Wu Chang Jie


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A lineage of enmity, two lifetimes of love

A hundred years in hell is not as bitter as love

[Past life]

A gentle and strong Eldest Prince shou who turned evil in the end

The Ninth Prince gong, who originally did not have a good heart, turned evil due to hatred

Conclusion: It’s all the fault of the family of origin

[Present life]

A white impermanence senior brother shou, who already doesn’t have any memories of the past

A black impermanence junior brother gong, who has memories of the past and impure intention

Conclusion: It’s all the fault of senior brother being too good

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Impermanence Calamity
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New Anshi rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: Completed
The Author is one of my favourite and this novel is the #1 for me from her collection. It is a physical and mental pain and I loved every part of it. If you guys loved 2ha and Tgcf, you also will love this. ❤️
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New Seryiena rated it
January 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This book is the 2nd one I can't put down after SVSS. The tags given for this series might be a turn-off but the angst and pain in it is worth it. To be honest I'm pretty much okay with any tags but still will raise an eyebrow at certain... uh, kinks? Like, looking at you, SVSS -laughs-

I love the main CP very, very much. The suffering and obsession delivered in the series is simply delicious. Still, not gonna lie that I do want to smack both FWS and XBA... more>> on the head and told them to just get one time to sit down and have a proper talk instead of doing those (spoiler on story so will not say it here XD). I think the amount of thing FWS going through 'there' is equal to what he inflicted on XBA (just gonna use their current instead of past life's names here). Sure, if it were to put on a scale, XBA will probably be more intense but over 'there' for FWS? Physical-wise? Check. Mentality? Check. Imagine going through 'those' 24 hours a day for a hundred years. I'm really amazed he didn't break. The never-give-up, desperate call for XBA during that time make my heart ache. Serves you right for treating XBA like that in your previous life though, FWS.

The relationship between main CP hurts. The story hurts. The long awaited moment where the truth revealed, and in such manner, hurts. But the story towards the end is kinda rushed in my opinion. Side CP's story is ended just like that with no mention of the related characters to them (eg. the father who worried about his son). Redemption on FWS side is a must, of course, but even with what he has gone through, XBA is somehow... too soft? I admit I feel disappointed that they reconcile just like that. Even after knowing what FWS had gone through 'there' and XBA please have mercy on him, I want to see a harsher treatment before they can go lovey dovey and all. But in the end there are still a little bit of wariness on XBA side so I guess it's fine. I'll just use my imagination to make-up some situation for my own satisfaction. Lol XD

All in all, I really enjoy this series. The implementation of various mythology is great and the angst served is enough for me to have my fill. Thank you very much for the awesome translation by Ari and Corgi Edits as well as footnotes (in which Corgi Edits's pointing at FWS are simply hilarious XD) which helps me to understand more of the terms used in story. I'm going to read more works by SQC. Expecting nothing the same of WCJ but at least I now have one author to add on 'favorite angst author'. Hehe. <<less
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maimim rated it
May 17, 2021
Status: c241
... more>>

I am honestly hoping the MC and ML's relationship just straight up fails. This is the first novel to make such an emotion emerge from me. Xie Bian's (Zong Ziheng's) past is extremely depressing due to a number of factors (which includes the ML), and I am amazed how he didn't break down much earlier. I have so much sympathy for him because almost the entire world was out to get him. Fan Wushe (Zong Zixiao), on the other hand, is way too possessive and clingy for my taste. I actually thought that if I were in Xie Bian's place, I'd probably commit suicide (a second time) after regaining my memories and after learning that a ton of people were just after my golden core. I don't care if the ML suffered in hell for 100 years. I'd off myself just to get away from him because of how often he said, "I won't let you escape from me."

I just feel appalled about how fixated the ML is, after learning the truth of the MC's supposed "betrayal, " in wanting to go back to the past without fixing the major problems in their relationship. The ML humiliated the MC and r*ped him so much in the past life. You can't just go back to before that happened as though those events didn't exist. Seriously, just let the MC go already if you really love him especially after he had asked multiple times! The ML insists on following MC wherever he goes and claims he'll do and allow whatever the MC wants except being able to leave him. I lowkey want the MC to just find a different lover to spite the ML. Every time it is written that ML feels his heart hurting (because of the pain he himself inflicted on the MC), I feel completely indifferent. This scenario sounds a bit like Rebirth: Degenerate s*ave Abuses Tyrant because the MC's half-brother in that novel literally tried to trap the MC by his side, claiming "Oh, I am the emperor now so I can make you happy." Only until the MC in R:DSAT was literally on his deathbed did the half-brother think, "I am causing him so much pain. I should let him go and give up 100 years of my happiness so that he'll only be happy in his next life."

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dianxiamaria rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c51
Hello, Turkish translator is here! I highly recommend you to read this masterpiece. The first danmei that I read was mdzs and the second one was tgcf. This is the third book that I read & translate. I hope you give it a chance and join this beautiful and splendid adventure.

Charachters : 8/10

Plot: 9/10

And I want to thank to Corgi and Ari for translating cognisably 💜🌸
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aezar rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is truly interesting and well written IMO. It got me hooked 10 chapters in. I wish this novel got more recognition. It's also compelling how we can see the foil between MC and ml, I love the parallels and the way we can see two different mindsets. We have Xiebian who wants to live his current life because he thinks nothing good will come out of knowing his previous life, that your previous grudges should be forgotten, that knowing the past won't help you make difference in the... more>> present but will keep you stuck. Then we have Fan Wushe that proves this by making the same mistakes despite knowing his previous life. I'm excited to see how things end up between them and to see character development. <<less
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Cabz00 rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Will rate this novel and translation (Corgi and Ari) a full 5 🌟. This novel is somehow has a vibe of 2ha, lot of angst and pain🔪💔. Ziheng and Zixiao are both like Chu Wanning and Moran, both has a lot of misunderstanding from the past. So painful to continue yet so interesting 😭😭 since I don't understand Chinese, I'll gonna wait for the translated chapters, so blessed to have them.

Will edit the comment after finishing the novel.

P.S you must have a strong heart to be able to continue 😖😖

.............. more>> anyway, update after finishing like I said before...........

it's really like Chu Wanning and Moran all over again, atleast they were able to mend their relationship by the end of the novel. Not very satisfied with the ending tho, it's kinda like rush or something... hmm. But anyway, the translation is Lite *thumbs up* I like how Corgi did it, 10 chapters per update hihi, just wished it can be viewed in a Page than PDF. Kinda hard reading in a PDF when you use mobile phone and it moves a lot. Xie Bian and Wu She's past was all pa-pa-pa (lol), there was also the pa-pa-pa in their current life but it was only done like.... compared to their past life (intense gazing).

legit, it has a mixture vibe with 2ha, that and this is a very recommended novel. <<less
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PinkyPeri rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: c100
I'm currently reading Corgi edits and being blessed with 10 chapters update at once 🥰 thank you so much and always waiting for your updates ❤️and cant wait to see my white orchid gentleman Xie Bian get eaten by his didi in this life too heehee cough*
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MeineMeow rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: Completed
SQC is my fave author. She’s the only dogblood’s troupe writer that I loved. Her writing style, which depict hot blooded fanatical love, punish the scumbag ML to pursue our MC, is top of the notch.

Never realize I will enjoy this kind of troupe before I read her work before. True, this is not for everyone’s taste. There’s r*pe, pushing MC to his boundaries, makes us curse and want to bury ML for his egotistical nature, and cheer when ML suffer then pursue our kind and gentle MC.

This is actually... more>> quite mild compare to SQC 188 series. WCJ laid it’s charm on the plot, not on the dogblood romance. The adventure, the mystery, the truth behind the absurd legend, and the translator effort to bring this hard to MTL novel to live, explain to us the myth behind WCJ plot, is makes me want to bow and kiss their feet.

Anyway, some people compare this to 2HA. I think they are not similar. Just because people more familiar with 2HA and WCJ written after it. If you read SQC previous work, you’ll understand that this is very similar with her prev works.

And another thing, SQC writing style also on the top notch for smut scene. Hail the translator once more for dig her car driving chapters from her weibo and bring it to us! <<less
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Reyleisha rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: c251-260
Rating: 3/5- I love the translator (Corgi Edits) more than this story. Excellent translation with fantastic footnotes and content warnings. This story however... uhm...

So I’m not a fan of this author in the first place but I did relatively enjoy her novel Professional Body Double (I was in the mood for dog blood) and because I’m a huge Xuanhuan/Xianxia fan I was looking forward to Wu Chang Jie. There was some reviews comparing this to ErHa and being a massive Meatbun Stan I really had high hopes for it.

That... more>> was a bad idea...

Wu Chang Jie would have been good if it was my first Xuanhuan/Xianxia novel, except it wasn’t. The writing is clunky, the characters are two dimensional and you can literally see where the author had massive author’s block as she wrote. I guess it’s true what they say about this specific author- it’s either you love her or hate her. I really can’t seem to enjoy her work (I’ve dropped two of her other novels, this being the 3rd now)

The flow is really bad and jumping between past and present but leaving no valid room to weave the surprises and villainous twists and turns caused the novel to feel very flat. Also it’s hard to get into the novel because the author uses executive info dumps to move the story forward. The foreshadowing is a few lines of plot between massive amounts of unnecessary information that I would forget anyway. It’s not like it would tie back and wow me in later chapters.

The premise was interesting but the characters struggled to carry this story forward and by the end of the novel I was frowning from annoyance and disinterest.

When I got chapter 247 literally felt the way Xie Bian felt when Fan Wushe apologised- Indifferent...

This author has a knack of always writing flimsy MCs and ridiculously sadistic MLs without clearly justifying their behaviour or keeping it consistent. It’s like their actions don’t match their personalities and you struggle to really care about them. You always feel like a bystander instead of feeling invested in their journey and choices. Instead of being able to empathise with her characters, whenever you try to feel for them you’re slapped with a WTF by their sheer s*upidity or inconsistency.

Like you can’t write characters that are unreasonably pitiful but have the fate of the heavens- it’s contrary. And if you think you’re going to get redemption for the abuser MC from the rapist ML (this seems to be this authors favorite type of character to write (gorgeous, lustful dumbhead) - haha! In this book you must wait all your of 230 chapters to get about 40 chapters worth of redemption. The punishment scale is uneven and the redemption unsatisfactory.

This shouldn’t be compared to other novels if you want to remotely enjoy it. I pushed so hard to keep reading and I truly love Corgi Edits and I will read anything they translate because the quality is fantastic.

If you aren’t looking for superb writing, well woven angst and plot, fantastically intricate and dynamic characters (main and side) then go for it. Or better yet, read this as a starter pack into Xuanhuan/Xianxia.

Alternatively give this a skip if you get annoyed fast by inconsistent and mind boggling characters who behave s*upidly but have “imperial destiny”. <<less
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ricoerrr rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
this is a long ass review brace yourselves

... more>>


mc: xie bi'an

ml: fan wushe


MC and ML used to be brothers and princes of the reigning dynasty in their past life. they were particularly close, but MC discovers a secret about the royal bloodline that forced ML into exile and fall from grace. as it turns out, ML is a bastard child and not a true son of the empror. ML is heartbroken and furious towards MC, thinking that this is a ploy to secure the throne. although MC didnt want to succeed as emperor, due to multiple infavourable cirucmstances (his own father trying to steal his core, trusted allies plotting behind his back, his mother pressuring him, etc), he is forced to upsurp the throne. ten years pass, and ML returns stronger yet blackened. he has two of the four heavenly treasures, and with them he reduces MC into a figurehead leader. MC understands that many people want his core, perhaps even ml, so he kills himself before anyone has the chance to steal it. ML goes on a rampage and tears open the netherworld trying to resurrect MC, but he is killed by the netherworld emperor.

a hundred years later, both MC and ML reincarnate. ML retains his memories, but MC does not. they become disciples of a netherworld master, and together work as the two wuchang. MC is lead to unravel what happened with his past lives. as he regains his memories, he learns that his core is special because he is the reincarnation of a god, therefore his core has the potential to ascend anyone who consumes it. once word got out, everyone starts to hunt for him once again. in the aftermath, MC and ML separate for three years, and in that time, ML got roped into overthrowing the order of the three realms. he retrieves his two heavenly treasures, but the in the process he glimpses into mc's past life and finally realizes that he had misunderstood MC the whole time. trying to make up for all his wrongdoings, he sticks to MC and and agrees to save mc's friend who had been kidnapped and held hostage in hell. in the end, they save the three realms and reconcile.



first, regarding their reconciliation. this part makes me feel very complicated because theres actually two parts to it: forgiveness and actually falling in love, each with varying levels of tact in how it was handled. although I love that they did eventually reconcile I personally wasnt The Biggest Fan of how it played out. at some point (during the hell arc) wushe behaved like a grown man-child and latching onto the dage-didi relationship they shared in the past because he knows bi'an is weak for that. his infantile behavior was... weird, to say the least. but it completely shocked me that it actually... worked?? bi'an somehow took it upon himself to 'save' wushe, and the way to go about that was to.... admit guilt? there was some sort of mental gymnastics that im still trying to understand in which the whole reason bi'an decides to forgive wushe is because he feels guilty for being unable to save wushe from the demonic path, and guilty for wushe's suffering in hell. all of which are not convincing reasons for why bi'an needs to feel guilt in the first place, and yet! he believes he 'owes' it to wushe in this lifetime to make it up to him. to be fair, this happened when they were under the threat of wushe completely blackening again, so I understand the sense of urgency, but still.

the 'falling in love' portion is more subtle since it was background noise to all the action and drama that was happening. but I think one of the biggest catalyst (or my favourite at least) is in that dream where his heart yearns for a loving romantic relationship with wushe. they both knew by then, that he loves wushe; although supressed for a long time, it was never contested at all. ever since then, I think he became more attuned to his fears of losing wushe everytime wushe faces a life or death situation. he always loved and cared for wushe throughout both lifetimes, but first he needed to overcome the big hurdle which is forgiving wushe, before he can heal and allow romance into his life.

we get to see a bit into their domestic life in the extras where wushes still trying to curry favour and trying not to step on landmines, though its pretty obvious that theres still a power imbalance between the two. this is wushe, and it wouldnt be fair to his character if he wasnt a manipulative bastard even in his happily ever after.

second, regarding bi'ans past relationship with his parents. all the parental figures in this novel suck ass, big time (except for zhong kui). I really wasnt a fan of how bi'an was so filial to his father and mother to a fault, even though he knows theyre both terrible people. this is a character flaw that, while realistic, really annoyed me for some reason. his mother dragged by the nose to the throne that he didnt want, pitted him against his own brothers that he loved, and stomped on the things that he cared for. bi'an exhausting himself having to drag his ass all over the world trying to give his mother a 'proper burial' even though she played him like a chesspiece when she was alive is nauseating to read.

on the other hand, wushe's relationship with his parents werent any better at all. I dont really understand wushe's mommy complex and how his mom of all things is the reason why he decides to go apeshit. he kept repeating how bi'an ruined his mom's reputation blablahblah and I just ?? in the flashbacks she didnt appear often so I guess its hard to feel empathetic, but afaik there was nothing special about wushes mom so I just dont get it. plus the absolute cherry on top was how wushe still looks up to his dad, the emperor, the person who deadass had his mother jailed and humiliated, and somehow he didnt think to blame his father instead??? speechless.

and third, regarding the plot and storetelling. overall the story was pretty engaging and considering it had a whopping 280+ chapters none of it dragged at all. the author really made full use of all the mythical elements in a traditional xianxia story that illustrates a rich fantasy world. the story was very ambitious, I love the use of reincarnation and samsara cycles, the concept of the three realms, and how the story followed the characters through multiple lifetimes.

there were some things that I wish couldve been expanded on, especially regarding gods and the 'jiutian' realm. it was only teased a bit but I really wanted to read about bi'ans past life as a celestial being and how he got reincarnated as a human in the first place. especially since a good chunk of the story is about his special godly core. my personal guess is that hes going through a heavenly tribulation and got sent to the mortal realm to experience pain and suffering. in fact, I think all reincarnations involving gods are meant to be like that since bi'an, lan chuihan, and that one-armed guy all lead tragic lives yet it was implied they were all gods in a previous life. this was one thing that I really wanted to know more about, but alas : (

the other thing that I had a really big gripe was how some of the character motivations were not well written at all? or just very confusing? like the three side characters with the love triangle going on was the most ????? since I could not for the life of me emphasize with any of them lol. it all just felt flat and plot device for the sake of plot device.

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Rainbow Unicorn
Rainbow Unicorn rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c261
Nah dropped this just right before it ended. I can't deal with this crap any longer. The first half was really good, all that plotting in the palace and stuff. I was really intrigued by that. My rating is only for the first half of the story and the hardworking translators.

... more>>

But ZZX is just. Nah bro. I totally can't find any likable traits for him at all. He's way too possessive and is always victimizing himself at some point. Not to mention how manipulative he is and turns the situation around and make ZZH seem like the bad guy. Also, I really didn't like the way the author tried to make ZZX pitiful in the end (maybe an attempt to make us like him more which is just... no. Didn't work. I still hate his guts. Oh, and not to mention how he tries to romanticize all those non-con moments they have and keep on reminding ZZH about those. Don't forget how he also says things like "Didn't you ever feel love for me when I forcibly pushed you down?" and crap. Just... what the hell. He is, by far, the worst character I've ever encountered. The rest of the novel is just a total letdown. I wondered why it had such low ratings and now I know why.

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goingtherouxit rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: c100
*Currently on chapter 100 but I had to leave a review- no spoilers*

Wow this novel has really shocked me so far. I was originally cautious to start this because of the tags, however I'm so glad I did! The novel being based on black and white impermanence is what drew me in, but the storyline kept me invested. The way the story ties the past and present timelines together is really captivating. It kind of feels like a puzzle that the author has set up, and when the pieces fall... more>> into place you feel like 'ah, how did I not realised that?'. I'm really enjoying it so far!

I really want to thank corgi edits for their beautiful translation! The translation is delightful to read. It feels like I'm reading the novel along with corgi edits. I love their little comments, they always make me laugh. The quality of the research they put into making sure the readers understand all the references and the great care they take with the translation is enough for me to recommend this novel. I wish there was another way for me to contact corgi edits, but if you ever read this thanks so much for all your hard work! <<less
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Swtea14 rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: c110
Really enjoying the story. Thank you to both translators for their hard work!

Pitiful, sweet Ziheng... I hope he gets his happy ending.

Will write a longer review after I finish the whole novel.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ninjagal rated it
August 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Binge read it. And maaaaan the knife, the s*upidity that comes when you're crazily in love. All the problems literally stemmed from being in love and crazy over someone. Technically all the pairs have a yandere in the CP. Except for the tragic hetero one. But haha I originally thought there's gonna be a side CP between CuiJudge and Shizun but I guess I was wrong.

I'm invested in the sideCP though. The secondary one appearing at the very end. Like the translator, I wish they can get their own brand... more>> of HE.

Also while ML's suffering was glossed over, I feel I wanna see him grovel some more. Really, not the childlike one, but in as much as we want ppp, he needs to have some serious restraint until MC actually agrees. But if you based it off from MC's dreams, he's just one giant ball of denial. Liking it but not really saying it...

Also can I Say.... I need an uncensored version of horseback riding... Riding.... Someone pls make a fanfic!

Thank you for the quality translations. Some of the idioms got glossed over. No small, no big (means disrespectful, not seeing anyone as higher or lower than you)

I love the story. It's 👍 <<less
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melongoh rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c245
This is really one of SQC's masterpieces. I love angsty novels with happy endings and am rooting for a happy ending for this couple Xie Bi An and Fan Wu She. At this point in time, the novel is not completed yet and I am eagerly waiting daily for the updates in Chinese raw.

It is a story about a pair of star-crossed lovers and their love-hate relationship that spanned 2 lifetimes. Their first lifetime ended in a tragedy, and it didn't seem to end there. I cried buckets of tears... more>> when Song Zi Heng died. The cleavers come down fast and hard and I just had to have a strong stomach to take them. Sometimes I feel that their tragedy was due to their stubbornness to communicate with each other, but isn't this human nature ? I find the battles among the immortal clans, cultivators and the Ghost King very comical though, it's like they are stealing and snatching magical weapons while trying to win the battles. <<less
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Lahell rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: c231-233
I'm so glad I found randomly this novel!

It's so so so good and hits a lot of my favourite tropes. Beware of the tags though!

The beginning may be a bit confusing because there are a lot of new concepts for most, especially about the Chinese folklore of afterlife, hell, souls etc.
But I found that after you get a basic grasp of it (you don't need to do a huge research on Wikipedia, translator notes are enough) everything reads smoothly.

One thing I love is how flashbacks of the first life... more>> are written, they are not draggy at all. You'll look forward to them!

MC, ML and every character are well rounded and three dimensional.
The plot is very good so far, not overly complicated but still intricate.

I'm looking forward to read the ending! <<less
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j_aelin rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c170
Thank you Corgi edits for the updates and the amazing translation!!!

I love this novel. It has the right amount of angst, romance, suspense, plot twists and great world building 👍 This is the only novel so far that managed to fill my void after reading mxtx/2ha.

The beginning might be a little slow but it definitely picks up.

Slight incentuous relationship but

they find out they are not blood related further on.


Once again, thanks for the updates!!!!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nabz_01 rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Okay I finished it.

Do I like the story? Um, it was alright, but nothing grand.

Spoilers AHEAD!!!

Throughout the entire story, I felt sorry for Xie Bian/Zong Ziheng about the sh*t he had to go through for two lifetimes. Actually, I was hoping that he leaves the ML in the end because Fan Wushe/ Zong Zixiao somewhat stayed the same. His yandere nature was still there, which annoyed the f**k out of me. The world building was alright, side characters were quite decent too but nothing special. The ending felt a bit... more>> rushed especially when Xie Bian and Fan Wushe had to fight with Xu Zhinan who wanted to rule the entire cultivation world. Xu Zhinan's death was fast-paced too. This story had quite predictable twists, but idk man I just don't feel that special about it. I just felt like the writer wrote everything fast just to finish the story.

I gave Wu Chang Jie 3-stars because of the amount bullsh*t Xie Bian/Zong Ziheng had and has to deal with. The ML was pretty unlikeable, even till the end. Hopefully, the extras show some change in his character. The translators did a good job translating, so thanks to Ari and Corgi both. Their footnotes are really helpful to get the gist of the story. <<less
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khinsisthway_30 rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c99
  1. I like this one so so much 💖💖. The storyline is just so amazing. First in their past life, starting with sweet candy but later flying knife 🔪. Omg I cried a lot at ch 84 and again Author gave us a large amount of sweet again. I am smiling so much that my sis worried that my teeth got ill 🤣🤣
  2. The love, hate relationship, I adore it. When Feng WuShu confessed to Xie Bian. That scene is just lovely and funny. And it warmed my heart 💓❤️✨. and I am so excited to know the reaction of Bian Gege when he know WuShu is ZiXiao and he, himself is ZiHeng. Omg omg omg. And I can't wait to read the sweet, candy parts. And I have been worring that when this story complete. I gonna miss this to dead 😭
  3. And I have read the books which Author Shui Da wrote. 188 boys gp, the blood crown etc... I just adore them. I admire Shui Da how could she plot the storyline so interesting ❤️💓💕💖.
Ok! I will edit this later. I need to study my lessons too 🤧🤧. Clumsy review first 🤓🤓 😃
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Sonata123 rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c263
The book is actually very well written and even better translated. But I can't help, it leaves a bad taste with me. The gong is extremely dislikeable. Really, I can't find anything good to say about him. He has no redeeming qualities. All right, he is persistent - and that's it. The whole thing feels like: you can r*pe, abuse, kill, whatever - but if you keep clinging and proclaiming your 'love' you will be forgiven. I really find it kinda disgusting.

The shou is... bland? weak? I am usually very... more>> passionate about suffering characters but Xie Bi An, I can't even make myself care. <<less
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Lanbooo rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c100
I want to say thank you for both translators Corgi & Ari for their hardworks, love you guys so much! Omg I really read both translations in split screen lmao bcs I think they're completing each other, like when I get confused in Corgi's I go to Ari's and vice versa.

This novel is amazing I feel blessed for finding this novel!! Im currently still in 100ish chapter, so far I love this so much, the cars are hot, with knives and fluffs. I like wushe/zixiao's character, how they're so bold,... more>> shameless, straightforward in uttering their feelings. But some misunderstanding is really painful and distressful to read aahhh. Still, everything contained in this novel hits my taste!!

In the chapter Im currently in is so much of fluff, gotta brace myself for the upcoming knives.

Will write longer review after finishing the whole chapters since it's still ongoing.

I can't read chinese and the raw so thank you again for updates!! <<less
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timefigment rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: --
This novel is just okay imo. You've got actions, mystery, and interesting characters. There's also some conspiracy going on that looks to be spanning from the first lifetime. However, it's quite hard to get into the story at times (especially in the beginning) for the reason below.

The world building is hmm... I can tell the author sets up a lot of things, but there's a lot of info dumps as well. Like in the middle of it, the author will explain this and that, and it's just tiring to... more>> read. I forget most of them after reading it tbh. That's the downside of this novel so far.

Kind of makes it hard for me to enjoy the story when I'm trying to remember them, so I just forget them lol. If they turn out to be important, then... oops

Edit review after reading the whole night without sleep: (I've read 2/3 of the translated chapters now)

It gets better and better :D

The first life was definitely the most exciting part (as most of the novel covers the first life as of current ch).

By exciting I mean: the way you can see mc's slow mental breakdown, and the mysteries that's slowly being uncovered.

Also I can't believe I'd say this, but

I actually kinda ship MC with a girl in a danmei novel hahaha. That girl is rather thick faced and is the one pursuing MC. She's also not a damsel in distress most of the time. Really lovable tbh


Not much info dump now too. as I said, it's mostly in the beginning ch.

Regarding translation:

As for the translation, I read Corgi's tl as there's more ch, and it's quite good as most of the choice of words are great.

One thing to note, the amount of pinyin used. Some of them are indeed rather hard and odd to be translated in english, but there's a few where the tl is just a mix of pinyin and english, and after reading them, I'm just, 'what did I read again?' There are footnotes explaining them though.

Edit: It took me halfway until the translated ch to find out there's a glossary for all the ch and places and things which are in pinyin. Now I no longer need to get confused trying to remember which weapon they're talking about :')

(If you prefer lack of pinyin, you can read Ari's tl. Although I find some of the translation to be too direct? It's just preference tbh)

Another thing about the tl is a lack of prepositions in some places, and the use of quotation marks (") in places where it's not needed. Plus minor typos here and there. However, they're only minor things for me and doesn't bother me much in reading.

Oh, one thing though. There's this place or area (?) that's translated as Kyushu and I think it's not supposed to be translated as that since Kyushu is japanese. It's the name of an island in japan.

Honestly, I think it's better to read both tl (I think I'll do just that) to understand the story better. Since difference in tl can help you solve confusion in some places. There's a few differences in translation too. Not just choice of words, but in the meaning. Sometimes Corgi's sentences would sound weird, and I'd go to check on Ari's, vice versa.

All in all, both translations complement each other :D

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