Winner Takes All


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A fickle, decadent, wilful person going through life like it’s a game.

An experienced, logical mind that’s above feelings.

This was a relationship that had started off with “Carpe Diem”, but slowly turned into a bloodless, psychological battle. They shared a mutual distrust, but also mutual attraction. As they suspected and tested each other, challenging each other’s limits, they both fell into the enemy’s hands with their eyes wide open. Sentiments growing amidst ignorance, they finally, were caught in their own traps.

Winner takes all,

Loser stands small.

Associated Names
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Shéi Bǎ Shéi Dàng Zhēn
Who Takes Who Seriously
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4 Reviews

New Psychoutre
May 30, 2021
Status: c52
I've made an account solely to leave a review on this novel.

Feeling pretty let down seeing that I enjoyed the initial premise of the story, the characters were fleshed out well and I liked the whole chase and run, but wow. I should've seen the signs that this author really loves their male leads that hold no respect towards their partners and had never heard of the word "consent". I've just about had it when the male lead wouldn't stop at 'no'... but to take advantage of the MC in... more>> his drunken state not once but freakin twice!?!? Goodbye.

It was a good read in the beginning but I can't force myself reading all toxic levels of red flags anymore. All the male leads from their own respective novels mentioned here can only be described as crazy, controlling and creepy. All the shous including the MC were losing brain cells by the minute by continuing their association with these men. What they need aren't prayers but restraining orders. Honestly is everything okay at home author?? <<less
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Apr 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Short summary of the novel: Turbulent. But absolutely worth the read.

I like the MC, he's mature and principled, tolerant and kind - and those strengths of his also appears as his glaring weakness, but still he learns and actually reflects from his mistakes and actions. I think his character was well written. And I actually really like how author writes about other aspects of his life, beyond his relationship with the ML, in the text.

The ML, on the other hand, has got me sooo conflicted. He's a thrilling character in... more>> MC's life, one that certainly tests his boundaries - both in a good and bad way. Good, in that MC's controlled character can finally express what he's always repressed and never dared to do. Bad, in that his later actions in the text is sooooo scum-like I hoped that he'd be more emotionally punished (though I might also be influenced by all the scum-abusing novels I've read lately). I mean he protects the MC, but also low key takes advantage of his kindness.

Like author's other works, the question of whether the MC should forgive the ML for what he does is certainly gonna be a point of conflict for readers. Most will definitely get mad, but some may also forgive him. If you can ship author's previous pairings in her old works, you can probably tolerate this one. I personally wouldn't but I'm not the MC. Still, he's not intolerable and definitely should not the reason you avoid this novel. Please read it, I want to discuss it with others too.

Whether love and relationships, should really entail losing your mind over someone depends on your views and I think that's something the author also highlights through the difference in views and behaviours of the MC and ML, and their ability to compromise and be together despite that.

Also I have to call out that the side characters actually have purpose in the text. It rarely happens so I feel the need to point it out T-T. Like, for all the various characters that are introduced, they all add to the text and are not merely passerby who are later forgotten. MC is so lucky to be surrounded by good friends and a supportive family, and he knows and appreciates that.

Overall, I can see the author's experience writing dogblood novels here, it is well-written with well-fleshed out characters and a frustrating drama and relationship that compels you to continue. I personally think this was better compared to author's previous works because it had a less scummy ML and a more rational MC, making their HE more acceptable. <<less
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Jun 30, 2019
Status: c2
Ch2 like it so far. Unique start. Shameless ML is challenging himself to conquer MC even though he know he already have a boyfriend. Right know MC is resisting but... something will probably happen. Both are fit manly man which is always nice. I like the author. Good translation !
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May 09, 2020
Status: --
I'm currently on CH 25 with Eng translation, and I love it. The story is intriguing, exciting, and interesting. I love how MC is so filial piety towards his parents, and how he has a good head on his shoulder. I like how our ML is so forward, blunt and feisty. At this point, it seems like ML is scheming with his cousin, maybe the ex-bf of MC's lover??? But we shall see who's going to be the winner in the end! Thank You for your wonderful translation, and I... more>> hope we will get to read all and finish this novel together^^. <<less
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