, but for now, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable read. The MTL is... manageable but not great if you're looking to go that route. Hope this helps! <<less
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noeinan rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: c124
One of those rare QT with actual character and relationship development from arc to arc, instead of just self-contained HE.

MC starts as a 10, 000 year old monster from a cultivation world. He build himself up from less than nothing to the top of the world.

Even though he gets together with ML starting from the first world, he treats the relationship very casually. It's a passing interest for him. But as the world's progress, especially after the zombie apocalypse world, he actually starts having real feelings and his behavior towards... more>> ML changes.

ML also develops from world to world. In the first few worlds he slowly gets more and more obsessed with MC acting as Mac's faithful dog. But then mysterious things in the background combined, perhaps, with ML being more vulnerable and okay showing his personality flaws, causes him to be less obedient, less perfect, less stable.

Aside from the romance, MC also develops as a person. His personality is and remains petty, sadistic, and arrogant. However, in early worlds you can see he doesn't bother to play his "role" or worry about the original body's personality. He does destroy enemies of his host body but purely out of self interest. As ML worms his way into his heart, and MC starts having more positive life experiences, not only with MC but also random NPCs and even a relationship with how he views society at large, he becomes more compassionate. He starts treating his "role" seriously, wanting to take revenge on people in intensely personal ways I stead of just destroying obstacles in a straightforward manner.

I really enjoy this story and both MC and ML.

Other reviewers have mentioned MC being abusive towards ML. I found in the vast majority of cases, he was responding to abusive things the ML did before "remembering him" (not actual memories but before he fell in love/realized his identity on a subconscious level.) There are some times when MC is unreasonably petty, he is definitely a very petty person. But tends not to be super overboard for the most part. MC has a balance in realizing ML is the same person in each world but also since ML has no memories from previous worlds also treating him logically due to the circumstances. However, in later worlds (particularly arc 9, the music themed modern setting) he starts treating him less and less as his role, more "unreasonably" for his current character and situation, as he clearly grows more possessive of the ML due to having deeper feelings.

MC definitely is nowhere near as bad as many ML, I think readers are just not used to seeing any kind of ambiguous treatment from the uke/shou towards the seme/gong. People are very desensitized to the reverse and will even excuse violent assault and r*pe towards bottoms, but if a bottom is even a little more overbearing towards their top people are more critical. (In both straight and gay media.)

In any case, this is definitely worth a read and I am looking forward to how the background plot gets resolved. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: Completed
I am MTLing my way through this story.

I absolutely loved it!!! The MC (shou) is super OP. He is physically and mentally extremely strong, stronger than ML (In arc 1, MC makes ML stronger lol) and absolutely enjoys being the 'Queen'. ML is like a soft little servant (or doggo) in front of MC. The minute MC gets pissed, he kneels down the floor awaiting judgement or runs around like a headless chicken trying to correct his wrongs.

MC is not weak, does not rely on ML and completes his missions... more>> cheerfully all by himself. If ML interferes.... Well, getting beaten up is his least punishment.

ML is very possessive bordering on yandereish but MC is too damn strong to allow black house play. Most of the time, if ML even thinks about stuff like 'locking', MC gives a super scary look and at once ML changes into a beaten down doggo 'I know my wrongs' lmao.

Loved this novel coz MC is super great (perfect, sadistic Queen) and ML is also pretty good. <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
October 7, 2019
Status: c145
I've read to chapter 145 (almost finished) and I enjoyed this story, although, in retrospect, it's pretty cliche. It's basically the same as any other world hopping, and transmigrating as a cannon-fodder to face slap the protagonist BL novel. While I found some of the arcs, ideas or premises, to be a bit more unique than usual, then again, if I recall correctly it has 11 arcs in 159 chapters (so it's considerably fast paced, even compared to other fast-wear world hopping stories), so most of the arcs aren't really... more>> that complex either, because you can only fit that much into so few chapters. This novel also tries to give a reason why MC transmigrates into different worlds as well as a reason for him to act like the person he transmigrates into (basically a background story and setting for the stereotypical world hopping scenario)


And as MC gets increasingly powerful, the worlds rules and staying in character of the original matter less and less to him


Following is all revealed in chapter 1, so I don't consider this a spoiler:

MC Qing Yun is a BOSS, so a villian (why? Because heaven, or the Tao of heaven if you will, said so), and he's destined to be opposed by protagonists. He comes from a cultivation-world in which he killed 99-protagonists, but finally fake-died when confronting the 100th one and used his power to flee and transmigrate. From then on he has to hide from heaven, while reversing the cannon fodders fate to gain the energy from the protagonists.


And during the worlds there's ofc the ML following him around. I'm a bit torn about ML, can't say he's particularly interesting nor bad so meh ~


All in all I'm glad that this is being translated, and I'm definitely re-reading and finishing the translated version. Current rating : 3.5 ish <<less
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jklm rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: c12
This is... not very good. I could only bother to read the first arc.

I'm all for Quick Transmigration, but this was too quick! The author seems to love to skip stuff with little or no transition. I mean, the first arc was basically just and introduction of the situation of the body the MC transmigrated to, then a 3 year time skip, then straight to the face-slapping climax. I want to read at least a little more than that please!

Also, at the very beginning it seemed like there was going... more>> to be some theme where the MC had to avoid the world's protagonist so as not to be noticed by the Heavens. I thought that might be an interesting aspect of the story. Except after the opening that never came up again, the MC just confronted the world's protagonist like there was no danger at all. Disappointing.

Lastly, the ML is super boring. The standard low effort 4-step BL romance:

  1. ML falls in love with MC at virtually first sight, especially how cute he is when he is being fierce.
  2. ML is a stalker who takes creeper photos of MC.
  3. ???
  4. Profit.
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Ritu rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: --
Lol this novel feels like the author just jotted down points for the plot on their notes app and connected the dots (on that note, , they didn't connect sh*t) . It contains no relevant dialogue or words connecting one part of the story to another. No proper spacing and warning before POV changes. The plot moves faster than a formula 1 race car and is full of more plot holes than the worst road of my country. I honestly started laughing in the middle of the reading it... more>> because of its absurd plot. For example, the ML doesn't remember the highschool he went to ?. Like what even LMAO. Bro how do you forget the name of your own highschool !? And then he made up the name of a MIDDLE school and no one questioned him lmao.

This novel makes me lose all my braincells. Kudos to the translator for picking it up, the translation quality is okay. But that can't make up for the absurd plot lmao. <<less
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chemaMissTea rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: c50
alright this is my personel opinion and I think this novel is on same level as Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil !

I really enjoyed reading all the available chapters
The translator did an excellent job and I want to thank him for that

The MC is a wonderful character and his extra ego does not make you hate him at all

The ML is so likable that it surprised me so much
I read a lot of novels about world hopping and it is common for the ML to be... more>> a psychopath with arrogance and an outrageous sense of ownership and possessivness that makes me hate him so freaking much with complete absence of any respect for the desires or rights of the mc

Well, it is different in this novel !

i really wish everyone gives it a try <<less
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Alexania rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: c90

This does improve over time and the book is more enjoyable as of chapter 90.

----- Review as of Chapter 49 -----

The other comments about it being somewhat rushed, there being very little plot and MC being too OP are valid but it's still in an acceptable range for me for a QT romp.

My biggest issue with this novel so far (and this is a new one) is MC's treatment of ML. If I had to describe the relationship between the two:

    • ML is loyal, obedient dog whose whole world instantly revolves around MC and making MC happy. (I'm sure there are plot reasons for this, there always is.)
    • MC is a sadistic as*hole who like to use this fact to emotionally abuse ML and make sure he always feels like MC will walk out on him at any time. Even after they've "gotten together" and are in the "happy ever after" part of the arc. (I'm really hoping there are plot reasons for this and it isn't just because MC is "like totally mercurial lol")
But hilariously, MC will also at times express surprise that ML seems to be taking it badly.

... someone needs to save ML from this guy. Please.
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SwordEmpress rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
100/5 Stars 🤩 okay!!

I loved it to death!!! Kyaaa I love this bunch of Dog Food!!!

First of all, I heard and personally felt uncomfortable at how fast ML falls for MC especially in the First Arc. I also saw many drop the novel because of it. But People their is a logical explanation for it, even I was surprised.

ML has actually been by MC's side since childhood, for 10, 000 years. His name is mentioned in the first few Chapters. His name is *dun*dun*dun (please skip if you don't want... more>> to be spoiled badly)

Ming Tan (?) He is MC's sword. Remember the one which helped him block the Heavenly Dao. But ML's original identity is not a sword. He is from another world, and in this world he came as MC's sword. He also is against the Heavenly Dao.

And the main thing is he gradually fell for our MC, but as a sword, he couldn't do much or express his feelings. So, when he sealed his memories to follow MC in various worlds, his thousands of years of feelings finally exploded.

I personally found it touching and logical, after all their are many stories where logic is lost when it comes to love, and this isn't far fetched.


Secondly, this novel is one of very few I found similar to QWFOD and with a mix of The Founder of Diabolism. Although it lacks too many details and background it feels pretty sufficient.

Third thing I found quite unique is that after the hearts obsession, people learn to let go and peer at their past and rethink.

MC hates the Heavenly Dao's Protags who are usually not very good people. But he doesn't destroy them obsessively. After they had paid for their crimes and go to jail and vice versa, he doesn't care for them even if they show up infront of him again.

Many of the Original Protagonists also learn to let go, and start anew.

MC has grown up with betrayal, hatred, pain, darkness, lonely. He grew up twisted but he had his principals and paths. The biggest factor here was the Heavenly Dao which manipulated every turn of the way so he only has bad luck in heath, friendship (none to speak of) pretty much no people. Yet he persevered and got to where he was. Even though late by the end he found his beloved who always stood by him, which moved him the most. He also found out that his parents didn't despise him, rather loved him even though they didn't express it, and because he was young, the Dao put a hood over him and manipulated him.

Their are many world and plots but they also help MC grow. Yes! MC is old monster who is OP but he gradually learns quite a few things.

This is quite a unique novel, definitely not without it's misgivings, but it is very full filling.

The only thing I want to say is come on Author-san gimme some more extras and fullfil that promise ML made of raising MC next time round.

I recommend this Novel to anyone and everyone who loves a load of Fluff, drama, Happy Ending with strong MC and ML. <<less
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darkelf01 rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c13
Yo, if you feel that the first two chapters doesn't make any sense to you since it's written in gibberish sentence structure with unreliable narrator's perspective, skip it. There's no need to torture your brain.

Because, just like you, I was about to miss this promising story just because the starting point is too steep for my normal brain to follow.

Now, skip arc 1 and go to chapter 13. Start your reading experience from this sentence:

... more>> "This world's information--"

What the other 4-5 stars reviews promised were true, if you like the pros of this story.

Strong MC, loyal ML, exciting and unusual story, you'll find them in this novel.

You're welcome~ <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 2, 2021
Status: --
I've read up to the 'returning to the original world' arc (there's apparently one more 3-chapter arc afterwards) and im rolling my eyes at some reviews comments. As a person who is super sensitive with unequal dynamics, there's not a problem with the ML and MC. Even when you discover the ML's original identity (which he correctly assumed would piss the MC off, although the MC is so attached he had long since acknowledged that it didn't matter what the ML's identity was, he's been provoked so the ML can... more>> only be with him regardless), everything is pretty good.

Yes, the MC frequently sells vinegar and beats up the ML - but never for no reason. First of all, the beating are almost always just the equivalent of a 'slap fight' - no actual harm is being done to the ML. It's the same level as two straight guys venting their dissatisfaction with one another in order to resume a harmonious relationship. There is never an air of seriously falling out. The few times that the ML actually is injured by the MC during these beatings, it's because the ML is being unreasonable for one reason or another - either he's being disrespectful in his ML role, or he's trying to unilaterally make decisions for the both of them (and leave the MC without discussing with the MC). As for selling vinegar, the ML can eat his own and the MC's vinegar without provocation, the MC selling some because he's dissatisfied is really nbd.

The first few arcs are difficult to read because the author (or the translator?) aren't doing too great of a job? But by the third arc, it's clear and easy to read. Those are also the arcs where the MC's emotions toward the ML are basically zilch since he's a 1, 000/10, 000 (the count varies??) year old 'demon' and as a person labeled a villain by the heavenly dao, of course the MC has never encountered sincere emotions from anyone. Spending a few hundred years with the dog-like ML isn't enough to brew emotions. It isn't until the zombie arc that the MC is 'provoked' without his consent or control and unwillingly develops feelings for the ML, at which point you find out the MC is equally yandere as the ML. As expected of a 10, ooo year old demon feeling love for the first time!!!

(without consent or control:

Due to the body's limitations, MC is locked into his five/three year old mentality most of the time. The ML treats him completely as a child, but these memories are real: when the MC reverts to his real age/mentality, the affection he felt as a child toward the ML is a real part of his memories. This understandably upsets the MC a lot!!!! But it's basically the best and quickest way for the MC to become actually emotionally involved with the ML instead of treating him like a s*x toy. The ML is never disgusting toward the child self, and actually hates himself for being attracted to the older self and struggles with his feelings.


The relationship between the ML and MC is pretty good actually. Once the MC identifies the ML as his person, he slowly softens up and can express good will, which is surprising given how defensive and paranoid he is. He even puts aside his own goals to hunt down the ML when something goes wrong (outside of the 'worlds' with the ML's identity as a fellow passenger), and although the ML provokes him into beating him to relieve the fear that the MC had been feeling during this time, you can tell they've sincerely recognized each other.

As for the ML's identity, because I worried about it myself, I'll spoil it:


This is MTL, but as I understood it: the ML was originally a 'rules enforcer' with a system who would act as a protagonist. this system actually wanted to devour the ML, but he had managed to save up energy and protect himself from the system. Then he appeared to be roaming around? He became aware of the birth of a child that the Heavenly Dao was ''concerned'' about, ripping the child's soul into pieces and scattering them. the ML basically showed up occasionally to save the child, but became more and more involved.... somehow he became a spirit in the child's sword... this child is Qing Yun, the MC. So, the ML has actually been with the MC since he was young. As the MC's sword, he chased after the MC when the MC left the original world to heal his soul, but because his soul wasn't scattered, he could only force his way into the various worlds. Due the rules, he had to lock his own memories, and was shocked after his memory-less self actually got sexually involved with the child he was protecting!!!!! Then it happened again.... it's after the third arc that the ML basically gave up on himself and accepted that he'd fallen in love with the MC - that's the actual reason that he 'stole' the third world: deciding that he'd served his cause enough and was allowed to be selfish. Since he's very well aware of Qing Yun's backstory, he's extremely touched that Qing Yun came after him to save him instead of still being hell-bent on his own goals.

Although the MC has his nerves touched by knowing that the ML has something to do with 'protagonists', he basically unreservedly accepts the ML's identity. As he thinks several times! Since the ML provoked him, he can only be with the MC!

The ML also knows that the best way to get close to this extremely self-defensive person is to be dog-like hahaha, but he doesn't suffer and isn't dissatisfied being this way. Otherwise, how could his memory-less self successfully do it in so many worlds!!!


Basically, the story as a whole is about a 10, 000 year old ''demon'' learning how to fall in love and be with someone. This is managed without being disrespectful toward the MC or ''weakening'' him in the least. <<less
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LeoBy rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh my goodness this quick transmigration novel was so good!
It's been a while since I haven't felt this excitement like I did when I read FOD.

I love the dynamic of MC boss villain x ML masochistic puppy 😂💕.
Every single arc left me with an emotion that couldn't go away after an hour. Even though the author will show that MC and ML "got together" in the first world, it wasn't really the case!

... more>>

Since in the zombie arc we see how the ML is making his way to the MC's little heart and how the MC panics for fear of being betrayed again 💔 but the beauty of this arc is that the ML shows that no matter that his memories are sealed, he will still love and care for his beloved 😭💕.

This arc and the last arc are a roller coaster of emotions, I cried because at the end some problems that made the MC paranoid were fixed.... or rather they were clarified :')

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluedrop rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: --
This is so good honestly. Also a tip for those struggling through the first arc, I too was once like you lol. I kept seeing this in my recs but I just couldn't get thru the first chapter. Until I gave it a try but accidentally jumped to chapter 8 where I got the gist of things and went back to chapter 1. This QT novel is honestly a fave now. I love the MC so so freaking much and the ML and I've even unexpectedly cried in several instances... more>> reading. It has a really good blend of character!whump and angst and comedy and fluff. The translations get better thru the arcs I promise. <<less
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Camelle rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: c152
I really liked it a lot!! Although it is a little cliche but some things are quite unique like the MC is not too op nor does he require to hug the ml's thigh (I specifically like that because in most of transmigration novels the MC gets really dependent on the ML mostly) and the MC's personality is amazing, he's cold yet quite tender. Absolutely adore the puppy dog ml.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shouahang58 rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: c15
done with arc 1.

not feeling it. Wish there was more romance. Also wished the author had put more details on the process of MC falling in love. Kind of felt like the MC was forced to fall for ML just so that the story would have romance, same for ML too. Should had written more on that.
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Eccentricstate rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5

Pairing Type: op transmigrator MC x following ml; shou MC x gong ml; Mary Sue mc; standard formula gong- doting puppy variant; Himbo ML lol

Tropes: QT; face slapping; Wuxia; xianxia; acting entertainment industry; omegaverse; interstellar; emperor and court dynamics; western fantasy; music industry

... more>> Triggers: death; one arc dedicated to pretty gratuitous torture (I found it tolerable, personally)

Heat level: low; reference to intimate scenes but behind closed doors (2 of 5 heat) ; intimacy

Re-readability: medium-high; will probably reread

Similar novels: Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

I thought for sure I was going to end up quitting this one before I started reading it. But this was actually one of the rare occasions where I felt like this deserved a higher score lol.

I mean, it's no Pulitzer but it's fun! Major Mary Sue vibes with this one, so if you can't stand unreasonably OP MCs with endless skills that come out of nowhere. This will not be for you.

Personally, I sometimes just wanna have a good time and read some good face slapping with interesting story concepts. You never worry about the protag and pretty much always think he's going to be fine. And you know what? That's fine lol. Life's stressful and sometimes you don't need the additional stress. It's a super low thought novel that you don't have to take too seriously.

If you like FOD, I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy this. The love of face slapping is STRONG in this one. The MC and ML are even similar lol. Though the stories themselves are pretty different.

Reasons for QTs even existing are always out there but this novels reasoning was fairly understandable. I even liked how the author played with concepts of time and memory.

All in all, I would recommend. Unless you're actually looking for something with substance because you probably won't find much lol. No shade though, like I said, I had a lot of fun reading it. <<less
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KeraShr rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
5 Stars

Loved it!! Every Arc was amazing!

Kudos to author for great writing! The translators have done a fantastic job as well!

... more>> I have always loved a face slapping antagonist (or villain as we may call sometimes). Life is not fair but I love those characters who defy all odds to emerge victorious!

QY (MC) is awesome!! He is smart, calculative, tsundere & indifferent. His character is shaped by all grievances he suffered. Even with all opposing him, he is kind to those whom he feels need his help. When ML teases him for that, QY just tells him he isn't kind, he just wants to do whatever he wants 🤣

Loved all of his face slapping and destructive vengeance plans! 🔥 MY (ML) is a black wolf. He is loyal, sticky like glue, vinger jar & very possessive. He can sometimes touch the border of being yandere-like. But in this novel, the MC is QY, of course he rather beat up MY then be caged up. Once QY smashed & rolled him over his keyboard just because he was being a jerk 🤣🤣🤣

In short, he is a wolf but in front of QY, he will only be a cute puppy because he knows QY will never even look at him if he is being yandere or jerk. So he will always be act cute and sell meng for QY's attention.

Read it! Highly Recommended!! 🔥 <<less
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Rlackbabbit rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: c1.11
The writing style goes by tell rather than show.

The progression is sloppy with no build up and things just happen.

I can't enjoy the faceslapping since the author doesn't let the readers actually let readers connect to the characters.
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October 17, 2020
Status: Completed
That was an enjoyable ride! A very overbearing MC coupled with tough ML, the result are certainly satisfactory. I wish there were more extra chapter. Although in some arc, I feel the story was in rush, but that's a quickwear novel for you. If you feel the ML fell in love with MC too quickly, you'll understand the reasons when you read until the end. So meanwhile, just enjoy the journey.
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July 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Just finished it

It took me one night and I tell u it's was worth it the MC is so cool the ML is overbearing but in front of his lover hes like a dog trying to please his master hhhhh (for those who like that kind of relationship)

as for the plot I have nothing to say about it doesn't completely focus on the romance development between the two but it is well developed there is a story and events to follow while wanting to know what happens after... more>> and wanting to unfold the mysteries behind the mls identity as well as how to defeat the enemy (?)

But it is not very complicated s NOT VERY COMPLICATED

That's why

-> It's an easy to swallow novel

Ps iloved the relationship between the MC and the ML and hihihihi the identity of ML was so surprising for me

Good luck if u wanna read it

Maybe after finishing the translation ill try to read it again <<less
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