God Slumbers in a Bubble


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All creatures born into this world will always have a spirit in their bodies.

No matter what kind of creature it is, without exception, a spirit is supposed to dwell in it.

However, Ugetsu Akira, the eldest son of a samurai family, was born without a spirit in his body in a nation called Takamagahara, and was therefore shunned by his family and eventually banished from his hometown.

Three years later, Akira lives a peaceful life in the southern part of the island, far from his hometown.

However, those peaceful days came to an end, and Akira took a step forward on a journey to learn more about himself.

Associated Names
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God sleeps in the foam - The exiled boy takes the fire god's sword -
Utakata ni Kami wa Madoromu
泡沫に神は微睡む -追放された少年は火神の剣をとる-
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3 Reviews

Nov 28, 2023
Status: v2c2 part5
So, this is really good. The world building, especially the building of the nations social structure, is really good. The power system is fleshed out. The fighting can be a bit complex at times. The author leaves notes on how stuff works a t the end of each chapter which helps because it is rather complex. The way characters are written is refreshingly good for Japanese light novels. That is, all of the characters have different opinions and viewpoints on different matters. And the conversations are written in such a... more>> way that these are reflected in them. Honestly this is a really solid work.

There is one problem however.

The main cast is 5 years too young. The MC is 13, and a bunch of other important side characters that he can relate to is 12 or 13. This is a problem because they are all written like young adults (16-20). They talk like adults, act like adults, and are treated like adults. And while you can make an excuse for the MC having to adapt or die due to his childhood and that the side characters are mostly nobles expected to grow up early, it still feels really jarring.


Beyond that however I would say this one does everything really well. This has quality. 5 stars as of v2c2 part5. <<less
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Feb 25, 2024
Status: volume 2 epilogue 2
I cannot fathom how this gem of a series is ranked a mere 3.5 stars. The vivid world-building, novel cosmology, and actual characters are a breath of fresh air in this dreary landscape of generic isekai and infinitely repetitive xianxia.

Admittedly, the opening chapters are a bit slow, and a bit too generic as far as “cartoonishly tragic Cinderella” plots go, but those issues rapidly abate, and what is left is a really interesting setting about a fairly likable protagonist who actually grows! The world is responsive, and so far only... more>> a few of the antagonists in the first volume have been cartoon evil. The rest are far more interesting, with volume 2 really kicking the quality up a notch.

The quality of the translation is also very impressive, with only a handful of incorrect pronouns cropping up every once in a while. The series does have that webnovel “tell don’t show” tendency. But it is far less bad than in many cases, and at least what is being told to the reader is interesting.

This being said, I do need to offer a few warnings, as this series is likely not going to be to everyone’s tastes. First, the protagonist is very meek and passive initially, and even as of the end of volume 2 this is only somewhat improving. It is warranted characterization given his history, but if one cannot handle a character starting out without much ambition or self-confidence, the first volume especially will likely be pretty rough.

Secondly, the series is very structured around the setting, which operates under its own logics. It greatly resembles the age of exploration, part of this setting is a very strict aristocratic society which engages in active polygamy. It is likely going to follow a “harem” path, although not in the painful way Japanese series usually do (with no progress and constant stringing along until the series eventually ends). This isn’t to everyone’s tastes, so if you can’t stand such dynamics in and of themselves possibly skip this one. If your disdain of them stems more the tendency of harem series to have staggeringly poor characterization and poor writing quality, it may be worth giving this a shot as the exception to the normal rules.

Finally, the many characters are in fact incredibly young, to the point of their capacities straining disbelief. Ten year olds are incredibly unlikely to survive on their own, never mind traveling across country and establishing lives for themselves, as just one example. In top of this, the series definitely plays on the “1000 year old loli” archetype, heavily, and that may be a dealbreaker for some. It honestly hits my limits, and I’m pretty open minded depending on the context of the narrative.

Still an excellent, very original series, but these caveats may prove a breaking point for some, which I fully understand. Still, for the world-building alone I highly recommend giving this a try! <<less
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Mar 07, 2024
Status: v2 side story 12
The novel is a great example of a good start, but bad follow up. The first volume of the novel was great, everything you would expect from a "MC is mistreated because he has no talent, but is really op", that while the premise itself is very cliche and done to death nowadays, it was very well executed, with good characters, great world building, and amazing fighting scenes.

The trouble comes from the fact that the author is really not delivering the payback you would expect from this kind of novel,... more>> the family that mistreated the MC is still doing kind of ok, and the ones that are actually suffering are people innocent in all of this, namely the common folk that are getting killed by the monsters created by the whole mess.

I also feel that while the world building and characters were very well introduced in the beginning, letting us get attached to the characters, and giving us time to understand the lore, the author lost any semblance of control and started introducing characters left and right, way too many to keep track of, and it's the same for the plot and world building, introducing too much way too fast, with too many plot threads going on at the same time, and introducing even more before even resolving any of the old ones.

My breaking point came for the result of volume 2, where

the MC decided to spare the lives of the enemy, that are a bunch of religious fanatical nutjobs, that doesn't hesitate to kill to conquest and ens*ave other gods, all because the MC felt that they didn't want to kill him in particular, when that was only because they wanted to bring him back with them. Basically because only a bunch of no named characters dies, the enemy was really not that bad in his eyes


I have to give my appreciation to the translator team, it must not be easy to translate such a novel, with a lot of obscure terms and fighting scenes, if it was done by a less experienced translator, I would have probably dropped this one by the first few chapters

Read on if you still like generic jp MC novels, where the power of friendship wins the day. <<less
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