The Second Coming of Avarice


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He was an addict, a loser, a despicable human being.

But, one fleeting dream that may not be a dream at all reawakens his once-lost senses.

Possessing a very unique ability, he will use that, and the dream, to forge his path in the world now known as the Lost Paradise.


“The son of god Gula has returned.”

I was lost in the world of gambling.

I turned my back on my family and even betrayed my lover.

I wasted every day of my life.

It was a life of trash.

The reality told me thus:

That I would amount to nothing no matter what I did.

In order to change my pathetic life, I chose fantasy, instead.

Even then, it was the same story.

I wondered if salvation would come at the end of the long road.

But, I was forced to kneel down in defeat in front of a powerful entity.

The tower I built up with my own hands crumbled into nothingness.

Just for once, I dearly wished to know the truth about myself.

– Come closer, my child…

I will not hold back this time.

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탐식의 재림
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New SayMrrp rated it
April 19, 2019
Status: c78
An absolutely awesome novel~!

The emotions and characters are interesting. Can't wait for more. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster. I feel like this is the best redemption and one of the best character growth novels. It's probably one of my favorite Korean novels now too, haha.

I read 78 chapters in one go (just shows how awesome it is) while listening to Sekai no Owari's LOVE SONG. I feel like the song overall matches the novel really well.
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New Kamiryuu rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: c80
After reading almost every Korean novel registered on NU, I have to say this is one of the best.

Who cares about reviews, anyone thinking about reading this, you'll get hooked by the first chapter.

I'd also like to comment on how thrown off I was after Seol ... more>>

went to visit his brother and sister. I was expecting at least a little bit of forgiveness like it in other novels, but the anger and emotion in that chapter was, thinking about it, so raw and realistic.


This novel deserves way more attention.

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TerraEarth rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: c35
This review was made after finishing the latest chapter (c35) available at the time.

One of the strongest intro arcs I've ever read. Second Coming of Avarice is interesting in how it initially sets up the main character - it does it in a way where you can't help but feel invested into seeing where he'll turn up on his journey. Additionally, he has one of the more interesting powers I've read of and it fits in very well with the novel's theme of personal growth and development - which is... more>> a mainstay in all novels that involve RPG mechanics, or at least it should be! Though it should also be mentioned that although his powers of




are unique in their concept, the implementation falls short:


Basically, most of his ability's functionality serves as merely a warning bell to varying degrees; i.e. It tells him on a scale of 1-10 how 'bad' or how 'good' a situation is and you must invest massive resources and potentially training to unlock another tier. The problem with this is, if you know a situation is 'bad', it doesn't do you much more good to be able to differentiate whether it's 'bad', 'really bad', or 'terribly bad' - all of these outcomes are unfavorable and should be avoided! The scope is dimmed with this particular enactment and I feel that it was poorly carried out. The caveat in this situation is that the skill does have a lot of potential and it could potentially be redeemed in the future, we will just have to wait and see.


It is frustrating to see MC invest so much time and effort to -upgrade- his innate ability only to read on in disappointment on how the evolution and development of the skill is carried out.

I'm currently rating this at a solid 5/5 stars, however that may change later on. Although the novel had a strong start, I could easily see it devolving into the ranks of the countless riff-raff gutter trash that you can easily find strewn about on this site.

Reading the latter chapters past the introduction I can see the novel falling into many of the same trappings as other Korean novels; namely, the focus on class templates and mechanics (tanks, healers, dps, mage, etc.). It lends nothing to the story other than being an annoying reminder of how Korean writers just can't get out of a certain mold of thinking where they just have to implement a restricted class system. Why? Because everyone else does it, of course, on top of the fact that Koreans love their grind-fest cookie-cutter MMOs (please spare me). Japanese novels have the same issues with their Adventurer Guild systems (which are equally annoying, by the way).

Adventurer guilds are an issue precisely because they deter from the fact that adventurers are supposed to be free and uninhibited, fantasy and exploration should be the rule here, not bureaucracy and rigid structure hiearchies. For much the same reason, the korean MMO class system adherence detracts from the fluidity and freeform styling that you would come to expect from a adventure fantasy/isekai.

It's an issue because real (or fantasty-based) combat is best when mechanics are smooth and uninhibited by unnecessary fetters and restrictions and in the case of Second Coming of Avarice I could see my interest levels plummeting as soon as they introduced the class system along with their version of 'dungeon runs' complete with a partying system where aforementioned warriors/healers/mages team up to split loot and exp (Are you snoring yet? Because I am). I'd like to give this novel the benefit of the doubt but statistically speaking I'm overwhelmingly convinced that these particular story devices are more bane than boon and that they have always detracted rather than added to a novel's enjoyability. <<less
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Ruyue rated it
December 4, 2018
Status: c56
I really enjoyed this novel, well until it was dropped. If you are looking for a great novel I would really advise reading this one, but since its dropped I will warn you to read at your own risk. This novel has very great character development with our main character, turning from a lazy piece of dog s*** to a very hardworking swords man. This novel really captured the heart of characters and made them have very human flaws. This novel does have one factor which is consistent with many... more>> k-novels, A hard-headed protagonist. <<less
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FontSize72LOL rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c56
I don't feel that the Synopsis accurately reflects the content or quality of the novel. At the very least, the first 56 chapters are well-written and solidly translated.

Character wise, The MC starts off as a piece of trash. This might be pretty off-putting to some people but in a way, this is a story of redemption where our MC uses the vague memories and feelings of bitterness to improve himself as a person and try to right the wrongs of his past. There is a wierd dynamic where this is... more>> an "Isekai" but you also have segments in the modern world.

But anyway, If you enjoy second chance novels, this is definitely one of the better ones on this site. I'm leaving this review in the hopes that more people pick this novel up thus generating a more concrete interest for the TLers to continue with the translation of this otherwise diamond in the rough novel. <<less
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Meihua rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: c59
(Ch.56, 12/29/18) Hello, I started reading this just yesterday, as I was caught up with The Novel's Extra and saw this was recommended on the TNE page. I skimmed some reviews and jumped right into the reading, and boy was I glad I did. It's true that the MC does have a sucky personality at first, but similar to the other reviews, you really only need to get past the first few chapters for things to start looking up. Translation quality is top-notch, and very consistent. Story is constantly... more>> moving forward with the MC's character development and the plot, in general, very captivating. Yes, it's currently on an indefinite hiatus due to it's unpopularity + the long lengths of the chapters, but I'm hoping it'll either be picked up, or this slew of accurately 5-star reviews will help up the popularity and re-motivate the translator. Read on with no doubts, I honestly really like it.

UPDATE (Ch. 59-1, 1/7/19) : Alright, so I picked up this novel at a GREAT time, it's updating again, and although the story isn't really going to be the main focus of the translator, they did say that they'll continue updating it!! I'm happy. The positive direction the novel is heading in after the last update hasn't really changed (which is to be expected, since only a couple chapters have been posted since Ch. 56), so that's good. I'll update with more later I guess. 👋🏻 <<less
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Ner0 rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: c10
Regarding the style and story telling, it deserves a 5/5
It is simple yet profound. Not overly descriptive, at the same time delivering all the necessary information and more.

The plot: MC died on a battlefield in the future, he makes a wish to a God to return back to the past. His wish is denied, because only his emotions at the time could be sent back to the past him.

That's where the story start, the MC is a son of a..... basta** who is living in modern Korea. He's an... more>> addicted gambler and took advantage of his family to get money.

Then one day, a woman comes to him, offering him the opportunity to travel to another world in exchange for something (more complicated than this).

The story kicks up as he's entering "mission worlds" where he has to complete some objectives (at least that's what the tutorial is about).

Once again, what makes it interesting is the way the author describes the world and character's internal state. You quickly immerse in the story without realising. <<less
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sleed rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: c59
Wow.. just wow.. this novel just didn't stop in bringing surprises.

A novel That actually deserves 5 Stars..

It's mature in the sense that.. it feels like it's written by an actual adult... Like the author doesn't hold back experiences or insights about what's interesting to see..

... more>> It's like.. a merit of it's own.

A work of art that really encompasses all aspects of human being within this world... And not in a compulsive way.

But.. It felt like if I was reading the work of a human being.. In a long time.

The start it's cringe.. but it adds a level of realness.. like it's definer worthy and after reading ahead.. I can say the writing is honest.

Just. Wow. Totally worth it thank you translator for reminding me what a real personal style feels like..

For me.. I think the big merit of this work is aesthetic.

Secondarily is just.. adding to watch..

Like.. the story progresses but I don't really care about pacing.. I just care to continue experiencing..

In being honest when I say I can experience it.. it's only 59 chapters but somehow im like satisfied..?.. like.. I can sleep sound and know tomorrow or whatever day.. this novel is going to progress.. hehe I don't know.. Just my first time experiencing this..

Even it looks like the translation is alive (I mean it continues wich is veeryy good)... wow... How could this bee? I feel lucky being able to read this..

This novel is not something that blows my mind.. it's like.. this little kitten that somehow.. manages to earn my respect.. sure I can think of snob words to make my review but.. is like it deserves a different way of addressing it.

This Novel dia things different. Not extremely different but just enough too... Be like radically different.. when all things combine.. and in a good way.

It's like the little differences are truthful and consistent. Wich then over the passing of time.. Are honored and become something unique. Wich then continuously add up to something extremely precious and valuable.

This novel. It reminds me of some quirk writer having fun doing it.. like in glances like honestly he's doing things right. Even if he's not perfect or whatever for sure he's more than a worthy artist.

Btw.. on a secondary note;


the chapters are lovingly long! hehe, I mean this is how chapters ought to be.. Long and fulfilling

Surely my thanks for the translation team again ;)

I mean this looks like a hard endeavor thanks x3 this doing it's super cool

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KneelToMeHuman2 rated it
December 12, 2018
Status: c56
Sadly, it has being dropped by the translator because of low popularity, but I thought I would put my 2 cents and give this novel 5 stars to keep the rating high. It's one of the best novels out there. Once you get to chapter 20 and the character development starts, it becomes so much better. I'd highly recommend you to read at least until that chapter before you stop reading the novel for the MC's initial annoying personality. You won't regret it. Hopefully another translator picks this Gem up... more>> soon. Have a good day everyone. <<less
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Alexander Valdimir
Alexander Valdimir rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c56
Unfortunately the series has went on a hiatus which is unfortunately considering that out of hundreds of novels that I read, This series definitely has one of the best Character Development. There has only been 56 chapters since the release of this review therefore most of that character development only occurs with the Protagonist. Nevertheless, The Realistic and harsh surreal feeling made it felt genuine, it brought the viewers ground to earth with how the protagonist felt during those moments. The Novel has few slight annoying problems yet even that... more>> only dim the overall enjoyment by a minuscule amount.

I'll quickly Address the few problems before going in a extraordinary detail of the Pivotal entertainment, The Character Development. Some of the Throwaway villains are what they seem, simple generic thugs that the only exists as a mere annoyance. They never become to the extent that they exist only to showcase the glory of the protagonist. Rather they exist to serve as a lesson, a experience into understanding more of what the world may offer. However their character felt so bland and simple that the two time that it occur, It simply eluded a irritating feeling to those who read it.

The mechanics of the combat system isn't unique to say the very least. You have four main class with the former being able to branch out into more specializes class. There's no unique class for the Protagonist nor anyone else. The power system nor any sort of information about the combative system is said. As a writer, He/she should never compiled the system into a brief section which is called a info dump onto the readers at the early stage. Doing so will drain the interest of the readers and they should instead slowly reveal bits early on until later on when the interest of the readers is hook will the readers remember the information. However there has been little indication of any sort besides the basic information one can expect. I do hope that the Author goes into more depth about a unique atmospheric of a system since it does play a huge part. Having a novel in a potential huge world building novel, with simple battle mechanics, for a made up example, "Archer Strong Against Mage, Warrior Strong against Archer, Warrior Weak Against Mage." Is a very dull and boring concept.

However As the Protagonist abilities are unique solely to him, so If the series one day gets translated again then will we see more of the diversity through said such. So I remain very hopeful that the author will be able to managed well, and allow the battles to flow erratically through the diverse abilities from characters.

And now the Character development of this novel which in part is the pivotal entertainment of this novel. The introduction for the series was quite impressive for a webnovel, how it showcase the past of the protagonist, his downfall, and how he once driven into a addiction that he grew mad. During the prologue, You'll understand that his memories and emotion was transported back from the sacrifice of others. Those emotions play a part, For at first he questions the integrity of it however when memories repeated itself, he decided to trust it during at the most imperative moment.

But one emotion allowed him to crawl out of the pithole of his previous self, to carve a new identity and become a new man. It was Regret, Regret and shameful of his previous self and from his past life that it drove him to become someone different. The realization of his error, How pathetic he was, For those who live a treacherous life filled with the most accursed moments. You would yourself know that the problems you have at times cannot be sought out by yourself. To awake from a addiction whether its gambling, alcohol, or drugs, is a near impossible achievement. It's only when those people learn or beaten into does something from someone that they awaken from their stupidity. They may even know the consequences but to awaken from that addiction, is a war that few can achieve alone.

That is why when he started to develop himself, it was worth something to cheer for. He work hard, During Basic training and during neutral zone, he became a man worthy of respect. Most of the events during these time mostly serve as a experience to mature himself in the real world. Those experience became his teacher and along with the instructor to improve his physical strength and perseverance. Upon entering the New World, while still young and inexperience, he became a character that we know will become someone we can truly respect.

So what happens afterward upon completing the Neutral zone and coming back home was a surprisingly take. What I had formerly describe, I imagine most of those who are reading this review, has read a novel that illustrate someone becoming a better man or simply claiming glory when they had no opportunity for such. But most of the time in those novels, the family who ousted the Protagonist, They welcome him or attempts to eliminate him. From there the progression with the family for the protagonist can go either way. However it usual goes in depth of a experience which we cannot relate too. There's definitely examples in our history that one person gets ousted then comes back and destroy the family lineage. Or The family accepts him and they allowed him to succeed again with him later on becoming the family head. However to any of you reading this, I definitely have all my doubts that you are currently experiencing something similar where your family is trying to kill you. So that's why when he came back, And visited his family along with his previous girlfriend, he hadn't met one of those event we imagine. He came back from his better self from years ago, back to his own world with a very potential successful future. He search his history of the damages he cause, the financial liability he made but that hadn't matter at all. Even If he were to become the most richest man in the world, The scar that was left behind could never be heal. The pain never came financially, They loved him but he chose a destructive life.

All those scars and mental pain he made, He'll become a better man but they will never amend. His previous girlfriend, it was a relationship that most people could only dream or desire in their vision. Yet after years even that couldn't hold on forever. The relationship broke, And when he returned to visited her as a new grown man, the most that she could told him was to stay friend. They couldn't return to the times when they were in love, they may hold feeling but now a chasm lay between them. This was why when I read this part, I truly appreciated this novel. It was grounded into something we can relate too, Perhaps not to his extent but the bitter feeling of wanting to go back to one another yet it laying as a mere thought.

This novel has some iffy parts that needs to be work on however for the most part. This is a solid series definitely worth investing into, especially the character development which will be the main focus point. As this novel only has 56 chapters translated, the few problems that I may question will most likely be address later on hopefully. <<less
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Cheesetakery rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c38
Story seems planned out to be an OP MC fighting and winning against the dark forces with his co-star harem and one dimensional side characters.

I will acknowledge that the beginning 14 or so chapters introduced a well-used premise in an interesting new way, but the story's development is clearly straying from that original path.

This could be the fault of the translator, but all the characters ignore the character traits they were introduced with and revert to a happy-go-lucky personality around the MC. It's very difficult for me to engage with... more>> the struggles of those around the MC when their very real struggles disappear like smoke thanks to the help of the omnipotent MC who also has his own flaws completely fixed by chapter 38 and thus becomes a very generic MC.

If you've never read a story regarding an OP MC with a harem before, then you may find this story interesting and I encourage you to experience this genre while it is still a new experience. If you've tired of this genre already then I would advise you to stop reading this comment and look for another novel. <<less
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Saroojan rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: c56
This is soooo gooood!!!!!

I hope this gets picked up again soon by a good translator course this instantly became one of my personal favorite novels in the genre. Its especially a cool take on the "second chance" troupe.

From me and many others, this is a 5/5 novel. I will guarantee that you will absolutely love this web novel if what you are looking for is a good story with characters that feel real. Over time without yourself even realizing it you find yourself invested, I promise. The sad thing is... more>> that the novel is currently dropped at chapter 56 due to it now getting enough readers and the translator not having enough time as well. I would never have picked this novel if not for its high rating, and when I read the synopsis I was still skeptical, that changed by chapter 15-20 though. The author os this novel is honestly quite good at making characters who feel real and aren't completely stupid as well. This novel specifically though? It's really really really really really good. I recommend reading the other reviews for a better understanding as a whole. <<less
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oblueknighto rated it
September 11, 2018
Status: c21
Quite an interesting story but we're basically still at the prologue/tutorial since he hasn't even gone over to the fantasy world yet. I feel like he needs to learn more about his ability. He's kind of just winging it for now with his incomplete memories.

He's got a very interesting ability... that he was actually born with. That's probably the most interesting thing about the novel so far. The side characters haven't been developed much because the story's barely started but I hope they're not as obvious as the 'underling', 'weak... more>> woman' and 'bad guy' from the tutorial. The story's moving really fast so I'm sure most of those were just one-time use characters. I hope the underling because a recurring character though, the MC needs someone rational around him. <<less
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advena rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: c45
After weeks of wading through dozens of chapters of mediocre web novels I come across this one. After reading the first few chapters I was pretty bored, but the great reviews kept me optimistic. I am now 45 chapters in and I can safely say this is one of my favorite novels I have read. If you aren't hooked on this novel after the first few chapters, I urge you to keep reading because it gets a lot more interesting. It is such a pity that the translator decided to... more>> drop this, but maybe if we can get more people interested he will pick it back up, or someone else will continue where he left off. I urge you to give this novel a try and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! <<less
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thephantomstranger96 rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: c 56
It's one of the nice korean novel with other world "action, plots including time travel". It has a decent content too every chapter contents makes you satisfied. It is one of best KR novels of this genre. MC is good, plots are decent too there's character development too inshort a fun read. Some may consider MC is a bit lucky but offcourse its a fantasy novel you got to use a bit of your imagination can't let the MC die from the start lol. It's a shame that translator has... more>> put this on hiatus !!! Start translating this people !!!! Can't let such a decent story die like some others. <<less
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Hugh Mad
Hugh Mad rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c56
This is a great story, gambling addict that becomes a warrior.

Good character development and plot, I feel that the pacing is good and there are lots of clever things still coming.

I hope this series continues to be translated, it has been done pretty well.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JustAPasserby rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c63
I've been reading novels for many years already, found many hidden gems and over-rated craps, saw some newbie praising or denouncing a novel with his lacking experience, data base, and IQ. But what I can say is that this thing right here! Is a start of a new legend!

This novel is a rising star. Just like how "warlock of the magus world" tops my AI novels, "reaincarnated as a slime" starts my isekai mayhem, and "overlord" dominates my op protagonist, This novel's potential makes my thirst and passion for novels... more>> aflame!!

I recommend everyone to try reading it and help the authors/translators to produce more chapters!! <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
asterro rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: c62
It is a very nice novel with a very nice setting and story is moving in very natural manner. I really hope that translations of this novel speed up. It is like a gem in hiding.

Thank you Mr. Transalator for doing such a good job. Now I will like be always waiting for new releases.
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wiiyum rated it
December 16, 2018
Status: c56
I created an account on here to write my first ever review on any type of novel, and I have decided to do it on this one. It was disappointing to learn that the translator had dropped, but we will do with what we got for now...

As a long time lurker on this site, I happened to stumble upon this novel very recently, and I am so fortunate to have run into this novel.

This novel deserves 5 stars. Plan and simple. The characters in this novel are incredibly diverse. The... more>> diversity brings a sense of realism and culture to each chapter and arcs of the story. The environments of each area that the protagonist is in sets a tone for the story at that point in time, which is something that you don't find often in these types of novels.

The fighting, stats, and magic is explained enough to keep the reader actively engaged in each character.

Honestly, this is the best korean novel I have read, and because of that, it inspired me to write my first review on here. Hopefully someone will pick this novel up soon. <<less
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Masuil rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c43
Up to ch 43 this is a story about a despicable human being and his attempts at redemption.

Unlike other novels where the surrounding characters says the main character is trash or garbage (at cultivation or just being human in general) for the sake of a low starting point for the author to rapidly inflate, here the readers actually can feel how much of a human scum the main character really is and be disgusted at him. I even depised him at the start.

And by becoming stronger in another world and... more>> having a few potential romantic interests noticing him doesn't automatically gets him get-out-of-jail-free card of his past trashiness. And that's what I love about this novel.

I'll try to be vague to avoid spoillers but where I'm up to, the main character Seol is still trying to overcome his broken lifestyle for the past 3-4 years that had hurt many around him including himself. The author isn't forgiving enough to let things to be done and dusted and makes Seol confront his sh*tty life choices even after he gets a pat on the back from some powerful people in another world. And Seol himself is aware of this, he doesn't expect forgiveness and understands he don't deserve it but he just wants those he cares about to hurt no longer.

P.S Also I've got to give the translator (& editor) some praise, though there are little bits where the sentences didn't flow that well, the scenes that had the biggest impact on me the most were the emotional ones and I believe they did an excellent job at conveying that across in english. The internal monologue, the dialogue and bits of subtle actions made me really feel Seol's struggle. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
samdmans rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: c59
This is a brilliant novel. It's a true emotional rollercoaster. You feel the main character's struggles, his doubts, and you really sympathize with him, as well as the ones who don't forgive him. The action is fantastic as well, and the adventure is only getting started. 10/10 would recommend.
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Spike Speigel
Spike Speigel rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c56
I love this novel! I truly think its a hidden gem. If I were to find it in a bookstore, I would definitely buy it. Compared to most web novels I feel like the characters actually have depth, and the combat has a much more realistic feel rather than fantastical magical [email protected]$es plowing through huge monsters as if they were butter. Real combat is messy, and huge monsters would be creatures of horror and mass murder, I like that the author acknowledges that. I hope someone picks this back up,... more>> Its definitely worth a read.

On a side note, why is it that I feel like Korean web novels are better than chinese and japanese novels? To me the storytelling aspects are usually worlds apart. I also feel like Korean WNs tend to be more Gritty and real... <<less
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