In Love with an Idiot


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I am deeply in love with you, however you are in love with an idiot.

The idiot, he does not love you, you are more of an idiot than the idiot.

Then me that loves this idiot, I am more of an idiot than you.

To simply put it, these lines narrates the story of who is more of an idiot.

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Wolvelyn rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel is about a love triangle.

Here we've got MC, ML, and MC's half-brother. MC likes ML while ML likes MC's brother, until...

... more>>

It revealed that MC's brother is obsessively in love with our MC (Incest alert!) and he raped MC because he couldn't stand to see MC and ML in a serious relationship...


that happened.

The story itself is very dramatic and full of misunderstandings between MC and ML (and I feel like this story is built on this lol). The characters are not very likable, and I feel like I don't gain anything after reading this book. But yay, it has a happy ending. <<less
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RAGA rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: --
Drama, drama, everywhere. It's like watching a train crash in slow motion. For me, I agree with one commenter about the MC, prideful and egotistic (to the point of probable stupidity, imho), but he's also strong in mind and spirit and honest enough with himself (side note: he's also frustratingly filial) that you would want to see how he resolves his misfortunes. Granted, some of these misfortunes seem to be just karma biting him back. However, with the MC's brother...

... more>>

At first, I didn't really blame the MC's brother for scheming against the MC, because we're told the MC was horrible to him during their childhood and the brother had a hard time fitting into the family (bastard son of the second wife/mistress who was born before the first wife died). Even when the MC chilled out later, they still had a strained relationship. I wasn't on the brother's side, but I could definitely understand why he acted as he did to scam the MC out of his money and conspire to take over his shares. Again, at first.

This makes me think the writer probably thought the brother was too sympathetic for an antagonist, especially considering the MC's character, that the writer also made the brother cross the line into yandare incest r*pe, so readers wouldn't be so against the MC. But that's just my opinion. The brother basically gets away with everything too because the MC is too filial.


As for the ML...


Not a fan of the ML, but at least (and this is by no means a true positive in regard to him) he had to really work to get the MC's forgiveness, which also wasn't really earned imho. But it's better than the MC just straight up forgiving him, I guess? I personally would never forgive someone who betrayed and screwed me over as badly as the ML did the MC (ML was in love with the brother at first and helped the brother in scamming the MC while he was dating the MC, whom the ML didn't even like).

He r*pes the MC too, after the MC finds out about the betrayal and dumps the ML (this is before the ML even figured out he liked the MC--he mostly did it for his bruised ego because he thought the MC was able to throw him away and find someone new so quickly/easily). It disturbs me at how the ML realized that he "fell in love" with the MC--comparing his feelings to the MC as to the feeling of being the only one to tame an unruly, wild horse. Then, when the MC still rejected him, the ML self-destructs so bad that it got the MC's family involved. This basically pressured the MC to take him back.


The translations aren't great. There are parts that make it too confusing to understand what's going on, especially with the dialogues, and the slangs/idioms aren't always conveyed well, even with the story's contextual clues. I'm still thankful to the translator for their work, and if this was a better story, I'd even be ecstatic for these translations. But the story isn't worth trying to decipher the translations (the quality of the translations is definitely worth the quality of the story though, so I hope the translator didn't spend too much time with doing the translations).

I recommend this for anyone who likes a LOT of drama and comparably unfair retributions (technically it's still a happy ending), is prepared to not like any of the main characters (and some side characters), and doesn't mind going through 100+ poorly translated chapters. <<less
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gnessa14 rated it
October 5, 2019
Status: c31
For those who want to know, even though the MC actively pursued ML but the MC always bottomed for the ML.

I think the story is good but the readability of the translation is very poor. I compared it with google translation and it's very similar (same words, phrases and sentence structures) so I would say that this is more like MTL instead of translation. If you MTL yourself with Baidu, it's easier to understand than their version because at least the grammar isn't so broken.

I hope another group will pick... more>> up this. <<less
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joun rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: c100
I didn't like the starting point and the MC at first. He was so arrogant and his love at first sight was kind of sexual harassment (because the ML was annoyed and didn't like it or him). But I didnt stop reading and I found myself unable to stop until the last translated chapter.

Moreover the MC is very strong so I thought that I was prepared for everything (betrayal, deception, even the rape) and I was right. You wish to cheer for this strong MC who never let himself fell... more>> for too long. It's nice to met a MC that dont feel sory for himself all the time. You are sad but you still are in the mood to cheer for him. Well the ML who suffered from his mistakes and misunderstanding deserve all of it and the beatings.

Read it. <<less
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melongoh rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: Completed
This author wrote Beloved Enemy, Professional Stuntman, Intoxication. Her works are full of drama, lots of frustrations, angst... After reading this novel, it's as if is a roller coaster ride. This is the type of BL novel that I will pick up to read again and again.

I read the Chinese version and found that this story is in fact quite good. I really like the author's writing style. She covers all grounds on causes and effects without being lengthy in explanation. The author really stirred s**t out of the main... more>> characters.

Just to clarify with regards to some of the reviews about the ML suddenly liking the MC.

During this time, MC and ML had in fact broken off their f*** buddy relationship. MC thought there's absolutely no way the 2 of them would ever get back together again. In fact while the ML and the half brother both were in the midst of scamming MC, ML was trapped and injured in a worksite. MC braved the hurricane carrying 2 large bags of emergency supplies to save him. ML was deeply moved. No rescue workers could be dispatched to rescue ML but MC went all the way to find him.


With regards to the rape...

ML actually raped MC twice. The first time was in a hotel in Beihai. MC gave ML a peck at the beach causing the half brother to run off in a fit of jealousy. ML ran after half brother to explain and confessed that he actually love this half brother and not MC. ML was angry and drunk and went to MC's hotel room to pick a fight initially but ended up raping him in a fit of anger instead. The second time was when he already fell in love with MC, but MC found out that it was his half brother that he used to love. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding. MC went to his gay club. ML wouldn't allow MC to sleep around so in a fit of desperation he raped him there. The 3rd r*pe was committed by the perverted incest brother. ML managed to find MC but it was too late. He was heart broken and deeply remorseful seeing the injured body of MC and cried. He must have remembered he too, raped him badly before once. There's a more detailed review on this novel on Facebook, search for "Chinese BL Novels" or "inlovewithanidiot".


The 2 lovebirds eventually came together after a long arduous journey ~ love, hatred, nerve-wrecking anger, pent-up frustrations, angst, passion, lust, jealousy, betrayal, rape, regrets, heartbreaks and finally forgiveness and acceptance. Really sweet and satisfying ending!!!! ❤️💞 <<less
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amruta rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: Completed
The translation is just about readable. But that's not the main point.

I disliked the characters. The MC, ML, MC's brother, MC's father... Ugh. The MC is so forgiving that he doesn't seem to be human. The ML and MC's brother deserve each other. They should have gotten together. The MC should have sold off his properties and restart his life somewhere else, away from these toxic people.

Lot of angst and melodrama. I felt the MC and ML only got together because that was the only way to "save" the ML.

The... more>> ML takes the wrong path to earn lot of money for the MC. Like seriously? A person who is supposed to be from a good family, smart and educated does illegal stuff to earn money quickly? Really? Shame on you.

Save your brain cells. Skip this <<less
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ikitty03 rated it
October 1, 2019
Status: c129
The story isnt similar written to the author novel Professional Body Double and Intoxication. One thing that is similar is twist and turn in the story like blood drama. I had come back and try to read since the novel is finish translating. It hard to keep reading because MC is a idiot in love... but really want to r*pe the ML the MC half brother childhood friend... not really. He just want ML to fall in love with him. Later find out ML love MC half brother for 10... more>> years. The MC half brother is in love with his own brother MC.


In chapter 25 MC half brother find out about something between them. Next thing you know, ML beat him up and r*pe MC.


I only read becuase I thought this was a incest love. Wolvelyn say MC was r*pe by his half brother wrong it was MC second rape.

In chapter 40 I feel sorry for the MC was so in love. ML should have gotten what he deserve.

I really dont like the ML. The way he treat the MC the place they have sex. Shit, I would have dump a guy like him. He didnt bottle taking care him after sex, too. He also get anger easy becuase hes jealous. The ML has no personailty while MC is manly in love with a jerk. He love the ML look and dont care about ML perosnailty that suck. Later after chapter 50 ML personailty change. Hes manly in love with MC and became clingy. The story change quick and it get better long the way.


In chapter 62 MC caught them in their secret love. In chapter 68 MC found he was double back stab. In chapter 88 MC half brother lock him up and r*pe him.


MC and ML the half brother childhood friend have a happy ending togther.


In chapter 139 Theres a love story between a cousin and arm guy who support protect him. It was only two chapter about them that it. Sad ending.

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