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  • My Younger Brother Is Salivating After Me ×
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    12 Series 0 Comments 4909 Views 7 Follows Dec 2, 2022 Qq1
    I haven't read any of the novels to the end. For me, Novels are like dreams : An already known Begins with no Ends 
    100 Series 0 Comments 138317 Views 183 Follows Nov 3, 2022 Erosjr1700
    No description.
    21 Series 0 Comments 2070 Views 2 Follows Oct 29, 2022 TeaPlease1717
    Novels I've read that didn't make my favorite list. Some I've finished, some I dropped. 
    100 Series 0 Comments 70492 Views 123 Follows Feb 28, 2022 kayjeon
     —this is part 2, you can check the first part on my profile if you haven't. enjoy reading! 
    100 Series 0 Comments 98631 Views 171 Follows Jan 19, 2022 DesireSai
    - Ongoing (not completed in their country of origin or not completely translated) SMUT (+18) korean, japanese and chinese novels.... more>>
    40 Series 0 Comments 116955 Views 267 Follows Nov 27, 2021 kaitokeiii_
    Smut Novels that I've read that I consider rather indecent (and exciting in a way ehem) in different terms. Could be a romance involved smut or just plain p*rn without any plot lmao. Only common thing in each of these novels is that I (somehow) like them, of course for different reasons which would be explained each below. Beware that this are all my own opinion, you can disagree if you want to. Feel free to take this list for reference if you're looking for some nasty reads. This is also in a random assortment, please pay no mind to the order.... more>>
    40 Series 0 Comments 3633 Views 6 Follows Aug 20, 2021 SanDees
    No Tags
    No description.
    100 Series 1 Comments 124973 Views 157 Follows Aug 8, 2021 thisisyourlost
    [HAPPY 29K VIEWS!!] WARNING ! FOR ADULTS ONLY not suitable for young ones.... more>>
    15 Series 0 Comments 7544 Views 20 Follows Aug 3, 2021 yakuman
    The world really needs more cute and eager younger MLs that will admire and dote on you to death.... more>>
    39 Series 0 Comments 18584 Views 43 Follows Jul 25, 2021 Bell29215
    Novelas con la etiqueta obscenidad, algunas las he leído y otras no. ... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 31022 Views 44 Follows Jul 4, 2021 Brigtter
    Novels with erotic, adult, smut, mature stories... more>>