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The weak and taciturn Li Chengxiu suffered all kinds of bullying during his school days. Shao Qun’s frivolous moment of interest gave him the tiny sliver of warmth back then. Yet, it also pushed his young self into a much deeper darkness.

Ten years later, they met again. To Shao Qun, Li Chengxiu was a piece of dessert that he didn’t dare to try in the past, so he approached him with an ulterior motive.

This time around, will it be an atonement for the past, or the beginning of yet another catastrophe?

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Niang Niang Qiang
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Yizhan angel
New Yizhan angel rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Must read. Lots of ups and downs. But worthy reading, plus winner takes all and additional inheritance is must follow up read. I read this three in reverse position winner takes all first then additional inheritance and sissy at last. So I enjoyed this.. You can read as normal procedure sissy, additional inheritance and winner takes all at last. Happy reading all three books. 💗💪
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New Ellerose rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Very nice translation. I'm so loving this novel. I'm very satisfied with the ending and the whole plot. I just love this kind of chasing wife genre and this novel totally delivered. I can't wait to read the extras. Thanking the translator for the beautiful and coherent translation :)
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SpadyZ rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review for any novel on this site so just imagine my love for this novel.

I would just give a critical review as the other reviews had already praised it.

Remember this ensues spoilers read at you own RISK.

... more>>

This novel has many problems.

ML: I am quite speechless regarding him. He is what every tropey ML would have. You just name it, be it arrogance, selfishness, rude, etc. He is all that and much more. Even as a child he was fuc- *ahem* very disgraceful, pretentious. He is the bad boy kid who has issues at home (stress more at kid please). He is your starter pack of every deeming quality of human being at the start (well not like he changes in the future). If we try to study his character in detail, I would say he was just someone who wanted love, care, was strayed from righteous pat- I'm joking. His character is whimsical more like spoiled princess at this point. See let me tell you what he did to MC.

    1. He bullied him in middle school (?).
    2. He bullied him with his little gang.
    3. He bullied him with his little gang by dressing him like a girl and forcing him to go to club when they both were just KIDS.
    4. One of his little gang members brother f*ckin almost killed MC by kicking him in f*ckin stomach.
    5. That little members brother was in mafia and he KICKED MC in mf stomach and slapped him.
    6. The ML HELPED him. (way too much credit given).
    8. He then started treating MC as pet.
    9. He then kissed MC but then his friends found out and he ran away.
    10. He re-entered MC's life and faked that he liked him.
    12. He played home-home with MC. MC caught feelings, got deep in love.
    13. He then started to show his violent behavior.
    14. HE f*ckING MADE MC RESIGN FROM HIS JOB. HE f*ckING PAID PEOPLE TO MAKE MC'S WORK LIFE DIFFCULT. oh did I mention that he exchanged MC love for a tortoise fossil from MC's boss (by that I mean he made a bet where if got MC around his finger the boss had to give the fossil).
    15. He didn't let any male even talk to MC.
    16. Let's fast forward, he had to marry as he was only male child and had to carry out the lineage. But my friends, what he did? he told MC that even if he got married it would pose no problem and they should continue as they are. But he doesn't want MC to marry anyone.
    17. MC ran away after ML's sister told him that ML was about to get married (mf literally got engaged while saying he was on business trip)
    18. Found out that MC and second ML are almost a thing now and forcefully entered MC's house and dude.... He r*ped Him.
    19. When he saw MC and Second ML kiss in car mf smashed my homies window with steering wheel locker.
    21. Even with that this man did not stop. He framed second ML regarding his bank relations (?) as the second ML is a head of accounting firm. He did it when second ML went US to celebrate with his family (MC couldn't go as he didn't have a visa). Because of this if second ML came back he would be immediately arrested.
    22. Forced MC to break his relationship with second ml.
    23. MC again ran away from him but guess what MOFO STILL FOUND HIM AND STARTED PESTERING HIM AGAIN.
    24. Now I would be very short because he had done many crimes and writing that all down would be impossible... for now.
    25. He got a surrogate who had mc's child as during a health checkup at ml's friends hospital the doc took MC's sperm (MC asked why would he take but doc said, "Are you the doc-doc?")
    26. He stabbed himself with FRUIT KNIFE to guilt trap MC.

Now see this is very short because there many more things lost in the words. But I would say he is very deeming and hateful person. If he was real.... Oh aren't the rich kids like this? It was shown that he didn't have a mother as she died after giving birth to him and his father was very strict, see I don't have problem with this but the author's thinking that by this we would sympathize with him was totally a poor attempt because I didn't sympathize whatsoever. I don't know about others some might some might not.

MC: He is just as the text said. You know the only thing I felt realistic about this whole novel was MC's personality. See he was coward and he still is. Even when his is angry it is more cowardly. And his premise did not change in the whole book. This is what happens in real life too, you see you can't really be hero the next day, it would take time, a lot of time and MC is still taking it. I feel that this was the only thing that was worth mentioning about him as he still is a coward, can't really talk or confront. This showed that to get him out of his shell would take time but with a right person and ML is in no way that person, so his progress is stagnant. I would have loved to see him breaking out of his sell even if it was little by little. That could have been a whole lot better premise but I still respect the author and their writing. There is nothing other than his hardships. So I would stop at that. If you are an M give this MC a chance.

Other characters: They are 2D at most. Like their sole purpose is just to enter when it is the right time. I felt that the second ML could have been a better match for MC, they were perfect, he was gentle with him, I think he would have been the person to really break MC out of his shell. But alas, it was not directed that way. Other characters aren't really worth mentioning they are just there. ML's friends never redeemed.

Plot: Just Dog blood and..... more dog blood.



This could have been better but it wasn't supposed to be and I don't root for this pairing at all, they are destructive together. The one star is for the baby and second ML and Adrian who is mc's and second ml's friend and second ml's past lover.

I would like to add that this novel has a manhua (?), would recommend you glance because li chengxiu is f*ckin cute but yeah if you are an M read and watch this. I wrote this review lighthearted with no malice so you read this if you want to feel frustrated because my wierd ass does that (like imagine wanting to get frustrated not me, not shy). So yeah I mean not good representation of real life but you gotta do what you do. <<less
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Noxidian rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Warning: This novel isn't for everyone. The relationship depicted in Sissy is supposed to be toxic and abnormal. If you can't stand that, move on (and avoid all novels in the 188 series).

Niang Niang Qiang/Sissy is a thrilling story that brings its readers through the minds of our two main characters, Li Chengxiu (MC) and Shao Qun (ML). Shao Qun, our typical CEO gong, is one of the worst ML I have ever seen, never failing to surprise me with his new, petty antics. The only thing he hasn't done... more>> is murder. Our MC, on the other hand, is a pitiful chef with a speech impairment. He is poor as dirt but got by comfortably in the city until the ML rolled along and scooped him up for a ride.

Yes, Sissy has a stereotypical setup. Where it differs from other novels is its ability to develop the main characters' personalities with a deep dive into their minds and emotions. By the end of the novel, we see great changes in their psychological state, influenced by their experiences with love and hate.

Our MC challenges the idea of what it means to be a strong person. He cries a lot, has no money to his name, and is always pushed around by others. Yet his mind is firm, and no matter what others do to him, he knows where to draw his bottom line to protect himself as well as his pride.

The ML is not supposed to be lovable. I don't believe anyone thinks his actions are forgivable, including the MC himself. Such is the complexity of the human experience, filled with contradictions and great internal struggles.

About the ending + class conflict in a capitalist system:


There are two ways you can interpret the ending: happy or horrific.

Happy endings are usually classified by whether the main characters get together in the end. By this metric, you can argue that Sissy has a happy ending. I see it a bit differently:

By the end of the novel, our main character finally has a sense of "family, " a lifelong commitment he can be secure with. Although he acknowledges that he was forced into these circumstances, he feels satisfied regardless.

The horrific side is that this ending represents class conflict, in which such a huge power dynamic between a couple inevitably means that one person may not be in a position to consent to anything. Any decisions made by the weaker person is just an illusion of choice created by their more powerful partner. Li Chengxiu's decision to give in to Shao Qun's persistence to settle for a "comfortable" life draws parallels to our own capitalist reality, in which the rich have the final say. The poor can scream, shout, and struggle all they want, but in the end, they are just goods to be bartered around among the rich. Here, Shao Qun's gaslighting has succeeded--and he has bound Li Chengxiu with him for life. Li Chengxiu himself has completely given in to the idea that he has no personal autonomy and is satisfied with letting others decide his path.


The novel goes over other complex issues such as internalized h*mophobia, discrimination, and sexual assault. I respect the author for having a lot of self-awareness of these issues and exploring them in-depth, especially with regard to the traumatic aftermath of the assault. (In contrast, most other BL novels pay no heed to this). Sissy is akin to a PSA of what a toxic boyfriend looks like, showcasing classic tactics such as intoxication, dubious consent, gaslighting, and mental abuse.

Even more impressive is the author's ability to weave together different themes for a fun and cruel novel. Our main character reflects the intersection of sexuality, gender, disabilities, and socioeconomic class clashing together in a capitalist, classist hell. Once you really think about it, Sissy actually feels more like a modern day horror story about discrimination against vulnerable people thinly veiled as a danmei.

The only nitpick I have is that the author chooses a rather fatalistic approach to these problems without offering solutions. But maybe that's the author's message--that as long as these class structures exist, there is no way out. The first time I read Sissy, I used MTL, so much of the psychological nuance was lost on me. Second time I read it in Chinese and my reading experience improved greatly. Hopefully someone picks up this novel someday! <<less
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24vsrv rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
"Sissy" is a danmei novel made by author Shui Qian Cheng about a man, who has been scorned and insulted all his life for things he could not control. For 29 years, our protagonist—Li ChengXiu—has lived at he bottom of society; Being born into a mentally unwell and neglectful mother after her husband left her for another woman. Because of this, Li ChengXiu had to experiece hell, as in bullying from his schoolmates due to his titular sissy-like looks and gestures. That is why Li ChengXiu has grown into a... more>> reticent and timid adult, with low self confidence and noone who cared for him. He thought that he would go on like this; all alone—until his death

Of course, that was until he met his former classmate who he shares a common past with, and who had unknowingly hurt our protagonist, and WILL continue to hurt him after they get into a relationship... Shao Qun.

That is the overall gist of the novel and a good starting point to understand it. This novel belongs to a genre called "Dog-blood" which means that it will follow a melodramatic sort of plot, and very clichéd and exaggerated storyline. Other people have taked about this in their reviews so I will focus on other things.

MAINLY, about the character of our MC, Li ChengXiu and about how I feel that some people grossly misinterpret him... Let's start.

As I said above, Li ChengXiu has grown into a reticent adult, with low self confidence that makes him rarely stand up for himself. For people who don't want any spoilers, the only thing I can say is that he has reasons as to why he has an "abnormal personality", (very valid and sad reasons, BTW) and there's also reasons why he falls in love with Shao Qun so easily; Mainly because of how isolated he is from other people due to his poor social interaction skills. It also doesn't help that our MC is poor, compared to our ML who is rich and powerful, therefore introducing more power imbalance in their relationship. He has lived his life alone, without any family, friends, or lovers to accompany him, noone to care for him when he is sad, sick, or needs any help. That's why Shao Qun was able to manipulate him so easily; Because Li ChengXiu craves love.. I mean who wouldn't? Everyone needs some support in their lives—some people who they can share their joys and sorrows with, and our MC thought that Shao Qun could be that person.

But, as we know later on, Shao Qun can't or doesn't want to be that kind of person for Li ChengXiu. At least, not at the start of the story.

In my opinion, our MC is very endearing and likable due to the fact that even though he has suffered so much and has witnessed the dark side of society, he doesn't let that affect how he treats other people. Li ChengXiu is a very gentle person in that regard, he never feels the need to inact revenge upon Shao Qun for his deeds nor any anger. Just—sadness—for what Shao Qun has done, which ties in to his low self-confidence and lack of self-preservation due to it.

That completes my spoiler free review of the MC. Now I'm gonna delve into spoiler territory.


So, most of Li ChengXiu's suffering starts from when Shao Qun's group of friends find him and Shao Qun kissing on the rooftop when they both had gone to school together. Shao Qun panics after his friends sees him kissing a boy. No, even worse, a sissy. So, Shao Qun fled the scene, going abroad to avoid it.

I see a lot of people blame Shao Qun for this, but I think it's understandable that he did that. Being found out as gay by his homophobic friends is truly scary, and add to that the fact that most people at that time is homophobic, I understand why he fled, and while his actions indirectly caused suffering for Li ChengXiu, it's not exactly his fault.

Coming back to Li ChengXiu, after Shao Qun's friends found out about him and Shao Qun, they thought that our MC had somehow seduced him or something. So, they started ordering the people in their school to torture and bully him. One day, someone wrote a fake letter to Li Chengxiu, disguising as Shao Qun to make him wait after school. Unknowingly, this prank will absolutely ruin Li ChengXiu's life and future.

Because, when waiting for this fake Shao Qun, Li ChengXiu had fallen asleep and woke up at night when the school had already been closed. Scared, Li ChengXiu went to the school's locked entrance to call for help. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, a security guard heard him and opened the entrance for him. The security guard invited him to ride on his motorbike to make him get home faster. Though hesitant, Li ChengXiu agrees. That security guard ended up trying to ass*ult Li ChengXiu, but Li ChengXiu manages to escape after screaming and making the security guard panic. But in the toussling, the security guard bashes Li ChengXiu's head on the pavement and injured one of his ears.

Stressed and distraught, our MC goes home only to find his mother who had drunk herself into unconciousness, and who is currently foaming at the mouth. Li ChengXiu's mother is then hospitalized, putting strain on their already limited economy. Li ChengXiu tries taking up more jobs than the one he already had as a chef in a distant relative's restaurant, but he just couldn't make enough money. Realizing this, Li ChengXiu drops out of school. Dropping out is a huge devastating event for our MC, as he has tried his best to get good grades so he could get the goverment's help in paying for his schooling when he gets to high school. Oh and I forgot to mention, through all this, Li ChengXiu was only a MIDDLE school student. Li ChengXiu had held onto hope that after he gets to high school and then college, he could lead a normal life and get a normal job that could support him and his mother. Dropping out absolutely shattered this hope.

Li ChengXiu also went door to door in his small neighbourhood community—begging them to lend him some money so he can support his mother in the hospital. But times were tough for them too, and even after going through the whole community, going on his knees until they were rubbed raw and bloody, he could only get a meager amount. What's even worse is that Li ChengXiu's mother died while she was in the hospital, making all of his efforts useless.


Despite ALL of this, Li ChengXiu tries his best to live his life, even after having lost all hope, he still keeps his gentle countenance. So yeah, after having read all this I still wonder how some people could still think he is weak?? How is he s*upid or dumb?? Please tell me because I don't see a weak or cowardly person here. Only a person who has given his best effort to live his life even after suffering so much. Who, even after being beat down so many times, still remains standing, and even has the capacity to take care and cherish his lover, Shao Qun, when they first got into a relationship. So, sorry if I dont understand.

I also love Li ChengXiu's character due to the fact that he doesn't follow the traditional, stereotypical way of how a man should be. Though he cries and is timid, in his bones, he is very stubborn on the things he has decided on, and has great mental strength. It's sad to see people overlook him, calling him weak and abnormal even after knowing what he's been through.

Regarding his relationship with the ML, Shao Qun, it's very complicated. Shao Qun is an egotistical person, selfish when it comes to his romantic life. And we can see this from how he treats Li ChengXiu. I have come to terms with the ending, even though at first I couldn't really accept it. He does learn his lesson later on, at the END of the story, so it's hard to forgive him especially after all he's done. At first, Li ChengXiu tries his hardest to make excuses for Shao Qun's actions. After all, for him, who has been alone for most of his life, Shao Qun was like a breath of fresh air, and he didn't want to let go of that. But he eventually gives up and breaks up with him. I can't stress this enough, but there are REASONS as to why Li ChengXiu believed Shao Qun's lies and his poor attempt to "smooth over" their hurtful past. Shao Qun uses their sentimental past to coax Li ChengXiu into forgiving him, and later, loving him. After being disillusioned by Shao Qun, Li ChengXiu quietly packed his things from their shared living space and leaves. He didn't get angry, and didn't make a fuss. But he couldn't help crying because, he just wanted to find someone who loves him, but instead, he encountered a person who had hurt him in countless ways.

This is how I see the protagonist, and I hope that people who have read some OTHER reviews can now understand his character better, and not insult and shame him for loving the wrong person, because, he can't help wanting to be loved.

Ultimately, I was dissatisfied towards the ending at first, but now I'm just glad that Li ChengXiu finally has someone who can love and take care of him. Even though that person has hurt him, I can accept that he tried his best to change for the better. And hope that they both can live happily. <<less
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Bluechocochips rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
Ladies and Gents, I want you to meet the President of 188 universe by Shui-da. This is my first novel to this series. Done mtling and been waiting for someone to pick this upz. Finally!!!
SQ and LCX needs a lot of love too.

oh warning: you will love and hate SQ. trust me on this.

... more>> HE IS CALLED THE PRESIDENT FOR THIS UNIVERSE FOR A REASON. Also, 188 is scum gong plot so..... for those who does not like dogblood and scum gong, this is not for you.

P.S. Read this first before reading Additional Inheritance and Who takes who seriously (Winner takes all). <<less
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kurohh_h rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best novels I've read, hands down. Also my most favourite ML and MC from 188 verse. Now, people who sh*t on it so much, look at the tags with your big ass eyes and walk the heck away. Why you reading if you don't like the genre? Like damn. Losing braincells everytime I read those kinda reviews.
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FrostyDragon rated it
December 26, 2021
Status: Completed
WARNING: Don't read if you dislike scum gongs, suffering MC, abusive relationships, depictions of h*mophobia and severe bullying, r*pe, emotional manipulation, and a ML who is the prototype yandere and has (almost) zero idea what consent means (in more than one way). Check the tags before reading.

Feel conflicted about this novel. It's very well-written, I'm a big fan of the Shui QianCheng's clear, concise prose that is very suitable to highlight the emotional conflicts and heartbreak without making the story feel overly sentimental despite the hugely clichéd, dog blood plot.

Went... more>> into this book knowing full well that the ML is the worst scum in the 188 series, and damn, even Song Juhan from Years of Intoxication can't beat slag gong Shao Qun. Just when you think he can't do more crazy shit, he pulls a new surprise. I felt quite sympathetic to the MC in the first half, but honestly I got a bit tired of all the abuse he has to go through. It's really depressing, and the ending is very ambiguous - supposedly a happy ending, but it left me with a bad taste considering that


Chengxiu basically has no agency in the relationship except a bit of push back by withdrawing his love from the ML. He's left with no job, no money, no real friends, and a child that will likely grow up without proper emotional support if he doesn't step up and takes care of it (considering how screwed up Shao Qun is, his family obviously shouldn't be entrusted with more kids). Chengxiu knows that if he rejects Shao Qun again, the latter will either continue to stalk him and destroy any future attempts at friendships and romantic relationships, or he will commit suicide if he can't obtain CX. It's basically emotionally blackmail that makes CX go back to SQ.


As another reviewer suggests, the ending can likely be interpreted as either a happy ending or a horror ending. There's some social critique of how poor people and and queer people are treated in contemporary society.

Some parts where really well-written - the flashback to their youth and the MC and especially ML struggling with their growing attraction and the ML's confusion about being attracted to someone of the same s*x.


It's very realistic that SQ is at one hand sexually attracted to CX, but his status as the 'cool and macho' school bully and rich brat surrounded by a group of admirers and equally spoiled rich brats who can do whatever they want and suffer almost no repercussions makes sense - isn't it the same in real life? CX admits to himself that his misfortune in his youth wasn't 100% SQ's fault. SQ and his gang can't be blamed for the school officers harassment and assault, nor is it their fault what happens to CX's mom - it's just his bad luck. SQ is only 12 years old at the time, has received zero moral guidance in his upbringing and is scared and confused about being "abnormal" because of his same-s*x attraction. Something that I'm sure a lot of homosexuals still experience in many places around the world to this day. Sure, young SQ is an a**hole, but he's also a victim of a prejudiced society and pressure from his peers.


The description of Chengxiu's complete isolation, the way he's harassed and treated as an outcast is realistic - it's kind of a moral tale of how people without family to protect and shelter them can easily fall prey to abusive relationships. Chengxiu falls into a relationship with Shao Qun because he has no one to guide him or support him. The novel makes it very clear that it's very hard to leave an abusive partner if you have no means to support yourself through education, job, housing, or support from close friends and family outside the relationship. While I don't much like the ending, I find this aspect of the novel quite interesting and thought-provoking. Generally speaking, the basic plot is very similar to Years of Intoxication, but the relationship feels more hopeless and less based on actual, mutual love (say what you will about Song Juhan, but he did eventually try hard to prove himself worthy of his love by professing his love and turning his life in a direction that would be more suitable for his relationship). SQxCX is one of my least favorite couples in the series, but for fans of 188 and the author, the book is still worth reading.

I'm happy that this novel is getting translated - I MTL'ed it, but probably a lot of nuance is lost without a real translation. The raws are free to read on JJWXC, but a lot of chapters are locked, including the extras with smut. Google the original title in Chinese to find websites where you can read the uncensored version. There are additional extras on iQiyi.

EDIT: Glad to see another translator picking this up - it's a tough read not for the emotional frail people, but it's a good story. There's an anniversary extra on Haitang/Longma (with smut) that's surprisingly emotional and ties up the love story (it's fair to call it that even if it's not romantic, but mostly horrific) in a way that's actually rather sweet. I personally felt it gave me closure and left the MC and ML in a good place where it was finally possible to come to terms with their relationship despite the abuse. <<less
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zoey2022 rated it
March 28, 2022
Status: c51
As far as angst and heart wrenching stories go, this is pretty intense.

I empathise with the MC. The abuse is real, the relationship is toxic and the ML is a completely hateful character and in my opinion not worthy of redemption.

(if in real life - run away forever if you can and never turn back)

... more>> If you're into fluff and happy stories - please do RUN

If you are brave then wade through these poisonous waters and follow it up with fluffy happy medicinal mini stories or whatever rocks your boat. <<less
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Meonge rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this from one of the humble being's "recommended list".

I first read the manhua and later jump to the novel. I give this 3/5 as it what it deserves. It's so so and I don't quite like the writing style of the author. It's hard for me to continue on how boring the author write but later on still persist because of my anger.

While reading this, I have full doubts on how the heck these two leads would still end up together. I mean, the ML is a total... more>> scumbag. His actions would not amount to any justifiable means. It's purely and entirely his fault. Unlike other stories like this, MLs are fooled, persuaded by other people, scheme, misunderstood and so on.

If I may, the ML just have a faulty attitude and it's unforgivable because there's no excuse for what he did. He's selfish to boot, schemer, physically abuse the MC, cheat on his back, bully him when they were young, r*pe him, kidnap him and so on...


I almost spit out blood while they are on hot spring and the ML have a fling to one of the hot spring's guest on his back and suddenly get tired of MC and create a distant between them (MIA) and come back as he pleases to like a scumbag move he is


Though what I like in this story is that the redemption part is really realistic. They ain't use classic type like sacrificing life (saving MC's ass), rebirth, amnesia or supernatural involvement to fix their relationship.

Though without the above presence, I am full of doubt how the heck they will resolve it. I mean, if I were the MC and the MC knew it, what is there for them to be together again? Even I will not settle for him (he's a lost cause and a tr*sh). I almost cry and plead "leave him alone already, bastaard!!!"

Realistically, this kind of actions (which we always read in dameis) are unforgivable in real life. There's no way, they should go in prison.

To be honest, when the second ML appear and he's just a whole package, I am so sure that there's no way they'll get back together at this point. But I knew they will end up together so I started to think how the heck would that happen, and thought "unless second ML died" but that... didn't happen.

But I tell you, you'll cry out of frustration because of the ML, I think the MC is the enemy of his country in his past life, that's why he's so unlucky. The ML is mad crazy (it's not like idk where he's coming from) but lol, because there's really nothing for him to offer. Dude be thinking he's a huge deal.

Their relationship is so hopeless and cornered. It's an endless chase. In the end, of course they end up together. I knew the MC loves the ML but give the second ML more time, I'm sure their affection would get there soon. He also said that in their next life he hopes to meet him first. (He even has SML as wallpaper in his phone.)

(Like shit, it's either the MC or the ML died, there's no chance or end in this story, even I get tired)

Ps. If you meet someone like the ML, get the hell out and run. <<less
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Roro97 rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: --
What a mistake! I was scrolling in wattpad, saw this and decided to try it. I should have came here, looked for it, read reviews before deciding to read cause it was a tragedy for myself. This ML is such a SCUM bag. I hate him so much..
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senyadon rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
If you enjoy melodramatic plots where the kind, strong MC suffers early in the plot while the slag ML gets his turn to repent later on, you'll like this! It isn't for everyone. Please take the tags seriously and don't read if you would be disturbed by those elements. For those who are amused by over the top drama and silly soapy tropes where everyone cries but the ending is happy, definitely check this one out. It's a fairly well known and well-constructed entry in the modern dogblood genre. People... more>> who like that sort of thing should experience the transcendent scumminess of the ML Shao Qun at least once! <<less
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LittleFlowerMJ rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Ahhh the extra 5 chapters were the best part. I wasn't reconciled at the main ending but oh boi, the last extra chapter tied that one loose end well. Fine, I accept! Go be happy you two T_T
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Sarah_Jae18 rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: Completed
so first of all, I have read several novels of this author,... which is had some common traits... (and I like this kind of novels) which is about some bastard who then regret so much and try to get back together but... it's so hard (until we feel it's so hopeless) bc they do some sort of extreme mistakes... (btw what I've read are 'in love with an idiot', 'intoxication', and 'Body Double')...

... more>>

so this SQ is just intend to make LCX as his plaything (he even say he loved LCX when they meet again after more than ten year... (eventhough it's true, but he didn't realize it first... but later he got his retribution, served him). and this LCX, he just a little s*upid that he easily believed whatever SQ say to him, but later he knew the truth and the chaotic long journey about their hide and seek or run and chase period is began...



and there is an uncle (not really but I like to say so (he described as handsome and mature thirty someting) which is I feel pity at first bc LCX just give him so much hope (why though? if you don't want to be alone you don't need to waste anyone's time to find their true love), but later when I see him for the second time together with SQ's sister go to confront SQ to take LCX back, I was like why you must bring his sister to confront SQ, can't you go by yourself? since then I longer feel pity toward him (he got his own novel though)


so yeah give it a try if you like this kind of hard pursuing love kind of novel and HE (as e reader even my heart feel tired of their cold love situation) <3 <3 <3 <<less
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Ppkk85 rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: Completed
OMG this novel is a roller coaster that I can only handle ONE time!! I tell you only ONE time! Otherwise, the pain and hurt will literally kill me. It hurts soOOo bad that every chapter I'm screaming out loud. Finished the novel in 2 day and I was up till 6am reading. MC so naive and innocent. I can relate and understand, when you want a relationship to work so bad that you'll be in denial and turn a blind eye to the obvious evidents that the other person... more>> is cheating. ML is a scum, ecocentric, manipulative SOB, obsessive.


It broke my heart that MC's first time was r*ped by that man! ML is such a jerk, a f*cken ass hole, manipulative, a player, and a rapist! I'm in so much pain reading this. I can't even breath!!! Omg!!! MC was manipulated into being a mistress! Cheating tooo!!!! WTF! I hate him! Cheating while on a vocation and after he already slept with MC, he did it with a stranger!!!! Ch27 This guy is a scum! Ahhhh the pain! I can't even handle this! The only good thing this scum ever did was get MC to quit work and go back to school. He physically abused MC, hit and r*ped!!!! OMG nooo! No!!! Ch 32 I can't.., I've been biting my nails the whole novel! At this rate I won't have any left! Every chapter is a knife stabbing at my heart. I can't help but to cry out loud every now and then!


Then when he MC left ML yes!! Revenge!! Those were the best chapters and ML was chasing and begging MC to come back. Although, ML force MC to stay with him in the end by using a despicable method (yes another lie and trick), I'm not disappointed. ML did flipped his life upside down and tried to change everything to have MC back. Even though I would have rather MC be with the second and third male lead; the ending was a bittersweet happy ending. Only in novel and fantasy, but in real life BOY, you better run and hide because he's gonna kill you in the end. He is crazy r*pe, kidnap, stocker, and dude crazy rich. One thing that I'm disappointed with MC is that he did not keep the friendship with the people that helped him get through the worse event in his life. He just kind of went back to isolating himself. But I guess it's his personality.

Still it's a MUST READ!! If you like Angst and want to feel pain like no other and jump in joy ready for revenge, then read this book! 5/5 <<less
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King of No Killing
King of No Killing rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't know why it took me so long before I put a review or comment here. Okay so if you thought this is just your average BL with a playboy, unreasonable ML and with a week MC then nope. It's far from that. The tension in the novel can be up to par with Killing Stalking less the killing of course. I thought I've read all types of Seme/Gong. But the ML's obsessiveness, possessiveness, craziness and determination to get back the Uke here is on another higher level. The... more>> ML needs a standing ovation, no joke. This is why I fckng love SQC - will never let you down with the amount of angst and dogbloodiness she puts in her novels. <<less
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rimirinrin rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
So far this has got to be the scummiest gong ever. The president title for 188 trope is well deserved.

It is really unfair to downvote dogblood novels just because its three views does not fit with our usual moral values.
A novel that makes you truly felt the ups and downs is definitely a good novel.

This is one of the books whereby until the end, I couldn't forgive Shao Qun's scumminess. Cheng Xiu being weak willed was due to bullying in school. Plus, Shao Qun is Cheng Xiu's first love.... more>> They did have good time together before everything went downhill. At that time, Shao Qun was truly in love with Cheng Xiu.

Somehow after the reunion, Shao Qun's love for Cheng Xiu gets warped and he does many unforgivable things. As his family business was rich and powerful, he was very manipulative to Cheng Xiu, making use of Cheng Xiu's love (and fear) of him as an advantage. I really wanted to dote on Cheng Xiu (he's really hardworking and down to earth). I like how he insist on being financially independent.
I was so angry with him that when Li Shuo came along I was hoping for a cp change (of course that's not going to happen for all fixed cp novels).
Even at the last part right before they get together, I couldn't forgive what Shao Qun did

(the so called crematorium part is not so much since he staged the ICU portion and also secretly got a surrogacy lady using Cheng Xiu's sperm then using the baby to coax Cheng Xiu to stay with him. That's super low of him to use a kid as a trump to keep Cheng Xiu by his side. Even when they are together with the kid in tow, Shao Qun did not have any sense of responsibility towards the kid. He just find him noisy and interferring with his love life with Cheng Xiu.)


Truly a dogblood book that makes me want to transmigrate and smack the hell out of ML. <<less
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fudanshii18 rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I wrote this throughout the novel while reading.

... more>>

Okay f*ck I wasn't gonna write this because I have forgiven him for what he did when they were still a teen. It is understandble. Boys at that age are the most curious and impulsive. I understand it.

BUT F*CK! I know he doesn't treat MC as an equal. Okay, he is treating him really well (sh*t no. He treats MC as a PET. LOL) and has this temper but for him to actually cheat behind him. To have the guts to say that MC doesn't trust him, bro, I think you are sick! I am nauseous thinking MC is with this sh*t ML. F*CK YOU! I HOPE YOUR D*CK WILL ROT! I especially hate people who are intimate (cheating) to others when they are in a relationship. It's disgusting.

ML, YOU ARE F*CKING GETTING MARRIED AND YOU THINK MC WONT LEAVE YOU? PLEASE GIVE HIM A BIT OF RESPECT! I'm so mad about this thing, MC does not deserve to be treated this way! He is so precious T.T

I wished he didn't end up with ML. MC is better with the second ML. I am so sad.

I understand the ML's side though, he is just too manipulated by what kind of family brought him. He is mentally derailed but lets give him a chance. I am okay as long as MC is willing and happy to spend the rest of his life with him. Actually, MC didn't actually suffer that long compared to other MC of angst novel like this one. ML actually suffered more here because of his (ML) s*upidity about how to love a person.

Both of them are deeply hurt. I just want the both of them to be happy and be set free from the past.

I sympathize with the second ML. I hope he could find someone who can love him back unconditionally and be happy. When second ML asked MC to live together in US because second ML can't go back to China due to being framed by ML, I really hate MC when he hesitated to go. Bro, I understand you, but for the sake of the relationship of you and second ML, I had hope that you could at least try to go out of your comfort zone. You can't be inside your shell forever. You want happiness, but don't take a step to chase the happiness that you want. You think second ML's business is more important than you? You broke up with him just because ML told you he will not trample on second ML anymore if he separated from second ML. What a naive and s*upid MC. It's fortunate that he found someone, finally. He can be happy.

I love how the ML suffered in this novel, he has come a long way, and he deserves a third chance with the MC.

The appearance of the third ML is a game changer. HAHAHAHA. He is so cute. Btw, he is a 19 year old boy who has a one-sided crush to MC xD

The ending of the main story and the extras are just so beautiful.

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xscape rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I fumed throughout the story. I've never wanted to protect others as much as I do the MC here. I also like the fact that he's strong-willed amidst his weakness.

Also, I've never hated MLs from any book as much as I hate this one here. He's a big cheater too. He controlled and pretty much confined the MC, while he also cheated on him right after the MC was exhausted and passed out from doing "that".

Even thinking back about the book still makes me fuming. There's no character redemption, and... more>> I think the ML did not suffer enough. I do like angst, but this is too much. <<less
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Nonameschemer rated it
August 29, 2022
Status: Completed
So, the ML is scum ok. Like he's really an unredeemable rich b*stard who'd turn into a cannon fodder by literally any other ML. I do have to say he's so ORIGINAL! He isn't your typical cold, silent, CEO. In fact, he's a rich second generation young master who still worries about getting his a*s beat by his dad. Violent, arrogant, spoiled yk, like, tr*sh? He pulls every form of psychological tactic to manipulate the MC into sleeping with him

... more>>

he eventually just says f*ck it, this is too much work, let me just r*pe him. He called his friends, who also bullied the MC and they forced the MC to get drunk than the ML took advantage of him when he was still struggling against him despite the drinks and gaslighted him in the morning after... Yeah


I have to say I truly appreciate the author for writing him this scummy. Because, besides not having facial paralysis, being a virgin, and OP af THIS IS WHAT YOUR CEO MLs LOOK LIKE IN REAL LIFE!!!

Like, ficition is fiction but the fact that this ML is actively getting more hate than other MLs who also noncon their MCs and put them into situational bondage all the time is funny. This story was so good and yall should rate it hire despite hating the ML. If the ML wasn't such human tr*sh the novel wouldn't be as good and indepth. This is the first time ive seen a danmei handle poverty, speech impediments, and grief realistically. This story is SO well written <<less
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Simonye rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: Completed
TF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like angst, even I rate good on black lotus.. 😂

But boy SQ (ML) is even worst then yan sheng in Black Lotus.

Scum af.

Its a good ride, and 4* coz he (ml) need to be tortured more, crematorium isn't set a blaze like dazling fire.. but ok.. it is what it is.

Aiyaa... I can not...

The scumness on ML lol makes me wanna nuke his entire being, but hey that's how modern yandere shud be right?
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sungodnika rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: --
first you shouldn't force yourself to read it especially if you're softhearted. it only has a pinch of fluff and the rest is angst they put a warning so you'll know.

... more>>

I guess xiao quns had a rough childhood too like chengxiu. one had gone insane and one keep fighting to survive. 97% of the story is basically li chengxiu's suffering and moving out house to house, Sissy only describe his appearance and I admire him hes fcking mentality and physically strong. And we definitely deserve to know shao quns past, he craves a lot of attention causing his sociopath gayass got depressed


but all of these scenarios happen to different individuals, it shows the some real side of the world. how people suffered in different levels of life, bullying, homophobics, harassment, unluckyness... <<less
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