I Became the Youngest Prince in the Novel


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The novel Chronicles of the Hero of Frosimar is a story about the failures of the protagonist not the successes.

“It’s not good.”

The First Emperor, who conquered the whole world, closed his eyes with a brief appreciation (after reading the novel).

But the moment he opened his eyes again, there were only a few lines about him in the Chronicles of the Hero of Frosimar.

This was because he became an imprisoned prince who met death with his first appearance (in the novel).

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소설 속 막내황자가 되었다
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2 Reviews

Nov 26, 2021
Status: Completed

Reading the latest chapter at 202, I'm definitely satisfied with how the author played the plot, the novel didn't lose focus and stick with the premise of the story. The MC is badass, evem though he's powerful but he knows his place especially when to backdown when there's a much more powerful opponent. This is one of the novels I would definitely read until the end, no forced plot, no s*upid harems, no unnecessary romance while focusing on goals. Very perfect.

Edit: At chapter 264, almost all the questions as to why he was sent to the future were answered. Very meticulous MC, everything is going according to his plan all along. Currently the start of all out war, in the latest chapter. Really one of my favorite series.

Edit: Currently chapter 277, the novel is almost complete. It's already in the final stage of the plot and I'm not sure how many chapters are remaining or if there's gonna be an extend or part 2 due to the plot. As of the moment, it's a rematch between the emperor and the demon king and unless author decided to extend the series due to the plot then it will be finished. I'm gonna be sad then because this is one of the series I supported when it was first published on kkp, consistently purchasing the chapters. Hopefully author will extend the series. One of the best I've read based on my taste.

Completed at chapter 279 and just like that, one of the series I'm always reading was finished. Such a good read.
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Apr 18, 2022
Status: --
This is the story of a protagonist that already finished his story being sucked into the world of a novel he read, and then being transmigrated as the weakest prince around. As far as premises and settings go there's nothing to sing about.

From there on the story is full of face slapping and dunking on his enemies with his power that can do it all, and everything working out in his favour.

His powers take out the suspense and tension from the story, allowing him to manifest whatever much of his... more>> power the plot requires and then monologuing about the usual " This body isn't strong enough..." so it gives the illusion that it's taxing.

The rest of the story is just the usual tropes and clichés that come with this kind of setting without any clever use of them, so expect the: the ex-fiancé regretting her choice, the " You are courting death!" Young masters and everything else that comes with this bland package.

In conclusion this story doesn't have interesting concepts, characters, struggles and fun storytelling beyond MC oonga boonga-oing on this world and I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone but people who are fresh to this genre. <<less
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