Shui Qian Cheng

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Beloved Enemy
CN Beloved Enemy
Completed Drama Romance Yaoi
GuQingPei, the new director who was poached with a high salary, his first challenge at his new post was to help his boss raise his son!... more>>

A rich, hot-tempered, and arrogant second generation princeling best at causing trouble -- YuanYang who had been cultured in the army for many years is rebellious and domineering but GuQingPei has the confidence to make him bow down and submit. No one in this life has dared to make him (YuanYang) feel so grievous and troubled! Facing GuQingPei’s treacherous smiles and oppressing advances step by step, forcing him to learn to take over the family business, YuanYang decides to give GuQingPei a profound lesson. Instead, he loses control of the situation and they developed into another type of relationship!

With GuQingPei and YuanYang's equally opposing and hostile attitude... like enemies….will they look at each other with hatred or will it ignite into a different kind of spark!? <<less
Releases: 211
In Love with an Idiot
CN In Love with an Idiot
I am deeply in love with you, however you are in love with an idiot.... more>>

The idiot, he does not love you, you are more of an idiot than the idiot.

Then me that loves this idiot, I am more of an idiot than you.

To simply put it, these lines narrates the story of who is more of an idiot. <<less
Releases: 29
CN Intoxication
Completed Drama Romance Yaoi
For He Gu, to be secretly in love is like a strong alcoholic drink. Obviously, once it flows into your system, dizziness, the loss of self-control and suffering will follow closely by, making it possible for anyone to be fatally attracted like moths to flames, and willingly endure the hardships.... more>>

While you made sure to not overdo it, I’ve become completely intoxicated……however, for every intoxicated feeling, you will inevitably wake up from it one day.

When Song Ju Han continued to act childish and recklessly destroyed He Gu’s tenderness for him, he had never imagined that the man has already been written into his destiny. Even more, he had never imagined that—the person brought to him by destiny—would one day want to escape…… <<less
Releases: 88
Jiang Chao Ge and the Spirit Weapon
CN Jiang Chao Ge and the Spirit Weapon
Adventure Comedy Drama Mystery Romance Shounen Ai Supernatural Xianxia Yaoi
Jiang Chao Ge, people called him “money hungry Jiang”. Went from a street hooligan to a newly appointed city official. The difficulties he experienced along the way he hid deep inside himself and did not say a word about it. He only wants be blinding in the eyes of everyone from now on.... more>>

Who would’ve thought that before he even had the chance to enjoy the wealth and reputation, he inexplicably passed into a different world. Moreover to his bad luck, the first thing he was faced with was being chased down to be killed. He just casually took a worn out rusted old sword to defend himself, why are these country bumpkins who’ve never seen the world chasing him so relentlessly?

In order to get himself a body guard, he tried to summon the ‘animal spirit’ in the sword. In the end, he summoned a devilish brat who rolled his eyes upon seeing someone, who only called him a good for nothing, who bit him whenever he got close. Where was the powerful, first class spirit weapon he was promised?!

No money, no power, no people, life constantly at risk. He couldn’t see the path ahead, nor could he face the fierce tiger behind. Jiang Chao Ge was beaten back into the abyss with one hit. In this unfamiliar world full of thorns, there is only one reason that allowed him to persevere and that is: to go back.

Hence, he was forced to embark on a desperate and risky journey with this devilish brat who he loathed mutually. <<less
Releases: 29
My Little Poplar
CN My Little Poplar
Drama Shounen Ai Yaoi
A good-for-nothing, blockheaded rich young master was thrown into the military by his family to teach him a lesson. In this rural, lousy place where nothing was accessible, Young Master Bai called for help in vain, and was forced to accept his fate tearfully. Enduring a tough training as well as the bruising of his pride daily was already torturous enough for him, why did he have to meet a jinx that was always giving him trouble, that always coveted his butt? This jinx looked decent and proper on the outside, but was filled with wickedness, Young Master Bai would never surrender to him!... more>>

The novel is a story about a weakling of a little willow who, through the military, was guided into becoming a valiant and heroic little poplar. Watch how Young Master Bai take one step after another to grow into an acceptable soldier of the republic!! <<less
Releases: 3
Professional Body Double
CN Professional Body Double
Drama Romance Yaoi
ZhouXiang didn’t know if God was giving him a second chance to live because he wanted to give him extra loving care or was it because he hasn’t messed with him enough.... more>>

Otherwise, how could it be that both in and out of his entertainment career, whether it was in his past life or his current life, YanMingXiu would consider him as the substitute for the same person.

He also didn’t know, between him and Young Master Yan, who was actually more pitiful; the one who could only be treated as a substitute or the one could only find a substitute.

In his past life, ZhouXiang was the stuntman for the big star WangYudong.

But not just as his martial art stuntman…..

Even within his deeply ill-fated relationship with YanMingXiu, he was also undeniably a complete substitute.

Disheartened, ZhouXiang went with a group of documentary film crew into the deep valleys of the treacherous mountains. Unexpectedly, he lost his footing and fell off a cliff .

When he awakened again, it was already two years later. Nevertheless, he awakened in another person’s body.

What is even more tragic is that he still couldn’t escape the fate of being a substitute…

T/N: 替身: Tishen is a person who replaces another; a substitute, in filming the tishen is a stuntman/body-double. <<less
Releases: 71
Winner Takes All
CN Winner Takes All
Drama Shounen Ai Yaoi
A fickle, decadent, wilful person going through life like it’s a game.... more>>

An experienced, logical mind that’s above feelings.

This relationship that started off with “Carpe Diem”, slowly turned into a bloodless, psychological battle. They shared a mutual distrust, but also a mutual attraction. As they suspected and tested each other, challenging each other’s limits, falling into the enemy’s hands with eyes wide open, sentiments growing amidst ignorance, and finally, they were caught in their own trap.

Winner takes all,

Loser stands small. <<less
Releases: 2